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Too Hot To Handle Part 11: Tangling With The Champ
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days after Candice and Victoria unceremoniously kick Torrie out of
Vince's Devils, the two remaining members are discussing their actions with
smirks on their face. Candice, dressed in a pink sleeveless, low cut top and
a black knee length skirt, twirls her wand around with her fingers as she
flips her hair back with her left hand, "Poor Torrie... she never had a
clue..." Candice laughs.

Victoria, dressed similar to Candice except Victoria is wearing a pair of
black pants instead of a skirt, smirks at Candice as the two members of
Vince's Devils walk down the hallway. Victoria turns her head slightly to
Candice "It needed to be done..." Victoria replies with a slight glare
"Torrie was bringing us down...she was making us look weak!"

"I know... and what was with her attitude... I mean, she was lucky we let her
stay with us that long... especially after her little disappearing act before
Taboo Tuesday last fall..." Candice shakes her head and smiles, "But we're
much better off with out her... she isn't nearly as hot as you are..."
Candice taps the back of Victoria's left shoulder with the tip of her 'magic'

Victoria licks her lips as she locks eyes with Candice "Mmm...Candi...don't
lie we both know you're the hottest.." Victoria says as she flicks her tongue
against her lips. Victoria then pauses and looks away from Candice "We can
have our fun later...but we need to get down to business.." Victoria says
gritting her teeth "Right, Candice?"

Candice licks his lips and smirks a bit, "Yes that's right... and I have had
my eye... on a certain someone for quite some time..." Candice laughs a bit
as she twirls the wand around with her fingers again. "I think you'll love
who I have in mind..." Candice adds as they go around a corner.

Victoria raises her eyebrow as she turns her head back to Candice "And who
is the certain someone...that will be the next person we make our....bitch?"
Victoria asks with a glare.

Candice is about to reply but when she looks down the hall she stops and
puts her hand up to get Victoria to stop as well. Candice licks her lips as
she spots the reigning WWE Champion John Cena at the far end of the hallway
talking on his cell phone as he stands outside of his locker room. "Mmmmm...
The Champ is here..." She says with a laugh as she points at him with her

"No..." Victoria looks at Candice and shakes her head, she then steps in
front of Candice, pushing her back slightly as she grits her teeth "The!" Victoria says as she looks back over her shoulder at

"Awww Victoria... but I saw him first..." Candice pouts as she folds her arms
a bit before she smiles playfully at Victoria.

Victoria looks at Candice with a smirk "You can have him...after I wear him
out.." Victoria says as she turns her attention back to Cena. Victoria licks
her lips as her eyes narrow into a glare "I' up with you later..."
Victoria replies as she keeps her eyes on Cena, while he's talking on his
cell phone.

Candice smiles, "All right Vickie... you have your fun... I'm going to go to
our locker room... and take a nice... steamy... hot.... ohhhh... shower..."
Candice licks her lips and taps Victoria's lower back with her wand.

Victoria smirks a bit before her head starts to twitch slightly as she stares
at John. Victoria licks her lips "Champ...I hope you're ready.." Victoria
says to herself out loud before she starts to approach the reigning WWE

By his locker room, John Cena is dressed in a black t-shirt with the words
Hustle, Loyalty, Respect printed on the front, black jeans shorts and black
Reebok sneakers, hangs up his cell phone as he finished his phone call.
"Man... it's tough to be the champ..." John says to himself with a smile as
he turns to push the locker room door open, not noticing that the vicious
vixen Victoria is approaching him.

Victoria reaches John and she pushes herself in between John and the open
entry way to his private locker room. Victoria smirks at John with a slight
glare "Howdy...Champ!" Victoria says as she lowers her head glancing down
the WWE Championship spinner belt.

"Hey Victoria..." John smiles as he slides his cell phone into the pocket of
his jean shorts, "How's it goin' for ya?" he asks as places his hands on his
championship belt that is around his waist.

Victoria places her hands on her hips as she stares on John with a glare "You
think you're hot stuff...don't you?" Victoria asks.

John shrugs, "Well... I don't like to brag, but I am the champ..." John
smiles, "Speaking of hot stuff... you're defiantly that."

Victoria raises her eyebrow a bit "Of course I'm hot...I'm a Devil!" Victoria
snaps as she glances back down at John's spinner belt "You say The
here...but John, can the Champ handle a Devil?"

