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Too Hot To Handle Part 23: Stalking The Prey
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a hallway that leads to the men's locker room area at the arena where
Monday Night Raw is airing it's weekly broadcast, the vicious vixen Victoria
is trying to act casual as she scans each locker room door, looking for one
in particular. Soon she finds what she's looking for and gets a sinister
smile on her face as her head twitches slightly. She walks towards the locker
room door she was looking for and looks at the nameplate on it, "You're...
mine..." She says as she slides her fingers over the nameplate that reads
'John Cena'.

Victoria grits her teeth as her large chest moves up and down due to her
heavy breathing. The psychotic devil pulls on her raven black hair as she's
dressed in a black skirt, a black strapped top and black high heeled boots.
Victoria tilts her head back slightly as she wickedly laughs "'re're mine John!" Victoria repeats herself as she places her left
hand on the handle of the lockerroom door. Victoria slowly turns the handle
of the locker room door and pushes it open slowly. She tilts her head to the
side and peeks inside and sees that the lights are off since John is still
busy with his segments on Raw. Victoria looks up and down the hallway to make
sure no one is watching her then smoothly, she steps into John Cena's locker
room, closes the door and feels along the wall for the light switch.

Victoria smirks as she feels the light switch and flicks on the lights;
gradually the room is light up and the vicious vixen's eyes narrow into a
haunting glare. Victoria sneers as she balls her hands into tight, closed
fists "Ohhh John..." Victoria laughs "It's time to come out...and play...."
Victoria says in an eerie voice, despite the fact John Cena isn't in the
locker room at the moment.

Victoria looks around the locker room first, scanning every inch of it with
her dark devil eyes. "John... I won't hurt you..." Victoria says in a low
voice "Won't you... play with me..." Victoria slowly slides her tongue back
and forth against the bottom of her top teeth. She begins to walk around the
locker room, looking at the leather couch, the large screen television, and
the long table that has some of John's belongings on it.

Victoria grits her teeth as she stops in the center of the room and scans
the room once more with her dark, narrowed, glaring and cold eyes "Ohh
John...I promise I'll play nice..." Victoria laughs a little "On second
thought... maybe I won't..." Victoria cracks her neck from side to side
"You did a one does to ME!" Victoria says as she starts to get
worked up again with anger "You will pay...and you pay dearly!" Victoria
says with a sneer before her cold, fiery eyes stop at the sight of John's
traveling bags. Slowly, wicked and sinister smile creeps across the face
of the vicious vixen and she starts to approach the travel bags belonging
to John Cena.

Victoria slowly rubs her hands together as she steps closer to John Cena's
luggage and smirks, "I wonder... what things you have in here..." Victoria
laughs evilly as she picks up one of the bags from the floor and sets it on
top of the long table. She lays her hands flat on it for a moment then she
starts sliding her palms all over it as if feeling that the piece of luggage
does indeed belong to John Cena. Victoria flicks her tongue against her top
lip and flips her raven black red-highlighted hair back with her right hand,
"Let's see.... what we... have inside..." Victoria says as she slowly beings
to unzip the bag with her left hand.

Victoria reaches into the piece of John's luggage and slowly pulls out a pair
of his black colored boxers. The vicious vixen grits her teeth together as
she brings the pair of boxers up to her nose and sniffs the pair of boxers.
The psychotic devil closes her eyes and tilts her head back, letting out a
slight moan as she smells the scent of John Cena's cologne. Victoria licks
her lips as before she gently bites on his boxers "John…you're mine..."
Victoria sneers as before she crumples his boxers up into a ball and goes to
reach into his luggage again, but suddenly stops when she hear someone on the
other side of the door fiddling with the handle. Victoria's eyes widen as she
grits her teeth "'re home..." Victoria says quietly before letting
out a soft wicked laugh.

The vicious vixen mentally debates inside of her psychotic head whether or
not to jump the man she both loathes and loves, John Cena. Victoria shakes
her head "No...another time…another place.." Victoria says before she stands
up quickly and looks forward at a storage closet door on the other side of
the room. Victoria quickly walks over and opens the door to the storage
closet in the locker room and enters, closing the door once she's inside.

Outside the storage closet and in the locker room, the reigning WWE Champion,
John Cena, wearing just his black jeans shorts as a result of throwing his
t-shirt and hat into the crowd during his match, is looking over his shoulder
at Trish Stratus, "The crowd was great tonight wasn't it?" John asks as he
steps into the locker room first and holds the door open for the beautiful
Canadian diva.

