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Too Hot To Handle Part 15: SmackDown's Real Deal
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In the men's locker room area of the arena where both Raw and SmackDown are
holding a super show taping, the rookie sensation Bobby Lashley is doing
power squats as he warms up the "Last Chance" Battle Royal to gain a spot in
the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania. "95... 96... 97..." Lashley
counts to himself as he counts towards his target goal. "98...99...100..."
Lashley says as he finishes his power squats and reaches over for a towel to
dry the sweat off of his forward when there's a knock on the locker room
door. Lashley wipes his forehead with the towel "Hold on..." He says as he
drapes the towel around his powerful neck before he heads to the locker room
door to open. "Yes?" He says in his soft, polite voice.

On the other side of the door is stunning member of Vince's Devils and the
newest Playboy Playmate, the lovely Candice Michelle. Candice, dressed in a
white skirt and matching white top, flips her silky dark hair back as she
smiles at SmackDown's Real Deal, Bobby Lashley "Hey Bobby..." Candice says
in a soft, seductive voice.

"Oh, hey..." Lashley replies as he looks at Candice for a moment, then he
snaps his fingers as he recalls her name, "You're Candice right? One of the
Raw divas?" He asks with a slightly unsure tone of voice.

Candice nods her head and smiles as she flicks her eyelashes "Yeah...that's
me, the one and only..." Candice presses her lips together as she enters the
locker room and closes the door behind "And...I shouldn't forget to say, that
I am...the hottest Playboy Covergirl...Ever!"

Lashley smiles a bit, "It's a pleasure to meet you..." Lashley says as he
nods his head slightly. "So... is there anything I can do for you? You need
help with something?" He asks as he takes the towel from around his neck to
wipe some more sweat from his body. Lashley is also just wearing his black
wrestling tights.

Candice turns away slightly so that her back is towards Lashley "No...
Bobby...I was just hearing you're a big deal here on SmackDown..." Candice
says as she slowly and secretly picks up Lashley's water bottle and twists
the top off "...And...I just wanted to meet you..." Candice continues to
say as she reaches into the cleavage of her top and pulls out a small white
tablet. Candice drops the tablet into the water bottle and the tablet
dissolves in the water. She twists the top back on the bottle and smirks to
herself before setting the bottle back down on the table and turns back to
Lashley with a soft smile on her face "I'm've heard things about

Lashley drops the towel on the bench and shrugs, "Uh I've heard some
things... but I try not to pay attention to rumors," Lashley replies as he
walks around Candice and picks up the bottle of water she was just tampering
with. "And I don't like to make judgments until I get to know people."

Candice's eyes lighten up with a smirk on her face as she watches Lashley
pick up the water bottle. Candice licks her lips as she places her hands on
her slender hips "Well...I'll tell you this...they might be true...and they
might not be true."

Lashley twists off the top of the bottle, "Yeah, that's very true... but you
don't seem like the rumors..." Lashley says before he takes a long drink of

Candice smirks wickedly as she watches Lashley take a drink from the bottle
"Really?" Candice raises her eyebrow "What exactly...have you heard?" Candice
asks in a soft tone.

Lashley sets the bottle of water down, and blinks his eyes a bit, "Oh... I
heard... that... you can be... a bit... bitchy..." Lashley places a hand on
the table and shakes his head a bit.

Candice slowly licks her lips as she watches Lashley, she takes a step
towards him and places a hand on his bare chest " ok?"

"Yeah... I think... so...." Lashley closes his eyes as he starts to stagger a
bit on his feet. "Oh man... I feel... weird..." Lashley says as he turns to
face the table and places both his hands on the table to support himself.

Candice flips her silky hair back as she slides her left hand through her
soft hair with a mischievous smirk "Bobby...Bobby...allow me to let you in...
on a little secret..."

"Huh?" Lashley says as he opens his eyes and looks at Candice. He starts
breathing a bit hard as he tries to keep himself standing.

