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Too Hot To Handle Part 29: An Extreme Bitch
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an ECW Live Event, a black car is parking behind the building, and the
dangerous, dominating psychopathic diva Victoria gets out of it. She has a
sinister smirk on her face as she looks at the building with narrowed eyes.
Wordlessly the devilish diva walks into the building through the employee
entrance. The vicious devil makes her way through the building, searching
for anyone to cross her path when she starts to hear punk rock music coming
from within one of the locker rooms she passes. She stops, opens the door
and looks inside to see ECW resident reject, Shannon Moore, sitting on the
floor, dressed in red and black pants banging his head as he listens to the
music. The room itself is empty with the exception of a wooden bench and a
long wooden table. Victoria looks at Shannon with her dark eyes narrowed as
she shakes her head "Pathetic..." Victoria the vicious vixen spits out as
she enters the locker room dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a
black top.

Shannon looks up when he ears Victoria speak. He doesn't say anything as he
looks at her as if trying to figure out what she's doing in his locker room.
Finally Shannon speaks, "This... is my area..." Shannon says in way that
sounds like he's threatening the Vicious Victoria.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she grits her teeth "Does it look like I give
a fuck, little boy!" Victoria yells as she steps towards Shannon Moore.
Victoria tilts her head back as she laughs wickedly "I think it's time to

Shannon remains sitting on the floor as Victoria laughs evilly. "Going
extreme... is so dated..." Shannon says as he stands up from the floor.
"Now... get out of here..." Shannon says as he narrows his eyes as he
bobs his head slightly up and down as he looks at Victoria.

Victoria cracks her neck from side to side before she smirks "Is that so,
little boy!?" Victoria says in a wicked, taunting tone as she stands directly
in front of Shannon "Huh!? Little boy!? What do you say!?" Victoria yells
before she delivers a solid, stiff elbow to Shannon's stomach.

Shannon doubles over following the punch from Victoria and he lets out a
cough. "Owwww..." Shannon grows as he stumbles backward against the wall. He
clutches his stomach as Victoria grabs his blonde Mohawk and jerks his head

Victoria grits her teeth as she looks down at the ECW Reject with her right
index finger pointed at him "I'm go...EXTREME! BITCH!" Victoria
yells as she begins to breath heavily. Before 'The Reject' Shannon Moore has
a chance to reaction, the vicious vixen Victoria pushes Shannon against the
wall and she lowers herself down to her knees in front of Shannon. The
dominating diva places her hands against his red and black pants and begins
to lowers them.

The self-described prince of punk remains doubled over as Victoria yanks down
his red and black pants from his waist and lowers them to around his ankles,
freeing his ten-inch cock. "Owww..." Shannon whimpers pathetically as he
still holds his stomach.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she wraps her dominating hands around Shannon's
cock "Pathetic..." Victoria spits out once again begin she pulls Shannon's
cock to her mouth and opens her mouth taking him into her sinister, warm

'The Reject' Shannon Moore groans as Victoria closes her lips tightly around
his ten-inch cock. "Ahhh... ohhh... noo..." Shannon moans quietly as his card
slowly becomes hard as Victoria starts to viciously suck on it. Victoria
twists her lips tightly around her mouth as she bobs her head aggressively on
Shannon's cock as she slaps his cock with her dominating tongue. As Victoria
bobs her head, viciously sucking his cock, she cups his ballsack with her
left hand and presses her razor-sharp fingernails against his ballsack.

As Shannon's cock finally becomes fully hard, Shannon stands straight up and
grist his teeth, "Ahhh... ahhh... fuck..." 'The Reject' moans as Victoria
digs her razor-sharp fingernails against his large ballsack as she
aggressively sucks on his thick ten-inch shaft.

Victoria tightly twists her head on Shannon's cock before she presses her
teeth against his shaft and begins to rake her teeth against his shaft as
she bobs her head aggressively on his cock, while she begins to scrape her
fingernails against this large ballsack. Shannon puts his hands on top of
Victoria's head and weakly tries to push her bobbing head off of his
throbbing prick.

