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Too Hot To Handle Part 21: Ridin' With The Mexicools
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the indoor parking area of the arena where SmackDown is holding a live
event, the Mexicools, Psicosis and Super Crazy, both dressed in dark blue
mechanic style jumpsuits are working on their "Juan Deer" lawnmowers by
putting some new decorations on them. Psicosis takes out a rag from his
back pocket and wipes some sweet from his face, "Hey homes... we're gonna
be looking good tonight..."

Super Crazy nods his head as he sits down on the seat of his lawnmower,
"Yeah, the Juan Deers are all polished, new flags on them... we're gonna be
representing tonight."

Psicosis smirks as he wipes a speck of dirt from his lawnmower with the rag,
"What we now need is a hot mama cita to ride with us..."

Crazy laughs, "Yeah... a hot Latina straddling the mowers when we wrestle
would be hot."

"Did...somebody say hot?" A soft, seductive voice says behind Psicosis and
Super Crazy, as the two Mexicools turn around, they see the sinful-delight,
the gentle yet conniving devil Candice Michelle, walking out from behind a
large piece of equipment. Candice presses her soft lips together as she
places her hands on her slender waist, dressed in a stunningly, sexy black
dress that fits her 'Candilicious' body perfectly.

Psicosis and Super Crazy both look at Candice as Psicosis licks his lips,
"Yeah... we said hot..."

Crazy laughs, "No you didn't amigo, I said hot..."

Psicosis smirks, "We both did..." he says to correct the insane luchador
before he looks back at the smoking hot Candice Michelle, and he looks at
how her black dress that shows off every curve of her devilish body, "Damn...
hot as hell..." He says to compliment her.

Candice licks her lips as she flips her silky dark hair back, sliding her
soft, delicate but wickedly evil hands up from her hips and guides them up
her delightful body "Well....I might be what you're looking for..." Candice
says in a soft voice as she presses her lips together, tilting her head back
as she lifts both of her arms into the air "Because...I am...Too...Hot...

Psicosis and Super Crazy both exchange looks and without saying a word, the
two of them nod their heads and smirk before they look back at Candice.
"Well... mama cita... it's not that easy... we have to see... how hot you
are..." Super Crazy says with grin.

"Yeah, it's not like you can just ride with the Mexicools..." Psicosis adds
as he licks his lips.

Candice licks her lips as she starts to approach Psicosis and Super Crazy,
while the two Mexicools remain standing by their two 'Juan Deer' lawnmowers
"Ohhhhh boys....I can ride....WITH...anyone..." Candice says with a slight
shriek as she starts to gently pull on the shoulder straps of her black,
perfectly fitting, dress.

"Oh Santa Maria..." Super Crazy whispers as he watches Candice pull on the
straps of her dress so seductively a lesser man would've shot his load right
there on the spot.

Psicosis smirks, "You might have trouble with us... cause we're not just
cool... we're Mexicool..." Psicosis says as he adjusts the crotch area of
his jumpsuit to make himself more comfortable.

The sinfully delightful, Candice Michelle, laughs a bit as she removes her
hands from the straps of her dress, resting on her smooth shoulders. Candice
presses her lips together as she narrows in her eyes into a lust glare
"Why...don't you two.... Mexicools...have a seat" Candice pauses as she locks
her soft, demon-alluring eyes on Psicosis and Super Crazy. The gentle devil
then nods in her head in the direction of their two crotches "And
can...lose the...jumpsuits..." Candice say as she flicks her tongue against
her top lip, while she speaks in a soft, sly voice.

"I like that idea, I like it a whole lot..." Psicosis says as he starts to
unzip his jumpsuit, revealing his light brown muscular upper body underneath
it. He slips his arms out of the sleeves so he can push the jumpsuit down so
he can step out of, and he has on a pair of black briefs, but he takes those
off quickly to reveal a nine-inch long Mexican dick. Super Crazy is also
getting out of his jumpsuit and as Psicosis finishes getting undress, Crazy
starts to take off a t-shirt he had on underneath his jumpsuit before taking
off the jumpsuit completely, followed by a pair of red boxers, freeing his
own eight inch shaft. Both Mexicools then sit on the seats of the 'Juan Deer'
lawnmowers and smirk at Candice.

