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Too Hot To Handle Part 16: The Cutting Edge
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the locker room belonging to Vince's Devil's, Candice Michelle is
pulling on a tight black, low cut top onto her body as she's talking to her
partner in sexual crime, the vicious vixen Victoria, as they prepare to go
searching for another victim, "Mmmm Vickie... we've gone through so many of
those... weak little boys..." Candice says as she lowers the shirt down over
her chest, she then picks up a black mini-skirt and prepares to put it on,
"But who shall we... play with next..." Candice asks with a smile as she
licks her lips.

Victoria, dressed in black sports bra top and tight black pants, smirks as
she looks at Candice. Victoria raises her eyebrow slightly as she narrows
her dark, eyes full of hatred "Well Candice...we can just walk around...see
who we bump into..." Victoria eyes narrow more as her head starts to twitch
slightly as she grits her teeth "Or...we can pay...John Cena...a little
visit.." Victoria says as her body starts to tremble in anger, while eyes
and head twitch.

Candice sighs, "Vickie... we've already taken care of John Cena... he's old
news..." Candice pulls her skirt up her beautiful legs, "Besides... there's
many more other guys we haven't gone after yet..."

Victoria grits her teeth as she turns toward Candice and points at her "John
Cena! He...he...EMBARASSED ME!" Victoria yells "I HATE HIM! YOU HEAR NE...I
HATE HIM!" Victoria yells as she starts breathing heavily as her face turns
a fiery red in anger.

Candice frowns, "Vickie, you can't..." Before Candice can finish her reply,
someone knocking on the door interrupts her. She folds her arms and sighs,
"Hold on.." She says as she looks back at Victoria while she makes sure her
own top is straight, "We'll figure out what we're going to do in a bit..."
Candice says as she starts to walk to the door.

Victoria turns her head to the closed door and glares, gritting her teeth
"Let me get!" Victoria slightly yells at Candice as she starts to walk
towards the door. Victoria gently pushes Candice out of the way, allowing
her to reach the door first. Victoria swings the door open and grits her
teeth with a fiery glare in her eyes "What do you want!?" Victoria yells
as she doesn't look at who the individual is. Candice stands behind
Victoria and folds her arms as she looks over Victoria's shoulder at the

Candice licks her lips as she takes a step closer to the door "Mmmm...
Victoria...I think our problem we had just a minute ago, might be solved..."

On the out side of the locker, stands Matt Hardy with look of anger on his
face. He slides his hands into his jeans pockets and looks at Victoria and
Candice, "I need a favor from you... both of you."

Victoria raises her eyebrow as she locks a glare on Matt "A favor?" Victoria
asks as she folds her arms. Candice slides a bit in between Victoria and the
door frame, standing in the doorway with Victoria.

Candice licks her lips as she looks at Matt and smile "Hey Matt..." Candice
says in a soft, seductive voice.

Matt nods his head as he looks at Candice, "Hi Candice..." He then looks back
at Victoria, "Yes... I need a favor... I've heard about how... devilish you
both can be..."

Victoria narrows her eyes on Matt "Oh really..." Victoria grits her teeth
"You got a problem with that!?" Victoria snaps and yells slightly.

Candice places her hands on Victoria's arms to calm her down "Victoria...
Victoria...calm down, let's just listen to what Matt has to say." Candice
says with a nods, before winking at Matt.

Victoria takes a deep breath before nodding as well "Fine...but make it
quick, you got it!?"

"Fine..." Matt takes a breath, "I need you to go after someone... I need you
to go after..." Matt's face gets a disgusted look on his face, "I need you to
go after Edge..."

Victoria unfolds her arms and moves them, placing her hands on her hips
"Really? For what!?" Victoria says once again snapping at Matt. Candice looks
at Matt and smiles a bit.

"Matt...Excuse Victoria, she's just having a bad day, right Vicki?" Candice
says as she places hand on Candice's shoulder.

Victoria glares at Matt "Start talking or leave!" Victoria yells.

"That dirty son of a bitch... he and... his bitch Lita... they violated...
Ashley..." Matt says as spits a bit after every word, while he can barely
contain his fury as he balls his fists. "I want... him... to pay for what
he's done!"

Victoria grits her teeth as she raises her eyebrow "Edge...he did...WHAT!?"
Victoria yells as she looks at Matt glare.

Candice's eyes widen a bit "Victoria...I thought we told him..." Victoria
turns her head and looks at Candice.

