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Too Hot To Handle - Chapter 13: The Snapshot
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room belonging to Smackdown's Tag Team Champions, MNM, Joey
Mercury and Johnny Nitro are looking at a copy of Candice Michelle's Playboy
issue. Both men are dressed in matching light brown wrestling tights with
black stripes imprinted on them with belts that have big gold buckles around
their waist. Joey licks his lips as he looks at one of the hotter pictures,
"Oh man Johnny... she's so fucking hot."

Johnny nods his head, "Yeah... man, shit why did she leave Smackdown for

"Because she was too hot for UPN..." Joey replies as he turns the page where
there's a picture of Candice on all fours looking over her shoulder with a
smirk on her face, "Oh shit... look at his one... she looks like she wants
to get drilled!"

"Fuck... I'd love to tap that ass of hers...." Johnny says as he stares at
the picture.

Joey nods his head and smirks, "Oh yeah I hear that... but can you imagine
if she didn't go to Raw? We'd have banged her long ago..."

Johnny grins, "Yeah... but we got Melina..."

"True... but Melina ain't Candice... she had to go to Raw because the suits
thought she was too hot..."

"You're right... but at least she's in Playboy..." Johnny grins as he adjusts
the crotch area of his tights to make himself more comfortable.

"Fuck yeah... man... think about this... Candice AND Torrie were here on
Smackdown... both are Playboy playmates... and both went to fucking Raw
before we could nail them... what's up with that? Joey says as his eyes
are glued to the pictures of Candice in the magazine.

Johnny folds his arms and nods, "Yeah... that's just as fuck up as us not
being booked for Wrestlemania... it's all Teddy Long's fault..."

"Amen to that... I bet if we had a GM like... us... we'd have all the divas
over here..." Joey then gets a wide smile on his face, "And then we'd be
rocking their worlds all night long."

Johnny laughs a bit and pats Joey's back, "That'll be nice... but for now
I'd settle for Candice sucking my dick... I'm hard as shit."

Joey licks his lips, 'Me too... I bet she could suck a bowling ball through
a straw..."

Suddenly, the door to MNM's private locker room opens up and in walks
SmackDown's most dominant Diva and the manager of MNM, Melina. Melina,
dressed in a short jean skirt and a tan colored sleeveless top with match
fur boots on her feet, enters the locker room and closes the door behind.
Melina smiles proudly as she twirls a strand of her hair with her left
index finger "Joey...Johnny...I have amazing news!" Melina announces as
she doesn't look directly at Mercury and Nitro nor does she notice them
with Candice Michelle's Playboy magazine.

"Oh shit..." Joey whispers as he closes the magazine and tries to hide it
behind him as Johnny steps a bit towards Melina to distract her.

"Hey Melina... what's the big news?" Johnny asks with a big smile on his
face as Joey rolls up the magazine, but makes noise as he does so.

Melina smirks "Well...I spoke with Network Executive Palmer Canon, and he
agreed with me that both you and Joey deserve the night off, since you two
have been working so hard...." Melina pauses and raises her eyebrow at Joey
"Ummm...Joey, what are you doing?!" Melina asks as she places her hands on
her hips.

Joey takes a step back and shrugs his shoulders a bit, "Uhhh nothing..."
Joey backs up towards the trash can to drop the magazine in it, but he ends
up dropping it on the floor. Johnny looks back at him and cringes as he sees
the rolled up Playboy that is now laying in plain sight on the floor.

"Oh boy... the shit is gonna hit the fan now..."

Melina looks down at the floor as she sees an object fall to the floor out
of the corner of her dominating eyes. Melina turns her head slightly and
looks down at the Playboy magazine, she points at the magazine "Joey...what
is that!?" Melina asks in an unsettling tone.

"What's what..." Joey says as he holds his arms out, pretending not to know
what Melina is talking about.

Johnny shakes his head slightly but scratches his head, "Um Melina...
that's... uh... that's just a Playboy... it has some great articles,"

Melina slowly walks over to the magazine and bends over to pick up the
magazine. Melina instantly catches glimpse of Candice Michelle on the cover.
Melina picks up the cover and quickly turns back to Joey and Johnny with a
glare. She holds up the magazine "What!? What is this!? Candice Michelle!?"
Melina yells.

"It's Joey's, Melina... I swear..." Johnny replies as he holds up his hands.

