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Torrie And Trips Part 1
by Makvit (

Torrie and Trips go out for dinner and it leads to a whole lot more.

Torrie had just gotten to the Raw show in New York early and was on her way
to the women's locker room. When she got there she was startled and surprised
to see Triple H was there. Trips had his back turned to her and did not see
her come in so Torrie said in a low voice Umm what are you doing. Triple H
flew around at her and said what are you doing here. Torrie replied well this
is the women's locker room and your really not suppose to be in here. Triple
H looked at her and said well try not to think much of it and just carry on
with what your going to do. Torrie got mad and yelled at him look you need to
get out of here now. Trips got pissed and got right up into her face. He
said "Damn it! I'm Triple H! I fuck the boss's daughter and I am RAW, so if
you have a problem with it maybe you should go talk to Vince."

Torrie stood there for a moment and then asked, "What is your problem?"

Trips looked at the floor for a second and then started to talk but stopped.

Torrie looked at him and said "Is something bothering you?"

Triple H paused "I've got alot of things I'm dealing with right now with
Stephanie and I'm just a little tense."

Torrie had a confused look on her face and said "So because you have problems
with your wife you come around and hang in the women's locker room?"

Trips said "I don't know why I'm even here I didn't think about it."

"What kinds of problems are you having with Steph?" Torrie asked.

Trips didn't say anything for awhile and then began talking. "Well were
both on the road alot with me on RAW and with Stephine going to most of the
Smackdown tapings and then flying back to Connecticut that we don't get alot
of time to see each other. Even when were on the road together we spend so
much time traveling and doing things backstage that we don't get alot of
time to be alone."

Torrie then said "So you were lonely and decided to see if you get close with
one of the divas."

Triple H said "Well, shit, I really don't know why I came down here. I just
wasn't thinking. I don't know what I'm even looking for. I didn't mean to
come off at you like that a minute ago. I'm sorry."

Torrie said "It's okay, I understand."

Both of them stood there for a minute then Torrie said "Hey you know where
both here earlier then we need to be maybe you would like to go out with me
to get a bite to eat."

Triple H thought about it for a second and then said "Well now that you
mention it I am hungry considering I haven't eaten since this morning when
I got my flight to here."

Torrie said "Okay then where do you want to go?"

Triple H said "There a place not to far from here that Steph and I go to.
It's a real nice place."

Torrie asked "Don't we need reservations?"

Triple H said "No Vince has a private table that all of family members can

Torrie asked "Do you think what I am wearing is okay to go out in." (Torrie
was wearing a black women's business suit which she had to wear due to WWE's
dress code).

Trips said "Yah you look great"

Torrie said "Okay who's car are we going in?"

Triple H said "We can go in my limo."

Torrie asked "Your limo is here, right now?"

Triple H said "Yah, it waits for me till the show is over and then drives me
back to the hotel."

Torrie said "That must add up quickly if you do that at every show."

Triple H said "I don't pay for it tough, so I don't really think about it."

Torrie asked "Who pays for it then?"

Triple H said "Vince does just like he pays for my fight tickets, hotel
rooms, and any other road expenses I have."

Torrie said "Does he do that for all of his top wrestlers."

Triple H said "No he just does that for me because I'm family and because he
thinks of me as his main man on RAW."

Torrie said "Don't you take alot of heat in the locker room for getting
treated as Vince's favorite."

Triple H said "No, all the other guys either stay out of my way or are
kissing my ass."

Torrie said "Well we better get going."

Triple H said "Okay fallow me Ill take you to the limo."

Torrie followed Triple H down the hallway out a few doors and to the parking
garage. The limo was parked not far from the last door they went through.
Triple H opened the door for Torrie and she got in. Triple H then got in
after her and closed the door.

The driver asked "Triple H where do you want to go sir?"

Triple H said "To the restaurant on 24th street."

The car started to move and the black glass divider in the limo went up.

As the limo was leaving the arena Torrie asked "Do you think Steph will mind
us going out together?"

Triple H said "No, she wouldn't care besides she won't find out."

When they got to the restaurant the limo stopped and the driver opened the
door. Triple H and Torrie both got out and went inside.

