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This is a story I wrote about an encounter between the legendary Madusa and
Tori. I will appreciate any comments as well as knowing if you agree with
the outcome.

Tori Vs Madusa
by AGC

"People, lets get started," yelled Vince McMahon, owner of WWF. Slowly
everyone took its seat. "Lets review the minutes from the last meeting,"
said Mr. McMahon.

This way the regular business meeting between WWF and WCW started. For years
both organizations had been conducting this business on a frequent schedule.
Although to the public there appeared to be great animosity between them, in
reality both organizations worked closely together. They had learned that
each federation thrived from the existence of the other, and that their
competition was good for business. Therefore they frequently met to discuss
the plots that would take place in their respective shows and to discuss
ways of increasing their audiences. However the WWF and WCW had agreed on 2
things: never to have PPV on the same day, and never to have interfederation
matches between both federations.

The meeting went as usual. Mr. McMahon asked for any new proposals to
discuss. One of the newest members of the board raised her hand and asked,
"How about some female erotic fighting?"

"You are new here, so donít really know our history. Believe me, both Vince
and I are big fans of womenís wrestling and we had tried on several occasions
to revive the Womenís Championship. However, there is just not enough public
to support womenís wrestling at this time," said Ted Turner, CEO of WCW. "But
itís still a good idea. Maybe we can try it again in a couple of years. Any
other ideas?"

"Excuse me, Mr.Turner," interrupted the young female executive. "I understand
what you say, but I did not suggest women wrestling. I suggested an erotic
combat, a sexfight if you want."

"A sexfight?" asked Mr McMahon. "What is that?"

"Well, its simple: 2 women face each other to see who is more sensual and
erotic, who is the most skilled lover, who is the better woman in bed!"
Everyone was now listening. Men and women where getting turned on as the
young executive continued to explain what a sexfight was.

"WOW," said Mr. Turner. "That is sure a heck of an idea. I would love to
watch something like that. But how are we going to do it. We canít show that
on a PPV event, even less on prime time. And if we canít show it on TV we
wonít make money. Itís a wonderful idea, but I just donít see how we can take
advantage of it. Darn!"

"Hold on," said Mr. McMahon. "I have an idea. How about if we make videos of
this sexfights and sell them. I am sure they would have a huge demand. I sure
would buy one myself!"

"But Vince," said Mr. Turner. "If we start doing that people would associate
us with the porn business. One of the reasons our business has expanded so
much is because we are seen as family entertainment. It may be bad for
business if they start associating us with the adult entertainment business."

"You have a point, you have a point. Well, it was a great idea but seems will
have to postpone it. Lets go to the next item," said Mr. McMahon.

"Excuse me dad," said Stephanie McMahon. "Can I give a suggestion before we
move on?"

"Of course, Stephanie."

"We always argue which Federation is better and we kind of use the TV and
PPV ratings to decide who is better. But we agreed never to have our
wrestlers face each other in public to sort out who is really the best. This
is the perfect opportunity. We can have sexfights between women of WWF and
WCW to find out which federation has the hottest women."

"Thatís not a bad idea at all, agreed Mrs. McMahon and Turner. We can invite
a few selected people to witness the fight, and maybe have a little betting
on the winner."

"Letís do it! Will just have to see which women are willing to do this, but
I am sure we can find some."

The meeting was finished and both CEOís began the process to select their
sexfighters. Surprisingly most women jumped at the opportunity but Mr. Turner
chose the amazing Madusa (5í9Ē, 140, 36D-26-35) while Mr. McMahon selected
the gorgeous Tori (5í9Ē 138, 38-24-36).

The day of the fight arrived. Both women arrived to the mansion of Mr. Turner
and where taken to a beautiful bedroom and left alone. Madusa was wearing a
red bikini that revealed her magnificent powerful body. In front of her was
Tori, she was wearing a black thong that covered very little of her even more
amazing physique. As they slowly approached each women checked out her
opponents body. Both where tall, athletic, fit, firm beauties. Although both
in their 30ís they both had bodies that where the envy of any 20 year old.
Both were so hot, but surprisingly had very little sexfight experience. This
was going to be Toriís first sexfight, while Madusa had been in several prior
sexfights. On her first sexfight she had faced the legendary Sable who had
fucked again and again until she had to submit to the gorgeous blond. Madusa
had been totally humiliated in that sexfight and was forced to leave the WWF,
but she had learned a lot from that defeat. So much that Sable had been
avoiding a rematch!

