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Too Hot To Handle Part 7: Dominating A Masterpiece
Written By Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room that is reserved for Vince's Devils, the trio of sexually
dominating beauties known world over as Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and
Victoria are slowly getting dressed. All three divas show signs that they
were involved in some sort of highly intense physical activity. Victoria
licks her lips as she looks at her two companions. "That... was so hot...
you both can do that to me anytime..." Victoria says with a smirk as she
pulls on her black leather pants.

Candice presses her lips together as she smiles "And to think Torrie...
Victoria's usually the one ordering us around." Candice says as she twirls
her 'magic wand' with her hand.

Torrie picks up a small hand mirror and looks into it so she can fix her
hair, "Yeah Vicky... you act soooo tough... but you're such a push over..."

Victoria raises an eyebrow as she puts on her top, "Who are you calling a
push over Torrie?"

Candice's eyes widen as she sees the glare in Victoria's eyes in Torrie's
direction. Candice steps in between Torrie and Victoria "Girls...girls...the
problem isn't each other...the problem are those pathetic guys out there,
who think we're all pushovers..." Candice says with a flick of her tongue
"Speaking of that...don't you two think...we should get back to business."
Candice says as she steps away from Victoria and Torrie, almost taking over
the commanding role. Candice walks to the door and turns around as she leans
against the door with a seductive look "Aren't you two coming?"

Victoria and Torrie both look at Candice and smile. "You're right Candice..."
Victoria smirks, "I'm sorry Tor..."

Torrie licks her lips, "Oh it's all right... now... let's find a man... so
you can take that aggression out on someone... who truly deserves it..."
Torrie and Victoria then both walk over to the door and to Candice.

Candice smiles as she pushes the door open and steps out into the hallway as
Torrie and Victoria follow her from behind. Candice twirls her 'magic wand'
as she walks "So...girls...any ideas of who we're after today?" Candice asks
as she licks her lips.

Victoria places a hand on her hip as she walks, "I don't care... whoever we
see first... is going to regret being a man..."

Torrie smirks, "How about someone big... with lots of muscles... you know...
one of those ego-maniac body builder types..."

Candice smiles "Mmmm....Torrie that should so hot..." Candice glances at
Torrie's body "Just like how hot you are baby..." Candice says as she steps
back, walking in between Victoria and Torrie.

Victoria stops suddenly and smirks "Devils...I think we found out next
victim.." Victoria says with a glare as she stares ahead at "The Masterpiece"
Chris Masters.

Torrie licks her lips "Oh, Vicky...that's a great choice..."

Candice smiles and slides her hand through her black silky hair "Mmmm...he
might be too hot for us, girls."

Victoria shakes her head "No one is too hot for us..." Victoria says as she
they approach The Masterpiece.

Masters, dressed in his lightning blue wrestling trunks and white wrestling
boots, is flexing his arms as he looks down at his rock solid abs, "I'm
certainly God's gift to everyone with eyes..." Masters says to himself,
completely oblivious to the fact the trio of divas are approaching him.

Torrie places her left hand on her hip as she looks at Masters, with his back
turned to the three members of Vince's Devils. Candice is the first to make
herself known to Masters as she stands behind him and places her smooth hands
against Masters's strong arms "Hey Chris..." Candice says in a seductive

Masters's train of thought is derailed instantly as he feels Candice's hands
on his powerful arms. He turns his head to the left to look behind him and he
smirks, "Hey Candice... getting a good feel for how a real man should be?"

Candice licks her lips and laughs slightly "You...certainly are strong..."

Torrie, suddenly appears in front of Masters catching him by surprise. Torrie
folds her arms as she glances down at Masters's crotch "You may be all big
and strong...but are you hot enough to handle three of us?" Torrie asks,
despite Masters only seeing herself and Candice.

"Three of you?" Masters looks behind himself at Candice then at Torrie, "I
only see you two... but if there was three of you lovely ladies, I'd handle
you all with no problem what so ever." Masters smirks confidently, "After
all, I am a Masterpiece."

Victoria then steps into the view of Chris Masters and folds her arms with a
glare "I'm the third..." Victoria turns her head to Torrie and then Candice
"You really think you can handle us?"

Masters laughs a bit, "Of course I can handle you three... you're just a
trio of divas... I'm the one true Masterpiece... and I should be asking if
you three can handle me...." Masters flexes both of his arms to show off is
extremely impressive physique.

Victoria smirks and nods her head "Ok...Devils...lets prove him wrong,"
Victoria says as she walks towards Masters. Candice and Torrie close their
distance between them and drop down to their knees. Torrie kneels in front
of Masters and Candice soon is kneeling behind him. Torrie and Candice both
place their soft hands on Masters's waist. The two sexy divas work together
as they pull down Masters's wrestling tights.

"Hey, no rush ladies... there's plenty of me to go around for each of you..."
Masters says as he holds his arms up and letting Torrie and Candice pull down
his tights. He steps out of them when they get the tights down to his ankles.
"I hope you ladies like huge dicks..." Masters chuckles as he brags about the
size of his cock.

