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Too Hot To Handle Part 18: Taming The Animal
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Outside one of the many locker rooms belonging to one of SmackDown's talented
superstars, the sexy seductress Candice Michelle is looking inside to see if
the target Victoria picked out for her is inside. The devious devil, dressed
in a black strapless dress, looks over her shoulder at her friend, the
vicious vixen Victoria and smirks, "He's in there..." Candice says with a
slight shriek as she looks at the duct tape in Victoria's hands.

Victoria smirks and laughs a bit "That's go do the job!" Victoria
says with her teeth gritted as she hands the roll of duct tape to Candice.
Victoria cracks her neck a bit from side to side before she slams her closed
right fist into the palm of her left hand as she starts to shakes a bit
"'s time to make this pathetic little boy, cry for mercy."
Victoria says with a wicked smile across her face "Just like...." Victoria
pauses and swallows a bit before taking a deep breath ""
Victoria grits her teeth tightly in anger "John....Cena...will fucking pay!
And...that...little bitch Trish..." Victoria's face starts to turn a slight
shade of red as she points her with finger "John....he's mine....HE'S MINE!"
Victoria yells.

Candice sighs as she twirls the roll of duct tape around with her fingers,
"Victoria... don't worry we'll take care of John Cena..." Candice smiles,
"But first... I'm going to shut someone up...." Candice gives Victoria a
wink before she turns to push the door to the looker room completely open,
"Are you sure you don't want to make this one suffer with me?" Candice asks
as she looks at Victoria once more.

Victoria shakes her head with a smirk "No...Candice you go, make him suffer."
Victoria grits her teeth as her body starts to tremble once again "I got
someone in mind that needs to be tamed..." Victoria says before she turns
around to walk away. She stops and looks back at Candice "We'll meet up
later, my fellow devil..." Victoria says before she then walks away.

Candice, the gentle devil, licks her lips as she continues to twirl the roll
of duct tape with her fingers "Mmmm...this is going to!"
Candice shrieks as she flips her silky dark hair back as she enters the
locker room. Once Candice closes the locker room door, she makes sure to lock
it before she turns her attention to her target Ken Kennedy, who is asleep on
the long leather couch. The self-proclaimed man who was single handedly
changing Friday nights, is wearing just his green wrestling tights, and he's
laying face up, totally vulnerable to what Candice wants to do.

Candice licks her lips "Mmmmm...just how a like my men...unaware of what
is about to come..." Candice laughs a bit as she tilts her head back and
approaches the couch. Candice reaches down, gently and carefully lifts
Kennedy's hands above his head. Once his hands are positioned above his
head, the sexy seductress unrolls some of the duct tape and begins to
carefully duct tape his hands together, making sure he doesn't wake up.
Once Ken Kennedy's hands are duct taped together above his head, Candice
gently mounts herself on top of the sleeping Kennedy and flips her head
back with a slyly seductive smirk. Candice laughs a bit before she leans
down "Ohhhhh.... Mrrrrr.... Kennedy...." Candice says slightly loud with
a sexy shriek in her voice.

Kennedy stirs a bit and groans, "Hmmmm... what... is it..." He says a yawn.
As he opens his eyes he raises his arms upward to stretch them about, but
gets a confused look on his face when he can't separate them, "What the
hell..." He says as he opens his eyes completely to see his hands are taped
together and the devilish Raw Diva Candice is sitting on top of him. "What...
the hell is going on?!" Kennedy yells in his booming voice.

Candice presses her lips together "Ken...I'm sorry Mr.
is your lucky day..." Candice says as she licks her lips looking down at
Kennedy's muscular chest before focusing her lustful eyes with Kennedy's

"Lucky day?" Kennedy raises an eyebrow as he tries to pull his hands apart,
but Candice made sure to wrap enough duct tape around his hands that he has
no chance to free them. "Why they hell are you are on top of me?!" Kennedy
asks as he tries to sit up, but with Candice right on top of him he's only
able to elevate his upper body a few inches.

