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Too Hot To Handle Part 12: No More Spirit
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the lockerroom belonging to Vince's Devils, the sexually dominating
raven-haired beauty known as Victoria is looking at herself in a mirror, with
an angry scowl on her face. "It... was... all... a mistake... he didn't do
that... to me..." She says as she pulls on her hair. "He didn't... make me
cum.... no one can do that to me!" Victoria screams and slams both her fists
against the mirror so hard that the mirror shatters. "Someone... is going...
to suffer... and suffer dearly..." She says to herself as she starts
breathing heavily as she hears the locker room door open and her close friend
Candice Michelle enters the room.

"Oh Victoria..." Candice smiles, "I took care of him for you..."

Victoria slowly turns around and away from the now shattered mirror to look
at her friend and fellow Devil, Candice. Victoria grits her teeth together
as her chest moves rapidly up and down due to Victoria's intense heavy
breathing. Victoria looks at Candice with a freakishly evil glare "What...
did you say!?" Victoria yells "Where you...mocking me!? Huh!? Were you!?"
Victoria yells as she pulls at her raven black hair, she then points at
Candice, "He didn't make me cum! Damn it...He..." Victoria reaches forward
and picks up a lamp sitting on the coffee table and throws it against the
wall, the lamp instantly shatters and the pieces fall to the floor. "He...
didn't make me cum!" Victoria yells.

Candice holds her hands up and gets a bit of a fearful look on her face.
"Vickie... relax... I wasn't mocking you... I was just telling you... I made
John Cena pay for what he did to you." Candice flips her own hair back.

Victoria breaths heavily, while gritting her teeth, as she walks over to the
leather couch and picks up Candice's plastic 'magic wand' that was sitting on
the couch and lifts up into her hands. Victoria starts to laugh psychotically
as she snaps the plastic magic wand in half "Ohhh...someone is gonna pay!
Someone is going to fucking pay!" Victoria yells.

Candice takes a step back and swallows a bit, "V-Victoria... you're right...
someone... has to pay..." Candice composes herself and smiles nervously, "How
about we go after someone... and make him suffer..." Candice suggests.

Victoria shakes her head as she looks at Candice, gritting her teeth tightly
together. Victoria's eyes narrow at Candice "No...I'm going to make someone
pay!" Victoria yells as she head slightly twitches. She approaches the locker
room door and yanks the door open quickly. Victoria steps out into the
hallway and slams the locker room door shut, before she cracks her knuckles
together and begins to walk down the hallway "It's make someone...
pay..." Victoria says to herself.

Inside of a nearby locker room that has the door wide open, the five members
of the Spirit Squad, Nicky, Mitch, Mikey, Johnny and Kenny are standing in a
circle. All five of them are dressed in their matching green and white jump
suits and they all have cheesy smile on their face. Mitch looks at his
friends and smiles, "All right guys... we need to get this cheer down to
thank the great Vince McMahon for this locker room. Ready?"

"Yeah!" Mikey says with a exaggerated excited tone.

"Yeah, we'll really thank Mr. McMahon with this," Johnny adds as Nicky and
Kenny nod their heads.

"All right, Ok... on three! 1... 2... 3..." Mitch says.

A moment later they break into a, elaborate routine as they say "Thank you
thank you Vince McMahon our locker room is the best! When people ask us about
you we'll say that you're the best!"

Outside of the locker room, Victoria stops and a wicked smirk appears on her
face. Victoria licks her lips, before gritting teeth "
pay..." Victoria says once again before she takes a step into the open
doorway of the locker room of the Spirit Squad. Victoria stands in the
doorway glaring at the five Spirit Squad members as she folds her arms over
her large chest.

None of the Spirit Squad members realize Victoria is standing there as they
all high five each other. Kenny pumps his fist in the air, "Oooo yea... that
was perfect... Mr. McMahon is going to love it!"

"Yeah we better go do it for him now," Johnny says as he does a double thumb
up with his hands.

Mikey nods his head multiple time, "Let's do it! Mr. McMahon loved our other

"Then let's go now before he gets all mad at someone..." Nicky adds.

"All right it's settled... on the count of 3, we break," Mitch says to keep
everyone on the same page, "1...2...3...."

All five men yell out "Spirit Squad!" and jump into the air. They all then
turn to head towards the door, but they all stop when they see Victoria
blocking the only way out of the locker room. "Hey Victoria," Nicky says
with a wide smile.

