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Too Hot To Handle Part 17: Pain For Haas
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

"Mmmm... I can't wait for today's lesson..." Candice Michelle says to her
vicious friend Victoria as they walk from their locker room towards the
ring area of the arena. Candice is wearing a pair of skintight shorts and a
hot-pink tank top that fits her upper body snuggly. She looks at Victoria,
who has an angry look on her face, but Candice dismisses it, "But what we
did earlier to that blond bitch Edge and his little ho was just as fun as
our wrestling lessons..."

Victoria slowly turns her head to Candice with her teeth gritted and sneers
a bit, dismissing Candice's comment as the two members of Vince's Devils
continue their way down the hallway. The vicious vixen, Victoria, is dressed
in a pair of tight fitting black pants and a black tank top. Her black raven
colored hair with red highlighted streaks lays over her shoulders, as she
isn't in the right frame of mind. Victoria pauses in the hallway as she grits
her teeth tighter as her body begins to tremble with anger as she has the
vivid memory of what she saw between John Cena and WWE Diva Trish Stratus,
shortly after her and Candice humiliated Edge and Lita.

Candice smiles as she flips her dark black hair back with her right hand,
"So... what are you going to teach me today? I hope it's something I can turn
into something that's just... ohhhh... too hot for everyone to handle..."
Candice says before she realizes Victoria has stopped walking. She turns and
looks at her friend with a slightly raised eyebrow, "Vicky? Are you all
right?" Candice asks as she sees Victoria ball her left hand into a shaking

Victoria slowly lifts her head up and locks her cold, fiery eyes into a glare
as she focuses her attention on Candice "OF COURSE EVERYTHING'S ALRIGHT!"
Victoria suddenly snaps at her friend as her head starts twitch, while her
teeth remain gritted and her eyes narrow even more "That...stupid....BITCH!"
Victoria yells as she starts breathing heavily

Candice gets a confused look on her face, knowing full well that something is
disturbing Victoria, "Who's a stupid bitch? We took care of Lita earlier with

Victoria begins to gently pull on her raven black-red streaked hair as she
breaths heavily with her teeth gritted tightly "He...NO...THEY'RE going to
PAY for what THEY did to me!" Victoria yells as she tilts her head back "You
hear that JOHN? YOU HEAR THAT TRISH!? You're gonna pay!" Victoria yells as
her head twitches once again, before she turns her attention back to Candice
and smirks, while she licks her lips. Victoria takes a step towards Candice,
with her cold eyes locked upon the deliciously hot Candice.

Candice bites her bottom lip as she sees the way Victoria is looking at her,
"Victoria... I'm sure... we'll show them not to mess with you..." Candice
smiles hoping her words will help calm down the somewhat psychotic-diva.

Victoria tilts her head back and psychotically laughs "Oh...we'll get them."
Victoria says as she grits her teeth "But for now...I need to get rid of
some...aggression." Victoria raises her eyebrow "Ready to hit the ring,
Candice?" Victoria says with a wicked smirk on her face as the vicious vixen
begins to move forward towards the entrance to the arena, where the wrestling
ring is already seat up for the RAW Broadcast later in the evening.

Candice smirks a bit as she slides her own hands down the sides of her own
body, "Ohhh I'm ready..." Candice licks her lips a little before she starts
to walk with Victoria to the entrance of the ring area, "Maybe afterward...
we can get some weak man for you to... really get out that... ruthless

Victoria smirks as she glances over her shoulder to look back at Candice "Why
do you think we're headed to the's before RAW...there's bound to be
some pathetic sap working out..." Victoria says as her eyes lighten up as she
steps onto the steel ramp and places her hands on her hips as she scans the
nearby area of the wrestling ring for the Devils' next victim of domination
and embarrassment. As Victoria and Candice stand at the top of the entrance
ramp, they both spot Charlie Haas, wearing his blue wrestling tights,
stepping around inside the large wrestling ring as if getting use to how much
room his has to work with when he has a match. The former three-time tag team
champion doesn't notice that he's being watched and also seems like he's
waiting for someone.

