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Too Hot To Handle Part 30: Revenge Is Too Sweet
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada, John Cena, the new WWE
Champion slowly walks through the backstage area. Just a short while ago,
he defeated Edge to win his third WWE Championship. On any other day, the
WWE Champion would be thrilled to have won the title, but it is obvious to
everyone that he passes that something is on his mind. John is wearing
camouflage style jean shorts and white sneakers, and he carries the WWE
title over his right shoulder as he goes around a corner on his way to his
locker room. Just as he makes that turn, John sees the lovely, beautiful,
now seven time Women's Champion Trish Stratus waiting for him. John smiles
slightly, "Hi Trish..." John says as he approaches her and his locker room

Trish, dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white t-shirt, smiles as she
locks her soft, gentle eyes with John "Hey Champ!" Trish laughs cutely "I
see you got the gold back...right were it belongs..." Trish says before
releasing a soft sigh and looks down a bit. Trish slides her left hand
through her soft blonde hair before she looks back up at John "
got a minute?" Trish asks innocently as she folds her arms over chest.

John nods his head, "Yeah... yeah I do..." John says as he looks down a bit,
"Ummm you... want to come in?" John asks as he motions towards the door of
his locker room.

Trish nods her head slowly as she takes a deep breath "Yeah...yeah...I think
that would be best" Trish says softly as she looks back down, while John
pushes his locker room door open and holds it open for Trish as she enters
the locker room. Once in Trish turns to John with a soft smiles as she cups
her hands together below waist "Well...isn't this're a Champion
again...and I'm a Champion again.." Trish says with a weak laugh.

John nods his head and smiles a bit, "Yeah... it is great..." John says as he
closes the locker room door before he lays the WWE Championship belt on top
of a table that's by the door. "We both got the gold again... on the same
night... that's pretty special..." John says as he slightly rubs his hands

Trish slowly nods her head and looks down, before taking a deep breath
"John..." Trish pauses and looks back up at John "I..." Trish steps towards
John and smiles softly "You're...a great guy."

"Thanks Trish..." John says as he looks at the beautiful Canadian diva,
"You're a really great woman too..." John says with a soft smile of his own
as his face shows Trish that he knows what she's going to say to him and that
he's trying to hide how he really feels.

Trish takes a deep breath as she slides her hands down into her jean pockets
and looks down "John...I...don't to say this..." Trish says as she
takes another step towards John and looks up at him with a sweet smile as
small beads of sweat drips down his muscular, smooth chest "I don't know...
how to say it..." Trish shakes her head "So...I don't want anything to be
said, ok?" Trish asks and before gives John a chance to reply to leans
forward and kisses John on the lips. Trish pulls her hands out of her jean
pockets as she gently wraps her arms around John's neck as she closes her
eyes and kisses the WWE Champion John Cena.

John puts his hands on Trish's waist as he softly kisses Trish back for a
moment before he slowly breaks the kiss, "Trish... I'm going to miss you..."
John says as he looks down at beautiful Trish Stratus with a look of sadness
in his eyes.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and looks down "John..." Trish sighs and
nods her head slightly, before looking back up at John with sadness in her
own soft eyes "John...not..." Trish pauses and takes deep breath as she
collects her thoughts "Not...right now...ok?" Trish smiles softly as she
places her hands gently on John's shoulders as she looks at him "Right now...
I want you to sit back...loosen up...and enjoy..."

The new WWE Champion nods his head, "Okay Trish..." John says with a smile,
as he realizes that he has to stay strong for Trish. "For you... I'll do
anything..." John says as he lets Trish slightly guide him to move over
towards the long leather couch in his locker room.

Trish smiles as she places her hands on her hips as John sits down on the
leather couch "Ok...Champ...ready for some hot Stratusfaction?" Trish asks
with a laugh.

John laughs a bit after hearing what Trish asked. He smiles and nods his
head, "Oh yeah... I'd love some hot Stratusfaction.... especially since I
know... it's 100% Guaranteed...." John says as he winks his right eye

Trish laughs and licks her lips slightly "Well...why don't you remove those
cute shorts...and maybe I'll give you some."

