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Too Hot To Handle - Chapter 22: Bad, Bad Boy
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In the private dressing room for Vince's Devils at an arena where Raw is
broadcasting from, Candice Michelle is filing her nails as she sits on the
leather couch. "Mmmm Vickie... those Mexicools... were such fools thinking
that I would ride with them..." Candice says with a smirk as she licks her
lips as she tells her partner in sexual dominance her latest exploits.

Victoria slowly looks in Candice's direction and smirks, as she grits her
teeth together "You made quick work of them?" Victoria asks as she lifts
herself off of the couch and begins to walk over to her traveling bags.

"Ohhhh yes... they weren't enough for the hottest Playboy covergirl
EVVVVVVVER..." Candice replies with a slight shriek in her voice. "They had
some good moves... but I was simply... too hot... for them to handle..."
Candice says as she stops filing her nails and sets the nail file down on
the armrest of the couch.

Victoria smirks as she licks her lips, locking her cold, dark eyes on
Candice's stunning body "Ohhh are too hot for anyone...even
me..." Victoria grits her teeth "You were even too hot...for...that.."
Victoria pauses as her head starts to twitch "That.....BITCH...that NO
GOOD....pathetic...stupid..." Victoria says as she starts to get worked up
with anger as she starts to breath heavily while her body shakes and
trembles with fierce anger.

Candice eyes go wide as she sees the familiar signs of when Victoria
enters her deranged state of mind and she tries to change the subject, "So
Victoria... who's next on our list of men to send to hell..." Candice asks
hoping she can get Victoria's mind off of John Cena.

Victoria grits her teeth as she turns away from Candice, with her back now
facing Candice. The vicious vixen, the deranged psycho balls her hands into
tight fists "He's gonna pay...he's going to fucking pay for what he did to
me! I swear it...I fucking swear it, Candice!" Victoria starts to yell "He... be...punished!" Victoria pauses as she cracks her neck from side
by side before turning back to Candice with a sly smirk "Speaking...of
someone being punished...that little punk-bitch, Randy Orton got himself
suspended." Victoria laughs a bit as she freakishly calms down as she faces

Candice swallows a bit when she hears Victoria mention's the name of Randy
Orton, "Yeah... that's... great he's getting what's coming to him..." Candice
replies with a bit a nervous laugh as she flips her black hair back with her
left hand.

Victoria grits her teeth a bit "I wonder...what that little bitch
get his ass suspended..." Victoria smirks a bit as she raises her eyebrow.

Candice shrugs her shoulders a bit, "I...I don't know... maybe his ego... got
to big..." Candice replies, sounding a bit nervous about talking about Randy

Victoria slowly turns a bit more to face Candice. Victoria places her hands
on her hips as she grits her teeth "Is...something wrong?" Victoria asks as
she gradually narrows her eyes into a cold glare.

Candice shakes her head, "No... No... nothing's wrong... whatever... gave you
that idea?" Candice asks as she looks away from Victoria, not wanting to look
her comrade in the eyes.

Victoria folds her powerful arms over her large chest "You're acting
strange...and you better fucking tell me..." Victoria suddenly snaps at her
close friend and cohort, Candice Michelle.

Candice sighs and looks down a little, "Fine... Randy and I... had... a
little... incident..." Candice answers nervously, not sure how much she
should tell Victoria without setting the powerful psycho off.

Victoria grits her teeth tighter "What!?" Victoria yells "What did he do!?"
Victoria says in a commanding tone, wanting a straight answer from Candice.

"He... called me a whore... and a tease when I didn't... do something..."
Candice answers as she looks down even more, "And he... laid his hands on

Victoria's dark, cold and wicked eyes widen immediately "He....did THAT!?"
Victoria says as her head starts to twitch once again as her face starts to
turn a fiery red shade. Victoria shakes her head as she balls her fist
"Ohhh...he shouldn't have done that Candice...he....he's a bad, bad boy...
and it seems like I need to pay Randy-boy a visit" Victoria sneers "A visit
at home!"

The Next Day... at the suburban home of the now suspended Randy Orton, the
man himself is sitting on his couch in the spacious living room of his home.
Dressed in just a pair of long navy blue shorts, Randy is going through his
little black address book, looking up the numbers of his various lady
friends, "Mmmmm mmmm... they all would love another round with the lady
thriller..." Randy says to himself with a cocky smirk, while outside his
home and black car is parked out in front by the vicious vixen Victoria.