"Uhhhh... ohhh... fuck..." Shannon grits his teeth and closes his eyes as
Victoria continues her vicious oral assault. Victoria removes her left hand
from his ballsack as she opens her mouth a bite wider and deep throats
Shannon's cock with one swift, aggressively head bob.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ohh... fuck me..." Shannon moans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Victoria's warm, wet, vicious mouth. 'The Reject' of ECW fills
Victoria's mouth with his warm cum as she continues to attack his cock with
her vicious mouth.

Victoria slowly lifts her head up from his cock and narrows her eyes into a
cold, hard glare while she holds his warm cum in her devious mouth. The
vicious vixen stands up and swallows his load of cum before she pulls on her
raven black hair. Victoria lets out a wicked laugh before she grabs hold of
his spiked mowhawk and slams the head of the ECW reject into the locker room

The back of Shannon's head collides with the wall. "Owww!" Shannon screams
as he grabs the back of his head as he stumbles forward and leans against
Victoria's body, crying a bit as the vicious devil looks at the long wooden
table that's nearby.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly once again as she pulls on
her raven black hair. The vicious vixen grits her teeth as she looks back at
Shannon "I love going...EXTREME!" Victoria says roughly as she grabs hold of
Shannon head and forces him to bend down and then forces his head down
between her strong, dominating legs. Victoria narrows her eyes as she leans
over and wraps her arms around Shannon's stomach. The powerful, dominate-lone
member of Vince's Devils lifts up the light weighted reject Shannon Moore
before she powerbombs him through the wooden table. 'The Reject' Shannon
Moore's body crashes through the wooden table, and he lays on the floor of
the locker room completely unconscious.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she looks down at the unconscious body of the
Shannon Moore. Victoria grits her teeth together as she folds her arms over
her large chest and then smirks "Now this is...EXTREME!"

* * *

A short time later, Victoria has left the locker room of 'The Reject' Shannon
Moore and she's once again walking through the small building. The vicious
WWE Diva walks through the rest of the locker room area and passes a room
marked 'Male Showers'. Victoria can hear the showers running from out in the
hall and as she goes in to see who's inside, she sees ECW originals Danny
Doring and Tony Mamaluke taking showers in two separate stalls. Both men are
naked and each have impresses eleven-inch cocks.

Victoria raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together into a wicked smirk
" play..." Victoria says with a harsh laugh before she enters the
showering area and lifts up her black top as she removes it from her hot,
well-toned body and her firm, rounded tits. Victoria rolls her top up and
tosses it to the floor before she lowers her tight black pants down her
smooth, strong legs to reveal her hot, dominating pussy. Victoria folds her
arms as she stands in the tiled showering room with her dark eyes glaring at
the two showering, unaware studs.

Tony Mamaluke, the fiery Italian former tag team champion rinses his hair
and turns around with his eyes closed. "Hey Danny... you got the soap over
there..." Danny looks around in his stall and grabs the soap.

"Sure man... here..." Danny says as he tosses the soap over his shoulder but
Victoria catches it to prevent it from getting to Tony.

Tony opens his eyes, "Ok I'm ready... toss it over..." Tony says.

Danny turns around and looks at him, "I just did..." Danny replies.

Victoria smirks as she holds the bar of soap up and impressively crushes the
soap bar with her amazing strength "I got it!" Victoria snaps as she narrows
her eyes as both Tony and Danny turn to see the psychotic, dominating vicious

Both of the studdly ECW originals look at Victoria with raised eyebrows.
"Whoa..." Danny says he looks at Victoria's powerful, sexy body.

"Hey this is the men's showers..." Tony says as he steps out of his shower
stall, "But I'm not complaining..." Tony adds as he checks Victoria out a

Victoria cracks her knuckles slightly as she cocks her head in the direction
of Danny and Tony "You see what I did to that bar of soap?"

"Yeah... you got some serious strength..." Danny says as he steps out of the
stall he's in as he licks his lips.