Victoria smirks "Target found..." Victoria tilts her head back with an evil
laugh as Candice licks her lips.

"Mmmm...ohhh Victoria...he's a real hottie..." Candice presses her lips
together and then shakes her head "But he's not as hot as us..." Candice says
as she pats her left hand against Victoria's firm backside.

Victoria smirks as she turns her head to Candice "Follow my lead...this ours!" Victoria says as she slowly turns her head back focus on
Charlie Haas and her eyes narrow into a glare as the two Devils begin to
approach the wrestling ring.

Charlie still doesn't notice Victoria or Candice as he leans against the ring
ropes and has his back towards them. He folds his arms and sighs, "What in
the world could be keeping Shelton..." Charlie asks out loud to himself as he
shakes his head.

Victoria folds her arms over her chest as she looks into the ring "It's our
turn to use the ring..." Victoria says with a smirk as she both her and
Candice hop up onto the ring apron and proceed to enter the ring, as Charlie
turns around.

Charlie looks at Victoria and at Candice after they enter the ring, "No
problem..." Charlie shrugs and sighs, "Shelton is late anyway... so much for
my work out..." Charlie shakes his head.

Candice licks her lips as she looks Charlie's impressive physique up and
down, nodding her head "Charlie...I'm sure Victoria and I wouldn't mind if know stayed and watched" Candice says in a soft, seductive,
alluring tone as she flips her silky dark hair back and presses her hands
on her own 'candiliously' hot body "You know Charlie....I did pose for
Playboy..." Candice adds on as Victoria casually slides out of the ring as
she watches Candice and Charlie like a black widow spider stalking its prey.
Victoria smirks and folds her arms as she backs up against the announce

"Charlie...why don't you come and have a seat while Candice warms up"
Victoria suggests in a commanding tone as she grits her teeth.

Charlie shrugs, "Sure... I could do that..." he says with a smile to Candice
in reply to her suggestion about him staying and watching her and Victoria
workout. Charlie walks to the side of the ring that's closest to the announce
table and steps through the middle and top ring ropes so he can hop down to
the floor. Charlie looks at Victoria and is a bit disturbed by the sinister
look she has on her face with the way she grits her teeth, "I'll just grab a
seat right back here..." Charlie says to her as he walks behind the announce
table and sits down in one of the announcer chairs.

Victoria nods her head "Good...good boy, Charlie very obedient...girls like
that, especially Candice and I" The vicious vixen, Victoria says as she sits
down on the empty chair behind the announce table that's next to Charlie.
Victoria laughs a bit as she looks back at Candice who is still in the ring
"Isn't that right, Candice..."

Candice smiles and nods her head as she licks her lips "Mmmmm...ohhh...that
is so right Victoria..."

Charlie laughs, and seems for a moment a bit uneasy with the way Victoria
used the word obedient but he shrugs it off, "Oh I was just getting out of
your way..." Charlie says as he leans back in the chair a bit.

Victoria smirks a bit as she locks her eyes with Candice and slowly nods her
head as her sly smirk, slowly turns into a wicked, conniving smirk. Candice
licks her lips and nods her head back at Victoria as she slides out of the
ring between the bottom and middle rope. Candice flips her silky hair back
as she starts to walk towards Charlie as he sits at the chair behind the
announce table " do know I was in Playboy...right?" Candice
asks again in a sultry, seductive voice.

Charlie nods his head, "Yeah I do...I saw your layout, it looked great..."
He replies with a smile, "It was a lot better than the ones from the last
few years with Torrie, Sable and Christy," He adds as his eyes wander down
to look at Candice's hips that move from side to side with every step she

Candice licks her lips "Ohhhh really Charlie...would you call me the hottest.
eevvveeerrr?" Candice says with a slight sexy shriek of her voice as she
sits down on top of the announce table as she locks her seductive eyes with
Charlie's eyes. Victoria smirks as she stands up and steps behind Charlie,
as he remains seated.

