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Too Hot To Handle Part 24: Thou Shall Not Resist Temptation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the arena office belonging to the chairman of World Wrestling
Entertainment, Vince McMahon is admiring himself in a mull length mirror as
he straightens the gray shoot he's wearing. "McMahon you devil..." Vince
laughs as he buttons the buttons of his expensive gray suit. Vince turns
around and looks at a blown up framed picture of the cover of Muscle and
Fitness magazine he's on and smirks, "A body of a true god if I do say so
myself..." Vince laughs as he admire his physique on the framed picture when
there's a knock on the office door, "Come in!" Vince orders as he becomes
all business and he turns to look at door.

The door to Vince McMahon's office slowly opens and in enters Vince's
favorite devil, the gentle-sinful delight, Candice Michelle, dressed in short
white skirt and a white-strapped top. Candice flips her silky black hair back
as she presses her lips together as she looks at the Chairman, lustfully.
"You...wanted to see me, Mr. McMahon?" Candice asks in a soft, sweet,
alluring tone. Candice flashes her eyelashes at the Chairman of the WWE as
she slightly presses her body against his body.

Vince gets a smile on his face as he looks at the devilish diva, "Yeah I did
want to see you..." Vince says as he angles his head a bit to examine more of
the evil woman that makes up one half of his personal devils, "I have... a
very... special assignment... for my favorite little devil..."

Candice laughs a little as she places her soft hands against Vince's muscular
chest, covered by his collar dress shirt. The gentle devil licks her lips
"Ohhh...I sure hope he's a special assignment involving you, Mr. McMahon..."
Candice replies in a soft, sultry voice.

Vince laughs as he admires the exact for, of loyalty he prefers by Candice,
"It does involve me... but it also involves someone... whose faith to his
personal savior who needs to be tested.... and proven invalid..." Vince
laughs a bit sinisterly as his plan run through his mind.

Candice licks her lips as she tilts her head back, as she begins to unbutton
Vince's collared shirt "Ohhhh Mr. McMahon...what is it?" Candice shrieks
slightly as she locks her lustful eyes with the Chairman of the Board.

Vince smirks as he raises his hands and places them on Candice's slender
waist, "I want you... to seduce Shawn Michaels... I want you to break his
vows of following the commandments of his 'God'..." Vince laughs as he gets
a half crazed look in his eyes.

"Ohhh...Mr. know I'd do anything for you..." Candice says as
she licks her lips and takes a step away from the Chairman "I promise...I
won't fail you..." Candice says softly as she gets a sly smirk.

Vince grins, "See that you don't Candice... I want you make Shawn Michaels
break just about every one of those commandments... make him become the old
Shawn Michaels..." Vince laughs.

Candice presses her lips together and moans softly "Of course, Mr. McMahon."
The gentle devil replies softly before stops from turning around to leave
"But first...Mr. McMahon...I think I need some healing..." Candice says as
she starts to walk back to the Chairman "Mr. McMahon...I think I need a
lesson in McMahonism..."

Vince smirks as he looks at the body of his favorite and most faithful devil,
"Yes you do... my devil..." Vince says as he narrows his eyes, making himself
appear sinister as he thinks of his favorite personal vice.

Candice tilts her head back and smiles "Ohhh Mr. McMahon...I need a dose...of
new faith..."

Vince unbuttons the buttons of his suit jacket to open it, then he reaches
down and starts to slowly unbuckle his belt, "My devil... it is time for you
to prepare for your lesson in McMahonism... to receive a dose of faith...
and... spiritual healing... remove that... lovely white top of yours..."
Vince orders as he gets a lustful gleam in his eyes.

Some time Later...

Elsewhere in the arena, 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels is in his private
locker room, preparing himself for a match later that night with members of
the Spirit Squad. Dressed in pair of black workout pants with a chain with
the Catholic cross hanging around his neck, Shawn is doing push-ups on the
floor. "Damn McMahon... putting through this... he should be moving on with
his life..." Shawn grunts as he talks to himself. Shawn is interrupted from
doing his push-ups by the sound of someone knocks on his private locker room

Shawn gets up from the floor and picks up a towel from a bench. After wiping
some sweat from his face, arms and chest, Shawn looks towards the door, "Come
on in... I'm decent." Shawn says with a laugh, thinking it's one of the young
Raw superstars coming to him for advice on their careers.