Tony smirks a bit, "So... what... are you coming to ECW?" Tony asks as he and
Danny both stand in front of Victoria with their arms folded, but they both
have smirks on their faces as they continue to check out the large firm tits
of the vicious vixen.

"Well...let's just say...if you don't listen, you'll end up just like that
bar of soap! GOT IT!?" Victoria snaps as she steps towards Danny and Tony.

Danny looks at Tony and smirks, "Hey, she has an extreme attitude... let's
see what she has in mind..."

Tony nods his head, "Sounds good to me..." Tony replies as he looks at
Victoria, "Ok, what do you want?" He asks as Victoria takes another step
towards him and Danny.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she grits her teeth and then points at Danny
Doring "You! Down on the floor! NOW!" Victoria yells.

Danny Doring smirks at Victoria, "All right... don't have to throw a fit..."
Danny says as he lays down on the floor of the shower area. He puts his hands
underneath his head and smirks up at Victoria while his own cock becomes hard
and points straight up.

Victoria shakes her head from side to side as she stands over Danny. Victoria
gets a wicked smirk on her face before the vicious vixen suddenly drops down
on top of his cock, taking him deeply into her tight, sinister pussy.
"Ahhhhh..." Victoria moans with her teeth gritted before she places her hands
firmly on Danny's chest and begins to rock back and forth on his cock.

Danny grits his teeth as Victoria slowly rocks back and forth on his
dastardly cock, "Ahh... shit... every girl loves riding the Danaconda..."
Danny groans as he puts his hands on Victoria's smooth, powerful thighs.

Tony licks his lips as he watches Victoria rock on Danny's cock. "Hey... what
about me?" Tony asks with a smile as he puts his hands on his hips.

Victoria lifts her head up and glares at Tony, shaking her head as she
starts to rock at a quicker pace on Danny Doring's hard cock. The vicious
vixen tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she starts bounce roughly
on Danny's cock "Get behind me..." Victoria says to Tony Mamaluke with her
teeth gritted.

"Sounds good to me..." Tony says as he gets behind the vicious Victoria and
kneels down. Tony puts both of his hands onto Victoria's waist as he pushes
his own cock into Victoria's extremely tight asshole. "Ahhh... mmmm fuck
you're tight..." Tony grunts as he starts to thrust his thick cock in and
out of Victoria's ass. Danny arches his knees a bit as he begins to pump
his own shaft up into Victoria's pussy at the same pace she's bouncing on
his dick.

The vicious vixen digs her razor-sharp nails into Danny's chest as she
bounces harder and quicker on his cock as she rocks back against Tony's cock
inside of her tight asshole "How you do like that!? Huh!?" Victoria yells and
moans as she slams down on Danny's cock at a rough pace.

The Dastardly One, Danny Doring nods his head as he grits his teeth, "Ohhh
yeah... mmmm... you're really... extreme!" Danny groans as he rams his cock
upward as hard as he can. Tony leans forward and wraps his arms around
Victoria's body, pulling her back towards him as he rams his cock deep into
her ass.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as she grinds her pussy sharply against his
cock every time she slams down "I am extreme! I'm an extreme bitch!" Victoria
yells as she suddenly jerks her body roughly back against Tony's cock

Tony tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he roughly slams his cock
deep into Victoria's asshole when she slams her ass back hard against him.
"Ohhhhh man... you're real fucking extreme!" Tony grunts as he sharply
drives his shaft deep into her ass.

Danny sits up a bit as Victoria roughly rides his cock. "Ahhh... ohhh damn...
yea..." Danny grunts as Victoria squeezes his cock with her tight pussy.

"How do you like that!? Am I too extreme!?" Victoria yells as she pulls
on her raven black hair and begins to breath heavily as she slams her
well-toned, hot and sinister body against Tony's cock inside of her
asshole. Victoria then grits her teeth as she slams down harder on Danny's
cock and clenches her pussy around his cock.

