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Too Hot To Handle Part 10: A Cool Domination
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the arena where the Raw brand is holding the broadcast for Monday Night
Raw, two thirds of Vince's Devils, the fair-haired maiden of sexual mayhem
Torrie Wilson and the sinister raven-haired vixen Victoria are walking down
a hallway towards the locker room area. "Candice sure has changed lately..."
Torrie says with an annoyed tone.

Victoria glance her head over at Torrie as she walks side by side with Torrie
down the hallway. Victoria pauses as does Torrie, she places her left hand on
Torrie's right arm "Torr...look Candice is just under a lot of pressure right
now, you know..." Victoria says as she dressed in a black semi-long skirt, a
black top that shows a majority of her cleavage and black high-heeled boots.

Torrie is dressed almost the same as Victoria, except her outfit is colored
gold and she's wearing heels, She folds her arms and frowns, "I now she's
under a lot of pressure of promoting her magazine... but still she could be
little more humble about being on the cover..." Torrie flips her hair back.
"It's not like she's been on two Playboy covers after all."

Victoria nods her head "Listen Torrie...soon things will be back to normal."
Victoria smirks with a slight glare " three Devils will be back
raising hell and doing what we do best...making men our bitches!" Victoria
move her head to the left side, cracking her neck "I promise..." Victoria
takes her hand and gently squeezes "I know how Candice is acting...been we
need to be her friend and be there for her.." Victoria licks her lips "Why
don't we meet up with Candice before her big 'Coming Out' party on RAW?"

Torrie nods her head, "Yeah, that sound all right," Torrie sighs slightly
when they start to walk down the hall again, "Vickie, you're right... I'll
just have to be the bigger person and let her deal with this how she wants."

Meanwhile, down at the far end of the hallway, Carlito, dressed in purple
wrestling trunks and a blue t-shirt with a red apple printed on it, is eating
an apple as he flips through a Playboy as he looks at Candice's smoking hot
pictorial. "Now this is cool..." Carlito says as he looks at one picture for
a long moment.

As Carlito turns to the page of the Playboy magazine, he feels the presence
of a plastic 'magic wand' tap him on the shoulder. Carlito turns around and
sees the newest WWE Playboy Covergirl, Candice Michelle, dressed in a black
silk bathrobe with her hands on her waist. Candice licks her lips slightly
"Hello Carlito...I see you're looking at my Playboy."

Carlito looks up at Candice and smirks a bit, "Oh Hey Candice, yea Carlito
is looking at your Playboy... it's pretty cool." Carlito looks down at the
magazine and turns a page to look at the next set of pictures.

Candice smirks as slides her left hand through soft dark black hair,
flipping it back over her shoulder "I'm glad you liked it....because you know
Carlito...I am" Candice says as raises her right
arm up, prepared to do her trademarked GoDaddy dance.

Carlito looks up at her, "Yeah, it's cool... but Carlito like the one from
last year with Christy better... now that was cool..." Carlito smiles a bit.
"She was hot... Carlito still has that one in Carlito's bag."

Candice pauses before she starts to twirl her body in the GoDaddy position.
Candice looks blankly at Carlito and then shakes her head "Excuse me? What
did you just say!?" Candice asks with a raise in her voice.

Carlito smirks, "Carlito said he like the one with Christy better, it was
hotter... and way cooler." Carlito looks back at the Playboy again, "Carlito
saw you in Playboy before and there's nothing new."

Candice takes a step towards Carlito "Christy!? Christy Hemme!? That
red-haired...jobless skank!?" Candice her head "No! No!...I'm hotter then
Christy!" Candice smirks with a shrug "Like I said...I am...too hot to
handle..." Candice says in a soft seductive tone.

"If you think so... Carlito knows he like Christy Hemme's playboy better than
yours..." Carlito says as he closes the magazine and drops it carelessly on
top of nearby equipment trunk. Candice looks at Carlito and gives him a cold
glare before she raises her left arm up and smacks Carlito hard across the
face. Carlito pauses for a long moment before he looks at Candice with a
raised eyebrow, "Now that wasn't cool..." Carlito raises his apple to his
mouth and takes a bite as he takes a step towards Candice as he chews what
is in his mouth. Carlito takes two more bites of the apple and gets right
in Candice's face. Carlito then spits the apple right into Candice's face.
Candice opens in her mouth in shock as her face is hit with apple chunks
mixed with Carlito's saliva. Candice has a disgusted look on her face as she
slides her hand through her soft black hair, removing the chunks of apple in
her hair.

