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by Revolution

The scene is before Judgment Day and Sable is preparing for her Bikini
Challenge against Torrie Wilson but when she saw Torrie's fiance, Billy
Kidman, her devious wheels began to turn. Sable already had on her bikini
and little half robe. Sable sat down at the table next to Billy and crossed
her legs.

"You don't mind if I sit here, do you?" Sable asked.

"Um no," a flustered Billy replied.

Sable began rubbing oil on her luscious legs and Billy Kidman got even more
flustered. When Sable was done, she moved over next to Kidman and slipped her
hand in his pants and smiled, when she found out he was chubbed up. Sable
slipped a hotel room key into Billy's shirt pocket. "Come by after the show
and let me take care of that. I'll be waiting," Sable said. She smiled and
walked away leaving Billy Kidman looking at the hotel room key...

The Bikini Challenge did not go at all like Sable expected. Sable went in
thinking that whoever the fans voted for, she was going to win because she
was going to have Torrie's fiance after the show. That all changed when
Torrie Wilson stipped off her first bikini to reveal the tiniest bikini
possible. Torrie then said she wanted no hard feelings with Sable and gave
Sable a passionate kiss before walking away. Sable no longer wanted to hurt
Torrie, infact she wanted to do the exact opposite...

After the Bikini Challenge was over, Torrie returned backstage and was
greeted by her fiance. Billy made up some excuse about going out with the
boys and he'd be out all night. Torrie was a bit confused but didn't think
twice about what Billy really thought he would be doing that night.

* * *

"Torrie! Torrie! Wait, please," Sable yelled as she rushed up to Torrie.

"Yes Sable?" Torrie said.

"I've been wrong all along, Torrie, I don't want to compete with you. I've
been wrong and I want to make it up to you and show you a good time," Sable

"I meant it when I said no hard feelings but don't get the wrong idea. I can
appreciate beautiful women but men are what I need," Torrie said.

"I understand that but come with me, Torrie, let me show you how I found a
good time around here. Think of it as a Bachelorette Party," Sable said.

"Ok Sable, I'll bite. I'm putting myself in your hands, and you better
deliver," Torrie said.

Sable brought Torrie to a private dressing room where she told Torrie to get
comfortable because she would be right back. Torrie sat down on the couch.
She was still wearing her tiny gold bikini but had on her pink silk robe.
Torrie is normally a shy girl but she was feeling so hot tonight. She finally
understood just how hot she is and how everyone worships her perfect body.
This meant she was willing to go along with whatever Sable had planned
because she didn't care anymore. If her fiancee found out, big deal, he could
never leave her.

About ten minutes later, the door opened and Sable returned but she wasn't
alone. There were four confused looking guys with her. Torrie recognized them
as the lighting crew. Sable introduced Torrie to Brian, Brad, Jeff, and Mark.
They all complimented Torrie on her bikini challenge victory but had no idea
what they were doing in this private dressing room with Sable and Torrie.

"Torrie, a few days ago, these four men took me and made me their dirty
whore. At first, I was reluctant but then I gave in. Torrie, girls like you
and me, we just want to be whores sometimes and this is what I'm giving you.
A chance before you get married to let it all out, girl, and be a dirty
slut," Sable said.

"You know I'm a very sexual person and to be honest, I have always fantasized
abot something like this but I really don't know what to do with FOUR guys,"
Torrie confessed.

"Don't you worry, Torrie, that's why I'm here. I'll make sure you get the
dirtiest, filthiest, nastiest, sluttiest experience of your life, baby,"
Sable said.

"When you put it like that, we are we waiting for?" said Torrie.

Sable brought Torrie to her feet then instructed the four men to get naked
for her. Brian, Brad, Mark and Jeff surrounded Torrie, looking her over.
Sable came over and took off Torrie's robe then got out of the way. Sable
was giving instructions but she made sure that this was about Torrie. The
four guys immediately began to get hard looking over Torrie from head to
toe. She was in her TINY gold teardrop string bikini. It barely covered her
nipples and showed off her enormous rack. The string bottoms were wedged
deep in the crack of her juicy ass.

"Shake it for em, Torrie," Sable said.

