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Too Hot To Handle Part 26: Revenge Of The Devil
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"It's... it's time... you're time... is up... John Cena...." Victoria
walks slowly through the halls of the arena, dressed in her black skirt,
black-strapped top and high heeled boots. She runs both her hands through
her raven black hair and pulls on it at various times as she breathes harder
and heavier with each step she takes. A short while ago, the dangerous
deranged diva has sexually dominated and demolished three cruiserweights as
a form of anger release over watching the passionate sex between Trish
Stratus and John Cena. "The... time is... now..." Victoria says as her eyes
narrow as she walks around a corner and looks down the hall where John Cena's
locker room is.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as a sadistic smirk appears across her
wicked face. Victoria's head twitches slightly as now stands in front of the
locker room door belonging to the WWE Champion John Cena. The vicious vixen
points her right index finger at the door as she pulls on her raven black
hair "Time's up.... Johnny boy!" Victoria says with teeth gritted before she
balls her right hand into a fist and knocks roughly on the door, before she
pushes the door open and enters the locker room of John Cena. Once inside,
Victoria gets a wicked smirk across her vile face as she spots John Cena
standing a short distance away from the vicious vixen, but with his back
facing her.

John hears the door close behind him but doesn't turn around as he's
buttoning up his jeans, which is the only thing he has on. "Sorry for taking
so long Trish... couldn't find my sneakers..." John says as he thinks that
the person that has entered his locker room was Trish Stratus.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she narrows her cold, dark eyes into a
fiery glare. The vicious vixen reaches behind her and slyly locks the door.
Victoria raises her eyebrow a bit "Guess...again...CHAMP!" Victoria says
suddenly in a loud voice.

John raises an eyebrow when he hears Victoria's voice and he turns around
slowly to look at her, "Victoria? What are you doing here?" John asks as he
quickly takes notice of the how her hair is a mess and assumes something is
wrong, "Are you all right? You need help or something?"

Victoria takes a step towards John and points at him "Ohh...everything's
fine, now John!" Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly
"Everything...will be fine...because it's time for you to pay! FOR YOU TO
PAY, CHAMP!!!" Victoria yells as she now face to face with the reigning WWE

John gets a confused look on his face, "Pay? Pay for what?" John says as he
folds his arms. He moves his head back a bit when Victoria slightly spits at
him when she talks. "What did I do?"

Victoria sneers at John "I see you forgot!" Victoria yells as she snaps at
John. Victoria grits her teeth as she pulls on her raven black hair with her
left hand "" Victoria pauses as she cracks her neck from side to

"Embarrassed you?" John looks at Victoria as if she's insane, "Uh...
Victoria, I didn't do anything to you..." John says as he takes a step back,
"You may have finally snapped..."

Victoria nods her head as she glares at John "Oh yes...yes you did!
Remember... when... you..." Victoria pauses and shakes her head "No...No...
NO ONE...MAKES...ME...CUM!" Victoria yells as she balls both of her hands
into tight fists.

"What?" John then nods his head, "Ohhh yeah... now I remember... I was
wondering about that... why the heck did you get so pissed..." John says
casually, trying to keep Victoria calm as he turns to pick up his t-shirt
from table.

Victoria grits her teeth before she laughs wickedly "And...your up,
CHAMP!" Victoria yells before she swings her right fist at the side of John
Cena's head, delivering a hard, stiff punch to the WWE Champion. Following
the surprised punch from Victoria, John stumbles a bit and bangs his head on
the table, then falls to floor, landing face down and completely knocked out.

* * *


In Victoria and Candice's locker room, the devilish diva is dragging the
unconscious Trish Stratus into the room. "You're a lot heavier than you
look..." Candice says as she puts Trish in the middle of the room and she
goes to grab a rope to secure the Women's Champion to prevent her escape
when she wakes up.

Trish grits her teeth gently as she slowly opens her eyes "What...the
hell..." Trish says a bit dazed as she reaches up and places her hand on the
back of her head where Candice Michelle had knock the blonde Canadian beauty
unconscious with the use of an unknown object.

Candice returns with the rope and raises an eyebrow when she sees Trish
starting to wake up, "Should've hit you harder..." Candice says as she
quickly moves towards Trish and grabs her right hand and begins to wrap
the rope around it.

Trish squints her eyes a bit as she looks up at Candice "Where am I?...What's
going on?" Trish looks over at her right hand as Candice begins to wrap the
rope around her wrist. Trish tries pulling her hand away "Hey...Hey! Knock it
off! What are you doing?"

Candice smirks as she wraps the rope tighter around Trish's hand and then
around her wrist, "Oh I'm just... keeping you tied up..." Candice laughs with
a slight shriek in her voice. She stands up and rolls Trish over on to her
stomach by kicking her with her foot. She sits on Trish's back and pulls
Trish's right arm back, then she grabs Trish's left arm, pulls it back and
begins wrapping the rope around it so that Trish's arms are now tied

Trish grits her teeth a bit "Awww you bitch...knock it off..." Trish groans
as she still a bit groggy from being hit on the back of her head.

"I don't think so..." Candice laughs a bit as she rocks a bit on Trish's back
as she makes sure Trish wrists are tied as tight as possible together. "Can't
have you going away... and interrupting... a devil's revenge..." Candice

* * *

Meanwhile...Back in the locker room of John Cena; the Champ lays unconscious
on the floor of the locker room, now completely naked and his hands tied
together above his head by the use of Victoria's black skirt. The vicious
vixen is now standing on top of John's chest as she looks down at him with a
fiery, cold glare. She grits her teeth before her places her left hand over
John's throat. "Oh's time to...WAKE UP!" Victoria yells as she
digs her razored fingernails into the throat of John Cena.

John grits his teeth, "Owww... my head..." John groans as starts to wake up
and he feels Victoria's sharp fingernails scratching against his throat.
John slowly opens his eyes and looks up at Victoria, "What... are... you...
doing..." John asks as he starts to move his arms, but quickly realizes that
they are bound together by something.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glares down at John "It'
back, Champ.." Victoria says in a wicked voice before she starts to move her
stunningly nude body down John's body, towards his cock. The vicious vixen
sits between John's legs on her knees as she lowers her left hand down and
tightly grips John's cock with her hand, and begins to guide her powerful,
wicked hand up and down his gradually hardening cock.

