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Too Hot To Handle Part 19: The West Coast Bang
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In a gym located in the city of San Diego, California, Rey Mysterio, dressed
in a white tank top and a pair of red workout pants, but he does not have his
traditional mask that he wears at all wrestling related events, is working
out by lifting some weights free hand. Rey sets down the weights and looks at
a clock on the wall as he wipes some sweat from his forehead, "Got another
three hours before my flight... I bet I can get some cardio in..." Rey says
to himself as he mentally manages the time he has.

Rey turns around and walks over to a treadmill, "Hmmm... let's see... I'll
just do a light jog this time..." Rey says to himself as he adjusts the dial
on the treadmill's control panel to set it how he wants. He then steps onto,
turns on the piece of workout equipment and starts to jog at a light pace.

As handsome Hispanic, Rey Mysterio, begins his light jog on the treadmill,
the delightful-devil Candice Michelle steps into the doorway of the gym room
that Rey is using. Candice, dressed in a pair of tight black gym shorts and
a pink colored tank top, flips her silky black hair back as she licks her
delightful, pouty lips "Mmmmm...alone and vulnerable..." Candice says to
herself aloud, but not loud enough for Rey to hear her. Candice slides her
soft, demon-like hands down her slender, 'candilicious' body until her hands
are on top of her rounded hips.

Though he's already sweating from his workout thus far, Rey starts to build
up more of a sweat as jogs. He moves his arms rhythmically with his legs,
and from a distance the multi-time cruiserweight champion looks like he's
hopping. "Whew... man... I need to go... jogging more often... on the
road..." Rey says to himself as he breathes in and out with every step.

Candice licks her lips as she locks her soft, angelically evil eyes on
one of number one contenders at WrestleMania for the World Heavyweight
Championship. Candice nods her head as she watches the sweat drip down off
of Rey's muscular, Latin skinned body "Mmmm....why didn't Victoria want to
handle him..." Candice moans softly "He's a hottie..." Candice says to
herself in a soft, seductive voice before she steps into the workout room
completely. Candice clears her throat as she removes her left hand from her
hip and slides it through her silky black hair.

Rey does hear Candice clearing her throat, but doesn't stop jogging on the
treadmill, "If... you... want to use the treadmill... I'll be done in a few
minutes..." Rey says before he takes off his white tank top as he jogs, and
he holds it in his left hand while occasionally using it as a towel to wipe
some sweat from his body without stopping his jog.

Candice raises her eyebrow slightly as she walks towards the treadmill Rey
is running on. Candice stands to the side of the treadmill and places her
hands back on her slender waist "Hi Rey..." Candice says in soft, alluring

Rey turns his head a bit and smiles, "Hi... Candice... what's... up?" He asks
as he continues to run on the treadmill. Sweat rolls down and drips off of
his face and arms, and with the lighting of the workout room, his sweaty body
appears to shine.

Candice locks her eyes on the sweat rolling down Rey's muscular upper body
and presses her lips together "Ohhhh Rey...I was just wondering if you
wouldn't mind..." Candice licks her lips as she casually glances down at
Rey's crotch "Sharing the room know the hottest... Playboy...
covergirl.... EEEEVEERR!" Candice says with a shriek.

Rey shakes his head, "No... I don't mind... go... ahead..." Rey answers
before he stumbles on the treadmill after taking a glance of how Candice's
pink tank top fits tightly over her upper body and appears to make her
already large chest seem bigger.

Candice laughs a little " careful there wouldn't want to
cause any pain to yourself..." Candice says before she turns her head away
with a sly smirks and says to herself "Although...I won't mind causing you

Candice laughs a little " careful there wouldn't want to
cause any pain to yourself..." Candice says before she turns her head away
with a sly smirks and says to herself "Although...I won't mind causing you

Rey laughs a little as he reaches for the treadmills control panel and he
turns the dial on it in order to turn the machine off. "Yeah... you're right
Candice..." Rey says as he steps off of the treadmill, "I got to stay healthy
for my match at 'Mania with Kurt and Orton..."