"Do you need some help with something?" asks Mikey, as he, like his other
teammates, pays no attention to look on her face. Victoria keeps her cold,
fiery glare on the five members of Spirit Squad as she takes a step into
the locker room and closes the door behind her. Victoria reaches behind
her and locks the door with her right hands as she grits her teeth, while
her head slightly twitches.

Mitch snaps his fingers and looks at his friends, "Hey guys... I bet Victoria
heard our practice and she wants to see one of our cheers up close."

"Yeah, everyone loves our cheers," Mikey replies.

"Let's do one about her," Nicky suggests.

"Awesom-tastic idea, let's do that!" Kenny smiles.

"All right guys line up!" Mitch orders, and moments later they all get in a
straight line, in the order of Nicky, Mikey, Mitch, Johnny and Kenny standing
from left to right, smiling at Victoria with their hands on their hips.
Victoria unfolds her arms and places her hands on her hips, glaring at the
five Spirit Squad members, not at all amused by the cheerleading fivesome.

"All right... on 3..." Mitch says, "1... 2...3!"

The Spirit Squad breaks into another cheerleading routine, chanting,
"Victoria, Victoria you're so cool, you make all the guys drool. Victoria,
Victoria you're so hot, all the divas, well, they are not!"

They all come to a stop and Mitch yells out, "Spirit Squad! Sound Off!"

All five men, in order says their name while doing some ridiculous movements,
"Kenny! Mikey! Johnny! Nicky! Mitch!" Afterward they all smile at Victoria
and yell out, "And we're The Spirit Squad!"

Victoria's eyes narrow even more, hardening her glare on the five members of
Spirit Squad as she steps closer to the fivesome. Victoria stands in front of
Mikey and cocks her head slightly as she raises her right eyebrow "Really?"
Victoria asks in a soft voice "Cause....I'm your worst....NIGHTMARE!"
Victoria yells as she reaches forward with her right hand and grabs onto
Mikey's crotch through his green workout pants and begins twist her hand on
his crotch, before punching him right into the middle of his stomach with her
left closed fist, with a great deal of power and force behind the punch.

"OWWWW!" Mikey screams outs as he doubles over in pain from both the blow to
the stomach and Victoria twisting his crotch as if it was a doorknob. He
coughs and hold his stomach as the rest of the Spirit Squad looks at Victoria
in shock. Johnny, Nicky, Mitch & Kenny are all frozen as they just stare at
Victoria, not believing what they just saw.

Victoria glares down at Mikey as he's doubled over on the floor in pain.
Victoria smirks and takes a few steps back and angles herself a short
distance away from Mitch before delivering a swift, firm, and powerful
Super Kick right into Mitch's jaw.

Mitch falls backward instantly and stumbles over duffle back that's behind
him. The back of his head hits the floor fairly hard, which knocks the leader
of the Spirit Squad out. "Hey... what are you doing..." Kenny says as he
starts to step towards Victoria.

"Yeah... are you on your period or something?" Johnny asks as he steps behind
Nicky who is shaking in fear as he tries to understand what he just saw.

Victoria smirks as she locks her glare solidly on Kenny "No...I'm just a
bitch!" Victoria yells as she grits her teeth. Victoria then grabs a hold of
Kenny's short hair on the back of his head and rams him into the nearby,
metal locker unit. Kenny's body violently hits the locker with a loud thud.

Kenny's eyes roll in his head instantly and as soon as Victoria lets go of
his sure hair, his body slumps down to the floor. "Oh man... we gotta get
help...Nicky distract her!" Johnny says as he pushes the still frozen with
fear Nicky in Victoria's direction. Nicky doesn't move much, but Johnny
doesn't notice as he runs to the door and tries to open it, not realizing
it's locked. "Come on... come on open up!" He says frantically.

Victoria looks at the frozen Spirit Squad member, Nicky, and just smirks
before she walks past, leaving him unharmed for the moment. Victoria
approaches the door as Johnny frantically tries to yank and pull the door
open. Suddenly Victoria places her hand on the back of his hair, pulling
on his hair as she turns him around to face her. Once he does Victoria
grits her teeth as she glares into the eyes of Johnny "Wrong move!"