They slowly approached each other until their bodies where in contact.
Suddenly Madusa took Tori's hair, pulled her towards her and passionately
began to kiss her. The sexfight was on! For the next several minutes a
passionate sensual kissing duel took place. Their tongues wrestled inside
and outside of their mouths. At some moments it appeared Tori was the better
kisser, but Madusa would quickly even the duel. Meanwhile they began to use
their hands to feel out their opponents body.

Toriís hands quickly began to fondle the magnificent breasts of Madusa. God,
Tori though. This bitch has wonderful tits: they are so big and firm! They
are bigger and firmer than Sableís! But Tori was not the only one impressed
with the body of her opponent. Madusa was thinking, 'I canít believe hot this
bitch is. What a body! I thought I had a great body, but she can at least
match me in every category. And god, does she know how to kiss!'

After 10 minutes both women finally took a step back. The kissing duel had
ended in a draw, and neither was happy about it. Both had become so wet and
horny. All they wanted now was to finally get in bed. "So Madusa, are you
ready to get a lesson in how to fuck another woman?" Asked Tori.

"You, give me a lesson! Please, Tori, I am going to fuck you like youíve
never been fucked before. I am going to do you hard and so good that you
will beg me to stop." answered Madusa.

"Well, you blond bitch. You are dreaming. There is no way a slut and a whore
like you can match me sexually in bed!" Yelled Tori. "Stop talking and lets
see what you are really made of." Without more words a breast duel began.
Their magnificent orbs came together.

Madusa just smiled, took of her top and said, "OK bitch, lets see if your
tits can match mine." Before she finished the sentence Tori had also taken
off her top and approached Madusa.

Their glorious mammaries came together. Only heaven one could find such a
pair of perfect breasts. Madusa was so proud of her tits, and clearly they
did not let her down. Tori had a pair of gorgeous, amazing big breasts, but
Madusaís where even bigger and fuller. Initially Tori was intimidated by the
superior size and fullness of Madusa, but things were quickly even when she
noticed that her areolas where much bigger than Madusaís.

Both women began rubbing their breasts together. Each women pressed and
rubbed her tits against the other girls breasts. Their nipples began a duel
of their own and as the tit duel evolved both women where getting more and
more excited. Their nipples got bigger and harder by the second and soon it
became evident that Toriís nipples clearly outmatched Madusaís. But Madusa
was confident that her fuller breasts would emerge victorious. Their breasts
rub against each other, flesh vs flesh, areola vs areola, nipple vs nipple.
Each women expertly turning on the other one. Tori's orbs where been
overpowered by Madusa's bigger firmer tits, but her nipples where slowly
outclassing Madusaís. Both girls moaning in pleasure, neither willing to
admit the superiority of the other one. Each girl trying to pin the other
one against the wall and overcome her sexually.

Suddenly Madusa realized that Tori had slowly been pushing her against the
wall. Madusa could feel her back pinned against the wall and her nipples been
pushed into her flesh. Madusa could believe how firm and strong where Toriís
tits, and go her nipples! They felt like steel bud pushing against her own.
Madusa realized she was getting hotter and wetter by the second. Tori was now
rubbing sensually and erotically her breasts vs Madusaís. Clearly Madusa was
in trouble.

As a desperate measure Madusa placed her hand behind Toriís neck and pulled
her towards her. A new tongue-kissing duel began, Madusa trying to make Tori
back away from the tit duel. But Madusaís strategy backfired. Soon she was
completely pinned against the wall moaning in uncontrollably pleasure,
suddenly she could feel how her tongue was also been conquered. She
desperately tried to fight back, but to no avail. Her bigger breasts where
been fucked by the magnificent orbs of Tori, her nipples where been destroyed
by the bigger, stronger nipples of her opponent, and Toriís was thrusting her
tongue down Madusaís throat.

Madusa could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, she had to do
something soon or she would reach the first orgasm of the night. As a last
resort she began using her hands to localize Toriís cunt. She began to
sensually rub Toriís cunt, and Tori had no option but to back off. Madusa
was moaning, her legs shaky from the excitement Tori had brought her to.
Tori just smiled, "Looks like my tits are just bigger and better than yours,
you blond slut. Do you give up?"

"Your tits better than mine? In your dreams! And a sexfight is decided in
bed! Are you woman enough to face me in bed bitch?" screamed Madusa.