Candice leans in towards Lashley with a smirk on her face "Bobby....Mr. Real
Deal...I'm..." Candice turns her head and whispers into his ear "I'm...a
Devil...." Candice closes her eyes and softly kisses his left cheek, before
getting a sexy, wicked smirk on her beautiful face.

"What... are... you..." Before Lashley can finish his question, the former
armature wrestling champion goes down to his knees. "What... are... you...
talking... about..." Lashley says before he closes his eyes to try and
compose himself as he tries to fight the effects of the substance that was
in his water.

Candice smirks and she kneels down on the floor in front of Lashley, locking
her soft, but yet sinister eyes with him "Bobby...I'm a Devil...and right're going to face...hell.." Candice softly replies, before pushes
Lashley back and makes him lay down on the cold floor. Since Lashley is
feeling the effects of the substance, he was very easy for Candice to make
him lay down.

"Face... hell...." Lashley says in confusion as he tries to sit up, but
because of the substance in his system, he's unable to and lays on the cold
floor of the locker room.

Candice flips her silky dark hair back once again with that same wicked,
Victoria-like smirk on her face as she leans down and crawls up between
Lashley's slightly spread legs. Candice reaches Lashley's crotch and waist
region and pulls down his black workout shorts.

Lashley's large black cock becomes free from his shorts within a few moments,
and lays lifelessly between his legs. Lashley lifts his head off the floor a
bit and squints his eyes, "Wwwwwhat... aarrrre youuuu... dooooing..." Lashley
slurs his words as he lifts his arms a bit, but they feel so heavy to him he
drops them floor.

Candice looks at Lashley and simply smirks as she wraps both of her smooth,
soft hands around the large, black cock of Lashley. Candice begins to slowly
move her hands up and then back down his shaft as she starts to feel his cock
gradually harden and come to life in her hands. "Uhhhh..." Lashley moans
quietly as he closes his eyes. He lays his head back on the floor as he tries
to gather his strength, but he feels his body becoming even less responsive
as his cock becomes a extremely hard in Candice's skilled hands.

Candice slowly leans down her head and presses her wet, warm tongue against
the head of Lashley's cock. Candice begins to tap her tongue against the tip
as she cups his ballsack with her hands and begins to massage and rub his
sack, while her tongue taps become harder on the head of his cock. "Ahhhh...
Can... Cannndice... this.... isss.." Lashley cannot complete his thought as
Candice's warm tongue distracts him greatly as he tries to focus. His
breathing starts to slow down slightly, but when he tries to move, his
breathing quickens greatly.

Candice circles her skilled tongue around the head of Lashley's cock, before
she opens her hot mouth and lowers her head down onto his cock. Candice wraps
her lips softly around his shaft and starts to teasingly bob her head at an
extremely slow rate.

"Ohhhh god..." Lashley moans. The substance in his system that has completely
weakened the powerful young man doesn't at all hinder his ability to feel the
sensual action that Candice is performing. He raise his right hand a bit but
he soon lays it on the floor, showing he's not giving up trying to move.

Candice gradually tightens the grip of her lips around Lashley's cock as she
takes him deep into her warm, wet mouth. Slightly bobbing her head a bit
quicker, she starts to lap her tongue around his shaft before lashing her
tongue violently against his shaft while she sucks. "Ohhh... uhhh... damn...
it..." Lashley moans as he closes his eyes softly, "What... is... wrong...
with meeee...." He whispers softly. He bites his bottom lip as Candice's
continued oral assault overwhelms him and also has him trying to thrust his
cock up into her mouth.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Lashley's cock and looks at him with a
smirk on her face as she reaches down and lifts her white top off of her
body as she sits up on her knees, revealing her large chest concealed by a
black-laced bra. Lashley opens his eyes as when he feels Candice's mouth no
longer on his dick, when he sees her large bra covered chest he blinks his
eyes. "I... I... think... I need... a doctor..." He says as he closes his
eyes again.