Danny grinds his teeth together as he somewhat smirks, "Hey... I haven't...
seen your ass yet... I'll let you know then...." Danny groans his reply as
Tony Mamaluke pulls his cock out of Victoria's tight asshole.

"I want to test your extreme pussy... let's see what it can take..." Tony
says as he licks his lips.

Victoria smirks " want to go extreme!? Huh!?" Victoria yells as she
lifts herself off of Danny's cock slightly and turns around so that her back
down faces Danny. The vicious vixen then lowers herself back down on Danny's
cock this time taking him into her tight asshole. Victoria grits her teeth
tightly as she leans back and begins to ride Danny's cock with her ass.

"Ahhh... ohhh... ohhh shit!" Danny laughs and moans at the same time as
Victoria grinds her sexy tight ass down onto his cock as she lifts and lowers
herself on it.

Tony smirks when Victoria leans back and outs her hands on Danny's chest.
"Time to get back into the extreme..." Tony says as he pushes Victoria's legs
apart so that he can insert his thick cock into Tony's tight pussy. Victoria
grits her teeth as she immediately begins to thrust her wicked, hot body
against Tony's cock while she bounces roughly on Danny's hard cock.

Tony puts both of his hands onto Victoria's shoulders as he pumps his cock in
and out of her extremely tight pussy. Sweat rolls down the sides of his face
as he drives his cock deep into Victoria's cunt. "Uhhhh... ohhhh fuck... ohhh
yea..." Tony grunts as he fucks Victoria with everything he's got.

Danny grits his teeth slightly as Victoria drops down harder onto his cock.
"Oww... fuck... damn... you're way... more extreme... than I thought!" Danny
moans and Victoria can hear the pain and pleasure in his voice.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "I am one extreme bitch!"
Victoria spits out as she slams her ass down hard on Danny's cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... you are!" Danny groans as the Dastardly former ECW Tag
Team champion begins to cum inside of Victoria's hot tight asshole. Victoria
narrows her eyes into a hard glare as she feels Danny's warm cum flood her
tight, dominating asshole. Victoria shakes her head as she grits her teeth
and suddenly slams her body against Tony's cock.

Tony Mamaluke groans as Victoria slams herself against his cock as he pistons
his shaft in and out of Victoria's pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh yea... ah yea..."
Tony groans as he fucks Victoria while she remains on top of Danny. The
full-blooded Italian grits his teeth together as he starts to cum inside of
Victoria's tight pussy. "Ahhh... ohhhh fuck!" Tony groans as he fills
Victoria's pussy with his cum.

Victoria raises her eyebrow and smirks as she feels his warm cum shower into
her dominating, hot pussy "Pathetic..." Victoria spits out.

"Pathetic?" Tony asks with a groan as he pulls out of Victoria's dominating
pussy and stands up.

Victoria narrows her eyes psychotically as she slowly stands up from on top
of Danny Doring. Victoria folds her arm powerful arms over her chest and
steps towards Tony "Yeah...pathetic!" Victoria yells before she starts to
laugh "And will pay..." Victoria says with her gritted before she
angles herself and delivers a swift, powerful super kick to the side of Tony
Mamaluke's head.

Following the super kick from Victoria, Tony Mamaluke falls towards the left
and hits his head on the barrier between shower stalls before hitting the
floor of the shower area, completely knocked out. "Hey... hey... what's that
all about?" Danny yells as he gets up to his feet and stands behind the
psychotic WWE Diva.

Victoria narrows her cold, dark eyes and slowly turns around to face Danny
Doring with a wicked smirk "What!? That wasn't extreme!?" Victoria yells
"Huh!? I'm extreme...I'm an extreme BITCH!"

Danny Doring looks back at Victoria, "Hey! There's a difference between being
extreme and being excessive!" Danny shouts back.

Victoria shakes her head before she steps up to Danny Doring "I can make your
life hell!" Victoria says as she spits into Doring's face.

Danny steps back and wipes his face of Victoria's spit. He looks away for a
moment and grits his teeth together before he looks right back at Victoria,
"I'd like to see you try it, bitch!"

