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Torrie Goes Hardcore Part 1
by Julio "The Living Dead Juugalo" Cantu (

The Future Of Hardcore, Nick Gage had just made his WWE debut and was signed
to SmackDown. He made his television debut by running out and saving Torrie
Wilson from The Bashem Brothers. It was during a taping of SmackDown that
Billy Gunn and Jamie Noble had just beaten The Bashem Brothers when they
attacked her. They were about to rape her when the lights went dim and
Godsmack's Voodoo came on and he ran out and saved her. The arena was shocked
and quiet.

After the show Torrie went looking for Nick to thank him. She found him in
the boiler room.

"What are you doing here?" asked Torrie.

"I came looking for revenge on the fucking Bitching Brothers." said Nick.

"Oh, well I came to thank you." said Torrie and planted a big kiss on his

They kissed for a couple of moments before she got on her knees and unzipped
his pants and started sucking his cock. She sucked him off for a good long
six minutes before she stood up, pulled her skirt up, removed her panties and
bent over as he inserted his dick in her ass and started pumping her. He
started getting faster and faster, pumping harder and harder, driving his
dick deeper and deeper making Torrie scream like crazy.

"AAAAAAAAAA GOD........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" screamed Torrie.

"Yeah bitch.....take this shit," said Nick.

He pushed it in with all his strength as she screamed at the top of her
lungs. After that Cage laid Torrie on one of the big boxes and inserted his
dick into her hot, wet pussy and started humping her with all his strength.
He pushed harder and harder sending his dick deeper into her. Torrie had
placed her legs on Nick's shoulders as he banged her.

screamed Torrie as she came on Nick's dick forcing him to explode inside her.


That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Torrie Wilson and
Nick Gage.


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