John smiles, "Sounds good to me..." John says as he unbuttons his camouflage
style jean shorts while he remains sitting on the couch. The hot, sweaty,
muscular WWE Champion pushes his shorts down from his waist and they fall
down his legs easily. John kicks them off and remains wearing a pair of black
boxer shorts. "These gotta go too right?" John asks with his heart-melting
smile as he begins to push down his boxer shorts.

Trish laughs and nods her head "Yep those got to go too, bud..." Trish says
with a wink as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the hot,
studdly WWE Champion John Cena.

John pushes his black boxer shorts down all the way down to his feet and
kicks them off. John sits back on the couch with his incredible, thick,
thirteen inch cock hanging between his powerful legs. "Ok Trish... they
are off..." John says with a smile as he starts to relax a bit and get
comfortable on the couch.

Trish laughs as she scoots between John's strong, powerful legs "I can see
that, Champ..." Trish says with a cute smile as she tosses her soft blonde
hair back and gently places her delicate hands around John's cock before
she begins smoothly stroke his cock to hardness. While Trish strokes his
hardening cock, she licks her lips as she locks her soft eyes with him.

"Mmmmmmm..." John presses his lips together as the lovely Trish Stratus
slides her hands up and down on his thick, rigid cock. John looks into
Trish's eyes as he starts to smile.

"You like that John?" Trish asks cutely as she moves her hands smoothly
against John's shaft, her soft palms rub against the skin on his cock before
she leans her head down and closes her eyes. Trish gently presses the tip of
her tongue against the head of John's cock. Trish gently taps her tongue
against the head of his cock as she lowers her hands down John's hard, thick

John nods his head slowly, "Uhhh... yeah... I do Trish..." John moans softly
as Trish massages his cock with both of her soft, delicate hands. John puts
his hands on the leather cushions of the couch as tilts his head back a bit
as Trish gently slides her tongue against the very tip of his thick hard
shaft. Trish opens her eyes slightly as she taps her wet, delicate tongue
against his piss-slit before she starts to circle her wet tongue around the
head of his cock. Trish removes her hands as she starts to quickly circle her
tongue around the head of John's cock. "Ahhh... ahhhhhh..." John lets out a
short gasp of pleasure as Trish rotates her tongue around the head of his
cock. His hard cock shakes a bit as Trish covers the head of his cock with a
light coating of her warm saliva.

Trish opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on John's cock. The
blonde Canadian bombshell presses her lips against John's cock as it's inside
of her warm mouth. Trish begins to smoothly bob her head on John's cock as
she sucks off the WWE Champion. "Ohhh... ohhh Trish..." John moans Trish's
name as he closes his eyes and leans back completely on the couch. He moves
both of his hands and he lays them on his legs as he grits his teeth slightly
as Trish takes special care in teasing him as she moves her warm, wet,
soothing mouth up and down on his rock hard shaft.

Trish gently taps her tongue against the underbelly of John's cock as she
moves her head smoothly along his cock as she bobs her head swiftly on his
cock. Her warm saliva drips down against his cock as her soft lips rub and
grind against the skin of John's cock. Trish looks up at John and locks her
eyes with him as her mouth is full of his meaty cock. John licks his lips
and he starts breathing deep and slowly as he looks back into Trish's soft,
beautiful eyes. "Ohhh... ahhhh Trish... mmmmm..." John moves his right hand
and leans forward slightly so he can push some of Trish's soft blond hair
back behind her right ear.

Trish presses her lips tighter around John's shaft as she gently twists her
head around John's cock as she opens her mouth wider and lowers her head
further down on his cock. Trish takes his cock deeply into her mouth as she
begins to once again bob her head quickly on his cock as the Canadian
bombshell deep throats John Cena's hard cock. "Ahhhh... ohhh god Trish...
oh... damn..." John licks his lips as he feels every inch of his fat cock
enter Seven-Time Women's Champion's sweet Stratusfying mouth. The WWE
Champion's breathing quickens as he the front of Trish's blond hair back
with his right hand to keep it from falling into Trish's eyes.

Trish gently laps her soft tongue around John's cock as she lathers his cock
with her warm, wet saliva. "Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm..." Trish moans against John's
cock as she takes him balls deep into her warm, delightful mouth.