Charlie thinks for a moment and nods his head, "Yeah I guess so..." Charlie
replies as he looks at Candice's legs as she slowly swings them back and
forth as she leans back a bit on the announce table and places her hands
behind herself on the table.

Candice smirks as she locks her eyes with Charlie's eyes as she presses her
right foot against Charlie's chest "You know're a cutie."
Candice says as she presses her lips together.

Victoria smirks as she folds her arms, standing behind Charlie "You know
Candice, Charlie here is married..."

Candice frowns a bit after hearing Victoria's comment "Oh darn..."

Victoria laughs a bit " remember that pretty...bitch...Jackie?"
Victoria says as.

Candice nods her head and Victoria smiles "That's his wife...the...bitch...
Jackie..." Victoria says as she nods her head. Candice licks her lips as
she then moves her right leg up, joining her left leg and drapes them over
Charlie's strong shoulders.

"Hey... Jackie's not a bitch..." Charlie says taking offense to what Victoria
and Candice are calling his wife. He looks forward at Candice and raises his
hands his up to her legs to ease them off of his shoulders, "What are you
doing?" He asks just as he places his hands on Candice's smooth legs.

Victoria roughly smacks the back of Charlie's head "Hey..." Victoria shakes
her head "You don't touch my Devil, got it!?" Victoria says with a fiery
glare in her eyes as she grits her teeth.

Candice licks her lips and smiles "Ohhhhh Victoria...I just love it when
you're rough..." Candice says as she starts to lifts her tight fitting pink
top off of her body.

Charlie moves his left hand to the back of his head where Victoria smacked
him, "What the fuck?!" He yells a bit as he looks up at Victoria, "She has
her legs on me..."

Victoria glares down at Charlie as she keeps her teeth gritted "Charlie...
I know you've been gone for a while...but Candice and I../we're DEVILS!"
Victoria says as she grabs a hold of Charlie's slightly shaggy hair and
yanks his head back as Candice hops down from on top of the announce table.
Candice laughs a bit as she gets down onto her knees in front of Charlie.
The devilishly-seductive Candice reaches back and unclips her black bra,
peeling it away from her large chest before she reaches up and begins to
pull down the wrestling shorts that Charlie was wearing.

Charlie looks down at Candice as she slowly tugs down his wrestling shorts,
and with each pull, his impressive nine-inch cock becomes free. Not liking
where this is going Charlie starts to stand up from the chair, "I don't care
what you two are... but this is pretty messed up right here..." He says as
leans down to push Candice's hands off of his wrestling shorts.

Victoria swings her forearm down, delivering a powerful blow to Charlie's
muscular chest. Victoria grits her teeth as she yanks his head back further
and stares down right at Charlie "I warned you once...don't make me again!"
Victoria says in a frightening down as once Candice completely removes
Charlie's wrestling shorts, she sits up on her knees and grips Charlie's
cock tightly with both of her soft hands. The Playboy covergirl leans her
head down and begins to flick her tongue against the head of Charlie's cock
as the leader of Vince's Devils, the vicious vixen Victoria restrains

After Victoria forces Charlie back down into the chair, Charlie clutches his
chest right where Victoria's forearm struck, "Fuck... what the hell... are
you two fucking insane?!" Charlie asks in a raised voice as he's forced to
look up at the ceiling of the arena because of Victoria yanking his head
back. His nine-inch shaft slowly begins to rise up as Candice's devilish
tongue dances across and around the head.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Ohhh Charlie...we're not
insane...we're DEVILS!" Victoria lowers her head and gazes her fiery, cold
glared eyes at Charlie "And you just happen to be in the wrong place at the
wrong time..." Victoria says before she starts to laughs once again. With
holding Charlie's head back with her left hand Victoria begins to shed her
clothing with her right hand, while Candice teasingly circles her tongue
around the head of Charlie's cock.

