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Too Hot To Handle Part 20: The Prodical Son
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of Monday Night Raw, Shane McMahon, the heir apparent
to the WWE, is in the office belonging to his father Vince McMahon and
talking on his cell phone. "Don't worry pops, everything is in place for when
you arrive... after tonight Shawn Michaels isn't going to be a problem."
Shane tells his father. Shane is wearing a pair of black dress slacks, a
black button shirt and a black suit jacket. Shane walks around the desk and
sits in his father's leather chair.

"That's good Shane-O... I trust that the Spirit Squad is already prepared?"
Vince asks.

"Yeah they are... there's no way HBK is going to get out of this one..."
Shane replies, "The steel cage is already above the arena for their match."

"Good very good... I'll see you when I get to the arena..." Vince says Vince
says as he hangs up.

Shane closes his cell phone and sets it on the desk, "The plan is defiantly
coming together..." Shane says to himself as he leans back in the chair.
Shane yawns a bit as he places his hands behind his head, kicking his feet
up on the desk of his father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. As Shane is enjoying
his moment of relaxation, it is shortly interrupted by the sound of someone
knocking on the office door. Shane gets an annoyed look on his face as he
takes his feet off the desk and sits up in the chair, "Who is it?" Shane
says as he folds his hands and lays them on top of the desk.

The door slowly opens and in walks the two villainous members of Vince's
Devils, the vicious vixen Victoria and sinfully delight Candice Michelle.
Victoria dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a white cut-off t-shirt
grits her teeth as she slightly glares at Vince's son Shane. Candice on the
other hand, dressed in a silky and stunningly sexy black dress, presses her
lips together as she looks at the Boy Wonder himself. Candice flips her
silky black hair back as she lowers her eyes into a sultry, inviting glare.
Victoria cracks her neck from side to side before closing the door behind
her and her faithful friend in all out man-domination, Candice. "Where's
Vince!?" Victoria says in an intimidating tone.

Shane looks at both beautiful yet deceivingly divas with a raised eyebrow,
"Vince is not at the arena yet... and it would be in your best interest to
change that tone of voice..." Shane says to Victoria. "Now, what do you two

Victoria grits her teeth as she shakes her head "You don't tell me anything!"
Victoria yells back, before Candice raises her hand up and steps in front of

Candice licks her lips as she smiles at Shane "You see...Mr. McMahon...
mmmmmm...Mr. McMahon" Candice smiles as she flips her hair back "He...wanted
to see Victoria and I, about a little problem he needed us to deal with..."
Candice says in a soft, seductive voice.

Shane leans back in his chair and folds his arms, "Vince didn't tell me about
any problem that he needed you two for..." Shane replies as he looks first at
Candice and then at Victoria.

Victoria raises her eyebrow as she folds her powerful arms over her chest as
she grits her teeth "Well you better find out what it is!" Victoria snaps at
Shane as Candice's eyes widen.

Candice laughs a little "Shane, what Victoria means is that...."

Shane glares at both women as he stands up, "I don't have to find out
anything... and if I know Vince... he probably just needs you to be his
latest play-toys..." Shane snaps back. "Or you two are trying to endear
yourselves to him to try and get some special treatment around here...
and that's not going to happen."

Victoria slightly pushes Candice out of her way and steps up to Vince' desk,
pointing her finger at Shane "You listen here!" Victoria yells as her eyes
narrow into a cold, frightening glare "I don't care who the fuck you are!"
Victoria yells with her teeth gritted tightly "But you need to learn one
very important lesson!" Victoria says as her head starts to twitch.

Candice swallows a bit at the tone Victoria is using with Vince's son, Shane.
Candice steps towards her a bit "Victoria…maybe you shouldn't be so..."

Victoria turns her head to Candice and smirks wickedly "Shut up..." Candice
slowly nods her head and turns away slightly, before Victoria's attention
goes back to Shane.

Shane raises an eyebrow and glares back at Victoria, "Just who in the hell
do you think you are? You better remember who you work for in this company...
and it would be best for you to drop that tone of voice before you find
yourself shipped down to Deep South Wrestling..." Shane yells at Victoria,
but his attempt at vocal intimidation isn't as effective as when his father
does it.

Victoria shakes her head as she continues to point at Shane "I don't give a
flying fuck who you are!"