Torrie began grinding her hips and shaking her goods for the men. "Oh
fucking shake those big tits," Jeff encouraged. He grabbed Torrie and started
licking between her breasts. He pushed them together, feeling her soft melons
against the sides of his tongue. Torrie pushed him back and did a little more
erotic dancing.

"How about that juicy ass?" Brad asked as he walked up behind Torrie and
started grabbing at her butt. He felt those magnificant buns between his
fingers. Torrie soon pushed him away and resumed her dancing.

"Look at those pretty feet," Brian said. He got down on his hand and knees
and began kissing and licking Torrie's toes.

Jeff and Mark moved back in and tasted Torrie's breasts while Brad played
with her ass. Torrie was enjoying these four guys feeling her up and
worshipping her perfect body. Torrie's mouth started to water as she felt
their man meat brush against her.

"Ok Torrie, get down on your knees and suck those cocks. One or two at a
time, or however many you can fit in that pretty mouth of yours," Sable

"Mmmm I'd love to get my lips around those cocks," Torrie said. Torrie
dropped to her knees and grabbed two dicks. She stroked off Jeff and Brian
while moving back and forth between Brad and Mark, bobbing her head on their
cocks. She moved her head around, sucking on each guys rod a little bit. She
went around a few times then started focusing on one while going at two
ohters with her hands. The four men moaned and groaned as Torrie slobbered
all over their cocks.

"Oh yeah Torrie, GET NASTY!" Sable said.

Torrie took Brad and Brian's dicks into her mouth, stretching it as wide as
it could go. Torrie gagged and pulled them out. She tried it again and did
it without gagging. She then grabbed a hold of Mark and Jeff, taking both of
their rods deep into her mouth at the same time.

"Oh yeah Torrie, now you're getting nasty," Mark moaned.

"Now I wanna be FUCKED!" Torrie demanded. She laid down on her back and
started to take off her bikini bottoms.

"No, Torrie, leave that bikini on, it's just way too hot. You heard her,
somebody fuck her," Sable said.

Jeff went up first, spreading Torrie's legs apart. He shifted her string
bottoms over and worked his cock into Torrie's hot cunt.

"Ahhh yeeeah!" Torrie moaned, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!"

Jeff started penetrating Torrie's fine pussy at a steady tempo. Sable told
the rest of the guys to get near Torrie's face and get her sucking their
cocks. Torrie sucked and stroked on three guys as Jeff nailed her pussy.
With each thrust inside of her, Torrie's tits jiggled wildy.

"Let me in," Brian said. He took Jeff's spot and started fucking Torrie.
Sable stopped Jeff and licked Torrie's sweet pussy juices off his cock. She
then sent him back to Torrie.

"Oh yeah! Oh fuck my pussy! Mmmmmm mmmmmm ohhh that feels good! Mmmm ohhh
yeah!" Torrie moaned out as Brian pounded her hot pussy.

A few minutes went by until Sable interjected herself. "Ok, that's good
enough for her pussy for now," Sable said, "Torrie come on over here."

Torrie got up and walked over to Sable. Sable turned Torrie around, her ass
facing the men.

"Look at that ass, it's perfect. I want to see it get fucked and fucked hard!
Would you like that Torrie?" Sable said.

"Oh god yes, I'd love to have my ass fucked!" Torrie said.

Torrie got down on all fours and wiggled her ass from side to side. Brad got
behind that fine ass and licked it all over. He pulled out Torrie's g-string
and tongued that tasty anus. Torrie moaned softly, saying she was ready. Brad
pushed a little bit of his cock into Torrie's asshole then pulled out. He
went back in a little deeper and pulled out again. Finally he went all the
way into Torrie's ass, grabbed onto her hips and started fucking that amazing
rear-end. "Look at that big cock in that juicy ass! How's that feel Torrie?"
Sable asked.

"OOOOOOHHHHH I FUCKING LOVE IT! Yeeeah fuck my ass! I need a cock to suck on!
Get over here! Oh my ass!" Torrie moaned.

The other three guys quickly rushed to Torrie's mouth, giving her something
the suck and stroke. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Brad spanked Torrie's ass as
he fucked it. "Ahhh yeah spank my ass!" Torrie moaned.

