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Too Hot To Handle - Chapter 28: Devil Initiation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside an arena where the RAW Brand is holding a live event, John Cena and
Trish Stratus are heading into the building after just arriving in John's
rental car. John holds the door open for Trish as she carries her travel her
bag into the arena, "So... are you rolling out of here early to go meet up
with Ashley at the SmackDown show?" John asks with a boyish smile as he
enters the building after Trish does.

Trish smiles sweetly "Ohh...I can't fool you, bud..." Trish says with a
pleasant laugh as she gently nudges John a bit.

John laughs a bit, "Yeah you can't... you two always hook up when RAW and
SmackDown have shows in the same area..." John says with a smile, "So what
do you do... talk about me?" John asks as he playfully nudges Trish a bit.

Trish raises her eyebrow "Please honey, we have better things to talk about
then you..." Trish says jokingly with a cute laugh as she slides her right
hand through her soft blonde hair "So...are you heading anywhere after the

"Just back to the hotel and then to the airport... I got an autograph signing
tomorrow..." John says with a smile, "Not that I'm complaining, I always have
blast doing them."

Trish laughs a little as she smiles cutely at the studdly John Cena "So...
you're not coming to my hotel room tonight?"

John laughs a bit, "Well... that's what I meant... I said back to the
hotel... didn't say back to my room..." John says with his hot boyish smile
as he winks at Trish.

Trish laughs as she stops and turns to John "So...what time are you
coming..." Trish asks as she bites down on her bottom lip and blushes.

"Ummm..." John pauses and thinks, "How about... ten-ish?" John asks with
smile as slides a hand into his pocket.

"Ok..." Trish smiles "Well...I better get know I gotta go care
take of some business..." Trish says with a wink as she turns to leave.

John smiles, "Yeah... you're business is always taken you away from me..."
John says as he reaches for Trish's hand and has her turn back to him. John
leans down and kisses Trish gently on the lips.

Trish closes her eyes as she gently kisses John back for a moment before she
breaks the kiss and smiles at him "I'll see you around later, bud..." Trish
says before she starts to walk away.

John smiles, "See ya Trish..." John watches Trish walk down the hall with her
travel back and he smiles, "I hate seeing her go... but seeing her leave is
hot..." John says as he turns to walk in the opposite direction.

As Trish Stratus and John Cena both go their separate ways inside of the
arena, the vicious vixen Victoria, steps out from one of the nearby locker
rooms with her teeth gritted tightly as she pulls on her raven black hair.
Victoria's body psychotically trembles with anger as she just saw John Cena
and Trish Stratus engaged in a kiss "Ohhh...oh no!" Victoria sneers "Seems
like...someone didn't learn their LESSON!" Victoria yells as her head starts
twitches " going to PAY!" Victoria narrows her eyes
"You hear me Trish!? JOHN!? Play time...isn't's not...OVER!"
Victoria's eyes widen psychotically as wicked smirk approves on her sinister
face "Looks like...I'm going to need a new Devil...and I know just the
perfect person!"

* * *

A short time later, Mickie James is approaching the locker room of the WWE's
most vicious diva, Victoria. Wearing a tan colored top and an short orange
skirt, Mickie arrives at Victoria's locker room and then pauses before she
knocks on the door. "What!?" The vicious vixen, Victoria, says in a snapping
tone from inside the locker room.

Mickie opens the locker room door and steps in, "Hiya Vickie!" Mickie says
her overly hyper annoying voice, "Are you like ready for our match?" Mickie
asks as she closes the locker room door.

Victoria, dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a bit red leather top,
slowly turns her head and grits her teeth. Victoria narrows her eyes at
Mickie as she slowly stands up and begins to approach the overly-hyper,
Mickie James "We don't have a match, you stupid bitch!" Victoria spits out
as she slightly gets into Mickie's face "I only said we did to get your fat
ass in here!" Victoria says before taking a step back and then smirks at

Mickie makes a face and she puts her hands on her hips, "You didn't have to
do that... I would've come by..." Mickie says as she tosses her hair from
side to side, "So... whatcha wanted me for?"

