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Too Hot To Handle Part 14: Boys Are Just Toys
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room belonging to Vince's Devils, the light are turned down to
where it's fairly dark. The only light in the room is coming from the shower
area, and it's enough for the vicious vixen Victoria who is sitting on the
couch looking down at a promotional photo of John Cena. She grits her teeth
as stares at the photo in her right hand as she pulls on her long black hair
with her left hand. Victoria's eyes narrow as she glares at the promotional
photo of John Cena "You think you're so good!? Huh!? Don't you!? DON'T YOU!"
Victoria yells at the photo as her head starts to twitch slightly as she
starts to crumble up the photo in her hands "You're not so great now!? Are
you!? ARE YOU JOHN!?" Victoria yells as she starts to psychotically rip up
the photo "No one....NO ONE! Makes me cum!" Victoria says as she gets up from
the couch and walks over towards the mirror hanging on the wall nearby as her
body trembles and twitches.

Victoria grits her teeth as she pulls at her long raven black hair with now
both of her hands "NO ONE MAKES ME CUM!" Victoria yells as she steps in front
of the mirror, now looking back at herself dressed in black pants and a
surprisingly enough also dressed in a John Cena 'Chain Gang Solider' t-shirt.
Victoria places her right hand onto of her chest as her head twitches in the
reflection of the mirror as she stares, glaring at the John Cena t-shirt
she's wearing. Victoria grits her teeth tightly "The Champ....THE CHAMP IS
GOING...TO...PAY!" Victoria yells, breathing heavy as she grips the collar of
the t-shirt tightly with both of her strong, powerful hands. Victoria uses
her impressive strength to tear the shirt off of her body. After tearing the
shirt in half, she tosses the shirt to the floor, now standing in front of
the mirror with a black laced bra covering up her large chest. Victoria looks
down at the torn up John Cena shirt and her head twitches violently as she
grits her teeth. Victoria pulls at her raven black hair "THE CHAMP WILL...
FUCKING...PAY!" Victoria yells.

Moments after Victoria screams out her vow to gain revenge on John Cena,
the door to the locker room is opened and Victoria's partner in lust driven
crime, Candice Michelle, enters the locker room. "Vickie? Why's it so dark
in here?" Candice asks as she moves her hand along the wall, searching for
the light switch. The stunningly beautiful Playboy covergirl is dressed in
black silk bathrobe that fits perfectly around her and covers her up nicely.

Victoria turns around slowly as her head twitches, looking at Candice with a
glare "Noth....Nothing's...going on!" Victoria snaps suddenly.

"What are you talking about?" Candice asks as she finds the light switch and
flips it on. After the room lights up, Candice sees the ripped up photo and
the remains of the "Chain Gang Solider' t-shirt on the floor. Candice pouts,
"Vickie... are you... still upset over that John Cena thing... I took care of
him for you..."

Victoria shakes her head "No...No! I'm not upset! I don't care about....JOHN
CENA!" Victoria yells as she starts to twitch again "He's...he's a nobody! "
Victoria starts to breath heavily as she pulls at her black hair "No one...NO
ONE makes me cum, Candice! NO ONE!" Victoria pauses and takes a deep breath
as she slowly lets go of her hair.

Candice bits her lip and takes a step back, feeling undecided of what to
say for Victoria for a moment. She takes a breath and walks over to her and
softly places a hand on her arm, "Victoria... you need to forget about him...
he's just a boy... no.. he's just a toy..."

Victoria then smirks a bit as she gets an icy glare look on her face "You're
right! He is just a toy...and a stupid...boy! Boys...are...just toys..."
Victoria says as she grits her teeth "Speaking of...boy was MNM?"
Victoria asks as she looks at Candice, licking her lips.

Candice flips her hair back and licks her lips slowly, "Ohhhh they were...
really big fans of my oh sooooo hot Playboy..." Candice then laughs, "And I
made sure to leave my mark on them... even that fat bitch Melina knows about
messing with us."

Victoria glares slightly as she grits her teeth "I hate that bitch..."
Victoria then looks at Candice "You're right...I forget about..."
Victoria's head starts to twitch again "...John...Cena..."