The door to Shawn's locker room opens and in walks Vince McMahon's mistress
and member of Vince's Devils, the sinful-seductress Candice Michelle.
Candice, dressed in a black silk bathrobe, closes the door behind her once
she's entered Shawn's lockerroom. The gentle devil places her hands on her
slender hips as she presses her lips together "Hey Shawn.." Candice says in
a soft, seductive voice as she locks her lustful eyes on the Heartbreak Kid.

Shawn looks at Candice and raises an eyebrow as she stands in his locker
room, "What do you want?" Shawn snaps at her as he asks the question,
knowing that Candice is Vince McMahon's latest mistress. Shawn drapes the
towel around his neck and then says, "Or shall I say, what did Vince want?"

Candice flips her silky black hair back as she takes another steps towards
Shawn "Ohhh...Shawn...I was...hoping you me with something."
Candice says as she twirls the tie around her waist with her hands, narrowing
her eyes into a lusty-glare.

Shawn raises an eyebrow as he looks at with suspicion in his eyes, "And what
do you need help with?" Shawn asks as he takes the towel from around his neck
and drops it on the bench before he moves to the table where his travel bag

"Ohhh...I just needed your knowing if I'm...Too...Hot...To...
Handle..." Candice says with a slight shriek, tilting her head back and rips
her black silk bathrobe open, revealing her stunningly-wicked, tanned and
very nude 'Candilicious' body.

Like any man would, Shawn takes a long look at Candice's hot, beautiful
body, but then he looks away and looks into his travel bag as if looking for
something, "Oh I'm sure there's some young guy around her you can go get to
help you with that..." Shawn says as he begins to rummage around in his
travel bag, taking out various items, such as his wrestling tights and boots.

Candice licks her lips as she slowly removes her bathrobe completely from her
tanned, devilishly hot body. Candice flips her silky hair back as she takes a
step to wards Shawn "But no like you..." Candice replies as she
flicks her tongue against her upper lip, as she now stands directly behind
the Heart Break Kid.

Shawn doesn't look back at her, "Sorry lady, but HBK ain't interested..."
Shawn then turns around and looks Candice in the eyes, "And you can tell
Vinnie Mac, that I ain't going to fall his tricks..." Shawn says but then
he looks down at Candice's large round breasts.

Candice smirks as she gently brushes her left hand against Shawn's crotch
"Ohhhh're making" Candice says as she licks her
lips while hardening her lustful eyes into a glare, locking her eyes with the
incredible Shawn Michaels. "Shawn...don't you think...I'm HOT?...Too...Hot?"
Candice asks softly as she brushes her left hand once against his crotch.

Shawn smirks a little as he looks down at Candice, "You're pretty hot
Candice... but there's been hotter divas than you before you came into the
WWE.. and I guarantee there'll be hotter ones coming in after you..." Shawn
says as he takes a step to the left and causes his crotch to brush against
Candice's left hand as he moves to step around her.

Candice presses her lips together "Shawn...I bet...I can blow your mind..."
Candice says seductively as she presses her body close against Shawn's body.
Candice grits her teeth as she wraps her arms around his neck "What do you
say, Shawn? Give in?" Candice asks devilishly, before she leans in and kisses
his lips softly.

Shawn leans his head back and breaks the kiss, "I don't think so Candice...
maybe if this was... 1996... I would consider it..." Shawn replies as he
feels Candice scratch the back of his neck with his fingernails. "But I'm not
that way anymore... now if you don't mind... get the hell out of my locker
room..." Shawn adds despite not pushing her away.

Candice tilts her head back "Ohhh Shawn...we can make it 1996 again, baby..."
Candice moans softly as she presses the palm of her left hand against his

Shawn smirks a little, "I don't think so... those were before I found my
faith... I was different then...." Shawn groans a bit as Candice's presses
her left palm harder against his crotch.

Candice licks her lips and smirks "Ohhh Shawn...I guarantee...I'm a sinfully
delight, treat." Candice winks at him "Just...give me a try, Shawn...I'll never forget the name Candice Michelle..."

Shawn looks tempted for a moment, but then he shakes his head, "No I don't
think so... I'm not going to be like Vince McMahon... I got a wife and kids
and I'm happy with what I got..." Shawn says, putting up a good resistance
even as he licks his lips.