Victoria raises her eyebrow and smirks before she kicks Danny Doring in the
stomach, causing him to bend over slightly. Victoria then tucks his head in
between her right arm and the side of her body. The vicious vixen grits her
teeth together before she suddenly jerks and falls back driving Danny's head
into the wet, hard tiled floor of the showering area, delivering a powerful
DDT to the dastardly ECW Extremist. Danny's head hits the hard, wet tiled
floor of the showering area so hard that his entire body tenses it up and
flies upward a bit before crashing down on the floor. Danny now lays on his
stomach, completely knocked out from the vicious DDT given to him the
devilish former WWE Women's Champion.

Victoria grits her teeth tightly as her wicked, hot body trembles with anger
while she pulls on her raven black hair "I' extreme bitch!"

* * *

A short time later, inside of dark, candle lit room, the extreme and powerful
Vampire known as Kevin Thorn is kneeling by his mistress as she sits at her
circular table. Thorn, dressed in a blood red shirt, black suit jacket and
matching black slacks, has his right hand on the front of Ariel's body,
feeling her large round tits trough the material of her black halter top as
he kisses the soft sinister lips of sexy ECW vixen. The mysterious tarot card
reader flicks her tongue against Thorn's lips as she kisses her Vampire
lover. "Mmmmm my master..." Ariel says softly as places her hands down
against the crotch of her Vampire master, Kevin Thorn, as she arches her back
slightly and leans back as she slowly closes her eyes while Thorn removes her
short black skirt.

Thorn pushes her short black skirt down from her waist and lowers them down
her smooth, tanned legs, revealing Ariel's smooth, hot pussy. "Mmm... my pet
Ariel... you serve me... so well...." Thorn says in his dark heavy voice as
he presses his right hand against her smooth pussy. He also lowers his head
slightly and flicks his tongue against the left side of Ariel's slender, sexy

Ariel presses her lips together as she wraps her smooth, sexy legs around
Thorn's waist as she pulls him closer to her "Mmmm my master...I do as you
wish..." Ariel says in a soft haunting voice as the door to their dimly lit
room slowly opens and a stream of light shines into the room. Ariel gently
grits her teeth together as she turns her head and looks towards the door
as the vicious, vile vixen Victoria enters the dimly lit room.

Victoria raises her eyebrow and smirk as she folds her arms over her large,
rounded chest "And what's going on here?"

Kevin Thorn lifts his head from Ariel's neck and narrows his eyes as he looks
at Victoria. "That... is none of your concern..." The Vampire says as he
glares at Victoria slightly as Ariel unwraps her legs from around his waist.

Ariel slowly turns around and sits up on the small circular table as she
licks her teeth and places her hands against her own large chest as she feels
up her own chest through her black halter-top. Ariel smirks softly as she
looks over her shoulder at her Vampire master " master...I believe
the future...was correct...A Future Of A Devil's Desire..." Ariel says as she
tosses her haunting black hair back.

Victoria raises eyebrow as the vicious vixen locks eyes with the mysterious
tarot card reader "How about...a future of one pissed off, extreme BITCH!"
Victoria yells and spits out as she starts to approach Kevin Thorn and Ariel.

Kevin Thorn chuckles slightly, "Ah yes... I see your prediction of the future
was right once again...." Thorn says as he looks at Victoria and licks his
fangs as Victoria comes closer to the circular table that Thorn is behind and
that Ariel is sitting on top of.

Ariel licks her teeth " appears as though...we are her
desires..." Ariel says as she lowers herself off of the table and steps
towards Victoria as now the psychotic WWE Diva and the mysterious ECW
Vixen stands face to face. Victoria raises her eyebrow as Ariel licks her
teeth. Ariel leans towards Victoria and softly kisses Victoria's lips as
she kisses Victoria, she places gloved hands against Victoria's black top
and begins to feel up the vicious vixen's body.