Charlie raises his arms up and grabs Victoria's right wrist, "You two are
fucking loons..." Charlie yells as he also moans with how Candice continues
to tease his hardening cock.

Victoria breaks the grip of Charlie's hand around her right wrist and then
backhands him across the face with her right hand. Victoria steps out from
behind Charlie and grits her teeth as she locks her narrowed, frightening
eyes on Charlie. Victoria reaches forward with her left index finger and
presses her razor-like fingernail against Charlie's neck "Be nice..."
Victoria says with a wicked smirk as Candice opens her mouth and lowers her
head down on Charlie's cock. Candice wraps her soft lips around Charlie's
cock, however, she doesn't bob her head and just lets warm drops of her
saliva drip down from her mouth and roll onto Charlie's cock.

Charlie grits his teeth a bit as he feels Victoria's sharp fingernail press
against the skin of his neck like a needle, and he instantly thinks Victoria
could possibly slash his throat with just her hand if she wanted too.
"What... do you... two... fucking want? What's this about?" He asks he feels
Candice's saliva travel down the length of his cock and towards his rather
large ballsack.

Victoria smirks wickedly as she pulls her index finger away from Charlie's
neck "It's just a thing called releasing.... Aggression!" Victoria says as
she her eyes lighten in an almost red-fiery glow, before she pats Candice
on the head. Candice responds and starts to rapidly bob her head on Charlie's
cock, causing her lips to rub and slide against the sides of his shaft.

Charlie moans loudly as Candice orally assaults his nice hard shaft,
"Christ... if you... wanted that... there's other guys around that are
single... ohhh shit..." Charlie's train of though gets derailed as he
feels Candice lips press firmly around the head of his cock whenever
she brings her head up to the tip.

Victoria smirks as she places her left hand against Charlie's muscular chest
"Ohhh... Charlie only if poor, little Jackie knew...." Victoria says with a
wicked laugh as she tilts her head back, gritting her teeth. Candice moans
against Charlie's cock as she press teeth against his shaft and starts to
rake her teeth against his cock, while she rapidly bobs her head.

Charlie's eyes become wide instantly after Victoria mentions Jackie's name,
"Shit... you can't... fucking tell her..." Charlie says in between moans as
Candice's intense blowjob sends waves of pleasure through his body, even when
her teeth rakes against it. Charlie, out of instinct, thrusts his cock up
suddenly into Candice's mouth, catching her off guard and for a moment, makes
her gag.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Charlie cock and licks her lips "Ohhhh
Victoria....he's a good one..." Candice says with a laugh as she stands up
and flips her silky dark hair back.

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks at Candice, then at Charlie "I want a
crack at him...." Victoria says before she points to the announce table "Get
up there!" Victoria yells in a commanding tone to Charlie.

Charlie looks at Victoria a bit confused and blinks his eyes, "What?" He
asks, even though Victoria's command was extremely straightforward.

Victoria grabs Charlie by his somewhat shaggy hair and yanks his head back
once again. Victoria glares down into his eyes as she grits her teeth "Get
on the fucking table! NOW!" Victoria yells as her body starts to shake and
twitch in anger.

Candice swallows as her eyes widen and she takes a step back "Oh no...."

Charlie doesn't pay attention to Candice's comment as he pushes Victoria away
from him, which makes her pull a few strands of his dark shaggy hair out by
the root. "Fuck... Christ... don't have to yell... you fucking nut job..."
Charlie says as he gets up from the chair and sits on the announce table.

Victoria turns to Charlie and points at him "What the fuck did you call me!?"
The now naked vicious vixen yells as Candice takes a step toward Victoria
"Now Victoria...just calm don't have to..." Victoria turns her
head and looks back at Candice, which instantly shuts the gentle devil up.
Victoria turns back to Charlie and uses her powerful strength to push Charlie
Haas completely back on the announce table, making his back slam against the
announce table with a loud, hard thud.