The driver's door opens and Victoria, the leader of Vince's Devils, steps out
of the car and closes the door behind her as she grits her teeth. Victoria
looks at Randy's nicely sized home in front of her and the vicious vixen's
eyes narrow into a cold, fiery glare. Victoria, dressed in a pair of black
pants and a white tank-top, slams the fist of her right hand into the palm of
her left hand as she cracks her head from side to side "It's...time...for
this bad pay..." Victoria says grits her teeth before she lets out a
sadistic laugh before approaching the front door. The wicked seductress
reaches forward and presses her left index finger against the doorbell.
Victoria narrows her eyes into a more frightening glare as she waits outside.

Inside the house, Randy hears the doorbell ring, "Mmmm... that hot pizza girl
must be back for a second tip..." Randy laughs as he sets his black phone
book down on the couch and stands up. He walks to the door and opens it
without asking who's there, but when he sees the psychotic Victoria standing
there, he raises an eyebrow and smirks, "Mmmm a present from the Raw brand?"

Victoria grits her teeth as she wickedly glares at the cocky Randy Orton.
The vicious vixen's head starts to twitch with anger as she points at Randy
"Lets...get one thing've been a bad, bad boy..."
Victoria says as she balls her left fist "I know...about my devil,

"Your devil?" Randy raises an eyebrow and gets an amused look on his face,
"So what? Are you jealous I didn't make you an offer to get some sexual
gratification from the legend killer... or shall I say, the diva thriller?"
Randy asks in an arrogant tone as he puts his hands on his hips.

Victoria grits her teeth tighter as her eyes narrow more as she hardens her
glare on Randy. Victoria shakes her head " got it...all
WRONG!" Victoria yells as she suddenly swings her left, closed fist into the
throat of Randy Orton. Randy has no chance to block Victoria's fist, and she
punches his throat squarely. Randy gasps and grabs his own throat with both
hands as he staggers backward. Because of Victoria's surprise attack, he
can't verbally voice the pain he's feeling at the moment.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Ohhh've been
very bad...and now it's time to be punished!" Victoria says raising her tone
as she grits her teeth, while she pushes Randy over the arm of his couch.

Randy falls back on the couch, and lays on his back, with his legs hanging
over the armrest. The pain in his throat starts to subside and he's able to
talk a bit, "You... fucking... bitch!" Randy yells as Victoria slams the
front door shut and locks it before she approaches him.

Victoria grits her teeth as she mounts her body on top of Randy as she pins
Randy's shoulders down on the cushions of the couch with her strong, powerful
hands. Victoria locks her frightening, cold and dark eyes with Randy's eyes
"Listen here you little don't mess with Candice and you don't
mess with me!" Victoria says as she flips her raven black hair back and lets
out a wicked laugh as she presses her thighs down against the area of Randy's

Randy grits his teeth as Victoria pushes her thighs down against his crotch,
which makes him also feel every pound of Victoria's weight. "You... I'll do
whatever I want... to do!" Randy says as he tries to move from under
Victoria, but he causes Victoria to drive her knee into his crotch when he
squirms around.

Victoria grits her teeth as she keeps her head tilted back and lets out
another wicked laugh before she removes her hands from Randy's shoulder and
then digs her razord fingernails into the muscular, impressive chest of the
legend killer, Randy Orton. Victoria smirks wickedly "How do you like that,
Randy!? do you like that, little boy?!" Victoria yells as she
taunts Randy and then raises her left hand up, and smacks her hand against
the left side of Randy's head.

Randy bites his tongue as a reaction to the pain caused by Victoria striking
the left side of his head. "You're... a psycho... jealous whore... this is
only way you could get a stud like me... under you..." Randy says as he spits
up at her. He raises his hands and puts them on Victoria's chest to shove her
off, but as he feels her tits through her white tank top, he becomes
distracted as most men do with vicious vixen.

Victoria makes a disgusted look on her face as she feels the warm spit of
Randy Orton smack her right in the face. Victoria grits her teeth as she
narrows her eyes, while she wipes Randy's spit off of her face. The vicious
vixen shakes her head "Ohhh...wrong bad, bad boy..." Victoria
says as she lifts herself off of Randy and leans over as she rips Randy's
long, navy blue shorts off of his waist.