Candice smirks a bit "Ohh come Shawn...make a deal...with a devil." Candice
says in a sultry voice "I won't...tell a soul."

"Yeah... sure..." Shawn says as he raises his hands and places them on
Candice's soft round breasts to push her away, but then he squeezes her tits
a bit.

Candice smirks and tilts her head back with a wicked laugh "Ohhhhh Shawn...
do you like what you feel!?" Candice asks with a slight shriek, before she
pushes Shawn's hands off of her chest and suddenly pushes Shawn up against
the wall. Candice smirks slyly at Shawn before the gentle devil begins to
push down his black workout pants.

Shawn licks his lips, "Yeah... you have some soft breasts... pretty nice..."
Shawn says as looks down at Candice's hands lowering his black workout pants
and soon, the material of his dark red boxer briefs become exposed.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers herself down her knees in
front of Shawn Michaels, as she pulls his black workout pants the rest of the
way down his legs. Candice looks up at Shawn with a devious smirk before
placing her hands on the material of Shawn's boxer briefs "What do you say
Shawn...ready for a...sinful time?" Candice asks as sinfully alluring,
Candice, flicks her eyelashes up at Shawn.

Shawn thinks about it for a long moment, "Well... since you have to suffer
with Vince and his sixty year old body... it would be a crime to not let you
experience what the Heart Break Kid can do..." Shawn says as he licks his
lips, while justifying himself that what he's doing is a good thing.

Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...Ohhhh...Shawn...I promise'll have
one HELL of a time.." Candice winks up at Shawn before she starts to lower
his black boxer briefs.

Shawn smirks as he flips his brown hair back, "Yeah... sure.... you haven't
experienced anything until you had the Heartbreak Kid..." Shawn says with
smirk as his fairly thick semi-hard ten-inch shaft pops out from his boxer

Candice grits her teeth gently as her lustful eyes lock upon the sight of
Shawn's thick, semi-hard cock "Ohhhh Shawn.." Candice laughs "Ready...for
one HELL of a time?" Candice says with a smirk before she wraps her right
hand around Shawn's shaft, holding a fairly tight grip.

"Yeah... why not... I'll send you to heaven by the time I'm done with you..."
Shawn says as he winks down at her and folds his arms across his fairly hairy

Candice looks up at Shawn, gritting her teeth as she starts to move her hand
along his shaft at a teasingly, slow rate. Candice licks her lips "Having
fun, Shawn?" Candice asks with a slight taunt as she gently presses her
fingernails against the side of Shawn's shaft. Although her fingernails are
nothing compared to Victoria's razor-like fingers, Candice's fingernails are
still decently sharp.

Shawn licks his lips and nods his head as Candice slowly glides her hand
back and forth over the length of his cock, "Yeah... you better trim those
nails...." Shawn says as Candice rakes her fingernails against the side of
his cock. Candice raises her eyebrow a bit as she drifts her lust filled,
wicked eyes down to Shawn's cock. Candice leans her head over his cock and
quickly flicks her wet tongue against the head of HBK's cock. Candice looks
up at Shawn as she starts to twirl and dance her tongue around the head his

Shawn looks down at her and moans, "Mmmm... not bad Candice... you know how
to use that nice little tongue of yours..." Shawn says as he unfolds his
arms and places his hands on his hips. Candice closes her wicked eyes as she
circle tongue a few more times around the tip of his cock, before opens her
warm, sinister mouth and takes the cock of Shawn Michaels into her oral,
demon-vice, mouth. The sinful seductress presses her lips tightly around his
shaft and starts to bob her head quickly, right away on his cock as she
begins to suck off the one and only HBK.

Shawn shows off his years of experience but closes his own eyes and breathing
slow and easily, "Mmmm.... not bad... not bad at all...." Shawn moans as
feels the temptation driven pleasure of the WWE's 2006 Playboy Covergirl. He
moves his right hand and places it on Candice's head so he can slide his
fingers through her silk dark black hair. Candice's soft lips slide against
his shaft as she bobs her head swiftly and easily on his cock. The gentle,
yet sometime vicious devil starts to lap her tongue around his shaft as she
swirls and splatters her saliva against his cock. As Candice bobs her black
silky haired head on his cock, she reaches behind Shawn with her left hand
and gently presses her index finger against the entrance of his asshole,
however she refrains from inserting her finger inside.