Torrie licks her lips as she takes Masters's cock into her soft hands and
begins to move her hands against his shaft as she strokes his hardening cock.
Candice reaches underneath and between Masters's legs as she places her right
hand against his ballsack. Candice begins to rub his ballsack with her hand
and Torrie works on Masters's shaft with her hands. Victoria smirks as she
watches Candice and Torrie work their well skilled hands on the crotch of
Chris Masters "Good...that's my good little Devils..." Victoria licks her
lips as she lifts her white t-shirt up.

"Oh yeah... this is truly artwork..." Masters moans as he gives signs that
he's enjoying the hands on approach Torrie and Candice are taking with him.
He looks over at Victoria after he lifts off her t-shirt and he licks his
lips, "God damn... your tits look firm..." Victoria folds her arms over her
bare chest as she walks closer to Candice, Torrie and Masters. Torrie slides
her hand through her smooth blonde hair as she opens her mouth taking his
cock into her warm mouth. Torrie presses her soft lips against Masters's
cock and she begins to slowly bob her head on his cock. While Candice
continues to rub his ballsack with her right hand, she places her left hand
against his asscheeks and spreads them apart. Candice leans her head in and
flicks her tongue against the top of Masters's asscrack.

"Mmmmm yeah Candice... bet you never licked someone who had an ass as firm
as mine..." Masters moans as he places one of his powerful hands on Torrie's
head while moving his forward to push his cock into her mouth. Masters looks
back at Victoria and smirks, "These two sure know how to please a man..."

Victoria smirks proudly "They know how to please a woman too..." Victoria
says as she gets down on her knees next to Torrie as she places her hand
around the bottom half of his shaft while Torrie bobs her head quickly on
Masters's cock, lapping her sweet tongue around his cock as she sucks him
off. Meanwhile, Candice slowly and tensely slides her tongue down Masters's
clean and hairless asscrack.

Masters's body tenses up slightly as he feels Victoria tighten her grip on
his rod at the same moment he feels the tip of Candice's tongue slightly
enter his asshole. He thrusts his hips forward, in response, "Ohhh shit
yeah... lick that dick Torrie..." Masters moans as he reaches back behind
him to feel Candice's hair. Candice pats her tongue against the opening of
Masters's asshole while Victoria leans her head down and flicks her tongue
against Masters's ballsack, occasionally brushing her moist tongue against
Candice's slender fingers that remain on his ballsack. Torrie opens her
luscious lips wider as she takes more of Masters's cock into her hot mouth.
Torrie twists her head on his cock as she bobs her head quicker and deeper,
taking inch by inch into her moist mouth.

"This is the life... three... hot bitches.... pleasuring me... the living
piece of perfection... The Masterpiece..." Masters closes his eyes and tilts
his head backward as he has gotten completely into the triple assault of oral
pleasure Vince's Devils are performing on him.

Victoria quickly pulls her head away from Masters's ballsack and glares up
at him "What the fuck did you say!?" Victoria asks in a yelling tone. Candice
and Torrie both pull their heads away as well.

Torrie swallows her saliva "Uh oh..."

Masters opens his eyes and looks down at Victoria, "Hey... what the fuck...
get back to licking my balls..." Masters has a extreme look of disappointment
that Torrie, Victoria and Candice stopped what they were doing to him.

Victoria slowly raises up from her knees into a stance as she locks eyes with
Masters, glaring at him "What...the...fuck...did you...say!?" Victoria yells
as Candice crawls out from behind Masters and crawls over to Torrie. Her and
Torrie sit next each other on their knees. Candice laughs a little as she
seeing the intimidating Victoria stare down Masters.

"I said get back to licking my balls you bitch..." Masters glares back at
Victoria as he makes the mistake of putting his hand on her to try and force
her down.

Torrie looks at Candice and whispers, "He's dead..."

Victoria grits her teeth "I may be a bitch...but now you're gonna be my
bitch!" Victoria yells as she lifts her left knee up and drives her knee into
Masters's stomach.

Candice laughs "Ohhh! Good shot Victoria!"

Masters doubles over, clutching his stomach with both of his arms. He's
completely shocked at how hard Victoria drove her knee into his gut.
"Ohhh..." Masters coughs a bit as he tries to get his wind back, "You...
fucking whore..." Masters starts to compose himself as he glares up at
Victoria. Victoria looks down at Masters's with a hard glare as she rips
her black pants off of her waist. Victoria gets down on the floor and
mounts herself on top of Masters. She places her hand on his strong
shoulders, surprisingly able to pin him to floor, as she rams herself
down onto his cock, taking his cock deeply into her warm pussy.

"Get... the fuck... off of me..." Masters grunts as he grits his teeth.
He tries to sit up but much to his shock Victoria holds him down easily.
Victoria tilts her head back with a wicked smirk as she violently rocks
back and forth on Masters's cock. Torrie moves behind Victoria as she
rides Masters's cock. Torrie leans her head down flicks her tongue against
the bouncing ballsack of Chris Masters.