"Hey... you backstabber... you paid for half of it..." Joey says as he looks
at his tag team partner.

"Yeah... well... you're the one who had it last..." Johnny responds.

Joey frowns, "Man... you... you... suck!" Joey bites his tongue as he can't
think of anything to say back to Johnny.

Melina shakes her head with a glare as she throws the magazine to the floor
"Candice Michelle!? That wanna-be Diva!? That Diva...who wishes she could be
in the same league as me!?" Melina says as she folds her arms over her large,
rounded chest "You know what!? Johnny...Joey! Take off your pants!" Melina
says in a commanding tone as she looks at them "NOW!" Melina yells when she
sees Johnny and Joey not budging at first.

"Oh shit..." Joey grits his teeth as he starts to unbuckle his belt, "Man...
Melina... you don't have to get all mad... it's just a magazine..."

"Yeah Melina... just chill...." Johnny says as he finishes unbuckling his
belt, and starts to take off his wrestling tights.

Melina shakes her head with a glare as she gets down on her knees in front of
Joey and Johnny as the two members of MNM stand before her "I'm...I'm going
to make your forget about...Candice Michelle!"

"How are you going to do that?" Joey asks as he takes his time removing his
wrestling tights.

Johnny places his hands on his hips, "C'mon Melina... it's not like we were
looking at some crappy dancer like Stacy Keibler..."

Melina raises her eyebrow at Johnny "You were looking at her too!?" Melina
says raising her voice "Come on...get those damn pants off! Now!"

"All right all right..." Joey replies with a sigh as he and Johnny finish
taking off their wrestling tights, freeing their impressive cocks. Johnny's
cock is noticeably thicker than Joey's, but Joey has the advantage in the
length department.

"Ok Melina... our tights are off... now what?" Johnny asks as his cock starts
to rise a bit as he looks at Melina down on her knees.

Melina looks up at both Joey and Johnny with a glare "I told you...I was
going to make you forget about that...Candice Michelle..." Melina says in an
unpleasant tone as she reaches both of her hands up and wraps them around
the shafts of Joey and Johnny. Melina begins to swiftly stroke both of her
hands against Joey and Johnny's shaft, feeling their cocks almost harden up
instantly as she rubs her hands in an up and down motion.

"Oh fucking hell..." Joey groans as he tries to keep his balance as Melina
strokes his and Johnny's cock with a fierce intensity.

Johnny licks his lips, "Ahhhh Melina... come on... it's not that bad..." He
says as he watches her hand move swiftly along his shaft.

Melina moves her left hand down Johnny's shaft as she brings her right hand
up Joey's shaft to the tip of his cock, before rubbing the palm of her hand
against the head of his cock. Melina slides her left hand down Johnny's shaft
to his ballsack and begins to fondle his ballsack as she looks up at him and
Joey "You're going to forget about Candice Michelle...because there's only
one dominate Diva here...and...that's me!"

"Mmmmm... so... what... are you...ahhh shit... gonna do about it..." Joey
asks as he moans from how hard and fast Melina is stroking his cock. He
starts to move his hips a bit, pushing his rock hard shaft against her hand
as he closes his eyes. Johnny doesn't say anything as licks his lips and as
Melina's hands work over his ballsack. Melina looks up at Joey with a smirk,
without saying a word she leans forward and opens her mouth. Melina then
pushes Joey's cock into her warm and moist as she wraps her soft lips around
his cock and begins to slowly bob her head on his shaft, gradually picking
up speed as she sucks. Melina removes her hand from Johnny's ballsack and
begins to guide her smooth hands back up his shaft.

Joey closes his eyes and tilts his head back, "Ohhhh fuck... I just had to
ask..." Joey moans loudly as he feels the warmth of Melina's mouth all over
his shaft.

Johnny smirks a little, "Well... you did have the magazine..."

Joey groans as he feels Melina's tongue against the bottom side of his cock,
"Oh... shut the fuck up Johnny..." Melina slowly picks her head up from
Joey's cock after a few quick head bobs, before she turns slightly on her
knees to Johnny. Melina pulls Johnny's cock closer to her as she opens her
mouth and takes his cock into her hot mouth.

