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Too Hot To Handle Part 9: The Whole Damn Show
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a live event featuring the Raw Superstars, Torrie Wilson, the beautiful
blond bombshell and one-third of vicious sexual dominating divas know as
Vince's Devils, is walking around the backstage area while her comrades
Victoria and Candice compete in a divas tag team match. Torrie smirks as
she passes by a couple of Raw's lower card talent, who all check her out.
Torrie smirks to herself, "What a bunch of losers..." She starts to walk
down the hall that leads to private individual dressing rooms for the
superstars that are main eventers.

Torrie rolls her eyes as she sighs flipping her blonde hair back over her
slender shoulders. Torrie looks around and raises her eyebrow "What the hell
did I do with Chloe?" Torrie asks herself out loud she then nods "Oh right...
Victoria had her." Torrie says as she continues to make her way to the
private locker room area.

Ahead of Torrie down the hall, one of the locker room doors open, and out
steps "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam. Dressed in a pair of long black shorts
and one of his old ECW t-shirts, Rob stretches his arms up before he looks at
his watch, "Still got an hour and a half to kill before my match..." He says
to himself and he starts to walk down the hall in Torrie's direction.

Torrie looks up after she slides her left hand through her soft blonde hair.
Torrie's seductive eyes instantly lock on Rob Van Dam. Torrie licks her lips
and smirks mischievously "Mmmmm...I think Candice and Victoria would be quite
impressed..." Torrie laughs slightly before she makes her way towards Rob.
Torrie passes by Rob as he walks as well. Torrie catches a glimpse of his
eyes in her direction and she seductively flashes her eyes lashes.

"Dude..." Rob stops walking and looks back at Torrie to watch her walk. He
smirks a bit as he watches her backside move from side to side with each one
of her steps, "Now that's five star quality..." He says, loud enough for
Torrie to hear him.

Torrie pauses and smirks to herself before she turns around to face Rob.
Torrie smiles widely "Oh my god, Rob!" Torrie says excited as she places a
hand over her chest "It's so good to see you again!" Torrie says with a cute
smile as she measures up her target, Rob Van Dam.

"Oh hey Torrie," Rob smiles, "I almost didn't recognized you..." Rob starts
to walk towards Torrie, "Wow, I think it's been like a year since I saw you,
how've you been?"

Torrie smiles and nods her head "I'm doing good..." Torrie says as her eyes
slowly wander down to Rob's crotch, she licks her lips slightly "You're look
great..." Torrie says in a soft, seductive tone.

"Thanks Torrie, so do you, I like that new eyeliner you're using..." Rob
replies, as he's not looking at her eyes but at her chest. "So what's new...
is everything going cool for you?"

Torrie nods and licks her lips again "Yeah...everything's cool." Torrie
laughs a little "In case you haven't been paying attention recently myself
and my fellow Devils...Victoria and Candice...are making quiet a name for and out of the ring." Torrie says with a sly smile.

Rob smiles a bit, "Yeah... I heard a bit about that... there's word going
around that you, Victoria and Candice have been turning the Raw locker room
upside down."

Torrie laughs a little as she shrugs "I guess you could say that..." Torrie
says as she takes a step closer to Rob, just mere inches away from him
"You...don't have a problem with that do you?" Torrie asks in a soft voice
as she reaches forward with her left hand and places her hand gently against
Rob's crotch.

Rob shakes his head with a smile on his face, "Nope... I don't have any
problem with that..." Rob look down at Torrie's hand as she glides it back
and forth gently across his crotch, making his shaft within his shorts start
to become erect.

Torrie smiles as she looks up into Rob's eyes "Maybe we can...go somewhere
more private...more relaxed.." Torrie laughs a little "So...I can show you
what you've been missing out on since you've been away..."

Rob shrugs and smiles, "Sure... my locker room is right over there..." Rob
points with his thumb in the direction towards his private dressing room.

Torrie smiles as she removes her hand from his crotch, she licks her lips
"Good...why don't you lead the way...mmmm...I can tell already you're gonna
be one of a kind."

"All right Tor, and then you can see the whole damn show..." Rob smirks a bit
before he starts to walk towards his locker room. with Torrie following close
behind. He pushes the door open and holds it open so Torrie can enter first.

Torrie smirks and nods her head as she enters the locker room "Why...thank
you Rob."