Candice bites down on her bottom lip " shouldn't..."

Victoria slowly turns her head and glares at Candice "No Candice!" Victoria
yells before turning back to Shane "He may be Vince's son...but we're Vince's
Devils...and no one talks to us like THAT!" Victoria yells before she swings
her right fist into the jaw of Shane McMahon, giving him a swift
'sucker-punch' to immobilize him for a brief moment. Candice's soft, evil
eyes widen in amazement as Victoria smirks and walks around the side of
Vince's desk to get behind the desk with Shane as he bent over the desk.

Shane shakes his head a bit, "You filthy... fucking... bitch... I'm going to
have you fired!" Shane manages to say as he starts to regain his bearings as
he's bent over the desk.

Victoria tilts her head back a bit and laughs wickedly "Try it...just try
it!" Victoria says taunting Shane as she snaps her fingers at Candice "Come
remove his's time for Shane O'Mac to learn you don't cross Vince's
Devils!" Victoria says as she starts to breath heavily.

Candice slowly nods her head as she walks around the desk and smiles a bit
as she sees Shane bent over the desk "Mmmm..." Candice licks her lips a bit
"I've been with Daddy...I wonder how the son is..." Candice says as she
reaches underneath Shane and starts to unbuckle the belt around as Victoria
places her powerful right hand on the back of Shane's head as she holds the
son of Vince McMahon's head down onto the hard wooden desk.

"You two fucking cunts! I'm gonna make damn sure neither of you gets a push
to the women's title!" Shane yells as he tries to push himself up from the
desk, but Victoria pushes his head down each time he tries, and at one point
she slams his head down on the desk. Meanwhile after Candice unbuttons
Shane's pants, she pulls his belt through the loops and puts it on top of
the desk.

Victoria grits her teeth as she reaches down and picks up the belt from the
desk and starts to laughs wickedly. Candice licks her lips as she slowly
tugs down Shane's briefs revealing his bare ass. Victoria smirks "Candice...
tep's time of be punished!" Victoria yells before she
swings the belt against the bare ass of Shane McMahon.

Candice laughs a little as she starts to get more into the domination of
Vince's son "Ohhhhh Victoria, do it again!" Candice shrieks as Victoria
raises her head up to look at Candice with a glare and a evil smirk
"Candice he needs his spankings...." Victoria tilts her head back and
laughs "Isn't that right, Shane!? aren't so tough now, are
you?!" Victoria yells, taunting Shane before she whips the belt against
Shane's bare ass once again.

Shane bites his bottom lip after each and everyone of Victoria's fierce
blows, "You're going to pay for this! Both of you!" Shane cries out and his
voice cracks a bit as Victoria's hand comes down on his untanned backside.
Shane balls both of his fists and pounds them on the desk as he tries to
kick his legs back at Victoria.

Victoria smirks "Candice...get down on your knees..."

Candice licks her lips and nods her head "Sure thing Victoria..." Candice
replies as she lowers herself down onto her knees as Shane remains bent over
the desk. Candice takes Shane's cock into her hands and begins to stroke
Shane's cock, before Victoria starts to whip Shane's bare ass once again with
the use of his belt. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs as she pulls on
her raven black hair with her left hand "Having fun SHANE!?" Victoria yells,
gritting her teeth as she breaths heavily.

Shane's eyes start to tear up as his leather belt is whipped against his ass
cheeks at the whim of the WWE's original psychopathic diva. "You two will be
fucking lucky to find a job at a pizza shop once I get through with you!"
Shane yells as he already thinks of what kind of revenge he can get on both
divas, but at the same time he also moans a bit as Candice strokes his
seven-inch cock and makes it become hard.

Candice smiles a bit after hearing Shane's comment "Ohhhh Shane...I think
Daddy will keep us around no matter what...we're his devils...and we're Too
Hot...To Handle!" Candice shrieks a bit before she flips her silky black hair
back and presses the tip of her tongue against the head of Shane's cock.

Victoria grits her teeth as her cold, dark eyes narrow into a deeper glare
as she releases her grip on the belt with her right hand and then brings her
right hand to her mouth, licking the palm of her hand with her tongue. The
vicious vixen then quickly throws her moist, palm-wetted hand onto the bare
ass of Shane McMahon "Does Shane need another spanking!?" Victoria asks as
she continues to taunt him.