Johnny's lower lip trembles with fear and he lift his hands to block his face as
he starts to cry. "Don't... don't... hurt me..." He says as he's completely
terrified of Victoria. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs as she holds
onto Johnny by the back of his hair. Victoria suddenly kicks Johnny in the
stomach, causing him to bend over slightly. Victoria rams his head between
her legs and places her hands around his stomach as she uses her strength to
impressively lift Johnny up and over her back, switching her hands to around
Johnny's neck. Victoria then drops down quickly onto her knees delivering the
devastating Widow's Peak to Johnny. Johnny's body crumples to the floor as
soon as Victoria releases him. Meanwhile, Nicky just blinks his eyes as he
slowly turns his head a bit to see his teammates down and out from Victoria's
dominating physical assault.

Victoria glares down at the fallen body of Spirit Squad member Johnny, before
she lifts her head up and looks at Nicky with a devilious smirk. Victoria
points and Nicky as she starts to approach "Ahhh...only one left..." Nicky
looks at Victoria as the color drains from his face. He swallows hard and
bites his bottom lip. Nicky knows what awaits him and he closes his eyes
tightly after he looks down as if preparing for what Victoria is about to do
to him. Victoria smirks and her eyes lighten up, before delivering a power
kick to Nicky's groin.

Nicky takes the blow and tries to muffle the urge to scream out. He clutches
his nuts and then sinks down to his knees. "Why..." He whispers, as he
doesn't look up at Victoria.

Victoria licks her lips with a sadistic smirk on her face as she pulls at her
raven black hair. Victoria tilts her head back and lets out a psychotic laugh
as she surrounded by the fallen bodies of the Spirit Squad: Nicky, Mitch,
Johnny, Kenny and Mikey.

Mikey slowly starts to recover from when Victoria twisted his nuts and the
blow to the stomach from when she punched him. He looks at her as he clutches
his crotch, "What... what is up... with this... all we... did was do a cheer
for you..."

Victoria lowers her head in a glare as she looks down at Mikey, while slowly
approaching him, Victoria points at him with a finger. Victoria grits teeth
as she laughs slightly "Poor...poor...Spirit Squad....lets see who should be
my first victim..." Victoria now stands over the body of Mikey and leans down
with a cold-hearted smirk "I!" Victoria yells as she grabs the
collar of Mikey's green workout shirt and powerfully lifts him up and onto
his feet. Victoria kicks Mikey in the stomach causing him to fall back,
sitting in a nearby metal folding chair.

Mikey clutches his stomach as a result of taking another powerful hit from
Victoria. "Owwww.... Owwww..." Mikey cries a bit as he leans forward as if
trying to relive the pain in his abdomen. He looks up at Victoria with a look
of pure genuine horror on his face.

Victoria smirks as she looks at Mikey with a powerful glare "Where's the
spirit now?" Victoria asks in somewhat yell as she rips off her black top,
revealing her large and nicely round tits.

Despite the fear he's feeling, Mikey can't stop himself from looking at
Victoria's large tits. He continues to lean forward while clutching his
stomach with both arms. Mikey swallows his own saliva and hesitantly asks
with a trembling voice, "What... what... do you... want..."

"Shut up!" Victoria grits teeth yelling, before she slaps Mikey across the
face. Victoria then lowers herself to knees in front of Mikey as he sits in
the metal folding chair. Victoria reaches up to the waist of Mikey's green
and white workout pants and starts to yank and pull his workout pants off
of his hips and down his legs.

Underneath his workout pants, Mikey is wearing a plain white pair of briefs
and Victoria can easily see he's not gifted in the crotch department. Mikey
then, out of defense, quickly covers his crotch with his hands, "Stop it...
just... go away..."

Victoria tilts her head back with a wicked laugh as she pulls his workout
pants completely off of his legs. Victoria takes his pants into her hands
and stands up, walking around the chair. She kneels down behind Mikey and
takes his hands behind his back and ties them together by the use of his
own workout pants. Victoria then walks around to face Mikey again "Where's
your spirit now!? Huh!? Where's your spirit!?" Victoria yells as she bends
over and pulls down Mikey's white briefs, allowing his cock to spring out
from his briefs.

Mikey tries to pull his hands free from the restraints of his pants. He looks
at Victoria and tries to push the chair back with his legs to get away from
her. "Leave me alone!" he says frantically, even though he can barely move
the chair at all.