Candice licks her lips as she steps in between the two 'Juan Deer'
lawnmowers, so that she has a Mexicool on each side of her. Candice flips her
silky black hair back, before looking and gazing her soft eyes at Psicosis's
cock, who is on her left side. The gentle devil, slowly turns her attention
to her right side, where Super Crazy is seat and gazes at his cock as well.
Candice licks her soft, pouty and wickedly evil lips "Mmmmm...I like what I
see..." Candice laughs a little "And I know it's two things, I can definitely

Psicosis grins, "Hey mama cita... how about you get a handle on this stick
shift..." Psicosis says as he wraps a hand around his cock and strokes it

Super Crazy gets a mischievous look on his face as leans back on his
lawnmower, "Or better... get a handle on both of us..."

Candice licks her lips as she winks at Super Crazy "I like that idea..."
Candice says showing off a more wicked and mischievous smirk. Candice gently
grits her teeth together as she lowers herself down to her knees, in between
the two 'Juan Deer' lawnmowers. Candice reaches up with both of her soft,
delicate hands; the gentle devil proceeds to wrap her left hand around
Psicosis's cock and her right hand wrapped around Super Crazy's cock. The
sinful seductress begins to move both of her hands up and down against the
stiff, solid shafts of Psicosis and Super Crazy.

Psicosis puts a hand on the steering wheel of his lawnmower and moans, "Ohhh
yeah... you stroke that big dick..." He closes his eyes as Candice presses
her palm against the top of his cock. Super Crazy has his hands behind his
head and is swinging his legs back and forth rhythmically as Candice slides
her skilled hand up and down his prick. Candice lifts her head up and swifts
her soft, seductively alluring eyes back and forth between Psicosis and Super
Crazy. Candice licks her lips as she moves her right hand down Super Crazy's
shaft, heading towards his ballsack while she keeps her left hand up towards
the head of Psicosis's cock. Candice gently wraps her hand around the head of
Psicosis's cock a bit tighter, squeezing his large cock head.

Psicosis lets out a fairly low moan as he tilts his head back, "Ahhh yeah...
mmm you know what I like... that's cool..." He says as Candice continues to
squeeze the large head of his cock, making his body tense up some.

Super Crazy licks his lips lustfully as Candice presses her right hand
against his ballsack, "Ohh adios mio... you got bueno hands..." Super Crazy

Candice laughs a bit as she slowly turns her head and locks her devilish
eyes with Super Crazy. The gentle devil, licks her lips as she turns a bit
on her knees to Super Crazy, as she releases her left hand from Psicosis's
cock. Candice stands up and looks back over her shoulder at Psicosis as her
stunning body, clothed in her tight black dresses faces Super Crazy. "May...
I share a seat..." Candice surprisingly asks Psicosis in a gentle tone.

"No... I don't mind at all..." Psicosis licks his lips and he scoots over on
the lawnmower's seat giving Candice room to sit down. Super Crazy gets a grin
on his face before he casually runs his hands over the front of Candice's
elegant clothed body, focusing the movements of his hands over her hips.
Candice presses her soft lips together as she steps away from Super Crazy,
slowly sitting on the edge of the lawnmower seat, that Psicosis is sitting on
as well. Candice, keeping a firm hold on Super Crazy's cock, leans her head
forward and presses her soft, devil tongue against the head of his Mexicool

"Oooooo mama..." Crazy moans as Candice's tongue slithers against then around
the head of his Hispanic shaft. He flips Candice's soft black hair back then
holds it up so her hair doesn't fall over face. Meanwhile, Psicosis is
casually rubbing Candice's lower back through the material her black dress.
Candice moans softly as she pats her tongue delicately against his shaft as
she slithers her devilish tongue around his shaft. Occasionally, the sinfully
delightful devil, slashes her wet tongue against his cock, slowly working her
tongue back up his shaft after reaching the bottom of his stiff pole.