"You fucking like it dirty like that, Torrie? Me fucking your ass! Ohhh damn
this ass is so good!" Brad yelled out.

"That's enough for you," Sable directed.

"I'm gettin a piece of that ass next," Mark said.

"You know, I love being fucked in the ass when I'm standing up!" Torrie
said. Torrie stood up and bent all the way forward, sticking out her ass and
touching the floor with her fingers.

"Holy shit!" Mark exclaimed.

"Don't just stand there, stick your fat dick in my ass!" Torrie said.

Mark got behind Torrie and was mesmerized by that gorgeous round booty
sticking out there just for him. He entered Torrie's asshole and started
pumping into it. Torrie was having trouble staying bent over like that
while being fucked but Sable had an idea. She got Jeff to come over and
hold Torrie's head down while shoving his dick in her mouth. Torrie's
mouth and ass were filled with dick as she got it from both ends. "Oh my
god! I love this fucking ass Torrie! Oh you're amazing! OH FUCK!" Mark
moaned out.

Sable let that go on for a little bit until she got Torrie to stand up.
Jeff picked up Torrie and slid her pussy down onto his cock. Sable
instructed Mark to get behind Torrie and get back in her ass. Torrie
wrapped her arms and legs around Jeff and started bouncing up and down
on the two dicks.

"Ahh yeah! I fuckin love it! Ohhh god! One in my pussy and one in my ass!
OHHHH YEAH!" Torrie screamed as she kept on bouncing.

"Oh fuck Torrie! Ohhhh take both our cocks inside of you!" Jeff moaned.

Brad and Brian watched on, stroking themselves, as Torrie rode the two dicks.

"Ahhh god Torrie! Ah fuck I'm gonna cum!" Mark shouted.

"Cum on her big tits and face for me!" Sable said.

Mark and Jeff let Torrie down and she got onto her knees in front of them.
Mark unloaded first, sending streams of cum onto Torrie's face and some down
onto her tits. Jeff let his load fly onto Torrie's massive jugs and pretty
face. Torrie took both cocks in her mouth and sucked them dry. Jeff and Mark
sat down and watched as Torrie started licking the cum from her big breasts.

"Let me help you with that," Sable said. Sable crawled over and slurped up
the rest of the jizz off of Torrie's jugs. Torrie had a little bit of cum
left on her cheek and Sable licked that up too.

"How about letting us get some of that ass and pussy action?" Brian asked.

Sable went over to them and explained how she wanted them to give it to
Torrie. Brad laid down on the floor and Torrie got on top of him, cowgirl
style. She wiggled around, getting Brad's dick deep up in her pussy. Brian
got down behind Torrie's beautiful ass and worked his cock inside.

"Ohhh fuck give it to me!" Torrie moaned.

SMACK! SMACK! Brian smacked Torrie's ass a few times. Brian pounded Torrie's
asshole while Brad pumped up into her pussy.

"Let me look at that beautiful face, while you get two cocks inside of you,"
Brad said. He pulled Torrie down close against him, looking right in her
gorgeous eyes. Torrie's big titties rubbed against Brad's chest as she got
double penetrated.

"OH GOD! FUCK ME SO HARD! Ohhhh I love it! Unnhhuhhhhh!" Torrie moaned.

"Ohh yeah you fucking love a cock in your pussy and a cock in your ass!
Fucking hot bitch!" Brad moaned.

"We're gonna cum all over that juicy ass! Two big loads for such a perfect
ass!" Brian said.

"Unhhh yeeeah fucking cum all over my ass!" Torrie screamed.


"Right fucking there!" Brian screamed as he smacked Torrie's ass.


Brian pulled out of Torrie's asshole and sprayed his cum all over it,
grunting and groaning. Brad slipped his dick out of Torrie's pussy and gave
it a few strokes, sending his cum up onto her butt. Mark grabbed Sable and
pushed her down by Torrie's ass. "Lick that cum off her ass like a good
slut," he said.