"Obviously, Edge didn't learn his lesson the last time..." Victoria says with
gritted teeth as she cracks her neck from side to side.

Matt raises an eyebrow, and then he smiles a bit, "Looks like... you have a
reason to go after him then... to make sure he learns whatever lesson you
taught him..." Matt says as he folds his arms.

Victoria grits her teeth as she pulls at her raven black hair "Don't worry
Matt...we'll make sure he fucking pays!" Victoria yells as her left eyes
starts to twitch.

Candice nods her head with a smile "That's right Matt, don't worry...Victoria
and I will take care of him...because...if you haven't heard...Victoria and I
are...Too Hot... To... Handle..." Candice says with a slight seductive shriek
in her voice.

Matt smiles a bit, "Yeah... I've heard that... now... if you two need me for
anything... just let me know... anything you guys want, just name it."

A wicked smirk appears on the face of the vicious vixen, Victoria "Oh Matt...
before we go after Edge, Candice and I...will need something...from you!"
Victoria yells slightly as she grabs Matt by the collar of his t-shirt and
yanks Matt into the locker room of Vince's Devils.

Candice laughs with delight "Ohhhh...Victoria! You read my mind!" Candice
says as she closes the locker room door and locks it, locking Matt Hardy in
with the sexual dominators, Victoria and Candice Michelle.

Later That Night...

"That big nosed bastard..." Edge says as he walks back to his locker room
from the ring. Dressed only in his black wrestling tights, Edge is shaking
his head, "Triple H just had to stick his nose into my match with Cena...
again!" He yells as his sinful seductress walks behind him.

Lita catches up with her boyfriend Edge, walking side by side with him
"Baby...Triple H was just jealous because he wasn't MAN...enough to beat
John Cena, like you did..." Lita replies as she folds her arms under her
large chest as she walks, dressed in black pair of tight pants and a
low-cut black top, showing her stunning cleavage. Lita shakes her head
"Both Cena and Triple H know they can't win against a...REAL man, like
you." Lita says as she rolls her eyes.

"Yeah that's right..." Edge nods his head as puts an arm around Lita's waist,
"Those two just want to hold me back..." Edge says as they approach their
locker room. He wipes some sweat off of his forehead with the back of his
hand. "You know baby... I'm gonna need some cheering up..." Edge smirks as
they stop right outside their locker room door.

Lita tilts her head back and smiles as she licks her teeth " know
I can always cheer you up."

"I know you can..." Edge licks his teeth as he pushes the locker room door
open with his left arm. "Now get in there..." Edge says with a smirk as he
pushes Lita inside.

"Mmmm Baby... I..." Lita trails off as she steps into the semi-dark room. She
looks back at Edge, "Baby... didn't we leave the lights on..."

"Yeah we did..." Edge says as he steps into the locker room and closes the
door. Edge looks around for the light switch to turn up the lights, but then
his eyes become locked on the leather couch sitting against the back wall.
Specifically, his eyes are locked on the elegant form of Candice Michelle
who's laying on the couch dress in her black silky bathrobe. Edge grits his
teeth and starts breathing heavily, "What... the fuck... are you doing

Lita folds her arms as she look looks at Candice, "Yeah... this is our locker
room," she adds as she flips her red hair back.

Candice slowly sits up on the couch as she flips her silky black hair back,
she licks her lips "So...we meet again, Edge..." Candice says in a soft,
seductive voice as she slowly stands up from the couch.

Edge's eyes narrow as he glares at Candice, "Yeah... and you just made a big
fucking mistake coming here..." Edge licks his teeth, "I've been waiting to
get my hands on you..." Edge says with a smirk.

Lita also gets a smirk on her face, "Yeah Candice... I know what you and
those other sluts did to my man... and now you're gonna get what's coming
to you," Lita says as eyes Candice up, "Go get her baby... show her who's

"Oh I will Lita..." Edge says as he starts to walk towards Candice.
Candice stands firmly and smirks at Edge as she watches him approach her,
surprisingly she budge or move an inch as the perverted Rated R Superstar
closes in on the delightful devil, Candice. Suddenly the leader of Vince's
Devils, Victoria, steps into the doorway of Edge's locker room. Victoria
slyly enters the locker room and quietly closes the door before her.
Victoria steps behind Lita and quickly grabs a hold of Lita's fiery red
hair and yanks Lita's head back. Victoria grits her teeth as she glares at
Edge's back, while she firmly holds on to Lita's hair.