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly, "Yes... it certainly appears that we are..."
Thorn says as he casually slips off his black suit jacket and drapes it on
the back of the lone chair that is behind the circular table. The vicious
Vampire steps around the table slowly as he watches his lovely tarot card
reader make her move on the stunned Victoria. Ariel breaks the kiss and
looks at Victoria, who raises her eyebrow and slightly grits teeth. Ariel
places her soft, sinister gloved hands on against Victoria's black top and
removes the top from her body to reveal her large, rounded and firm tits.
Ariel licks her teeth as she sees Victoria's large tits. The mysterious
vixen leans in towards Victoria and against flicks her tongue against the
left side of her neck. Victoria tilts her head back and groans as she
closes her eyes and reaches forward and begins to untie Ariel's black
halter top. Kevin Thorn slowly begins to unbutton his blood-red shirt as
he watches the vicious Victoria untie Ariel's black halter top. When
Victoria is finished she pushes it open and off of Ariel's shoulders,
freeing Ariel's large round tits. "Quite... extraordinary..." Thorn says
as he finishes unbuttoning his shirt and slips it off as if not to wrinkle

Victoria narrows her eyes at Ariel as she places her hands on Ariel's smooth
waist and lifts the mysterious vixen up onto the round, small tarot card
table. Victoria grits her teeth together as the psychotic vicious diva steps
towards Ariel. Victoria spreads Ariel's smooth legs around and steps between
them as she leans her head down flicker her dominating tongue against Ariel's
left, sinister and hard nipple.

Kevin Thorn flicks his tongue against his sharp fangs as he steps closer to
see what Victoria is doing to his mysterious tarot card reader. "Hmmmm...
your predictions keep coming true my pet..." Thorn says as he looks down at
Ariel while he unbuckles his heavy belt and pulls it through the loops of
his black slacks.

The vicious, psychotic diva Victoria moves her tongue over to Ariel's right
erect nipple and flicks her tongue against the nipple before she begins to
circle her dominating tongue against Ariel's right sinister breath. Ariel
gently grits her teeth against then tilts her head back as she places her
left gloved hand on top of Victoria's raven black haired head "Mmmmm...
master...the cards are in our favor..." Ariel moans in a haunting voice as
Victoria presses the fingers of her right hand against Ariel's hot, sinister
pussy and begins to rub it as she guide her tongue around Ariel's large

"Yes... they are..." Thorn says with a smirk as he unbuttons his black pants
and lowers them down slowly as watches Victoria rub the smooth pussy of
Ariel. Thorn smirks as he steps out of his pants, his smooth, yet muscular
body completely naked. Thorn's large, thick thirteen inch cock hangs between
his legs as he leans forward and puts his hands on the table to get a better
look of what Victoria is doing.

Ariel licks her teeth as she slightly opens her eyes and glances over at her
mysterious Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn "Mmmm master...mmm..." Ariel groans as
Victoria lowers her head and places it between Ariel's smooth legs. Before
too long, the psychotic diva works her dominating tongue into Ariel's
sinister pussy and begins to flick her tongue inside of Ariel's sinister

Kevin Thorn licks his teeth and smiles darkly at his lovely servant, "We
shall keep the cards in our favor..." Thorn says in a dark voice as he places
his left hand on the back of Victoria's neck and slowly slides it down her
spine as he steps behind her. The dangerous, Vampire of ECW reaches around
Victoria's waist and unbuttons her tight black pants. Thorn then places his
hands on Victoria's ass before he starts to lower her black pants from her
sexy hips. Ariel tilts her head back as she wraps her smooth, sinister legs
around Victoria as she slides her tongue into the hot, wet pussy of Ariel.
The vicious, psychotic diva frequently thrusts her dominating tongue in and
out of Ariel's wet, warm pussy. Ariel grits her teeth together as she start
to gently grind her pussy against Victoria's face and mouth. Kevin Thorn
smirks as he kneels behind Victoria in order to lower her tight black pants
down her smooth powerful legs completely. The Vampire Extremist remains
kneeling behind Victoria as he places his hands on her ass cheeks. Thorn
then smirks a bit before leaning forward and pressing his fangs against the
skin of Victoria's right ass cheek.