Carlito gets a wide smile on his face, "Now that... was cool..." Carlito
smirks before her turns to walk away. As Carlito turns to walk away, he feels
a firm hand grab a hold of a portion of his Afro hair, then yanking his head
back slightly. "Hey hey hey hey! That's not cool! Let go of Carlito's hair!"
Carlito says as he turns a bit to try and see who is yanking on his Afro.

Carlito comes face to face with a glaring Victoria, who grits her teeth "That
wasn't cool!" Victoria yells as Torrie stands behind her next to Candice.
Victoria quickly removes her hand from Carlito's afro hair as she pushes
Carlito up against the wall near the equipment trunk unit. "Who the hell do
you think you are, treating my follow Devil like that! Huh!?" Victoria yells.

Carlito pushes Victoria back a bit, "Carlito is cool.... Carlito ain't going
to get slap by no Playboy bunny..." Carlito glares back at Victoria, "And
that wasn't cool... yanking on Carlito's hair like that."

Victoria folds her arms over her chest as she locks a cold glare on Carlito.
Victoria grits her teeth as her head starts to twitch slightly "No...
Carlito...this is cool!" Victoria yells as she reaches down and takes the
apple out of Carlito's hand and forces the apple into Carlito's mouth.
Carlito's teeth cramp around the apple as Victoria glances over her shoulder
at the equipment trunk spotting a roll of duck tape. Victoria nods her head
at the duck tape as he holds the apple in Carlito's mouth, while pinning him
against the wall "Torrie! Get the duck tape!" Victoria commands.

"Ok," Torrie smiles as she goes to the trunk, picks up the duck tape and
brings it back to Victoria, "Here's the tape Vickie..." Torrie licks her lips
slightly as she sees the stunned look on Carlito's face.

Victoria roughly tears off a piece of the duck tape and places it over the
apple in Carlito's mouth as the duck tape now holds the apple into Carlito's
mouth, acting like a gag. Victoria steps away from Carlito and glances back
at Torrie and Candice who are both behind her. Candice and Torrie are both
wide eyed, after seeing how quickly Victoria took care of Carlito. Victoria
looks back at Candice and Torrie with a wicked smirk as she grabs both
Candice and Torrie by the back of hair and roughly forces them down onto the
floor in front of Carlito "You two know what to do!" Victoria yells to
Candice and Torrie.

Candice licks her lips as she looks up at Carlito "'ll find out
soon...that I'm...hotter than Christy Hemme."

Torrie nods with a smile "'ll find out the three of us...are too"

Candice turns her head and looks at Torrie, cutting her off mid-sentence
"Torrie...just quit...please...don't talk at all..." Candice replies in a
snotty tone as she rolls her eyes "Just get to work..." Candice says in a
commanding tone as Torrie looks at Candice disgustedly.

Victoria grits her teeth "Both you of, shut up so you can blow Carlito's
mind!" Victoria yells.

Candice licks her lips and smiles at Victoria "You're the boss Victoria..."
Candice says with a giggle as she reaches her hands up to Carlito's purple
colored wrestling trunks and begins to lower them. Candice glances over at
Torrie as she just on her knees next to Candice "Don't make me do all the
work, Torrie..." Candice says in an annoyed tone as she rolls her eyes.

Torrie looks at Candice and rolls her eyes a bit, "You haven't done
anything yet..." Torrie grabs Carlito's limp shaft and starts to stroke it
to hardness. Carlito struggles a bit as he grabs at the tape around his mouth
that's holding in the apple.

Candice turns her body a bit to face Torrie as she watches Torrie stroke
Carlito's now hardening shaft. Candice looks at Torrie disgustedly as grabs
at Carlito's shaft and yanks his cock out of Torrie's grip "Geeze Torrie...
don't hog it all for yourself!" Candice snaps as she now begins to stroke
Carlito's stiffening cock. Victoria approaches Candice and Torrie from behind
and places a hand on each of their smooth, silky haired head.