"Ahhhhh!" Lita screams out as her head is jerked back by Victoria. She
reaches back and tries to grab Victoria's arm even though she doesn't know
it's the psychotic beauty that has her hair. Edge stops in his track and
turns around to see what made Lita cry out and his eyes narrow once more
when he locks eyes with Victoria.

"Another fucking whore..." Edge grits his teeth.

Victoria grits her teeth as she locks her fiery glared eyes with Edge as she
tightens the grip she has on Lita's hair. "I thought we made it clear the
last time...that you stop fucking around with the Divas..." Victoria tilts
her head back and laughs psychotically as she holds Lita by the hair
"Obviously you didn't take the warning seriously..." Victoria says as she
grits her teeth. Victoria then lets go of Lita's hair and in an instant
closes her left fist and swings her fist into the back of Lita's head.

Following the blow from Victoria's fist, Lita stumbles forward and goes down
to her knees in between Victoria and Edge. She holds the back of her head in
pain, "Owwww shit... you bitch!" Lita screams as she looks up at Victoria
with a glare.

Edge grits his teeth as he balls his first, "You shouldn't have done that you
fucking cunt!" Edge yells as he's about to rush over to spear Victoria, but
at the same time, he forgets about Candice who's standing right behind him.
Candice licks her lips as she reaches down for one of Edge's belts laying on
the floor. Candice picks up the belt and just as Edge is about to rush
towards Victoria, Candice whips the belt against Edge's upper back, leaving
an instant red mark from the lash of the belt.

"Ahhhhhh fuck!" Edge screams out in pain he feels from the belt after Candice
lashed it across his back. He goes down to one knee and reaches back to rub
his back.

"Baby... are you ok..." Lita says as she crawls over towards Edge, and to get
away from Victoria who is standing over her.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs "'ve fuck one too many
divas, and now it's time to....PAY!" Victoria says as she steps over Lita and
leans over, grabbing a hold of Edge's hair and picks his head up "YOU HEAR ME
EDGE!? YOU HEAR ME!?" Victoria yells as her head twitches in anger. Victoria
uses her powerful strength and lifts Edge up onto his feet by the use of his
hair. Victoria looks at Candice and nods "You take care of the red-headed
bitch..." Victoria says as she kicks Edge onto the leather couch.

Candice licks her lips and nods "Sure thing, Victoria..." Candice says as she
approaches Lita, with the belt she used on Edge in her hands.

"Owww you slut!" Edge screams as Victoria yanks pulls on his hair. He grabs
both of the raven-haired woman's wrists and tries to pull her hands off his
hair, but only succeeds in helping her pull on his hair.

Lita looks up at Candice approaching her and starts scooting backwards on the
floor, "You... you stay away from me!" Lita screams as she turns over and
starts to frantically crawl to the locker room door.

Candice laughs as she lowers the belt and swings the belt against the lower
portion of Lita's back "Ohhh...Too Hot...." Candice moans softly as she whips
Lita's back again, while she starts to undo her black silk bathrobe. Victoria
grits her teeth as she reaches down and rips off Edge's black wrestling
tights. Victoria starts breathing heavily as she locks her eyes with him.

"We warned you...before Edge!" Victoria yells as she backhands Edge across
the face with her left hand.

"Who do you fucking think you are?!" Edge yells back at Victoria as he holds
his face after Victoria backhanded him. Edge then reaches for and grabs the
front of Victoria's sports-bra top and rips it off her with the theory that
she'll let him go to cover her self up.

Meanwhile, Lita is screaming in pain as Candice continues to whip her back,
"Ahhhh STOP IT! OWWW!" Lita cries out as she's already crying from the sharp
pain created each time the belt crashed down on her lower back, leaving sever
red streaks to mark where Candice whipped her.

Candice tilts her head back and laughs as she quits hitting Lita's back
with the belt. Candice bends over and picks up Lita and sits her on a metal
folding chair nearby. The physically abused Lita sits in the chair as Candice
walks behind her in the chair and ties her hands behind her back with Edge's
belt. Candice smiles and pats Lita on top of the head "Now just
sit tight, ok?" Candice says with a laugh before she starts to walk towards
the couch where Victoria has tied Edge's hands together by the use of his
black wrestling tights. Victoria looks down at Edge as he lays hand bounded
on the couch, gritting her eyes with a fiery and frightening glare.