"Wrong move? I don't think so..." Randy asks with a cocky smirk after
Victoria rips off his shorts. The arrogant suspended wrestler actually
spreads his legs apart, showing off a semi-hard thirteen-inch cock and he
acts like he was waiting for Victoria to do what she did. "Looks to me
I made the right move you slut..." Randy laughs. Victoria grits her teeth
as she lowers herself down to her knees as Randy remains laying on the
couch. Victoria reaches over and grips Randy's cock with her left hand,
pressing her razored fingernails against his shaft as her sharp fingernails
pierce the skin of his cock. Victoria's head shakes with anger as she locks
her glared, frightening eyes with the cocky and arrogant Randy Orton. Randy
grits his teeth together as he puts his hands behind his head, "Hey, not so
tight bitch... I know this is probably your first dick that you've touch,
so take it easy..." Randy says as he masks the discomfort he feels with his
cocky attitude, while his cock starts to become hard and thick in Victoria's
left hand.

Victoria hardens her wicked glare on Randy as she starts to move her left
hand slowly up Randy's cock causing her razored fingernails to graze against
the skin of his cock "You think you're a hot shot...don't you!? Huh...Don't
you!?" Victoria yells as she grits her teeth tightly.

Randy licks his lips and clenches his toes as he feels the combined effect of
Victoria stroking his thick shaft while also grazing her sharp fingernails
against it, "You know it... I'm the hottest guy there is...hell a fucking
psycho like you can't help yourself when it comes to jerking me off..." Randy
answers with a better-than-you tone in his voice.

Victoria grits her teeth "I'll tell you aren't that hot..." Victoria pauses as her body starts to shakes with
anger "" Victoria shakes her head as her
eyes narrow more into a evil glare "He... didn't... make... me... CUM!"
Victoria yells "NO ONE DOES!" Victoria yells louder with anger as she rams
her hand down quickly on Randy's hard shaft, piercing his skin with her
razored nails.

Randy grits his teeth together and he sits up suddenly when she digs her
fingernails into his cock. "Jesus Christ you fucking whore! Ain't my fucking
fault you've never had a man that can make you cum..." Randy says as he grabs
her left wrist with his right hand while wrongfully assuming Victoria has
never had an orgasm.

A slow, wicked smirk creeps across the vicious vixen face as she releases her
left hand from around his shaft "Turn around...." Victoria says gritting her
teeth, in a commanding tone.

Randy smirks, "Hmmm yeah you do seem like a chick that would like some kinky
shit... I'll bite..." Randy says as he releases Victoria's wrists and starts
to turn around, pointing his well-toned ass at her face. Victoria smirks as
the cocky, arrogant Randy Orton obeys her command. The psychotic devil tilts
her head back and laughs, before she suddenly rams two of her fingers into
the tight asshole of Randy Orton.

"Ohhh shit..." Randy groans in a bit of discomfort as Victoria invades his
asshole with her fingers. Not wanting to seem weak, Randy bites hit tongue
again and digs his hands into the soft cushions of the couch before he looks
back over his shoulder at her, "Is that... all you got?" He says as he forces
himself to arrogantly smirk at her. Victoria raises her eyebrow as she grits
her teeth and wicked smirk appears of the vixen's evil face. Victoria eyes
widen as she suddenly slips a third finger into Randy's tight asshole and
begins to graze her razored fingernails around inside of his asshole.

Randy looks away from Victoria and squeezes his eyes shut as Victoria rakes
the inside of his asshole with her fingernails, "Owwww... bitch..." Randy
says as his voice cracks and he sounds like he's in pain, which is music to
Victoria's ears.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs as she pulls on her raven black hair
with her right hand "Something wrong, little boy?" Victoria says taunting him
as she starts to thrust and piston her three fingers in and out of Randy's
asshole, while she rakes her three razored fingernails inside of his asshole.

"Ahhh... ok... cunt... you had your... fun..." Randy says as his eyes start
to water up and a tear runs down his check. Randy starts to move forward to
attempt to get Victoria's fingers out of his asshole, but as he moves,
Victoria stops him by reaching between his legs and grabbing his ballsack,
squeezing it so tight that he screams in pain, "Awwww OWWWWWW!"

Victoria grits her teeth and smirks "Are you going to play nice?"

Randy looks back over his shoulder at her and Victoria sees a couple of tears
rolling down his face, "Fuck... you!" Randy says as Victoria squeezes his
ballsack like grapes.

Victoria laughs wickedly " bad, bad boy...I'll stop...if you play
how...I...want to play.." Victoria tilts her head back as she laughs some

Randy nods his head as Victoria lightens the pressure she has on his balls,
"Fine... all right... I'll play... your fucking game..." Randy yells at her.

