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Tori Gets Wood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the summer of 2000, the Dudley Boys were in the middle of a war with
D-Generation X members X-Pac and Road Dogg, which started when the boys from
Dudleyville attempted to put X-Pac's girlfriend, the beautiful Tori through
a table. The two teams has been trading wins back and forth, and with Tori
accompanying X-Pac and Road Dogg to the ring in all of their matches, The
Dudleys have been making their presence felt by constantly attempting to
abduct Tori. One on particular night at a live event a week before the King
of The Ring Pay Per View, Bubba Ray and D-Von took out X-Pac and Road Dogg
in a tables match, and immediately started to chase Tori who has ran to the
back as fast as her legs could carry her. The Dudleys, who have brought a
table with them, manage to track down her location and are in the large
locker room that is reserved for D-X which has it's own showering area where
Tori is hiding. When the two brothers enter the room, they set up the table
and begin to tear the room apart, looking for Tori behind every piece of

"Come on out Tori! We know you're in here!" Bubba yells as he flips over a
circular table.

"We won't hurt you...." D-Von laughs as he opens a closet to see if she's
inside Tori timidly looks out from behind a shower curtain inside the
showering unit in the locker room. Tori, dressed in black pants and a lime
green top, moves her head back behind the curtain as her chest moves up and
down from her breathing heavily. Tori's eyes widen when she hears floor
steps entering the showering area. Tori instantly holds her breath, trying
to be as quiet as possible.

Bubba looks around the man portion of the locker room with his arms folded,
"I know she's in here D-Von... I got a sixth sense...."

D-Von laughs as he checks around the showering area, "Oh my brother... do not
fear... she's in here..." D-Von pulls down the curtain that is covering one
of the two showering stalls.

Bubba laughs, as he pushes over the large TV, which smashes on the floor, "I
can't wait to give her the wood..." Tori bites down on her bottom lip as she
hears D-Von Dudley open the curtain of the showering stall next to the
showering stall that she's in. Tori lowers her head as she moves to the very
back on the showering unit.

Much to Tori's dismay, D-Von Dudley sees her and laughs, "Oh my brother...
our search has been successful!"

Bubba comes running to the shower stalls, and when he sees Tori cowering in
the corner, he licks his lips like a hungry wolf, "There you are you little
bitch..." Bubba steps into the stall and takes slow steps towards her.

Tori eyes widen in fear as she puts her hands up in a form of protection.
Tori shakes her head as she takes a step back and ends up pressed against
the back wall in the showering unit. Tori swallows as she looks at Bubba
Ray " Bubba...I...I know...what you...w-want"

"Oh do you?" Bubba laughs sadistically as he stands over her, "Is that
supposed to impress me? Cause you're going through a table either way!" Bubba
laughs, as does D-Von who remains standing behind him.

Tori looks up at Bubba in fear "Bubba...please..." Tori continues to shake
her head "You don't want to do that...I'm just a girl..."

"So what?!" Bubba bends down and grabs a handful of Tori's hair to pull her
up to her feet. He turns a bit and he throws Tori towards D-Von, causing her
to collide with D-Von's stiff body. D-Von grabs both of Tori's arms and turns
her around to face Bubba.

Tori breaths heavily as her chest moves rapidly up and down "Maybe...we...can
compromise..." Tori says quickly.

Bubba and D-Von exchange looks before Bubba folds her arms, "Bitch.... we'll
give you one chance to get yourself out of this...."

D-Von lets go of Tori and nods his head, "That's right... one chance... so
you better start talking fast."

Tori bites down on her bottom lip, she nods her head slowly "Ok...umm...what
if...I did...whatever you...wanted "

Bubba and D-Von both get wide smiles on her face as D-Von grabs Tori's right
arm, "Ohhhhh lady... you don't know what you're saying..."

Bubba smirks, "Hold on D-Von... maybe she does... if she's as good as a few
of the skanks we left standing in ECW... she may just walk out of here in one

Tori raises her eyebrow as she cautiously looks at Bubba "W-w-what are you
talking about?"

Bubba smirks, "Oh you'll find out... real quick... D-von... rip her top off!"
D-Von instantly grabs the front of Tori's green top and rips it off of her
body with relative ease.

Tori looks down as she sees her bare, large tits hanging freely in the air.
Tori's eyes widen as she opens her mouth in shock. Tori quickly folds her
arms over her chest, covering it from Bubba and D-Von "What the hell are you
doing!?" Tori yells.

