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Too Hot To Handle Part 25: Snapped!
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Victoria was livid...and she was pissed! Shortly after witnessing a steaming,
hot sexual encounter between the WWE Champion John Cena and Trish Stratus;
the vicious, deranged vixen walks down the hallway of the arena where the WWE
was holding a joint taping for Raw and SmackDown. Victoria, still dressed in
her black skirt and black strapped top with her black heeled boots, grits her
teeth as she balls her fist with pure hatred and anger "Those two...will
fucking pay!" Victoria's head twitches as she walks " does that to
me!" The deranged psycho says to herself loudly as she turns the corner and
proceeds down another hallway filled with various locker room. Victoria
cracks her knuckles and a wicked smirk appears on her twisted, psychotic face
"Ohhh... It's time for others to suffer... "Victoria says as she tilts her
head back and laughs wickedly before she pushes open one of the locker room
and enters.

Victoria lets the locker room door close on it's own as she begins to look
at the large locker room that is the type used by multiple wrestlers. As
Victoria grows more furious with the fact that no one is in the locker room,
the door opens behind her and Scotty 2 Hotty, dressed in baggy jean style
wrestling pants, enters the locker room. He sees Victoria standing in the
middle of the room and he scratches the back of his head, "Hey Vickie, are
you lost?" He says with a wide smile.

Victoria slowly turns her around and faces Scotty with her teeth tightly
gritted, as she pull on her raven black hair "Ohhh's play time."
Victoria says as she narrows her eyes on Scotty with a frightening glare as
her chest moves up and down due to her heavy breathing. Victoria tilts her
head back and lets out a wicked laugh as she starts to approach the WWE

Scotty raises an eyebrow as he observes Victoria's strange behavior, "Are
you all right? You're acting strange...." Scotty says as he unwisely steps
towards Victoria since his belongings are almost directly behind her.

Victoria grits her teeth as she sneers at Scotty, while her head twitches
"" Victoria laughs a bit "It's time for someone to
suffer...and congratulations..." Victoria laughs again, wickedly "I pick...
YOU!" Victoria yells before she swiftly kicks Scotty between the legs, with
her left, high-heeled booted foot.

The surprise on Scotty's face is evident as he jumps after Victoria's left
high-heeled booted foot collides with his crotch, "OWWWW!" He screams as he
goes down to the ground clutching his crotch in pain. The force of Victoria's
successful kick between his legs causes him so much pain in a short period of
time that he can't form a sentence.

Victoria grits her teeth as she tilts her head back and laughs wickedly
"Perfect!" Victoria yells before she lowers her head and glares down at
Scotty, as the vicious vixen stands over the defenseless wrestler "Sorry's nothing're just in the wrong place..."
Victoria pauses and smirks "At the right time!" Victoria says as gets a
frightening, fiery look in her eyes before leans over and reaches down,
snapping the button off of Scotty's baggy jeans. Without unzipping his
jeans, Victoria begins to viciously yank and pull down his baggy jeans.

As Victoria yanks, pulls and tugs on Scotty's baggy jeans, she also shakes
him around like a rag doll. "What... is wrong.. with you?!" Scotty manages
to ask as the pain from Victoria's powerful kick mere moments ago, while
Victoria has gotten his baggy jeans down to his ankles.

Victoria moves down to the floor with Scotty, mounting herself on top on his.
The vicious vixen places her powerful hands down on Scotty's chest pinning
him down to the floor "SHUT UP!" Victoria yells as her head twitches; then
the psychotically deranged devil points at him "You're gonna pay...for what
John Cena did to me!" Victoria yells before she scouts herself down Scotty's
body and kneels between his legs, once his baggy jeans are down his legs and
resting at his ankles, while he lays on the cold cement floor; the vicious
vixen reaches down at his blue boxers and rips his boxers from the center.

Scotty shivers as he starts to feel the near freezing temperature of the
cement floor, "What? I have... nothing to do with John Cena!" Scotty manages
to yell as his eight-inch cock is uncovered by the unstable diva in the WWE.
Showing a bit of machismo, Scotty sits up and tries to grab Victoria's hands
to stop her but he's in no position to do anything and is unable to block her
from punching him square in the jaw, which makes him lay down completely on
the cement floor once more.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she smirks, before wrapping her left hand
around Scotty's shaft and begins tensely stroke his cock. Victoria gradually
places her razored fingernails against his shaft and begins to graze his cock
with her fingernails as she strokes his cock to life. Victoria tilts her head
back, as she pulls on her raven black hair with her right hand "Ohhh...I'm
gonna make you suffer for what John Cena did...I'm gonna give you the
punishment that SKANK! Trish...Stratus...deserves!" Victoria yells as she
starts to breath heavily.