Victoria narrows her eyes at Mickie and then smiles rather pleasantly
"Mickie... Mickie... Mickie..." Victoria says as she steps towards Mickie
James and drapes her right arm around the overly-hyper Diva "We're friends...
right Mickie?" Victoria asks with a wicked smirk.

Mickie nods her head over and over again, "Yeah, we're friends, great
friends! You're like my bestest friend ever!" Mickie says as she smiles
goofily as she looks at the taller, psychotic devil.

Victoria grits her teeth and turns her head away as she rolls her eyes,
before turning back to Mickie with an uncharacteristic pleasant smile "That's friends..." Victoria pauses "And...I know what happened with
your old best friend, Trish Stratus..." Victoria says as her head starts to
twitch with anger at just the mention of the six-time Women's Champion.

Mickie James's face turns from goofy smile turns into an angry frown, "She
turned her back on me! She tried to keep me from what's mine!" Mickie says as
she stamps her foot on the floor like a spoiled brat.

Victoria rolls her eyes again "That's right...but anyway..." Victoria then
smirks as she removes her arm from around Mickie "How like to
have revenge...revenge on the blonde bitch!" Victoria says as she grits her
teeth together "You see Mickie...Trish is taking away something that belongs
to me too!"

Mickie folds her arms, "Trish is... so greedy! She wants everything for
herself... I want to get her back!" Mickie says as her overly hyper sounding
annoying voice gets worse as she tries to sound mean. She then calms down a
little bit as she flips her hair back, "What are we going to do?"

Victoria smirks "Hold on know...I ditched those two pathetic,
weak bitches Torrie and Candice, right?" Victoria nods her head as she
continues "Well...I may be looking for a new Devil...a new teammate...what
do you say, wanna be a Devil?"

Mickie jumps up and down excitedly after hearing Victoria's offer, "Oh I'd
love to be a devil! It'll be like the greatest thing ever for me! Thank you!"
Mickie says excitedly as she jumps the gun and assumes things without
thinking them through.

Victoria grits her teeth as she gets an annoyed look on her sinister face
"You're not...a Devil...yet..."

Mickie tilts her head to the left and looks at Victoria with her usual deer
in the headlights look on her face, "I'm not? But you just asked me if I
wanna be one... and I said yes..."

Victoria narrows her eyes at Mickie and shakes her head " have to
pass a be sure you're...well bad enough to be a Devil..."

Mickie pouts and then she smiles goofily once again, "Okay!" Mickie says,
"I'll pass any test! What do I got to do?"

Victoria smirks sinisterly "Well Mickie, my new best friend...follow me..."

* * *

A short while later, the original psychotic devil Victoria and her associate
Mickie James are walking towards the catering area of the arena. Mickie walks
a bit behind the vicious vixen, and she is slightly skipping as she walks,
"So what am I going to do? Beat up someone?" Mickie asks for the tenth time
as she tries to get Victoria to tell her what her test is going to be.

Victoria grits her teeth and slowly turns around, pointing at the obnoxious
Mickie James "Don't you ever shut up!?" Victoria snaps as she enters the
catering room, as she's turned to Mickie.

Mickie looks at Victoria as if the vicious vixen didn't know what she was
talking about, "What do you mean? I don't talk all the time, I'm just asking
a question cause I wanna be a devil so much! Just like how I wanted to be
the Women's Champion..." Mickie replies excitedly as her annoy-voice sounds
squeaky and cracks a bit as if she can't control volume of her voice.

Victoria narrows her eyes before she turns looks away from Mickie and slowly
turns around. The vicious vixen scans the catering room as her eyes lock upon
her target, the reigning Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro. Victoria
smirks wickedly as she glances over her shoulder at Mickie "My friend...your
task...fuck Johnny Nitro..."