Rob smiles, "No problem Tor..." Rob enters the locker room behind her and
closes the door. "Gotta love the new benefits of being a top star..." Rob
laughs, as he makes note of the rather expensive looking furniture in the
room, such as the leather couch, large television, table, an exercise bike
and a small rack with some weights.

Torrie smiles as she turns back to face him "Well you are the whole damn
show..." Torrie says she reaches behind her and begins to unclip her pink
colored top.

"You got that right..." Rob smiles as he starts to lift up his t-shirt,
giving Torrie a good look of his well defined abs and his chest. He drops the
t-shirt on top of the small weight rack and looks at Torrie's chest to watch
her unclip her pink colored top.

Torrie places her hands over her chest as she holds her pink colored top.
Torrie laughs "Are you ready?"

Rob nods his head, "Yeah I am..." Rob licks his lips a bit, "I hate to sound
like The King, but can the puppies come out to play?"

Torrie laughs and shrugs "I suppose..." Torrie says as she slowly peels her
pink colored top off of her large, round chest. Torrie lets her top drop the
floor as she glances at Rob and motions her head to his crotch "Take them

"All right... guess you can't wait to see what I got..." Rob smirks as he
lowers his black shorts, followed by his black boxer briefs, to reveal a nice
sized ten-inch cock that is already half hard.

Torrie licks her lips and nods her head in approval "Mmmm...Robbie...
Robbie...come here baby..."

"Sure thing Tor..." Rob smirks and he walks towards Torrie, with his cock
slowly becoming harder the closer he gets to the beautiful blond. "Damn...
nice chest..." Rob smirks as he looks at her large round breasts.

"Thanks Torrie..." Rob licks his lips and closes his eyes. Torrie pumps his
cock with her hand until it's fully hard. She looks up at him and licks her
lips before she takes a gold cock-ring from her pocket. She slips it onto
Rob's rock hard shaft and slides it all the way down to the base of his
shaft. Torrie then rolls the ring to the right, to tighten it. Rob grits his
teeth when Torrie makes the ring too tight and he instantly opens his eyes
and looks down at his dick. "Holy shit... where did that come from..."

Torrie smiles and looks up into Rob's eyes "Don't'll enjoy it."
Torrie says with a laugh as she bends over, while standing. Torrie leans her
head to Rob's cock and gently flicks her tongue against the tip of his cock.

"If you say so..." Rob moans as he puts the thought of the ring on his shaft
out of his mind when he feels Torrie's tongue graze against the head of his
long shaft. Torrie gently pats her tongue against the head of his shaft
before she twirls her tongue around the head of his cock, slowly moving her
warm and wet tongue down Rob's long shaft. "Mmmmm yeah..." Rob moans softly
and he slides a hand through Torrie's soft blond hair while he closes his

Torrie lashes and beats her tongue against Rob's shaft before she starts to
work her tongue back up the shaft of Rob Van Dam, guiding her tongue back
up to the head of Rob's cock as she leaves a wet trail of her warm saliva

"Ohhhhh dude... I can't believe I was missing out on this..." Rob says as he
reaches down with hi s free hand and starts to fondle his own balls.

Torrie looks up at Rob with a sly smirk " don't you say we
skip all that four-play crap...and get down and dirty..."

"I'm down for that... hope you're ready to go to the extreme... and lets get
those shorts off too..." Rob smirks as he pulls Torrie up to her feet. He
unbuttons her shorts and quickly tugs down her shorts down golden tan legs.

Torrie licks her lips as she steps out of her tight pink shorts, revealing
her smoothly shaven, cleaned pussy "Well...Robbie, what do you think?" Torrie
asks as she places two fingers over her pussy.

Rob licks his lips as he sees Torrie spread her pussy open, "It looks nice
and tight... I give it 5 stars..." Rob smirks as he strokes his hard shaft.
"How about we get started..." Rob says as he places his hands on Torrie's
hips and pushes up back towards the couch.

Torrie smiles as she gently falls back onto the leather couch "One rule
though..." Torrie says with a smirk.

"What rule?" Rob asks as he gets close to the couch so he can spread her legs

Torrie smiles up at Rob as he gently thrusts his cock into her tight and warm
cunt "You tell me...when you're gonna cum..."