John raises his eyebrow a bit, "Vic...if you're saying what I think you're
saying... I say I can take anything and dish it back out twice as good...
don't matter if it's an Olympic Gold Medallist... or hot little devil like

Victoria smirks as she glares at John "You sound confident, Champ" Victoria
says as she steps back into the opening doorway leading into John's locker
room "Let's see if you measure up...if you can walk the walk..."

"Trust me... I can walk the walk... and talk the talk..." John grins a little
as he takes his championship belt off from around his waist as he follows
Victoria into his locker room. John closes the door behind him and he softly
drops his WWE title on top of a nearby table.

Victoria grits her teeth a bit as she balls her right fist and slams her
right fist in the center of her left palm "Lets just see about that, Champ!"
Victoria yells.

"Whoa there... slow down Vic..." John says as he holds his arms up, "Now I
see you're really worked up... but you got to take it easy...." John adds
before he takes off t-shirt to show Victoria his muscular and lightly tanned
upper body. Victoria's eyes widen as her mouth drops open, seeing John's
nicely muscular and ripped upper body. Victoria swallows as she is completely

John is about to undo his jean shorts, but when he sees the look on
Victoria's face, he quickly decides to change his plans. He steps right up to
Victoria and places his right hand on her hip while he starts to unbutton the
buttons on Victoria's pants. He looks her in the eyes and smiles a bit, "You
a'ight Vic?"

Victoria blinks a few times before she shakes her head and coughs a bit
"What...huh? Yeah...yeah...I'm f...f...fine..." Victoria replies as she
already starts to breath heavily.

"Man Vic... you look like you're cooking..." John says as he finishes
unbuttoning her pants, "Maybe you should cool off..." John says as he takes
hold of the bottom of Victoria's top and starts to lift it up slowly.

Victoria raises her arms up as John's lifts Victoria's pink top off of her
body as she goes into a glassy-eyed trance " off..." Victoria

Once he has her pink top off of Victoria, John lays it gently on the back of
a chair before he looks at Victoria's large firm tits. John then looks at
Victoria's face and smiles, "Snap Vic... you're hotter than hell... how about
you sit down..." John says as he takes her hand and walks with Victoria over
to the leather couch.

Victoria nods her head slowly "S...s...sure...thing John..." Victoria replies
as she swallows sitting down on the leather couch. Victoria's glassy-eyes
blink as her chest moves up and down due to her heavy breathing.

John takes a moment to watch Victoria as she breaths heavily. He kneels down
a bit and grabs the waistline of Victoria's pants so he can start tugging
them down, "Let's get these off..." John says as he again smiles at Victoria
as he slowly gets her pants down her legs.

Victoria closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels John tugging down
her pants until they are completely off of her legs, then followed by her
thin black g-string.

John places his hands on both of Victoria's thighs and lightly massages them
as he looks up and down her body, "Vic... I got to say... you got the total
package... a hot body... that powerful and seductive..." John pushes
Victoria's legs open gently and he gets a perfect view of her perfectly
shaved pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth slightly "Ohhh John...shut up and lick that cunt..."
Victoria moans softly as she licks her lips awaiting for John's tongue.

"Damn... Vic... say what you mean..." John winks at her before he lowers her
head between her powerful legs. He sticks his tongue out and softly presses
it against her pussy. John moves his hands to the insides of Victoria's legs
as he slowly begins to lick up and down her clit while slightly sliding his
tongue from side to side.

Victoria tilts her head back as she places her hands on top of John's head
"Ohhhh....awww fuck..." Victoria moans as her mouth begins to go dry. John
swirls his tongue around Victoria's clit as he moves one hand up to feel her
firm chest. John then slides his tongue down a bit and pushes into Victoria's
wet pussy.

Victoria gently bites down on her lower lip as she starts to grind her pussy
against John's tongue. Victoria pushes John's head forward into her pussy,
forcing his tongue deeper into her tight, dominating cunt "Ohhh....ahhhh...

John slightly grinds his nose against Victoria's pussy as he slides his
tongue in and out of Victoria's tight pussy, lapping up the sweet taste with
a bit of eagerness. He reaches down with his right hand and unbuttons then
unzips his shorts as he brings his left hand to Victoria's pussy where he
then slides a finger into her pussy.

Victoria grabs onto John's short hair and lifts his head up. Victoria looks
at him gritting her teeth, however she still has the glassy-eyed look as she
licks lips "John...I want it...give it to me...fuck me!"