"Edge...IT'S TIME TO FUCKING PAY!" Victoria says as she reaches down with
her left hand and wraps her hand around Edge's cock as she begins to slowly
stroke his cock, gradually tightening her grip.

Lita looks down for a moment as she tries to free her hands from the belt
that is holding them behind the metal chair. She then looks up and seeing
Victoria's hand on Edge's hardening cock makes her jaw drop open. "GET AWAY
FROM HIM YOU WHORE!" Lita screams watches Victoria's hand gets Edge's cock
fully hard.

Edge grits his teeth while he twists and turns his hands to try and break his
own wrestling tights that Victoria used to bind his hands together. "You just
love my cock you bitch!" Edge screams as he tries to kick Victoria away from

Victoria tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she tightens the grip of
her left hand, practically squeezing Edge's hardened shaft "We warned you
once already..." Victoria says as she glares at him. Candice licks her lips
as she slides her hands through her soft, silky hair while kneeling down at
the end of the couch and reaches her two fingers forward, before quickly
inserting her two fingers into Edge's tight asshole.

Candice licks her lips "Ohhhh Victoria....We're Too...Hot..."

Victoria smirks a bit as she lets go of Edge's cock and steps away from him,
she looks at Candice with a slight glare "You take Edge...I'll make the
bitch's life a living hell..." Victoria says with a wicked smirk on her face
as she turns around to face Lita, and begins to slowly approach her.

"You dumb skank! STOP THAT!" Edge groans uncomfortably as he feels Candice's
fingers moving in and out of his asshole. He tries to move away from her, but
Candice compensates by moving closer to keep her finders buried in his ass.
Meanwhile Lita's face has almost completely drained of color as she watches
Victoria take her time coming towards her.

"You... you stay away from me!" Lita screams as she tries pushing herself and
the chair away from Victoria.

Victoria laughs wickedly as she kneels down in front of Lita and begins to
pull Lita's black pants "You know Lita..." Victoria says as she grits her
teeth, glaring at Lita "..I have no problem violating a stupid slut like
YOU!" Victoria yells as she completely yanks off Lita's pants, followed by
her thong. Meanwhile as Candice roughly pumps her two fingers in and out of
Edge's asshole, she leans her head down and opens her mouth taking the tip
of Edge's cock into her mouth. Candice wraps her lips tightly around the
head of Edge's cock and begins to roughly bob her head on his cock, matching
the same pace at which she is pumping her fingers into his asshole.

"Ohhhh shit..." Edge groans as he instinctively thrusts his cock forward
into Candice's mouth each time she pushes her fingers all the way into his
asshole. He looks down at her with a very uncomfortable look on his face,
"You... dirty... bitch... watch... once I get free... I'll... I'll fuck you
up... just like that blond bimbo Torrie..." Edge then spits down on Candice's
head when he feels her fingernails scratching the inside of his ass.

Meanwhile Lita is kicking her legs wildly to defend her self any way she can
from Victoria, "Stop this... I'm... I'm not a fucking dyke like you!"

Victoria grits her teeth as she locks her eyes with Lita "Bitch...time to
pay...or...should say play.." Victoria says with a smirk as she laughs
wickedly before she jams three of her fingers up into Lita's loosely and
warm pussy. Victoria licks her teeth as she feels the warmth of Lita's
pussy against her three fingers as she begins to thrust her fingers deeper
into Lita's pussy.

Meanwhile, Candice slowly lifts her head up from Edge's cock after feeling
his spit land on her head. Candice narrows her eyes a bit and shakes her
head "Ohhhh...Edge...that's a no-no..." Candice says in a soft voice as she
quickly yanks her fingers out of Edge's asshole and flips her silky hair
back, climbing onto the couch and straddling Edge's lapping, slamming her
body down suddenly on Edge's stiff cock.

"Uhhhh fuck..... you!" Edge moans as he feels Candice's tight pussy clamp
down on his cock. He grinds his teeth together and looks towards Lita to see
what Victoria is doing to her, and what he sees makes Edge's stomach churn.
"Hey... you... fucking... psycho... get away from my slut!" Edge yells as
Lita bites down on her bottom lip.