Shane grits his teeth together as he tries to look back at sadistic fanatical
woman, "You're going to fucking pay... I'll send you straight to hell!" Shane
yells as he lets out another moan when Candice slides her tongue against the
underside of tip of his dick.

Candice begins to lap her wicked, wet tongue down Shane's shaft, then guides
her tongue back up Shane's shaft. Candice brings her head up to the head of
Shane's cock and opens her warm mouth before pushing his hard McMahon cock
into her, soothing, devilish mouth and wraps her lips tightly around his
shaft and begins to bob her head on his cock. Victoria grits her teeth as she
spreads Shane's ass cheeks apart "Oh Shane...we're already there!" Victoria
says before she starts to graze her razor sharp fingernail up Shane's

Shane cringes as he feels Victoria razor sharp finger nail scratch between
his ass cheeks, "You fucking whore! When I tell Vince... you're special
treatment is gonna end... you're going to pay!" Shane cries out as Victoria
digs her fingernail into the skin of his ass crack. Shane pounds both his
first on the wooden desk, and all he does is just bruise them.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically "Oh Shane you're
learning not to disrespect us!" Victoria says wickedly as Candice starts to
bob her head quickly along Shane's shaft. The warm, evil mouth of the gentle
devil, Candice Michelle, tightens around Shane's cock causing her soft, pouty
lips to rub up against Shane's cock with every soothing, sinfully enjoyable
head bob as she sucks the one and only boy wonder's cock.

Shane grinds his teeth together, "You two are going to pay... I swear it!"
Shane yells, but as Candice continues to suck on his dick, his yell of anger
sounds like a whimper of pleasure.

Victoria laughs again "'re all talk...see you're fucking enjoying
Candice, AREN'T YOU!?" Victoria yells as Candice closes her eyes and starts
rotate her mouth around Shane's cock as she gently and soothingly sucks his
cock. Victoria grits her teeth together with a sly, devious smirk "I wonder
if you'll enjoy.... THIS!" Victoria yells before she rams two of her fingers
into Shane's tight asshole.

"Ahhhhh bitch!" Shane yells as he tries to dig his fingers into the hard
wooden desk that he's bent over. As Victoria begins to violently thrust her
fingers in and out of his vulnerable asshole, Shane actually pushes back a
bit. "You fucking... dyke!" Shane says as he tries not to enjoy Candice
sucking his cock as Victoria fucks his ass.

Victoria quickly removes her two fingers from Shane's asshole as an fiery,
enraged look comes across Victoria's face "What the fuck did you just call
me!?" Victoria yells as Candice scouts out from desk and stands up

"Oh uh...." Candice shakes her head "You shouldn't have said that Shane..."
Candice says as she steps away from Victoria and Shane.

Victoria reaches down and violently picks Shane's head up from the desk by
grabbing his hair "What did you fucking CALL ME?!" Victoria yells louder as
her face turns red with anger and the head of the vicious vixen begins to
twitch as her body shakes. Victoria sneers with her teeth gritted and breaths

Shane clenches his eyes shut as he feels Victoria's fingers almost bury there
way into his hard skull, "I called you a fucking dyke!" Shane yells in pain
before he starts to turn to the right to take a shot at Victoria, but because
of his pants being around his ankles, he trips over his own feet.

Victoria laughs, tilting her raven black haired head back as she stands over
the fallen body of Shane McMahon after he trips "Ohhhh's time for
you to learn to treat me and Candice with respect!" Victoria says as she
glares down at Shane, with a fiery, haunting look. Candice licks her lips as
she kneels down on the floor once again, by Shane's head as the vicious
vixen, Victoria, quickly removes her black pants, revealing no form of
panties underneath.

Shane glares up at Victoria, as he somewhat ignores Candice, "You're a
fucking dyke Victoria!" Shane yells as he starts to sit up on the floor after
he regains some composure. Shane then glares at Candice, giving her some of
his attention, "And you... you're just her fucking bitch... it's obvious
which of you is the butch and which is the bitch!"

