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Tori Puts The "X" In Degeneration-X
By J.D. Morrison

It was a hot summer day in Miami. The sky was perfect, just enough
of a breeze in the air to keep things comfortable, and Tori, the WWF's
super-diva, was out for a day of relaxation (and more) on the beach.
Lounging casually on a beach towel, Tori's tight body looked spectacular
sprawled out on the beach. Adorned in dark sunglasses, her long, blonde
hair pulled back into a ponytail, and wearing a stunning revealing black
string bikini, Tori lazily surveyed the beach. Not much excitement today,
much to her dissapointment. She was about to give up on the beach
altogether when she spotted something that immediatly caught her

Jim was busy waxing his surfboard when his muscular body and chisled
features caught the eye and imagination of Tori. "I WILL have him," she
thought lustily to herself as she let her thoughts roam to what she
would do once she got him.

She casually stretched, reaching her arms to the sky and pushing her
sizeable chest out much to the delight of the horny guys that had been
ogling her the whole time she'd been there. She stood and made her way
towards Jim. When she got to him she put her arm non-chalantly over his
board and, staring directly into his eyes introduced herself in a
seductive voice that belied her true ntentions immediatly.

"Hi, I'm Tori," she started as Jim appraised her luscious body.

"I know, I'm a big fan, "Jim stated, hoping the statement didn't make
him sound like a total loser, but too late to take it back.

"Mmm, I can see that," Tori purred as she let her gaze drop to his
crotch. "So,what are you're plans for tonight," Tori asked expectantly.

"I'm not doing anything tonight," Jim started, but Tori quickly put
her finger to his lips to cut him off.

"Yes," she replied, "yes,you are."

Jim asked coyly,"And what's that then?"

Tori, not missing a beat, simply stated, "Me."

"I've got a place down the road, follow me there, "Tori said, not so
much an invitation as a command. Tori had a way of getting what she
wanted, and now she wanted Jim.

As Jim got his things ready to go, Tori got closer to him, her chest
lightly brushing his. She looked into his eyes as she let her hand work
it's way down his body, finally resting at his crotch.

She stroked him lightly, "I hope you can keep up," she whispered in
his ear, "it'd be a shame if you got lost." She grabbed his crotch hard
and bit his earlobe, sending shockwaves of lust through his entire body.

As Jim followed her in his car, he could hardly keep his mind on the
road. It was all he could do to keep from pulling his cock out right in
the car and relieving the tension in his loins. But no, he reminded
himself, save it all for later. This was going to be the experience of
a lifetime, he wanted to savor every moment.

As they pulled into the drive at Tori's condo, the anticipation was
driving Jim crazy. Tori let him in her door and followed behind, slamming
the door behind them and spinning Jim around to face her. She leaned
against the door as she drew his body to hers, her hands carresing his
hard, muscular back and firm ass as their tongues explored each other's

Tori broke the kiss and led him into the next room. She practically
pushed him down onto the sofa as she let her hair out of the ponytail and
turned on the stereo. As the primal beat of Nine Inch Nails song "Closer"
filled the room, she straddled him and pushed him back with her hands on
his shoulders.

"Jim,"she started, "you're going to fuck me. You're going to fuck me
like an animal," she continued, almost in unison to the song lyrics in
the background. "And if you're a good boy, I'm going to suck every last
drop of come out of your body until you beg me to stop," she stated as
the music ground on the stereo.

"Now," she contined as she stood up, "I'm going to get ready for you.
When I come back I expect you to be naked and ready to do whatever I

Jim was speechless as Tori exited the room. Not knowing what was going
to happen next and barely able to think of anything but the erection that
felt like it was going to explode in his shorts, he quickly complied with
her request. As the stereo continued to pound in the background, Jim could
feel his heart racing almost in unison with the driving beat. As Tori
re-entered the room, the rhythm of his heart surely changed, he thought
to himself, as it must have skipped a beat at the site before him.

Tori had returned, completely naked except for a pair of stilleto heels
and a spiked collar around her neck. In her hand,a menacing looking riding
crop. She strode over to Jim like a lioness and put one foot up next to his
head on the couch as she reached down and grabbed Jim by the back of the
neck, thrusting his face into her already wet cunt.

"Lick me,"she demanded as Jim greedily complied, letting his toungue
lap franticly at her hot snatch. "That's it. Like that." Tori panted, "Now,
lick my clit," she commanded him as she ground her nearly clean-shaven
mound against his willing mouth.