Candice turns back to Rey and smiles at him with a playful, lust-filled glare
as she slides both of her hands against the straps of her pink tank top. "You
know're very cute...and I bet you're very big...despite being just
a short little man.." Candice says with a laugh as she keeps her eyes locked
on Rey as she continues to move both of her soft hands against the two straps
of her pink tank top.

Rey raises an eyebrow, but smiles as he looks up at Candice, "Well you know
what they say... great things come in small packages..." Rey laughs a bit as
he uses his white tank top to wipe sweat from his face, chest and arms.

"You know Rey...they say I'm...too handle..." Candice says as she
looks up and locks her alluring, lust filled eyes with Rey's eyes "All the
boy say I'm too hot...and they find out it's not just a saying...but the
truth..." Candice says in soft, seductive voice as she gently pulls on the
left strap of her tank top, snapping the strap off of her shoulder "Ohhhh...
oops..." Candice says with a playfully laugh "I just bought it too..."

Rey's eyes almost pop out of his head as the tight tank top almost stays
perfectly in place despite the snapped strap. "It does look a bit small on
you..." Rey says commenting on her tank top before he looks up into her eyes
again, "You are pretty hot... but... how come I never heard any of the boys
saying that it's true?" Rey asks with a curious smile on his handsome face.

Candice laughs a little "Because...when they're with me...I give them a trip" Candice says as she pulls on the right strap of her
tank top and snaps that strap off as well, allowing her pink tank top to fall
off of her chest, exposing her large and perky, perfect chest.

Rey's eyes go from Candice's beautiful eyes to her large lovely breasts.
He licks his lips a bit and smiles again, "How can you give them a trip to
hell... looks like a time with you would be like going to heaven from where
I'm standing..."

Candice licks her lips "Ohhhhh'll just have to find out..." Candice
says as she takes a step towards him "What do you say, you want to
go straight to hell...with...a Devil?"

"Well..." Rey laughs a little and rubs the back of his sweaty neck,
"Candice... I'm not sure if you know... but I am married... so I can't find
out what you mean about going to hell with a devil..." Rey is about to turn
away but stops, "But thanks though..."

Candice raises her eyebrow a bit as she places her hands on her rounded hips
"Ohhhhh Rey....isn't that loyal to your wife." Candice
says in a way of mocking Rey's good sense of morals. Candice takes another
step towards Rey as she looks with him with an almost frightening,
Victoria-like fiery glare.

Rey nods, "Yeah... I've been married a long time and never cheated on
Angie... and I'm not gonna start now..." Rey takes a step back away from
Candice as he starts to turn around.

Candice grits her teeth slightly as she glares at Rey "Are you...turning me
down!?" Candice asks raising her voice, not believing that someone would
actually turn an offer like that done. Candice folds her arms over her large,
bare and perfect chest and shakes her head "Well Rey...guess what, you're
going to hell whether you want it or not!" Candice says in a raised voice.

Candice's comment grabs Rey's attention and he looks back at her with a
raised eyebrow, "What is that supposed to mean?" Rey asks, "I'm married and
I'm not going to cheat on my wife, no matter how hot you or anyone else is."

Candice presses her pouty, soft lips together and smirks "We'll see about
that....Rey..." Candice says as her eyes lighten up a bit before she pushes
Rey, making him fall back and forcing him to sit down on one of the weight
machines. Candice grits her teeth gently together as she straddles herself
on Rey's lap, almost forcing him to stay seated as she flips her silky black
hair ballsack. The gentle devil leans forward and whispers into Rey's ear
"It's time for hell....I hope you're ready" Candice says softly as she pulls
the sweat bands off of Rey's wrists and begins to tie both of his hands down
to the weight machine.

Rey starts to try pulling his hands from after Candice successfully ties his
hands to the metal bars of the weight machines, "What are you doing?!" Rey
yells as he accidentally twists both of his wrists as he tries to free

Candice tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhhh should know by now!"
Candice shrieks as she leans her head towards Rey's ear and then whispers
"I'm one of Vince's Devils...and its time for suffer..." Candice
says seductively before she flicks her tongue against the right side of
Rey's sweat covered neck.