John grits his teeth as he leans his head backward, "Ahhh.... ohhh...
Trish... ohh... ahhh... ohhh Trish..." John groans loudly as he begins to cum
inside of Trish's warm, gentle, mouth. Trish closes her eyes and moans softly
as she takes John's warm, sticky cum into her mouth and swallows it. John
Cena, the studdly, popular WWE Champion grinds his teeth together as he
finishes cumming in Trish's mouth. As Trish swallows a second time, a little
of John's warm, sticky cum trickles out of the sides of her mouth.

Trish slowly lifts her head up from John's cock and smiles softly as she
wipes the sides of her mouth off with her fingers. Trish slowly glances over
towards the clock and sighs as she looks down "I...gotta go..." Trish says
sadly as she slowly stands up.

John nods his head in understanding, "I know..." John says as he looks down
for a moment and then he looks up at her, "Trish... good luck... with... what
you're going to do..." John says with a smile.

Trish smiles and nods her head "Thank you...John...thank you..." Trish looks
down and starts to tear eye slightly "John...I'm...gonna miss you...a lot."

John stands up from the couch and puts his hands on Trish's shoulders, "I'm
going to miss you too... but Trish... you don't have to cry... you're going
on... to do something you've been waiting to do...." John smiles a bit as he
has Trish look up at him.

Trish smiles a bit and laughs a slightly "I'll see you around John..." Trish
says as she turns to leave. Trish places her hand on the doorknob and looks
back at John "Bye John..." Trish says softly as she turns the doorknob and
slowly opens the door to John's locker room to exit. Trish turns to leave and
jumps back startled as standing in the doorway with her teeth gritted and her
eyes narrowed in to a cold, dark glare, the vicious vixen Victoria folds her
arms over her large chest.

"Hello...BITCH!" Victoria yells.

Trish looks at Victoria as she composes a bit, "Hi...Victoria..." Trish says
as she holds her hands up, "Victoria... I don't... want any trouble..." Trish

John looks over at the door when he hears Victoria's voice, "What in the
world..." John says with a raised eyebrow when he sees the psychotic diva
blocking Trish's exit.

Victoria cocks her head slightly as the psychotic, vicious Devil glares at
the innocent Trish Stratus " don't want to cause any problems!? Huh!?
No problems!?" Victoria yells as her body starts to tremble with anger "I
warned you before... he's... MINE!" Victoria yells as she starts to breath
heavily as she looks psychotic and deranged.

Trish swallows a bit, "Victoria... please... just listen... I was... just
saying goodbye... John's my friend..." Trish says softly as he tries to get
Victoria to calm down.

John puts his hands on his, "Victoria... come on... you had you so called fun
with me already... just let Trish leave peacefully..." John says, knowing
he's too far to help Trish if Victoria snaps.

"No!...NO!" Victoria yells as her head shakes with anger "It'
PAY!" Victoria yells kicks Trish in the stomach and steps into the locker
room. Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she stands in front
of Trish as she bends over holding her stomach "You like that Princess!?
Huh!? You like that Princess!?" Victoria yells, taunting Trish, before she
places her hands on the back of Trish's white t-shirt before she uses her
strength to slam Trish into the wall with a loud thud.

Trish's head snaps back when she's slammed against the wall, and the back of
her head hits the wall. "OW!" Trish cries out before she stumbles forward.

"TRISH!" John screams out in concern as he starts to move towards Trish to
catch her before she falls, but Victoria steps between him and the beautiful
Trish Stratus.

Victoria smirks wicked and raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms over her
powerful chest "Where are you going!?" Victoria suddenly snaps as she grits
her teeth together " aren't going ANYWHERE!" Victoria yells
"You're mine...CHAMP!"

John looks at Victoria with an enraged look in his eyes, "I'm not yours!"
John says as he looks behind Victoria to see Trish slump down to the floor of
the locker room, completely knocked out from Victoria's quick sudden attack.

Victoria tilts her back and laughs wickedly "Oh you are John...You're MINE!"
Victoria grits her teeth together "Because revenge is just as sweet a second
time a round!" Victoria says before she steps toward and places her hands on
John's shoulder before quickly raising and then driving her left knee solidly
into John's stomach.

"OWW!" John yells out in pain as Victoria's left knee hits his stomach
squarely. The WWE Champion doubles over and holds his stomach with both of
his arms as he's bent over from of the vicious devil.