John moans softly as Victoria strokes his huge cock, making it become hard
with her sinister touch. "What... are you... doing..." John groans as his
head starts to clear from when Victoria slugged him and when he hit the
table. John continues to try and pull try and pull his hands free, but the
unforgiving lust crazed devil took extra care to make it impossible for the
WWE Champion to free his own hands from her black skirt that binds them

Victoria grits her teeth tighter as she looks up at John, locking her cold
eyes on him "'s time for you to experience....HELL!" Victoria yells
before she presses her razored fingernails against the skin of John's cock
and begins to graze her fingernails against his cock as she strokes him.

"Uhhhhh.... fuck... Victoria...." John groans in pain as he feels her razor
like fingernails scrape against his cock. John clenches his teeth when the
Victoria flicks the fingernail of her thumb against the sensitive tip of his
massive prick, "Owwww... stop that... fuck that hurts..." John cries out.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Oh shouldn't
have made me cum...and you shouldn't have fucked...that...WHORE!" Victoria
yells before she quickly rakes her razored fingernails down John's long

John bite his lips, "What... the... hell... are you talking about..." John
groans as he asks his question, not knowing that Victoria watched him with
Trish Stratus earlier. John then shakes his head, "Fuck... Victoria...
look... if you're... pissed that... I made you have an orgasm... I'm sorry
all right..."

Victoria shakes her head "'re mine...and nobody...can
have you.." Victoria says as she grits her teeth before the vicious vixen
lowers her head on the cock of John Cena. Victoria presses her lips around
his cock tightly as she starts to bob her head wicked and sinister head up
and down on his cock. As Victoria sucks on the cock of John Cena, she locks
her glaring eyes with his eyes as she cups his ballsack with her left hand
and presses her razored fingernails against his sack.

John moans as he feels Victoria suck his cock, "Ohhh... shit... Victoria...
I'm not yours..." John bites his tongue when Victoria sharply rakes her
fingernails across his ballsack, making him arch his back and push his cock
further up past her delightfully devilish lips. As Victoria bobs her head
quicker along John's cock, the vicious vixen presses her teeth against his
shaft and begins to rake her teeth with each and every head bob. Victoria
lashes her devilish tongue against his cock roughly as she splatters his
cock with her warm saliva.

John closes his eyes tightly after Victoria lightly bites down on his meaty
shaft, and he can feel her occasionally pressing her teeth tightly down on
his shaft, making him squirm. "Ahhh... shit... Victoria... come on... I
apologized... what more... do you want..." John says as he rests his tied up
hands above his head.

Victoria lifts her head up from John's cock and grits her teeth as her warm
saliva rolls and trickles down his long shaft to his large ballsack. Victoria
eyes narrow into a glare as she moves up from between her legs and mounts
herself on top of John's cock, however refrains from lowering herself down
"You PAY!" Victoria yells before she suddenly rams her body down
on John's cock, causing his cock to drive deeply into her sinister pussy.
Victoria grits her teeth as she begins to rock on his cock, while pulling on
her raven black hair "You that John!? Huh!? You like it!?" Victoria yells and
taunts the Champion, John Cena.

John groans with each movement Victoria makes as she rocks back and forth
on his stiff cock, "Fuck... you... got... a really... weird... way... of
making... me pay for making you cum..." John replies as he moans, partly
enjoying the feeling of the vicious uncontrollable diva rocking on his

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks down at John with her eyes narrowed.
The vicious vixen places her powerful hands down on John's muscular chest as
she starts to slam her body down with a great deal of force "Ahhhhh...fuck...
you....John...Cena!" Victoria yells as she rocks back, yanking and pulling on
his large cock. Victoria's head twitches as she rides his cock "No one...NO
MAKES ME CUM!" Victoria yells as she places her left hand back against John's

John grunts painfully as Victoria uses all of her strength to torture his
cock as she bounces and rocks on it, making his shaft bend in a couple of
directions. "Fuck... Christ... Victoria... shit... I'm sorry... what... more
do you... fucking... want!" John yells back as Victoria scratches his chest
with her right hand's fingernails whenever he thrusts his shaft up into her
tight hot devil pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as she presses the razored fingernails of her left
hands against his neck and starts to laugh wickedly "I
SUFFER!" Victoria yells as she bucks her hips, slamming her pussy down
against John's cock "Ohhhh're're all mine!...That
slut, nothing! You hear me, NOTHING!" Victoria yells as she starts
to wickedly snap once again.

John instantly moves his neck and head to the right to get his neck away from
Victoria's very sharp fingernails before she decides to scratch his face and
leave a permanent mark. John also looks up at Victoria with confusion as he
asks, "How... do you know... about Trish?!" He asks in a worried tone as
thinks about the beautiful Women's Champion that he was supposed to meet up

Victoria grits her teeth "Ohhh...John...I know more then you think..."
Victoria laughs wickedly as she tilts her head back, slowly down on John's
cock, before she lifts herself off of his cock and stands up. Victoria glares
at John and points at him "Turn over and get on your knees!" Victoria yells
out in command.

Thinking that Trish would be in danger if he doesn't do what Victoria says,
John reluctantly rolls over onto his stomach and uses his bound hands to push
himself up on to his knees. He looks at Victoria with a bit of glare, "If
you... do anything to hurt Trish..."

Victoria swings her right hand, closed fist into the palm of her left hand
"Awww...does John Cena...have a little crush...on Trish?" Victoria asks in an
eerie, wicked toned before she kneels down behind John.

John looks back over his right shoulder at her, "You better stay away from
her Victoria... I mean it..." John says as he grits his teeth.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs sadistically "Awwww...John has a
crush on that skank..." Victoria pauses and grits her teeth "Trish...
Stratus..." Victoria says as her head starts to twitch as she places both
of her hands on John's ass cheeks and begins to spreads his ass cheeks

"So what... if I do!" John yells before he says, "What the hell are you doing
back there?!" John says as he feels Victoria spread his firm perfect ass
cheeks apart. Victoria lowers her head and narrows her eyes before she flicks
her tongue against John's ass crack, before the vicious vixen begins to guide
her tongue down his clean ass crack, heading towards his asshole. "Ohhhh...
what the hell... are you doing..." John moans as he feels Victoria's tongue
slither into his tight asshole, making the WWE Champion squirm.