Rey jerks his head to the left in an attempt to move his neck away from
Candice's sinister tongue. "Candice... you probably never have been
rejected... but don't take it so personally... I'm a happily married man..."
Rey says as he tries to pull just his right arm free.

Candice lifts herself off of Rey's lap and laughs tilting her head back "Ohhh
Rey..." Candice shrieks "You should know by now that I am simply...Too...
Hot...To...Handle..." Candice says as she raises her right arm into the arm
and starts to twirl her body around into her famous GoDaddy dance.

Rey turns his head to the right so he's not looking at Candice, "Candice come
on... this isn't funny..." Rey says as he tries to pulls his left arm free,
but he finds that Candice made sure to tie his hands tightly to the weight

Candice presses her lips together as she looks at Rey "Ohhh Rey...don't fight
it baby...I know you want it.." Candice says seductively as she starts to
push down her tight-fitting black gym shorts to reveal her smoothly shaven
and soothing, but devilish pussy.

Candice presses her lips together as she looks at Rey "Ohhh Rey...don't fight
it baby...I know you want it.." Candice says seductively as she starts to
push down her tight-fitting black gym shorts to reveal her smoothly shaven
and soothing, but devilish pussy.

Rey closes his eyes tightly so he doesn't look at Candice, "Candice I really
don't have any interest in this... now let me go!" Rey yells as he jerks both
his arms in another futile attempt to fee himself.

Candice flips her silky, wavy black hair back as she lowers herself down to
her knees as Rey remains stuck seated on the seat of the weight machine.
Candice licks her lips as she watches a few beads of sweat drips down from
Rey's muscular chest "Mmmmm...ohhhh...Rey..." Candice moans as she places
her hands onto Rey's red workout pants and begins to pull them down from his
waist. The gentle, devious devil looks up at Rey and smirks as she pulls his
workout pants down his legs "I promise not to cause...TOO MUCH...pain..."
Candice says with a wickedly evil laugh.

Rey bites his lip, "Candice why don't you go after someone else who's single
to do this with... and leave me alone..." Rey says as Candice pulls his red
work out pants down his legs, revealing a pair of black boxer briefs that is
concealing a large bulge.

Candice licks her lips as she places her right hand against the bulge in
Rey's black boxer briefs and begins to rub her hands against the material of
Rey's crotch "Mmmmmm.... You do seem big... for a little guy..." Candice says
with a laugh "Let's see how much pain I can cause..." Candice adds before she
lowers Rey's black boxer briefs down from his waist.

Within a few moments, Candice lowers Rey's black boxer briefs down far enough
for his twelve inch cock to become free from it's prison. Rey opens his eyes
some and grits his teeth, "All right Candice... you had your fun... now let
me go..."

Candice laughs a bit "Ohhhh fun is just starting!" Candice shrieks
as she leans up on her knees and tightly grips Rey's cock with both of her
soft, devilish hands and starts to guide her soothing, evil hands up and down
Rey's gradually hardening cock.

"Mmmmm... damn..." Rey grinds his teeth together, as Candice slides her hands
up and down his cock, making his shaft become incredibly stiff and thick.
"Ahhh... Candice this isn't right..."

Candice licks her lips as she looks up at Rey with evil twinkle in her
angelic eyes "But you like it..." Candice says as her verbally and physically
torments Rey. Candice flips her silky hair back once again before her lowers
her head and inhales Rey's cock into her warm, wet mouth.

Rey clenches his eyes shut, "No I don't..." Rey says right after he lets
out a moan when Candice closers her sensational lips around his thick, meaty
cock. With her lips tightly pressed around Rey's cock, the gentle devil
begins to bob her head swiftly on his meaty , thick cock. Candice closes her
eyes as she starts to bob her head quicker, while gently tapping her tongue
against his cock before tightens the grip of her lips as she starts grind
her lips sharply against Rey's cock every time to bobs her head. Rey tilts
his head back and arches his back a bit, "Ohhh... shit... stop it...
Candice..." Rey groans and he lifts both of his legs up and wraps them both
around her body.