Victoria sneers as she tilts her head back and lets out a wicked laugh "It's play John..."

John looks up a bit at Victoria as he slowly recovers from Victoria's
powerful knee attract to his stomach, "Go... to hell!" John snaps as holds
his stomach.

Victoria narrows her eyes into a hard glare and shakes her head "No! NO!"
Victoria yells "You're mine...CHAMP!" Victoria yells before she forces the
nude John Cena down onto the floor, forcing the WWE Champion to lay down.
Victoria mounts herself on top of John's chest pinning his shoulders down
with her knees "CAN YOU SEE ME NOW!? HUH!?" Victoria yells, taunting the
WWE Champion before she lifts her black top off of her toned, hot body and
begins to tie up John's hands with her black top.

The sore, battered, WWE Champion John Cena struggles as he tries to pull his
hands free as Victoria ties them together with her black top, "Ahhh fuck! Get
the hell off me!" John yells as shifts his body underneath her, trying to
roll out from underneath the devilish psycho.

Victoria grits her teeth together as she places her sinister, powerful hands
against John's smooth, muscular chest after completely and successfully tying
up John's hands above his head. Victoria tilts her head back and releases a
psychotic, sinister laugh before digging her razor-sharp nails into John's
chest "'re fucking...MINE!"

"I'm not yours! Christ! You're a fucking loon!" John yells as he twists his
wrists and hands, trying to break Victoria's shirt that's bound his hands
together. The studdly WWE Champion grits his teeth as Victoria presses her
razor-sharp fingernails harder against his smooth, muscular, sweaty chest.

"Oh...what John!? Am I not good enough!?" Victoria snaps as she grits her
teeth and looks over her shoulder and smirks at the unconscious body of the
WWE-departing Canadian bombshell, Trish Stratus. " good
enough!" Victoria yells "Why don't you want to play with me...JOHN!?"
Victoria yells as she lowers herself down from John's chest and begins to
guide herself down John's body until she reaches his semi-hard cock. Victoria
narrows her eyes and grits her teeth together tightly as she places her left
sinister hand around John's cock. The vicious vixen presses her fingernails
against his shaft and begins to grate her sharp nails against the skin of his
cock as she lifts and lowers her hands, stroking his cock.

John groans as Victoria scratches the side of his cock as she strokes it,
"Ahhh fuck... I don't... fucking like you!" John shouts at Victoria as she
twists her left hand around his shaft suddenly to send a sharp pain through
John's hot body. "AHHH! BITCH!" John screams.

Victoria grits teeth together as she laughs wickedly "But I like you!"
Victoria snaps "I like you...alot..." Victoria smirks sinisterly as she digs
the fingernails of her left hand against John's shaft before the vicious
vixen lowers her head on John's cock and takes him into her wicked, warm
mouth. Victoria presses her lips against his shaft and begins to bob her head
on his cock, sucking a wickedly slow pace.

John bites his tongue when he feels Victoria's warm, sinister mouth around
his cock, "Ahhh... what the fuck... is wrong with you!" John moans as
Victoria presses her teeth against his meaty cock. With the slow way she's
bobbing her head on his cock, her teeth rake viciously against it as well,
and the wicked woman gives the Three-Time WWE Champion a torturous mix of
pleasure and pain. Victoria rakes her teeth roughly against John's shaft as
she starts to bob her head quicker on his, occasionally violently twisting
her head on his cock causing a great deal of pain for John's thick, hard
cock. "OWWW! Ahhhh shit!" John screams as Victoria continues her vicious
oral assault on his incredible, thick, thirteen inch cock. "Fuck Victoria!
You're insane!" John moans as he tries to move away from Victoria.

Victoria slowly lifts her head up from John's cock and narrows her eyes at
John as her warm saliva drips against his cock "SHUT UP!" Victoria yells
loudly as she stands up and shakes her head as she looks down at John
"You're pathetic! You hear me...PATHETIC!?" Victoria yells as she breath
heavily. The vicious vixen places her hands on her tight, black pants and
begins to lower them down her strong legs.

John looks up at Victoria with an enraged look on his face, "You're the one
who's pathetic!" John yells back at her as Victoria's warm saliva slides down
his thick cock. The man from West Newbury, MA manages to sit up by rolling
his body to the left and then sitting up. He looks up at Victoria again as
she steps out of her tight black pants.