Shawn moans in a low tone as he spreads his legs apart and slightly pushes
his cock forward towards Candice's mouth, getting it further past Candice's
soft pouty lips, "Mmmmm... you've got some skills..." Shawn says as he feels
Candice's fingers move between his ass cheeks. As Candice begins to gradually
deep throat Shawn's cock, while lapping her tongue around his cock; the
gentle devil suddenly rams her index finger into Shawn's tight asshole.

"Ahhh fuck!" Shawn jumps a bit as Candice's fingers plunge into her asshole,
making him ram his cock all the way past Candice's lips. He grits his teeth
a bit and his eyes go wide, "Been a few years since that's happen to ol'
HBK..." Shawn says as Candice caught him by surprise.

Candice slowly lifts her devilish head up from Shawn's cock, causing her
warm saliva to drip down his long, thick shaft. Candice smirks as she
presses her lips together "Mmmm...ohhhh...I think it's time for Ol' HBK...
to experience...what a real devil is like.." Candice says as gently grits
her teeth, and the sinful seductress lays down on the floor of Shawn's
private locker room, right in front of him.

Shawn smirks, "Hey, I've been around... and there's nothing I ain't
experienced..." Shawn kneels down between Candice's legs when she spreads her
legs giving him an awesome view of her perfectly hairless sinister wet and
tight pussy. Shawn places his left hand on Candice's left leg and uses his
right hand to guide his ten-inch shaft to Candice's pussy. Licking his lips,
the first Grand Slam winner in WWE history slides his thick throbbing shaft
into Candice's cunt, and he makes sure all of it is inside of her before he
begins to fuck her.

Candice grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth, delicate legs around Shawn's
waist as he begins to pump his cock in and out of her sinister pussy "Ohhhhh
ahhhh Shawn!" Candice shrieks as she slides her hands through her silky hair,
while at the same time, pushing her tanned body against Shawn's cock every
time he thrusts his cock into her pussy.

Shawn smirks a bit as he places his hands on Candice's waist while he listens
to shrieks of pleasure Candice is letting out, "Hey... you... almost sound
like my theme music..." Shawn says with a light laugh as he begins drilling
her pussy with sharper and faster thrusts.

Candice grits her teeth a bit and raises her eyebrow at the ridiculous
comment Shawn made; she rolls her eyes and shakes her head "Some things...
never change..." Candice softly before she locks her lustful eyes on Shawn
as she starts grind her pussy roughly against his cock, while she slams
herself against his cock a bit rougher "Am I...Too Hot Shawn?"

"You're... hot... but... not too hot... for HBK..." Shawn says with
confidence as he plows his cock harder into Candice's pussy. He leans his
body down so his head is hanging over Candice's and the gentle devil feels
the sweat dripping from Shawn's face as each drop lands on her.

Candice grits her teeth a bit as she wraps her legs tightly around his waist,
and maneuvers a bit until she rolls herself on top of Shawn, with him now
laying on the floors. Candice tilts her head back and laughs slightly as she
places her hands on his hairy, muscular chest "We'll see who's too hot now!"
Candice shrieks as she begins to buck her hips, quickly and wildly riding his

Shawn licks his lips as he keeps his hand on Candice's hips, and manages to
keep from going to wild on his pole as she rides him. "What's with you...
divas and always wanting to be on top..." Shawn asks with a smirk as he
starts thrusting his cock up into Candice's tight pussy, making the devilish
seductress jump every once and a while.

Candice grits her teeth as she looks down at Shawn, while bouncing on his
cock. The gentle, sinful devil rocks back on Shawn's cock, yanking and
pulling on his dick, before quickly rocking forward "Mmmmm...ohhhh...
yessss!" Candice shrieks, before slamming down hard on Shawn's cock.

Shawn grinds his teeth together and arches his back as he slams his cock up
into Candice's pussy, "Ummm shit... you think... that's something? Wait
till... I get you... from behind..." Shawn grunts as he watches sweat drip
down Candice's 'Candilious' body.

Candice looks down at Shawn with a devious smirk "You want that, Shawn?"
Candice asks in a soft voice as she rocks back and forth on his cock.

Shawn smirks a bit, "Yeah... I bet a girl like you... likes being on your
hands and knees anyway..." Shawn replies as he lightly smacks her right thigh
with his right hand.