Suddenly,she broke away and forced him to the floor by his neck. Jim,
being a big guy and not used to being manhandled by anyone, much less a
woman, nonetheless found this to be a turn-on the likes of which he never
imagined. As Tori forced him all the way down with a silleto heeled foot
to his lower back, he let out a slight grunt, both surprised by the action
and slightly pained by the sharp heel.

"Quiet," Tori barked as she whipped him across the back with the riding
crop. Jim grimmaced, but couldnt help but notice that hs cock was harder
than he ever remembered it being. "Now,turn over," she demanded as he
rolled over onto his back. She straddled him with one stilletoed foot on
either side of his head.

He was amazed at the view before him. Her long ,firm legs seemed to go
on for miles. She leered down at him lustily as she dropped to her knees,
covering his mouth with her cunt yet again as she grabbed his hair and
pulled him closer. This time she reached back as he continued to hungrily
lick her womanhood and lightly massaged his balls with her hand. This
quickened his pace on her twat and, in turn, she began to pump his cock in
her hand.

"Good boy," she panted, "just like that,"she cooed as her hand furiously
pumped away on his rock hard member. Suddenly, her body shuddered in the
throws of orgasm as his mouth was covered with her sweet juices.

She released her grip on his cock, much to Jim's momentary disappointment.
The disappointment didn't last long though, as she repositioned herself,
straddling his hips now and plunging herself down onto his swollen cock.
Jim gasped as she again rode him like an unbridled stallion, her long nails
grasping and scraping his chest. Leaving claw marks and a mixture of
pleassure and pain in their wake.

Her left hand found it's self tangled in his hair as she continued to
work his chest with the other. As the sensation began to overcome him, Jim
grabbed her hips and began to thrust upward, matching her chaotic motion.
Tori reached over and once again grabbed the riding crop, lashing Jim across
the chest. Again the seering mixture of pleassure and pain.

"Hands off," she barked as her continued to ride him.

She began to run her own hands up her torso now, exploring her own
tight, shapely abs and upward to her round, full breasts. She pinched her
nipples hard and moaned in complete abandon as she began to come again.
Jim was fighting his own orgasm now, but decided not to give in in order to
polong this pleassure as long as possible.

Finally, Tori relented, collapsing in a heap of orgasmic extasy on top
of Jim. Staring directly into his eyes, she seemed completely different now
as she lightly carresed his cheek with her hand.

"That was incredible," she began, "Thank you."

She kissed him softly on the lips. She then began to trail off downward
with her kisses, licking the nape of his neck, gently kissing his chest.
Turning her attention to one of his nipples, she lightly flicked it with
her tongue, then began to suck it into her mouth while playing with the
other one in between her fingers. She continued her downward exploration
until she reached his waiting manhood.

Grabbing it at the base with her right hand, she gazed up longingly at
Jim and gently, teasingly licked his shaft from the base up, sending chills
throughout his body. She circled the tip with her toungue as she continued
to stare into Jim's eyes. A drop of pre-come trickled down, which she
greedily took into her mouth. This seemed to throw her into overdrive as
she wrapped her lips around Jim's cock and took it completely into her
mouth, deep throating him as she started to masterfully manipulate his balls
with her hand.

As she continued to bob on Jim's cock, she reached down with her free
hand and began to play with her own clit. Steadily sucking on his member,
she reached for the riding crop again. The anticipation of what her
intentions were served both exciting and scary for Jim. His questions were
soon answered though,as she took the handle of the crop and thrust it into
her dripping pussy.

Sucking Jim's cock and fucking herself with the riding crop soon started
Tori on the way to her third orgasm. Thrashing wildly against the crop and
bobbing up and down furiously on Jim's dick, Tori suddenly stopped and took
Jim's entire length into her mouth as she thrust the crop into her cunt one
more time. Her orgasm was so intense Jim could actually see her spasming as
her cunt juices dripped down her tanned thigh.

The site and her sucking was finally enough to get Jim to submit to his
own urges. His orgasm shook him to the core as he began to unload his hot
white come into Tori's hungry mouth. She mouth took the first blast,
swallowing hard and pulled away from Jim's cock, replacing her mouth with
her pumping and as he continued to unload, hitting her on the cheek and on
the chest, with a generous amount landing on his own stomach.

When his orgasm had subsided Tori removed her hand from his cock and
whiped the come from her cheek with her fingers. She casually licked her
fingers clean and descended on his stomach. Licking all of the cream off
of his stomach, Tori crawled up to face him.

"That was VERY good," she cooed."I hope you're ready for even more next

Jim was teeming with anticipation already at the thought of what this
hot woman could have in store for him.


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