Victoria narrows her eyes "LAY DOWN!" Victoria yells as she steps out of her
tight black pants revealing hot, sinister pussy.

John grits his teeth, "Make me you fucking nut!" John yells as he almost
stares directly at Victoria's hot, wicked pussy.

Victoria shakes her head from side to side and points at John as she glares
at him "You I say!" Victoria yells before she viciously kicks down in
the center of his muscular chest, once again forcing the WWE Champion to lay
down. Victoria laughs wickedly before she suddenly drops her powerful, hot
body down on John's cock, forcing him deep into her wicked, warm pussy "Oh
yeah! You like that!? HUH!? YOU LIKE THAT!?" Victoria yells as she places her
hands on John's shoulders, pinning him down to the cold locker room floor
before the vicious vixen begins rock her body viciously against his cock.

John grits his teeth once again as Victoria holds his shoulders down on the
floor of his locker room. "Ahhh... shit! I HATE IT! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR
HEAD!" John yells as he continues to try and free his hands from Victoria's
top while Victoria fiercely grinds her devilish pussy back and forth against
his cock.

Victoria closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she slams her vicious
body down on John's cock as she grinds and rocks herself against his cock
"Ohhhh... mmmm... where's... your Princess... now?!" Victoria taunts John
as she breaths heavily while riding and bounce roughly on his cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh... fuck..." John groans as he clenches his teeth together.
As Victoria slams herself up and down on his cock, she makes the hot,
studdly, tough WWE Champion thrusts his cock deep up into her tight pussy.
"What... ohhhh... is your fucking... problem with me?!" John groans.

Victoria looks down at John and narrows her eyes into a cold, glare "You
think you're'T YOU!?" Victoria snaps before roughly grinds her
hot, wicked pussy against his cock at a sharp rate as she slams her body down
painfully hard on his cock.

"AHHH!" John groans in pain as Victoria drops herself sharply down on his
cock. John sits up a bit but Victoria shoves him back down, "Ahhh... shit...
with the way you're acting... ohhh mmmmm... I gotta be fucking hot!" John
snaps back as Victoria rakes her razor sharp finger nails against his

"SHUT UP! I SAID SHUT UP!" Victoria yells as the vicious vixen begins to
freak out psychotically as she moves body on John's cock at an aggressively,
rough rate.

"MAKE ME!" John yells back as he watches Victoria slightly more psychotic as
she moves roughly on his cock. "Come on bitch!" John groans as he tries to
distract Victoria as she tries to break him.

Victoria grits her teeth as her head shakes with anger, turning a slight
shade of red. Victoria narrows her eyes as she lifts herself off of John's
cock and positions herself on top of John's face. "You want me to make you!?
HUH!?" Victoria yells before she rubs her sinister pussy against John's
handsome face. John doesn't reply to the insane Victoria's question, instead
his lifts his head up off the ground a bit and slides his tongue against
Victoria's hot, smooth pussy. The WWE Champion quickly starts moving his
tongue around Victoria's pussy until she reaches down and grabs his shorts
hair with her hands.

Victoria grits her teeth "Ohhh you fucker!" Victoria groans as she starts to
sharply grind her pussy against John's face. John Cena moves his head as best
he can so he can push his tongue up into Victoria's hot cunt. The extremely
popular hot stud thrusts his tongue in and out of Victoria's pussy as he
reaches up with this tied-up hands and puts his hands on Victoria's large,
firm chest.

Victoria glares down at John as he pushes his tongue against her sinister
pussy " my BITCH!" Victoria yells. John slides his tongue from side
to side as he moves his tongue deep into Victoria's pussy. The lifts his head
up some more and he grinds his whole, handsome face against Victoria's wet,
hot pussy as he moves his tongue around in a circle inside of her cunt.
Victoria closes her eyes and her body trembles while she grinds her warm,
sinister pussy against John's face as she places her knees down on the floor
against sides of John's neck and begins to squeeze her knees together against
his neck, choking the WWE Champion.