"What ever we want!" D-Von yells at her as he and Bubba grab hold of her
arms. They pull Tori out of the shower stall and into the large open area
of the locker room where then throw her to the floor, Both Dudleys stand
on either side of the terrified diva and take off their shirts.

"You wanted this..." Bubba smirks as he and his half-brother take off their
gray camouflage printed wrestling pants.

Tori sits up on her knees as she tries to crawl away from the two Dudley
brothers, however they both block her way. Tori looks up at them at takes a
deep breath. "What...are you doing?" Tori asks in a frightened state.

"Whatever we want... we're going to give you wood... one way or another,"
D-Von laughs as he wraps a hand around his big black cock.

Bubba nods his head, "That's right you fucking tramp... it's time you got
what was coming to you!" Bubba grabs Tori by her hair and pushes her towards
D-Von who takes hold of her and holds his stiff black dick against her mouth.
Tori slowly opens her mouth and D-Von shoves his black cock into her warm
mouth. Tori gags as D-Von's cock hits the back of her throat right away. Tori
begins to lift her head up from D-Von's cock, however Bubba places a hand on
the back of her head and holds her down on his cock.

"You're going to have to do better than that!" Bubba says as he starts holds
her head down on D-Von's cock as he brother begins thrusting his cock in and
out of Tori's hot mouth.

"Oh my brother, speak the word... and make her learn!' D-Von moans as he
pulls his cock out far enough for Tori to get a bit of air.

Tori looks up as she gasps for air, she then turns her head to Bubba and
looks up at him "I'll do it...I'll do it, ok?"

"You better.... or else!" Bubba yells at her as he grabs his own cock and
slaps it against her face. "Now get to work bitch!" Tori nods her head as
she wraps her hand around Bubba's fat cock. Tori leans her head forward and
presses her tongue against the head of his cock, before she opens her warm
mouth and takes his cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips around his cock
and starts to quickly bob her head right away as she begins to suck. While
Tori is busy bobbing her head on Bubba's cock she wraps her free hand around
D-Von's black shaft and begins to move her hand up and down his shaft.

"Get both our dicks in your mouth! We know you can do that type of shit
you fucking slut," D-Von orders as he yanks of Tori's hair and pulls a few
strands out by the roots.

"You heard him Tori, open that big fucking mouth!" Bubba yells as he reaches
down to grab hold of Tori's chin to force her mouth more open. Tori opens
her mouth wider as D-Von shoves his cock into her warm mouth along with his
brother, Bubba's, cock. Tori begins to bob her head back and forth along the
two cocks inside warm, wet mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah... that's it... suck them both...." Bubba grunts as he thrusts
his cock all the way into her mouth, making her gag for an instant.

D-Von licks his lips and looks at his brother, "Bubba... lets show this bitch
what we used to do to Frannie and Dawn..."

Bubba gets a wide smile on his face, "D-Von... Testify!" Bubba pushes Tori
onto her back and the two Dudleys proceed to rip off Tori's tight black
pants. D-Von and Bubba then roll her onto her stomach and pull her onto all
fours. D-Von kneels behind her as Bubba holds her still, to allow D-Von to
ram his hard cock into her pussy.

Tori grits her teeth and lowers her head as D-Von rams his black cock into
her tight cunt "Ohhhhh fuck!" Tori yells as she feels D-Von thrusting in and
out of her tight cunt.

"You love that don't you?!" Bubba laughs as he pulls on Tori's long blond
hair. D-Von has both his strong black hands on Tori's waist and is pulling
her back against him roughly so his cock shoots sharper inside of her tight
vagina. Tori suddenly lowers her head on to Bubba's cock and surprises him
by taking his fat cock into her warm mouth once again. Tori wraps her soft
lips around his cock as she starts tightly suck on his cock as she bobs her
head up and down on his cock, as she begins to gently push herself back
against D-Von's black cock.

"Oh shit!" Bubba laughs and moans as Tori bobs her head on his fat cock.

D-Von smirks, "Look like she's more of slut for wood than we thought...."
D-Von pulls his black cock half way out of her pussy and he then rams it
back into her, making Tori jolt forward. Tori begins to deep throat Bubba's
fat cock as she starts to quickly bob her head up and down on his shaft,
lapping her warm saliva around his cock. Tori's moans vibrate against
Bubba's fat shaft as she slams her ass back against D-Von's black cock.

Bubba savors the feelings of Tori's hot mouth on his thick white dick for
a few moments more before he rips his shaft out of her mouth, causing a
large amount of saliva to fly out as well. Bubba gets a smirk on his face
as he looks at his half-brother "D-Von..."

