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Torrie And Stephanie's Cruise Part 1
by Torrie's Short Shorts

Stephanie McMahon was called into her father's office at WWE headquarters.
She was a little puzzled that her father called her in on a Monday night,
while the were supposed to overlook Raw. However when she walked into her
father's office, the room was dark with one lamp on. As she walked in, "Hello
dad, well I guess you better tell me what you need this time."

Vince smiled as he took off his glasses, "Now honey, I don't always call
you up here to ask you something."

Steph smiled, "Dad, that's all you ever want."

Vince smiled back, "Well, I geuss you will find out soon."

As soon as it appeared that Vince would tell, the door knocked.

Steph asked who it was and Vince replied, "It's our good friend Torrie

Vince opened the door and greeted the sexy Torrie. Torrie in tight blue
jeans and low-cut shirt smiled at Steph as she sat down. The two exchanged
a hug and soon stared at Vince.

"Well now girls, it seems you dont know why you are here... Ah well, I
have a proposal for you. I'm going to offer you two a one week vacation."

The two girls smiled in excitement and each had their own thoughts.

"I am going to send you on a criuse... in return, I need you two...THE
FINEST DIVAS IN WRESTLING to promote the WWE!!" Vince yelled.

"Whoa, calm down dad, its no big deal...when they see me and Torrie, I
guarantee ratings."

"Yeah. Mr. McMahon, if they see me and Steph...they will want more of us."

"I am sending you two because I think both can create a good promoting
team... I want you both to do WHATEVER it takes to promote the WWE!" Vince
said. "Do that and I will raise your pay Torrie and Steph...we will make a
deal later. In the meantime pack your things...bikinis, shorts...whatever."

Torrie thanked Vince for the great vacation/promoting and walked out of
the room.

As Steph decided to follow Vince spoke, "Oh, uh, sweetheart..I..well I
give you permission to know a."

Steph added, "Thong?"

Vince gulped loud.

Steph smirked and yelled as she left, "Dad, I always wear thongs, but only
Hunter sees them."


Stephanie was grabbing her suitcases when Torrie Wilson walked up. Torrie
was wearing the most sexiest outfit. She was wearing those short shorts she
wore on Smackdown when she met Maven at the hospital. Steph, not wanting to
but in didn't tell Torrie that her sexy smooth and tan all the way legs were
way exposed. Torrie topped it off with her soft blonde hair down and a short
tight white tanktop that exposed her soft belly and abs. The most amazing
part were the two big breast that would nearly poke an eye out.

She smiled at Steph as Torrie thought about Steph. Steph had a more casual
look with a reg, shirt that no matter how loose exposed her huge boobs. Steph
had a dress type cloth on with flowers. Both were taken onboard where a man
took them to their room.

After a quick tour, the man left Torrie and Steph in their luxurious and
quite cozy room. It wasnt big but enough to hold Torrie and Steph.

Steph spoke, "Wow...this is better than some of the hotels I've been to."

Torrie leaped on her bed which made her SHORT shorts hike up more, which
revealed that Torrie's body was tan and smooth all over. Torrie glazed the
roof as Steph tried not to stare at Torrie's sexy legs and big breasts.

Torrie looked over and said, "Oh my gosh, Steph you have got to see the

Torrie rushed over to the door way as Steph slowly followed. Torrie stared
in a sexy way as Steph soon gave her smirk of sexiness.

'This is heaven,' thought steph, but Torrie yelled, "Wait until the food

Vince called Steph's cell-phone. "Hello," Steph said in a soft and sexy

"Honey put it on speaker so Torrie can hear."

"Ok...Torrie come listen."

"Thank I have kind of a bad news and good news."

"What's up dad..something wrong?"

"I know you left already, but I was notified that a terrible storm is
around your might not even be allowed out of your room for a few

"DONT tell me that our trip is ruined!!"

"Well ,for the most huh...I'm sorry I had no idea. You'll be fine, you
too, Torrie. Just listen to the captain and stay in your room."

"Dad, what about us? The boat?"

"The captain says you'll make it through the trip safely...there are so
many people aboard, they can't turn back."

"Sorry for interupting Mr. McMahon," Torrie started, "but do we just stay
in our room and read or watch TV?"

"Yeah, Torrie. Look Steph just forget about promoting and make the best of
it. One week that's all. You be there in three days. I'll check on you
later...I love you....take care, Torrie."

Steph turned it off. A look of diappointment fell on them..however they
soon made the best of things and went as if it wasnt storming. Torrie laid on
her bed with her sandals off and two buttons on her tank loosened...watched
TV as Steph grabbed a towel.

"I think I need a warm bubble bath."

Torrie glared at Steph and said, "I'm next, of coarse!"

"Ok, I'll be out in one hour!"

Torrie gave a loud "Ahh!" as if to say if you do, I'll pull you out.

Steph closed the door to their bathroom. She turned on the hot water and
sqeezed bubbles into it. Watching it fill up, she considered but scared. She
finally said, "Forget it!" She opened the door stopping the water.

She walked over to the sexy Torrie giggling at a joke on a comedy show.
Steph took a deep breath and turned off the tv.

Torrie stopped and yelled, "Hey, Steph I was watching that!"

Steph sat on Torrie's bed, "Torrie, have you ever..felt weird about...

"GIRLS," Torrie added.

Steph was shocked and embarrassed nodded her head.

"You know Steph. I always wanted to know how it felt to DO it with one."

"I feel the same way."