Masters lets out a low moan as he feels Torrie's enchanting tongue on his
balls, but his focus is totally on Victoria. "You... god... damn... fucking
psycho... tramp..." Masters yells as he involuntarily thrusts up into
Victoria's pussy sharply, but with how hard Victoria is rocking on his cock,
it sends a wave of pain throughout Masters's body.

Victoria slams herself down hard on Masters's cock and groans "Ahhhh fuck!"
Victoria starts breathing heavily as she leans back yanking on Masters's
cock. Candice crawls over and joins Torrie behind Victoria. Candice leans
her head down as well and begins to lick Masters's throbbing ballsack along
with Torrie as their two hot tongues overlap and press against each other.

Masters clenches his eyes shut as he tries to block out the pain he's
feeling, but at the same time he ignores the fact that can cum easily for
Victoria. Masters is breathing extremely hard and his moving his legs a bit
before he partially wraps one around Candice's waist. "You... three...
sluts... this... is the only... way you three... can get laid... isn't
it..." Masters groans.

Victoria smacks her head against Masters's face as she slams down on his cock
once again "Face it....we'!" Victoria moans as she
steadily bounces on Masters's large cock. Torrie takes one of Masters's balls
into her mouth and tightly sucks on his ball as Candice moves her skilled
tongue up from his ballsack. She presses her tongue against the small portion
of Masters's cock that isn't inside of Victoria's warm, wet pussy.

"No one... is... too hot... for the Masterpiece..." Masters yells back as
sweat drips down his face. He opens and closes his hands repeatedly as he
glares into Victoria's eyes. His body trembles as he approaches perhaps
the biggest climax of his young life. Victoria locks her dark eyes with
Masters's as she rotates her hips on his cock, while bouncing at a slower
spend, but coming down hard upon each impact. Candice and Torrie both
their heads away as Victoria comes completely down on Masters's stiff cock,
taking it all the way into her warm cunt.

Masters grinds his teeth together as Victoria's head hovers just over his
own. He licks his lips as he continues to glare into Victoria's dark colored
eyes. "I'm fucking... fill your cunt... with cum bitch..." He groans just as
he starts to blow his load inside of her.

Victoria smirks as she feels his warm cum surge into her pussy. Victoria
laughs "Pathetic...simply pathetic!" Victoria says as she gets off of
Masters's cock.

Torrie smiles as she hands Victoria her clothes "I'll say...he didn't even
make you cum..."

Candice licks her lips "Ohhh know, you and me are the only ones
who can make Victoria cum..." Torrie nods her head with a smile.

"You're right Candi..." Torrie says as she eyes up Candice's smoking hot
body. Victoria glares down at Master's, who is trying to recover on the floor
as she puts her clothing back on.

Masters looks up at Victoria and sneers, "You... got lucky... bitch..."

Victoria smirks "Oh...Chris...I had fun making bitch!" Victoria says
before she turns away and starts walking down the hallway with Candice and

Candice smiles "Ohhh Victoria! That was so awesome, seeing you dominate him!"

"Yeah, that was so hot... you totally had him at your mercy..." Torrie adds
as she lightly pats Victoria's ass.

Victoria looks at her friends and smirks, "He was nothing... just another
pathetic man who couldn't handle me..."

Candice smiles and laughs as twirls her 'magic wand' with her right hand
"Ohhh one can handle us...clearly Edge couldn't...and Shelton..."
Candice then turns to Torrie "..and The Heart Throbs..." Candice looks at
Victoria "Val Venis...and Chris Masters."

Victoria licks her lips and laughs slightly, "Don't forget Matt Striker...
he learned his lesson very well..."

"And Rob Conway... and Greg Helms" Torrie smirks, "They never had a chance to
survive us..."

Candice places a hand on her left hip "Girls...we are just too hot for
anybody...except each other." Candice says in a seductive voice. She then
pauses and stops walking "Ohh...girls...hate to cut this short...but..."

Victoria and Torrie both stop and look at Candice with curious looks on their
lovely faces. "But what?" Victoria asks as she folds her arms and raises an

Candice smiles proudly "Well's time for me go get my pictures
taken for Playboy magazine." Candice licks her lips as she starts to walk
away from Torrie and Victoria "Ohhh...and it's going to be...the hottest...
Playboy magazine.....EVER!" Candice says with a slight moan.

Torrie licks her lips, "Ohhhh I'm sure it'll be hot... almost as hot as mine

Candice looks over her shoulder with a smile "'s going to be
better!" Candice says with a proud smile.

Torrie forces a bit of a smile, "I'm sure... it'll be too hot... for all the
little boys here..."

Victoria, who has remained silent for the last few moments as she thinks
about the fact she wasn't asked to pose in Playboy, clears her throat.
"Devils... we have work to do..."

Candice looks over shoulder again "Sorry...Victoria...but I'll have to miss
out on the next victim..." Candice smiles again "Because about
to become of hottest Playboy Covergirl....EVER!"


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