Mickie raises an eyebrow and makes a face as she look over at Johnny Nitro
who is wearing his oversized gray colored fur coat and light brown colored
wrestling pant. "Fuck Johnny Nitro?" Mickie says as she looks at Victoria,
"Why? I don't get it? Why do I got to fuck him to be a devil?"

Victoria narrows her eyes more at Mickie as she folds her arms over her large
chest "What don't you get!?" Victoria snaps at Mickie in a whisper "You fuck
him...torture him...make his life a living hell for a while...and you're in!"
Victoria pauses "Go over there you fat ass...and have your way with him,
right now...right here..."

"Oh all right..." Mickie says, "I still don't get it..." Mickie adds as she
shrugs her shoulders before she walks over to the reigning Intercontinental
Champion. Nitro has her back towards her, so Mickie taps his shoulders and
coughs, "AHEM!" Mickie says in her highly annoying high-pitched voice.

Nitro turns around and looks at Mickie with a raised eyebrow, "What do
you..." Before Nitro can finish his sentence Mickie reaches up and her puts
her hands on his face and pulls his head down and forcefully kisses him.
Nitro starts to pull back when he puts his hands on her shoulders, but the
former Women's Champion jumps up and on to him, making him fall backwards
onto the floor of the catering room.

Mickie then breaks the kiss gets a strange look on her face as if she can't
believe she took Nitro down. She looks over her shoulder at Victoria and
smiles, "Did I do good?" she asks as if seeking Victoria's approval as Nitro
lays stunned underneath the former Women's champion.

Victoria nods her head slowly with a wicked smirk "Good...very good..."
Victoria says with her teeth gritted as she folds her arms and begins to
approach Mickie and Johnny Nitro as the annoying Mickie James is on top of
the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Victoria narrows her eyes as she
stands over Mickie and Nitro. The vicious vixen glares down at Nitro and
psychotically "Poor...poor Johnny..." Victoria shrugs "Too's for HELL!" Victoria yells as she kneels down on the floor next
to Mickie and Nitro.

Nitro looks up at Victoria with a confused look on his face, "What... the
hell is going on... fuck is it that time of the month for you two?" Nitro
asks as Mickie pulls his arms out of the sleeves of his gray fur coat.

Mickie laughs witlessly as she rocks her body back and forth on Nitro rock
hard stomach, "You're going to hell!" Mickie says.

After he hears what Mickie says, Nitro laughs, "Oh...ok..." Nitro says.

Mickie bites her bottom lip and looks at Victoria, "He's laughing at me...
what do I do?" Mickie asks.

Victoria narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she roughly places her left
hand against Nitro's neck and begins to press her razor-sharp fingernails
against the skin of his neck, piercing his neck "SHUT UP!" Victoria yells as
her head starts to twitch as she scraps at Nitro's neck.

Nitro cringes as Victoria's sharp fingernails almost breaks the skin of his
neck. Mickie bites her bottom lip again as she watches Victoria and then she
blinks her eyes as if remember what she was supposed to do. "Oh now I know!"
Mickie says as she moves down Nitro's body and kneels between his legs. The
highly annoying voiced diva puts her hands on the Nitro's pants and starts
tugging them down his legs. As she pulls down his pants, Nitro's limp
eleven-inch cock is exposed and Mickie's eyes go wide when she sees it. "Gee!
They come that big?" Mickie asks as she shocked. Victoria looks over at
Mickie and shakes her head as she glares at Mickie. Victoria turns her head
back to Nitro and smirks as she removes her tight black pants along with her
black g-string.

Nitro looks at Victoria after she removes her black g-string and black pants,
"Shit if I'm going to hell, I'm going to be happy at least..." Nitro says
with a laugh as Mickie raises herself a bit and takes off her orange skirt
and her large pink panties.