D-Von looks at him and stops fucking Tori's cunt before he says, "What?"

"It's my turn... give me the pussy!" Bubba laughs as he lays down on the
floor of the locker room.

D-Von laughs, "You got it Bubba..." D-Von easily picks Tori up and he drops
her down onto Bubba's cock, which perfectly enters her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Tori tilts her head back moaning as she slams down on his cock.
Tori places her hands down on Bubba's stomach as D-Von begins to lift Tori up
and down on Bubba's cock as she rocks back and forth on his cock on her own

"Ohh yeah... now this is the life..." Bubba puts his hands behind his head
while he thrusts his cock up into her cunt.

"Don't fucking think you're going to enjoy her yourself Bubba," D-Von says
as he lets go of Tori's body and pushes her forward so he can force his big
black staff into her unprepared asshole.

Tori grits her teeth as lowers her head "Ohhhhh fuck no...not my ass!" Tori
moans and begs at the same time.

D-von smirks as he begins pumping his cock in and out of her asshole, "She's
doesn't like it up the ass? I thought she was a fucking degenerate!" D-Von
pulls her back against him, causing his cock to rip through her asshole with
incredible force. Bubba places his hands on Tori's hips so he can pull her
down onto his cock whenever D-Von pulls her against himself.

Tori comes down with incredible force on Bubba's cock, causing her to bite
down on her bottom lip "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Tori groans as she bounces
quickly on Bubba's cock as well do to D-Von rapid thrusting in her tight

"Hey D-Von... let's give her... some Double P... in her pussy!" Bubba yells
as he wraps his arms around Tori's body to hold her down against him so she
can't do anything to struggle.

"Oh my brother... TESTIFY!" D-Von pulls his cock out of her asshole and
shoves it into her already cock-filled pussy so that now it's doubled stuff
with a pair of hard cocks.

Tori's eyes practically pop out of her sockets once she's filled up in her
pussy with Dudley-cock "Ohhhhh Jesus!" Tori moans loudly. Bubba and D-Von
trade thrusts, whenever rams their cock into her cunt, the other pulls out,
making it impossible for Tori to get use to a steady pace. The two
half-brothers then roll to the left and now D-Von is underneath Tori, she's
facing upward, and Bubba is now on top. Tori clenches her eyes shut as she
begins to cum on both of the Dudleys's cocks inside of her now wet and loose
pussy "Mmmmm....fuck!"

Bubba pumps his cock as hard as he can into her stretched out pussy before
he pulls out of her. "D-Von... let's finish this..." He says as he drags
Tori off of his brother. "Right..." D-Von grins as he gets to his feet while
Bubba sits Tori on her knees.

Both Bubba and D-Von grab one of Tori's arms and makes her grab their cocks,
"You know what to fucking do!" Bubba yells at her. Tori nods her head as
she begins to move both of her hand smoothly up and down against Bubba and
D-Von's shafts, starting off slowly and then gradually picking her stroking

D-Von breaths hard as he starts to cum, "Ahhhh Thou... shall Jack... Off
The Dudleys!" He yells as he his load lands on the left side of Tori's face.
Bubba grits his teeth and gets a surreal orgasmic look on his face similar
to the one he gets when he puts someone through a table. Bubba's eyes go
wide a he starts to cum, resulting in the right side of Tori's face becoming
covered in his sperm.

Tori slowly removes her hands from Bubba and D-Von's cock as she sits up on
her knees and looks over at Bubba and D-Von with their cum dripping down her
face. Tori smiles a bit "Can...I have a towel to clean up with?"

"Sure....D-Von... get a towel..." Bubba says as he helps Tori up to her feet.
D-Von goes to the shower area and he grabs a towel that he gives to Tori.

"Here you go..." D-Von says with a smile. When Tori brings the towel up to
her face, Bubba quickly moves the wooden table from where it is so that now
it's positioned behind D-Von. Bubba then walks around the table and stands
behind it while D-Von remains in front of it, rubbing his hands together in
eager anticipation.

Tori stands up from the floor and wipes the sticky cum off of her face.
Tori crumples the towel up and tosses the towel to the floor. Tori smiles
"Thanks...and we have a deal now, right?"

D-Von shakes his head, "Nope!" He Grabs her with both arms and lifts her over
his head so he and Bubba can 3D her through the wooden table. Tori's body
crashes through the table, and after the Dudleys get up, the look down at her
body and the debris of the table.

"She forgot the most important commandment..." Bubba laughs.

D-Von nods, "That's right... she forgot... that Thou... Shall Not FUCK with
the Dudleys!"


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