Victoria smirks and licks her lips, while remaining to keep her cold, fiery
glare in her eyes as she looks at Mikey. Victoria lowers her tight black
leather pants and her black g-string at the same time. She steps out of her
leather pants and her g-string, now completely naked. Victoria licks her
lips as she locks her eyes at Mikey's semi-hard cock. Victoria then looks up
at Mikey and locks her eyes with his eyes, glaring at him as she reaches her
left hand down and wraps her hand around Mikey's cock, gripping his cock
hard as she straddles herself around Mikey's lap. While aiming Mikey's cock
straight up in the air; Victoria slams herself down hard on Mikey's cock,
taking his cock into her tight pussy. Victoria grits her teeth as she starts
to instantly bounces herself on his cock at a furious, quick rate.

Ahhhhh Owwww.... stop it!" Mikey screams as he kicks his legs wildly as if
hoping kicking the empty air will get Victoria off his cock. The pressure of
her pussy clamping down around his shaft, makes Mikey believe that Victoria
is going to be able to snap his dick in half at the rate she's bouncing on
it. "Ahhhh owww... stop... it... it hurts!"

Victoria laughs wickedly, tilting her raven black haired head back, as she
arches her body back causing her to rock back on Mikey's cock, yanking his
cock back with her at the same time. Victoria places her right hand on
Mikey's face, squeezing his cheeks tightly as she forces Mikey to look at
her. Victoria locks her fiery eyes with Mikey as she viciously slams down
on Mikey's cock, taking him deeper into her dominating cunt "You like that!?
You like that Mikey!? Huh!? Do you!?" Victoria yells, psychotically.

"Noooo!" Mikey screams his reply squeezes his eyes shut, which doesn't stop
tears to run down his cheeks. "Stop it... please... stop..." Mikey cries outs
hoping that one of his comrades will come to his aid. He opens his eyes and
sees that Kenny is only one conscious, but he's got a spaced out look on his
face and in no frame of mind to help him.

Victoria slams down incredibly hard, ramming all of Mikey's cock into her
tight, cunt. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs as she feels the sudden
rush of cum from Mikey's cock flush into her pussy. Victoria laughs as she
holds her head tilted back "No one...makes me cum..." Victoria says as she
grits her teeth.

Mikey starts crying openly as his cocks spits out his cum into Victoria's
pussy. He closes his eyes again and shakes his head, "Go... go ahead...
please..." Mikey begs as he tries to mentally deal with the fact Victoria
just raped him.

Victoria continues to psychotically laughs as she lifts herself off of
Mikey's lap, keeping his hands tied behind his back in the metal folding
chair. Victoria pulls at her raven black hair as she grits her teeth, with
her back turns to Mikey. Victoria then smirks as she turns to her head look
at Mikey. Victoria angles her body and kicks Mikey right in the center of
the chest toppling him and metal folding chair over and onto the floor.
Victoria grits her teeth as she head twitches "No one...makes me..."
Victoria then cocks her head taking surveillance of the room, spotting the
four remaining members of Spirit Squad: Kenny, Nicky, Johnny and Mitch all
laying on the floor as she's prepared to pick her next target to dominate.

As Kenny continues to stare blankly at nothing, Mitch starts to regain life
as he holds the back of his head, "Damn... what hit me..." He mumbles as he
slowly gets to his feet, all the while trying to keep his balance by reaching
and placing his hand on a locker.

Victoria smirks as she locks her eyes on the movement of Spirit Squad member,
Mitch, she licks her lips as her eyes narrow into a glare "Bingo...."
Victoria laughs slightly as she starts to approach Mitch, the member she
deliver a Super Kick to.

Mitch doesn't realize Victoria is coming towards him, and he turns a bit so
his back is facing her. He leans his head against the locker and tries to
collect his thoughts, "Oh man... must've... been that Shawn Michaels..." He
says as he remembers the super kick when he rubs his jaw and chin. Victoria
suddenly places her hands against Mitch's back and pushes him forward into
the locker unit. Victoria laughs wickedly as Mitch somewhat bounces back
against the locker unit and stumbles backwards.

"Whoa... shit!" Mitch says as he stumbles backward and bumps into Victoria
accidentally, which doesn't move her an inch. Mitch composes himself and
faces Victoria and his eyes look right into hers before he realizes she's
naked and that his fellow Spirit Squad members are all incapacitated.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glances down at the crotch of Mitch's workout
pants. Victoria's eyes narrow as she lifts her head up to look at Mitch with
a smirk "You're next...Spirit Squad bitch..."