Candice smirks "Or should I say...unlucky day..." Candice adds on with a
sultry, seductive voice. Candice leans her head down and softly kisses the
left side of Kennedy's neck before she sits back up again and begins to tear
a large piece of duct tape off of the roll "You know're
about to do straight to hell...with...a Devil..." Candice says with a lustful
smirks as she lowers the torn piece of duct tape across Kennedy's mouth.

"WHT TE FUK!" Kennedy tries to yell instantly after Candice taped his
mouth shut, but what he said is pretty clear to Candice. The normally cocky
superstar starts moving from side to side on the couch, trying to turn over
so Candice can fall off of him but he's unsuccessful.

Candice tilts her head back and playfully laughs as she places her soft
hands down on Kennedy's stomach "Ohhhh...Mr.'s to play!" Candice
shrieks as she slides her smooth skinned, devilishly delicious body down from
Kennedy's waist and down his strong legs. Candice stops moving once she
reaches his feet as she leans up and reaches down, gripping the waist band
around Kennedy's green wrestling tights. The gentle devil proceeds to remove
his green wrestling tights from off of his waist, dragging them down his
strong legs. Kennedy glares at Candice as she pulls down his green wrestling
tight, which allows his eight-inch cock to become free. Kennedy brings his
hands to his mouth and tries to pull the tape off of his mouth, but he can't
find the edges of the duct tape.

Candice lifts her head up and licks her lips as she locks her eyes with
Kennedy "Mmmmmm..." Candice moans softly as she reaches forward and tightly
grips Kennedy's cock with her right soft, sooth hand. "Ohhhh...Mr. Kennedy...
what's wrong...can't you talk?" Candice asks with a laugh as she guide her
hand slowly up Kennedy's shaft, grinding the palm of her hand with Kennedy's
almost solid cock shaft.

"FCK YU!!" Kennedy muffled reply is fairly loud and he continues to try and
pull his hands free, but all of his attempts only result in making Candice
laugh at him. He tries to move his legs to kick Candice, but the dark-haired
Playboy covergirl positioned herself perfectly to avoid his futile attempts.

Candice laughs a bit "Ohhh're so fun to play with..." Candice says
as she leans her head down and gently presses the tip of her wet, delicate
tongue against the head of Kennedy's cock. Candice moves her right hand down
his shaft and tightly grips the base of his cock before she starts to
teasingly circle her tongue around the head of Kennedy's cock as she lifts
her alluring, seductively devil-like eyes up and looks directly at the duct
tape-mouthed Ken Kennedy. Kennedy, despite his anger of the situation he's
in, does moan through the duct tape as Candice's evil tongue goes around and
around the head of his dick multiple times. He gives up trying to pull his
hands free for a moment when his arms start to get tired from his attempts.

Candice smirks a bit as she flicks her tongue back and forth against the head
of Kennedy's cock. The gentle devil lifts her head up for a moment and opens
her warm, saliva-dripping mouth and then lowers her mouth around Kennedy's
cock. After wrapping her lips tightly around his shaft, Candice begins to
slowly bob her head as she grinds her lips up and down against his shaft.
"BTCH!" Kennedy yells through the duct tape on his mouth. He brings his hands
up to his mouth again and once more he tries to find the edge of the duct
tape to remove it. As Candice continues to slowly bob her head up and down
his cock, Kennedy closes his eyes as he does enjoy the blowjob she's giving

Candice bobs her head longer on his cock making his cock slide passed her
lips and deeper into her warm mouth. She opens her mouth wider as she starts
to twist her head around on Kennedy's cock as she roughly lashes her tongue
against his shaft, giving him a painful blowjob. "Mmmmmm Grrrrrr..." Kennedy
grunts and clenches his eyes shut tightly. He tries to sit up but he's unable
to get up, and he thrusts his hips upward as a reflex, which cause him to
push his cock all the way into Candice's mouth. Kennedy accidentally
scratches his own face with his fingernails as he continues to try and pull
the tape from his mouth.