Candice then licks her lips, "You know... Vickie... I saw two boys... who'll
be perfect to help you forget about John Cena... they look so weak..."

Victoria smirks a bit and laughs wickedly "Weak...pathetic...boys?" Victoria
asks as she slightly grits her teeth.

Candice nods her head as she smiles, "Yes... they are so weak... and
pathetic... they can't even make regular appearances on Smackdown... and
that's the B-Show..." Candice then gently rubs Victoria's arm, "Are you

Victoria licks her lips and smirks "I'll make them cry..." Victoria tilts her
head back and laughs a bit.

"Oh I know you will..." Candice licks her lips before she takes Victoria's
hands, "Come on... the two weak... pathetic boys I saw were in the ring..."
Victoria smirks as she starts to exit the locker room with Candice. Victoria
pauses quickly and glances back at the torn up John Cena t-shirt on the floor
and she grits her teeth as her head twitches before she and Candice leave
together. "Mmmm Vickie... you'll just love them..." Candice says with a
slight moan as they walk down the hall from the locker room towards the ring

A short while in the ring area, SmackDown's Paul London and Brian Kendrick,
are both standing in the ring, dressed in long blue and black wrestling
shorts, discussing their strategy for an upcoming non-title match they are
going to have with the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. "I'm telling you Paul...
if we can get Melina tossed from ringside, we'll easily beat them..."
Kendrick says as he leans against the ring ropes.

London nods, "Yeah... Brian, think about it... if we can pick up this win,
we'll be right in line for a Tag Title shot."

"Oh yeah, and we'll be off of Velocity and be on SmackDown every week!"
Kendrick says as he pumps his right fist. The two tag team partners high
five each other, not realizing or sensing that they are being watched.

"We could even get a hot diva like Melina to be our manager..." London says
with a smile.

"A manager? Are you sure?" Kendrick asks with an unsure look on his youthful

"Yeah... I'm sure... then we could get all those perks MNM gets..."

"Oh, yeah, right..." Kendrick licks his lips a bit, "Could you imagine if
we got someone like Victoria or Candice on Raw... Paul, that'll really be

London nods his head, "Yeah I can imagine it..." London then turns his head
a bit to look at the large empty arena but something catches his eyes on the
entrance ramp. He points and asks, "Hey Brian... who's that..."

Kendrick looks at the ramp and squints his eyes, "I'm not sure..."

At the top of the entrance ramp, Candice has her hands on her hips as she
looks at London and Kendrick in the ring. She then looks at Victoria, "There
they are..."

Victoria smirks as she locks her eyes on London and Kendrick with a solid
glare "You were right...they do look weak..." Victoria balls her left fist
and then punches the palm of her right hand as she grits her teeth "They'll
be easy..." Victoria says as she starts to walk down the ramp as Candice
follows from behind.

Back inside the ring, Kendrick gets a smile on his face, "Hey... I know who
they are... it's Victoria... and Candice..."

London nods his head, "Yeah... oh man... what luck..." London sees how
Victoria is dressed and licks his lips, "Man, they look hot..." He says even
though he's only really looking at Victoria.

"Yeah..." Kendrick nods his head and then waves at the two hot devils, "Hey
Victoria! Hey Candice!"

Candice smirks a bit and looks at Victoria "What...a loser..." Candice

Victoria keeps her eyes locked on Kendrick and London "What easy... targets."
Victoria says as she grits her teeth as she hops up onto the ring apron.
Victoria grabs the top ring rope tightly with her hands and lifts herself,
jumping over the top rope into the ring. Victoria folds her arms as looks at
Kendrick and London.

Both London and Kendrick look at Victoria with eyes filled with amazement,
"Wow... that was impressive..." London says.

"Yeah... really..." Kendrick nods his head quickly in agreement.

"So... what... can we do for you?" London asks as he notices Victoria looking
at him and his tag team partner.

Victoria glares at London and Kendrick as her head twitches slightly, before
she cracks her neck from side to side. Candice bites down on her bottom lips
as she looks at how Victoria is looking at London and Kendrick. Candice sits
up on the ring apron and crawls into the ring, underneath the bottom rope.