Victoria groans against Ariel's pussy as Kevin Thorn gently grates his two
fangs against the skin of Victoria's right ass cheek. Victoria flicks her
tongue against Ariel's pussy before she lifts her head up and smirks
wickedly. Ariel looks down at the vicious diva and licks her teeth as she
scouts back on the small table and closes her legs Thorn slowly stands up
behind Victoria and smirks, "My pet's predictions... always come true..."
Thorn says to Victoria as he reaches forward to grab the back of Victoria's
black hair to jerk her head backward. "And she... is never wrong..." Thorn
adds as he bends his knees slightly and rams his large fat cock into
Victoria's tight pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth as Thorn rams his cock into her tight, dominating
pussy "Ahhhhh..." Victoria groans as she pushes herself back against Thorn's
hard cock. Ariel lifts herself off of the small, round table and folds her
arms, pressing her lips together as she watches her mysterious Vampire lover
thrusts his mighty cock into the devious, dominating pussy of Victoria. Thorn
grits his teeth together as he pumps his cock in and out of Victoria's pussy
as he steadily increases the pace and force of his thrusts. Thorn puts his
hands firmly on Victoria's hips and pushes her forward against the small,
round table as he fucks the dominating WWE diva from behind.

Victoria leans over the small, rounded table as she begins to roughly slam
her hot, psychotic body back against Thorn's hard, thrusting cock "Ohhhhh...
fuck!" Victoria moans as she closes her eyes. Ariel licks her teeth as she
kneels down behind Thorn as he thrusts into Victoria's tight, dominating
pussy. Ariel leans her head underneath Thorn's bouncing ballsack and begins
to flick her sinister, wet tongue against his large ballsack.

Thorn raises an eyebrow slightly as he feels Ariel's sinister tongue flick
back and forth against his large ballsack as it smacks repeatedly against
Victoria's skin. "Ahhh yes... that's it my pet..." Thorn moans as he drives
his cock harder into Victoria's pussy, making the small, round table she's
leaning over shake back and forth. Ariel closes her eyes as she circle her
tongue around Thorn's ballsack before she opens her mouth and takes his
large ballsack into her hot, sinister mouth. Ariel begins to bob her head
against Thorn's ballsack as her head moves with Thorn's thrusts to Victoria's
dominating pussy. Victoria looks back and grits her teeth as she begins to
grind her pussy sharply against Thorn's cock.

Thorn tilts his head back and grits his teeth as he feels Ariel sucking on
his ballsack. "Ahhh yes...." Thorn groans as he steps backward and pulls his
huge cock out of Victoria's pussy, while at the same time causing his balls
to fall from Ariel's mouth. Thorn turns Victoria around and lifts her up to
sit her on the round table. He pushes her to lay back on it, causing
Victoria's head to hang off the far side as he steps between her legs and
powerful impales his cock back into Victoria's devilish pussy.

Victoria grits her teeth tighter together as her wicked body trembles while
Thorn impales his cock deeply with his hard, mighty cock "Ohhhh...I like the
future..." Victoria groans as she wraps her legs around Thorn's waist. Ariel
stands up, still behind Thorn, and places her gloved hands on Thorn's strong
shoulders as she flicks her tongue against his left ear.

Kevin Thorn laughs slightly after hearing Victoria's lustful groan, "You are
quite... the devil..." Thorn groans as he feels Ariel flicking her tongue
against his left ear. Thorn reaches forward and grabs both of Victoria's
wrists in order to jerk her upward on the table. He continues to viciously
plow his cock in and out Victoria's cunt. Victoria grits her teeth as she
aggressively thrusts her body against Thorn, forcing his hard cock to plow
deeply into her tight, dominating pussy. While behind Kevin Thorn, Ariel
wraps her around his cock and begins to move her gloved hands against his
smooth muscular chest as she closes her eyes and guides her tongue against
the right side of Thorn's neck.