Candice laughs a bit as she stands up from the floor and pushes her white
skirt down from her waist and down her smooth, soft legs, revealing her
pantie-less cleanly shaven, smoothly pussy. Candice reaches over her
shoulder and unclips her bra, slowly peeling it away from her large and
perky tits. Candice looks down at her stunning body and licks lips "Mmmm...

Lashley looks up at her and groans, "Candice.... I... I need... a doctor...
please...." He says as he tries to just keep his eyes open for a long period
of time.

Candice flips her silky hair back and smiles as she kneels back down onto
the floor "'re fine, you can trust me, can't you?" Candice
asks with a sly smirk as she gently mounts herself on Lashley's large, black

"Ahhhh..." Lashley moans loudly as he feels Candice's tight pussy lower onto
his large black cock. He looks up at her with a worried look, "I... I don't
know... we... we just met... and... and... I feel... so weak..."

Candice tilts her head back and laughs softly as she starts to rock back and
forth on Lashley's large cock, beginning to grind her pussy against his cock
as she rocks her body on his cock "'s're just
getting a special treatment...from a Devil..." Candice replies in a soft tone
as she starts to now bounce on Lashley's cock "Mmmm...Ohhhh...Bobby." Candice

"Ahhhh... ahhh... a... devil..." Lashley says quietly as he moans nonstop.
He watches Candice's elegant body move up and down on his cock, and in his
dazed, weaken state, to him, Candice looks like an angel. He closes his eyes
and presses his grits his teeth slightly as he tries to thrust up into her.

Candice closes her eyes as she slams down suddenly hard on Lashley's cock
"Ohhhh fuck..." Candice groans as she places her hands on Lashley's muscular
chest and starts bucking her hips as she rides his cock wildly and furiously.

"Ahhhh ohhh man...." Lashley moans as he continues to try to push his cock
up into Candice's pussy. "Ohhh god... you're.... I... uhhh... damn... it..."
Lashley groans as his vision starts to become increasingly blurry.

Candice slightly grits her teeth as she slams down harder on Lashley's thick
cock " I....Too Hot...To Handle?" Candice asks in a moan
as she rides his cock at a quick, powerful rate.

Lashley blinks his eyes and squints as he tries to look at Candice. Sweat
starts to build up on his face and forehead, as well as his muscular chest.
"I... I... don't... I... don't know... god...ohhhh I feel... soooo...
tired..." Lashley replies as he voice is now barely hearable over Candice's
own moans. Candice comes down once again on Lashley's black cock and stays
down, keeping his cock deep inside of her warm, tight cunt as she starts to
push herself down on his cock, grinding her pussy sharply against Lashley's
throbbing thick cock.

"Ahhh... ohhhh.... ahhhh I'mmmm... ohhh..." Lashley moans loudly as he starts
to cum inside of Candice's tight pussy. His breathing becomes heavy and rapid
as he tries to stay awake.

Candice laughs as she tilts her head back once again "Ohhhh...I'm...Too Hot!"
Candice moans with a shriek as she feels Lashley's cum rush into her pussy

"Ohhh.. ahhhh damn..." Lashley moans as he closes his eyes completely and
starts to fall to the power of the substance in his system combined with his
own climax.

Candice licks her lips as she slowly pushes herself off of Lashley's cock and
stands up, flipping her silky black hair back. She places her left hand on
her left hip as she starts to walk towards her clothing, laying on the floor.
Candice looks back at Lashley and smirks "Another fallen Superstar...courtesy
of...Vince's Devils"

Lashley opens his eyes one more time, "It... was... true..." He says weakly
before he passes out completely on the floor of the locker room.