Candice smiles around his cock as the sinfully delight devil opens her mouth
wider, taking Rey's large, Hispanic cock deeper into her warm, sinister
mouth. Candice's soft moan vibrate against his shaft as her head bobs become
quicker and her oral assault on Rey's cock becomes a bit rougher.

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh... fuck...." Rey moans as he can help himself as he does
enjoy Candice sucking his large thick dick. "Candice... please... I'm
married..." Rey moans as wraps his legs tighter around her body.

Candice lifts her head up with a wicked smirk as her warm saliva drips down
Rey's solid, stiff cock. Candice flips her silky black hair back as she
narrows her eyes into a lustful glare "I don't care..." Candice replies as
she pushes Rey's legs away from her and she stands up, making her pussy eye
level with Rey.

Rey somewhat stares right at Candice's smooth beautiful yet evil pussy, and
out of habit he does lick his lips. "Candice... please... I don't want to
cheat on Angie... I love her... just let me go... I'll hook you up with
someone..." Rey says as he tries to make a deal with her.

Candice shakes her head and laughs a bit "No deal..." Candice licks her lips
as she places her hands on Rey's strong shoulders and straddles Rey's waist.
The sinfully attractive devil lowers her pussy down onto Rey's stiff cock
"Ohhhhhh.....yessss..." Candice shrieks as she works his cock deeper into her
pussy just by rocking "Mmmmm...." Candice licks her lips and grits her teeth
as she lets her devilish pussy get used to the width of Rey's cock. "Ohhhh hell... courtesy of a true devil!" Candice shrieks.

Rey bites his lips as he instinctively thrusts his hips up once, pushing his
cock up into Candice's hot as hell pussy. Rey also starts to tear up as he
thinks of his wife and family, "Candice... ahhh... please... stop... I'm
begging you..." Rey pleads as he tries to pull his arms free again.

Candice tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhhhh Rey.... I'm way too hot for
you!" Candice moans as she starts to bounce more quickly on Rey's cock as she
rocks her body back on his cock and then forward, grinding her evil pussy
against his stiff cock.

Rey tilts his head back and closes his eyes his eyes, trying to imagine
that his wife is the one that's riding his rock hard pole. "Uhhhh... fuck...
please... stop it... I don't want this... I don't care... how hot you are..."
Rey says as some tears rolls down his cheeks.

Candice grits her teeth as she lifts herself off of Rey's cock "Ohhh Rey...
what's wrong...don't you like playing with me?"

"No... I don't!" Rey yells, "I'm... a happily married man... I have... a
beautiful wife... you're... you're... just a harlot!" Rey cries as he opens
his eyes and looks up at her.

Candice laughs and shakes her head "No Rey...I'm a devil..." Candice says
before she turns around with her back facing Rey and lowers herself back down
to Rey's cock as she starts to bounce once again on his cock with back facing
him "Ohhhh ahhhhh Rey!" Candice shrieks as she rocks herself back against his
cock and starts to thrust herself down on his cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh fuck... you're... pure... evil!" Rey says as he continues to
moan. Despite how he's feeling, his body reacts on it's own and he can't stop
himself from thrusting his twelve inch shaft up into Candice's delightful and
sinister cunt. Candice grits her teeth as she leans her back against Rey's
sweaty chest as out of instinct, he quickly thrusts his piston-like cock deep
into her pussy as she grinds her pussy against his cock sharply.

Tears run down Rey's face as he whimpers, "Ohhhh God... forgive me... this is
not my doing..." Rey says, begging forgiveness even as he slams his smooth
thick dick up into Candice's pussy. He lets out a loud moans as Candice moves
her left hand down and begins to presses her sharp fingernails against the
underside of his cock, scratching his shaft as he pumps it into her pussy.