Rob smirks, "Sure... no problem..." Rob lays a hand on Torrie's chest and
begins to pump his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Rob licks his lips as
he feels Torrie's cunt tighten around his cock every time he pushes it all
the way inside. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she starts push her
body back against Rob's cock after each of his quickening thrusts.

"Mmmm fuck... you got a tight... pussy..." Rob grunts as he fucks her a bit
harder as he drills her quickly. He lightly squeezes Torrie's right tit and
flicks his thumb against the nipple.

Torrie grits her teeth as she starts to grind her pussy sharply against Rob's
cock "Mmmm...ohhh...awww...Robbie!" Torrie moans as she grabs a hold of Rob's
strong arms as she quickly drills her tight pussy.

Rob arches his body backward so he's able to throw more power behind every
his thrusts. "Ahhhh fuck..." Rob groans as he places his left hand on
Torrie's hip before he flips himself and Torrie over so he's on his back.
Rob brings his other hand to Torrie's hips and quickly begins to rock the
former Playboy covergirl back and forth on his cock. Torrie licks her lips
as she flips her blonde hair back and looks down into Rob's eyes. Torrie
grits her teeth as she starts to bounce quickly on his cock, bringing all
of her weight down on Rob's stiff cock.

"Mmmm fuck... yeah... ride that cock..." Rob grits his teeth as he starts to
feel the affects of the ring on his cock when Torrie slams down on his hard

Torrie places her hands down on Rob's strong chest as she rocks back on Rob's
cock and the rocks forward as she sharply grinds her pussy against his cock
" like that cunt don't you?"

"Yeah... I do... fuck... you got such a tight pussy...." Rob bites his lip
as he feel a good amount of pain that slowly become more intense. He tries
to block it out by thrusting up into Torrie's cunt, but he only succeeds in
making the pain he's feeling worse.

Torrie tilts her head back as she quickly bounces up and down on Rob's cock
"Ohhhh...ahhh...awww...Robbie!" Torrie moans as she slams down hard on his

"Shit... hey.... he... Torrie.... how... about I... owww shit... fuck... your
ass..." Rob asks as he clenches his eyes in pain as his cock throbs violently
inside of Torrie's pussy.

Torrie raises her eyebrow with a smirk and then shakes her head "
can fuck my pussy doggy style....but only the lucky ones get to fuck my ass."
Torrie replies with a slight glare as she begins to sweat.

Rob nods his head, "All... right... I'm cool with that..." Rob pushes Torrie
upward so his cock falls out of her tight vice like pussy. "Ahhh fuck!" Rob
cries out in pain once his throbbing cock is free from Torrie's pussy. His
dick is dark shade of red, due to the cock-ring trapping all the blood in his
shaft, making his erection more torturous. "Get... shit... down... on the
floor..." Rob says to Torrie as he sits up on the couch.

Torrie smiles and licks her lips as she positions her herself down on the
floor on her hand and knees. Torrie looks over her shoulder with a sly smirk
"Are you...having fun Robbie?"

"Uhhh yeah... I am..." Rob grits his teeth together as he slides off the
couch and kneels behind Torrie. He takes hold of his cock and eases it as
gently as possible back into Torrie's pussy. "Owww mother fucker..." Rob
groans in pain as he slowly starts to thrusts in and out of her cunt after
he lays his hands on her lower back. Torrie licks her lips as she looks
forward and begins to push her backside back against Rob's waist, taking
his throbbing cock deeper into her cunt.

"Ahhh shit..." Rob starts to tear up as he tries to fuck Torrie faster and
harder, but the pain becomes too much for him when he starts to feel like
he's going to have to cum. "Ahhh.... fuck.... Torrie... I'm... gonna cum..."

Torrie smirks and laughs wickedly "Good...good...Robbie pull out..."

"Ahhhh ok..." Rob places his hands on Torrie's ass and pushes her forward
as he pulls his cock out of her pussy. His shaft looks as if it's going to
explode and Rob's face shows how much pain he's in.

Torrie turns around on her knees and smiles up at Rob "Rob..." Torrie says
as she places her hands on Rob's throbbing shaft "I...think there's one
thing...I forgot to mention..."

"Ahhhh what's... that...." Rob asks as balls his fists to try and take his
mind off of the intense pain of his pulsating dick.