Victoria smirks "Good..." She says with a laugh as the vicious vixen slowly
removes her fingers from his asshole and lets go of Randy's ballsack with her
other hand. The psychotic devil sits up on the couch next to Randy and smirks
"Take off my clothes.... NOW!" Victoria snaps as she grits her teeth.

Randy nods his head meekly as he now knows not to mess with Victoria. He
composes himself a bit as he turns around and he slowly lifts up her white
tank top. Inch by inch, Victoria hot upper body and large firm breasts come
into Randy's view. Randy licks his lips and he lifts her tank top up and off
her arms, "Nice tits..." Randy says as he tosses her top aside before he
stands up to tug Victoria's black pants down from her hips.

Victoria keeps her cold, dark eyes narrowed into a glare as she looks
directly at Randy "And...once you're done...I want it...on all fours!"
Victoria says in a threatening tone.

Randy pulls her pants down completely and off of her well tone yet
surprisingly smooth legs. "Shit... if you want it doggy style... I'll give it
to you doggy style..." Randy replies in a tone that's gives Victoria sign he
may be getting his arrogance back. Once Victoria's pants are off of her body,
the cocky Orton sees that the vicious vixen is not wearing any form of
underwear. Randy licks his lips as he watches Victoria lower herself off of
the couch and onto her knees on the floor. Victoria leans over onto her
hands, getting into a doggy-style position. With her head facing away from
Randy, a wicked smirk comes across her sinisterly evil face.

Randy smirks a bit as he kneels behind the vicious vixen and places his right
hand on top of Victoria's ass as he grips his cock with his left hand. "You
want it doggy style... bitch..." Randy says cockily as he slaps his thick
meaty dick against Victoria's firm buns. "I'll fuck ya like that..." Randy
guides his cock towards Victoria's waiting pussy and shoves it in with all
the force he can so that with one thrust, all thirteen inches of his shaft
enters her warm devilish pussy. Victoria's body slightly jerks forward as she
grits her teeth, feeling the sudden impact of Randy's cock in her warm, wet
wicked pussy. Victoria's cold eyes narrow into a glare as Randy begins to
thrust his cock in and out of her soothing, tight pussy. Randy grips
Victoria's waist and pulls her back towards him as he pumps her pussy hard
with his cock, "Yeah... shit... you fucking like that don't ya bitch..."
Randy says as he gets all of his arrogance back since he has Victoria on her
hands and knees in front of him.

The smirk across Victoria's sinister face grows more wicked with every
comment the cocky Randy Orton makes. The vicious vixen tilts her raven
black haired head back as she grits her teeth "Ohhhh're such
a little...boy..."

"Little? There's... nothing little about me!" Randy yells angrily as he
rapidly thrusts his shaft in and out of Victoria's pussy. "You're a fucking
slut if you think I'm little!" Randy adds as he smacks Victoria's ass,
leaving an imprint of his right hand on her skin.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as her head shakes with anger "Randy..."
Victoria sneers "!" Victoria yells as she suddenly bucks her
hips and powerfully slams her entire body and weight back against Randy's

"Owwww!" Randy cries out in pain as Victoria slams her body back so hard
that he can feel his stiff shaft bend a bit. Randy suddenly pulls out of
Victoria's pussy holding his throbbing dick in pain.

Victoria quickly turns herself around on her knees, now facing Randy and
gives a devil-like smirk "Aww Randy...won't you please play with me?"
Victoria says in an eerie, soft tone before tilting her head back and
letting out a psychotic laugh before sitting on her knees and shoving
both of her powerful hands against Randy's muscular chest, causing him to
fall onto his back on the carpeted floor of his living room.

Years of wrestling training help Randy avoid banging his the back of his
head down on the carpeted floor. He looks up at Victoria with watery eyes
and he's breathing heavily, "You fucking... bitch..." Randy says as he
still holds his cock while he still feels a sharp pain coming from it.

Victoria grits her teeth as the vicious vixen mounts herself on top of Randy
and his thick thirteen-inch cock. As Victoria sits o top of Randy's cock,
that's now buried deep inside of her tight, sinister pussy; the psychotic
devil reaches down and grabs a hold of Randy's hair, she suddenly yanks his
head up pulling on his semi-short hair "I know own you Randy! You hear me!?

Randy groans in pain as Victoria slowly begins to roughly ride his cock,
"Fuck... you..." Randy says as he spits at her again, but as he does Victoria
comes down sharply on his shaft, making him spit right in her eye.