Scotty bites his lip as his eyes start to tear up because of how Victoria his
stroking his cock. "Go... deal with them then!" Scotty cries out as Victoria
makes his cock hard and stiff with her expert skill. Scotty tries to keep
himself composed, but part of him does enjoy Victoria stroking his dick, but
for the most part he is thinking of how to escape.

Victoria lifts her cold, dark eyes and locks her narrowed, frightening glare
eyes at Scotty. Victoria grits her teeth " must suffer, their fate!"
Victoria yells before she lowers her head down opens her mouth, taking
Scotty's cock into her warm and sinister mouth. The freakishly insane devil,
clamps her lips tightly around his cock as she starts to bob her head slowly
on his throbbing cock.

"Ohhhh.... fuck!" Scotty moans and groans as Victoria bobs her head up and
down on his eight- inch dick. He starts trying to sit up but with the way
Victoria is sucking his cock, he can't focus enough to do so. "Uhhhh...
shit... god damn it..." Scotty moans. Victoria lifts her cold, narrowed eyes
at Scotty as she bobs her head slowly and tensely on his cock. The vicious
vixen casually places her teeth against his shaft and begins to rake her
teeth against his shaft, painfully as she continue to bob her head on the
cock of the poor Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty's eyes roll back in his head as he
gasps constantly as Victoria drops her head down all the way on his throbbing
prick, "Ohhhh nooo... ohh nooo..." Scotty groans as he suddenly begins to
start cumming in her hot sinister mouth because of how violently she's

Once Scotty's warm cum enters her mouth, the vicious vixen lifts her head up
from his cock and glares at him. Victoria, however, doesn't swallow the cum
and instead spits Scotty's own cum right into his face. A mixture of
Victoria's saliva and Scotty's own cum, sprays and splatters against his
face. Victoria grits her teeth together as she stands up with a wicked smirk
on her deranged face. Scotty instantly brings his hands to his face to wipe
the mix of his own cum and Victoria saliva from his skin. "That was
disgusting!" Scotty yells as he starts to sit up on the floor, thinking that
Victoria was done with him.

Victoria tilts her head back with a wicked laugh, before she lowers her head
and glares at Scotty " haven't suffered enough..." Victoria says as
her head twitches before she rushes a bit towards Scotty and kicks the left
side of his face with her high-heeled boot, as he was sitting up on the
floor. Scotty's body falls backward as a response to Victoria's kick and the
back of his head smacks against the cold cement floor of the locker room
floor. Because of the double impact to his head, Scotty 2 Hotty is
effectively knocked out, much to the delight of the psychopathic dominating
devilish diva.

Victoria stands in the center of the room and tilts her head back, letting
out a wicked laugh " better hide...because I'm your worst
NIGHTMARE!" Victoria yells as she to yank and pull on her raven black hair
with both of her hands, as she slowly looks down at the knocked out body of
Scotty 2 Hotty. Victoria smirks and then grits her teeth.

As Victoria looks down at the Scotty 2 Hotty, admiring her work as the locker
room door opens, and the Italian shooter, Nunzio, dressed black wrestling
tights with a picture of the Italian flag printed on the back of them. As he
steps into the locker room he sees Victoria standing over Scotty and stops in
his tracks, "Whoa... what's going on in here?" He asks, as he's confused with
what he sees. Victoria slowly turns to face Nunzio as she locks her cold,
haunting eyes onto Nunzio. Victoria grits her teeth as she cocks her head a
bit to look at Nunzio, while she narrows her wicked eyes into a glare. The
vicious vixen takes a step away from Scotty and towards Nunzio.

Nunzio takes a few steps backward and backs up against the locker room door.
"Hey Victoria... if I was interrupting something I'll just go so you and
Scotty can go back to whatever you were doing," Nunzio says as raises his
hands up and waves them a bit to show he wants no part of Victoria.