" nice..." Victoria says gritting her teeth slightly as she walks
out from behind them, and around towards Carlito. Victoria slides her right
hand through Carlito's fluffy afro hair. Victoria leans her head towards his
ear "Carlito...that wasn't cool...spitting in Candice's was it?"
Victoria says in a whisper.

Carlito glares at Victoria and says something, but the apple in his mouth
muffles his reply, Torrie looks up at Carlito and grins a bit, "Oh he'll
agree with you Vickie... just give me a moment..." Torrie leans her head
forward and starts sliding her tongue in a circular motion around the tip
of Carlito's cock while Candice continues to stroke it. Torrie then grabs
hold of Carlito's ballsack and starts squeezing his balls rather hard,
making Carlito's eyes go wide.

Victoria moves her head away from Carlito "Well it wasn't cool!" Victoria
says as she glares at Carlito "And're gonna pay!" Victoria says as
she places both of her hands on the collar of Carlito's t-shirt and rips his
t-shirt straight down the middle. Victoria laughs a bit as Candice withdraws
her glare at Torrie and leans her head down to Carlito's shaft. She places
her wet, warm tongue against his shaft and begins to lap her tongue around
his cock, working from the bottom of his shaft to the top.

Carlito moans into the apple in reaction to the double sensation he's feeling
from Torrie and Candice's soft tongue. He looks at Victoria and continues to
glare at her as Torrie stops licking his cock. "Yeah Carlito... no one spits
in a devil's face..." Torrie says as she tilts her head to the left so she
can get to Carlito's nuts. The beautiful blond flicks her tongue against his
ballsack before opens her mouth to suck on it. Carlito moans against before
bites down on the apple and balls his fists.

Candice licks her lips as she flips her silky dark black hair as her tongue
reaches the head of Carlito's cock. Candice circles her tongue around the
head of Carlito's cock, before she opens her mouth and takes the head of his
cock into her warm, moist mouth. Candice tightly wraps her soft lips around
the head of his cock and begins to slowly bob her head, sucking on his cock
as Torrie works over his ballsack. Victoria looks at Carlito and smirks as
she place a hand against the center of his chest, holding him up against the

Victoria's eyes lock with Carlito's as she glares. Victoria slides off his
ripped t-shirt and then leans her head into Carlito's chest. She begins to
circle her skilled tongue around Carlito's left nipple, before she takes the
nipple into her mouth and gently bites down on the nipple.

Torrie places a hand on Carlito's right leg as she begins to suck harder
on his ballsack while also biting down on it. Carlito groans in a mix of
pleasure and pain and he raises his arms a bit. Under normal circumstances,
Carlito would be thrilled to have three hot women like Victoria, Torrie and
Candice do this to him, but with the apple taped into his mouth and he's
looking for a way to get an advantage. He puts one hand on Victoria and
tries to push her away.

Candice opens her mouth wider as she allows more Carlito's cock to pass
through her soft lips. Candice begins to gradually bob her head quicker as
she starts to lap her warm saliva around Carlito's cock. Victoria slowly
withdraws her head from Carlito's chest keeping her teeth clamped tightly
around Carlito's left nipple. She pulls her head away, pulling at Carlito's
skin and nipple. Victoria then releases his left nipple from the hold her
powerful teeth. Victoria smirks and laughs as she turns slightly to her
side, reaching her right hand behind Carlito, she slides her hand against
Carlito's nicely toned ass, before she moves her razor-like finger nail of
her index finger down Carlito's ass crack.

Carlito screams as loud as he can when he feels Victoria's finger nail graze
against his asshole, but again, the apple muffles it, so to the devils, it
sounds like a whimper. Torrie backs her head away from Carlito's ballsack
and licks her lips. 'That was delicious..." She says as she turns a bit and
begins licking the right side of Carlito's cock each time Candice pulls her
head back.

Candice stops bobbing her head on Carlito's cock and picks her head up as she
looks at Torrie. Candice shakes her head as she looks at Torrie "Torrie...
back off!" Candice says as she glares at her fellow Devil.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and backs her head away from Carlito's cock, "What's
you're problem?" Torrie asks with an annoyed look on her face as she wraps a
hand tightly around Carlito's shaft. Carlito groans again and bites down onto
the apple as Torrie squeezes his cock as hard as she can while she looks at

Candice raises her eyebrow "'re messing up my style..." Candice
replies as she locks eyes with Torrie. Victoria turns to look at Carlito as
she rams her index finger suddenly into Carlito's asshole. Victoria smirks
as she starts to quickly pump her index finger in and out of his asshole

"Don't you like this Carlito? Huh!? Carlito!? Don't you like it!?" Victoria
yells as down in front of Carlito, Candice slightly nudges Torrie out of her

"Let me handle this Torrie..." Candice says with a bit of an attitude.