The also reigning WWE Women's Champion, the beauty from Toronto, Trish
Stratus enters the locker room of her close friend John Cena. Trish, dressed
in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a white t-shirt, smiles a bit at John
"Well yeah...I mean you do get them all fired up.." Trish says with a cute
laugh as John closes the door behind her. The Champ can't help but to check
out Trish's round, perfect ass sway back and forth in her tight jeans as she
walks over towards the couch and sits down. Inside of the storage closet, the
vicious vixen Victoria slowly opens the door and slyly peeks out into locker
room area. Her cold, wicked eyes slowly narrow into a glare as she sees not
only John Cena, but Trish Stratus as well. The psychopath's head starts to
twitch with anger as she balls her left hand tightly around the pair of
John's boxers that she took with her into the closet.

Back out in the locker room, John smiles at Trish as he walks over to the
couch, "I'm not so sure... the crowd seem more interested in you than me...
not that I'm complaining since the crowd is mostly guys..." John laughs a
little as he sits down on couch next to Trish.

Trish laughs a little as she turns to look at John as she sits next to him
" have all the girls after you." Trish cutely fires back as she
flips her blonde hair back.

John laughs a bit as he puts an arm around Trish, "That's good to know...
not that I go around chasing every girl that comes after me..." John replies
as he gives Trish a bit of a squeeze to pull her closer.

Trish makes a face as she turns away from John "Ohhh...eww..." Trish laughs
a bit "You're all sweaty..." Trish says as she tries to playfully scoot away
from John on the couch as inside of the storage closet, the vicious vixen
looks on through the small opening of door. Victoria grits her teeth tighter
as she starts to pull on the pair of John's boxer shorts, while her head
twitches with anger and her bottom lip trembles.

John laughs a little as he brings Trish closer to him again, "I am not..."
John says with a smile. "And if I remember... you seemed to like it when I
get sweaty..."

Trish laughs a little as she playfully pushes John away from her "John....
John...stop..." Trish laughs as the vicious vixen, inside of the storage
closet is fair from laughing.

Victoria grits her teeth "You...bitch..." Victoria says under her breath.

"Aw come on Trish..." John laughs a little as he brings Trish closer once
again and he starts to tickle her a bit when he gets the blond Canadian
bombshell pressed against him. Trish blushes a bit as she locks her soft
eyes with John's eyes before she leans up and kisses John's lips.

John instantly kisses Trish back and hugs her lightly as he lightly presses
his tongue against Trish's lips. Very slowly, John slips his tongue into
Trish's warm mouth and taps it against her soft tongue. John then breaks the
kiss and smiles at Trish, "Damn you're so hot Trish..." John says as he gets
a look in his eyes that Trish has become very familiar with.

Trish smiles a bit as she starts to stand up from the couch "Do you want to
see how hot I can be John?" Trish asks as she stands in front of John, while
he sits on the couch. Trish places her hands on her slender hips as she
smiles down at John.

However, inside of the storage closet, the vicious vixen is about ready to
snap as she pulls on her raven black hair. Victoria grits her teeth as she
breaths heavily "" Victoria says to herself out
loud, but not loud enough for John or Trish to hear her.

Out in the locker room, John smiles up at Trish, "Yeah I want to see how hot
you can get.... and maybe... get some serious Stratusfaction too..." John
says as he leans back on the couch.

Inside the closet, Victoria violently bites her bottom lip as she peeks
through the door to look at what's happening, "You... bitch... I hate you...
and I hate you John... Cena..." Victoria says as she narrows her eyes.

Meanwhile back out in the locker room, John has leaned forward and is tugging
Trish's white t-shirt up by it's short sleeves. he gets it over her head but
with Trish's hands being occupied with unbuckling his belt and undoing the
buttons on his black jean shorts, John let's Trish's t-shirt hand around her
elbows. "You mind lifting your hands for a sec?" John asks her with a boyish
smile that can melt almost any woman's heart.

Trish smiles a bit "Sure..." Trish replies as she moves her hands away from
John's jeans and belt, allowing him to pull the white t-shirt off of her
gorgeous, tanned body and reveals a white, laced bra covering up her large
chest " don't mind taking off your jeans..." Trish says with a cute

"I don't mind..." John smiles back at Trish as he stands up for a moment and
pushes down his black jean shorts down his legs to his feet. John also takes
a moment to remove the white boxer briefs he's wearing before he sits back on
the couch, with his incredibly thick thirteen-inch cock between his legs. "Is
this how you want me Trish?" John asks her with a smile.