Victoria smirks and shakes her head, slowly approaching the full-blooded
Italian. Victoria slams her closed right-handed fist into the palm of her
left hand "Ohhh no Nunzio..." Victoria laughs wickedly "You're just in
time..." Victoria says with a sadistic and sinister smirk. Nunzio's eyes
widen as he sees the frightening look on Victoria's face, just as the
Italian grappler moves to reaches for the door handle, the vicious vixen
lunges at him, placing her right powerful hand against his neck as she
pins him up to the locker room door. Victoria grits her teeth as she locks
her frightening eyes with Nunzio's eyes "Where do you think you're going?"

"Ummm I just remember... I got to go talk to Vito..." Nunzio gasps his reply
as he grabs onto Victoria's right arm, with both of his hands and tries to
pull her powerful hand from around his neck. Nunzio's eyes go wide as she's
the pure evil look in her eyes as Victoria manages to lift him up a bit with
one hand.

Victoria grits her teeth "You can tell Vito...that something came up!"
Victoria yells before she releases her grips around his neck and pushes
Nunzio down to the cold cement floor.

Nunzio almost twists his ankle with the way Victoria shoves him down to the
cold cement floor. "Hey... I don't want no trouble..." Nunzio says as he
tries to scamper away from Victoria, "I can see it's like that time of the
month... so I'll forget about this..." Nunzio adds, not realizing his comment
was not the best type to make towards the vicious vixen.

Victoria grits her teeth as she slowly approaches Nunzio as he tries to scoot
away on the floor "What...the fuck...did you say!?" Victoria asks raising her
voice as she points at him.

Nunzio looks up at her as he stops moving and sits on the floor. He raises
his hands and faces his palms towards her as if to tell her to back away,
"Hey I didn't say nothing... forget about it...."

Victoria's head twitches a bit as she grits her teeth "Ohh!" Victoria
sneers "It's time to...suffer!" Victoria yells before she slides her black
skirt down from her hips and down her smooth legs, revealing her panty-bare,
sinisterly sweet pussy. Victoria narrows her eyes at Nunzio "Lay down..."

Nunzio looks at Victoria's pussy and licks his lips, "Hey... if that's...
suffering... I could... live with that..." Nunzio says with a bit of a grin,
falling for the sight of Victoria's perfectly shaved pussy. Nunzio complies
a bit and he lays down on the cold concrete floor.

Victoria smirks wickedly as she lowers herself down on top of Nunzio's head,
mounting her pussy over his face. Victoria grits her teeth as she grabs a
hold of Nunzio's short, dark hair and yanks his head up to look at her.
Victoria narrows her eyes at Nunzio "Don't...disappoint me..." Victoria

Nunzio licks his lips, "Hey, if there was a championship for eating a chick,
I'd be the heavyweight champion of the world..." Nunzio says confidently as
he wraps both his hands around Victoria's powerful legs and sticks his tongue
out. He starts by licking back and forth from the entrance of her pussy and
up to her clit, where he circles tongue around her clit.

Victoria rolls her eyes a bit as she turns her head and locks her eyes on the
unconscious body of Scotty 2 Hotty. Victoria smirks wickedly as she grits her
teeth "Be prepared prepared..." Victoria says while Nunzio eats out
the vicious, psychotic devil. Nunzio slides his tongue back down from
Victoria's clit and slides it between the soft lips of her pussy. He moves
his head back and forth, thrusting his tongue in and out of her immoral warm
pussy. Victoria grits her teeth as she pulls at Nunzio's short hair, while
she begins to roughly grind her pussy down against his face. Nunzio flicks
his tongue around inside of her pussy as he wraps his arms tighter around
Victoria's legs. For a few moments he doesn't mind Victoria grinding her
pussy against his face, but when he tries to move his head back to get a
breath of air, Victoria prevents him from doing so.

Victoria grits her teeth tighter as she thrusts her pussy down against his
face "Ohhh poor...poor boy...I hope you like playing with me..." Victoria
narrows her eyes "...Because I know, I will..." Victoria says before she
starts laugh. Nunzio starts kicking his legs frantically as he starts trying
to push Victoria off of his face, but the sexually sadistic diva holds his
head in place and literally humps his face as she smoothers him. Slowly, the
fight Nunzio is putting up starts to fade as he starts to pass out from the
lack of oxygen.