Candice slyly lifts her head up from Kennedy's cock and smirks as she licks
her lips "Ken....Ohhhh...Mrrrr...Kennedy...what's wrong...tongue-tied?"
Candice asks with a playfully evil laugh. Kennedy's face is now completely
red, for the past few minutes he's been breathing through his nose. Kennedy
opens his eyes and glares down at Candice as his cock is throbbing
uncontrollably, giving Candice a sign that he's about to burst.

Candice presses her lips together as she hovers her head over Kennedy's
cock. The gentle, yet delightfully evil Candice spits her warm saliva down
on to Kennedy's cock. She watches her own saliva drip down onto the head of
Kennedy's cock, then roll off onto his shaft. A drop of sweat rolls down the
right side of Kennedy's face and the simple sensation of Candice's warm spit
traveling down his cock is enough to cause him to cum. "Uhhhhhh..." Kennedy
grunts as spurts of his cum spit out from the head of his cock up into the
air and lands on his stomach.

Candice tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhhh Mr. Kennedy..." Candice shrieks
as she lifts her herself off of the couch and stands as she flips her silky
black hair back, before she leans down and quickly rips the piece of torn
duct tape off of Kennedy's mouth.

"OWWWW! BITCH!" Kennedy screams instantly after the duct tape was ripped from
his mouth. He tears up a bit but glares at Candice, "What the hell was this

Candice shrugs as she smirks " were just my next target...
congratulations..." Candice laughs as she starts to walk towards the door,
leaving Kennedy's hands duct taped above his head and his green wrestling
tights down at his feet.

Kennedy's jaw drops as he watches Candice walk to the door, "You're just
gonna fucking leave me like this?!"

Candice turns slowly and smirks as she looks back at the helpless Kennedy.
Candice licks her lips as she places her hands on her slender hips "That's
what I planned on doing..."

Kennedy glares at her, "When I get free... I'm gonna report you to Mr.
McMahon himself!"

Candice laughs a bit " sure are obnoxious...and loud" Candice says
as she starts to turn away again "Besides...what's Mr. McMahon going to do?"
Candice says as she licks her lips "I am...his favorite...little devil..."
Candice says in a sultry voice before she leaves the locker room of SmackDown
Superstar, Ken Kennedy.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the arena...

The leader of Vince's Devils, the vicious vixen Victoria is walking down the
hallway dressed in a pair of tight-fitting black pants and a red tank-top as
her raven black hair with red highlight hangs down on her shoulder. Victoria
grits her teeth a bit as she swings her right closed fist into her left palm.
Victoria laughs a little "John mine...he's mine!" Victoria
psychotically laughs to herself as she turns a corner in the hallway. As
Victoria goes around a corner, she starts to scan the hallway in front of her
with her eyes, keeping a look out for anyone one of SmackDown's wrestlers to
cross her path. She cracks the knuckles of her right hand as walks, growing a
bit more angry with each step as she has yet to see anyone, but she smirks as
she also enjoys the hunt she's on.

Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to breath heavily "Oh...where, oh
where...could my next victim be..." Victoria says to herself out loud as she
starts to wickedly laugh, tilting her head back as she gently tugs on her
raven black hair. Victoria slowly cocks her head as she looks at a door
nearby labeled 'Medical Trainer'. Victoria eyes narrow into an icy glare as
she looks at the door to the medical trainer, she smirks "Hmmmm maybe my
victim is in there..." Victoria says to herself out loud as she starts to
approach the door "I think it's time.... to tame an animal..." Victoria
wickedly as she slowly pushes the locker room door open.

Inside the room, the former World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista is
sitting on the medical trainer's table. with his back facing the door. His
body is wrapped with bandages to help him move around with out feeling the
pain of the injury he suffered several months ago, and he's only wearing his
gray suit pants. "The trainer sure likes to take his time getting here..."
Batista grumbles to himself, completely unaware that he's no longer alone.