Once inside the ring, Candice sits up on her knees before standing up in the
ring. Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...hello boys...I'm Candice..." Candice
says in a soft voice as she walks over to Victoria "
Victoria..." Candice smirks "And in case you haven't heard...we're..."

Victoria suddenly cuts Candice off and steps in front of her with a glare
directed at London and Kendrick "We're...Vince's Devils..." Victoria says as
she slightly grits her teeth.

"Yeah we heard..." Kendrick replies, "We watch Raw every chance we get to see
your segments..."

London nods, "Yeah... but we didn't know you guys were still using that
name... I mean when you kicked Torrie to the side a while back."

" case you haven't heard we have a certain...devil-like
reputation..." Candice says as folds her arms over her chest, covered up by
her black silk bathrobe.

Kendrick and London exchange looks before they both look at Candice with
confused looks on their face, "We haven't heard anything... I mean, there was
a few rumors, but we figured that was Torrie trying to get back at you..."
London replies as he leans against the ring ropes and looks at Victoria.

Kendrick nods, "Oh, but there is that thing about you both being too hot to
handle... that's got to be true."

Victoria places her hands on her hips as she glares at London "What...have
your heard?"

London shrugs a bit, "Well... I heard that you and Candice... go around
banging just about every guy you come across..."

Victoria smirks and tilts her head back with a laugh "'s true...but
we do more then just that..." Victoria angles her body slightly towards
Kendrick, before she surprises both Kendrick and London, by swiftly kicking
Kendrick right in the stomach.

Kendrick coughs loudly as the wind is kicked out of his body and he goes down
to one knee to composes himself. "Owww.. ahhh damn..." Kendrick groans in
pain as he wraps his arms around his abdomen.

London's jaw drops as he looks at his partner and he steps in front of
Kendrick to protect him, "What... what was that for?!" London yells as bit.

Victoria tilts her head back and simply laughs as Candice steps in front of
Victoria, now face to face with London. Candice flips her silky dark hair
back as she looks at London. Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she
places her index finger against London's chest "Paul...we already told...
we're.. Vince's Devils.." Candice says with in a soft, seductive voice. The
devilish seductress, Candice leans in toward London and whispers into his
ear "Did you hear that, Paul? We're...Devils.." Candice smirks before she
places her hands on London's shoulder and suddenly rams her right knee up
and into London's stomach.

"Owwww fuck..." London cries out as Candice's surprise attack caught him so
off guard that like Kendrick, he goes down to one knee. Both young men look
up at the two devilish women as they recover from the blows they suffered.

"God damn..." Kendrick says as he appears to start to stand up, "We didn't...
do anything to you..."

Victoria grits her teeth as she grabs Kendrick by his neck "That's right you
didn't..." Victoria smirks "But you're a boy...and you're going to be my
toy!" Victoria says before she kicks Kendrick in stomach sending him back
against the ropes around the wrestling ring. Victoria tilts her head back
and laughs as she wraps Kendrick's arms up in the middle and top ropes.
Victoria's head twitches as she grabs at her black lace bra and rips the bra
off of her large, perky chest. Victoria throws her bra down on the mat with
a fury in her eyes.

After having the right knee of the lovely Candice Michelle rammed up into his
stomach, London stumbles back, sitting down against the far left turnbuckle.
Candice licks her lips as she slowly removes her black silk bathrobe from her
stunning body. Approaching London, Candice ties his hands to the bottom rope
on each side of him. He, however, remains seated down against the far left
turnbuckle. Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she bends and begins to
pulled London's wrestling shorts.

Kendrick grits his teeth as he tries to pull his arms free from the ring
ropes, "If... if this is... a joke...... it's not... funny..." He says as he
ends up causing the ring ropes to wrap tighter around his arms.

Over in the corner, London looks up at Candice as she pulls off his wrestling
shorts, exposing his soft seven-inch cock. "What is with you two psychos..."
London asks as he tries to twist his right wrist free from the ring rope.

Candice looks over her shoulder at Victoria and laughs "Vicki...did you hear
that, he called us psychos!"