At the other end of the arena, the leader of Vince's Devils, the vicious
vixen Victoria is standing in front of the mirror as she looks at herself the
joint Raw/SmackDown Women's Locker room, which happens to be empty for the
moment. Victoria looks back at herself in the reflection of the mirror as she
dressed in a black t-shirt and a tight pair of black pants. Victoria gently
pulls on her raven black hair as she looks at herself into mirror. Victoria
grits her teeth as her head twitches slightly. "No one...make me cum..."
Victoria says to herself out loud as she narrows her fiery eyes into a cold,
frightening glare "NO ONE!" Victoria starts to breath heavily as she grits
ME!" Victoria yells as she seems to calm down for a second as she cocks her
head a bit as she now blankly stares at herself in the mirror. Victoria
begins to laugh wickedly as she balls her left hand into a fist and swings
the fist into the mirror. Victoria lets out loud scream as her fist
connections with mirror and mirror shatters into pieces. Victoria tilts her
head back and laughs wickedly, before she slowly looks down at her left hand
and sees her own blood dripping off of her hand from the broken glass of the
mirror. Victoria stares at her blood dripping down the back of her hand, she
grits her teeth and glares as her head twitches " did this to me...
John...YOU DID IT!" Victoria screams as she continues to watch the blood
drip off and down her left hand.

Out in the hallway, SmackDown's fashion consultant, Sylvan is walking towards
the make-up area. He's dressed in his sky-blue colored sleeveless ring robe,
and his sky blue wrestling tights and white rim sunglasses that have a
grayish tint to the lens. He hears the scream coming from within the women's
locker room and smirks. "Someone must realize their outfit is trashy...
better offer my expert services..." Sylvan says to himself with a cocky
smile. He turns around and heads back towards where the door of the women's
locker room is and knocks on it once. "Hello?" He says as he starts to open
the door, "Is everything all right in here?" Sylvan pokes his head into the
room, and but doesn't see the room's only occupant, Victoria, who is out of
his sight range.

Victoria slowly turns around as she pulls at her raven black hair with her
right hand as her head twitches, teeth gritted while she looks down at her
left slightly bloody hand. Victoria slowly lifts her head up and looks
directly at Sylvan, her eyes harden instantly into a glare "What!?" Victoria

Sylvan jumps a bit when he hears Victoria's voice. He enters the room and
stands by the door, "Oh... I was passing by... and I heard a scream..."
Sylvan says, then he takes a look at Victoria's clothing but he doesn't
noticed the broken mirror or Victoria's bloody hand, "And I can see why...
that outfit... is totally... completely tacky."

Victoria raises her eyebrow a bit as she lowers her slightly bloody left hand
"Oh...really?" Victoria says as she grits her teeth, glaring at Sylvan.

Sylvan nods his head, "Yes... black is defiantly not your color..." Sylvan
closes the door and walks towards Victoria, and then walks around he checks
out her outfit. "Hmmmm... you would look better in a bright red top... maybe
something sleeveless... that shows a bit of your belly..."

Victoria cocks her head slowly towards Sylvan "Really...well..." Victoria
laughs sinisterly "You know what I think?"

"Yes... I would like to know what you think," Sylvan says as he stops in
front of her, "This way I know how to help you not be horrified by your
choice of clothing."

Victoria narrows her eyes into a frightening glare "I should...
SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Victoria yells as she raises her left hand and looks at
the blood still dripping from her hand. Victoria's head twitches as she
points at Sylvan "You did this to me, DIDN'T YOU!?"

Sylvan looks at Victoria's bloody left hand and gets a disgusted look on his
face, "What... I did not do that to you..." Sylvain shakes his head, "You did
that to yourself... and I can see why, your clothing would drive anyone to
self mutilation."

Victoria starts breathing heavily as she grits her teeth tighter together as
she glares at Sylvan "You're gonna pay! Just like John Cena...YOU'RE GONNA
FUCKING PAY!" Victoria yells as she pulls at her raven black hair.

Sylvan raise an eyebrow, "Pay for what? I didn't do anything..." Sylvan
shakes his head, "You're insane...." He start to turn around to leave, "I'm
going to find someone who appreciate good fashion advice, good day..." Sylvan
unwisely turns his back to Victoria as he starts to head to the locker room

Victoria reaches forward with her right hand and grabs Sylvan on back of his
head with his short hair and yanks his head back slightly "I don't think so!"
Victoria replies gritting her teeth before she viciously pushes Sylvan down
onto the floor of the Women's Locker room.