Victoria grits her teeth as she squints with her left eyes after having the
saliva of Randy Orton smack her right in her eye. Victoria shakes her head as
her body starts to tremble "Wrong...MOVE!" Victoria yells before she slams
Randy's head down against the floor. Victoria starts to laugh sadistic as she
begins to bounce furiously on Randy's cock, jerking her body back and then
forward, yanking and pulling on his cock.

Tears pour down Randy's eyes as Victoria dominates him with ease, "Ahhhh...
stop it... your... sick... fucking... slut!" Randy screams as Victoria uses
every ounce of her strength to hurt him as she fucks him. Randy puts his
hands back on Victoria's large firm breasts to once again try to push her
off him, he then looks his teary eyes with Victoria's lustfully evil eyes.

Victoria grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes "You're lucky...I don't
break you in two...for what you did to MY Candice..." Victoria says in a
threatening tone, before she then spits down at Randy.

Randy flinches his head after Victoria's spit lands on his face, "Ok...
Ok.... ahhh uhhh shit... fuck I'm sorry!" Randy cries out as Victoria
continues to violently ride him. Randy arches his back and thrusts up once
into Victoria's pussy, catching her by surprise, which only makes her

Victoria grits her teeth "Ohhhhh ahhhh...Randy..." Victoria laughs wickedly
"I own you now, GOT IT!?" Victoria yells as she slams herself down hard on
Randy's thick, hard cock.

"Ok... ok... you OWN ME!" Randy screams out as he feels the pressure building
that he's going to cum soon. Randy grits his teeth and is breathing harder
as he becomes completely broken down by the vicious vixen. "Uhhhh....
Victoria... I'm... gonna... I'm gonna cum..." Randy warns her feeling he
should. Victoria grits her teeth as she lifts herself off of Randy's cock and
she sits on her knees as she glares down at Randy's throbbing cock as her
head slowly twitches; the vicious vixen gently pulls on her raven black hair
as she stares the throbbing cock.

Randy closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip, "Uhhh ohhh fuck..." Randy
moans as he starts to cum without his cock being touched. Spurt after spurt
of his hot sticky load shoot straight up out of the slit of his dick and
comes down splattering on his rock hard stomach.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she slowly stands up. The
vicious, dominating vixen looks down at Randy with a cold, fiery "I own you do...what I want...when I want from now on...GOT IT!?" Victoria
slightly yells gritting her teeth.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... I got it..." Randy whimpers a bit as remains
laying down on the carpeted floor looking up helplessly at the woman that
broke him with ease and made him pay for his conduct with the devilishly
sexy Candice Michelle.

Victoria smirks as she slowly turns her head away and glances down at the
coffee table sitting in the living room of Randy Orton's home. The vicious
vixen raises her eyebrow as she's a copy of the yearly WWE Divas Magazine.
She walks over the coffee table and picks up the magazine; her cold, dark
eyes widen instantly as on the cover is Trish Stratus. Victoria's body
starts to tremble with anger as her eyes slowly narrow "I.... Hate...You!"
Victoria says to the cover of the magazine. A sly, wicked smirk slowly
appears on the psychotic devil's sinister face as she slowly tilts her
head back and laughs sadistically. "Oh bad, bad boy..."
Victoria licks her lips "It's time for someone else to pay...and you're
going to..." Victoria pauses and starts to laugh again "You're...going to
help me."

Randy looks up at Victoria unsurely, " with what?"

Victoria smirks as she slowly turns the cover of the magazine to Randy "You
like her Randy!? Huh!? Do you like her!?" Victoria grits her teeth as she
starts to breath heavily.

Randy nods his head as he looks at the cover that has Trish Stratus on it,
"Yeah... I do... she's a sexy bitch..." Randy answers, "What about her?"

Victoria's cold, wicked eyes narrow into a glare "Well...I don't..." Victoria
starts to laugh as she turns to look at the cover of the magazine and the
psychotic Victoria starts to crumple up the magazine in her tough hands
"'re pay! You hear me Trish!? You're gonna
pay!" Victoria yells as her head starts to twitch.

Randy sits up a bit, and gets a confused look on his face, "So... what do I
have to do with her?" Randy asks as he looks up at Victoria who is creeping
him out with the way her head is twitching.

Victoria pulls on her raven black hair as she grits her teeth, "You're...
gonna make... the bitch... pay!"


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