Torrie releases Carlito's cock and folds her arms, "What is with you? You're
being a real bitch..." Torrie says to Candice as she locks eyes with her.
Carlito groans in pain as he tries to take advantage of Torrie and Candice's
arguing. He pushes Torrie to side and tries to run, but because of his trunks
not being completely off, he trips almost instantly and lands flat on his

Victoria walks over to the fallen body of Carlito and stands over him,
glaring down at him "Wrong move...Carlito!" Victoria says as she lifts her
black top over her head, revealing her larger, nicely round chest. Victoria
tosses her top to the floor and she looks over her shoulder at Candice and
Torrie "Get undressed...and quit arguing!" Victoria yells as she lowers her
black skirt.

"Right Vickie..." Torrie says as she looks back at Candice for a moment
before she removes her gold top, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Before
Candice can begin removing her clothes, Torrie crawls over to Carlito and
pushes him on to his back. Torrie smirks at him, "That was really dumb of
you... now you're really going to get it." Carlito again muffles a reply
as he tries to sit up to pull his trunks up so he can make his escape.

Victoria tosses her black g-string to the floor, after she removes it from
her smoothly cleaned pussy. Victoria mounts herself down on Carlito's chest
pinning his chest and shoulder onto the floor. Victoria looks back at Torrie
with a glare "Ride his cock!" Victoria commands to Torrie as Candice finishes
removing her clothing.

"With pleasure..." Torrie smiles as she moves to straddle Carlito's crotch.
She grabs his hard shaft and aims it up a bit as she lowers herself onto it.
Torrie drops down onto it hard and moans a bit before she starts bouncing up
and down on his cock, "Ohhhh yeah... you're going to... learn a lesson...
Carlito..." Torrie smirks as Carlito struggles to push Victoria off of his

Victoria looks down at Carlito and locks eyes with him once again as she
pulls his left hand up and jams two of his fingers into her warm cunt "Mmmmm
fuck!" Victoria moans gritting her teeth as she begins to push herself
against Carlito's two fingers, forcing Carlito to finger-fuck her. Candice
crawls over and kneels down behind Torrie as she rides Carlito's cock.
Candice leans her head down and in towards Carlito's cock, she places her
tongue against his shaft and begins to lick his shaft with her tongue as
Torrie bounces rapidly on his cock.

Torrie slides her hands through her own golden blond hair as she starts to
rock back and forth on Carlito's cock, which causes her to push her tush
against Candice's face. Torrie closes her eyes and moans loudly as she
continues to come down sharply on Carlito's cock. "Ohhhh mmmm you fucking
like that cunt Carlito?!" Torrie asks when Carlito pushes up into her warm
tight pussy. Carlito has his eyes closed and is shaking his head from side
to side.

Candice lifts her head up from licking Carlito's cock and places her soft
hands on Torrie's waist. Candice sits up on her knees "'s my
turn..." Candice says as she starts to ease Torrie off of Carlito's cock.
Victoria reaches down with her left hand and places her hand around Carlito's

"Finger-fuck my god damn cunt!" Victoria yells as she feels Carlito starting
to remove his fingers from her warm pussy.

Carlito chokes a bit as Victoria closes her hand around his neck and he
starts to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her pussy. Torrie over her
shoulder at Candice and frowns, "I didn't even get warmed up yet..." Torrie
says as she reluctantly gets off of Carlito's cock.

Candice licks her lips "Well...Torrie...maybe you shouldn't hog him..."
Candice starts to says as she mounts herself on top of Carlito's cock and
slowly lowers herself on top his stiff prick. Candice tilts her head back
and groans as places her hands on Carlito's stomach and begins to bounce
at a decent starting speed on Carlito's cock, rocking back and forth as

Victoria loosens the grip of her hand around Carlito's neck as Carlito starts
thrusting his fingers in and out of her cunt "Mmmm...good boy.." Victoria
groans as she grits her teeth.