Victoria smirks as she locks her eyes with Kendrick and grits her teeth
"Oh...these boys have no idea!" Victoria yells before she reaches at the
waist of Kendrick's wrestling shorts and rips them off of his waist.
Victoria glares at Kendrick as she takes his cock into her hands, firmly
grasping his cock, and begins to stroke his cock to hardness. Meanwhile,
Candice gets down on the wrestling mat on her knees in between London's
spread legs and leans her body down as she takes London's cock into her
soft, smooth hands. Candice spits down on London's cock and begins to rub
her warm saliva against his cock as she begins to stroke his cock.

"Get away from me!" London yells as he tries to get Candice to release his
cock as it starts to get hard in her hands. He kicks her away with his legs,
but only succeeds in smacking her arm. Meanwhile, Kendrick bites his tongue
as Victoria roughly gets his cock to its full eight inches.

"What the heck! You're hurting me!" Kendrick screams as he Victoria's strong
hand clamp down on his cock.

Victoria grits her teeth as she moves her hand slowly up Kendrick's shaft,
gradually tightening her grip each inch she moves her power hand. Victoria
looks up at Kendrick and laughs wickedly "How'd you that like that!? Huh!?
How do you like that....CHAMP!?" Victoria suddenly yells as her body starts
to twitch and tremble. Candice looks up a bit and raises her eyebrow at
Victoria as she had referred to Kendrick as 'Champ'. Candice bites down on
her bottom lip, believing Victoria is going into about psychotic spell due
to Victoria's previous encounter with WWE Champion John Cena.

Candice shrugs and smirks slightly "Ehhh...what I can do?" Candice flips her
soft black hair as she turns back to London. Candice lowers her hand and
opens her hot mouth, taking in London's cock. She wraps her lips around his
cock and starts to slowly bob her head on his cock as she violently lashes
her tongue against his cock, while sucking him slow and steady.

Meanwhile, Victoria locks her fiery, wicked eyes on Kendrick as she looks up
at "HUH!? CHAMP!?" Victoria yells as she removes her hand from his cock and
stands up straight, pulling on her raven black hair as her head twitches
" ONE...makes me cum!" Victoria screams as her eyes narrow to
freakish glare as she pulls down her black pants.

"Champ?!" Kendrick's eyes go wide with confusion as he stares at Victoria as
if she was completely insane. "I never did anything to you! Somebody help!"
Kendrick screams as he lifts both of his legs to kick Victoria away from him.
Kendrick shakes his head wildly as he continues trying to get his arms free
from the ring ropes.

Once Victoria has removed her black pants and her black g-string, she slowly
walks towards Kendrick, pointing at him "You think you're so great, don't you
John!? HUH!? YOU THINK YOU'RE GREAT!" Victoria yells before she jumps up and
straddles Kendrick's waist as he's against the ring ropes. Victoria slams
down instantly hard on his cock, sending intense pain to Kendrick. Victoria
grits her teeth as she locks her eyes with Kendrick "You're gonna pay John!
YOU HEAR ME!? YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING PAY!?" Victoria yells before she starts to
bounce quickly and furiously on Kendrick's cock

Meanwhile over in the far left corner of the ring, London is moaning a bit as
Candice continues to suck his cock at a slow steady pace as her tongue slaps
against it. "Uhhhh... what... the fuck... is up with her..." London asks as
he looks at Victoria violently riding his tag team partner, "Why... is... she
calling him Champ..." Candice looks up at London after hearing his comment
before she opens her mouth wider and lowers her head further down on London's
cock. Candice tightly wraps her soft lips around his cock as she starts to
bob her head at a bit quicker pace. Candice softly moans against London's
cock as she laps her warm saliva around his cock, while she starts to twist
her head slightly on the head of London's cock.