"Mmmmm.... you have... a hot tongue..." Crazy moans as he wraps his left hand
around the base of his cock to hold it steady for Candice. Psicosis is now
keeping himself busy by leaning over Candice and he pushes down the straps of
Candice's black down off her shoulders, and the straps hang loosely, gently
swinging back and forth with any movement Candice makes as she attacks Super
Crazy's cock with her tongue. Candice guides her tongue back up to the head
of Super Crazy's cock, leaving a warm, wet trail of saliva on his cock.
Candice flips her black hair back before she opens her warm, soothing warm
and proceeds to lower her head on Super Crazy's cock. The conniving, sinfully
sweet Candice Michelle wraps her soft lips around Super Crazy's cock as she
starts to bob her head, up and down, against his cock beginning to suck off
the insane luchador.

"Mmmm damn... Psico... she's good... just must be at least a Rican
seniorita..." Crazy says in pleasure as Candice slurps and sucks on his stiff
throbbing pole. Psicosis smirks, "I'll see for my self in a bit I bet..."
Psicosis replies as he moves his hands to the middle of the back of Candice's
dress and slowly pulls the small zipper. As he does so, Candice's perfectly
tanned back becomes exposed to the cool air of the indoor parking lot.
Candice lifts her eyes a bit as she feels the cool air gently hit against her
tanned back. Candice begins to lap her wicked tongue around Super Crazy's
shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker on his cock, while moving her
hand up and down the bottom half of his shaft, stroking him as well.

"She tans naked..." Psicosis says as he sees all of Candice's back after
unzipping her dress completely and not seeing any color different that would
result if Candice tanned with a bikini top. Psicosis runs his hands over her
back and slightly pushes her forward towards Crazy, making Candice take a bit
more of the insane luchadors shaft than she intended too.

Candice slowly picks her head up from Super Crazy's cock causing a string of
her saliva to drip out of her mouth and onto the head of Super Crazy cock.
The delightful devil licks her soft lips as she slowly turns her head back,
giving Psicosis a seductive glare "I suppose you want an oral ride..."

Psicosis gets a wide smile on his face, "Yeah... I want that hot mouth of
yours..." Psicosis replies as he nods his head eagerly. Super Crazy rubs his
saliva-covered cock with the palm of his hand to smear Candice's spit all of
his own cock. Candice licks her lips as she turns her body to face Psicosis.
Candice stands up from the lawnmower she was sitting on and bends over as
she leans her head over Psicosis's cock. Candice opens her warm, devilish
mouth and lowers her head down on his cock. Candice wraps her soft, pouty
lips around his cock and starts to swiftly bob her head on his cock as
Super Crazy stands up behind Candice and starts to push the back of her
perfectly-fitting black dress up and over her nicely round backside.

Super Crazy licks his lips as he looks at Candice's round ass and sees that
she's not wearing anything underneath her dress, then he lightly slaps it,
"Mmmm damn, hot ass..." Crazy says as he grips his cock with his left hand
and guides it to Candice's warm waiting pussy. Placing his hands on both
sides of Candice's hips, Crazy begins to thrust his Mexican shaft in and
out of her pussy.

Meanwhile Psicosis is leaning back on the seat of his 'Juan Deer' Lawnmower
and has his hands behind his head. "Oooooo yeah.... mmmm you're a hot
chica..." Psicosis moans as Candice bobs her head eagerly on his hard dick.
Candice moans softly against Psicosis's cock as she feels the swift, quick
thrusts to her delicately evil pussy from the insane luchador, Super Crazy.
Candice, the gentle devil, begins to buck her hips and slowly pushes back
on his cock as she wraps her lips tighter around Psicosis's shaft and begins
to bob her head quicker as she takes his cock deeper into her warm and wet
devilish mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... uhhhh damn..." Crazy grunts as he slowly but surely begins to
pick up the pace of his thrusting, pumping his shaft more firmly into her
tight hot pussy.