John quickly realizes what Victoria is doing when he starts to gasp for
oxygen. He quickly starts trying to push the psychotic Victoria off of his
face and he turns his head a bit. With a lot of effort, John manages use his
tied up hands to push Victoria back enough to get his face out from under her
pussy. With Victoria squeezing his neck with her knees, John gasps to breath,
"Stop... stop!" John says as loud as he can as Victoria squeezes his neck
tighter with her powerful knees.

Victoria tilts her head back laughs wickedly "Why should I!? Beg for it! Cum
you stupid son of a bitch!" Victoria yells.

John arches his back as he continues to gasp for a large breath of air, "I...
I'm not... ready to cum...." John says weakly.

Victoria grits her teeth together as narrows her eyes and slaps John across
the face with her vicious right hand "Ohh you want more!?" Victoria yells as
she turns around and lays on top of John. Victoria opens her mouth and lowers
her head on his cock, taking the WWE Champion once again into her sinister,
warm mouth.

John arches his back and pushes his cock up into Victoria's warm mouth.
"Ohhh... god... Victoria..." John moans as Victoria starts bobbing her head
on his massive cock again. The WWE Champion lifts his head and bit and
presses his tongue once more against Victoria's pussy. Victoria presses her
lips tightly around his shaft and begins to lift and lower her head at a
slow, rough rate before pressing her teeth against his shaft and begins to
rake and scrape her teeth against the skin of his shaft. John Cena lifts
his legs bit and bends them slightly so he can push his cock against
Victoria's mouth. He groans as he smoothly laps his tongue back and forth
against Victoria's pussy as he puts his tied-up hands on Victoria's firm
ass. Victoria opens her mouth slightly wider as the vicious, psychotic
vixen lowers her head completely down on his cock, deep throating the WWE
Champion's cock before she violently twists her head on his cock.

"AHHHHHHH!" John screams into Victoria's hot pussy as he sharply drives his
cock up into Victoria's mouth in response to how she twisted her head around
his shaft. John moves his hands away from Victoria hot, wet pussy and groans,
"Ohhhh... Victoria... please..." John moans, as he actually breaks and begs
the vicious vixen.

Victoria slowly lifts her head up and smirks wickedly "Please what!?" The
vicious vixen yells, knowing that she has broken the fighting will of the
WWE Champion, John Cena.

John has as broken, weak look of his face, "Please... let me... fuck you...
I want to cum... I'll be... yours..." John says weakly and submissively.

Victoria smirks wickedly "No tricks...CHAMP!?" Victoria slightly yells as she
sits up on the floor with a sly, wicked smirk on her sinister face.

John nods his head, "No tricks... I... I promise..." John says as he locks
his eyes with Victoria's devilish eyes.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she gets onto her hands and knees, she then
grits her teeth together "Get behind me!" Victoria commands as she's on all

John nods his head and he rolls to his side to get up onto his knees. The
WWE Champion moves himself behind the psychotic sexual dominating diva and
he places his tied-up hands on Victoria's lower back. John licks his lips
slightly as he manages to push his fat, large, hard cock into Victoria's
hot, sinister pussy. "Ahhhh..." John groans as he feels Victoria's tight
pussy clamp down against his dick as he pushes it into her. Victoria grits
her teeth together and pushes her dominating body back against John's cock
before he has the chance to begin thrusting into her hot, dominating and
wickedly warm pussy.

John Cena turns his hands slightly so he can lay them flat onto Victoria's
lower back, just above her ass. "Ohhh damn..." John grunts as Victoria's ass
smacks against his waist. The hot, sweaty, WWE Champion waits until Victoria
moves forward slightly so that he can begin thrusting his shaft in and out of
Victoria's pussy.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she looks forward while the WWE Champion, John
Cena, thrusts his hard cock into Victoria's tight, dominating pussy "Ohhh...
you like that Champ!? HUH!? You like that!?" Victoria yells as she taunts
John while bucking her hips and driving her sinister, toned body back against
John's cock as she aggressively fucks John's cock.

"Yes... yes... ahhhh yess..." John answers as he manages to pick up momentum
and he drives his cock forward into with every once of his hot, muscular,
sweaty, sore body can deliver. "Ohhhh... fuck Victoria..." John moans and
licks his lips as sweat falls down his body.

Victoria tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she releases a psychotic
laugh "You're nothing John! NOTHING! YOU HEAR THAT!?" Victoria yells as she
slams herself aggressively back against John's hard cock.