The vicious, devious vixen Victoria stands in the door of the Medical
Trainer's room with her arms fold as she stares at the back of the injured
Dave Batista. Victoria grits her teeth as her head twitches, while her eyes
narrow into a fiery glare as she continues to stare at Batista. Victoria
slowly steps out of the doorway, allowing the door to close behind her with
a slight thud. Batista hears the door close, and starts to turn but stops
when he causes himself a bit of pain. He looks straight ahead, still unaware
of Victoria's presence, and he assumes she's the medical trainer he was
waiting for. "Took you long enough to get here... I've been waiting for half
an hour..."

Victoria's head twitches with her teeth gritted tightly as she gently pulls
on her raven black hair "I'd watch that tone if I were you..." Victoria spits
out with anger as she starts to unbuckle the belt around the black pants
she's wearing.

Batista raises an eyebrow, instantly recognizing her voice. He turns his head
to the left and looks over his shoulder at her, "Victoria? What are you doing
here?" He asks as he still doesn't turn around completely.

Victoria smirks a bit as she laughs wickedly, while taking a step towards
Batista who is sitting on the medical table. Victoria with her belt off of
her waist, gently smacks the belt against the palm of her left hand
repeatedly as she walks towards Batista "Ohhh Dave...big Dave Batista, huh?"
Victoria says as she grits her teeth "You think you're so great, huh?"
Victoria shakes her head "I DON'T!" Victoria yells into Batista's ear as she
now stands behind him "And now Dave, it's animal!"
The psychotic vixen slightly yells before she smacks the belt against the
lower portion of Batista's back.

"Ahhh shit! What the FUCK?!" Batista howls in pain as Victoria's heavy belt
comes smacking against his lower back again. Batista turns sharply to get
away from Victoria, but he causes himself unbearable pain when he does so.
"Owww shit..." Batista clutches his body with his arms, leaving himself
exposed for Victoria to attack again.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically as she smacks her
belt once again against Batista's lower back "What's wrong Batista, huh?!"
Victoria yells "Poor Dave injured, huh!?" Victoria yells louder as she wraps
the belt around Batista's neck and powerfully yanks Batista down onto the
medical table, catching the strong-man by surprise.

Batista grabs a hold of the belt with his hands and tries to pull it from
around his thick neck and from Victoria's hands. Unfortunately for him, his
injury is preventing him from doing what he desires completely. "What...
the... hell... are you... doing..." Batista gasps for air after each word as
Victoria chokes him with her belt.

Victoria laughs as she tilts her head back and releases the grip of the belt
around Batista's neck "Pathetic..." Victoria sneers as she walks around the
medical table, teeth gritted as she gets up on the table and begins to yank
down Batista's expensive suit pants.

As Victoria yanks down his expensive suit pants, she causes the buckle of his
belt, the button and zipper of them to break. Batista starts to sit up, but
once again, his injury causes him to limit his movements, "What... the fuck
is with you..." Batista says as he tries to mask the pain in his voice, while
Victoria gets his pants down to around his ankles, leaving only his white
boxers covering his crotch.

Victoria lifts her head up and narrows her eyes as she looks at Batista with
a glare "SHUT UP!" Victoria yells as she raises her right arm up, before
dropping her hand down onto Batista's injured bicep. The vicious vixen
proceeds to dig her razor-like fingernails into the injured area of Batista's
bicep as she rips down Batista's boxers.

"AHHHHHHHH BITCH!" Batista howls in pan as he feels as if Victoria's
fingernails are slicing apart his bicep as she digs them deeper in it. After
she rips down Batista's boxers, she sees his impressive ten-inch cock.