Victoria lifts her head up and laughs wickedly before she shoves the thumb of
her left hand into John Cena's tight asshole "How do you like that, Champ!? I
bet that slut, doesn't do this!" Victoria yells as she starts to grazes the
razored fingernail of her thumb around the inside of John's asshole.

John bites his lip, "What... the fuck... you're... crazy!" John says as he
tries to move away from Victoria, but with his hands tied together, he only
moves about an inch. John looks back at Victoria, "Why... are you doing
this?! I just only made you cum cause you wanted... to have sex with me

Victoria grits her teeth as she removes her thumb "No one...does that!"
Victoria yells before she grabs the short hair of John and yanks his head
back "Turn back around!"

"Gladly! I rather look you in eye..." John says as he turns around on his
knees and faces Victoria, "What's the problem with making you cum? Hell half
the men on the planet can't make a woman cum for crying out loud!" John yells
as he starts to violently try to pull his hands free again as he looks at the
mentally unbalanced diva. Victoria narrows her eyes into a haunting glare as
she lowers her hand to his shaft and starts to stroke of the hand-bounded
Champion. Victoria moves the palm of her right hand roughly against his cock
as she grits her teeth.

John stares right back into Victoria's eyes and grits his teeth as Victoria
strokes his cock, "You keep... that up... and I'm gonna bust a nut..." John
groans as he moves his hips forward, pushing his cock against her right hand.
Victoria presses her razored fingernails against the skin of his cock once
again and begins to grazes her sharp fingernails against his cock as she
moves her powerful, sinister hand up and down his cock, stroking his cock
faster and rougher.

"Guess... that's what you want..." John groans as he tilts his head back
and begins to cum, spurting his hot load over her hand and wrist. "Ahhh...
damn..." John moans as he leans his head forward and closes his eyes.

Victoria looks down at her hand and wrist that are slightly coated in John's
warm cum. The vicious vixen grits her teeth, before narrowing her eyes into
a glare. Victoria slowly lifts her head up and smirks as she removes her hand
from John's cock. Victoria tilts her head back and begins to laugh sinisterly
"And now John...I must leave you...I have to see how your....Princess is
doing..." Victoria says with a wicked smirks before she stands up and begins
to get dressed.

John looks down at his bound hands that are held together by Victoria's
skirt, then he looks up at Victoria, "You better leave her alone! I mean it!"
John yells.

Victoria smirks wickedly "It's time...for your pay..."

John looks up at Victoria, "She did nothing to you! Leave her alone!"

* * *

A short while later, back in Victoria and Candice's locker room, the WWE's
Women's Champion is laying on the floor with her hands tied securely behind
her back and her mouth is gagged with rolled up rag. Trish tries to sit up
and to spit the rag out of her mouth but is unable to do so as she hopes
for someone to come in to help her.

The locker room door is slowly pushed opened by the vicious vixen, Victoria
who is now dressed in one of John Cena's long t-shirts and hangs a bit above
her knees. Victoria grits her teeth as she closes the door behind and narrows
her eyes as she looks down, glaring, at Trish Stratus as she tied up and
laying on the floor "Well...Well...Well, if it isn't the Princess..."
Victoria says as she starts to approach the defenseless Trish Stratus.

Trish looks up wide-eyed at Victoria, realizing that her long time nemesis
and Candice Michelle must have a sadistic plan in store for her. Trish tries
scooting away from Victoria, using her elbows and legs to push herself away.

Victoria points at Trish as her head twitches slightly, while she glares at
the Canadian beauty "Awww Trish....poor Trish Stratus, scared!?" Victoria
asks before she tilts her head back and laughs. Victoria kneels down slightly
and removes the rolled up ragged from Trish's mouth. The vicious, deranged
vixen places her left hand on top of Trish's head and smirks as she begins
stroke Trish's soft blonde hair "Trish...there's nothing to be scared of..."

Trish glares up at Victoria, "What... the hell are you up too! This isn't
funny!" Trish yells as she tries to squirm away from Victoria, knowing full
well what the psychopathic diva is capable of in a fight when she has the

Victoria smirks "But Trish..." She says as she grits her teeth "I have a
present for you..."

Trish glares at Victoria with narrowed eyes, "I don't... want anything from
you! Just untie me you crazy bitch!"

Victoria narrows her eyes into a hard, cold glare before she backhands Trish
across her beautiful face. Victoria looks over at the door and stands up
"Alright...get in here!" Victoria yells.

Trish looks at the door with teary eyes and sees it pushed open. Her eyes for
wide with surprise as the suspended Legend Killer, Randy Orton walks in with
a smirk on his face. Dressed in black pants and a black button shirt, Randy
looks at Victoria, "All right... I'm here..." Randy says with a smirk.

Trish looks at Victoria and Randy, "What... what's going on here?!" She says
as she sees Randy licks his lips as he looks down at her.

Victoria tilts her head and laughs wickedly, before a sinister smirk appears
on her wicked face. Victoria grits her teeth and glares as she looks back at
Trish. "Time to pay....BITCH!" Victoria yells, before turning to Randy and
pats him on the back "Have your fun...because I know..." Victoria sneers
"I'll be having mine!"

"Oh I intend too..." Randy smirks as he starts to quickly unbutton his shirt,
revealing his impressive well toned upper body, "Don't worry Victoria... I'll
keep her busy..." Randy laughs as he pulls his shirt off.

Trish swallows hard, "This isn't fucking funny! You two are sick! Let me GO!"
Trish yells as she starts to frantically push herself as far away as possibly
away from Randy and Victoria.

Victoria's twitches a bit as she points at Trish "You deserve this, BITCH!
John is mine! HEAR ME!?" Victoria yells before looking at Randy Orton with a
cold, yet fiery gaze before the vicious vixen proceeds to leave the locker

Once Victoria is gone, Randy licks his lips as he looks down at Trish, "Boy
did you pick the wrong lady to mess with..." Randy says as he starts to
unbuckle his belt then he start s to undo his pants.