In the closet, Victoria breathes heavily, as she pulls on her hair with
both of her hands, "You're mine... not hers...." Victoria says as her head

Trish nods her head as she licks her lips, her eyes lighten up at the sight
of John's thick, meaty cock "Ohhh...John you know me too well..." Trish
laughs a bit before she sits up on her knees, gently wrapping both of her
cold, soft hands around John's cock and begins to gently stroke his cock,
moving them up and down his long shaft.

John shivers a bit as he feels Trish's cold hands on his cock as she helps
it become harder, "Whoa... your hands are freezing... we got to warm them
up..." John laughs a little as he moans. John leans forward some and reaches
down to unsnap the clasp on the back of Trish's white lacy bra.

Trish smiles up at John, flipping her blonde hair back before she leans
forward and presses her tongue against the head of John's cock. The Canadian
beauty begins to circle her wet, warm tongue around the head of his cock,
gently tapping her tongue as she does so. Inside of the storage closet, the
vicious vixen sneers and glares at the sight of Trish Stratus and John Cena.
Victoria tightly grips the pair of John's boxers that she took and slowly
starts to tear and rip the boxers "'re gonna fucking too
Princess..." Victoria says as her head twitches violently with anger.

Out in the locker room, John licks his lips as Trish taps her soft tongue
against his thick cock, "Ohhh yeah Trish..." John moans as he leans his head
back against the couch and closes his eyes. He flips Trish's golden blond
hair back with both of his hands repeatedly, completely unaware that he and
Trish are being watched by a psychopath. As Trish gently taps her tongue
against John's cock, she slowly lifts her soft eyes up and gazes up at John,
gradually taking the head of his cock into her warm, moist mouth. Trish wraps
her lips tightly around his cock and she begins to bob her head up and down
on his cock, sucking him at a decent pace.

"Ahhhh god... damn..." John swallows hard as Trish sucks on his shaft as
she taps her tongue against the bottom side of it. John's eyes roll back in
pleasures as he slouches down on the couch a bit.

Inside the closet, Victoria violently pulls on the remains of boxers as she
breathes hard and heavily. Victoria sneer as she tilts her head back with a
wicked, evil smirk "Ohhh...when I play with you go...I'm taking you straight
to hell.." Victoria says to herself quietly.

Outside of the closet, Trish presses her pouty lips tightly around John's
shaft as she bobs her head swifter, taking The Champ deeper into her warm,
soothing oral cavity. As the blonde beauty, sucks on John's cock, she places
her left hand under his ballsack and cups his balls. Trish begins to rub and
play with his ballsack as she bobs her head on his cock.

"Ohhhh... fuck Trish... oh... baby give me that Stratusfaction..." John moans
as he places his hands back on Trish's head and slips her blonde hair back
with his fingers. John also raises his legs and criss-crosses them behind
Trish's back holding her in place by hugging her with his strong legs. Trish
closes her soft eyes as she opens her mouth wider, lowering her head down on
John's cock further. The Women's Champion laps her tongue around his cock as
she splashes her warm saliva against his cock, while she begins to deep
throat the reigning WWE Champion.

John's mouth hangs open as Trish orally pleasures his rock hard thirteen
inch shaft, "Uhhhh.... ohhh Trish... god damn... if you... keep giving me
Stratusfaction like that... I'm not gonna be able to give you some down and
dirty Thuganomics drilling..." John says to her as scoots forward on the
couch, and pushes his crotch up against Trish's lips when she goes down all
the way on his cock.

Trish slowly lifts her head from John's cock and lets her tongue hang out of
her mouth as she starts to circle her tongue around the head of his cock once
again, causing her warm saliva to drip and roll down his shaft towards his
ballsack. Inside of the storage closet, the vicious vixen and the psychotic
devil, Victoria cracks her neck from side to side as she grits her teeth,
while having her eyes narrowed into a frightening, evil glare "No one make
me cum...and no one humiliates me..." Victoria sneers.