Johnny gasps a bit as a moan escapes past his lips, "Ohhhh damn... what...
were we talking about again?" Johnny flips his long hair back as he licks his
lips. Melina presses her lips tightly against Johnny's cock as she starts to
bob her head quicker along his cock, lapping her warm saliva around his cock
as she steadily sucks Johnny's cock. Melina wraps her right hand back around
Joey's cock and begins to move her hands against his slightly saliva coated
cock, beginning to stroke his cock again. Melina tightens the grip of her
lips as she eases her mouth down Johnny's cock, gradually taking more of his
cock into her warm mouth.

"Ohhh shit... don't stop Melina..." Joey moans as he raises his hand up and
bites his knuckle while trying to suppress his moans.

Johnny licks his lips as he thrusts his cock forward into Melina's mouth,
"Uhhh god... this is... way better... than that thing... we're forgetting..."
Johnny says as he pushes Melina's hair back when it falls a bit out of place.
Melina suddenly pulls Joey's cock over towards her mouth and forces Joey's
cock into her mouth, along with Johnny's cock. Although, Johnny's cock is
a bit deeper in her mouth, a good portion of Joey's cock is packed into
Melina's hot mouth. Melina, not having a single problem, begins to slowly
bob her against both cocks in her warm mouth. Joey and Johnny's cocks grind
against each other as Melina works her dominating tongue over both cocks,
while inside her mouth.

"Ahhhh ughhhhh ohhhh mmmm ohhh man... ohhhh man...." Joey moans as he starts
to cum inside of Melina's mouth just a split second after her tongue flicks
over the slit of his cock. As Joey's warm cum fills up Melina's mouth, the
added warmth has an effect on Johnny. He clenches his teeth as he tilts his
head back.

"Ahhhh Melina... shit!" he yells as he too starts to cum inside of Melina's
hot cum and cock filled mouth. Melina closes her eyes and moans softly as
she swallows the mixture of Joey and Johnny's warm cum. Once completely

Melina slowly pulls her head away from their cocks and licks her lips with a
smirk on her face as she begins to stand up from the floor.

"Oh fuck..." Joey licks his lips as he looks at Melina, "That... was wow..."

Johnny nods, "Yeah Melina... I can't think of anything that's better than

Joey nods his head in agreement, "Totally, that was mind clearing..."

Melina smiles proudly "Good...glad that was...taken care of" Melina says
before she licks her lips once again. Melina bends over and picks up the
Playboy magazine with Candice Michelle on the cover, she smirks as she
walks over to the trashcan near the door of the locker room. Melina drops
the Playboy magazine into the trash can and brushes hands off "So much...
for Candice Michelle." Melina laughs a bit before she opens the door to
head out into the hallway. Melina pauses and looks back at Johnny and Joey
"Clean up...I'll be back in a bit..." Melina says before she exits the
private locker room of MNM.

Twenty minutes later, Joey and Johnny are walking out of their locker room's
shower unit with white towels around their waists. Joey has a second towel in
his hand and is using it to dry his face, "Oh man Johnny... Melina sure knows
how to keep us straight..."

Johnny nods his head as he walks over to where his tights are laying on the
floor, "Yeah.... mmmm... it's almost worth making her that mad just to get
her to blow us..."

Joey laughs, "I hear ya, even though we all get down and nasty a lot, when
she's mad, she's so fucking hot." As Joey and Johnny continue to talk about
their hot blowjob they received from their manager, Melina, the two tag team
partners are soon silenced by the sound of a soft knock on their locker room

Johnny looks over his shoulder at the door and laughs a bit, "You think
Melina locked herself out?"

"I dunno..." Joey laughs as he walks towards the door, "But that'll be funny
as hell if she did..." He opens the door and without looking out to see if it
is Melina, "There you go Melina..."

Johnny picks up his tights from the floor and looks back at the door to see
who's there, and his jaw drops. "Ummm Joey... that's not Melina..."

Joey slowly turns his head and his jaw drops as well, as standing out in
the hallway is Vince's Devils member and the Playboy Covergirl herself,
the stunning seductress Candice Michelle. Candice smirks a bit as she lets
herself into the private locker room of MNM. Once inside the locker room
Candice slowly closes the door as both Johnny and Joey look at Candice in
awe. Candice, dressed in just a black silk bathrobe and black high heels,
holds a permanent marker in her left hand and her Playboy magazine in her
right hand. Candice licks her lips slightly as she exchanges glances
between Joey and Johnny "Hello boys..." Candice says in a soft, seductive

Joey and Johnny both just stare at Candice for a long moment, before Joey
clears his throat, "Uh... hey.... Candice..." Joey says as he drapes the
towel he has in his hand around his neck.

