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Torrie Has A Little Foot Fetish
By Peacealien

After WWE Raw Torrie met up with Stacy and told her she would catch up
with her in a few minutes so they could go to the airport. But Stacy says she
will go with her to get changed as well then they can leave Torrie agrees and
they go to the locker room. After they get there, they take off their clothes
and head towards the shower. They turn on the water and let it drop off their
hot sexy bodies. As they are taking their shower Torrie tells Stacy she likes
her feet a lot and that they so nice and beautiful.

Stacy says, "Thanks!" and they continue they bath themselves Torrie goes
to where Stacy is and kisses her full on the mouth and says, "I'm sorry I
just couldn't help myself your so hot and well you know you want to fuck?"

Stacy: I'm not sure you will have to convince me.

Torrie: OK!

Torrie kisses Stacy agian this kissing her longer and running her hands
through Stacy's big sexy ass. As Torrie is doing this Stacy is moaning.
Finally Torrie stops and asks Stacy if she wants to have sex now. Stacy says,
"You bet your fine ass I do!"

Torrie: Let's get out of this shower and do it on the couch before we get all

Stacy: Ok, good idea.

After saying that, Torrie and Stacy shut off the water in the shower and
walk out onto the couch and begen to make out out agian. This time Stacy
grabs Torrie's big ass as they make out. Torrie then pushes Stacy away and
asks her if she can suck on her toes cause she has a serious foot fetish and
she can't help but suck on Stacy's nice sexy toes.

Stacy: Ok you better be able to suck toes good or I'll never you suck them
agian... Just Kidding.

Torrie: Don't joke with me.

After saying that, Torrie puts her mouth on Stacy's big toes and starts
to suck on it like a mini-cock and at the same time Stacy is enjoying
watching Torrie suck on her toes. After a few minutes she starts to lick all
of Stacy right foot, then moves to the left and does the same thing. Then she
tells Stacy to lay down so they can get in a 69.

Stacy agrees and lies down then Torrie straddles her and begens to lick
Stacy's clean shaved clit. At the same time Stacy moves her lips to Torrie
shaved clit and begans to suck on it making Torrie moan and beg for more
licking Stacy's clit faster for each time Stacy made her moan. After a few
minutes of being in a 69 Stacy asks Torrie if she could suck her toes cause
she has never done it before. Torrie agrees and gets off Stacy and puts of
foot to Stacy cute mouth.

Stacy takes the initive and sticks Torrie big toe in her mouth and begens
to suck and moans as she is sucking on Torrie's big toe and the same time
Torrie tells Stacy she is doing a great job but wants her to stop and fuck
her pussy.

Stacy stops and says, "With what?"

Torrie: With your Big Toe!

Stacy: Are you serious?

Torrie: You bet your ass I'm serious. Now fuck me!

Stacy: Ok I guess.

After saying that Torrie sticks her big ass in the air and her moist pussy
is in front of Stacy. After looking at Torrie's shaved clit for a sec or two
Stacy sticks her big toe up to Torrie's clit and begans to push it deeper and
deeper till it's all in at the same time. Torrie is moaning and begging for
more and Stacy goes faster and faster with each stroke fucking Torrie's moist
pussy. After fucking her pussy with her toe for 10 mins Torrie came on
Stacy's foot then she took her tongue and licked her own cum off Stacy's sexy

After that Torrie said she wants to make Stacy cum so she tells Stacy to
turn around. Stacy does, of course, then Torrie sticks her face in between
Stacy's sexy ass cheeks then starts to eat Stacy's sexy ass. This makes Stacy
moan very loud. Then Torrie stops and says she'll be right back she has to
get something. After about 2 minutes she came back with a strap-on and told
Stacy where does she want it, in the ass or in her clit. Stacy says her ass
then eat her out to make her cum. Torrie says, "Ok!" and goes behind Stacy
and stuck the strap-on into Stacy's sexy ass.

Stacy yelps as it enters her cute ass. Then after a few seconds she begens
to moan. Then after a minute or two she moans louder and louder and louder.
Then Torrie stops and goes under Stacy and sticks her tongue into Stacy's
cli and begens to eat her out. Then after about 30 seconds Stacy cums all
over Torrie face and tits. Torrie licks all the cum off her tits. Then Stacy
kisses Torrie and licks her cum off Torrie's face. Then they make out for a
few more minutes. Then they get dressed, kiss one final time and head out of
the arena together holding each other's asses as they leave the arena.

The End

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