Trish's eyes widen and she swallows as she scouts back a bit more until she's
trapped and stuck up against the wall at the far end of the locker room.
Trish has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Trish grits her teeth slightly
as she starts to free her hands from behind tied together, however all she's
able to do is struggle.

Randy smirks, "I like chicks that run... or try to run..." Randy laughs as
he lowers his pants from his hips down to his feet and steps out of them. He
then lowers the blue boxers his wearing, revealing his hard thirteen-inch
cock. "Oh I've been waiting for this..." Randy says as takes off his boxers.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she tries to turn herself away from
Randy "Please...don'" Trish asks as her voice wavers a bit.

Randy smirks, "Why should I? I want to fuck you... I've been waiting since I
first came to Raw to tap your ass..." Randy smirks as he walks over to her
and pulls down her tight fitting jeans after he unbuttons them. Trish shakes
her head as she sits up a bit more and tries to kick Randy's hands away with
her feet.

"Hey, keep fighting Trish... I like it..." Randy laughs as he yanks her jeans
off of her legs and flings them across the room. Randy then pulls off the
white cotton panties Trish is wearing, exposing her pussy to the cool air of
the locker room and to his lustful eyes. "Mmmm yummy..." Randy laughs as
proceeds to grab the collar of Trish's white t-shirt and rip it down the
middle, revealing her white lacy bra.

Trish grits her teeth as she turns her head away from Randy "Help....Someone
help!" Trish yells out.

"No one's gonna hear you..." Randy laughs, "But keep screaming if you
want..." Randy then raises an eyebrow as a thought pops into his head, "Or
better yet... I'll make use of that loud mouth of yours..." Randy pulls Trish
up and makes her sit up high on hr knees. He stands in front of her and holds
his cock near her mouth, "Open wide..." Randy smirks as he grabs a handful of
her blond hair. Trish slowly looks up at Randy with a glare and shakes her
head as she holds her mouth closed.

"Awww... don't be a an uptight bitch..." Randy laughs as he yanks on her
hair. Trish opens her mouth to scream, but that allows Randy to ram his cock
into her mouth. Once Randy's cock is inside of her warm, wet and soothing
mouth, the beautiful Canadian tries to pulls her head back, however Randy
keeps her head locked in the position as he begins to thrust his cock in and
out of Trish's warm mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... you got a mouth made for dick..." Randy smirks as he begins to
rock his hips back and forth, thrusting his thick prick between her luscious
lips. Trish closes her eyes as she starts to spit Randy's cock out of her
mouth, however all it does is causes her lips to tighten around his shaft.
"Mmmm... damn Trish..." Randy moans as he feels Trish's lips press down
around his cock. Yanking on her blond hair, Randy pushes all of his cock into
her mouth, making her deep throat all of his cock.

Trish starts to gag and choke on Randy's cock, once its completely inside of
her warm mouth. Trish manages to jerk her head back and off of Randy's cock.
Trish begins to breath after gagging on all of Randy's thirteen inches of
cock. Trish slowly lifts her head up and glares up at Randy "Just wait...I'll
tell John...and he'll..."

Randy starts laughing, "John will be lucky to be able to walk after Victoria
gets done with him..." Randy moves back a bit and grabs Trish to turn her
around. He then shoves her so her head is forced down to the ground. He
kneels behind her and smacks her round perfect ass, "Damn... you got a hot
ass..." Randy says as he wraps a hand around his dick and strokes it a bit.

Trish grits her teeth a bit as she lifts her head back and glares at Randy
"John will kick your ass!"

"No he won't..." Randy smirks as he puts both his hands on Trish's waist and
shoves his thick cock into her tight warm pussy. "Time for me to get some
Stratusfaction..." Randy says as he begins to quickly pump his shaft in and
out of Trish's pussy while pulling her back towards him.

Trish grits her teeth and shakes her head as she feels Randy's stiff, hard
cock ramming in and out of her sweet, innocent pussy "
stop..." Trish groans as her tanned, delicate body rocks back and forth on
her knees.

Randy smacks the side of Trish's waist with his left hand, "Ohhh yeah... you
fucking like that... don't ya..." Randy laughs as his cock pistons in and out
of Trish's pussy. With every one of his thrusts, Randy's waist smacks against
Trish's round ass harder than expected thanks to him pulling Trish back
towards him.

Trish looks back at Randy, with her teeth gritted "You're...sick!" Trish
yells as her ass slams against Randy's waist as her drives his thick cock
deeper into her tight cunt.

Randy licks a bit of sweat from the top of his lip, "Whatever you stupid
cunt..." Randy groans as he pulls out of Trish's pussy, "I know you're liking
this..." Randy adds before he turns Trish over onto her back, he grabs both
of her legs. Randy lifts Trish up a bit and makes her body bend so her legs
are almost over her shoulders and that her ass is lifted off the floor. Randy
then shoves his cock back into pussy and begins to pump into her just by
moving his hips.

Trish shakes her head from side to side "No...please...John! Help...please!"
Trish yells out as she tries to push Randy away from her the best she can
with her hands tied together.

Randy licks his lips and laughs as he hears Trish cry out for John Cena to
save her from him, "He ain't coming bitch... John's got his own fucking
problems..." Randy laughs as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy,
with his ballsack slapping against her. Randy puts Trish's legs on his
shoulders and moves his hands down to her ass and pinches both of her ass

Trish closes her eyes once again as she grits her teeth "You'

"You want me to fuck your asshole? Ok!" Randy laughs as he pumps into Trish's
pussy for a few more minutes. He then pulls out of Trish's pussy and slaps
his dick against the insides of both her thighs. "Mmmmm I can't wait to fuck
your ass Trish..." Randy laughs as he stands up. He pulls Trish up to her
feet, turns her around and pushes her against a wall. Randy then bends down
and pushes his throbbing cock into her tight asshole as hard as he can.

Trish grits her teeth "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Trish groans as she tilts her head
back, moaning in pain and slight pleasure.