"OK, Madusa, lets finish this in bed."

Both women were facing each other completely naked in bed. Their superb
bodies facing each other. Both women where passionate and sensually kissing
each other, their hands exploring every inch of her opponents magnificent
body. Toriís tongue was invading Madusaís mouth, despite all her efforts
Madusa realized Tori was slowly conquering her in this kissing duel.

Suddenly she pushed her down, Tori landed on her back and before she realized
it Madusa was on top of her and had gotten into a 69 position. Will see now
who is really the better woman Tori, said Madusa, as she began to eat Tori.

Tori inmediately began her attack also. Both women where now licking and
eating each other. Both where expert and sensual women and knew how to bring
the other to ecstasy.

Soon Madusa began to take control. She licked Toriís beautiful lips and
could see how Tori was getting wetter by the second and how her clit engorged
second by second. Tori realized she was been outlicked. She could feel her
body tensing and she approached an orgasm. She tried holding it while she
licked back, but now Madusaís tongue was penetrating into her love organ. And
God, Madusa was gooooood. Toriís felt inmediately an electric shock through
all over her body as Madusaís tongue found her G-spot. She desperately tried
to hold on for a few more seconds, sensing she could find Madusaís G-spot
soon, but to no avail. She finally exploded in a tremendous orgasm and almost
drowned Madusa as a huge load of love juice escaped from her pussy.

"Do you give up Tori?" smiled Madusa as she rolled away.

Tori did not know what to do, she had clearly been outlicked, but her sexual
drive was still untouched. "Why donít you give me a rematch Madusa, I am sure
I can make you cum also."

Madusa just smiled. "You little slut, I made you cum in less than 10 minutes.
You are hardly a match for me. But if you want to continue we can finger fuck
each other and will see if your little cunt can take it."

Tori was an inexperienced sexfighter, but she knew her love box was in no
shape at this time to engage in a finger fucking duel. She needed a few more
minutes to recover. So she declined, layed on her back and spread her legs
apart. She then said, "Maybe later Madusa, why donít we see right now if your
clit and cunt are as good as you claim?"

With that the two powerful women approached their mounds together. Madusa
drew her powerful left leg up, bending at the knee, allowing Tori to extend
her even more powerful right leg forward. Then Madusa slid her gorgeous thigh
over Toriís right leg and wrapped it around the other brunetteís with the
power of an anaconda. Their dripping cunts were only millimeters apart, the
two combatants shifted and adjusted themselves to get the very best hold on
each otherís legs that they could. Satisfied, the two slipped their arms
around each other and grabbed hold of their opponents rock hard and flexing

Laying on their sides, legs hopelessly entwined and hands pulling them
together their burning and moist cunts made a slow and sloppy initial
contact. Gently at first Madusa started to grind her flaming cunt into
Toriís equally hot snatch. With their eyes closed and soft moans the two
gorgeous women added more and more force. A quick intake of breath from
both women signaled the separation of pussy lips and the hot wet and
sloppy contact of clit on clit. Toriís clit, engorged like it had never
been engorged before, entered Madusaís awaiting oozing snatch and slid
under and around Madusaís growing clit.

Madusa bucked and moaned uncontrollably as she fought off the attack. Her
mind reeled, teetering between ecstasy and hatred for the powerful woman that
was outfucking her. Madusa loosened her left leg hold a little to try to pull
herself away from the onslaught from Tori but the gorgeous stronger women
pulled Madusaís ass closer with her hands and drove her clit even further
into Madusaís burning and dripping cunt. A loud squeal escaped Madusa as she
twisted her powerful body around, contorting and bucking at the vicious and
arousing intrusion on her womanhood. She tried fighting back, but Tori was
just too good.

Tori increased the pressure between them by contracting and squeezing her
vice-like legs around Madusaís powerful set. Tori forced Madusa on to her
back and continued to drive her clit into her. The two beautiful womenís
powerful and silky slithered and flexed against each other giving the erotic
sound of cunt vs cunt as the battle continued.

Tori pressed her attack on. Lying down and mashing her 38 breasts into
Madusaís 36c breasts, the stronger woman planted her mouth over the gorgeous
Madusa and forced her tongue into Madusaís dry mouth. Madusa sensed she was
in trouble and twisted her head away just long enough to utter a breathless
"NO" before Toriís mouth found hers again.