Psicosis licks his lips and closes his eyes as he leans his head back, "Uhhhh
damn Candice... you're certainly got some... hot skills..." He moans as he
moves a hand an slides his fingers through Candice's hair. Candice gently
pats her wicked tongue against Psicosis's cock as she continue to slurp and
suck his meaty, Mexicool cock. Candice's places both of her hands firmly on
the side of the 'Juan Deer' lawnmower as lowers her entire head completely
down on Psicosis's cock. Candice moans softly as she laps her tongue and her
warm saliva around his cock, while at the same time being thrusted into by
Super Crazy.

Psicosis begins to rock his hips back and forth, pushing his cock up into
Candice's warm mouth as he moans, "Ohhh... yeah... shit... you're hot..."
Psicosis groans as he feels Candice's warm saliva drip down his cock towards
his balls. Behind Candice, Super Crazy continues to pump his shaft in and
out of pussy as he rubs her round ass with both of his hands.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Psicosis's cock and she looks back at
Super Crazy with a wicked smirks. Candice watches the sweat roll down the
face of the insane luchador as he continues to thrust the delightfully evil
pussy of Candice Michelle. Candice gently grits her teeth "Ohhhh...awww....
ohhhhhh!" Candice shrieks in pleasure before she gently slams her body back
against Super Crazy's cock.

Super Crazy grunts as he slams his cock into Candice's tight cunt with a
sharp thrust that makes Candice jerk forward slightly. "You like how I do
you..." He says as he slaps Candice's side of ass with the palm of his left

Psicosis watches his tag team partner fuck the gorgeous diva as he stands up,
"Hey Candice, I want a crack at you... so I can get some action..." Psicosis
says as he strokes his shaft with his right hand.

Candice looks back at Psicosis with a smirk "I suppose that is workable..."
Candice says in a soft tone as she flicks her tongue against her upper lip,
as Super Crazy slowly pulls his cock out of Candice's delightfully warm

Psicosis nods his head and smiles, "Yeah it is... umm how about you kneel on
the seat of the lawnmower..." Psicosis says as he pats the leather seat of
his 'Juan Deer' lawnmower, which is long enough for Candice to kneel on all
fours on it.

Candice presses her lips together in a smirk and shots Psicosis a quick glare
"How don't tell me what to do..." Candice suddenly snaps.

Psicosis holds his hands up, "Hey chica... relax... no need to get all hot
like that... just be cool... like us Mexicools..."

Psicosis replies with a smile. "Yeah, just go with the flow mama cita," Super
Crazy adds as he wipes some sweat from his face. Candice grits her teeth a
bit as she narrows her eyes into a Victoria-like glare. Candice, the sinful
delight, casually gets up onto the lawnmower as Psicosis stands up. Candice
flips her hair back as she turns and sits on her knees, while her back is
facing Psicosis. The gentle devil proceeds to bends over some as she faces
Super Crazy, who takes a step towards her.

Psicosis grins as he gets closer to Candice from behind and he steps a bit,
"Mmmm yeah... this is gonna be cool..." Psicosis says as he eases his cock
into Candice's sinfully seducing pussy. As soon as his Hispanic cock is
inside of her, Psicosis starts humping her tight wet pussy with swift thrusts
that makes Candice rock a bit on the seat of the lawnmower.

Meanwhile Super Crazy comes towards her and flips her hair back, "You want
more of loco cock?" Super Crazy asks with a smile. Candice licks her lips and
nods her head as she looks at Super Crazy with a lusty-seductive glare. Once
Super Crazy is close enough, Candice reaches forward and wraps both of her
wickedly soft hands around his cock, pulling his cock up to her warm mouth.
Candice opens her mouth and pushes Super Crazy's cock back into her mouth for
the second time and begins to bob her head swiftly on his cock as her pussy
is being repeatedly pounded by Psicosis.