Victoria lifts her hand up from Batista's bicep as her lowers her head,
looking down at Batista's impressive sized cock. Victoria grits her teeth as
she tightly grips Batista's shaft with her right hand, digging her razor-like
fingernails into the side of Batista's shaft. Victoria looks up at Batista,
with her teeth gritted and her eyes giving off of fiery, cold glare.
Victoria's head twitches as her face her turns a shade of red as she starts
to roughly stroke Batista's, cock with her fingernail grazing against the
surface "Huh!? You think you're great!?" Victoria yells "Like...JOHN CENA!
YOU'RE NOT GREAT!" Victoria yells.

Batista grits his teeth together as Victoria squeezes his cock so hard that
it makes his eyes water. "John Cena? What... does he... what... he did stand
you up on a date or something?!" Batista asks in a bit of rage.

Victoria's body starts to tremble in anger as she grits her teeth "IT'S
NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!" Victoria yells as she releases the grip on
Batista's cock and yanks her black pants down, followed by her black panties.
The devious vixen tilts her head back as she glares at the former World
Heavyweight Champion and points at him "And...its time to tame you..."
Victoria says wickedly as the psychotic one mounts herself up on Batista's
stiff, hard cock and suddenly slams her entire body down, with a tremendous

Batista clutches his body again right after Victoria crashed down on top of
him. "Ahhhh fuck... you're insane you know that?!" Batista grunts in pain as
the sadistic diva begins rocking back and forth on his cock. Batista grinds
his teeth together as he tries to figure out away to fight back against

Victoria grits her teeth as she roughly grinds her pussy down against
Batista's cock as she violently yanks her body back and then forward.
Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically with a smirk as she
lifts her red tank top off of her body, exposing her large, nice chest.
"How do you like that Dave!? Huh!? How do you like that, big man!?"
Victoria yells as she taunts Batista, while she violently rides his cock.

Batista clenches his eyes shut when he starts to actually tear up from how
hard Victoria is riding him, "You're... a fucking... psycho slut!" Batista
yells as he clenches his fists and tries to take a swing at Victoria to
knock her off his shaft, but he doesn't come close to hitting her when she
drops down so sharply it makes him almost sit up.

Victoria laughs wickedly as she rocks back and forth on his cock "Ohhh you
like it Dave! You all do!" Victoria yells as she spits at Batista before she
places her hands down on Batista's impressive, muscular chest and digs her
razor sharp fingernails into his chest.

Batista tilts his head back, trying to block the pain of Victoria's
incredibly sharp digging into the skin of his chest. Batista grabs hold of
Victoria's wrists and attempts to pull them his chest, but he only helps her
scratch himself. "You're.... sick... fuck... you're a psychopath!"

Victoria grunts as she sneers at Batista with her teeth gritted as her
head starts to twitch "No one makes me hear that Dave!? NO ONE!"
Victoria yells as she thrusts her body and her pussy forward against
Batista's throbbing cock. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly
"I'm about to tame this animal!"

"Like... I... fucking care... if you cum... or not..." Batista yells back
at her as he grinds tries to keep himself from thrusting up into Victoria's
vice-tight cunt. The normally powerful man has been practically reduced to
being Victoria's newest victim, and that fact becomes clear when he suddenly
starts to cum inside of Victoria's tight pussy. "Ohhhh... god... damn it..."

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically as she pulls on her
raven black hair "Ohhh...and now you're tamed.." Victoria smirks wickedly as
she lowers her head, giving Batista a frightening glare as she lifts herself
off of Batista's cock.

Batista glares at Victoria after she steps down to the floor of the room.
"You... fucking bitch.... you're lucky... I don't... just rip you apart!"
Batista yells at her.

Victoria grits her teeth as she locks her cold glare on Batista, she starts
to laugh wickedly " you've be....TAMED!" Victoria yells,
before she slams her closed-fisted right hand down into the injured torn
bicep of Batista.

"OWWWWW DAMN IT!" Batista screams out in pain as he clutches his injured
bicep. Batista turns onto his side away from Victoria and bites his lip.

Victoria cracks her neck from side to side with a smirk "'ve been
tamed, by a Devil..."

"Fuck... you...' Batista says, trying to sound tough, but his reply is just
a whimper.


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