A river of gooey fluid streamed from between the entangled womenís legs
lubricating their well defined stomachs so they slid effortlessly against
each other. Their cunts made a wet, sucking sound as they sopped and
vacuumed together.

Madusa couldnít hold on any longer. Clearly Toriís had the strongest clit
and cunt and was the better cuntfighter. In a last desperate effort Madusa
began pumping Tori salvagely. But Tori answerd with an even stronger more
steadier pounding that soon broke down Madusa. Madusa exploded exploded in
a body jolting and vocal orgasm. Madusa exploded in the bigger orgams of
her life and her love juice filled Toriís cunt. Tori, sensing complete
victory increased even more her pounding action over Madusa and soon
brought 2 more orgasms from the busy blond. Madusa was not figthing back,
her amazing body went limp from complete exhaustion.

Tori could feel how Madusaís sexual energy was rapidly fading. But she was
also reaching her limit. She continued to rub her clit vs Madusaís, but now
she was also moaning in total pleasure. "Do you give up bitch," yelled Tori.
"I wonít stop fucking you until you give up slut. Give up!"

Madusa was barely concious, but she heard Toriís request. Madusa knew Tori
had won and had outfucked her. With tears of pleasure and frustration she
tried to surrender. But her body would not react as she wanted. A barely
audible whisper came out of her, "Please Tori, stop. I give up. You are the
better woman."

But the whisper was so soft that Tori could not hear it, lost in her own
moans of pleasure. Toriís inexperience in a sexfight where appearing now.
Madusa was defeated and broken, and barely concious, but Tori kept on
rubbing herself vs Madusaís. Tori was still wet, but Madusa had wasted all
her love juice and was completely dry. She was a lifeless body and Tori was
mostly masturbating herself vs Madusaís dry cunt. For the next few minutes
Tori kept on moaning in pleasure as she satisfied herself by pounding
Madusa, and kept on demaning a submission by Madusa. Madusa tried to submit
on several occasions, begging not to be fucked any more, but she was so
exhausted and drained that she could not to anything more than emit soft
whispers that got lost in the middle of passion. Finally Tori could not
take it any more and exploded in the biggest orgasm of the night.

Her glorious body shaked and convulsed in ultimate pleasure as she screamed,

Both women where now lying on their backs, their superb hot bodies covered
by their sweat. They panted in exhaustion and moaned in pleasure. Madusa
knew she had completely outfucked so far, but soon realized that Tori had
not realized it. Tori meanwhile was in complete disbelief. She had pounded
and fucked Madusa with everything she had, and Madusa had not submitted to
her. What else could she do?

Madusa knew she had nothing left. She also knew that in any other duel Tori
would emerge victorious. She only had one card left. She slowly crawled
towards Tori. Every movement was painful, her body begging not to continue
fighting. But her pride won and slowly she was able to climb on top of Tori.
She spread Toriís legs apart and slowly began to rub herself vs Tori, clit
vs clit, cunt vs cunt. With a last surge of energy she began alternating the
clit fight with a tit fight, rubbing breast vs breast, nipple vs nipple.
Madusa realized this was suicide. She had nothing left, if Tori fought back
she would have to capitulate inmediately. But she continued her attack.

Tori was in complete disbelief. How could Madusa still be in condition to
fight after all she had made her go through. For a moment Tori thought about
fighting back, but decided against that. Clearly Madusa was insatiable, how
could she win?

Madusa closed her eyes. Her body was reaching the final limit. She could feel
the last orgasm building inside of her. Madusa knew that she would be unable
to continue after this orgasm. She also knew she would probably pass out
after reaching climax for the last time. Suddenly she heard Tori saying, "I
give up Madusa, I give up."

Immediately Madusa rolled off from Tori. She layed there, exhausted and with
nothing left. She tried getting up and living the room before Tori realized
in what condition she was. As she was rising her powerful legs shaked,
drained by too many orgams. Finally she collapsed and slowly passed into
unconciousness. She had asked too much from her body. Tori meanwhile got on
her feet and walked towards Madusa to congratulate her. To her surprise she
then realized Madusa had passed out and the big mistake she had done by

Officially Madusa had won, thanks to Toriís inexperience, but clearly Tori
had dominted the sexfight. Tori left the room, thinking of how to get a
rematch. She had learned a lot in this her first sexfight, and she knew next
time there would be another winner.

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