"Next... for what..." Mitch asks a moment before he sees Mikey lying on the
floor, with his hands tied behind a chair with his own pants. Mitch instantly
gets a bit of bravado, "What... did you do!" He yells before he takes a step
back when he sees the look Victoria is giving him.

Victoria smirks a little and laughs "If you play nice...I' nice.."
Victoria says as she narrows her glare on Mitch.

Mitch swallows and nods his head as he looks around and sees that Johnny,
Nicky and Kenny are all out of it. He looks at Victoria, "I'll... I'll play

Victoria cocks her head a bit and raises her eyebrow "Really? TAKE YOUR PANTS
OFF!" Victoria suddenly yells.

Mitch swallows, "Ok... ok.. don't... don't yell..." He says quietly as he
starts to take off his green pants so that now he's standing in his green
and white shirt, and a pair of green boxer briefs.

Victoria glances down at his green boxer briefs and nods her head "Those
too..." Victoria says in a commanding tone.

Mitch nods his head slowly, "All right..." Mitch then obediently takes off
his green boxer briefs and now his cock is free, which is fairly long and

Victoria smirks and nods her head again "Good, good..." Victoria's cold eyes
lock with Mitch's eyes "See...all play nice, I'll play nice.."
Victoria says as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Mitch.

Mitch nods his head, "All right..." Mitch looks down at her and smiles a
little, thinking that he'll be able to survive whatever Victoria has in store
for him. Victoria reaches forward with both of her hands and tightly grips
her hands around his shaft as she slowly guide her hands up Mitch's shaft.
Victoria grits her teeth as her powerful hands begin to twist on Mitch's
shaft. "Oww... owww... damn..." Mitch moans and grunts as he grits hits teeth
in reaction to the pain Victoria is intentionally causing as she strokes and
twists his shaft. "Ow... Damn... that... hurts..."

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs sadistically as she twists her right
hand against the head of Mitch's cock, while she quickly rubs the palm of her
left hand against the lower region of Mitch's shaft. Victoria looks up at
Mitch, gritting her teeth, as she locks a fiery glare on him "You like that!?
Huh!?" Victoria laughs again "I forgot to tell you....I never play nice!"
Victoria yells as she starts to furiously rub and twist her hands against
Mitch's cock.

"Ahhhh.... owww... fuck.... what... are you trying to do..." Mitch grunts
as he grabs Victoria's wrists to try and pull them off of his cock.
Unfortunately for the leader of the Spirit Squad, all that does is drive
Victoria to tighten her grip on his cock.

Victoria moves her left hand down Mitch's ballsack and cups his ballsack with
her left hand, pressing her red-painted fingernails against his ballsack
sharply. Victoria grits her teeth "Scream, bitch...scream!" Victoria yells as
she grazes her razor-like fingernails against his ballsack.

"Ahhhhhhh Stoppppp!" Mitch screams out as the vicious vixen crushes his balls
with her left hand. Out of instinct he tries to pull away, but that causes
the torture he's experience to increase dramatically. Victoria laughs
wickedly as she tilts her head back, while she now presses the fingernails of
her right hand against the tip of Mitch's cock. "Fuck.... Ahhhhh Owwww..."
Mitch continues to scream as he thrusts his cock forward against Victoria's
hands to cut down on the pain, but when he does Victoria lightens the
pressure she has on his ballsack, and Mitch cums almost instantly.

Victoria smirks as her eyes lighten up watching Mitch's cock spit out drop
after drop of warm, gooey cum. Victoria looks up at Mitch and removes her
hands from cock "No one...makes me cum! Got it!?" Victoria yells before she
grabs Mitch by the back of his hair and rams his head viciously into the
locker unit. Mitch's eyes roll backward immediately after his skull crashed
against the metal locker and he collapses to the floor a moment later. A
few feet away, Kenny is starting to recover from when Victoria rammed his
head into a locker earlier. Unlike Mitch, he remembers what happened and
when he sees Victoria standing over Mitch, Kenny starts to crawl to the
door, hoping he won't be noticed.