Sylvain rolls on the floor a bit and soon gets on his back, "What... is your
problem?" He says with a furious look on his face when he runs his hand over
his hair, "You... you messed up my hair, you bitch!"

Victoria's cold, fiery eyes widen a bit "What did you call me!?" Victoria
says as she stands over Sylvan who is laying on the floor. Victoria grits
her teeth as she places her left foot on Sylvan's chest, powerfully pinning
him to the floor "WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY!?"

"I called you a bitch!" Sylvain yells as he grabs Victoria's left ankle and
tries to push her foot off of his chest. "And get your boot off of my chest!
I just had my chest hair waxed!"

Victoria removes her foot from on top of Sylvan's chest, but then swiftly
gives him a stiff kick to his side. Victoria glares down at Sylvan as she
reaches down and picks up his feet and pulls him over towards the couch.

Sylvain clutches his side as he deals with the pain from Victoria's kick, but
then he realizes something else that hurts him much more "Ahhhh you fucking
bitch! You're ruined my robe!" Sylvan screams at her once she's dragged him
completely over to the couch. "You're gonna pay for getting it fixed! It was
made from a very expensive material!"

Victoria laughs wickedly as she shakes her head "" Victoria grits
her teeth "You're gonna pay!" Victoria yells as she roughly pulls down his
sky blue wrestling tights.

"BE FUCKIGN CAREFUL! THOSE ARE CUSTOM MADE!" Sylvan screams as he sees how
Victoria is treating his clothing. He gets a very angry look on his face as
he sits up, resulting in the light of the of the room to reflect a bit on
the lens of his sunglasses.

Victoria grits her teeth as she raises her right hand and backhands Sylvan
across the face, smacking his sunglasses off "SHUT UP!" Victoria yells,
before she grabs the collar of her black t-shirt with her right hand and
rips the t-shirt off of her body.

Sylvan holds his face his pain and glares up at Victoria, "If... I have a
bruise on my face... I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." Sylvan's voice wavers as he
trying to come up with a threat, but he's distracted noticeably as he sees
Victoria's hot upper body.

Victoria looks back down at her slightly bloody left hand as she pushes her
black pants down with her right. Victoria slowly looks up and points at
Sylvan "You're gonna pay for this..." Victoria says as she steps out of her
pants and begins to approach the couch.

Sylvan glares back at her, "I didn't do that to you... you... you
psychopath!" Sylvan grits his teeth as he continues to rub his face. He
starts to get up from the couch but only stands up halfway before Victoria
shoves him back down onto the couch. Victoria gets onto the couch and mounts
herself onto Sylvan's lap. Victoria sits up on his lap and reaches between
her legs with her right hand and wraps her hand around Sylvan's cock.
Victoria begins to quickly move her right hand against his cock to harden
him up. Sylvan moans a bit with how Victoria is stroking his cock, "What
the... ahh hell are you doing... stop that!" Sylvan yells as he places his
hands on her hips to try and push the deranged diva off of his lap.

Victoria grits her teeth as she throws herself back onto his cock once it's
semi-hard. Victoria slams down hard on Sylvan's cock taking him into her
warm, tight pussy. Victoria lowers her head locking her glaring eyes with
Sylvan's eyes as she starts to roughly ride his cock.

"Owwww... you stupid... bitch!" Sylvan as tries to lift Victoria off of his
cock, but with the way she's riding his cock, he only succeeds in helping her
come down extremely hard on his dick. Sylvan glares back into Victoria's eyes
with a fury that is uncommon for him.

Victoria grits her teeth as she slams herself down hard on Sylvan's cock,
taking it deeper into her vice-like tight pussy "Ohhh...ahhh!" Victoria
screams "You're gonna fucking pay!" Victoria holds up her left hand, showing
Sylvan the blood on her hand "Look at what you did!" Victoria yells before
she smacks him across the face with her left hand.