Super Crazy pushes Candice's hair back repeatedly, keeping it from blocking
his view of her face as she sucks on his thick dick, "Mmmm what a heavenly
mouth..." Super Crazy moans as he slightly moves his hips to push his cock
in and out between Candice's lovely lips.

Behind Candice, Psicosis slams his shaft in and out of Candice's pussy with
expert skill, "Fuck yeah... what a pussy..." Psicosis grunts as he watches
Candice's ass shake a bit when her backside smacks back against him. Candice
flicks her tongue quickly against the underside of Super Crazy's shaft as her
soft lips rub against his cock as she bobs her head quicker and swifter.
Candice clamps her lips tightly around his cock as she twists her head on
the head of Super Crazy's cock. Slowly, the gentle devil lowers her head
completely down, taking Super Crazy's thick, hard cock deep into her warm
mouth. Candice moans sharply against his cock as she suddenly and
surprisingly thrusts her wickedly hot body back against Psicosis's cock
powerfully, forcing his cock to pop out of her tight, wet pussy.

"Shit... that was pretty fucking cool..." Psicosis says commenting on how
Candice forced his cock to suddenly exit the warm wet confines of her pussy.
Psicosis grips his cock and slaps his against Candice's round juicy backside
as Super Crazy's eyes roll back a bit as Candice deep throats his shaft.
Candice slowly lifts her head up from Super Crazy's cock; holding her head
above his cock, Candice spits her warm saliva onto the head of Super Crazy's
cock and watches the saliva roll off the head of his cock and then trickle
down his shaft. Candice licks her lips as she slowly turns her head back and
smirks slyly back at Psicosis, before she sits completely down on the seat
of the 'Juan Deer' lawnmower.

"So hot chica... is there anything you want to show us... like what can you
do with two hot Mexicools..." Psicosis asks as he looks down the front of
Candice's dress that is hanging loosely from her body.

"Yeah... we still got to see how hot you really are... before you ride with
the us..." Super Crazy adds as he licks his lips.

Candice presses her lips together as she pushes herself off of the seat of
the lawnmower "Well boys....I know...I'm Too...Hot...To...Handle.." Candice
says in a soft, seductive voice as she slowly slides the straps of her black
dress off of her shoulders "Are you...sure you can...handle me?"

Super Crazy nods his head, "Yeah we can handle any hot diva... especially Raw

Psicosis smirks, "We can do anything... we can give you some serious double
Mexicool action..." Psicosis says as he pats Candice's round chest through
the material of her black dress.

Candice steps back and grits her teeth as she slowly glares at Psicosis.
Candice shakes her head slowly as once the straps of her dress are off of the
shoulders, the perfectly fitting dress begins to slip down Candice's smoking,
hot body "You boys...have no idea what you're in store for.." Candice replies
with a playfully, but sinister laugh as she steps out of her black dress.

Psicosis and Super Crazy both stare at Candice's hot devilish body, and they
both focus their attention on her gorgeous large round breasts. "Oh I got an
idea..." Super Crazy grins as he starts to stroke his cock as he looks at
Candice's tits.

"Yeah me too... so what's on that mind... what do you want us to do to you?"
Psicosis says as he casually rubs Candice's tits with his right hand.

Candice slowly narrows her eyes at Psicosis "Did...I say you could do that!?"
Candice surprisingly snaps at Psicosis.

Psicosis smirks, "Relax chica..." Psicosis says as he as lightly squeezes her
left tit with his hand.

"Yeah... thought a hot mama cita would like that attention..." Super Crazy
adds as he continues to jerk his own cock.

Candice grits her teeth a bit "One of you lay down on the seat..." Candice
slightly commands.

"I'll do that..." Psicosis grins as he moves over to the other 'Juan Deer'
Lawnmower and he lays down on the seat. He places his hands behind his head
and smirks as he looks at Candice who is giving him a bit of an evil look.

