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Torrie Gets Double Teamed
by Disturbed Fan

Torrie Wilson was walking around backstage after Smackdown!. She ran in to
her boyfriend Billy Kidman. Kidman asked if she wanted to go to his locker
room and "have some fun". She said of course, and they headed away. They got
to his locker room, and started to kiss. Kidman moved his hands to feel her
up in her tight green shirt. Kidman pulled Torrie’s shirt over her head, and
her bra spilled out. Torrie then pulled Kidman’s shirt off. Kidman pulled
Torrie’s pants off, leaving her in her underwear. He started to rub her tits,
making her nipples very hard.

Torrie looked down and saw Kidman’s cock was rock hard in his tights. Kidman
took Torrie's bra off, and started to suck on her nipples. This made Torrie
very wet. She then pried Kidman's lips off of her nipple, and sank to her
knees. She pulled his tights off, and his 8 inch dick hit Torrie in the face.
Torrie parted her lips, and took Billy's cock in her mouth. As Torrie suck
Kidman, he moved his hands to her ass, and massaged it though her panties. He
then slid them off.

Torrie was busy sucking Kidman's cock. Kidman knew he wouldn't last much
longer. He took his finger and wiggled it into her butt cheeks, and into her
hole. This made Torrie extremely hot, and she doubled her sucking efforts on
Kidman. That was all he could take. He then started cumming down Torrie's
throat. She swallowed it, and Kidman picked her up, and laid her down on a
table. His dick was still hard, and her shaven pussy was very wet. He then
slipped his cock into her cunt. She started to scream, as Kidman could
penetrate her very deeply.

Kidman started pumping into her. He held onto her huge tits as he thrusted
into her. About that time, John Cena comes out from the shower naked, his 10"
package hanging free. He came in to talk to Kidman, but when he saw Torrie,
he decided he needed a piece of that. He went around to her head, and stuck
his cock in Torrie's face. Kidman saw Cena, but Cena was a good friend of
his, so he didn't say anything, he just continued to pump into Torrie's
snatch. Torrie saw Cena too, and took his cock into her mouth. Cena got up on the table, and put
each leg around Torrie's head, and left his cock in her mouth. He just laid
down and she started to deep-throat him. Torrie was on the verge, and so was
Billy Kidman. He gave Torrie's pussy a few more pumps, and started cumming in
to her. She came at the same time. Kidman then dismounted her pussy. Cena
took his cock out of her mouth, and she jerked his cock, until he came,
sending globs of his cum onto her tits. She then started to lick her tits.
Kidman told her to hold on. He got up and sat on her chest and put his dick
in between her tits. He started to titty-fuck her with Cena's cum. Cena moved
to her pussy, and gave his member a few strokes to get it hard again, and
sent it into the diva.

Meanwhile, Kidman was continuing to titty-fuck her, moving his hard-on in and
out of her huge tits. Each time he slid forward, Torrie would lick his cock,
and lick some of Cena's cum off of it. John Cena, was still between her legs
plowing her pussy. He gave her a few more thrusts, and his cum started to
pour out of his dick and into Torrie's pussy. This made Torrie cum again.
Kidman then spewed his man-juice onto her face. Both men then dismounted her.
Cena then whispered something to Billy, and he nodded. They turned Torrie
over, and Cena stuck his finger in her pussy. He then took his finger and
worked it into her butt hole. He then worked a few more in. He then removed
two fingers and slowly slid his cock up her ass. It was extremely tight.
After Cena got in all the way, he removed his other fingers. He just sat
there, and Kidman stuck two fingers in her ass alongside Cena's penis. Kidman
then carefully removed his fingers and started to slide his cockhead into her
already stuffed ass. It took him about five minutes, but he finally got all
the way in. Torrie had been screaming the whole time, through the pain and
immense pleasure. She had came four times. They both started to slowly pump
in and out. When Cena would take his cock out, Kidman would shove his cock
in. After a while it got faster. They pushed on each other's asses so they
could get deeper penetration into her. After about five minutes of this, they
both sent their hot cum at the same time into Torrie's ass. This made her cum
one final time. They then pulled their cocks out of Torrie, and all three
went to the shower.

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