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Torrie Gets Trapped In The Ring By Kidman
By The Dude

Kidman is having a main event match at a PPV against Hulk Hogan. Hogan
is going to win but Torrie gets involved and helps Kidman get the victory.
Both celebrate the victory by kissing each other and hugging each other.
But it soon gets a little involved.

As the crowd departs Kidman whispers something into Torrie Wilson's ear
that kind of gets her excited. Kidman kisses Torrie again and while doing
this he slowly moves his hands up and down her body. Torrie has her arms
wrapped around Kidman's neck. Kidman slowly walks her back into the
turnbuckle area as he starts to take her clothes off. Soon she is naked in
the ring. Her muscular body is seen and her tits are just the size of
grapefruits and her shaven pussy hair is seen. Kidman lifts Torrie's legs
and puts both of them around the ring ropes. Kidman kneels and slowly licks
and kisses his way up her legs.

Finally, Torrie grabs Kidman's hand and pushes it toward her pussy. He
greedily starts licking her pussy lips and goes after her clit. He just
continues licking until soon she is cumming like she never came before.
Kidman raises his head and his face is covered with pussy juice.

Kidman unzips his pants to reveal his erect cock just bursting to get
out. He puts a condom on and slowly walks toward Torrie who is still in her
postion. Kidman slowly glides his cock into Torrie's pussy and starts to
fuck her slowly. Torrie is riding with Kidman's rhythm.

Torrie is moving her head all around as she has never felt something
this good before. Kidman starts to pump faster and faster until he shoots
his load into Torrie breaking the condom because he came so powerfully.
Torrie just hugs Kidman as he continues pumping until Torrie cums. Kidman
takes his dick out of Torrie and tells Torrie to stay as she is.

As Kidman leaves all the cum starts to drip out of Torrie with her pussy
juice. Kidman comes back with a camera man and as Kidman video tapes he
helps Torrie out of her postion and orders her to suck the cock of the
camera man.

She does. She continues to suck this guy off until he takes his dick out
of her mouth and cums all over her face. Kidman gets a close up of this. He
takes the video out of the camera and thanks the cameraman for videotapping
the entire situation. Cameraman leaves as Torrie quickly gets dressed and
cleaned up.

Both walk out hand and hand to the back as Torrie grabs Kidman's cock
through his jeans as they go through the curtains.


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