Meanwhile, Kendrick is getting ridden harder than a bull at a rodeo. With the
way Victoria is riding him, Kendrick is being pushed against the back against
the middle ring rope, which pushes him forward to thrust his cock into her
pussy. "Ohhhh god... stop this... I'm not... John!" Kendrick screams as he
feels his arms get sore from being tied in the ring ropes.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she slams down on
Kendrick's cock, skin smacking against skin. Victoria leans her head forward
and grits her teeth as she starts rock back and forth on Kendrick's cock,
wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, grinding her warm pussy sharply
against his cock. Victoria places her hands on Kendrick's shoulders "HUH!?
JOHN, HOW'D YOU LIKE IT!?" Victoria yells as she thrusts her body forward

Meanwhile, back in the far left corner, Candice is standing right in front
of London, holding a handful of she has him eat out her pussy. London keeps
trying to move his head away from between her legs to see what Victoria is
doing to Candice.

Meanwhile, back in the far left corner, Candice is bobbing her head quickly
on London's cock as she moves a hand to his ballsack. London bites his lip
when he feels his balls squeezed by Candice's soft hand. "Ohhh shit..."
London moans, "Hey... you gotta... stop her... she's gonna... hurt him..."

Candice slowly lifts her head up from London's cock as his cock drips of her
warm saliva. Candice places her left hand around London's cock and looks at
him raising her eyebrow "What did you say?" Candice asks in a soft,
unsettling tone.

"You... gotta stop... Victoria... she's gonna hurt Brian... she's insane..."
London says with a lot of concern in his voice.

Candice removes her hands from London's cock and sits up a bit on her knees
"Oh really? Like I care..." Candice says with a smirk as she starts to crawl
up from between London's legs. Candice soon sits up on London's lap, however
doesn't lower herself down on his cock. Candice begins to slide her hands
through London's soft dark hair "You know really shouldn't worry
about you friend." Candice shrugs "You should worry about me...because..."
Candice licks her lips as she raises her right arm up "I'm...Too...Hot...
to...Handle..." Candice flips her silky black hair back as she lowers herself
down suddenly on London's stiff cock "Ohhhhh... yesss..." Candice moans,
tilting her head back as she starts to bounce in an up and down motion on
London's cock.

Meanwhile, Kendrick has tears coming down his face as Victoria squeezes him
with her thighs as she continues to savagely fuck him. "Stop it... please...
I'm not John... I'm Brian!" Kendrick screams as he feels the muscles in his
arms become more strained and sore from the position they are in. Brian's
knees start to go weak and wobbly.

Victoria slams down on his cock once again at a hard rate, before she gets
down on Kendrick and stands face to face with him. Victoria locks her eyes
with him as she has a fiery, cold glare in her eyes. Victoria grabs
Kendrick's medium length hair and yanks his head back "What're
not so good now!? HUH!? YOU'RE NOT SO GOOD NOW, ARE YOU!?!?" Victoria yells
before she gives him a hard slap across the face with her right hand.

"I'm not John... I'M NOT JOHN!" Kendrick screams as the tears he's crying
runs down his cheeks. He closes his eyes and shakes his head a bit. "I'm not
John... I am not John!" Brian says over and over again, hoping that it'll
sink into Victoria's mind and she'll stop what she's doing.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically as she pulls at her
raven black hair "It's time to pay...IT'S TO PAY, CHAMP!" Victoria yells at

Meanwhile back in the far left corner of the ring, Candice has her arms
wrapped around London's neck as she rocks back and forth on his cock. She
pulls his head towards her easily each time he tries to see what Victoria
is doing to Kendrick. However, London is almost freely thrusting his cock
up into her pussy, although not at anything close to a steady pace. "Ahhh
ohhh fuck..." London moans as he looks up at Candice, "What... is up...
with you two... Victoria... is fucking nuts... and you're... not doing
anything... about it!" London grunts.

"Ohhhh...Paul...we already told you...we're Devils." Candice laughs "And
we're the hottest....Eeeeveerr!" Candice shrieks slightly as she starts to
rock forward and then back on London's cock more steady as she forces
London's head into her large voluptuous chest. London moans into Candice's
hot large chest as he gets an up close look of skin. London can't help
himself and he thrusts up as hard as he can into Candice's pussy, while in
his mind, he tries to keep thinking of a way to help Kendrick, but the
longer Candice rides him, the more he just worries about surviving her.
Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she comes down on his cock "Ohhhhh
ahhhhh..." Candice moans as she rotates her pelvis around and against
London's cock, grinding her warm, wet pussy against his cock "Ohhhh...
ohhhh...fuck..." Candice moans before she starts to bounce quicker on his

Meanwhile, Kendrick is screaming in pain as Victoria has clutched his
ballsack with her powerful hand and is squeezing his nuts so hard, he's
thinking that she's going to rip them off of his body. "AHHHHH STOP IT!
PLEASE STOP!" Kendrick screams.