Victoria grits her teeth ", BITCH!?" Victoria
says as she taunts Nunzio, while grinding her pussy rougher against his face,
tilting her head back and lets out a wicked laugh. Nunzio mumbles a reply,
but what he says is completely muffled by Victoria's pussy. His hands slip
from around her legs and his legs become limp as Victoria successfully
smoothers him into unconscious.

Victoria licks her lips as she starts to laugh sadistically once again
"John...your running out!" Victoria yells before she lifts herself
off of Nunzio's head and stands over him. The vicious vixen narrows her eyes
at Nunzio, as she looks down at him "Pathetic..."

Victoria considers doing some physical damage to Nunzio, since he did
disappoint her, but then her attention is drawn to the locker room door when
she hears it open. The redneck cruiserweight, Jamie Noble strolls into the
locker room, and he doesn't notice Scotty 2 Hotty laying knocked out on the
floor. Noble is dressed in orange colored wrestling tights that have two
Confederate flags printed on the front of the tights just below the
waistband. Eventually, Noble notices Scotty and laughs, "Hey Boy, wake up and
pull up your pants, no one wants to see ya dick while you take a nap," Noble
laughs as he doesn't notice Victoria's presence since she's towards the right
side of the locker room and out of his line of sight.

Victoria grits her teeth as she slowly turns her head and locks her fierce
glare on Jamie Noble. The vicious vixen cracks her neck from side to side,
before she starts to approach the unsuspecting redneck Cruiserweight; as she
starts to approach, Victoria begins to shed her black-strapped top. Noble
shakes his head as he looks down at Scotty, "Damn boy, you're a heavy
sleeper..." Noble turns to the left where his gear is and starts to take off
his orange wrestling tights, still unaware of Victoria approaching him from

Victoria smirks wickedly as she now stands behind Noble "Why hello...said the pathetic, wimpy fly..." Victoria says in a sinister voice.

Noble raises an eyebrow as he can't quite place the voice of Victoria until
he turns around, long after he lowered his wrestling tights down towards his
feet. When he turns around and sees Victoria, he covers his seven-inch cock
with both hands, "Hey! This is the men's locker room!" Noble says in a raised
voice, as he looks a naked diva.

Victoria grits her teeth "I know...and welcome to your own personal...
HELL!" Victoria yells before she sucker-punches Noble in the stomach her
tightly-clenched left fist.

"Uhhhh bitch!" Noble groans in pain as he doubles over and clutches his
stomach in pain. He looks up at Victoria confused, "What the fuck... was
that for?!"

Victoria laughs wickedly, tilting her head back before she pushes Noble back
onto the couch that's in the locker room. Noble stumbles a bit and falls back
on the couch, in a sitting position. The vicious vixen grits her teeth as she
straddles his lap, taking his cock into her villainous pussy. Victoria locks
her narrowed, glaring eyes with the eyes of Noble as she starts to quickly
rock back and forth on his cock, yanking back roughly on him. "Ohhh...
fuck.... shit..." Noble moans as Victoria rapidly rides his cock harder than
any woman he's ever been with. "Damn... baby... if you wanted to fuck... you
didn't... need to punch me..." Noble says as he licks his lips, forgetting
that Victoria drilled him in the stomach a short while ago.

Victoria grits her teeth as she places her right hand against Noble's neck,
pressing her razored fingernails against the side of his throat "Shut up...."
Victoria commands before she starts to bounce quicker and harder on the
redneck's cock.

Noble turns his head to left and right as he puts his hands on Victoria's
waist. "Hey... you're... choking me..." Noble says, pointing out the obvious
as he thrusts his cock up into the evil pussy of the violent devil.

Victoria's cold, dark and glaring eyes narrow more on Noble as she thrusts
her body forward against his cock. Victoria's head starts to suddenly twitch
and then, the insane Victoria snaps as she now visions Jamie Noble and John
Cena. Victoria grits her teeth " do you like that John!? Huh!?"
Victoria yells as she taunts him "Where's your princess now!?" Victoria yells
louder as she thrusts forward on his cock.

Noble gets a confused look on his face as Victoria continues to press her
right hand against his throat, "Hey... I'm not... John Cena..." Noble says
as he bucks his hips upward to pump his cock up into her tight, hot pussy.