Candice tilts her head back as sweat rolls down her face and chest "Ohhhhhh
Rey....I'm too hot!" Candice shrieks as she suddenly slams herself down on
Rey's cock taking the entire length and width of his cock into her sinfully
wet pussy.

Rey groans as he starts to feel a familiar feeling building in his balls, and
he shakes his head, "Ohhh... no... I'm... Candice.... please... get off...
I'm... going... to cum..." Rey whimpers as he tries to convey that he doesn't
want to cum inside of Candice's evil cunt.

Candice licks her sultry lips "Mmmm ohhhh Rey...cum in my pussy...." Candice
moans as she closes her eyes.

"No... please... I don't... want to cum... inside of you..." Rey whimpers as
he fights to keep himself from cumming.

Candice grits her teeth as she grinds her pussy down against Rey's cock
roughly "Ohhhhh know you want to..." Candice shrieks as she arches
her back against Rey's sweaty chest.

"Noooo... please.... get... off!" Rey suddenly lets out a groan as he starts
to cum inside of Candice's tight warm wet delightfully sinful pussy, filling
her with his hot sticky load. Candice laughs wickedly as she slides her hands
through her mildly sweat, soaked hair while she lifts herself off of Rey's
cock. Candice licks he lips as she turns her head to look back at Rey.

Rey's eyes are red from crying and it's obvious he's ashamed of what just
happened between himself and Candice, "Oh God... please forgive me...." Rey

Candice laughs, tilting her head back "Ohhhh just went straight to
hell...with me." Candice says softly "I hope you enjoyed...I sure did..."


In a hotel lobby somewhere else in San Diego, John Cena and Trish Stratus are
walking to the elevators to head up to their hotel room. John smiles at Trish
as she presses the up button to call down the elevator. "Today was really

Trish laughs a little and shakes her head as she gently pushes John a bit "I
told you it would I ever wrong?"

John smiles and shakes his head, "Nope, you've been right about
everything..." John laughs a little as he puts an arm around her and hugs
her a bit.

Trish blushes a bit "I...umm...really like a lot..." Trish
laughs a little as the elevator doors slowly open and standing inside of the
elevator unit is the leader of Vince's Devils, the vicious vixen Victoria.
The black raven haired Victoria slowly lifts her head up and her eyes widen
as she sees not only the man who made her cum, John Cena and his very close
friend Trish Stratus. Trish smiles a bit "Hey Victoria..." Trish says sweetly
as Victoria steps out of the elevator, slightly gritting her teeth after John
and Trish step onto the elevator unit. Victoria's head starts to twitch
slightly as she has her back to Trish and John while the elevator doors are
still opened.

John smiles at Trish, "Hey Victoria..." John says as he stands in between
the doors of the elevator, keeping them open. "How have you been?" John asks
Victoria, since there paths have not crossed directly in long time.

Victoria turns her head slowly back to John with her teeth gritted.
Victoria's cold and dark eyes slowly narrow into a glare "Ohhh...I'm sure
you really care!" Victoria snaps as she starts to laugh wickedly "I haven't
forgotten one bit!" Victoria says loudly with her teeth gritted as she starts
to tremble in anger.

Suddenly the elevator doors close and the elevator begins to ascend, inside
of the elevator Trish looks at John and raises her eyebrow "What the hell was
that about?"

John shrugs his shoulders, "You got me..." John scratches the back of his
head, forgetting about how he made her vicious vixen climax several months

Trish shakes her head and laughs a little "You know...she weird."
Trish says as she looks at John.

John laughs a bit as he looks at Trish, "Yeah... she defiantly has a screw
loose..." John pushes the 7 button on the elevator panel.

Trish shyly looks down "So...I'm rooming with Ashley...but she's out shopping
right now..." Trish says as she shifts a bit in the elevator.

John smiles a little after hearing what Trish said, "Hmmm do you think...
you'd like some company?"

Trish smiles cutely and shrugs " wouldn't hurt..."

John smiles a little wider, "I think I can keep you company..."

Trish laughs a little as she turns to him a bit "I think...I might like


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