Victoria grits her teeth as her razor-like fingernails graze against
Kendrick's ballsack "NO ONE MAKES ME CUM! GOT IT JOHN, NO ONE!!!!" Victoria

"I'M NOT JOHN!! YOU HAVE THE WRONG PERSON!!" Kendrick screams back. "I

Victoria looks up at Kendrick with a fiery glare, before getting a wicked
smirk "Ohh...I'm...I'm gonna make you cum! HEAR ME!?" Victoria says,
breathing heavily before she lowers her head on his cock and opens her
mouth, taking him into her hot, sinister mouth. Keeping her hand clenched
against his ballsack, Victoria begins to furiously bob her head on Kendrick's

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck..." Kendrick hangs his head down and squeezes his eyes shut
as Victoria sucks so hard on his cock it feels like she's a vacuum. "Oh
god... stop this... ahhhh ahhh shit..." Kendrick cries as tears drips from
his face down.

Victoria starts to lash and whip her tongue against Kendrick's shaft as she
bobs her head loosely on his cock, slapping her warm saliva against his
cock as she sucks him. Victoria gradually presses her teeth down against
Kendrick's shaft and begins to roughly rake her

Meanwhile, back in the far left corner, Candice is still holding London's
head against her large voluptuous chest as he thrusts up hard into her pussy.
When Candice loosens her grip on his head, he pulls his hand away from her
lovely tits. "Ohhh... ahhh fuck... ohhh god... you... two... are... crazy..."
London licks his lips.

Candice licks her lips and smirks "Victoria and I are also...." Candice
pauses as she locks her eyes with London's eyes, slowly sitting up from his
cock. Candice turns around, still on London's lap, with her back facing
London before she slams herself back down on London's cock, jamming his cock
deep inside her warm cunt "Ohhhhh...Too...Hot..." Candice moans closing her
eyes as she begins to bounce once again on London's cock "To...Handle..."

London pushes his cock as best he can into Candice as she leans back against
his chest. "Ohhh.... ohhh shit.... ahhhh mother fucker... I'mmmm gonna...
cum!" London yells as Candice comes down at an angle that is too much for
him to withstand.

Candice tilts her head back, causing her silky hair to slap London across the
face as she begins to bounce quicker on his cock as she hears he's about to
cum. "Ohhhhh....yesss...OHHHHHH!" Candice shrieks as she slams down hard on
his cock "Ohhhh I'm too hot..."

"Ahhhhh ohhhh fuck... " London moans loudly as he starts to cum inside of
Candice's pussy. His hot load fills up Candice's pussy and he can feel his
own cum on his cock as Candice repeatedly rises up and slams down on his
cock. Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she feels London's cum inside
her pussy. Candice grits her teeth slightly as she lifts herself up and off
of London's cock and stands up, sliding her hands through her silky hair,
before leaning over to untie the worn-out Paul London, so she's able to
have her bathrobe back.

Meanwhile, Victoria is deep throating Kendrick's cock non-stop as she bobs
her head along the length of his cock. Kendrick's eyes are extremely red
from all of the crying he has done, "Ahhhh please... stop... I'm not John...
I didn't... do anything to you... please... stop..." Kendrick's pleas fall
on deaf ears as Victoria again squeezes his balls tightly.

Victoria lifts her head up quickly and grits her teeth as she locks her eyes
on Kendrick "IT'S TIME TO CUM, CHAMP!!!!!" Victoria yells as she pulls at her
raven black hair, with her head and eyes twitching slightly. Victoria lowers
her head to Kendrick's cock once again and opens her mouth as she guides her
razor-bladed fingernails up his shaft, grazing the sides of his shaft before
reaching the head of his cock. Victoria circles her razor-like fingernails on
the head of his cock, before she removes her hands and shoves his cock deep
inside of her hot mouth.