"Ohhh stop that..." Lita cries out as Victoria's three long fingers probe her
pussy. Lita closes her eyes shut as tears start to run down her face, not at
all enjoying Victoria's fingers in her pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as she thrust her fingers quicker into Lita's
pussy "Awww...Lita, what's wrong? You don't like being violated!? You didn't
minding do it to ASHLEY!" Victoria yells as she jams a fourth finger into
Lita's loosely and slutty pussy.

Meanwhile back on the couch, Candice groans as she slams down hard on Edge's
cock. She begins to rock her body back and then forward, continually yanking
on Edge's stiff cock as she rides him. " like this Edge? Huh,
Edge!?" Candice moans as she starts to grind her pussy against his cock.

"Get off me... this isn't funny!" Edge moans as he involuntarily thrusts his
cock up into Candice's tight pussy. "You don't have the guts to let a REAL
man like me fuck your whorish cunt 6 ways from Sunday!" Edge then spits right
in Candice's face.

Meanwhile Lita is screaming out in pain as Victoria repeatedly pounds her
pussy with her fingers. Lita raises one leg up and is about to try and kick
Victoria's face, but only ends up draping it over Victoria's shoulder as she
starts moaning. "Mmmmmm ahhhh ohhh what'... the fuck... does that bitch have
to do... ahhhh owww with you?!" Lita moans as she tilts her head back as
tears continue to pour down her cheeks.

Candice raises her hand left hand up to right cheek and feels Edge's spit on
her cheek "Ohhh...eww..." Candice says with a disgusted look on her face.
Candice slows down on Edge's cock, but remains positioned on top of him.
Candice glares at Edge as she slaps Edge across the face "Ohhhh...Edge,
you're really stupid." Candice shakes her head as she lifts herself off of
Edge's cock and gets a smirk on her face. Candice looks over her shoulder at
Victoria as the raven-haired vixen thrusts her fingers repeatedly in and out
of Lita's slutty cunt. "Ohh... Victoria...I think Edge needs to be taught a
little lesson.." Victoria slowly removes her fingers from Lita's pussy and
stands up. Victoria folds her arms as she looks at Lita narrowing her eyes
into a glare, she grits her teeth

"Lita...bitch, guess what!?" Victoria smirks "I'm through playing you..."
Victoria laughs psychotically " haven't paid the price
yet..." Victoria narrows her eyes more as she takes a step back and angles
her body a bit, delivering a swift, hard kick to Lita's chin.

Lita and the chair are knocked backward following Victoria's vicious kick,
and the sinful seductress's head hits the hard cold floor, which completely
knocks her out. Edge sees that happen to his sinful sexpot and grits his
glares up at the hot Playboy Playmate and at the Vicious Vixen as Victoria
turns around to look at him.

Victoria smirks and shrugs "'ve paid the price..." Victoria says to
the knocked-out cold Lita. Victoria focuses her glare on Edge and points at
him as she walks towards him on couch " have it all wrong..."
Victoria says as she grits her teeth, breathing heavily "We gave you a damn
warning. WE GAVE YOU A WARNING!" Victoria yells "Obviously you didn't take
the warning seriously..." Victoria says as she grabs a hold of Edge's hair
and yanks his head " your little slutty girlfriend, Lita, it's FUCKING PAY!" Victoria yells as Candice places hands on her hips
with a smirk "Victoria...he...he spit in my face too!" Victoria looks over
her shoulder at Candice and raises her eyebrow. Victoria turns her head back
to Edge and makes her glare more solid "Is that true?"

Edge looks up at Victoria and smirks, "How about... you find out..." Edge
says as he spits up at Victoria's face, but his saliva lands on Victoria's
firm chest. Edge gets a smirk on his face, "You two bitches are pathetic!"

Victoria slowly looks down at her chest as she watches Edge's saliva drip
off of her chest. Victoria raises her head up and glares at Edge as her head
starts to twitch. Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to pull on her raven
black hair. She begins to breath heavily "Bad move..." Victoria starts to
laugh, tilting her head back before she reaches forward and viciously pulls
Edge off of the couch, landing on the floor. Victoria pushes Edge up against
the couch, making him sit up as she straddles Edge's lap before slamming her
powerful body down on his cock with tremendous impact. Victoria grits her
teeth as she feels his cock inside of her sinister pussy.

"Ahhh shit..." Edge grunts, as he looks eyes with the devious devil as she
starts slamming herself up and down on his throbbing cock. "You... ugly...
cock sucking... dick riding bitch..." Edge grunts as he breathes heavily,
"You... used... these... excuses just to fuck... I know you..." Edge says
as he tries to get inside Victoria's head.