Torrie folds her arms, "I wasn't hogging him you..." Torrie stops herself
and just shakes her head. Carlito moans into the apple again as he feels
Candice's warm pussy around his cock. He also realizes that Victoria's grip
on his neck is loose, and he starts to quicken the pace of how his fingers
are going in and out of her pussy. Torrie moves around Carlito and grabs his
right writs to bring fingers to her pussy. "You can do Vickie, so you can do
me too..." Torrie says as she slides Carlito's fingers into her pussy.

Candice slams down hard on Carlito's cock as she arches her back a bit,
coming down on his cock at a sharp angle. "Ohhhh...ahhhhh!" Candice moans as
she grinds her pussy against his cock, while rapidly bounces on his cock.
Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to thrust her pussy against Carlito's
fingers as she leans over and kisses Torrie on her lips.

Torrie kisses Victoria back, slightly sliding her tongue against Victoria's
lips. Carlito thrusts up into Candice's warm pussy fairly quickly while at
the same time pumping his fingers nonstop into both of Victoria and Torrie's
tight cunts. Torrie breaks the kiss with Victoria and smirks a bit, "Ohhhh...
we're... too... hot for him... to handle..."

Candice shakes her head as she hears Torrie's comment "No Torrie...I'm
too hot for him!" Candice slightly moans as she slams down once again on
Carlito's cock. Victoria glares at Carlito as she removes his hand from her
tight cunt.

"You having fun Carlito!?" Victoria asks in a yell as she slaps Carlito
across the face.

Carlito glares up at Victoria and yells something the apple while his eyes
start to water up. Torrie looks at Candice, "Since... when was... this...
about you?" Torrie asks as she grinds her pussy against Carlito's fingers
even harder.

Candice removes her hands from Carlito's now sweaty stomach and slides them
through her silky dark hair "'s always been about me..."
Candice says as she rocks back roughly on Carlito's cock. Victoria gently
gets off of Carlito's chest and walks around by Candice. Victoria grits her
teeth as she threads her fingers through Candice's hair.

"It's my turn!" Victoria says in a commanding tone.

Torrie smirks, "Yeah Candice... Get off of him and let Vickie break him..."
Torrie moans a bit as she bites her lower lip when Carlito accidentally
turns his hand while she humps his fingers. Carlito reaches up to his face
with his left hand and starts trying to pull the tape from around his mouth,
but he can't find the edge of the tape. Torrie pulls his fingers from her
pussy and then straddles Carlito's head where she begins to grind her wet
pussy over his face,

Torrie doesn't look at Candice; instead she leans forward so she's almost in
a 69 with Carlito. Torrie starts to flick her tongue against the tip of his
cock while continuing to grind her pussy over Carlito's face. Torrie looks up
at Victoria and grins, "Break him Vickie... make him regret disrespecting the

Victoria smirks wickedly as she lowers her head down on the head of Carlito's
cock, wrapping her lips tightly around his cock, much like a vice. Victoria
starts to tightly suck on the head of Carlito's cock, causing his cock a
great deal of pain as Torrie licks the sides of his shaft. Candice kneels
down by Carlito's head and smirks as she sees, Torrie's cleanly shaven pussy
rubbing against Carlito's face. Candice licks her lips as she inserts two of
fingers into Torrie's warm cunt and begins to rapidly pump her two fingers in
and out of her cunt.

"Ohhhh shit..." Torrie moans as she pushes back against Candice's fingers.
She bites her lip and looks back at Candice with a raised eyebrow, "What...
mmmm... are you doing?" Torrie asks as she moves a hand to cup Carlito's
ballsack again.

Candice smirks and licks her lips as she continues to pump her two fingers
in and out Torrie's tight cunt "" Candice says in soft,
seductive voice as pouts her lips in the form of a kiss. Victoria opens her
mouth wider as she works Carlito's throbbing cock further into her mouth.
Victoria presses her teeth against the upper and undersides of Carlito's
shaft and begins to rake her teeth against his cock as she bobs her head
quicker up and down on his shaft.