Victoria starts breathing heavily as she presses her razored fingernails
against the skin of Noble's neck "Huh!? JOHN!? How do you like!?" Victoria
yells as she grits her teeth, slamming her powerful body down on his cock.

"Hey... I'm... not... John... Cena..." Noble manages to says as Victoria
pushes her hand against his throat. Noble leans his head back against the
couch and he becomes cross-eyed as the volatile mixture of Victoria fucking
and applying pressure to his throat drive him closer to the edge.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically "No one makes me cum
John! And no on...NO ONE embarrasses me!" Victoria yells as she roughly
grinds her pussy down on his cock.

"Ohhh.. I'm not... ahhh fuck... shit..." Noble groans as he starts to
suddenly climax inside of Victoria's warm vicious pussy. He shoots only a
few spurts of his hot cum into her as he grits his teeth together, "Ohhh...
fuck... never... blew my load that hard..." Noble groans losing his original
chain of thought. Victoria grits her teeth as her head twitches, the vicious
vixen lifts herself up and off of Noble's lap, before narrowing her eyes into
a wicked glare. Victoria cracks her knuckles as she stands in front of Noble.

Noble looks up at Victoria as he wipes a bit of sweat from his forehead,
"Ohhh damn... for... a crazy broad... you know how to make a guy cum hard..."

Victoria grits her teeth as she pulls on her raven black hair. "Stand up!"
Victoria sneers with a command.

Noble looks at her, "Hey baby... I just blew my load... I'm not ready to go
again..." Noble says as he reluctantly stands up from the couch.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs " are so...stupid!"
Victoria yells before her eyes lighten up with a fiery glare. Victoria
suddenly kicks Noble in the stomach, causing him to bend over slightly.
Victoria rams his head between her legs and places her hands around his
stomach as she uses her strength to impressively lift Noble up and over
her back, switching her hands to around Noble's neck. Victoria then drops
down quickly onto her knees delivering the devastating Widow's Peak to
Noble. Noble's body crumples to the floor as soon as Victoria releases
him. Victoria gets up to her feet after using her personal favorite move
on the on the redneck former Cruiserweight champion. She pulls on her
hair as she looks at chaos she caused as a result of watching John Cena
and Trish Stratus have hot passionate sex.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "'RE NEXT!"

Meanwhile and elsewhere in the arena, outside the women's locker room, the
Women's Champion Trish Stratus is looking at her watch as she wait for John
Cena with her friend Ashley Massaro.

Ashley folds her arms a bit "So...Trishers, where's big, hunky boyfriend at?"
Ashley asks with a smile and she playfully kids around with her best friend.

"I don't know... he should've been here..." Trish shrugs her shoulders, then
she looks at Ashley "And he's not my boyfriend... he's just a friend... a
good friend..." Trish says with a bit of a blush.

Ashley laughs as she nods her head " he's your fuck-buddy, huh?"
Ashley smiles a bit "Very cool, Trishers...I mean John Cena is a total stud."

Trish laughs, "He's not my fuck-buddy... he's just... a good friend... with
benefits..." Trish smiles, then she looks at her watch, "I wonder what's
keeping him..."

Ashley shrugs "You could see what's taking your buddy so long...he's probably
thinking about you..."

Trish laughs a bit and blushes after hearing Ashley's comment, "Yeah... I'll
probably catch him in the act of thinking about me..."

Ashley scrunches her nose up a bit "Ewww...Trishers...I didn't want to hear
that.." Ashley says with a laugh "I'll call Matty, while I wait for you two
love birds."

Trish laughs a little and flips her blond hair back "All right... if you want
you can go on ahead... just in case he and I take awhile..." Trish smiles as
she starts to walk down the hall. Ashley laughs and shakes her head as she
walks back into the Women's locker room.

Down the hall, Trish hums to herself as she walks back to John Cena's locker
room, "Hmmm I wonder if he's waiting for me..." Trish says with a laugh as
she thinks of what John Cena could be doing. As Trish turns the corner, she
is hit from behind by an unknown object. Trish lets out a small cry of pain
from the sudden blow to the back of her head, and stumbles, then falls down
to the floor of the hallway.

Once Trish's body falls to the floor, the gentle devil, the sinful seductress
Candice Michelle steps over Trish's body and presses her lips together.
Candice licks her lips as she narrows her eyes lustfully "Mmmmm...I am
just...Too Hot...To Handle.."


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