"Owww Bitch!" Charlie cries out as the back of his head smacks down hard on
the table, almost knocking the Seaton Hall Alumni out cold. Charlie brings
his hands to the back of his skull and clutches it in pain.

Victoria smirks and tilts her head back with a wicked laugh as she moves
onto the announce table along with Charlie. The vicious vixen lowers her
psychotic body onto Charlie mounting herself on top of his hardened cock.
Victoria grits her teeth and she firmly places both of her strong hands
down on Charlie's chest pinning the amazing athlete down on the announce
table, before she starts to quickly and roughly bounce on his cock with
in an instant. Candice licks her lips as she watches on "Ohhhh Victoria...
I love how you dominate...." Victoria shots her head back and glares at
Candice "Shut up and do something!" Victoria yells at her fellow Devil and

Candice's eyes widen as she hears the tone Victoria is using with her.
Candice slowly leans down her head "Ok... ok...Victoria...geeze John Cena
really has you worked up..." Candice says as she leans down at the end of
the table and brings her head between Charlie's legs and begins to flick
her tongue against the bouncing ballsack of Charlie Haas as the psychotic
Victoria rides his cock.

"Ohhh.... ahhhh fuck...." Charlie grunts and groans as Victoria repeatedly
comes crashing down on his cock, using all of her weight to deliver a strong
combination of intense pain and pleasure. Charlie clenches his eyes shut and
puts his hands on Victoria's wrists, with the intention of trying to push
her hands off of his chest, but with Candice's soft warm tongue teasing his
balls, he becomes to distracted to attempt what he wants.

Victoria grits her teeth as she powerfully slams her body down on Charlie's
cock and tilts her head back with a grunt "Ohhhhhhh ahhhh fuck you!" Victoria
yells as she starts to breath heavily as her body violently shakes in anger
"John nothing! I'll break him...just like...I'll break YOU!"
Victoria yells oddly enough to Charlie, despite him not mentioning John
Cena's name. As the vicious vixen continues to roughly and gruelingly ride
Charlie's cock at a hard, quick rate, the gentle devil Candice slips one of
Charlie's balls into her warm mouth and begins to suck tightly. With Victoria
quick and powerfully bounces, her backside rubs against Candice's face every
time she rocks back on Charlie's cock.

Charlie opens his eyes a bit as sweat rolls down the sides of his face
"Ahhhh.... ohhh fuck... if... you... got... a problem with Cena... take it
out on HIM!" Charlie yells as he bucks his hips upward to drive his shaft up
into Victoria's tight cunt. Charlie grits his teeth together as he starts to
become grateful and resentful of his own stamina.

Victoria swings her left hand down, smacking Charlie across the face "Don't
say his name!" Victoria yells before Candice lifts her head up and smirks.

"Ohhh Victoria...let me have a shot..."

Charlie glares up at Victoria as his eyes start to tear up a bit after
Victoria smacks him across the face, "Fuck... Christ...uhhhh... ahhh..."
Charlie moans as he bucks his hips up again, giving Victoria a surprisingly
hard thrust.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Now...Charlie...I'm going
to give you to nice?"

Charlie breaths a bit heavily, "What... ever..." Charlie closes his eyes for
a moment as he moves his arms to where they hang off the sides of the table.

Victoria smirks as she lifts herself off of Charlie, she glares at him
"Pathetic..." Victoria spits as Candice licks her lips as she gets up onto
the announce table. Victoria sits down on the empty chair, looking eye level
at Charlie "Remember the rules, Mr. Haas..." Victoria says with her teeth

"What... rules... are those..." Charlie asks Victoria with a bit of a grunt
when Candice places her hands on his stomach before she lowers her warm tight
pussy onto his rock hard cock.

Victoria smirks "Play nice...and you won't get slapped..." Victoria says
with an icy glare as Candice starts to rock back and forth on Charlie's
cock, occasionally bouncing as the vicious vixen, Victoria, pins his
strong shoulders down.