Randy wraps both his arms around Trish's hot body as he drills her hot ass
with hard swift thrusts. "Uhhhh ohhh fuck... damn you're uptight slut... and
you got a tight ass... I love it!" Randy laughs as he dips a hand down to
Trish's wet pussy and begins to rub it in sequence as he pounds her ass.

Trish closes her eyes and keeps her head tilted back "John!....Please...John!
Help me!"

"Mmmmmm... he ain't coming Trish..." Randy laughs as he tilts his head to the
right and nibbles on Trish's right ear lobe. After pushing two fingers into
her pussy, Randy moves them in and out quickly while continuing to fuck her
ass. Some of his thrusts are so hard that Trish ends up on her tiptoes after
receiving them. Trish clenches her teeth shut as she begins to cum on Randy's
two fingers.

Randy smirks as he feels Trish's warm cum on his fingers, "Ohhh yeah... I'm
going to remember this... I made you fucking cum!" Randy laughs as he fucks
her ass with short quick fierce thrusts, "Fuck... yeah... I'm gonna fill your
ass Trish!" Randy groans as he starts to cum inside of Trish's asshole. Trish
slowly turns her head back and looks at Randy with a disgust glare on her

Randy smirks at her, "You're a pretty lame fuck... but you're body makes up
for it..." Randy laughs as he pulls his cock out of her asshole and smacks it
against her right ass cheek.

Trish slowly turns around and glares at Randy as she face him "When John
finds out..."

Randy laughs, "Oh when John finds out... I'll be ready for him and ready to
take his title too..." Randy laughs as he pushes her down to the floor of the
locker room before he goes to get his clothes.

* * *

Meanwhile... back in John Cena's locker room, John is sitting against the
leather couch, still trying to free his hands from Victoria's skirt that she
tied them together with. "That... fucking... psycho... can't believe she
stole... my damn jeans..." John says in frustration over the fact he can't
free his hands. He gives up and slams his bound hands down on his legs, "I
hope Trish is all right... I got to get free and go and check on her..."
John says as he looks around the locker room to see if there's anything he
can use to help free himself.

The door to John Cena's locker room suddenly swings up, and in walks the
sinfully sweet, deviously gentle devil Candice Michelle. Candice enters and
flips her silky black hair back and presses her lips together, letting the
door swing shut behind her "Ohhhhhh Victoria....she's ready.." Candice says
with a smirk as she dressed in a white skirt and a white top. Candice looks
around a bit "Victoria?....Victoria?" Candice says and then narrows her eyes
as she spots the nude John Cena, with his hands tied together with Victoria's
skirt and he leans against the front of the couch. Candice places her hands
on her slender hips as she turns to John "Mmmm...I see Victoria has already
been here..."

John looks up at Candice with a raised eyebrow, "Yeah that crazy bitch was
here... what the fuck is going on?! Where's Trish!" John asks, sounding
worried after hearing Candice say that someone was ready.

Candice raises her eyebrow and smirks devilishly as she starts to approach
John "Ohhh...let's just say...she's in very good hands.." Candice replies
with an almost sweet laugh.

John glares at Candice, "Candice... look I know you're Victoria friend...
but you got to help me out here..." John says as he realizing there's no way
he's going to get his hands free unless someone helps him.

Candice presses her lips together as she narrows her eyes into a lustful
glare "And...why should I?" Candice asks in a soft, seductive tone.

John shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know... I'll just owe you a favor in the
future..." John says as he looks up at her. "I got to go find Trish and make
sure Victoria doesn't get to her..."

Candice licks her lips a bit as she slowly glances down and John's
free-baring cock " do know I'm the hottest diva...
Eeeeeveeerrrr!" Candice says with a sexy shrieks.

"I know you're one of the hottest divas..." John says as he looks at her
confused, "What does that have to do with you helping me out?"

Candice tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhhh John!...You see...if I untie
you..." Candice pauses and presses her lips together "Then you...have to fuck
me...right here..." Candice says as she her soft, yet demoned eyes twinkle

"Excuse me?" John looks at Candice completely confused, "You want me to fuck
you right here... when Victoria is off doing who knows what to Trish?"

Candice licks her lips as she starts to pull on the straps of her white top
"Maybe...I'll tell you...where Trish is..."

John looks up at Candice as he considers it for a long moment, and he takes
a deep breath, "Fine... I'll do it... but you better tell me where Trish
is..." John says as he reluctantly holds his bound hands up.

Candice licks her lips and smiles "Mmmm...I know you'll love this..."
Candice says with a slight moan, before she reaches down and begins to untie
Victoria's black skirt from around John's hands and wrists.

"Whatever... I'll do this just to find Trish..." John says as he shakes both
of wrists a bit after they are free from Victoria's black skirt. As much as
John is worried about Trish, the prospect of fucking the devilishly sexy
Candice Michelle does have his cock becoming hard as he looks at her.

Candice flips her silky black hair back and smirks "So...are you just going
to sit there?" Candice asks with a slight laugh before the sinfully sweet
Candice begins to lift her white-strapped top off of her tanned, stunningly
and oh so 'Candilicious' body.

"No I'm not..." John says with a slight sigh as he gets up from the floor and
grabs the material of Candice's white skirt and begins to lower it from her
sexy waist all the way down to her feet. Candice raises her right arm into
the air and steps out of her skirt once John lowers it down to her legs.
Candice places her left hand onto her slender hip and begins to twirl her
body around doing her infamous dance, wearing a white-laced bra
and a white thong. "You sure like the color white..." John says as reaches
for the clasp of Candice's white-laced bra to release it when her back is
towards him as she does her infamous but ultra hot GoDaddy dance.

Candice stops and licks her lips "Ironic...isn't it John, seeing as I'm a
devil..." Candice replies with a sly wink before she lowers herself down onto
her knees in front of John Cena as he removes her white laced bra from her
large, perky chest.

John can't help himself and laughs at Candice's sly remark, "Yeah... all you
need is the pointy horns and a tail..." John says as he casually tosses her
white-laced bra behind him onto the couch.

