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Torrie's and Stacy's Egg Nog Aftermath!
by Torrie's Egg Nog

The egg nog match had just ended and Stacy quickly went backstage covered
in egg nog from head to toe.

The match went wrong as Stacy was confirmed to win the match.

Stacy was so she walked back to her locker room, she got a lot
of congrats on her match.

She tried to hide it and say "thank you" but walked down the hall dripping
egg nog on the floor and holding her half ripped santa suit.

Torrie walked backstage to a lot of claps and "great jobs." Torrie smiled
trying to cover much of her huge breasts as possible.

She saw many WWF workers starring at her breasts and sexy legs.

A man gave her a towel as she walked to her locker room.

Torrie closed the door and completely took off the santa suit leaving her
in her bar and panties. Torrie wrapped the towel around her wet, hot, tan
body and headed for the girls showers.

When she arrived she bumped in to an angry Stacy Keibler.

Stacy couldn't hold it. She yelled "Hey bitch, why didn't you follow the
rules. I should have won!"

"I'm sorry Stacy, you yanked my clothes off and I couldn't wrestle and
hold them at the same time and...I'm"

"Fuck you you stupid blonde! I was going to win and you humiluated me in
front of millons!"

"You werent suppose to rip my santa suit!"

Well its not like you tried not to show off those fake breasts."

"FAKE!! These are original and its more than you got flat chested bitch!"

"Fuck you you sorry ho!"

Stacy tackled Torrie onto the floor and pulled her hair.

Torrie yelled and slapped Stacy. They started to throw punches and finally
Torrie pulled off Stacy's santa suit.

Stacy looked at her panties and bra and yelled "My santa costume!"

Torrie laughed as Stacy tried to cover up.

Torrie tripped Stacy and grabbed her hair and slapped her face. Stacy
laid on the floor holding her face.

Torrie went to a bag of stuff and found some handcuffs. She went over to

Stacy pushed her down and grabbed the cuffs. She cuffed Torrie's hands to
some pipes in a stall.

Torrie's back against the toilet.

Torrie tried to escape but Stacy gave her a huge punch.

"Stacy, what the hell do ya want?"

"Well, you just cost me a match in front of all those people. I was
spanked!!!!!!!!by a girl!"

"I just wanted to give them some action."

"Why couldn't I spank you? You didn't sell my slaps and twists?"

"I'll make it up to you. Please I don't want to fight."

"I don't want I'm sorry's or any re matches! I to.....I want
you to lick me all over."

"You must be kidding, I cant do that."

"Well you have to!"


"Fine....let me get the Dudleyz to punish you. They will make you Fuck,
Suck and then put you threw a table! I know from expierence!"

"Fine, Stacy please! Lets get this over with!"

"NOT NOW!! tonight at my room!"

She uncuffed torrie and helped her up. Stacy added "Don't show up, I will
tell everyone what you did back in wcw!"

Torrie walked off with tears in her eyes. Stacy had that little smile and
watched Torrie's big ass leave.

Stacy went into the shower and threw off her bar and panties.

Torrie walked back to her room sad. She couldn't stop thinking about

She used her sink to get the egg nog off and put on a short skirt and

* * *

Torrie had enough. She had to do something.

Stacy arrived when it was dark and knocked on the door.

Torrie grabbed a belt and hid in the closet. Stacy yelled "hello?"

Finally she walked in angry at torries no responce.

She walked in a looked around. She checked the bathroom and room. She was
pissed and turned around.

Torrie jumped out and tackled Stacy on the bed. She had her pinned to the

Stacy yelled and screamed for help. Torrie grabbed the belt and spanked
Stacy's round ass fast.

She spanked hard letting each smack echo threw the room and making sure
each left a mark.

Stacy moaned as her ass was being tore up.

Stacy used her strength and knocked torrie off of her. Stacy then jumped
on Torrie and started to slap her chest.

Torrie's big huge tan breasts jiggled at each smack. Torrie yelled and
grabbed stacys shirt yanking it off.

Stacy froze and stared at her small breasts.

She yelled and pulled Torrie's shirt off exposing her huge tan boobs.

Stacy went for the bra but Torrie used her sexy tanned leg and low blowed

Stacy yelled as her leg struck her wet pussy like a dick and she fell down
feeling the pain.

Torrie then pulled off Stacy's Dudley skirt off exposing her long sexy
legs fully and torrie went for her thong but Stacy grabbed Torrie's sexy tan
legs and ripped her skirt in half.

Torrie yelled and ripped off Stacy's bra exposing her tits. Stacy grew mad
and pulled Torrie's bra off.

Torrie's huge tan breasts flew out and jiggled as the girls rolled around.
Stacy grabbed her nipples and Torrie gave in.

Sqeezing nipples hurt and torrie soon begged for stacy to stop.

Stacy held her nipples and pulled down Torrie's panties exposing a tan,
wet pussy. Stacy smelled the air. Torries pussy.

Stacy sqeezed harder and Torrie yelled and yelled and kicked. Finally she
passed out to the pain and Stacy got up.

She stared at Torrie's sexy body and examined her red breasts.

Stacy pulled down her thong showing a mid bush and she jammed her pussy in
front of Torries face.

Stacy opened Torrie's mouth and Stacy moved Torries head up and down her

Stacy moaned and Torrie's spit tickled her pussy.

Stacy did this for 10 minutes then began rubbing Torrie's sexy legs.

Torrie had nice sexy tanned legs. Not to muscular, not to skinny, just

Stacy admired her legs but thought hers were betted.

Stacy then started to lick Torrie's pussy and rub it. She licked in and
oout of the tight pussy and moaned at its taste.

Stacy enjoyed playing with pussy.

Torries pussy was so perfect that Stacy kept rubbing, licking and

Torrie's pussy juice leaked on the bed.

Stacy still tasted a little egg nog taste and soon masagued Torrie's

Stacy fingered Torrie's huge tanned ass and fucked it with her finger.

Stacy grabbed her breasts and rubbed them against Torrie's. Their nipples
getting hard.

They both were sweaty and Stacy began to kiss Torrie's breasts. Then ate
some more of that tasty pussy.

Stacy was about to let Torrie suck her pussy but the door knocked.

Stacy grew scared. She got up and pulled on her skirt and shirt and
grabbed her bra and panties.

The door knocked again "mon-chee-kwae to do"

"MON-CU de seewhichia conti er foreti dorrie?"

It was Tajiri. After no answer, Tajiri kicked the door open. Tajiri froze
when he saw Torrie naked.

He ran to her and tried to wake her up. Stacy ran out the door.

Tajiri yelled and chased her down the hall. He watched her ass and legs
run around a corner.

He chased her then ran into the Dudleyz. Stacy hid behind them. Tajiri
just starred.

Torrie woke up sore and felt something up her pussy. She yanked outa candy
cane with pussy juice all over.

It had a piece of paper saying "Merry Christmas Torrie! Thanks for your

Torrie started crying and yelled as she was wet and naked on a bed.

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