"I mean guys..well they are guys..they think they are big and tough but
you know..they dont get the job done 110%."

Steph agreeing everything that came out of her sexy lips. Steph said, "Do
you want to try it?" closing her eyes and hoping.

Torrie said, "I always thought I wasnt ready..with you know...but if we
keep this a secret...yeah, I guess."

Steph shocked in suprise said, "Really!"

Torrie said, "Um, how do we start?"

Steph said, "I guess we take off our clothes.

Torrie said, " Steph lay down like this. If we are doing this,
lets make it fun."

Steph laid down on the bed as Torrie got off. Steph asked what she was
doing. Torrie said she always wanted to do a slow strip dance but Billy would
just rush at her taking it off.

Steph's eyes widened as Torrie smiled and said, "Well...I guess. Here we

Torrie slowly began to swing her sexy hips and waving her arms. She slowly
with sexy facial expression undid her belt buckle and quickly slid off the
belt. As it hit the ground Steph could barely contain herself. Torrie still
moving her hips placed her fingers on her zipper and slowly unzipped her
zipper..the raised it and undid it again. She smiled and place her fingers on
the side of her extremely short pair of shorts. She then pulled them down her
sexy tan thighs and down her legs to her ankles wheree she stepped out of
them. Steph stared in shock as Torrie's sexy redthong was exposed hiding
Torrie's pussy.

Torries sexy rich hips and legs still began to dance as she reached for
her shirt. She pulled it up revealing most of her stomach and raised showing
a white bra only to be covered again. The she pulled it over her shoulders
and off. Torrie's huge breasts exploding out. Torrie then turned around
revealing her sexy firm ass to Steph.

As Steph stared, Torrie turned back around and pulled off the red thong...
there then at that point was when Torrie's sweet smelling pussy. Shaven, tan
and soft, her sexy pussy looked warm and clean. Steph was so amazed that she
could hardly believe it.

Torrie turned around and undid her bra and then turned back around
exposing her huge and hard breasts. Her hard and round nipples exploding.
Steph lay frozen in shock.

Torrie said, "Before we have sex, well I need your body naked Steph."

Torrie smiled as steph said, "Close your eyes."

She got uder the covers removing every piece of clothing off her body.
Still realizing Torrie's eyes closed, she pulled off the blanket and exposed
her sexy naked body to Torrie. Torrie licked her finger and was amazed at
Stephs huge boobs and her sexy tan vagina.

Torrie got on her, legs rubbing on legs. Torrie then began to do a humping
motin which made both pussys smack each other. Steph and torrie both lay a
kiss and Torrie reached Steph's breast. Steph licked Torrie's arm. They got
closer so their tits were on each other. They kissed each other on the neck
and every place they could. Torrie reached back and stuffed two fingers in
Stephs sweet and tight pussy.

The two got in a 69 position and declared that whoever made the other cum
first would flash Vince. As the two girls played with each other, Steph
sqeezed two fingers in Torrie hot virgin vagina and Torrie sqeezed in three
fingers. As they both began to masturbate each other, Torrie let out sexy
moans of enjoyment while Steph took deep breaths and moans.

Steph sqirmed and licked Torrie's shaven pussy. Torrie waved faster two
the point where steph yelled, "AHHHHHHH!!!" and soon Stephs pussy juice
squirted on Torrie's face. Torrie letting out a sign of distgust... so she
licked off the wet juice and soon tickled Stephs sexy pussy.

Steph tried to regain strength and laid on the bed motionless.

Torrie got up and slammed her pussy in Steph's face. Steph's face filled
with sweat and red. Torrie inserted her own fingers up her pussy in front of
Stephs face. Torrie went fast till she had destroyed Steph's face with a load
of cum. Steph's face filled white. Torrie soon had pain her her stomach and
fell back next to steph. She could smell and see that Steph exploded all over
Torrie's sexy tan legs.

Steph played with her breasts and soon got on top of Torrie, who was
trying to get up. Steph licked Torrie's huge tits all over sucking on her
hard nipples. Steph's face completely white saw cum drip off her sexy chin
onto Torrie's naked chest.

Torrie put her arms around Steph's back and then began to sqeeze her sexy
round ass. Steph looked up and moaned happily. Torrie pinced Steph's firm
tits and licked as much as she could. The two then came in each others mouth
and still holding in the cum, they spat it out on each other huge ass and
licked it off.

In pain both laid next to each other as Steph gave Torrie a huge hickey on
her right boob. Torrie reached up and gave Steph what appeared to be a messed
up stinkface. Steph smacked Torrie's ass sending her falling next to Steph.

Torrie licked Steph's feet as Steph rubbed Torries tan legs. She stuck
Torrie in her wet pussy and made Torrie fall as the remaining cum in her
exploded and taking all her energy.

Steph got up and bent next to Torrie. She stuck her face deep into
Torrie's ass and licked fast. Torrie a little woozy turned around and
distracted Steph as she quickly grabbed a belt. She then bent Steph
over and watched Steph's ass jiggle. As steph gave up, they stopped the
naughty event.

Steph got up sore as Torrie examined her nude body, sticky and still
leaking from her own pussy. Steph took a shower and walked out with just a

Soon after Torrie walked in completely wet and naked. She got on the bed.
Steph laughed and undid her robe exposing that she twiowas not wearing

As the lights went out, Torrie invited Steph to share a bed. They fell
asleep to the sound of thunder and rain.

Part 2 spoiler:

When they awoke,t hey awake found both their pussys filled and exploded with



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