John unwraps his legs from around Trish's body and puts his feet flat on the
floor. He gets up from the couch and lifts the reigning Women's champion up
and sits her on the couch, "Fuck you're so damn hot..." John says to her as
he peels her white, laced bra from her chest freeing her large round perfect
breasts from the cotton material. John leans down and kisses Trish's lips as
he unsnaps the buttons of Trish's tight fitting jeans so he can starts to
tug them down from her sexy slender waist and hips. Trish kisses John back
as she slides her tongue into his mouth as John pulls her jeans down her
smoothly shaven, tanned legs. Trish presses her tongue against his tongue as
she kisses him.

Inside the closet, Victoria pulls on her black hair with left hand as she
clutches what's left of John's boxers with her right hand, "Just you...
wait... you're gonna pay... John... and that bitch Trish... you're going to
pay too..." Victoria says in a low voice as she watches John break the kiss
with Trish.

Out in the locker room, John smiles down at Trish as he pulls her
jeans off of her beautiful legs. "Mmmm... you seem ready for some basic
lust-anomics..." John says with a wink as he reaches down to pull off
Trish's white, cotton panties. He slides them completely off of Trish's
legs and spreads her legs to get a look at Trish's smooth perfectly
shaved pussy.

Trish shyly smiles up at John and blushes as John lays her down completely
on the leather couch. Trish laughs a little as John gets on couch "Uh oh...
is big, bad John Cena gonna give me the FU?" Trish asks playfully.

John laughs a bit, "Nah... I rather F U..." John says as he lays on top
of Trish on the couch. He reaches down with his left hand and grips his
throbbing big thirteen inch meat stick so he can guide it past the soft
lips of Trish's pussy. John moans as he slides his shaft all the way into
her and he kisses her lips before he begins to pump his cock in and out of
her tight warm cunt.

Trish gently grits her teeth as she feels John's large, thick cock enter her
warm, smooth pussy "Mmmm...Ohhhh John..." Trish moans as she places her hands
on John's strong arms, while The Champ begins to thrust his meaty cock in and
out of Trish's tight, soothing pussy.

However, inside of the storage closet, the vicious vixen's eyes slowly widen
as she can't believe what she's seeing, John Cena mounted on top of Trish
Stratus. Victoria's balled fists begins to shake with anger as she grits her
teeth "Ohhh...its two have your fun now...because when I get my
hands on both's going to be a nightmare..." Victoria says as her
left eye starts to twitch slightly.

John arches his back a bit as he thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's
Stratusfying pussy, "Ummm... ohhhh fuck Trish..." John groans as he manages
to lock eyes with the gorgeous Women's Champion. John places both his hands
on the sides of Trish's lovely body and holds her still as he continuously
pumps his cock in and out of her. Trish closes her eyes and licks her lips
as she tries to push herself back against John's cock, however with The
Champ holding her still all she's able to do is lay on the couch and enjoy
the quick, powerful thrusts of The Champ, John Cena. In the closet, Victoria
scratches the sides of her own face with her sharp fingernails as she watches
John turn over on the couch with Trish soon being on the top of the hot and
popular WWE Champion. John slides his hands down to Trish's hip and begins
to bounce the Canadian bombshell up and down on his huge shaft.

Trish smiles and shakes her head "John...John...allow me..." Trish replies
with a wink as she places her soft hands gently onto John's muscular and
impressive chest, playfully pinning him down to the couch. Trish licks her
lips as she looks down at John, flipping her blonde hair back before the
Canadian beauty begins to bounce on her own momentum on the large cock of
The Champ.

"Ohhh... yeah... Trish... go... ahead..." John moans as he smiles up at her,
He moves his strong hands up to Trish's beautiful breasts then up to her
slender shoulders. John playfully pushes Trish downward when ever she moves
up on his cock before he starts to thrust his thick shaft up into Trish,
making the six time Women's Champion jump after each of his unexpected pumps.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she rocks back and forth on John's hard
cock, slamming down a bit harder each time. Trish tilts her head back "Ohhhh
fuck John..." Trish groans as John suddenly thrusts his cock deeper into her
tight, now wet pussy.

Inside the closet, Victoria left eye twitches wildly as she pulls on her
black hair with her left hand and bites down on her right index finger,
"Enjoy it... both of you... I'll make you pay... I'm sending you both...
to hell..." Victoria says as rakes her razored fingernails of her right
hand against the door of the closet.

Back out in the locker room, John has just sat up on the couch and has
wrapped his strong arms around Trish's body. "Yeah... that's it Trish..."
John moans as Trish sharply rocks on his shaft as he turns to sit with his
back supported by the couch.