Victoria slowly turns her head and her eyes instantly lock on the movement
of Kenny crawling to the door. Victoria smirks wickedly and turns completely
so she can completely lock her eyes on Kenny as he crawls on the floor "Wrong
move...said the the fly..." Victoria says gritting her teeth as
she starts to step towards the crawling Kenny. Victoria smirks as she slams
her left foot powerfully down on the back of Kenny's right leg.

"OWWWWW BITCH!" Kenny screams outs as the pain Victoria just caused shoots
through his body like electricity through a wire. He rolls onto his back
holding his right leg as his faces turns red from the pain. He looks up at
Victoria with an extremely angry mixed with terrified look as he grits his
teeth together.

Victoria tilts her head back with a wicked laugh "Ohhh...what's wrong
Kenny? You didn't like that?" Victoria asks as her head twitches slightly
"Because...I DID!" Victoria yells as she now stands over the body of Spirit
Squad member Kenny. Victoria bends down and places her hands on the waistline
of Kenny's green workout pants and quickly yanks down Kenny's workout pants.

Unlike the Mitch and Mikey, Kenny isn't wearing any underwear underneath
his workout pants, and his cock flops between his legs as he tries to scoot
backward away from Victoria. "You're... you're... a psycho... you're insane!"
Kenny screams.

Victoria laughs as she locks her cold soul-less eyes with Kenny and smirks
"I know...and you'!" Victoria yells, before she suddenly drops
down onto her knees, landing perfectly mounted on top of Kenny's slightly
stiffened cock. Victoria grits her teeth as she feels all of Kenny's cock
rammed up into her dominating cunt "Ohhhhh fuck!" Victoria groans as she
starts to pull on her raven black hair, while she starts to bounce quickly up
and down on Kenny's cock.

"Ahhhhh fuck... get off of me!" Kenny screams loudly which sounds rather
feminine as he puts his hands on Victoria's waist to try and push off of his

Victoria laughs as she rocks back and forth on his cock at quick rate each
time she slams down on his now completely stiff cock. Victoria places her
hands on his shoulders and pins his shoulders down onto the cold floor of
the locker room after he tries to sit up. Victoria closes her eyes and grits
her teeth as she rocks back on his cock and then suddenly jerks her body

Kenny bites his tongue just as he involuntarily thrusts his cock up hard
into Victoria's hot tight pussy. "You... better... fucking stop.... we'll...
we'll... tell Mr. McMahon!" Kenny screams as he tries to grab Victoria's
arms, but his attempts prove to be futile with Victoria pinning his shoulders
to the floor.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs evilly as she sharply grinds her warm
pussy against Kenny's cock after she slams down hard on his cock "You haven't
heard?" Victoria asks "I'm...Vince's Devil!" Victoria yells before slamming
herself down once again hard on his cock, gritting her teeth.

Kenny's breathing starts to get quick as he appears to be hyperventilating,
he closes his eyes and clenches his teeth together before he starts to cum
inside of Victoria's pussy. "Ahhh ohhh noooo...." Kenny screams.

Victoria opens her cold eyes and glares down at Kenny "You're pathetic!"
Victoria yells as she grits her teeth, before she gets up and off of Kenny.
Victoria's head twitches slightly once again as she looks down at the worn
out Kenny. Victoria's fiery eyes narrow more before she kicks Kenny
powerfully in the stomach as he lays on the floor. Victoria looks up and
smirks "Three down...two left..." Victoria says as she scans the room with
her frightful glare.

By the door that leads out of the locker room, Johnny is pulling himself up,
and he's trying once again to open it without checking to see if it's locked.
He punches the door with both of his fists as he starts to cry, "Why don't
you open..." He says to the door as he looks starts to sink down to his knees
whiles still banging on the doors with his fists.

Victoria slowly turns around and her eyes lock on her next target Johnny.
Victoria smirks as she walks towards the door that Johnny is still banging
his fists against "Johnny...Johnny...won't you...come and play.." Victoria
says as she laughs psychotically.

Johnny looks over his shoulder at the woman who gave him the Window's Peak as
she comes closer. "No! Let me out! Help! HELP!" Johnny starts banging on the
door harder, hoping he would beat it down, but only succeeds in bruising his
hands. Victoria locks her eyes glaring eyes on Johnny as she reaches down and
grabs the back of the collar of his green workout shirt. Victoria uses her
powerful hands to impressively rip the entire workout shirt off of his body.