"Huh... whyyyyyyyy.... ohhhhhh fuck..." Torrie arches her back a bit as she
starts to cum on Candice's fingers when pumps them in a bit sharply. Torrie
hangs her head down and starts to move off of Carlito. Carlito lets out a
loud groan as he starts to blow his hot sticky cum into Victoria's warm
mouth. Candice smirks as she raises her two fingers, that are coated in
Torrie's cum, up to her lips. Candice licks her lips before she licks her
two fingers clean of Torrie's cum. Candice then moves from Carlito as
Victoria slowly lifts her head up from Carlito's cock, holding his cum
inside of her mouth as she refrains from swallowing it. Victoria stands up
and walks up to Carlito's head. Victoria bends over, looking directly down
at Carlito as he looks back up at her. Victoria smirks slightly before she
spits Carlito's cum onto his own face.

Carlito closes his eyes almost instantly to prevent his cum to get into them.
Torrie sits on her knees near Candice and slightly glares at her before she
looks up at Victoria and smiles a little, "Now that was... hot..."

Candice stands up and looks down at Torrie as she grabs her black silky
bathrobe and puts it on "God're so dumb!" Candice says as she
rolls her eyes and begins to walk away with a proud smile "It's almost time
for my 'Coming Out' party.." Candice licks her lips as she continues to walk
away from Carlito and her fellow two Devils, Victoria and Torrie Wilson.

Victoria remains standing over Carlito, gritting her teeth as she glares
at him "How do you like getting spit in the face!? Huh!? Huh, Carlito!?"
Victoria yells before she turns back to Torrie.

Torrie has gathered her own and Victoria clothes and slowly stands up, "He
probably liked it..." Torrie smirks as she hands Victoria her black top and
skirt. Carlito says something into apple while he keeps his eyes closed shut.

Victoria smirks wickedly "Another one down.." Victoria says as she grits her
teeth once again as she places her black top back on. Victoria then looks at
Torrie "We better get going Torr...for Candice's 'Coming Out' party in the

Torrie nods but rolls her eyes as she puts her gold skirt own, "Yeah...
before Candice throws a fit..."

Victoria pulls her black ripped style skirt up and around her waist before
placing her left hand on Torrie's right arm, turning to her slightly
"Torrie..." Victoria smiles "I promise everything will be better after
tonight." Victoria licks her lips "I guarantee going to be an
absolute knock out."

A Short Time later in the ring, Torrie Wilson and Victoria are standing on
opposite sides of a large box hooked to cables from the ceiling. Torrie takes
a microphone and says to crowd, "And now... ladies and gentlemen... this
year's Playboy Covergirl... Candice Michelle..."

The large box, imprinted with the cover of Candice's Playboy on all sides
slowly raises up revealing Candice Michelle, dressed in a white-silver two
pieced outfit, she raises her arms in the air, posing for pictures briefly,
before she takes the microphone from Torrie. "That's
Michelle...the newest WWE Playboy Covergirl.." Candice smiles "And I'm the
hottest...Playboy Covergirl....Eveeerrr!" Torrie rolls her eyes and folds
her arms as she moves to stands against the ring ropes. Victoria puts her
hands on her hips and smirks at Candice when she looks in her direction.

Candice turns around and looks at Torrie "Torr...Torrie? What's wrong?"
Candice asks as she speaks into the microphone.

"Nothing..." Torrie shakes her head and waves her hands, so the crowd is
aware of what she said to Candice. Victoria stands behind Candice and
casually folds her arm while raising an eyebrow.

Candice walks around her and turns facing Torrie directly, so that Victoria
is now behind Torrie. Candice takes a deep breath "Torrie...I think I know
what the problem is..."

"Oh... and what's that?" Torrie asks as she rolls her eyes while behind her
Victoria walks close to Torrie and smirks at Candice.

Candice looks down a bit "I've been a bad friend..." Candice says into the
microphone "And...Torrie I'm sorry...can we kiss and make up?" Candice says
into the microphone, but then pauses "Come to think of it...these people
here don't deserve to see us kiss...they'll have to settle for a hug?"
Candice opens her arms up "What do you say Torrie?"

Torrie looks at Candice and thinks for a moment, "Um ok..." Torrie smiles
and she approaches Candice to hug her. Before she does, Victoria hits her
from behind with both of her fists, sending Torrie down to the mat.

Candice lowers the microphone and drops it out of her hands, letting it drop
onto the mat. Candice smiles and shrugs, before she starts to laugh. Candice
looks down at the fallen Torrie Wilson "Sorry Torrie...I guess you're just
not" Candice says before she laughs again.


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