"Mmmm I'd love to," Sable said, licking her lips. Sable licked every inch of
Torrie's tanned backside, taking all of the cum into her mouth. Torrie looked
over her shoulder, staring at Sable licking the cum from her amazing butt.
Soon Torrie's ass was sparkingly clean and shined with Sable's saliva.

"Now what, Sable? I want to get even sluttier!" Torrie said.

"You're gonna take two cocks in one hole, Torrie. We'll start with your cunt
and work up to stuffing two big dicks in your asshole," Sable responded.
Sable gave Torrie some directions and Torrie laid down next to the couch.
She lifted her legs and butt straight up in the air, resting her lower back
against the edge of the couch. Her tanned legs were spread and her pussy was
facing the ceiling. Sable fluffed Mark and Jeff, getting them super hard.
Mark stood over Torrie, facing her and lowered his prick down into her pussy.
"You want another cock in your pussy?" He asked.

"Unh huh! I do!" Torrie replied.

Jeff moved up, facing away from Torrie and facing Mark. He pushed up close
and struggled to work his dick inside of Torrie's cunt with Mark's. Jeff
held his cock in deep, while Mark started pumping his in and out.

"Oh god! OH GOD! That feels so fucking good! Oh don't stop! OH FUCK YES! Keep
those two fat dicks fucking my pussy!" Torrie moaned.

Mark stopped pumping and let Jeff give it a go, as he slid his dick in and
out of Torrie's double stuffed pussy. "My dick's rubbing against another
man's dick and I don't even care! You're so fucking hot Torrie! OH SHIT!"
Jeff moaned as he kept pumping into that warm wet hole.

"I love it! It feels good," Mark sighed.

"Oh yeah? (Unhh ohhh) You like that? You like (mmmhh god) feeling another
(unhhuhhh) man's cock inside my hot pussy?" Torrie asked.

"Oh yeah it feels good having another big slippery wet cock rubbing against
mine, stretching out your pussy, Torrie," Mark moaned.

"That makes me even wetter and hornier knowing what I can make men do!"
Torrie proclaimed.

"That's good, let Brian and Brad try it, see if they like it," Sable said.

Mark and Jeff pulled out of Torrie's stretched out pussy. She rubbed it as
she waited for the next two.

"How could they not like it? It's so dirty!" Torrie said.

Brian and Brad got Torrie in a reverse cowgirl type position with Torrie on
top of Brad. Brad wedged his cock up inside of Torrie's pussy, and she leaned
back, spreading her legs wide. Brian then worked his cock inside of Torrie's
pussy as well. Brad held Torrie around the waist as Brian began pumping her
tightly double filled pussy!

"Oooohhhh shit! Give it to me you nasty motherfuckers! OHHHH! OHHH! Ohhh
fucking give it to me hard!" Torrie moaned.

"Oh god yeah! Someone so fucking hot being so nasty! You deserve this
Torrie!" Brian moaned. He forced his cock in and out of her over-stuffed
pussy while just staring at her beautiful face.

"Pound that fucking pussy! Give it to Torrie! Two big dicks in her hot
snatch! Give it to her!" Sable encouraged.

Brad started to buck his hips gently so both cocks were moving inside of
Torrie's love canal and Torrie's body shook as she went through another

"How do you like it? Feeling another man's cock rub against yours in my
pussy?" Torrie asked.

"Only for you, cause you're a fucking goddess," Brian said.

"The only thing that would feel better would be feeling another cock against
mine deep in your ass!" Brad said.

"I guess it's time," Sable said.

"I'm ready," Torrie said.

"Mark and Brad, you two seem to like it the most, you go first," Sable

Mark sat down on the couch and Torrie got ontop of him with her ass facing
him. Torrie sat down, taking Mark's cock deep up into her ass. She then
leaned back against him, spreading her legs out wide and really opening
herself up.

"It feels so good with one big cock filling up my ass, I want to feel
another!" Torrie sighed.

"I'll give you two cocks in your hot ass," Brad said. Brad held his big cock
at the base and tried to jam the head inside of Torrie's asshole but he was
having a hard time getting it in.

"You're gonna have to really jam it in there, it's so tight," Mark said.

Brad pushed his cock down against Mark's and tried to work it into Torrie's

"Oh oh OH GOD!" Torrie shrieked as Brad finally got his cock inside!