Trish places her soft hands on top of John's strong shoulders as he pistons
his thick, hard cock into Trish's soft, tight pussy "Ohhhh awww shit John..."
Trish moans as she tilts her head back, feeling each impact of John's cock
into her soothing pussy.

"Fuck... Trish.... ahhhh... I love... doing this... with you..." John groans
as he kisses Trish's beautiful pouty lips. He reaches down and puts his hands
underneath Trish's round ass and squeezes her lovely butt cheeks each time he
pumps his cock up into Trish's tight wet pussy. John breaks the kiss with
Trish and leans back on the couch completely, giving Trish more control to
move anyway she wants to without her perfect chest smacking against his
muscular upper body.

Trish leans her head in and kisses John's lips, continuing their kiss as the
blonde beauty begins to grind her sweet pussy against his shaft as she rocks
gently on his throbbing cock "Mmmmmm...ohhhhh..." Trish moans into John's
mouth as he suddenly thrusts up into her pussy.

John slides his hands over Trish's perfect round ass as she grinds herself
down on his stiff prick. "Mmmmm....ummm...." John moans back into Trish's
mouth and wraps his tongue around hers while he rubs two of his fingers
against the upper area between Trish's ass cheeks.

Trish closes her eyes as she slams down on John's hard cock and begins to
cum. Trish suddenly breaks the kisses as she breaths heavily, with slight
drops of sweat rolling down her beautiful face "Ohhh shit..."

John smiles a bit as sweat drips down his forehead and into his eyes,
"Ohhh... yeah... Trish..." John moans as he feels Trish's warm cum when her
pussy tightens on his cock. The reigning WWE Champion clenches his teeth
together as he tilts his head back and begins to cum inside of Trish's warm,
soaking wet pussy.

Trish licks her lips as she arches back a bit "Ohhh John..." Trish softly

Inside of the storage closet, after just witnessing the sight of Trish
Stratus and John Cena climax, close to the same time; the vicious vixen's
face contorts with anger as she breaths heavily, dropping the ripped pieces
of John's boxer shorts from her wicked hands " me cum..."
Victoria say to herself as her narrow at both John Cena and Trish Stratus,
particularly at John.

Outside of the storage closet, Trish smiles as she lifts herself off of
John's cock and the Canadian beauty begins to get herself dressed. Trish
remains silent as she just looks over at John with a soft smile.

John smiles back at Trish as he gets up from the couch to get some clothes
from his travel bag, completely not realizing that his bag wasn't on the
table earlier when he left for his segments on Raw that evening. "Do you
want to... ride together to the next town?" John asks with a boyish smile.

Trish smiles a bit and then blushes "Well...Ash was supposed to ride with
me...but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you came too..."

John smiles right back at Trish, "I can drive while you two rest..." John
replies as he looks into his travel bag and takes out some clothes so he
can get dressed.

Trish smiles a bit "Ok..." She nods her head "I'll let you get showered... you want to meet us later?" Trish asks and blushes.

"Yeah... that sounds good..." John nods and smiles, "I won't take long...
how about I meet up with you two in like... fifteen minutes?" John asks as
he picks up a towel that's on the table next to his bag.

Trish smiles and blushes some more "Sounds good..." Trish says as she starts
to walk towards the door to leave.

John smiles, "I'll see you later Trish..." John says as he starts to walk
backward to the shower area, "Man... I hate to see you go... but seeing you
leave isn't bad..."

Trish laughs a little "Ok...dork..." Trish says before she leaves the locker
room of John Cena, closing the door behind her once she's out in the hallway.

John smiles and sets his clean clothes on the table, before he walks into
the shower area with his towel. "Ahhh... a hot shower... or a cold shower..."
John says to himself as he hangs the towel on a hook. He steps into the
shower stall and turns on the water.

Out in the main area of John's locker room, the door to the storage closet
swings open and the vicious vixen Victoria steps out into the main area,
thinking both John and Trish have left with teeth gritted Victoria picks up
a lamp sitting on one of the coffee tables and throws it against the wall
"Fucking BITCH!" Victoria yells as she looks psychotically deranged, about
ready to snap. Inside the shower stall, John Cena doesn't hear the havoc
that was created by Victoria because of the water raining down on him.

Out in the locker room, Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she pulls on her
raven black hair, actually yanking a few strands of hair out "
going to...FUCKING PAY!" Victoria yells as her body twitches along with her
head "Fuck you John! Fuck you, Trish! I hate you both!" Victoria yells,
before she tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Ohhh...someone...will


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