Candice looks up at John and smirks "I may just have a pair..." Candice says
playfully as the sinfully sweet devil places her wickedly soft hands on
John's waist as she sits up high on her knees. Candice flips her silky black
hair back as she sticks her tongue out of her warm mouth and begins to slide
her tongue along John's shaft, twirling and patting her tongue as she licks
his cock.

John licks his lips a bit as looks down to watch Candice's soft tongue glide
along the sides of his cock. John moans a bit as he enjoys the gentle way
Candice is going about moving her tongue on his cock as opposed to what he
experienced with Victoria earlier on. "Mmmmm... well... you sure got... the
tongue of a devil that's for sure..." John says with a slight smirk. Candice
lifts her soft, wickedly alluring eyes to look up at John as she brings her
soft tongue up John's shaft and reaches the head of his cock. The gentle
devil begins to circle her tongue around the head of John's cock as drops of
Candice's warm saliva drips off of his now hard shaft.

John lets out a fairly quiet moan as he places his left hand gently on
Candice's head and slides his finger-tips through her silky black hair,
"Ahhhh...mmmm..." John moans as he restrains himself from thrusting his
cock forward.

Candice slightly pulls her head away from John's cock and grits her teeth as
she holds his hard cock, straight up, with her left hand "Ohhhh
I...Too Hot To Handle?" Candice asks as the sinfully sweet devil guides her
hand up and down John's shaft once again.

John smirks a bit, "Hey... last time you said that too me... Victoria wore
me out..." John replies with a moan. He slides a hand over his short brown
hair and looks down at her, "But I could find out if you are too hot to
handle or not..." Candice bites down on her bottom lip, seductively, before
she leans her head into John's cock and opens her warm mouth. Candice
proceeds to push John Cena's cock in her sinisterly warm mouth, wrapping
lips tightly around his cock. The gentle devil begins to bob her head up
and down on John's cock, sucking at a decent-fairly slow rate.

"Mmmmmm.... you defiantly have the mouth of a devil..." John replies a smirk.
He continues to slide his hand through Candice's smooth black hair until he
puts his hand on the back of her head as he steps a bit closer to her, making
it even more easier for her to bob her head back and forth along his shaft.

Candice softly moans against John's cock as she starts to bob her head
quicker on her large, thick cock while she laps her tongue and warm, wet
saliva around his cock. Candice lifts her soft, alluring eyes to look at
the Champ as she takes a few more inches of his cock into her sinisterly
soothing mouth.

John looks into Candice's soft alluring eyes and smiles, "Ohhh... damn
girl..." John moans as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back, very much
enjoying the blowjob from hell that Candice is giving him.

Candice slowly pulls her head away from John's cock and tilts her head back
as she rubs her warm saliva around his cock with her right hand that she's
stroking his cock with "Ohhhhh John..." Candice shrieks a bit, gritting her
teeth gently "Ready...for one hell of a time?"

"Yeah I am..." John replies as he licks his lips. "I'll show you just how
good I am... what's your favorite way to get fucked" John grins as he flips
her soft black hair back as he looks down at the sexy 'Candilicious' devil.

Candice licks her lips as she flips her silky black hair back and stands up
from the floor. Candice looks at the Champ with a lusty glare in her eyes
"Ohhh John...I love it anyway..." Candice shrieks slightly as her soft,
wicked eyes lock on the muscular, impressive body of John Cena

John smirks as he looks down at her, "How about you turn around... so I can
do you doggy style..." John licks his lips as he kneels down on the floor.

Candice smirks devilishly "Is that what the Champ wants?" Candice asks in a
soft seductive tone.

"Yeah... I want to be able to slap that ass while I'm behind ya..." John
smirks as his eyes wander over Candice's body, he takes time to look at her
large round soft tits and tilts his head to gaze at her sweet shaved pussy.

Candice slowly positions herself down on her hands and knees on the floor,
in front of John. Candice looks back at the WWE Champion with a sly smirk
"What about...Trish?" Candice asks as she presses her lips together,
glaring at John lustfully.

"Hey... you're not going to tell me where she is until I fuck you..." John
looks back into her eyes as he gets right behind her and smacks his cock
against both of her ass cheeks. "But I am going to have my fun while I'm at
it..." John adds as he slides the tip of his dick down her ass crack and
pushes the head of his cock into her warm pussy.

Candice tilts her head back and grits her teeth after she turns her head
forward and feels John's large, thick cock slide into her wickedly warm and
wet pussy "Ohhhhh John!" Candice shrieks as he begins to thrust his cock
into her sinister pussy.

John puts both of his strong hands on both of Candice's round ass cheeks and
pushes her forward a bit after each one of his thrusts. "Mmmm... pretty tight
Candice..." John moans as he makes sure his cock goes as deep as possibly
into Candice's pussy.

Candice closes her eyes and licks her lips as the gentle devil enjoys the
feeling of John's large, thick cock inside of her warm pussy. "Ohhhh yessss
John!" Candice shrieks before she starts to gently and slowly push herself
back against John's cock, every time he pulls his cock out.

John starts to play a bit of a game with Candice, tease her with each one of
his thrusts by pulling his shaft completely out of her pussy after every two,
three or four thrusts. "Having fun... Candice..." John grunts with a smirk as
he smacks her right ass cheek with his right hand.

Candice tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhh John...mmmmm...maybe you're too
hot to handle..." Candice pauses and smirks "I doubt it though.... because
I'm... the... hottest.... Eeeeveerrr!" Candice shrieks.

John licks his lips as he gives the gentle sexy devil a very sharp thrusts
that makes her body jolt forward, "You're... certainly hot... but... I
know... I'm handling you... pretty damn well..." John says as a single drop
of sweat rolls down the from his neck to the center of his very muscular
chest. John pulls his cock out of Candice and slides it against her
'Candilicious' buns.

Candice licks her lips as she looks back at John, she grits her teeth gently
"Am I...hotter then Trish?" Before John has the chance to respond, the locker
room door swings up and the vicious vixen, the deranged devil Victoria enters
with her teeth gritted. Her cold, dark eyes narrow at the sight of John Cena
and her good friend, Candice Michelle.