Johnny licks his lips a bit as he takes a long look at how Candice's black
silk bathrobe fits over her body, "Yeah... hey Candice..."

Candice slightly presses her lips together as her eyes slowly gaze down at
the crotches, covered by towels, of Johnny and Joey. Candice looks back up
at Joey and Johnny, she smiles "I two...really liked my...Playboy
cover..." Candice says in a soft voice as she turns the cover of the Playboy
magazine in Johnny and Joey's direction.

Joey smiles a little as he looks at the cover of the Playboy Candice is
showing them. "Yeah... I'm a really big fan of it... you looked so hot in
every picture..." Joey replies while underneath his towel, his dick starts
to get hard and rise up.

Johnny drops his tights on a bench and walks over to Joey and Candice, "I
really have to agree, you look pretty damn sexy in every picture... it was
the best Playboy I've seen by far."

Candice licks her lips a bit with a smile as she tilts her head back and
shakes her black silky hair "Well...I'm glad to hear that...and since
you liked my Playboy so much, I thought I'd give you two a...personal
autograph..." Candice says as she seductively lifts the cap of the
permanent marker off from the marker with her teeth.

"Oh fuck... we'd love that... right Johnny" Joey says as he licks his lips
slowly as he watches Candice pull off the cap of the marker and it's obvious
to Candice that she has his full attention.

Johnny swallows a little of his saliva as nods his head, "Yeah... that'll be
great Candice..."

Candice smiles and the flashes her eyelashes "Could you...hold the magazine
for me?" Candice asks in a seductive tone.

"Yeah... I could do it..." Joey says with a wide smile as he lifts his hands
to take the Playboy from Candice. He turns it around so the cover is now
facing her.

Johnny stands next to Joey and shakes his head, "Oh you lucky dog..." Johnny
laughs even though his eyes are fixated on Candice's bathrobe covered chest.

Candice licks her lips as she leans forward reaching her hand up with the
permanent marker in her hands, but suddenly stops before writing on the cover of
the Playboy. Candice looks up at Joey and smirks before standing up straight
and taking a step back "You know...since you two really enjoy my Playboy...I
think you should back more then just a little personal autograph..."

Johnny smirks a bit as he rubs the back of his neck, "What do you have in
mind Candice... cause we really enjoyed your Playboy a lot..."

Joey slides his tongue over the top of his bottom lip, "That's right... I
can't tell you how many times so far that I held your Playboy with one and...
uhhh you probably don't want to hear that..." Joey laughs a bit.

Johnny shakes his head, "I know I didn't want to hear that...

Candice smirks "Ohhh...I don't know...I was thinking...maybe" Candice then tilts her head back as she quickly rips
her black silk bathrobe open revealing her smooth, tanned stunning
'Candi-licious' body.

"Oh shit..." Joey says as his cock becomes hard as a rock underneath the
towel he has around his waist. He drops the playboy he has in his hands when
he wants to use them to hold up his towel, but it's too late as the towel
unravels from around his waist and falls to the floor.

Johnny's dark colored eyes go as wide as possible when he sees Candice's
exposed body, "God damn... that's a hot body..."

Candice licks her lips as she looks at Johnny and Joey "What do you say...
Too Hot To Handle?" Candice asks in soft voice as she completely removes
the bathrobe from her smoking hot body as she starts to slowly approach the
members of MNM.

Johnny nods his head, "I'll say that... and also that I'd love to try to
handle it..." He replies as he starts to rub his cock through the thick
material of his towel.

Joey is a bit more direct as he wraps his right hand around his stiff shaft
as he watches Candice come closer, "Yeah... oh fuck... you're like the
hottest Playboy Covergirl since like... Pam Anderson...'

Candice shakes her head as she stands right in front of Joey, face to
face with him "No...I'm hotter...than Pam Anderson..." Candice says in a
seductive, before she wraps her left smooth and soft hand around Joey's
cock and begins to move her hand along Joey's long, stiff shaft.

"Mmmm baby... I think I'll fully agree with that now..." Joey moans as he
moves his hand away from his dick while using the other to pull the towel
off from around his neck.

