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Too Hot To Handle Part 8: Tyson's New Problem
Written By Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The next week in the backstage area of a Raw Broadcast, Torrie Wilson is
walking around backstage, while talking to Candice Michelle on her cell
phone. Candice is not with her fellow Devils this week for she is busy
doing her Playboy Photo shoot. "Ohhh Tor... you were right... this is so
much fun..." Candice says as she describes what she's doing.

Torrie smiles slightly as she walks down the hallway of the arena "I told
you it would what have you done so far?"

"Oh, we've done some clothed shots... and I'm on my way out to the grotto to
do some outdoor shoots..." Candice replies, "They say I'm a natural... I
think they forgot I did this before..." Candice laughs slightly.

Torrie licks her lips slightly " do they you're so hot Candice. Oh
baby, I miss you already. We are you coming back on the road with Vicky and

"I think I'll be catching up with you guys this weekend..." Candice moans a
bit, "I hope you two aren't having too much fun with out me..."

Torrie laughs a bit "Ohh know Victoria and me, we've been
sticking to our routine..." Torrie licks her lips "Oh baby...wait until you
hear what Vicky and I did that lame-ass Spirit Squad..."

"Oooo... I can't wait to hear about that..." Candice laughs, "Ohh I got to
go... I'll call you later... kisses..."

Torrie laughs a bit as she turns the corner "Bye love..." Torrie hangs up
her cell phone and slides the phone in her the back pant of her black pants.
Suddenly Torrie collides with a hard thud into someone. Torrie looks up
slowly and swallows a bit as she sees the tall and overpowering Tyson Tomko
staring her down. Torrie smiles weakly and then laughs nervously "Ummm...
uhhh...haha...Hi...Hi Tyson.." Torrie looks away trying not to make eye
contact with the Problem Solver "I...I...wasn't...ummm...looking where I...
was...going...I' sorry."

Tomko stares down at the beautiful blond bombshell. "Watch where the fuck
you're going, you little tramp!" Tomko yells as he raises a hand and pushes
Torrie a bit backward.

Torrie slowly puts her hands up "Ty...Tyson...I...I'm sorry..." Torrie says
as her bottom lip trembles slightly.

Tomko sneers at Torrie, "You slut divas are all the same... never watching
where the hell your going... blowing off us guys... I'm pretty sick of all
that shit..." Tomko yells. Down the hall behind him, the third member of
Vince's Devils, the violent Victoria is walking towards them and is
overhearing what Tomko is yelling at Torrie.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip "Tyson...I...I didn't mean to bump
into you...I was talking to Candice...and..." Before Torrie can continue
to apologize, she's cut off by Victoria. Victoria now stands next to Torrie
with her arms folded as she glares at Tomko "Is there...a problem here?"
Victoria asks Torrie before cocking her head to Tomko.

Tomko glares at Victoria, "Who the hell do you think you are? Who asked you
to get involved?" Tomko pushes Victoria away from Torrie and steps between
them to continue yelling at Torrie. He roughly pokes her chest with his
finger, "Someone's going to fix this fucking problem about you bitches..."

Victoria reaches up and tightly grabs a hold of Tomko's black goatee on his
chin. Victoria pulls Tomko's head down by his goatee and grits her teeth
"No... you're the problem that needs fixing!" Victoria yells as Torrie smirks
and nods her head.

"Yeah...that's rights...he disrespected me!" Torrie replies. Victoria looks
at Torrie then back and Tomko.

"Oh really?" Victoria glares at Tomko as she tightens the grip of her hand
around his goatee "I think you better apologize to my devil,

Tomko screams out a bit in pain as Victoria yanks on his goatee, "Fuck off
bitch... I ain't apologizing to no blond bimbo dyke bitch..." Tomko tries to
pull away from Victoria, but stops when he realizes she'll yank his facial
hair out by the root if he pulls his head away quick enough.

Victoria smirks and pushes Tomko onto a nearby table still holding onto his
goatee. "Well then...I guess Torrie will just have to fuck an apology out of
you!" Victoria turns to Torrie and nods her head. Torrie licks her lips as
she gets onto the table along with Tomko as he lays on the table, due to
Victoria pinning him down by his shoulders. Torrie slides her hand through
her blonde hair as she leans down. Torrie places her hands on Tomko's waist
and begins to pull down his wrestling tights. Victoria smirks and climbs up
onto the table as well, now sitting on top of Tomko's chest.