"Ahhhh!" Johnny screams as her feels a sharp burn on his throat when Victoria
ripped his workout shirt off. He grabs his own throat with one hand and
before he tries to wobble away from her on his knees while trying to get to
his feet. He almost succeeds, but he trips over his own feet. Victoria smirks
as she towers over the fallen Johnny of Spirit Squad. She then gets down onto
the floor with Johnny and viciously yanks and rips his green workout pants
and his white boxer-briefs. Victoria mounts herself on top of Johnny's chest,
with her back turn to his face and lays down on top of his body with her head
near his crotch and his head near her warm pussy. Victoria leans her head
down and places her tongue against the head of Johnny's cock, she begins to
work her tongue around his cock in circular motion before, moving her
demon-like tongue down Johnny's shaft.

"Ohhhhh god..." Johnny moans loudly from the unexpected pleasure he feels
from Victoria's tongue move around his cock. He looks up and sees Victoria's
warm glistening pussy above him. A thought pops into his head and his
cautiously places his hands on Victoria's firm ass. He takes a breath and
lifts his head up and starts to lick Victoria's pussy, but it becomes quickly
obvious that his pussy licking skills are mediocre when he licks just around
her pussy. Victoria picks her head up from Johnny's cock and glares as she
grits her teeth, before she suddenly rams her body back against Johnny's
face, causing her pussy to rubs against his face. Victoria flips her raven
black hair back before she tightly grips his cock, holding his cock straight
up as she lowers her mouth onto his cock. Victoria tightly wraps her powerful
lips around his cock and starts to bob her head quickly on his cock as she
instantly start to powerfully and painfully lash her tongue against his
shaft, while she sucks his cock. Johnny starts to have a hard time breathing
as he face is covered by Victoria's pussy. He slides his hands from her
asscheeks to her legs and tries to pushes her up slightly so he can get some
air. He moans into Victoria's cunt as he starts to cum inside of Victoria's
mouth. As his cum shoots up into Victoria's hot mouth, Johnny passes out
underneath her.

Victoria lifts her head up with her a smirk as some of Johnny's cum drips out
of hot mouth, making his cum drip back down onto Johnny's weakening cock.
Victoria glares as she flips her hair back "No one...makes me cum!" Victoria
yells once again as she breaths heavily, Victoria lifts herself up from on
top for Johnny's body and stands up. Victoria grits her teeth "That leaves...
one more..." Victoria says with a cold, villainous smirk as she moves her
head, scanning every inch of the room for the final Spirit Squad member left
to bring to her mercy. The final member, Nicky, is curled into a ball on the
floor of the looker room still starring off into space. When he hears
Victoria's comment about there being one more member, he knows that its him.
Very slowly, he turns his head to look at Victoria with a look on his face
that is a mix of fear and confusion.

Victoria's head slowly turns and her eyes lock on the final one, Nicky.
Victoria smirks "Aww...what a shame...only one left.." Victoria laughs as she
tilts her head back. Victoria starts to slowly approach Nicky, glaring down
at him as she walks to him.

Nicky hears each and every one of Victoria's steps loud and clearly as she
comes closer to him. He bites his lip and whispers, "Why... why..." over and
over again as he looks at Victoria.

Victoria raises her eyebrow as she looks at Nicky with an evil fiery lust
deep within her eyes "Nick....Nicky..." Victoria laughs psychotically "No save you...." Victoria shrugs her shoulders with a smirk "Like
either of you had a chance against me..." Victoria says as she now towers
over Nicky and folds her arms over her bare chest as she contemplates on
what to do with the final Spirit Squad member.

Nicky looks up at Victoria and just nods his head, "No... one... to save
me..." He says quietly, expressing his acknowledgement that he's doomed to
whatever fate Victoria has in store for him.

Victoria laughs and licks her lips as she grabs Nicky by his hair and yanks
him up onto his feet. Victoria looks him right in the eyes with a fiery glare
"No save you..." Victoria smirks as she pushes Nicky down onto the
hard wooden bench near the locker unit.

Nicky lays back on the bench, keeping his eyes locked on Victoria as she
smirks at him. He swallows hard, "I... I won't fight... I... give up..." He
says quietly, but loud enough for Victoria to hear him.

Victoria smirks and shakes her head "No up...when they play with
me.." Victoria laughs as she yanks down Nicky's workout pants.