The inside of the restaurant had an upper class look to it and was only half
full. The host saw Triple H and went up to him. He said "Mr. Helmsley right
this way." The host led Triple H and Torrie to a secluded table at the back
of the restaurant.

The host said "A waiter will be with you shortly" and walked off.

Torrie said "This is a really a nice place. Do you come here often?"

Triple H said "Steph and I would come here a lot but we haven't been here in
a few months."

Torrie picked up the menu and started looking through it. "What is good to
order here" she asked.

Triple H laughed and said "Just about everything here is good the duck though
I know is great."

Torrie said "Okay, I'll have that."

A few moments later the waiter came up to there table and asked them what
they would like to order. Triple H said he would have the steak medium rare,
and Torrie said she would have the duck.

"What would you like to drink?" the waiter asked.

Triple H said "wine."

"And for the lady?" the waiter asked.

"The same" Torrie said.

The waiter took there order and walked off.

Triple H was looking at Torrie and said "You know I think it's better that
your on Raw now. You're now at least getting used and not just being a guest
ring announcer like on Smackdown."

Torrie said "Yah I think things are alot better for me on Raw it seems like
the writers at lest have ideas for what to do with me."

Triple H said "Yes, but I think there is still bigger things they could be
doing with you."

Torrie was intrigued and asked "Like what?"

Triple H said "Well, you could be a manager for one of the mid-cards or you
could have some kind of angle where you get involved with one of the main
eventers on Raw."

Torrie always wanted to have a love angle with one of the guys on Raw knowing
that it would give here a bigger spot then the other divas.

Torrie said "You know Trips I would really like to do an angle like that."

Triple H said "I'll talk to Vince about it and see what I can do."

Torrie said "You would do that for me?"

Triple H said "Sure, no problem."

Just then the waiter came with the food and put it on the table. He then
poured Triple H and Torrie both a glass of wine. He asked "Is there anything
else I can get for you?"

Triple H said "No, this is fine."

The waiter then left.

Torrie and Trips both started eating there meal. While they were eating they
discussed everything from story lines to Triple H's marriage.

A full hour went by before Triple H looked at his watch and saw the time.
Trips said "Shit we need to get back to Madison Square Garden." Trips quickly
wrote a check for the meal and they both left the restaurant.

When they got out side they realized it was raining so they ran to the limo
and got in. Trips told the driver to get back to the arena and to do it fast.

Once they got back to MSG they headed backstage together. While they were
walking Torrie pulled out a mini note pad and wrote a note to Triple H.
Torrie then took the note and folded it into a small square. She reached
around Triple H's jacket and slipped the note into his pants pocket without
him noticing.

She then saw Vince walking towards them so she walked away from Trips and
headed off to the womens locker room.

Vince said "Hey, Trips where have you been everyone was looking for you."

Trips said "Oh I got here early and went out for a bite to eat. I must of
lost track of time Im sorry Vince."

"Its no problem" Vince said and walked off.

Trips went to the locker room to change for his match that he was having
later in the night. While he was taking off his pants he felt something in
the left pocket so he reached in and pulled it out. It was a small pice of
paper all folded up. Trips opened it up and was surprised at what it said.

"Hey, Trips, I had a great time with you tonight, and really enjoyed the
meal. Meet my outside the women's locker room after the show if you want to
take this further."

Trips was really stunned at this and sat there thinking about it. It was
like a dream come ture he thought. He might have a chance to get lucky with
Torrie, but then he remembered he was married and not just to anyone but to
Stephine McMahon. If she found out about anything between him and Torrie he
was going to be working Heat matches for the rest of his life.

A production person then walked in and said Triple H your up next. Trips
snapped out of it and headed to the entrance way. As soon as his music hit
he was fully focused on his match and forgot about everything involving

Trips put on a good decently long match and and won it at the end. As he
was walking backstage everything that happened tonight hit him again. He was
wondering what he should do about the note from Torrie. Should he just stop
anything from happening with her, or should he take a chance and see where it

While he was in the locker room changing he thought it over once again and
finally said to himself dammit you got once change at this and if you don't
take it your an idiot. After that his mind was made up and he left the locker
room. He headed to where the womens locker room was and stood outside it. He
knew it looked kind of strange for him to just be standing there so he kept a
close eye for anyone coming down the hallway. After about ten minutes Torrie
came out in her business suit again.