Candice laughs as she flips her silky black hair back, while the devious
devil lifts herself off of his cock and positions herself on the floor in a
doggy-style position, on her hands and knees. Candice looks at Shawn with a
smirk "What are you waiting for...?"

"Hey, I'm a future Hall of Famer... I can take my time..." Shawn replies as
he moves himself to where he's kneeling behind the devious Candice. He pats
Candice's round perfect ass with his left hand, "Nice ass..." Shawn says
before he pushes his thick cock back inside of Candice's tight devil cunt.

Candice grits her teeth as she feels Shawn's cock slide into her pussy
"'s sinfully sweet, isn't it Shawn?" Candice asks in a slight moan
as he begins to thrust into her devious cunt.

Sweat pours down Shawn body as he fucks the treacherous diva, "I guess it
is..." Shawn moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Candice's pussy while
squeezing her round ass with his hands.

Candice tilts her head back as she starts to push her body back against
Shawn's cock "Ohhhh do you like...breaking a commandment!?"
Candice moans, while taunting Shawn.

Shawn bites his lip, "I ain't... breaking any... commandments... you ain't
married..." Shawn says, as he's oblivious to the fact he's breaking his
marriage vows while fucking the evil manipulating devil before him.

Candice licks her lips as she thrusts her body back against Shawn's cock,
with a surprising amount of force "Ohhh...but you are..." Candice groans.

"I ain't breaking any thing..." Shawn grunts as he tilts his head back,
"Ohhh... fuck... but I might... break your ass... before I'm done..." Shawn
says as he pulls out of Candice's pussy after she pushes back again with the
same amount of force as she did a few moment ago. Shawn proceeds to ram his
cock into her incredibly tight asshole, and the legendary wrestler's eyes go
wide when Candice's ass is tighter than he expected.

"Ohhhh Shawn...yess fuck my tight ass..." Candice groans devilishly as she
starts to buck her hips quicker.

"Uhhh...fuck... you like that... don't ya..." Shawn grunts as he plows his
cock in and out of Candice's tight asshole. "Ohhh... damn... it..." Shawn
grits his teeth together as he lays his sweaty palms of Candice's hips to
keep her from pushing back, but Candice's momentum is not easy for him to

"Ohhhh're such a sinner..." Candice says with a wicked laugh
"Mr. McMahon was!"

The mention of Vince McMahon snaps in Shawn's mind and he pulls his cock out
of Candice's tight ass suddenly, "What the fuck... are you talking about?"
Shawn asks as he grips his cock that is throbbing so much that it's on the
brink of him cumming, but Shawn holds himself back from doing so.

Candice licks her lips and laughs wickedly as she turns to face Shawn, while
sitting up on her knees "It's called...McMahonism, Shawn...and I'm one of his
faithful followers." Candice smirks.

Shawn bites his lip as he keeps himself from blowing his load, but the
pressure in his balls is getting to much for him, "McMahonism? God... he's
insane..." Shawn grunts as he moves to take a step back away from Candice.

Candice grits her teeth a bit "And you just broke one of the most sacred
commandments... Thou Shall Not Fuck...A Devil.." Candice smirks as her
narrows her lusty eyes.

Shawn can't keep himself from cumming no longer, "Ahhh... fuck... no...."
Shawn groans as his hot cum erupts from the slit of his cock like lava from
a volcano. Candice quickly moves herself closer to him, tilts her head back
so that the Heartbreak Kid's warm sticky spunk lands on her large perfect

Candice bites down on her bottom lip "Mmmmm Shawn...!" Candice shrieks as
she feels his warm cum splatter against her large chest.

Shawn's knees go week and he starts to sink down to his knees, exhausted,
angry and ashamed at what just occurred, "I'm going to get Vince for this...
I swear it..."

Candice licks her lips "Ohhhh Shawn.." Candice shrieks "There's one more
commandment...and the most important one..." Candice smirks pressing her lips
together as she stands up.

Shawn, not in the mood to hear it, looks up at Candice and sneers at her,
"And what... is that immoral commandment?"

"Thou Shall Not Mess....with Mr. McMahon.." Candice tilts her head back and
laughs "Oh...and just became a sinner...thanks to me, Candice
Michelle....the hottest Playboy Covergirl....Eeeeeveeerr!"


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