Victoria grits her teeth as her face turns red with anger as she throws her
body back against Edge's cock, yanking roughly on his stiff member. Victoria
laughs psychotically "How do you like that!? Huh!? HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT,
EDGE!?" Victoria yells as she throws all of her weight down on Edge's cock.
Candice licks her lips as she watches her partner in sexual crime, Victoria
roughly ride the Rated R Superstar's cock. Candice gets an idea and smirks,
before she gets onto the couch sitting behind Edge. Candice lowers her smooth
legs around neck and over his shoulder. Candice then locks her legs around
Edge's neck and begins to choke him as Victoria rides his cock.

Edge starts coughing and gasping for air as Candice starts to choke him out.
He thrusts up into Victoria's perfect pussy as he tries to lift himself up
enough so that Candice's perfect Candilock leglock is broken enough so he
can get a gasp of air, "You... bitches... can... go... to... hell..." Edge
gasps before Candice tightens her smooth beautiful tanned legs around his

Candice tilts her head back and laughs "Victoria...Ohhh did you hear that!?"
Candice says as she flips her silky black hair "He must not remember...we're
Devils..." Candice says before she leans in towards Victoria, keeping her
smooth legs wrapped around Edge's neck and kisses Victoria on the lips.
Victoria slides her tongue into Candice's mouth as she bucks her hips and
slams herself back against Edge's cock roughly. Victoria pulls her head back,
breaking the kisses as she locks her cold, sinister eyes with Edge and

"I've paid..." Victoria whispers softly with a wicked smirk,
before she thrusts her body down hard on Edge's cock. Edge grits his teeth
as he fights to get oxygen into his body. He clenches his eyes shut as he
starts to cum inside of Victoria's pussy. As his hot spunk flows into
Victoria's pussy, Edge's head falls forward as he passes out from the
combination of lack of air and his powerful release. Candice's legs that
are wrapped around his neck are the only things preventing the Rated R
Superstar from slumping over. Victoria grits her teeth as she feels Edge's
cum in her pussy. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhh...the
Devils always come out on top..." Victoria licks her lips as she lifts
herself up and off Edge's body. Victoria stands up and looks over her
shoulder at the body of the unconscious Lita and smirks wickedly.

"Mmmm yes we do..." Candice moans as she licks her own lips. She unwraps her
legs from around Edge's neck, and the passed out perverse wrestler falls to
the left. Edge's head hits the floor with a thud, which makes Candice laugh,
"Ohhhh look... we broke another little toy..."

Victoria grits her teeth as pulls at her raven black hair, glaring down at
the fallen body of Edge. Victoria points to the passed out Edge "Now...I
don't want to have this talk...EVER AGAIN!" Victoria yells, before looking
up at Candice with a smirk "Oh're too hot..." Victoria says
with her teeth gritted.

Candice licks her lips, "No Vickie... you're too hot..." Candice stands up
and does her Go-Daddy twirl dance while keeping her eyes on Victoria.

Victoria smirks and licks her lips "Candice...lets head back to our, locker
room...for a little celebration" Victoria says with a glare at Candice.

Candice smiles and flips her beautiful black hair back, "Ohhhh... that sounds
soooo hot..." Candice bends over slightly to pick up her silky black robe.

Candice smiles and flips her beautiful black hair back, "Ohhhh... that sounds
soooo hot..." Candice bends over slightly to pick up her silky black robe.
She stands up and slips it over her luscious body before she looks back at
Victoria, "This was so much fun... almost makes me want to thank Matt
Hardy..." Candice laughs.

Victoria smirks as she turns around and picks up her clothing, and begins to
get dressed. Victoria looks over at Candice "You think Edge, finally learned
his lesson?"

Candice smirks, "I think so..." Candice then licks her lips, "Mmmm... we
defiantly taught him good this time..."

Victoria smirks as she pulls her black pants up and around her waist "And
if he doesn't...we just have to teach him again.." Victoria laughs and then
looks at Candice as they start to walk towards the door "You know Candice..."
Victoria says as she slightly grits her teeth "I think...I'm over that whole
John Cena issue." Victoria shakes her head "He's just a pathetic...stupid...

"Oh Vickie... I'm so glad to hear that..." Candice smiles places she holds
the robe closed with her right hand, "John Cena is a nobody..." Candice says
as she opens the locker room door with her left hand.