Torrie said "I guess you got the note and made you decision hay Trips."

Triple H was smirking and said "Yeh, I made up my mind. I thought I might as
well take a chance other wise I might never get this opportunity again."

Torrie asked "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Triple H said "Yes."

Torrie was smiling and said "Okay, who's hotel are we going to?"

Triple H said "We can go to mine I have a penthouse room with a good view."

Torrie said "Okay, are we taking your limo again?"

Triple H said "Yep."

Torrie said "Oh right then lets get going. Show the way."

Torrie followed Triple H again as he lead her threw the hallways and out the
doors to the limo. They both got in and Trips told the driver to take him to
the hotel. They didn't have to weight long as the hotel was only a few
minutes from the arena.

Once the limo got to the hotel the driver opened the door and they both
stepped out. The limo driver asked Trips if he was done with the limo for the
night. Triple H said yes and the driver got back in and drove off.

Trips put his arm around Torrie and said right this way. They both entered
the hotel and got in the elevator. Triple H pushed the button for the top
floor. Torrie was giving Triple H this fuck me look and Triple H started to
get hard. He looked up at the elevator sign and saw they had eleven more
floors left. He knew if he had to weight much longer he was going to fuck
her right there. When the elevator hit the top floor the doors opened and
they both walked down the hallway.

Triple H said it's right here and swiped his card through the card slot. The
door opened and they both walked in. Torrie was amazed at the size of the
room. It had a full sized living room with a plasma TV, and furniture. There
was a large kitchen next to the living room and in the back was the bedroom.
All the rooms had huge windows that looked out over the city.

Torrie said "Wow, this place must cost a fortune to stay in."

Trips "Yah, I guess it does add up, but as long as Vince is paying for it I
don't have to think about it."

Trips went over to the window to get a look at the city. Torrie went up
behind him and started messaging his shoulders.

Torrie said "You know we have the whole night together."

Trips said "I know ohhh that feels good."

Torrie asked "You mean right here?"

Trips replied "Yah that's the spot."

Torrie said "Your muscles feel real tight you must have been under alot of

Trips replied "Oh well, you know what's it's like in this business."

Torrie said "I sure do, thats why you have to have a good time whenever you

Torrie then told Trips to turn around and he did. She slowly sunk down to
her knees and put her hands on his hips. Triple H smiled as he knew what
was going to happen. Torrie un-looped the belt and pulled the zipper down
slowly. She then pulled Triple H's pants down in one smooth motion and felt
his hard cock through his underwear. Then she pulled his briefs down over
his cock, and wrapped her hand around it. She slowly worked her hand up and
down the shaft stopping at the head to rubbed it. She continued to stroke
his cock this time increasing the pace. She stopped again this time at the
base and started playing with his balls. After a few minutes Torrie took
her jacket off and laid it on the floor. She then unbuttoned her shirt and
pulled it off revealing a black lace bra. Torrie went back to Triple H's
cock and licked the pre-cum off it. She looked up at him as she engulfed
his dick down to the base with her soft pink lips. Triple H let out and
moan and said fuck that feels good. Torrie slowly went up and down the
shaft with her mouth stopping at the base to swirl her tongue around his
cock. She went all the way back up the shaft and held the cock in her hand
as she flicked the head with her tongue. Then she went halfway down on his
dick while stroking him with her hand. Torrie wrapped her fingers around
the base of his cock while gripping his balls as she went up and down the
shaft quickly. Triple H was holding back from cumming the best as he could,
as Torrie kept at it going faster now as Trip's pre-cum and Torries saliva
lubricated his cock even more.

Right then the door slowly opened and Stephine walked in. She took about two
steps and then stopped in total shock as she saw what was happening.

Trips stood there looking across the living room locking eyes with Stephine.

Torrie was facing the window with her back to the door and did not see
Stephine enter. She kept sucking his cock for a few more second until she
felt something was wrong. She looked up at Trips and saw him staring across
the room with his mouth hanging open. Torrie pulled her mouth off his cock
and slowly turned her head around to look at the door. There she saw Stephine
with a look on her face like she was going to kill someone.

To be Continued...

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