"Ohhhhhh god... help me...." Kendrick cries out as he starts to cum inside of
Victoria's hot mouth, sending his load right down her throat. Kendrick is
breathing heavily as he hang his head down, "I'm not... the champ... I'm not
the champ..." Kendrick whimpers as his legs go limp, making the ring ropes
wrapped around his arms the only things holding him up.

Victoria picks her head up and stands up with a wicked smirks on her face.
Victoria grits her teeth and then smacks Kendrick across the face "NO ONE
MAKES ME CUM!" Victoria yells at Kendrick "Got it John!?!?"

Behind Victoria, Candice has pulled her robe closed around her hot body,
before she slowly walks towards her vicious comrade and places a hand on
her shoulder, "Vickie... Vickie..." Candice says her name fairly loudly
the second time to get her attention.

Victoria turns around as her body trembles slightly, she slowly cocks her
head and looks at Candice "What..." Victoria says ina rough voice, before
turning her attention back to Kendrick. Victoria's eyes harden and narrows
as she stairs at Brian Kendrick, who she indeed believes to be WWE Champion
John Cena.

"Vickie... that's... not John Cena..." Candice says in a soft soothing voice
as she lightly rubs Victoria's shoulder. "That's just some boy toy..."

Victoria grits her teeth as she continues to stare at Kendrick "Candice...
bring him to me!" Victoria says as she points at Kendrick.

"Ok..." Candice says a bit intimidated by Victoria's tone of voice. She goes
over to Kendrick and unwraps the ropes from her arms. Kendrick collapses
down to the mat instantly, but because of his lightweight, Candice is able
to pull him over to Victoria and sits him up. Candice kneels down and holds
Kendrick's head up so Victoria and get a full view of his face, "See
Vickie... it's not John Cena..."

Victoria looks down at Kendrick and smirks as her head twitches a bit, she
tilts her head back and laughs before she looks back down at Kendrick with a
frightening glare. Victoria, standing over Kendrick, quickly grabs him by the
back of his hair and Victoria rams his head between her legs and places her
hands around his stomach as she uses her strength to impressively lift
Kendrick up and over her back, switching her hands to around Kendrick's neck.
Victoria then drops down quickly onto her knees delivering the devastating
Widow's Peak to Kendrick. Victoria looks at Kendrick's body laying on the mat
and pulls at her raven black hair as she laughs psychotically. Victoria
kneels down getting into Kendrick's face "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT JOHN!? HUH!?
HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!?" Victoria yells.

Candice looks up at Victoria with a bit of fear on her face. She slowly
stands up and takes a deep breath, as she places a hand on Victoria's
shoulder, "Vickie... are you... feeling better?" she asks as she tries to
calm Victoria down. "You just... got back at John..." Victoria laughs as
she slowly stands up with a wicked smirk on her face before turning to
face Candice. Victoria cracks her neck from side to side as she takes a
step towards Candice. Candice swallows a bit as she looks at Victoria as
she comes towards her. Candice starts to think that Victoria is going to
attack her and tries to figure out a way to escape in case she does.
Victoria smirks at Candice as she backs Candice into the one of the
turnbuckles. Victoria narrows her eyes as she looks at Candice before
leaning her head in and kissing her on the lips. Candice is down right
stunned for a moment by Victoria kissing her so suddenly, but she does
kiss her mentally unstable friend back gently as she lightly pushes
herself forward from the turnbuckle.

Victoria breaks the kiss and turns her head looking at the worn out body of
Paul London and then at the body of Brian Kendrick, who received Victoria's
devastating Widow's Peak. Victoria licks her lips and smirks "We did a great
deal of damage, Candice..." Victoria says slightly gritting her teeth.

Candice licks her lips a bit and nods her head, "Yes... yes we did..."
Candice flips her long black hair back and smiles in relief that Victoria
seems to be back to normal, "I think we may have broken our toys..."

Victoria smirks as she takes a step "Don't worry Candice...I have a new toy
in mind for you...and you better play nice..." Victoria laughs wickedly
"...because this one's a true Real Deal..."


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