"You can't be happy!" Mickie says with a pout as she wraps Nitro's cock with
both hands and begins to stroke it as hard as she can as it becomes hard. But
like with everything she does, Mickie fowls up what she's doing and lets go
of Nitro's dick constantly to adjust her grip. "Ohhhh darn it!" Mickie says
as she gives up trying to stroke Nitro's cock and lowers her head down to
lick back and forth against the bottom side of the tip of Nitro's cock.
Johnny Nitro almost instantly slides his tongue out and into Victoria's pussy
as the dominating devil jerks his head back and forth as she grinds her hot,
devilish pussy against his handsome face. With his hands free, Nitro puts
them on Victoria's legs and tries to push Victoria off of his face, but when
Mickie takes his hard cock into her big mouth, Nitro moans into Victoria's
pussy as Mickie starts bobbing her head up and down slowly on his cock.

Victoria tilts her head back as she holds tightly onto Nitro's hair as she
grinds her pussy roughly against his face "'re nothing Johnny!
Nothing!" Victoria grits her teeth as she taunts the Intercontinental
Champion as she forces him to lick her sinister, devious pussy. As if he's
used to this sort of treatment, Nitro starts rubbing Victoria's powerful,
firm legs as he starts darting his tongue in and out of her hot pussy as she
practically humps his face while jerking on his long black hair. Meanwhile,
Mickie James is slowly taking more of Nitro's long, thick cock into her mouth
as she bobs her head faster on his dick. She puts her hands on Nitro's rock
hard stomach as she starts to lower her head down further, but she tries to
deep throat his cock, Mickie starts gagging and coughing when the thick head
of Nitro's cock hits the back of her mouth.

Victoria slowly looks over her shoulder and grits her teeth "Stop! Give him
to me!" Victoria viciously commands as she pushes herself off of Nitro and
begins to move towards where Mickie is down by his hard, throbbing cock.

Mickie lifts her head off of Nitro's cock and wipes a large amount of saliva
from her mouth, "He's... big..." Mickie says as she takes some deep breathes
after nearly choking herself on Nitro's eleven-inch cock.

Nitro smirks and licks his lips as he puts his hands behind his head, "Yeah
that's right... I got a dick so big it makes all chicks gag..." Nitro laughs
as he forgets about Victoria and focuses on Mickie James.

Victoria narrows her eyes and shakes her head "You know...I don't like you...
and that's not a good thing!" Victoria snaps as she roughly wraps her hand
against Nitro's shaft, pressing her razor-sharp fingernails against his
shaft, as she lowers her head and guides his cock into her sinister, warm

Nitro grits his teeth as he almost sits up completely as Victoria tightly
presses her lips down against his thick cock. "Ohhhh fuck!" Nitro groans.

Mickie watches Victoria as the vicious devil squeezes Nitro's cock as she
roughly sucks on his shaft. "Oh... wow... that's neat!" Mickie says with a
goofy smile before she takes off her tanish colored top, freeing her large
soft tits. Then Mickie gets a look on her face as if she got an inspiration,
and she pushes Nitro back down onto the floor so she can straddle his face.
Mickie faces Victoria and then intentionally puts her ass right down onto
Nitro's face. Nitro starts squirming underneath her as he tries to push her
up, but Mickie puts her hands down firmly on his chest so that Nitro can't
budge her.

Victoria lifts her cold, dark and psychotic eyes up and slightly smirks
around Nitro's cock as she sees the Devil wanna-be, Mickie James on top of
the helpless Johnny Nitro. Victoria presses her teeth against Nitro's shaft
and begins rake her teeth against his shaft as she roughly bobs her head up
and down on his cock, sucking his cock at a rough and quick rate. Mickie
curves her fingers and starts to rake her fingernails against Nitro's smooth,
muscular chest as she presses her ass down harder against Nitro's face,
"Ohhhhh... this is so fun!" Mickie laughs as she flips her hair back as she
watches Victoria bob her head on Nitro's cock. Victoria continues to rake
her sinister teeth against Nitro's shaft as the vicious vixen takes his cock
deeply into her devious mouth, now deep throating the helpless Johnny Nitro.

Mickie smiles as she watches Victoria deep throat Johnny Nitro's cock. "I
wish I could do that..." Mickie says as she lets out an annoying whimper. She
moves herself off of Nitro's face, but sits her right down on his chest.