John tries not to smirk, and instead licks his lips as he pushes his shorts
down followed by his tight fitting blue boxer briefs to free his rock hard
thick thirteen inch cock. "All right Vic... but I gotta know... how to do
like to get it? I kinda figure you to be a doggy style kinda gal..."

Victoria smirks as she raises her eyebrow "Well aren't you something."
Victoria says as she surprising turns around on the couch with her backside
facing John. Victoria sits up on her knees and looks over her shoulder with
a smirk, surprisingly being submissive to John.

"I do aim to please..." John grins back at Victoria as he stands up and
places one hand on her firm backside while wrapping the other around his
cock. He guides it too the entrance of Victoria's tight warm and wet pussy,
and he eases it inside with a slow but firm thrust.

Victoria's bottom lip begins to tremble as she feels John's large cock enter
her warm cunt "Ohhhh...goddd..." Victoria groans.

"Oh snap... you're... tight as hell..." John moans as he feels Victoria's
pussy clamp down around his dick like a vice. He places both hands on her
waist as he starts to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first, but the
reigning WWE Champion quickly starts to pick up speed.

Victoria grits her teeth as she places her hands firmly on the top rim of the
leather couch as she begins to push herself back against John's stiff cock
"Ohhhh...ahhhh...shit..." Victoria moans as she begins to breath heavily once
again. John licks his lips s he starts to fuck Victoria's pussy with the same
intensity he uses when he's in a tough match with one of the many world class
athletes on the Raw roster. He starts pushes Victoria forward when he pulls
his cock back, and pulls her backward when he slams his cock forward.

Victoria opens her mouth to moan, but no moan comes out of her mouth as her
pussy suddenly erupts with her warm juices. Victoria opens her eyes and gets
a cold fiery glare in her eyes "You mother fucker.." Victoria says under her
breath. She begins to breath heavily, only now because of anger "Pull the
fuck out!" Victoria yells.

"Huh? What's up Vic?" John asks as he does what Victoria asks and pulls out
of her warm pussy. His cock is coated with Victoria's cum and he looks at her
with a raised up, completely confused.

Victoria turns around and points at him "No one ever does that!" Victoria
yells as she starts to pull at her raven black hair "No one! No one!"

John scratches his head, "Does what? Make you hit cloud nine?" John asks as
he backs up a bit, not sure of what Victoria is about to do.

Victoria is breathing heavily, huffing as she raises her hand and smacks John
across the face "You hear me!? No one! No one does that!" Victoria yells as
she gets a psychotic look on her face as she gathers up her clothes "You
fucker!" Victoria yells as she walks over to the door and opens the door,
leaving John alone with his erected, ready to fire at a given moment cock.

A short time later, inside of the Devil's private locker, Victoria violently
shoves the door open and enters, "Candice! Where are you?!" she yells as her
head twitches a bit as she breathes heavily.

Candice walks out from behind a changing divider dressed in black silk
bathrobe "I'm right here Victoria..." Candice replies in a seductive tone.
Candice licks her lips "How was John Cena?" Candice asks as she approaches
Victoria "I want!" Candice shrieks a bit and then
raises her eyebrow seeing how pissed of Victoria looks "Vicki? What's wrong?"

Victoria pulls on her own black hair, ripping a few strands out by the roots.
"He... he... that fucker... he... I've.... I've never... been..." Victoria
starts pacing back and forth for several moments before she slams her fists
down on a table.

Candice jumps back a bit "Victoria? What happened?" Candice asks as she
reaches down and picks up her Playboy magazine, which she's featured on the
covered of. Candice looks up with a raised eyebrow waiting for Victoria's
replies as she flips through the magazine to look at her own pictorial.
Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...I am...too handle.." Candice says
to herself.

Victoria suddenly grabs the magazine from Candice and throws it too the
floor, "That... mother fucker... made me... he made me fucking cum!" Victoria
yells as she gets a wild insane look in her eyes. "He made me cum... No...
one... makes me cum! NO ONE!"

Candice places her hands on her hips and licks her lips "Victoria...let me
handle John Cena...I guarantee...I'll make him blow."

Victoria again pulls on her own hair, "I... I can't believe it... that...
fucker... he embarrassed me!" Victoria looks as if she's either go to cry or
go off and snap someone's neck.

Candice gently places her hands on Victoria's arm "Vicki...Vicki...I'll make
everything all better...I promise...I'll make John pay for what he did to
you...he'll regret making you cum"

Victoria looks at Candice as her lower lip trembles a bit, "Make... him

Candice licks her lips "I will...because...I'!"