Johnny starts to remove the towel from around his waist as he tilts his
head to look at Candice's firm juicy ass and licks his lips, "Yeah.... Pam
Anderson doesn't have a hot ass like yours..."

Candice smirks " one has a mine..." Candice says as
she quickens the movement of her hand against Joey's shaft before leaning
her head down and placing her delicate, sensual tongue against the tip of
Joey's cock.

Joey's cock throbs in Candice's hand as he feels her warm saliva drip from
her tongue onto the highly sensitive tip of his dick. "Ohhhhh god...." Joey
moans as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes. Johnny steps to the
side of Candice and takes advantage of her bending over by placing a hand
on her left ass cheek. He squeezes her ass and licks his lips. Candice
begins to slowly circle her tongue around on the head of Joey's cock as she
cups his ballsack with her left and begins to fondle his ballsack as she
moves her tongue down from the head of his cock and down to his shaft.
Candice gently taps her tongue down Joey's shaft as she moans softly feeling
Johnny's hand squeeze her juicy, round ass.

"Ohhhh god.... Candice... you got... such a soft tongue..." Joey moans as he
slides his hands through Candice's long smooth black hair. Meanwhile, Johnny
as moved a bit so he's now right behind the beautiful Playboy covergirl and
he gets down on his knees. He spreads her asscheeks apart and leans his head
forward so he can slide his tongue on the sides of Candice's ass cheeks, but
doesn't lick her ass crack directly.

Candice closes her eyes as she flicks her tongue against Joey's shaft as she
slides her tongue uncontrollably around on Joey's shaft "Mmmmmm...ohhhh...
yesss..." Candice moans as she feels the warmth of Johnny's tongue. Candice
slowly brings her head up Joey's shaft and locks her eyes with him as she
opens her mouth and lowers her head onto Joey's cock. She wraps her lips
tightly around his cock and begins to slowly bob her head as she sucks on
Joey's cock.

"Ohhh fuck... those lips... feel... so damn good..." Joey moans loudly as he
flips Candice's hair back with his left hand and holds it in place with his
right. Behind her, Johnny is slowly but surely moving his tongue back and
forth across her asshole, teasing as if he's going to push it in. Johnny
then moves one hand between Candice's smooth tanned legs and starts to light
rub Candice's hairless pussy with two of his fingers. Candice lets out a
small, delightful moan against Joey's cock as she starts to quicken her head
bob, lapping her delicate tongue around Joey's shaft, before she starts to
lash and twirl her tongue against his shaft, splattering her saliva against
his cock as she sucks.

"Ahhh uhhh geez... ahhh fuck..." Joey moans as he starts to move his hips
back and forth to push his cock towards Candice's hot mouth. Meanwhile,
Johnny is now lightly darting his tongue in and out of Candice's asshole as
he slips his two fingers into her warm tight pussy. The younger member of
MNM begins pumping his pair of fingers in and out of Candice's pussy as he
pushes his tongue deeper into her ass.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Joey's cock as her warm saliva coats
his nicely sized cock. Candice licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder
at Johnny " hot..." Candice closes her eyes as she
moans, gritting her teeth as she starts to gently push herself back against
Johnny's tongue.

Johnny continues to thrust his tongue in and out of her asshole as he slowly
pulls his fingers from out of her pussy. He backs his head away from her ass
and licks his fingers clean of the juices he collected from Candice's pussy.
"And you... taste pretty good too..." Johnny says with a smirk as he looks
at her.

Joey slides a hand through Candice's hair, "You mind if I... show you how hot
I think you are?" He asks her with a wide smile.

Candice smirks and turns her head back to him. She looks up at Joey licking
her lips "Mmmm...ohhhh...go ahead..."

Joey gets a grin on his face as he gets down in front of Candice and places
his hands on her shoulders. "Hey Johnny... help me turn her over..." Johnny
smirks, "All right..."

Both studly members of MNM easily turns Candice over and lays her on her
back. Joey then moves down between Candice's legs and grips his thick cock.
"Damn... you are fucking hot..." Joey says as he looks down at her smooth
pussy before he pushes his cock into it. Joey then grabs both of Candice's
legs and holds them apart as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of her

Candice bites down on her bottom lip and groans as Joey pushes his cock into
her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh ahhhhh.... uhhhh..." Candice moans a bit as
Joey's thrusts quicken even more. Johnny kneels down by Candice's head, she
turns and smiles at Johnny, taking his cock into her smooth hands as she
guides his cock into her hot mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around
Johnny's cock and starts to quickly bob her head against Johnny's cock as
she's getting fucked by Joey.