Candice slowly turns her head and looks at Super Crazy "And...I'm sure...
you'll know what to do.." Candice says with a slight attitude as she starts
to approach Psicosis as he lays on the seat of the lawnmower on his back, as
he lays, part of his upper body and legs hang down from the seat. Candice
flips her silky black hair back before she mounts her angelic body on top of
Psicosis's cock. Candice grits her teeth as she slowly lowers herself down
onto his cock, placing her hands on his chest, that hangs off of the seat.
Candice tilts her head back as she begins to ride his cock with her deviously
warm pussy.

"Mmmm yeah... yeah you know how to ride..." Psicosis moans as he as he
watches Candice rock back and forth on his cock. He closes his eyes and tries
to keep his head raised up, but he has to tilt his head back some and some of
his blood begins to rush to his brain, making him lightheaded.

Super Crazy licks his lips, "Yeah I know what to do..." Super Crazy says as
he walks around one lawnmower, but he almost trips over a toolbox that is on
the floor. "Son of a bitch..." Crazy says as he picks up the tool box and he
sets it on the front of the lawnmower where Psicosis and Candice are. Super
Crazy then stands behind Candice and between Psicosis legs so he can insert
his cock into Candice lovely 'candilious' ass.

Candice grits her teeth as she arches her back a bit, feeling Super Crazy's
cock enter her tight asshole "Mmmmm....ohhhh...yesss!" Candice shrieks in
pleasure as the insane luchador begins to thrust his cock into her soothing
asshole. While Super Crazy thrusts his cock into her asshole, Candice bounces
frequently on the cock of Psicosis, rocking her body back and forth on his
cock at a quicker pace while she gradually comes down on his cock with a
harder impact each time.

Super Crazy licks his lips as he thrusts his cock in and out of Candice's
asshole. He places his hands on Candice's lovely shoulders and rubs them as
he fucks her. "Ohhh yeah... what a hot butt..." Super Crazy grunts as he
pumps her backside full of his Hispanic meat.

"Uhhhh... you have some... hotness for sure chica..." Psicosis moans as
Candice bounces relentlessly on his stiff throbbing Mexican cock. He moves
his sweaty hands and places them on Candice's slender waist as he just now
starts to push his cock up into her pussy.

Candice grits her teeth as she bounces quickly on Psicosis's cock, slamming
down harder each time as she pushes herself back against Super Crazy's cock
inside of her tight asshole at the same time "Ohhhhh....ahhhhhhh..." Candice
shrieks, tilting her head back.

Psicosis grunts and groans as Candice sharply rides him, which combined the
blood rushing too to his head makes him fairly loopy, "Ohhhh shit... this is
incredible..." Psicosis says as he slurs his words a bit as he slides his
hands over Candice's waist. Super Crazy licks his lips as he continues to
ram his cock in Candice's ass, and his balls slap against her backside
rhythmically until he pulls out for a few moments to catch his breath.

Candice licks her lips as she rocks furiously against Psicosis's cock
"Ohhhhh...I am...Too...Hot...To...Handle!" Candice shrieks once again as she
suddenly slams herself down on Psicosis's cock as Super Crazy buries his cock
deep inside of Candice's tight asshole.

"Hey... seniorita... you want... to go crazy on me," Super Crazy asks her in
between his own grunt and as he shoves his cock balls deep into Candice's
vice light asshole. Psicosis shakes his head to keep himself from passing out
with his head hanging upside, but he does continue to push his cock up into
Candice's sinfully hot pussy.

Candice give a sly smirk as she looks back at Super Crazy over her shoulder,
gradually slowing down on Psicosis's cock "Mmmmm...I would.... loveeeee
tooooo!" Candice replies with another seducing shriek.

Super Crazy gets a smirk on his face as he pulls his cock out of Candice's
devil-licious backside and moves to the hood of the other 'Juan Deer"
lawnmower and sits on it, with his legs hanging off the front of it and his
body leaning back against the steering wheel. He looks at Candice and smirks,
"I'm all ready for you to go crazy chica..."