Charlie somewhat nods his head a bit as he starts to thrust his cock up into
Candice's pussy after she bounces on his cock. Charlie moans fairly loud
without any pain as the way Candice is riding him is a complete opposite of
what Victoria was doing. "Ahhhh...ohhh... mmmm..." Charlie moans as he puts
his hands on Candice's smooth thighs.

Candice tilts her head back and groans as she comes down on Charlie's cock
"Ohhhhh mmmmm.....ohhhh yessss..." Candice shrieks as Victoria leans her head
and tightly clamps Charlie's left nipple with her teeth and starts to gently

Charlie grits his teeth as Victoria bites his left nipple while he continues
to slowly rub Candice's smooth thighs. "Ohhhh... shit..." Charlie moans as
Victoria lightly chews nibbles on his nipple. He bucks his hips upwards to
fuck Candice with some stiff thrusts, but all it does is cause him to cum
without any warning. "Ahhhhh damn... shit..." Charlie groans as he fills up
Candice's "Candi-licious' pussy with his hot sticky cum.

Candice grits her teeth together as she slowly comes down on Charlie's cock
after feeling her pussy fill up with Charlie's warm cum. Candice slowly
lowers her head and looks down at Charlie and laughs "Ohhhh Victoria....he's
a bad boy...he's dirty cheater..." Candice says as she lifts herself off of

Victoria stands up and grits her teeth "That's right...cheater..."

Charlie groans as his cock falls out of Candice's pussy when she gets off of
him, "What... the fuck... are... you two... talking about..." He asks, not
putting two and two together of what he just did.

Candice smirks as she licks her lips "Well're married to that
bitch Jackie...and well..." Candice laughs with a slight shriek "You just
fucked us both.." Candice says as she narrows her eyes at Charlie as Victoria
locks her eyes into glare on Charlie as well.

Charlie sits up a bit as he comes to realize what he just did after Candice
explained it to him, "Oh shit... Jackie's going to fucking kill me..."
Charlie face goes pale as he starts thinking about all the repercussions
that could or will occur if or when his wife finds out. Charlie then looks
at both divas, "This... is your fault... you made me... cheat on Jackie...."

Candice tilts her head back and smiles "Why of course know
why?" Candice says as she looks back at Charlie with a lustful look her eyes
and licks her lips "Because...we're Devils..." Candice says in whisper as
she raises her eyebrow a bit seductively. Victoria laughs wickedly before
she picks up the ring bell that's setting out on the timekeeper's table and
clocks Charlie in the back of the head with the ring bell.

After a loud "DING" sound that echoes after the ring bell hits his skull,
Charlie is knocked out He body shoots forward for a moment, but then it
collapses backward and he lays spread out on the announce table unconscious.
Candice claps her hands together twice, "Ohhhh wow... that was so...
vicious..." Candice licks her lips.

Victoria grits her teeth as her body starts to tremble "He...fucking...!"

Candice nods her head, "Yes... he should've been faithful to that bitch he
married..." Candice flips her black hair back.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Another one
hands of Vince's Devils..." Victoria says wickedly and proudly before she
lowers her head back down and something catches her attention. Victoria
raises her eyebrow as she looks down at a copy of the WWE Magazine that is
sitting on the announce table. Victoria smirks a bit as she looks at the
cover, she then gets a wicked laugh.

Candice raises an eyebrow as she watches Victoria laugh, "What's so funny?"
Candice asks as she moves to pick up her clothing.

Victoria turns her head and looks at Candice "Candice..." Victoria says
as she gently grits her teeth "I have someone in mind....for YOUR next

Candice licks her lips and smirks, "Really? Who is it?"

Victoria reaches down and slowly picks up the magazine, showing Candice the
individual on the cover "Him...." Victoria says with slight glare "And I bring the duck tape...cause he's a real loud mouth..."


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