"Ohhh fuck yeah... ohhh god this is... so damn tight..." Joey grunts as he
leans forward so his body is hovering a bit over Candice's. He starts pumping
his cock harder into her cunt, throwing as much strength as he can behind
each thrust. Johnny moans and closes his eyes as he places a hand on
Candice's forehead.

"Mmmmm yeah... suck it... Candice..." Johnny says as he lays his free hand
on Candice's right breast. He squeezes her tit for a moment before he pinches
her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Candice moans against Johnny's
cock as she rocks her head back and forth along his cock, beginning to lap
her warm salvia around his cock with her tongue as Joey savagely fucks her
tight pussy. Candice begins to grind her pussy sharply against Joey's cock as
she pushes her body back against him after every time he pulls back.

Joey clenches his teeth as he changes the pace of his thrusts so that they
are now slow, but extremely firm that results in his ballsack slamming
against Candice's skin. Meanwhile, Johnny is now rolling Candice's right
nipple between his fingers as he slides his hand back and forth over her
forehead, "Uhhhh fuck..." Johnny moans as he can feel Candice's saliva drip
off of his cock when she pulls her head back from his cock to get a slight
breath of air.

"Hey... Johnny... let's show her... why we're the WWE's... greatest tag
team..." Joey smirks as he pulls his cock out of her pussy.

Johnny licks his lips and nods, "Oh shit yeah..."

Candice looks up at Johnny with a raised eyebrow after she flicks her tongue
against his cock "What do you that?" Candice asks as she looks up
seeing Joey had removed himself from her pussy "Why'd you quit?"

"Cause... we're gonna show you how hot we think you are..." Joey says with a
smirk as Johnny lays down on the floor next to Candice.

"Yeah... some hot... double team action... will make this a hot snap shot
memory for ya..." Johnny says as Joey pulls Candice up to a sitting position
so he can lift her up enough to have her straddle Johnny.

Candice smirks and licks her lips as Joey lifts her up and off of the ground,
before he mounts the beautiful Candice Michelle on top of his tag team
partner's cock. "Ohhhhhh..." Candice moans as she slowly
comes down on Johnny's cock. Candice grits her teeth as she works Johnny's
cock deeper into her tight pussy by rocking back and forth on Johnny's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah... fuck... your pussy is... damn hot..." Johnny moans as he
raises his hands and lays them on Candice's large perfect chest. He begins
to thrust up into her tight pussy, while behind her, Joey grips his own cock
and waists till Candice leans forward enough to shove it into her tight

"Whoa... fuck... what an ass!" Joey grunts as he begins to ram his cock in
and out of Candice's ass.

Candice tilts her head back with a smile as Joey rams his cock into her
tight asshole "Ohhhhh yeah....very hot!" Candice moans as she starts bouncing
on Johnny's cock on her own momentum as well as the power of Joey's quick
thrust. Candice rocks herself forward on Johnny's cock and then back on
Joey's cock "Ohhhh ahhhh....I'm...the hottest...Diva......Eeeeeveeeer!"

"I'll... fucking say..." Johnny grunts as he thrusts his stiff cock into her
tight pussy. The younger member of MNM bites his bottom lip as he presses
Candice's tits together. Behind her, Joey places both of his strong hands
onto Candice's hot hips and pulls her back hard against him when he drives
his shaft harder and deeper into her asshole.

"Ohhh damn... you're... way too... fucking hot..." Joey moans as looks down
to see his ballsack crash against Candice's hot juicy ass.

Candice grits her teeth as she forces her ass to violently slam back against
Joey's cock as well at the same time to come crashing down on Johnny's cock
in her warm, sweet cunt "Mmmm...ohhhh ahhhhh!" Candice moans as sweat begins
to drip down her pretty face.

"Ahhhh ahhh fuck... yeah... ohhh god..." Joey groans as he rams his cock
harder into her ass, "Ohhh... man... uhhhh fuck I'm... cumming... shit!"
Joey groans as he starts to cum deep inside of Candice's asshole suddenly.