Victoria nods her head "Yeah! So what if he's the Champ and...totally hot..."
Victoria pauses and clears her throat as she shakes her head, stepping out
into the hallway. Victoria smirks at Candice "Shall we?"

"Let's shall..." Candice smiles as she steps out into the hall, and let's
the locker room door close behind her. They both start walking towards their
locker room, "So... who's next for us?"

Victoria shrugs and grits her teeth a bit "Ohhh...I don't know, maybe we
should know kick back and relax.." Victoria laughs a bit "
least until Edge falls out of line again..."

Candice nods, "Good idea... the guys might get smart to what we're doing and
be prepared..."

Victoria licks her lips as she glances at Candice's body "
are the hottest Playboy covergirl ever.." Victoria says as she gives Candice
a lustful glare.

Candice looks at Victoria's body and licks her own lips, "Thank you Vickie...
and you are... the absolutely viciously sexiest diva that is... too much for
any man to handle..." Candice says as they approach their locker room.
Candice places a hand on the door to push it open and she steps inside.

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks down at Candice's firm backside "Mmmm
Candice..." Victoria groans, before she gently smacks Candice's ass. Victoria
pauses as she raises her eyebrow and looks around the hallway, hearing two
voices around the corner of the hallway. Victoria looks back at Candice
"Candice...wait here..." Victoria says before she turns away and begins to
walk towards the opening in the hallways. Victoria stops a few feet away from
the turn and quietly listens.

* * *

Around the corner, the WWE Champion John Cena is leaning against the wall as
he talks to the WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus. John smiles at her, "You
really looked great out there tonight... you had the crowd totally behind

Trish laughs a little as she shrugs her shoulders "You didn't do so bad
yourself, Mr. Cena.." Trish says with a cute smile as folds her arms
underneath her chest. Victoria slowly peaks her head around the corner
and glares as sees John Cena and Trish Stratus talking together once again.

"Thanks Trish..." John smiles as he rubs his right arm, "Although I was a bit
lucky that Triple H didn't cost me the strap tonight against Edge... cause we
don't need him doing any live sex celebrations anymore..." John laughs a bit.

Trish laughs and nods her head "You and I couldn't agree more..." Trish then
looks down a bit shyly "So...ummm..." Trish says nodding her head again.

John swallows a bit and takes a breath, "Do you... want to go out to a club
tonight?" John asks as he slides a hand through his hair, "Or maybe grab a
bite on the way to the hotel?"

Trish slowly looks back up at John "Umm...I" Trish says as she
slowly shifts her feet back and forth.

Victoria continues to look on around the corner as she grits her teeth, her
head shakes with anger, "I...haven't...forgotten..." Victoria whispers to

John looks down a bit, " I really like spending time with you Trish..." He
then looks at her and smiles, "It's really a blast..."

Trish smiles back at John " too...I really do too.." Trish pauses and
swallows "You're...a great guy..." Trish then stands up on her tiptoes and
softly kisses John's left cheeks.

Watching on, Victoria's eyes widen suddenly and then narrow into a
frightening glare as her head twitches violently "Fucking...bitch..."
Victoria says in a whisper.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip after kissing John's cheek "
still want to go to a club tonight?"

John gently takes her right hand, "We could... or... we can take it easy...
and just maybe watch a movie..."

Trish raises her eyebrow "You just want sex, don't you?" Trish says with a
laugh as she shakes her head.

John laughs a little, "No I don't... I just figured you'd maybe want to take
it easy and relax or something... plus, I like to take it slow... in case
things get more serious... you know?"

Trish laughs again "John...I'm not stupid...and your answer...if you behave
tonight, maybe we'll have sex." Trish says with a head nod and smiles.

John smiles, "Ok..." John moves a step close to Trish and kisses her cheek

Trish cutely puts her hands up "Easy there buddy..." Trish smiles and laughs
"Come on...let's get going..." Trish says as her and John starts to walk down
the opposite end of the hallway.

Victoria slowly steps out from behind the corner and watches Trish and John
walk down the hallway away from her, jokingly pushing each other as they
walk. Victoria grits her teeth as her body trembles "I haven't...forgotten
John!" Victoria shakes her head, before pulling on her raven black hair
"The MINE!" Victoria tilts her head back and laughs "No one...
embarrasses me! NO ONE!" Victoria balls her left fist "John...Your time...


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