Tomko grits his teeth, knowing he's screwed if he fights back he can hurt the
divas and he can end up being fired as a result. "You two sluts... all you
want is to fuck... you don't give a shit about me apologizing..." Tomko spits
up at Victoria.

Victoria smacks her hand across Tomko's face "Wrong move, Tyson!" Victoria
says as Torrie takes Tomko's massive cock into her soft hands. She instantly
feels his cock come to life as she brushes her cold hands against his cock.
Victoria looks over shoulder at Torrie and smirks "Good little devil..."
Victoria then turns her focus back to Tomko, she sits up a bit on his chest
so she's able to remove her black pants.

Tomko groans slightly as he feels Torrie's hand move up and down the full
length of his massive cock. Tomko raises his head just as Victoria removes
her pants completely and he gets a full view of Victoria's cleanly shaved
pussy. "Shit... that's a fat slutty pussy you got there..." Tomko says,
trying to sound as insulting as possible. Victoria looks down at Tomko as
she twirls her finger around his black goatee, before she pulls his head
closes to her cleanly shaved pussy. Victoria smirks as she presses his head
against her warm cunt. Meanwhile, Torrie slowly moves her hand up Tomko's
shaft as she lowers her head to his shaft. She opens her mouth taking
Tomko's large cock into her warm mouth. She presses her lips against his
shaft as she slowly bobs her head on his stiff cock. Tomko out of instinct
slides his tongue against her pussy, licking it slowly and as hard as
possible by dragging it every time he moves it.

Tomko moves his waist a bit to push his cock up into Torrie's warm mouth, but
he does it out of instinct. Victoria grits her teeth as she starts grinding
her pussy against Tomko's face, while he flicks his tongue against her clit.
Torrie twirls her tongue against Tomko's cock as takes more his stiff cock
into her hot mouth. Torrie rakes her pure white teeth against Tomko's cock
each time she lifts her head up from Tomko's cock. Tomko groans in pain as he
feels Torrie's teeth grind against this his cock. He raises his arms and
places his hands on Victoria's legs to push her off of him, but instead he
pulls her towards his face as he shoves his tongue deep into her cunt. Tomko
lets one of his legs hand off the table and his foot swings back and forth.

Victoria bites down on her bottom lip as she glares down at Tomko "Ohhh
fuck...Torrie, my devil...he's playing very well." Victoria groans as Torrie
tightens the grip around his cock while she slows down her pace, deep
throating Tomko's massive cock inch after inch of his meaty, thick cock.
Tomko moves his tongue in and out of Victoria's pussy quickly, swirling it
in several directions around inside of her cunt. He gropes Victoria's firm
thighs with his powerful hands, leaving a light imprint of his palms on her

Torrie slowly lifts her head up from Tomko's cock and licks her lips as she
stares down at his saliva covered cock "Mmm...Vicky...he's so big too..."
Torrie moans slightly as she starts to rubbing her saliva all over Tomko's
cock with her soft left hand as she begins to remove her black pants.

Tomko manages to pull his head away from Victoria's pussy and glares up at
her, "My cock is made for fucking cheap whores like you two... I'd break you
each in half with it..." Tomko yells.

Victoria grabs Tomko by his goatee as she gets off of the table; she pulls
Tomko off of the table with her as Torrie bends over the table with her
perfectly round ass in the air. Victoria yanks Tomko's head down by his
goatee "Fuck her then!" Victoria commands while gritting her teeth.

Tomko grabs Victoria's wrist and roughly pulls her hand away from his goatee,
"Watch and enjoy bitch... I'll solve her problem... then I'll solve yours!"
Tomko stands behind Torrie, grabs her legs and shoves his massive cock deep
into Torrie's cunt with one swift movement. Tomko gives Torrie no time to
adjust to the size of his dick in her cunt for he quickly begins slamming it
in and out at a highly volatile rate.