Torrie smirks up at Rob "I'm....a devil..." Torrie then laughs as she quickly
removes the cock-ring around Rob's shaft and quickly backs away from his

"Ohhhh god...." Rob clutches his cock as a horrific sting shoots through his
body as the blood trapped in his shaft is able to escape. He tilts his head
back and starts to cum, shooting stream after stream of his hot sticky load
in Torrie's direction, but it all lands on the tiled floor of the locker

Torrie laughs as she stands up and begins to gather up her clothing
"'s time you take notice...of Vince's Devils.." Torrie licks her
lips before she blows a kiss to Rob. Rob clenches his teeth together as he
falls backward on the couch, still holding his cock as he continues to feel
the soreness in his shaft. He doesn't reply to Torrie's comment for he's
lost in immense pain shooting through his crotch.

Meanwhile, in the large spacious locker room belong to Vince's Devils, the
vicious vixen Victoria is sitting on the leather couch, holding Chloe on her
lap, "You're such a pretty like puppy aren't you..." Victoria says as lifts
Chloe up to look at the dogs face.

The door to the locker room of Vince's Devils swings open and Torrie Wilson
walks in, clothed in her pink colored top and shorts with a satisfied smile
on her face as her hair is a bit moist for her sweat. Torrie lets the locker
room door close on it's own as she approaches the couch Victoria is on
"Vicki! You'll never guess what I just did..." Torrie pauses and laughs "Or
should I say...who I just did..."

Victoria lays Chloe down onto her lap and looks at Torrie with a smirk on her
face, "All right Torrie... what and who did you just do?"

Torrie laughs as she licks her lips a bit as Victoria stands up from the
couch and now stands with Torrie. "Well..." Torrie pauses and smirks "I just
got back from embarrassing Rob Van Dam....and wait until you hear what I did
to him..." Torrie begins to say, when the locker room suddenly swings open
once again. Torrie pauses from what she was saying and turns to look at the
locker room door to see her fellow Devil, Candice Michelle enter with a wider
smile on her face. Candice enters the locker room dressed in her black silky
bathrobe and is holding an object behind her back with her right hand

"Girls guess what!?" Candice says as she closes the locker room door and
approaches Torrie and Victoria.

Victoria and Torrie both look at Candice, and Torrie has a bit of an annoyed
look on her face over the fact she just got interrupted. Victoria pets Chloe
and smiles at Candice. "What is it Candi?" Torrie asks as she folds her arms
a bit, but smiles slightly.

Candice smiles widely as she pushes herself in front of Torrie and looks over
her shoulder at Torrie. "Room please..." Candice says with a somewhat annoyed
voice. Candice then looks at Victoria and rolls her eyes. Candice smiles and
shakes her head "Anyway! Guess what just came!" Candice says excitedly as she
pulls out the object from behind her back, which happens to be her Playboy
issue "It's my Playboy!" Candice says with a wide smile.

"Aw, that's great Candice, you're so hot..." Victoria smiles as she lets
Chloe go.

Chloe scampers across the couch in Torrie's direction, and Torrie scoops up
her little travel companion. She shakes her head and holds Chloe with one
arm, "Yeah Candice... that's great..."

Candice smiles as she tilts her head back "Ohh...I know...because...I'm
just...too hot to handle..." Candice says as she starts to untie her silky
black bathrobe. Candice slides her bathrobe of her shoulder and removes it
completely from her body. Candice bundles the bathrobe up and tosses the
bathrobe over her shoulder, causing the bundled up bathrobe to hit Torrie
in the face. Candice licks her lips as she links arms with Victoria "Ohhh...
I just know my Playboy magazine cover...will be...the Hottest.... Playboy....
Eveeeer!" Candice says with a shriek in her voice as her breathing becomes
heavy. Candice looks at Victoria and licks her teeth "Come Victoria...lets
see how hot...we can get."

Victoria licks her lips, "Oh let's..." Victoria looks at Candice's body with
a lustful look on her own face.

Torrie rolls her eyes and gets an annoyed look on her face for Victoria
completely forgetting about what she was going to tell her before Candice
came in. Torrie starts to walk to the locker room door, but looks back at
her friends, "It's a nice cover... but it's not the hottest..." Torrie says
under her breath, but loud enough for Candice to hear. Torrie then leaves
the locker room with Chloe, and slightly slams the door behind her.


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