Victoria points down at Shane as she stands over his body. The vicious vixen
grits her teeth tightly as her head starts to twitch "You listen Shane-o...
you have it all wrong..." Victoria says with a wicked laugh "Candice and I
both are BITCHES!" Victoria yells before she suddenly drops down from
standing and lands perfectly on top of Shane's cock. Victoria her teeth as
she places her right hand powerfully against Shane's chest pushing him
against the front of the couch, forcing him to sit up before she starts to
rock back and forth on his. The psychotic, vicious vixen Victoria breaths
heavily as she starts to yank her body back on his cock as she powerfully
bounces on his cock.

Candice, the sinfully delightful devil, licks her lips as she watches her
very close friend relentlessly bounce on the son of Vince McMahon's cock.
"Mmmmm Ohhhhhh ride him...make him suffer!" Candice shrieks
as she encourages her friend.

Shane groans and bites his lip as Victoria raises up and crashes down on
his stiff seven inch cock over and over again. "Ahhh... shit... you fucking
whore!" Shane yells at her as he glares into her sinfully seductive eyes.
Shane grits his teeth and takes a swing at Victoria, and is almost successful
in making contact, but his first grazes against her chin, but it's enough for
Victoria to feel.

Victoria's cold, dark eyes widen as she feels Shane's fist slam against her
jaw. Victoria slows down on his cock, coming to a stop before her head starts
to shake and tremble with anger as her demon eyes narrow into a frightening
glare. Victoria grabs a hold of Shane's hair on the back of his head and
proceeds to viciously yank his head back. Victoria glares down at Shane
"Wrong move McMahon..." Victoria says with a wickedly evil laugh, before
turning to Candice. Victoria smirks as she looks at Candice "Candice..."
Candice nods her head a bit "Yes Victoria?" Victoria grits her teeth as she
places her left hand against Shane's neck and begins to presses her razor
like fingernail tips against the skin of Shane's neck "Candice...make...
him.... PAY!" Victoria yells before Candice licks her lips and nods her head.

"Ohhhhh Victoria! I was wanting for my command.." Candice says as the gentle
and delightful devil slides up onto the couch and sits behind Shane with her
smooth, sexy 'candilicious' legs draped down on Shane's shoulder. Candice
tilts her head back and licks her lips as she proceeds to wraps her smooth
legs around Shane's neck, placing him into her tight-locked 'Candilock'.
Victoria grits her teeth as she locks her cold, frightening eyes with Shane
and begins to bounce roughly on his cock as Candice tightens the grip of her
smooth legs around Shane's neck.

Shane starts to cough and gag for air as Candice tightly squeezes his neck
with her smooth, sexy legs. Shane grabs a hold of Candice's legs and tries
to pull her legs from around his neck, "Let... me go... you... fucking...
dyke... bitch...." Shane yells frantically as he gasps for are as Candice
starts to choke him out. As he struggles to free his neck from the deadly
yet seductive hold, Shane inadvertently thrusts his cock up into Victoria's

Victoria grits her teeth as she slams her body down suddenly hard on Shane's
cock. Victoria holds her body down on his cock as she starts to grind and
rotate her pussy against his cock sharply. The vicious vixen starts to
continually smack Shane across the face with her left hand as she verbally
taunts the son of Vince McMahon "How do you like that Shane!? Huh!? HOW DO
YOU LIKE IT!?" Victoria yells "We're not afraid of you...or Daddy..."
Victoria says as Candice licks her lips and nods her head, while she
continues to choke Shane out with the use of her impressive Candilock with
her smooth, tanned sexy legs.

Candice tilts her head back "Ohhhh that's so right Victoria, because Daddy
loves us...or should I say...Mr. McMahon loves us" Candice says in a soft,
seductively alluring voice as she leans back against the couch, while
straggling poor Shane McMahon.

Shane's normally pasty face starts to turn red because of the lack of oxygen
he's getting into his body and the amount of energy he's spending trying to
free himself. "You're... gonna... pay... I... swear it...." Shane manages to
say as he suddenly starts to cum inside of Victoria's vice like pussy. In a
last ditch effort to free himself before he passes out, Shane reaches out
and grabs hold Victoria's neck with both of his hands and he tries to choke
her with his last bit of strength.

Victoria grits her teeth with a smirk before she starts to laugh
sadistically, she looks at Candice and nods her head. Candice smiles and
nods her head back at Victoria as she starts to loosen the grip of her smooth
legs from around Shane's neck. Victoria turns her attention back to Shane and
narrows her eyes into a glare, as Shane is practically passed out. Victoria
lifts herself off of Shane's cock and then delivers a switch kick the side of
Shane's face with her right foot. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs
wickedly as she pulls on her raven black hair.