Nicky gets an extremely confused look on his youthful face. "You... want
me... to fight back?" he asks as his voice trembles. "It's... hopeless...
you're too strong..."

After Victoria's slides Nicky's workout pants off of his legs, she reaches
up and work his black briefs down as she looks at him with glare "Are you
scared, Nicky? Are you scared!? Huh!?" Victoria yells as she viciously rips
down his briefs.

Nicky nods his head slowly, "I am... I am scared... of you..." Nicky bites
his bottom lips fairly hard as his cock stands up between his legs, already
fully hard and ready for Victoria's use. Victoria smirks as she kneels down
between Nicky's legs and leans her chest forward as she grips Nicky's shaft.
She places her his cock in between her cleavage and then presses her chest
together around his cock. Nicky can't help but look down to see his cock
being sandwich between Victoria's large breasts. A slight look of desire
appears on his face but it's not noticeable as the fear he's also feeling
masks it. Nicky lets his arms hang down and the tips of his fingers brush
against the cold floor of the locker room, making him shiver a bit. With her
hand around Nicky's shaft she begins to pump his cock in between her large
chest. Victoria licks her lips as she places two of her fingers against the
entrance of Nicky's asshole. Victoria then begins to graze her two razor-like
fingernails around the entrance to his asshole.

"Ahhhh no..." Nicky moans slightly but quickly silences himself as he arches
his hips when he feels her sharp fingernails circle his ass hole. As an
after-effect of his action, Nicky pushes his cock up between Victoria's
breasts. Victoria smirks as she shoves her two fingers into Nicky's tight
asshole, catching him by surprise as she starts to invade his asshole by
pumping her fingers in and out of his asshole.

"Ahhhh... ahhh no..." Nicky moans in a mix of pain and pleasure, giving mix
signals about if he's enjoying the anal invasion or not. He opens and closes
his hands for several moments before he starts to scratch his own chest.
Nicky slightly licks his lips as he actually matches the pace Victoria is
using to finger-fuck his asshole by steadily thrusting his cock between her

Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to graze her razor-like fingernails
inside of Nicky's tight asshole. Victoria smirks as she glares at Nicky "You
like that Nicky!?" Victoria yells "Huh!? You like that!? Are you scared,

"Ahhhhh uhhh yesss.... yesss..." Nicky moans loudly as arches his back off
the bench when his cock erupts with a volcanic release of cum. "Ahhhh god...
yesss I... I love it... I'm scared... yesss..." He screams as his cum
splatters over both his stomach and Victoria's tits.

Victoria removes her two fingers from Nicky's asshole and glances down at her
cum splattered chest. Victoria looks up at Nicky with a cold glare as her
head twitches "Wrong...move...NICKY!" Victoria yells.

Nicky's eyes go wide as he hears the anger in Victoria's voice and he curls
into a bit of a ball, "I'm... I'm sorry!" he screams frantically as he
clenches his eyes shut, not knowing how he can avoid any type of attack
Victoria may lay on him.

Victoria slowly rises up from her knees as she hovers over Nicky as he's
curled up on the bench. Victoria's eyes begin to twitch as her body starts to
shake in anger. She points at Nicky "No one...makes me cum! And NO ONE CUMS
ON ME!" Victoria yells loudly as she grabs Nicky by his hair and yanks his
back, staring into his eyes with a frightening glare.

Nicky clenches his eyes shut after he sees the look in her eyes, "I'm
sorry... I'm sorry! I'll... I'll clean it off!" Nicky replies as he's totally
terrified. Nicky doesn't raises his hands at all to defend himself, knowing
that would just provoke Victoria even further. Victoria then suddenly slams
Nicky's head down onto the heavy wooden bench. A loud crunch sound echoes
through the locker room the moment Nicky's head hits the wooden bench. He's
knocked out instantly and appears to be lifeless, but is chest moves up and
down to show he's still breathing.

Victoria stands in the middle of the locker room surrounded by the fallen
bodies of the Spirit Squad: Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, Nicky and Mitch as she
pulls on her raven black hair. Victoria then tilts her head back, closing her
eyes and lets out a sadistic, haunting laugh. Victoria grits her teeth "No
one...makes me...cum" Victoria's eyes narrow into a glare as she surveys the
damage she's done to the five Spirit Squad members, she smirks "No more....
spirit...for the Squad..."


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