"Yeeeah that's it, now you're all filled up," Mark said.

"Such a nasty slut with two cocks in your ass!" Brad said, just holding his
dick deep in there.

"Unhh fuck yeah! I'm your nasty fucking slut! Double fuck my ass! Unhh yeah!"
Torrie moaned.

"It's so fucking tight!" Brad groaned as he began slowly pumping Torrie's
ass. Torrie turned her head and gazed at Mark.

"Ohhh ohhh ahhh you fucking like this don't you?" Torrie asked him.

"I fucking love it!" He shouted back at her.

"Oh Torrie! Feeling another big hard cock rubbing against mine, stretching
your gorgeous ass apart! It's fucking awesome!" Mark moaned.

"The warmth of your tight asshole and the friction, oh fuck, the friction of
our raw cocks rubbing together, making them so nice and warm, ohhh it feels
so good!" Brad moaned.

"It feels so fucking good for me too! Two different big cocks pulling apart
my ass! Goddamn!" Torrie moaned. "Fuck my ass with your big dicks! Fuck it

Mark grabbed Torrie's big breasts and held on while Brad grabbed her legs
for support. He gritted his teeth and started pumping as hard as he could,
forcing his cock in and out of Torrie's double stuffed asshole! The two big
cocks rubbing together so hard inside of Torrie's ass. Brad's balls smacking
against the base of Mark's dick.

"Give it to her good! Double team that ass! But I don't want you cumming
just yet," Sable said.

"AHHHH POUND MY ASS! Both of you! Unh oh fuck oh god yes!" Torrie moaned.
The blond goddess turned super slut got it real good from these two well
hung studs who violated that beautiful ass. They kept forcing their meaty
cocks into that tight asshole, stretching it out. They felt each others
every thrust and bit of pleasure sharing one of the most beautiful women
on the planet. Sable didn't want them to explode so soon it was time for
Mark and Brad to pull out. Torrie grabbed both dicks and stretched her
mouth around them, sucking the taste of her hot ass from them.

"You're such a dirty girl," Mark said.

"I know!" Torrie giggled.

"Do you want more Torrie?" Sable asked.

"I want more!" Torrie demanded.

"You heard her, Brian, Jeff, double team that round juicy ass!" Sable said.

Torrie shoved Brian down on the couch and turned around. She did a dance for
him, swivelling her hips and shaking that rump. She then turned around and
got on top of him, straddling him. She grabbed his shaft and pushed it up
into her asshole. Torrie wiggled around and got comfortable, then arched her
back making sure her booty looked nice and big. Torrie leaned forward,
pressing herself close to Brian.

"How's that feel?" Torrie asked.

"Ohhh sooo good," Brian moaned. He had his cock up Torrie's ass and her big
breasts pressed against his chest.

"Fill me up!" Torrie commanded.

"God damn," Jeff said as he approached Torrie's ass. It looked so good and
round. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He smacked that fine ass. He mounted his goddess
and struggled to force his cock inside her already filled ass. Torrie
encouraged him and soon Jeff had found the right spot to fit his cock deep
in Torrie's ass alongside Brian's.

"OH GOD YES! Tell me you don't fucking love that?" Torrie asked.

"Unhhh fuck I do! I fucking love double fucking your hot fucking ass!" Jeff

"Awww yeah that is good! All up in that ass!" Brian moaned.

"HARDER! Just fuck it harder!" Torrie wanted.

Jeff spread apart those meaty buns as far as he could and just slammed away.

"You take it so good Torrie!" Brian moaned.

"Yeah taking two cocks in that hot ass! Fuuuuck!" Jeff moaned.

Brian wrapped his arms around Torrie holding her tight. He bucked his hips a
bit trying to pump Torrie a bit too from underneath.

Meanwhile, Brad and Mark were stroking their own shafts while Sable was
fingering herself. It was just so hot watching that shapely bronzed ass be
violated by two long, thick members while Torrie screamed and moaned wildly.

"I'm almost there," Brian said, "Let's give it to her real hard!" He started
pumping as much as he could while Jeff just forcefully pounded that ass!