John nods his head and grits his teeth, "You're... ahhh... ahh oh... you're
right..." John replies as he slams his cock deep into Victoria's pussy almost
as hard as how she's slamming back against him. John slides his tied-up hands
forward and presses them against the center of Victoria's back as he leans
forward and leans his rock hard stomach down against her to gain more of an
angle to move his cock in and out of Victoria's pussy.

The spirit broken John Cena breathes hard and heavy as he pumps his cock
deep into Victoria's cunt, "Ahhh... ohhhh god... Victoria... Victoria..."
John leans back and groans loudly as he starts cumming into Victoria's hot,
dominating pussy. "Ohhhh god..." John moans as he floods Victoria's pussy
with his hot, sticky cum.

Victoria grits her teeth as her body eerily trembles as she feels John's warm
cum flood into her dominating, devious pussy " son of a bitch..."
Victoria groans before gets a sinister smirk on her face and stands up after
John pulls out of her. Victoria narrows her eyes and points at John "You
liked that!? Huh!? Didn't you!?"

John lowers his head down as he nods at the same time, "I... I loved it..."
John says as he remains on his knees submissively in front of the vicious

Victoria smirks and folds her arms over her powerful chest "Oh
did!? And you love your little Princess too!? DON'T YOU!?" Victoria yells as
she narrows her eyes a bit more " want to be...just like...HER!"
Victoria yells before she raises her left foot up and swings her foot,
connecting the side of John's handsome face. John's body falls to the right
and his head hits the floor hard, and the WWE Champion lays completely
knocked out in front of the psychotic, victorious Victoria.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she stands in the center
of the room where the fallen John Cena and Trish Stratus both lay unconscious
" too SWEET!" Victoria grits her teeth as she slightly pulls
on her raven black hair.

* * *

A few minutes after her vengeful encounter with the WWE Champion John Cena,
the vicious vixen Victoria pushes the locker room door open, exiting out into
the hallway from John Cena's locker room. Victoria has a sinister smirk on
her face as she begins to walk down the hallway dressed in her black top and
her black tight-fitting pants. Victoria slightly cracks her knuckles "That
was too sweet..." Victoria pauses and narrows her eyes as looks in front of
her and sees the former WWE Champion, the perverted Rated R Superstar, Edge.
"What the hell do you want!?" Victoria snaps as she grits her teeth together
and balls her fists tightly together.

Edge, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt, puts his hands on his waist
as he smirks at Victoria, "Oh Victoria... you think I would forget... all
about you..." Edge chuckles a bit as he licks his teeth.

Victoria narrows her eyes into a hard, solid glare as she shakes her head
"Are you...threatening me!?" Victoria yells as she points at the sick,
twisted Rated R Superstar "I've warned you before...don't mess with me!"

Edge grins, "Oh... I think that little threat of yours... is pretty
meaningless now..." Edge laughs again, "Cause... now... you're all...
alone..." Edge smirks.

Victoria grits her tighter as she shakes her head, glaring at Edge as she
stands up to the Rated R Superstar. With her back toward to her surroundings,
Edge's sinful sexpot girlfriend, Lita, sneaks up behind the vicious vixen
Victoria as she holds a steel chair. Lita smirks mischievously before she
slams the steel chair against Victoria's back "Take that bitch!" Lita says
as she tosses her fiery red hair back.

"Owwww...fuck!" Victoria yells as she closes her eyes and loses her balance,
dropping to her knees in the hallway. Lita smirks as she tosses the steel
chair down and picks Victoria up to her feet.

Lita holds up the weakened Victoria and smirks "Get her babe! GET HER!" Lita
encourages her perverted boyfriend.

"Get out of the way Lita!" Edge says as he crouches down before he rushes
forward. The Rated R Superstar spears Victoria, driving his left shoulder
into her stomach. Lita barely has time to get out of the way as Edge drives
Victoria down hard to the floor of the hallway.

Lita smirks as she folds her arms licking her lips as she looks down at the
weakened and fallen vicious vixen Victoria "Mmm...babe...your plan worked

Edge licks his teeth and smirks as he gets up after spearing Victoria, "Mmmm
yeah... but baby... my plan isn't done yet..." Edge laughs, "Cause this... is
just the start of my revenge... on this psycho bitch..."


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