Thorn grits his teeth and looks towards his right slightly as Ariel licks the
right side of his thick neck. "Ahhh... ahhh yes... that's it..." Thorn groans
as looks forward and locks eyes with the vicious one true devil of the WWE.
Thorn narrows his eyes and rams his cock sharper into Victoria's pussy as he
lifts her up and down, causing her ass to slam down on top of the table

Victoria closes her eyes as sweat drips down her face "Ohhhh...ahhhh
yesss..." Victoria groans as she now slightly bounces on Thorn's hard cock.

Thorn puts his powerful arms around Victoria's physically fit body and lifts
her completely off the table. The mysterious, powerful Vampire begins to
bounce Victoria on his cock as he fucks her tight hot pussy with his cock.
He looks towards Ariel once more, "Sit... on the table...." He commands in a
dark deep voice as he begins to sweat slightly.

Ariel licks her teeth " master..." Ariel says as she slowly
walks over to the small, round tarot card table and then proceeds to sit up
on top of the table.

Thorn locks his eyes with Ariel as he continues to fuck Victoria's hot
pussy while standing, "Watch... and enjoy... my pet... as the devil...has her
desire..." Thorn groans as looks at Victoria as she puts her hands on his
shoulders. Thorn adjusts himself so that he can ram his cock harder into her
pussy as she bounces on his pistoning shaft. Thorn then carries Victoria over
to the chair next to the small, round table and sits down. Once he's settled,
Thorn begins to bounce Victoria roughly on his cock.

Victoria grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she slams her hot,
psychotic body down roughly on his hard and mighty cock "Ohhhh fuck yess..."
Victoria groans as Ariel turns around to face Victoria and Kevin Thorn as
she watches her mysterious lover having the vicious, devious vixen Victoria
bounce and riding his cock. Ariel licks her teeth as she locks her dark,
grimace eyes on them and picks up one of her tarot cards that is resting on
the small, round table that she is also on top of. Ariel raises the card up
to her mouth and flicks her tongue against the tarot card. Kevin Thorn rocks
Victoria back and forth on his cock as he lowers his head down and grazes
his two sharp fangs against the right side of Victoria's neck. The Extremist
Vampire then lifts his head and growls as he starts to cum inside of
Victoria's pussy. Thorn holds Victoria down on his cock as he floods her
pussy with the hottest cum she has ever felt inside of her hot devilish

Victoria tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she feels Kevin Thorn's
sinister cum rush into her tight, dominating pussy. Victoria laughs wickedly
"Ohhh... mmmm... yesss..." Victoria groans as Ariel gently bites down into
her tarot card as she watches Kevin Thorn cum in Victoria's pussy.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth as he finishes cumming inside of Victoria's
hot pussy. He holds the vicious diva on his cock as he slowly grins, "The
future... my Ariel predicated... has come true for you..." Thorn says in
his deep dark voice before moving his hands Victoria's body so that she
can get off of his cock.

Victoria stands and slowly turns towards Ariel and smirks as she folds her
arms together over her slightly sweaty, large chest "So...what's in my future
now?" Victoria asks before narrowing her eyes.

Ariel presses her lips together and slowly looks down at the card in her
hand, the one that she had bitten and licked "I see...a future..." Ariel
pauses and slowly turns the card for Victoria to see "A future...of Sweet...
Revenge!" Ariel says in soft, haunting voice.

Kevin Thorn smirks and laughs slightly, "It seems like an excellent...
predicted future... for a devil..." Thorn says as he smirks at Victoria.

Victoria raises her eyebrow and smirks wickedly "Oh yes...yes it does..."

* * *

A few moments later, the vicious devil know as Victoria leaves dark candle
lit room of Ariel and Kevin Thorn after she got dressed. She closes the door
behind her and begins walking down the hallway. Victoria shakes her head as
she walks down the hallway after her bizarre encounter with ECW's mysterious
Vampire couple, Kevin Thorn and Ariel. Victoria smirks slightly as she raises
her eyebrow "And...I thought I was a fucking psycho..." Victoria says with a


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