Candice smirks as she lifts herself off of Psicosis's cock and slyly walks
over towards Super Crazy as he lays on top of the hood of the lawnmower
"Mmmmm...laying and ready...just how I like them..." Candice replies as she
lifts herself up onto the hood of the lawnmower and turns with her back to
Super Crazy. The gentle devil mounts herself beautiful body on top of Super
Crazy's cock, taking him deeper into her sinister pussy, with her back facing
him. Candice grits her teeth gently as she arches back a bit and starts to
gently bounce on his cock.

With Candice facing away from him, Super Crazy puts his smooth hands on her
waist and helps the sinful diva in gently bouncing herself up and down on his
pole. "Ahhhh mama cita... you like that Mexican heat..." Super Crazy says as
he grits his teeth together a bit.

Meanwhile Psicosis is slowly sitting up on the lawnmower he's on, and he
blinks his eyes as his body recovers from the blood that was flowing up to
his head when he was laying down in an awkward position. "Whoa... that was
a rush..." Psicosis says as he stands up uneasily, getting his bearings,
but when he sees Candice riding Super Crazy his lust driven mind over comes
his good sense and he staggers over to the front of the second "Juan Deer",
"Hey chica... you want another burrito..." Psicosis grins as he taps his
cock against her already filled pussy.

Candice licks her lips a bit before narrowing her eyes into a glare in
Psicosis's direction "Mmmm...if you must..." Candice replies with a soft
groan as she grinds her pussy down against Super Crazy's cock as she
continually bounce on his Mexican pole.

Psicosis licks his lips as he staggers a bit, his body still not recovered
from before, "Ohhh I must I must..." Psicosis says as he eases his throbbing
cock into Candice's pussy and slides it against Super Crazy's. Both men moan
as they pump their shafts into Candice's tight pussy with near perfect
rhythm, but Psicosis can't keep an even pace for his thrusts for any long
period of time.

Candice grits her teeth as her body slams against Psicosis's cock before
being pushed against Super Crazy's cock after Psicosis's thrusts into her
sinisterly wicked pussy "Ohhhhhh...I'm the hottest...Diva.....EEEEVEERRR!"
Candice shrieks as she closes her eyes as her body's sandwiched between the

"You're certainly hot..." Super Crazy moans as he bucks his hips upward,
driving his cock faster into Candice's pussy than his tag team partner is.
While Crazy's hands have their home on Candice's hot and sweaty waist,
Psicosis lays his hands on both of Candice's bounding breasts and he
squeezes them firmly.

Candice tilts her head back and as she does so, her silky black hair smacks
against Super Crazy's face. Sweat drips off of Candice's face as her body
slams down extremely hard on Super Crazy's cock, she then quickly jerks her
body forward against Psicosis's cock "Ohhhhhhh yessssss!" Candice shrieks as
she breaths heavily and sweats.

Sweat pours down Psicosis face as he drills his rod as fast he can into
Candice's tight pussy "Oooo shit... I have.... to take... a quick...
break..." He moans as he pulls out and he staggers back to the other
lawnmower and sits in the seat, catching his breath. Super Crazy laughs at
him, "Man, she must be too much for you amigo..." Crazy says as he shoots
his cock up sharply into Candice.

Candice licks her lips as she gets a wicked smirk across her beautiful,
devilish face "Mmmmm...Ohhhh Psicosis...would you mind...eating me out?"
Candice asks in a soft, irresistible tone as she starts to lift herself
off of Super Crazy's cock.

Psicosis looks at Candice's smoothly shaved pussy as she slides off of
Super Crazy and the lawnmower she's on. "Yeah... I don't mind at... come on
over..." Psicosis says as he licks his lips hungrily.

Candice licks her lips as she gives Psicosis a lust-filled glare with her
soft, seductive eyes. With Psicosis seated on the lawnmower seat, Candice
sits up on the hood once again, however closer to the steering wheels.
Candice's smooth legs drape over the steering wheel, giving Psicosis a
great view of her shaven, wet, devil pussy "Mmmm....Ohhhh...I'm sure you'll
be in for a real treat."