John's mood changes when he looks up at the vicious vixen Victoria as she
stands at the entrance of the locker room. John slowly stands up behind
Candice, "Where's Trish?!" John yells at Victoria.

Victoria reaches up with left hand and begins to pull on her raven black
hair, her sinister head begins to twitch " on here!?"
Victoria yells as she starts to breath heavily.

Candice slowly looks up and swallows a bit, as her eyes widen "Umm...
Victoria...I... was...just getting John ready for you came back..."

John looks at Victoria and Candice with a slight confused look on his face,
but then he focuses back on Victoria after he thinks he realizes something,
"We were fucking Victoria..." John says as he folds his arms to see the
effect what he says has on vicious vixen.

Victoria balls her fists tightly and smirks wickedly "You wanna be fucked,
huh John!? HUH!?" Victoria yells as Candice timidly backs away from Victoria
a bit, while still on her knees.

John smirks back at Victoria, "Hey... I'm always up to have wild sex... but
I think I've had more fun with Candice here than I had with you..." John says
back to her as he takes a step towards her.

Victoria's head twitches as she grits her teeth tightly as she pulls on her
raven black hair with her left hand. Candice stands up a bit "John....I'd
watch what you say..." Candice says warning him, before Victoria swings her
right closed fist into the stomach of John Cena.

John clenches his teeth as he tries not to let out any groan of pain. He
doubles over a bit and clutches his stomach as he looks up at Victoria,
"What's... a matter... Victoria... truth hurt?" John says as he tries to
hide the pain from Victoria's powerful punch.

Victoria's eyes narrow into a frightening glare and points down at John
"Candice! Get the fuck on top of him!" Victoria yells as Candice nods her
head timidly before forcing John to lay completely down on his back on the
floor. Once John is down on the floor completely, Candice mounts hers
delicate framed body on top of his cock, taking him deep into her wickedly
warm pussy. The sinfully sweet Candice begins to bounce quickly on John's
cock, while rocking back and forth at the same time. As the vicious vixen
Victoria watches her good friend and fellow Devil, Candice ride the cock
of John Cena; she begins to remove the clothing that she's wearing.

John groans as he places his hands on Candice's sexy hips and helps the
delicate devil bounce faster and harder on his huge cock. He looks up at
Victoria and groans, "You... know... Victoria... Candice is a lot... better
than you... she's evil as hell... but she's a hot... fuck...." John moans
as he makes Candice rock back and forth on his shaft, while looking up at
the insane psychopath.

Victoria's body shakes and trembles with anger before she points at John
"Shut up!" Victoria yells, gritting her teeth, before she lowers herself
down onto John's head. The vicious vixen, now completely naked, sits on
top of John's face and begins to grind her pussy against his face as the
sinfully sweet Candice slams down harder on John's cock.

"Ohhhhh better watch it...or Victoria will snap!" Candice moans,
before Victoria turns her head and looks over her shoulder at Candice with a
fierce glare.

John doesn't reply to Candice's warning, instead he moves his right hand from
Candice's waist so he can wrap it around Victoria's thigh. He lifts his head
a bit, pressing his nose against Victoria's pussy while also sticking his
tongue deep inside of her tight evil cunt. As Victoria grinds herself down on
his face, she's also riding John's tongue as the WWE Champion rams his thick
shaft up into Candice's pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to pull on John's short dark hair "How
do you like that, John!? Huh!? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?" Victoria yells as she
taunts the Champ, while grinding her pussy more roughly against his face. As
the vicious vixen is dominating John's face and tongue, the sinfully sweet
Candice tilts her head back and groans as she rocks back on John's cock,
while he thrusts his cock up into her pussy at a quick, solid rate.

John again doesn't reply to Victoria's taunts as he make the most of having
the pair of sexy devious devils on top of him. John brings his left hand from
Candice's waist and puts it on Victoria's leg, then the reigning WWE champion
starts squeezing her powerful thighs as he swirls his tongue around inside of
her cunt. John meanwhile continues to buck his hips upward, driving his shaft
up into Candice, making her almost jump when his cock slams into her just the
right way.

Victoria grits her teeth as she powerfully lifts herself off of John's head
and slowly cocks her head back at Candice. Victoria slowly walks towards
Candice and smirks wickedly "Candice....are you having fun!?" Victoria asks
with a slight snap in her voice.

"Ohhhhh yes... YES!" Candice nods her head rapidly to reply to her sinister
friend as she grinds her pussy down against John's crotch. Candice turns her
head is a few directions, sending her soft hair flying in a few directions as
she places her hands on John's firm stomach.

Victoria narrows her cold, fiery eyes at Candice, before she smirks wickedly
" friend...I'm sorry..." The vicious vixen Victoria says before
she angles herself a short distance away from Candice and arches her body a
bit, delivering a swift, solid kick to the side of her friend's beautiful

Candice practically flies off of John Cena's cock following the kick to her
face from Victoria. Candice hits the floor completely knocked out from the
blow. John sits up instantly and looks at the unconscious Candice laying on
the floor, then he looks up at Victoria, "What the fuck did you do that
for... she's your friend ain't she?!" John says sounding shocked that
Victoria did what she did.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she pulls on her raven black hair with
both of her hands before she turns to face John with a sinister smirk and a
solid, cold glare on her face. The vicious vixen begins to slowly approach
John Cena, she points at her him with left index finger "She...crossed...the
line..." Victoria sneers "And....I have MYSELF!" Victoria
yells as her head twitches. The vicious vixen places her right foot on John's
chest and powerfully pushes him to lay back down "
fucking PAY!"

John glares up at Victoria as she puts all her weight on her right foot to
make sure he doesn't move. John then smirks, "What's a matter Victoria...
afraid you'll lose someone that's not even yours?" John says as he grabs
Victoria's right ankle with both of his hands. Victoria grits her teeth as
she narrows her eyes more, before she stiffly slams her foot down against
John's chest.