Nitro lets out a gasp once Mickie's ass is off of his face, "Ohhhhh my god...
you got such ahhhhh a fat ass!" Johnny groans as he desperately breathes
deeply after being smothered by Mickie's backside.

Victoria slowly lifts her head up and smirks wickedly as she stands up,
grabbing Mickie by her brown hair "Ride him!" Victoria viciously commands as
she jerks Mickie completely off of Nitro's chest and towards his cock.

Mickie is startled as Victoria yanks her towards Nitro's cock. "Ok... don't
have to yell..." Mickie says with a whimper as she lifts her self-up a bit
and lowers herself down onto Nitro's stiff dick with her back towards him.

"Ohhhh fuck... something good about her..." Nitro groans as he feels Mickie's
warm, tight pussy lower down all the way on his shaft.

Mickie places her hands behind her and on Nitro's well-toned abs as she
begins to rock her body back and forth on Nitro's cock. "Ohhhh... mmmmm..."
Mickie moans as she slowly starts to bounce up and down on Nitro's stiff

Victoria grits her teeth as she folds her arms, standing slightly off to the
side as she watches Mickie James ride Johnny Nitro's cock. "Yeah...make him
pay Mickie! Make him PAY!" Victoria yells and taunts.

"Ohhhh... I'm... gonna make him pay..." Mickie moans as she starts grinding
her pussy sharply down against Nitro's shaft. She grits her teeth and licks
her lips as Nitro puts his hands on the back of her waist and begins to
thrust his shaft up into her warm, wet cunt.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... yea..." Nitro moan as Mickie slams herself down onto
his cock. As Mickie continues to ride him, her large ass cheeks crash down
onto his waist, making Nitro groan in pain when Mickie repeatedly smashes
her ass down against him as she rides his dick.

Victoria raises her eyebrow and smirks wickedly "Yeah Mickie! Ride him!
Harder...make his life hell!" Victoria yells as she starts to breath heavily.

"Ohhhhh... I'm trying!" Mickie moans as she cries out her reply to Victoria's
orders as she starts to almost viciously slam herself down as hard as she can
onto Nitro. The loony Mickie James uses her large backside almost like a
hammer by dropping all of her weight down when she bounces on Nitro's cock.

Nitro grits his teeth as he clenches his eyes shit, "OWWW ahhhh ohhhh...
fuck... you... fat ass... bitch!" Nitro groan as tries desperately to stop
Mickie from slam fucking herself on his cock by trying to push her off of
his shaft.

Victoria smirks and leans over, glaring directly down at Nitro "How do you
like that!? Huh!? do you like that!?" Victoria yells as she
taunts the helpless Johnny Nitro who is being wildly ridden by the loony
Mickie James.

Nitro looks up at Victoria as he grits his teeth, "Ahhh... ohhhh fuck... get
this... fat fucking... cow... off of me!" Nitro cries out as Mickie suddenly
spins herself around on his cock so that she's facing him.

Sweat drips down her body as she starts breathing hard, "Shut up! I'm a
devil not a cow!" Mickie screams like a maniac as she drops her surprisingly
viciously grinds her cunt against his cock.

Victoria's eyes widen as she smirks wickedly as she sees the intensity that
Mickie is riding Nitro's cock with. Victoria the vicious vixen grits her
teeth together "Ohhh him you're a Devil!"

Mickie grits her teeth as she puts her hands on Nitro's chest and again rakes
her fingernails roughly against his chest. Mickie rotates her hips so that
when she rides Nitro, her pussy scrapes against his cock as she drops down.
"Uhhhhh ohhhh... I'm a fucking devil!" Mickie screams again as her eyes gets
an extremely crazed look in them as she raises her hands up and slams her
fists down onto Nitro's chest.

"OWWW FUCK! STOP!" Nitro cries out Mickie causes him more pain than he's ever
been in.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Oh...Mickie...with you on
my side...Trish and John Cena will fucking pay once again!"