"I like treats..." Psicosis grins as he puts his hands on the steering wheel
and leans his head forward, bringing it to the sinful wet waiting pussy of
the seductive evil devilish diva. Eagerly, Psicosis buries his face against
her pussy and begins lapping his tongue over every inch of it before pushing
his tongue between the soft lips and into Candice.

Candice licks her lips as she tilts her head back in pleasure "Ohhhhh...
mmmm...that's exactly what I like..." Candice softly moans, before she lifts
her head back up and grits her teeth as a wicked glare comes across her face
as she smirks " should...I like this...much...MORE!" Candice says
as she suddenly raises her voice and proceeds to wrap her smooth, shaven and
sexy legs around Psicosis's neck as she puts poor Psicosis into her famous
'Candilock' submission. The sudden clamp of her legs tightly around his neck,
sends Psicosis's face right up against her pussy. The sinful devil rubs and
grinds her pussy against Psicosis's face as she begins to choke out him.
Candice grits her teeth "!?" Candice asks in a
frightening, Victoria-like tone.

Psicosis doesn't reply as he's busy trying to push his head away from
Candice's pussy, but the more he fights the tighter Candice squeezes her legs
around his neck and head. Soon, Candice has her legs around him so tight that
Psicosis's face becomes smothered against her pussy, which results in him
grinding his face against her evil wet cunt and makes him start to pass out.
Super Crazy finally sits up on his lawnmower and looks over, "Shoot...
Psicosis don't eat her so sloppily..." He says as Psicosis's arms go limp.
Candice grits her teeth as her eyes narrow more into a cold, hardening glare
as she presses her smooth legs against his neck tighter as Psicosis's face
begins to slightly turn a shade of red.

Psicosis's whole body starts to go limp as he gives a few attempts of trying
to free himself, but because of the way Candice has her legs around his neck,
Psicosis can't succeed and soon he is choked out by the devilish diva. As
Psicosis's body slump a bit, Super Crazy laughs, "Hey amigo, don't go to
sleep..." He says as he assumes Psicosis fainted being so close to Candice's

Candice tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as unwraps her legs and hops
down from on top of the hood of the 'Juan Deer' lawnmower, resulting in
Psicosis's head to come crashing down onto the steering wheel of the

Super Crazy laughs some more at Psicosis, who to him looks like he did
fainted, "Man, you idiot... you fell asleep eating out this hot chica..."
Super Crazy shakes his head in amazement of his false assumption.

Candice flips her silky black hair back as she presses her soft lips together
while she starts to approach Super Crazy. Candice laughs a bit "Ohhhh...Super
Crazy...I think...I should fill you in...on a little secret...." Candice says
as she stands face to face with the insane luchador, sitting behind her on
top of the hood of the 'Juan Deer' lawnmower is the tool box that Super Crazy
had accidentally kicked earlier. As Candice locks her seductively evil eyes
with Super Crazy, she slyly and slowly reaches behind her and into the tool

"Yeah chica... what secret is that?" Super Crazy asks as hard cock throbs
between his legs, while he is completely unaware that of what Candice is
doing behind her back.

Candice licks her soft, pouty lips "Well...Super see...
Psicosis...didn't faint." Candice shakes her head "No...he...was choked
out...and you know why?" Candice asks as she presses her lips together
"Because....I'm...a Devil..." Candice says softly before picks up an
object from the toolbox and swings the object, which happens to be a
wrench, at the side of Super Crazy's head. After the wrench collides with
the side of his skull, Super Crazy falls off the "Juan Deer" Lawnmower
and bangs his head on the hard concrete ground. The two blows to his head
completely knocks out the insane luchador and he's know laying face down
in front of the sinister seductress.

Candice shrugs her shoulders a bit and laughs innocently "Ohhhh...oops...
sorry..." Candice licks her lips with a smirk as she looks over her shoulder
at Psicosis who is slumped over the steering wheel after being choked out by
the sinful seductress, she then looks down at her feet where the unconscious
Super Crazy lays "Ohhhhh....I'm Too...Hot for...anyone to...HANDLE!" Candice
tilts her head back and laughs.


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