Following the kick to the right side of his face, Shane falls over and is
completely knocked out. He lays on the floor barely breathing, but the color
of his face starts to become normal as he gets oxygen into his body. Candice
licks her lips and flips her black hair back with both of her hands, "Ohhhh
that was soooo hot..."

Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to breath heavily once again "He
got...what he deserved!" Victoria says in an angry tone as she bends over
and picks up her black pants that she removed.

"Yes he did..." Candice replies as she stand up and runs her hands down her
black dress to smooth it out. "It is such a shame... that he's nothing like
his father..." Candice licks her lips as she nudges her foot against Shane's

Victoria smirks a bit as she buttons her black pants back up. Victoria raises
her eyebrow as she grits her teeth a bit "You and Vince…aren't really..."

Candice licks her lips a little, "A devil never kisses and tells... but... in
this case... I'm just playing a game with him... to get what I want..."

Victoria makes a somewhat uncharacteristic-like disgusted look across her
wicked, yet seductive face "And I thought I had a few mental problems...."
Victoria laughs a bit as she grits her teeth. Candice and Victoria begin to
walk towards the door "Now Candice..." Victoria smirks wickedly "My faithful
devil, I have another victim for you...or should I say...victims."

Candice gets a wicked smile of her own on her beautiful face, "Mmmm... who
are they?" Candice asks as she walks behind Victoria with a look of eager
anticipation in her eyes.

Victoria opens the door leading out into the hallway from Vince McMahon's
office; the vicious vixen looks back at Candice with a sly, evil smirk
"'s two boys on SmackDown...who think they're cool..." Victoria
tilts her head back and laughs psychotically as she steps out into the
hallway "But I know...Candice, my can handle it...because it's
not Too Hot for you..."

Candice licks hips lips as she steps out into the hallway behind Victoria,
"Ohhh Victoria... no one can handle... the hottest Playboy Covergirl
EEEVVVEEEERRR..." Candice says with a slightly shriek in her voice.

Victoria looks back at Candice with her eyes narrow once again as she grits
her teeth "I can handle you Candice.." Victoria says as she gazes Candice's
stunning body up and down.

Down at the opposite end of the hallway, walking towards the direction of
Victoria and Candice, the reigning WWE Champion John Cena is walking the
lovely Trish Stratus towards the locker room area while carrying her travel
bag for her. John smiles at her, "So... are we still on for dinner tonight
after the show?"

Trish smiles and nods her head as she brushes a strand of her blonde hair
behind her left ear "Of course.." Trish lowers her head a bit "But if you
don't want to..."

"I want too..." John smiles, "I'm just making sure you didn't have any
plans... like with going to a movie with Ashley like that time in DC..."
John nudges Trish a bit.

Trish folds her arms a bit "Hey said you didn't want to go" Trish
shakes her head "Don't be changing the story.."

John looks at her, "That was because Ashley told me you and her had plans
that night..."

"So...I would have went to dinner with instead..." Trish says with a soft
smile as she and John turn a corner in the hallway. Just as Trish and John
are turning to enter another hallway, the vicious vixen Victoria turns her
head after making a comment to Candice. Victoria narrows her eyes as she
locks her eyes sights on The Champ John Cena and Trish Stratus. The sadistic
psychopath grits her teeth as her body starts to shake with anger.

Candice raises an eyebrow when she sees Victoria start to tremble with rage
as she looks down the hall. Candice looks in the direction Victoria is but
from her angle, she doesn't see John Cena or Trish Stratus. She looks back
at Victoria and gently places a hand on her shoulder, "Vickie... are you all

Victoria starts to pull on her raven black hair as she turns back Candice
with a frightening glare and look across her face "Candice....he's mine...
DAMN IT HE'S MINE!" Victoria yells a bit as starts to breath heavily.

Candice gets a bit of a scared look on her face as she takes a step back,
"Victoria... just... calm down..." Candice says in a soothing voice.

Victoria balls both of her hands into tight fists "That little bitch is
going to pay....John is mine!" Victoria shakes her head a bit "I HATE HIM...
AND HER!" Victoria yells breathing heavily "THEY'RE BOTH...GOING...TO...


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