Several minutes later, back in John Cena's locker room, John is sitting on
the leather couch with his cock still as hard as rock between his legs. He
sighs, "Well... I better give her a few to cool off... man... who'd think
making a woman get off could make her go nuts..." John says to himself as
John sits on the couch, he reaches forward for his black jean shorts as
there is a knock on his locker room door. John leans forward and grabs his
shirt. He lays it on his crotch to cover his cock before he says, "Come on

The door opens and Victoria's partner in crime, Playboy covergirl Candice
Michelle enters the private locker room of John Cena. Candice is dressed in
her black silk bathrobe and is holding her Playboy magazine issue with her
right hand "Hello John..." Candice says with a slight flutter of her

John looks at Candice and smiles a bit, "Hey Candice... or should I say Ms.
Too Hot Playboy Covergirl?" John says as he spots the magazine in her hand.

Candice smirks and places her left hand on her left hip "Well aren't you the
smart one, Mr. Cena..." Candice says as she slowly approaches the couch John
is sitting on "Are you busy, John?" Candice asks as she glances down at the
shirt covering up his crotch.

John shakes his head, "No I'm not... I was earlier..." John then smiles at
her, "So what brings you by, you came with an autograph copy of your

Candice laughs a bit as she raises up her Playboy magazine "Have you...looked
at my...Playboy....John?" Candice asks in a soft, yet seductive voice.

John smiles and nods a bit, "Yeah I've... seen it a few times... damn you
looked so fine in it..."

Candice smiles as she starts to slowly untie her bathrobe "How...would you
like up close and personal?"

"Shit Candice... I'd like that a lot..." John licks his lips as he looks at
her. Candice smiles as she tilts her head back slightly, quickly ripping her
black silk bathrobe open revealing her smooth and nicely tanned, stunning
body. "Oh snap..." John says as his eyes wander all over Candice's lovely
tanned body. "Damn... you're hot..."

Candice shrugs her silk bathrobe off of her slender shoulders, letting the
bathrobe drop to the floor of John's locker room. Candice licks her lips

John takes the shirt off of his crotch to give his cock some fresh air. "I
think I could handle you..." John says with a confident smile.

Candice looks down at John's cock and her eyes widen as she licks her lips
once again "Mmmmm John..." Candice says as she looks up into his eyes with
a sultry look "I think...something needs to be done.." Candice says in a
seductive tone as she sits down on her knees, right in front of John.

John licks his lips as he looks down at Candice as his cock throbs a bit
without being touched, "Yeah... I think so too..."

Candice leans up on her knees and gently wraps both of her soft hands around
John's large shaft. "Mmm...The Champ is here..." Candice licks her lips as
she starts to guide her hands up John's shaft and then back down his shaft,
getting his cock back up to his full hardness.

John moans a bit, "Mmmm yeah... I am..." John flips Candice's hair back with
his right hand while he places his left hand behind his head. He straightens
his legs out and gets more comfortable on the couch. Candice glances up at
John and licks her lips as she leans her head in towards his cock, flipping
her hair back as she opens her mouth and presses the tip of her tongue gently
against the head of John's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah...." John groans in pleasure almost instantly as he slightly
raises his hips to push his cock against Candice's mouth. He leans back on
the couch and tries to keep himself relaxed. Candice slowly takes John's
cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around his cock, as she
starts to bob her head slowly on his cock as her soft lips rub up against
his shaft each time she bobs her delicate mouth on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... shit...damn girl... you got... a hot style..." John moans as he
slides his hands through Candice's long silky black hair. Candice slowly
looks up at John with his cock in her mouth as she starts to gradually bob
her head quicker on his cock, sucking deeper as she starts to lap her warm
saliva around his cock. "Ahhhh damn... don't stop Candice...." John moans
and closes his eyes as he tilts his head back.

Candice begins to twist and twirl her tongue as she places her teeth against
John's shaft and begins to gently rake her teeth against his cock as she bobs
her head, a trick she learned from Victoria. Candice soon tightens the grip
of her lips and holds his cock tightly in her mouth as she slows down her
bobs, almost teasingly sucking on his cock.

"Ahhhh snap... keep... going like that... I'm gonna bust a nut..." John
groans as he licks his lips.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from John's cock, leaving his cock covered
in her warm saliva. Candice shake her head "Not yet...not until you...Wow...
me..."Candice smirks as she leans her head down and kisses the head of John's

John opens his eyes and grins a bit, "All right Candice... how... do you
want... to be Wow-ed?" John asks as his cock shines a bit under the lights
of the room due to the saliva on it.