Candice arches her back up and threads her hands through her silky black
hair "Ohhhhhh....too hot..." Candice groans as she feels Joey's warm cum deep
inside of her asshole. Candice looks back at Joey with a seductive look on
her face as she sees Joey's eyes roll to back of his eye and falls back on
the cold locker room floor, exhausted.

"Ohhhh shit..." Joey moans as he closes his eyes and passes out on the cold
locker room floor.

Meanwhile Johnny has moved his strong hands to Candice's waist and starts
helping her bounce quicker on his hard cock. "Ahhhh uhhh shit... Candice...
ahhh damn it..."

Candice placing her hands firmly on Johnny's muscular chest as she starts to
bounce rapidly on his cock, slamming down with great intensity "Ohhhhh...
ahhhh... ohhhh... Johnny...tell me...I'm hot!" Candice moans as she rocks
back on his cock, with dripping off of her smoking hot body and onto Johnny's

"Yeah... ohhh god... you're... sooooo.... fucking hot....Uhhhhhh shit!"
Johnny groans as he starts to cum inside of Candice's hot tight pussy. He
clenches his eyes shut tightly as his hands fall off of Candice's hot large
breasts. Candice smirks and licks her lips as she gently pushes herself off
of Johnny's cock. She slides her hand through her silky black hair and she
flips her hair back as she walks over to her bathrobe on the floor and bends
over picking up the bathrobe and begins to put the bathrobe back on her
sweaty, smoking hot 'Candi-licious' body. Johnny opens his eyes a bit and
looks up at Candice, "Ohhhh damn... you're... too hot..." Johnny moans before
he passes out from exhaustion on the locker room floor.

"Ohhhh...I know..." Candice smirks as she ties her bathrobe closed around her
stunning body. Candice picks up her Playboy magazine off of the floor and
brushes the magazine off with her left hand. Candice looks at herself on the
cover " fact...I'm too!" Candice licks
her lips "I suppose I'll let you boys keep this..." Candice says to Johnny
and Joey despite both of them being passed out on the floor. Candice sets the
magazine down on the floor in between their exhausted bodies. Candice stands
up and then pauses "Ohhh...I almost forgot..." Candice laughs to herself out
loud "You two...wanted the personal autograph.." Candice takes cap off of her
permanent marker and kneels down on the floor in between Joey and Johnny.
Candice lowers her hand to Joey's muscular stomach and signs her hand in
permanent marker on Joey's stomach, during turning to Johnny and signing her
name in the same fashion. Candice stands up with a sly smirk on her face
"'ve just been labeled by a... Devil..." Candice says before she
leans over and blows Johnny and Joey a kiss. Candice turns around and opens
the door as she exits the private locker room of MNM and heads out into the
hallway. As Candice begins walking down the hallway she passes by Melina, who
appears to heading back to the locker room, Candice smiles politely "Hello
Melina..." Candice says as passes by Melina.

Melina raises an eyebrow as she stops and looks at Candice, "What the hell
are you doing here?!" Melina yells.

Candice licks her lips as she suddenly stops walking and turns around to face
Melina "Ohhh...I was....just...paying a visit to SmackDown..." Candice says
in a soft voice

Melina steps up to Candice and pushes her, "Go back to Raw... SmackDown is
MY show!"

Candice tilts her head back with a laugh, before looks Melina right into her
eyes, surprisingly not backing down from SmackDown's most dominate Diva.
Candice licks her lips "The only reason I'm at Raw because I was...
Too...Hot...for SmackDown.." Candice shrugs "You can ask anyway...and they'll
tell you I'm too hot...I bet even your little boys, Joey and Johnny, would
tell you...I'm simply...too handle!" Candice replies with a
slightly, yet sexy shriek in her voice.

Melina sneers at Candice and balls her fists, "You bitch..." Melina slaps
Candice hard across her face. Melina then smirks as she Candice hold her
right cheek in surprise. "I'm the most dominate diva in the WWE... not you!
Remember that!" Melina then turns and continues on her way, heading towards
the MNM's private locker room. She looks back at Candice and smirks before
she pushes the door open, "You're not even in my league..." Melina says to
Candice and then she steps into the locker room. After the door closes, a
few seconds pass before Melina yells extremely loudly, "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!"

Candice removes her hand from her cheek and slyly smirks before she laughs,
"I am...too handle.." Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...wait until
Victoria hears this..."


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