"Uhhhhh TWO COCKS uhhhohhhh MY ASS ohhhfuck SO HARD unhhhgod yes! OW OH OW AH
FUUUUUCKK!" Torrie screamed.

"Out out!" Sable soon shouted sensing the two were about to cum. Jeff pulled
out and his cock was beat red from rubbing so violently against Brian's.

"Torrie bend over! I want all four of you to cum on that ass at the same
time!" Sable demanded.

Torrie bent forward, arching her back, straightening her legs and just
sticking out that gorgeous ass to be cummed on. Torrie looked over her
shoulder and smiled as she watched the four studs pump away. "You've
fucked it every way, you've double fucked it, look at it, it's so nice,
cum all over my ass!" Torrie said.

"I FUCKING LOVE THAT ASS!" Brian shouted as he shot his creamy load onto
Torrie's cheeks.

"IT'S SO GODDAMN ROUND!" Brad groaned as he jerked off a big steamy load of
cum onto Torrie's ass.

"IT'S SO BRONZE AND TANNED AND OH FUCK!" Mark exclaimed as he busted his load
onto Torrie's butt.

"Oh oh oh," Jeff moaned as he walked forward and rubbed his cock head up and
down Torrie's ass crack. He pulled back and shot his cum all over the fine
booty. Torrie's ass was just drenched and dripping with steamy cum. All four
guys walked up and slapped and rubbed their softening cocks against that
slick ass. They then dropped to their knees and each kissed Torrie's ass.

"We love this ass," Mark said.

"And this ass loved your big cocks," Torrie said.

Mark, Brian, Jeff, and Brad sat down on the couch and relaxed, playing with
their nuts a bit. "Just stand there," Brad told Torrie.

"Son of a bitch, I still can't stand how fucking hot she is," Jeff said.

"Look at that banging body, so tanned, so perfect," Brian said.

"We spent so much time violating that perfect ass, we left those big tits and
that sexy face all alone," Mark said.

"You've got more?" Torrie asked.

"Fuck yeah slut, get over here and lick my nuts," Mark said.

Torrie got down on her knees and crawled over to the couch. She started
licking Mark's nuts while he stroked his cock, trying to get it hard again.
Torrie lifted up Mark's sack and tongued his anus a little. She went back
to sucking on his nuts until he had a hard-on. Mark grabbed Torrie's blond
hair and shoved his big eight inch cock down her throat.

"You're so hot!" Mark said as he deep throated Torrie. He pulled out and
saliva dripped down her chin. Mark laid Torrie down and got down over her
face. He rested his cock inside Torrie's mouth then grabbed onto her huge
tits. He fucked her throat while fondling those great big breasts. Mark
would let Torrie get some air and then go back to making her gag on his
dick. All of a sudden he stopped and started grunting really loud as he
came his last bit of cum down Torrie's throat. "Ohhhhhh I'm so done," Mark
moaned and collapsed back on the couch. Torrie wiped the saliva from her

Brad jumped on Torrie and started fucking her big titties. He slid his cock
between them and had Torrie push them together. He pumped his cock between
those big breasts, back and forth, while Torrie licked the tip. "Aww yeah
such nice big titties!" Brad moaned.

"Fuck my titties! Cum on my titties!" Torrie encouraged.

A few more pumps between those big round succulent tits and Brad was
splooging all over them. Torrie got Brian and Jeff to stand up. She was on
her knees and started giving Brian a tit fuck. "Ohhh yeah that's good
Torrie!" He moaned. Torrie switched over to Jeff and tit fucked his big

Torrie went back and forth giving both men a good tit fuck with her beautiful
breasts. Torrie then grabbed their cocks and shoved them in her mouth. Brian
and Jeff grabbed the back of her head and pushed both of their dicks deep
into her mouth. Tears rolled down Torrie's eyes as they did this a few times
but she kept begging for more. She pulled them out and rubbed each dick
against one of her tits until both men started squirting out their loads of
cum onto her breasts! Both of them collapsed back down on the couch.

Torrie laid down on the floor, finally exhausted.

"It looks like Torrie got all of being a dirty little slut out of her
system," Sable said...

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