"OW SHIT!" John screams out after Victoria practically stomped her foot
square on his chest. John bites his lip and uses his arm strength to force
Victoria's right foot off of his chest, which makes Victoria stumble a bit

Victoria shakes her head as she glares at John "I don't think so...CHAMP!"
Victoria yells as the vicious vixen mounts herself on top of John's cock,
taking his cock deeply into her sinisterly, wicked pussy. Victoria tilts
her head back and laughs psychotically "Ohh John...I hope you're having
one hell of a time.... because I know Trish is!" Victoria yells as she
thrusts her body forward against his cock, before she starts to bounce
wildly on his cock.

John glares up at Victoria as she rides him with everything she's got, while
he's distracted while worried about the lovely Trish Stratus, "Where's Trish
at you fucking psycho!" John yells as he grits his teeth.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she slams her villainous
body down roughly on John's cock "Lets...just...say...she's getting what
she...DESEVRES!" Victoria yells loudly as she places her powerful hands down
on John's muscular chest, surprisingly pinning the Champ down onto the floor.

Once and a while, John occasionally thrusts his mighty cock up into
Victoria's pussy, but Victoria is in such control that she doesn't let
whatever he does disrupt her violent pace. "You... fucking bitch... if
Trish is hurt... I swear if anything has happened to her..." John grunts
as he looks into the lust crazed eyes when she looks down at him.

Victoria grits her teeth as she places her hand left hand around John's
throat "And why's that!? Huh!? Do the SLUT!?" Victoria
yells before she starts presses her razored fingernails against the skin
of John's neck. Victoria narrows her eyes into a haunting, frightful
glare as she comes crashing down on his cock at a rough and powerful

John groans as Victoria scratches the side of his neck as she grates her
fingernails against his skin, "I care more... about Trish... than any
fucking one... cares... about you!" John yells back as he slaps his hands
on Victoria's hips to shove her off of his cock as he feels himself
approaching the point where he's going to cum.

Victoria tilts her head back and lets out sinister laugh "And now John...
you... must... PAY!" Victoria yells before bucking her hips and slamming
herself violently down on John Cena's throbbing cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... you crazy... bitch!" John yells and arches his back
as he starts to blow his load inside of Victoria's tight warm wet sinister
pussy. John grits his teeth after each shot of his cum shoots out of his
cock, which makes Victoria laugh sadistically.

Victoria closes her eyes as she releases her hand from around John's throats,
with her head tilted back. The vicious vixen opens her cold, dark eyes and
glares down at John before she lifts herself off of John's cock. Victoria
looks down at the sexually dominated and exhausted John Cena "Hey John..."
Victoria smirks wickedly "You want to know...where your Princess is?"

John glares up at Victoria as he catches his breath, "Where is she?!" John
yells angrily as he breathes heavily and sits up a bit, supporting his tired
body with his elbows.

Victoria laughs a bit "Ohh...John don't worry...she's in very good hands..."
Victoria pauses and smirks sinisterly "Randy Orton...won't let anything bad
happen to her..." Victoria grits her teeth "Devils...honor..." Victoria says.

John's face becomes etched with serious worry and concern, "RANDY ORTON HAS
HER?!" John looks at Victoria with disbelief as the shock just keeps him from

Victoria grits her teeth and laughs wickedly "Yeah...and I know she's having
one...hell of a time!" Victoria says before she narrows her dark, wicked
eyes at John. The vicious vixen swings her right foot up and smacks her foot
against the back of John's head. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs
psychotically. John's head snaps forward and then flies backward and hits
hard down against the floor. John has no chance to brace himself, and with
his head crashing down on the floor, the WWE champion is effectively knocked
out by the vicious vixen. Victoria laughs as she looks down at him, laying
only a short distance from the still unconscious Candice Michelle.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she keeps her head tilted back "Hey
John... pay back's a bitch! ISN'T!" Victoria yells before she starts to laugh
psychotically. The vicious vixen soon pauses and slowly turns her head and
looks down at her good friend, the unconscious Candice Michelle. Candice
still has yet to show signs of recovering from when Victoria literally kicked
her off of John's cock.

Victoria slowly approaches Candice and kneels down by her close friend.
Victoria looks down at Candice and grits her teeth "I'm sorry Candice... shouldn't have done that!...John is mine!" Victoria says as her
head starts to twitch. Victoria slowly and gently lifts Candice's head
up from the floor. The vicious vixen then leans her head down and slowly
kisses Candice on the lips. Candice very slowly opens her eyes as Victoria
kisses her lips, and the gentle devil kisses the vicious vixen back.
Victoria slowly pulls her head away from Candice and smirks down sinisterly
at her good friend. Victoria locks her cold, dark eyes with the gentle devil
as she slowly helps Candice sit up.

Candice holds onto Victoria as she sits up and she looks at the unconscious
John Cena laying a short distance from her, "Mmmm Victoria... what

Victoria smirks wickedly "Nothing happen...come on, get up...we have work to
do!" Victoria commands as she stands up and starts to gather her belongings.

"Yeah... we do... we have... more men to send to hell..." Candice smiles as
she licks her lips. Candice slowly stands up and then holds her head in pain
for a moment.

Victoria grits her teeth as she slowly looks back at Candice, narrowing her
eyes into a sinister glare "Hurry up Candice...we don't have all day..."
Victoria snaps at her.

Candice nods her head, "Sorry Victoria... my head just hurts for some
reason..." Candice says as she gathers her clothing to get dressed. She looks
down at John Cena and back at Victoria, "You finally got your revenge... told
you that you would..." Candice smiles.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs sadistically "Ohhh...and the revenge

Candice smiles as she pulls her white strapped top on before she puts on her
white skirt, "I bet it was..." Candice licks her lips as she looks down at
John Cena, "Damn he's hot..." Candice says before she starts to walk to the
door of the locker room.

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks down at the fallen WWE Champion John
Cena. The vicious vixen narrows her eyes into a hard glare and shakes her
head "Ohhh...John...this is far from over!"

Candice steps out of the locker room and looks back in at Victoria, "C'mon
Vickie... let's go find some poor soul... and have some fun..." Candice says
before she walks down the hall, leaving Victoria alone with John Cena.

Victoria gently pulls on her raven black hair as she gazes down at the
unconscious John Cena. Her head begins to twitch as she starts to
sadistically "'s not over...IT'S NOT OVER, JOHN!" Victoria
yells as she starts to breath heavily.


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