Torrie her eyes as Tomko slams his large, monstrous cock into her pussy
"Awww...ohhh...noo...fuck he's big!" Torrie moans as Victoria watches Tomko
drill her fellow Devil.

Tomko reaches forward and grabs a handful of Torrie's blond hair to yank her
head back as he thrusts into her tight cunt. "You cheap little skank... you
love that fucking big cock don't you!" Tomko turns his head and glares at
Victoria, "Enjoying the fucking show bitch?"

Victoria smirks as she steps behind Tomko and thrusts her left thumb right
into Tomko's asshole. Victoria leans up to his ear "How do you like that,
bitch!?" Victoria yells as Torrie manages to thrust herself back against
Tomko's cock.

"Get your thumb out of my ass!" Tomko screams as he starts to pull out of
Torrie's tight pussy, but when Torrie pushes back against him and Victoria
jams her thumb further up his asshole, giving him no way of moving out. "You
sick slut!" Tomko cries out as he feels Victoria's fingernail scratch the
inside of his asshole.

Victoria laughs " don't call us sluts!" Victoria yells as she
removes her thumb and then jams two of her fingers into Tomko's asshole.
Victoria begins to quickly pump her two fingers in and out of Tomko's
asshole as Torrie looks over her shoulder, sweat pouring down her face,
as she bucks her hips back against Tomko's thick cock.

"You... crazy skank..." Tomko tilts his head back, "If I was fucking you...
you'd be... screaming my name!" Tomko clenches his eyes shuts and grinds his
teeth as he tries to block out the feeling of Victoria's fingers moving in
and out of his ass. Sweat drips down his muscular body and some of it flies
off him when he pushes occasionally into Torrie.

Victoria licks her lips with a glare as inserts a third finger into Tomko's
asshole. Victoria to thrust the three fingers quickly and roughly in and out
of his asshole. While Torrie grinds her warm pussy against his stiff cock
"Ohhhh that's it..." Torrie moans.

"Ahhhh shit..." Tomko grunts, "I'm going to fucking... blow..." He tries not
to let Victoria or Torrie know by trying to whisper, but all he succeeds in
doing is holding back his climax but not thrusting into Torrie when he can
help it.

Victoria hears Tomko's comment and smirks, yanking her three fingers out of
Tomko's asshole. Victoria looks around and her eyes light up as she's the
metal lid of a trash can near by "What was that, Tyson?" Victoria asks as
she lifts up the trash can lid.

Tomko doesn't reply for he takes the time to pull out of Torrie's pussy to
further hold off his climax. "I said... I was about to cum... but I'm not
going to till I fuck you..." Tomko answers as he slowly turns around.

Victoria laughs "Too bad you won't get the chance..." Victoria replies as she
raises up the trash can lid and smacks Tomko's baldhead with the thud of the
trash can lid.

Tomko has no chance to protect himself from the blow. He staggers backward,
totally dazed and he places a hand on the table to keep standing up. Torrie
looks over her shoulder at him and at Victoria, "Hit him again Vicky!"
Victoria grits her teeth as she swings the trash can lid again, hitting
Tomko with a powerful blow to the head. Tomko wobbles back and forth for a
few moments before Torrie kicks him in the back to make him fall down. Tomko
collapses on the floor, completely knocked out.

Victoria licks her lips and turns to Torrie "Job well done, my devil"

Torrie licks her lips, "Thanks... mmmm... if I was thinking about Candice...
he would've made me cum..." Torrie laughs as she flips her hair back.

Victoria bends over as she pulls her black pants up "You know Torrie, I
really do miss our little Candi-cane.." Victoria says with a smirk.

"Me too..." Torrie licks her lips, "She has the magic touch..." Torrie picks
up her pants and pulls them on.

Victoria smirks and licks her lips as well "Torrie...I got an idea, my hot
little Devil."

"Do tell baby... don't keep secrets from me..." Torrie lightly sucks on one
of her fingers excitedly.

"What me go pay a visit to our fellow devil, Candice" Victoria
says with a smirk.

"Ohhhhh I'd love that... and so would she..." Torrie smiles playfully.

Victoria nods her head "I thought you'd like..." Victoria then motions her
head to the hallway "Let's go Torrie...I have a feeling our next encounter
is going to be one of a kind..."


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