"Ohhhh Victoria! I love being a devil!" Mickie screams as she continues her
vicious assault on Nitro's cock as she slams herself up and down on Nitro's

The reigning Intercontinental Champion starts to tear up as he clenches his
hands into fists. "Ahhhhh ohhh fuck... stop!" Nitro screams as he starts to
cum inside of Mickie's warm, wet pussy.

As the first short of Nitro's cum fills her pussy, Mickie's sweaty body
tenses up as she lets out a hellish scream as she starts to cum, "Ohhhhhhh
noooo not now!" Mickie screams as she cums on Nitro's throbbing cock.

Victoria grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes at Nitro "Get off of him!"
Victoria sneers at her psychotic friend, Mickie.

Mickie grits her teeth and pouts, as she slowly gets off of Nitro's cock,
"Not fair, not fair!" Mickie screams as she upset that she cummed on Nitro's
cock. Nitro remains on the floor, hurting after the vicious wild fuck that
Mickie James laid on him. He holds his crotch in agony as he still feels the
effects of Mickie dropping her ass down hard onto him. Victoria stands above
Nitro and leans over as she grabs hold of Nitro's long black hair and
violently lifts Nitro up onto his feet forcing the reigning Intercontinental
Champion to stand in front of her. Victoria's eyes narrow into a frightening
glare before she smirks and then gives a wicked, hard and solid kick right
to Nitro's stomach.

"OWWW!" Nitro screams in pain after Victoria's sharp, stiff kick makes him
double over in pain. Nitro clutches his stomach as Mickie glares at him with
a angry, crazed look on her face.

"You... you!" Mickie screams as she runs at Nitro and starts pounding on his
back as hard as he can with her fists, beating him down to the ground.

Victoria suddenly grabs Mickie by the back of her hair and pulls her back
"Enough!" Victoria yells as she stands face to face with Mickie and smirks
"You did good..." Victoria says as she slowly nods her head "Won't we have
a big surprise for Trish and John..."

Mickie gets a smirk on her face as she breathes heavily, "Oh... I'm going to
LOVE making John PAY... I want him so bad... and he's so... HOT!" Mickie says
as flips her hair back and laughs.

Victoria pauses and her head starts to twitch slightly "What...WHAT DID YOU
SAY!?" Victoria suddenly yells.

Mickie looks at Victoria with a confused look before she repeats herself, "I
said I'm going to love making John pay... and that I want him... and he's
hot..." Mickie smiles, "He's like... ULTRA hot..." Mickie adds as she licks
her lips.

Victoria's sinister body begins to shakes with anger as she pulls on her
raven black hair "JOHN IS MINE! HE'S MINE YOU BITCH!" Victoria yells before
she kicks Mickie's in the stomach, forcing the annoying diva to bend over in
front of Victoria.

"OWW!" Mickie cries out as she holds her stomach following Victoria's sudden
kick. Mickie looks up at Victoria with a confused, hurt look on her face,
"What... why... did you... do that..." Mickie says with a shaky voice. Before
Mickie has a chance to fully recover, the vicious vixen places her devious
hands on top of Mickie's head grabbing hold of Mickie's hair and forcing her
hand down between Victoria's legs. Victoria grits her teeth tightly together
as she breaths heavily and gets a crazed look in her dark, cold eyes.
Victoria bends over slightly as she wraps her arms around Mickie's waist and
lifts up the annoying Diva above her head and then viciously powerbombs
Mickie James through the wooden catering table.

Mickie James's unconscious body lays in the remains of the wooden catering
table Victoria powerbombed her though. Victoria looks down at the knocked out
annoying diva and then glares at Johnny Nitro who lays near by. She breathes
heavily as she pulls on her own black hair as laughs psychotically. Victoria
breaths heavily as she grits teeth and points down at the unconscious Mickie
James "He's mine! You hear me!? He's mine you bitch!?" Victoria slowly turns
around and smirks slightly as she shrugs her shoulder "I think I like...
taking things...EXTREME!"


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