Candice stands up and shrugs herself as John is eye level with her
beautifully shaven clean pussy "I don't know you think you can
handle this...too hot...body?"

John licks his lips as he stares at Candice's pussy, "Yeah... I think I can
handle that... body of yours..." John raises his arms and places them on
Candice's hips. He pulls her towards him, making Candice come onto his lap.
John takes a moment to lick between her tits before he lifts Candice up a
high enough to position her over his cock. John then lowers Candice down,
and his cock smoothly enters her vice like pussy.

Candice tilts her head back as she feels her pussy become engulfed with
John's cock "Mmmmm feel great..." Candice coos as she
starts to gently rock back and then forward on his cock as she straddles
his lap.

"So... do you..." John grunts as he starts to lift Candice up and down on
his cock, adding to her rocking motion and to the pleasure they are both
receiving. John lowers his head and licks Candice's lovely tits as he also
begins to thrust up into her pussy slightly. Candice begins bounce on John's
cock as she opens her eyes flipping her silky hair back as she lifts John's
head away from her tits and leans her head towards John, kissing his lips.
Candice slides her tongue into John's mouth and wraps her tongue around his
tongue, inside of his mouth, as she kisses him. John kisses Candice back,
trying to tap his tongue against hers as he starts to turn over on the couch.
Soon Candice is underneath the WWE Champion who starts pumping his cock into
her pussy at a firm quick pace. Candice wraps her arms around John's neck as
she starts to roughly grind her pussy against his cock, causing John pain,
each time he thrusts his cock into her tight cunt.

"Ohhhh shit..." John grunts as he feels the surprising roughness Candice
is using as she grinds herself against him. John bites his lower lip and
breathes a bit hard as he tries to compensate by ramming himself harder
into her pussy. Candice soon wraps her legs tightly around John's waist,
forcing her pussy to rub against John's cock as an increasingly painful
rate as she pushes herself back against John's cock, each time he tries
to withdraw his cock from her sweet pussy.

John squeezes his eyes shut and grinds his teeth together as the pain his
feeling because of Candice's skills starts to make it difficult for him to
concentrate on holding back from cumming. "Ahhhh... shit... Candice... Damn
it... I... gotta... cum." John grunts as his face turns a bit red.

Candice smirks proudly as she licks her lips "Mmmm...Johnny boy...cum baby...
cum..." Candice moans as she unwraps her legs from around his waist and stops
grinding her pussy against his cock, now allowing John to thrust at his own
pace and momentum.

John thrusts hard and fast into Candice's pussy and arches back a bit as he
starts to cum, "Uhhhh goddddd damn...." John groans as his fills up Candice's
pussy with his hot cum.

Candice licks her lips as she holds her eyes open, impatiently waiting for
John to finish unloading.

John keeps his cock inside of Candice's pussy for a few more moments to make
sure all of his cum is shot out. Once he's spent, John pulls out of her warm
wet pussy and sits on the couch next to her, "Ohhh shit... that was...
wild..." John says as he wipes some sweat from his forehead.

Candice sits up and glances at John with a disgusted look on her face
"Was....that all?" Candice asks as she picks up her black silk bathrobe and
begins to put it on.

"Huh? What... do you mean... is that all?" John asks as he looks at her with
a raised eyebrow.

Candice stands up as she starts to tie her bathrobe shut around her stunning
body "You...didn't make me cum...not once" Candice says as she starts to fix
her silk black hair.

John looks at Candice and shakes his head, "Stop... kidding... I made you

Candice shakes her head "No you didn't...very pathetic.." Candice says as
she rolls her eyes "Lucky for me...I have do that..." Candice
laughs a bit "Wait until all the other Divas here that I was too hot to
handle...for the one and only....The Champ John Cena..." Candice says as she
bends over and picks up her Playboy issue.

"Hey... hey..." John says getting really defensive over his sexual abilities,
"I can make you hit high cloud 9.... just give me a moment to recover..."

Candice shakes her head as she now stands by the door. Candice then smirks
wickedly "Oh...and more thing..."

"What?" John says as he folds his arms.

Candice looks directly at John with a Victoria-like glare "You just got
fucked by a.... Devil..." Candice smirks before she blows John a kiss.


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