Sylvan glares back at Victoria as he grits his teeth so hard that Victoria
can hear the grinding sound they make, "I didn't do that! You fucking bitch!"
Sylvan bucks his hips upward and drives his shaft into her pussy as he feels
drips of Victoria's own blood trickle down his face.

Victoria sits up on Sylvan's lap as she bounces quick and rapidly on his
cock. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs as she reaches her hands up to
pull on her raven black hair "You're gonna pay...just like John Cena will
pay!" Victoria yells as she slams herself down hard once again on Sylvan's
cock, before yanking her body back, roughly pulling his cock with her.

Sylvan clenches his eyes shut as he digs his finger nails into Victoria's
firms thighs to see if that slows her down, "I... don't care about your
fucking problems with... that street thug!" Sylvan yells as his cock starts
to erupt inside of Victoria's ultra tight and hot pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as she feels Sylvan's cum enter her pussy.
Victoria's body slightly twitches as she lowers her head to look at Sylvan
directly in the eyes with a solid fiery glare. Victoria begins to laugh
psychotically as she then looks down at her slightly bloody left hand.

"What... is your... fucking problem... huh?" Sylvan asks as he finally starts
to get un-nerved with how Victoria is laughing and looking at her bloody left

Victoria gets off of Sylvan's cock as he remains laying on the couch.
Victoria reaches behind Sylvan's head and picks up a lamp that was sitting on
the side table next to the couch. Victoria smirks wickedly as Sylvan starts
to sit up unaware what the vicious vixen is up to. Sylvan slowly turns his
head to look however at the same time, Victoria slams the lamp down onto
Sylvan's head. A second after the Victoria strikes him with the lamp, Sylvan
falls to the floor of the locker room, and blood starts to pour from where he
was struck. He doesn't move at all, but he is still breathing, but he's
breathing very faintly.

Victoria stands up and pulls at her raven black hair, laughing psychotically
"You...had to pay.." Victoria grits her teeth, before she looks down once
again at her own bloody left hand. Victoria suddenly pauses and raises her
eyebrow as she hears two muffled voice outside of the locker room walking
down the hallway. Victoria eyes narrow into a frightening glare as she
instantly recognizes one of the voices. Victoria glances over to the counter
and spots a black silk bathrobe, probably belonging to Candice Michelle, and
puts the bathrobe over her nude body. Victoria slowly steps out into the
hallway shortly after the two individuals had passed by the door. Victoria
looks forward as she sees WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Women's Champion
Trish Stratus walking away from her, heading down the hallway, the two are
walking side by side. Trish laughs a little and shakes her head "John,
buddy...I'm telling you, that Mickie James is a complete psycho." Trish rolls
her eyes "I'm glad she doesn't look up to me anymore..."

John laughs as he pats Trish's arm, "I would be too if I was you, but you did
handle it the right way. You broke it off easily, and I'm sure she'll go off
and drive someone else nuts."

Trish turns her head and smiles at John "I wouldn't wish that on my worst
enemy.." Trish says with a laugh. Trish then pauses " want to go get
a bite to eat?"

John nods, "I'd love too... and I'll buy this time... can't let you pay for
every meal, you know." John smiles as he slides a hand over his short hair.

Trish laughs a little "Ohhh...well aren't you just a sweetheart.." Trish says
as she jokingly rolls her eyes as Victoria slowly watches Trish Stratus and
John Cena turn the corner and out of her vision.

Victoria grits her teeth as she has a solid, wicked glare on her face as her
head twitches. "I....I haven't...forgotten, John! I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN!"
Victoria yells as she balls both of her fists tightly " make me cum.
NO ONE! YOU HEAR THAT JOHN, NO ONE MAKES ME CUM!" Victoria starts to laugh
psychotically as she pulls on her raven black hair "I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN!"


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