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Torrie Is Dared The Unimaginable With Stephanie Part 1
by Steph's Blue Panties

Stephanie McMahon was backstage helping to write the script for RAW. She
was walking down the main lobby and was dressed in a way that made every man
horny. Steph walked down the lobby in a black dress that exposed half of her
sexy legs. Stephanie turned the corner and went to the cafeteria. She grabbed
a tray and sat at her own table.

Across the room, Torrie, Trish, Molly, Stacy and Ivory were laughing and
having a good time. Trish then suddenly remembered, "Hey, y'all, you know
what?... Isn't it Monday? Well isn't it Torrie's turn to do her dare?"

All the divas suddenly remembered and there were a lot of "Oh yeahs" and
"I forgots."

Torrie was suprised and a little worried. The game of Truth Or Dare was
fun to them....but lately it seemed more extreme.

Just last Monday Lita was given her chance at her dare before she left for
surgery. Lita had to walk backstage the entire RAW in thong and bra. She had
to sit in the men's locker room on all fours!

Torrie sat up and was a little worried... Ivory opened the evenlope... It
read by unanimous vote "To sleep with Stephanie and have sex with her" to
prove it... bring Steph's thong back Tuesday on Smackdown tapings!

Torrie's eyes widened as all the divas giggled!! Torrie begged but all of
them convinced her to do it. Torrie stood up glaring at Steph and back at the
girls. She smiled, "Fine... but I have something for you all!!.... At least
tonight, I'll sleep with someone other than a dog!!"

All the divas looked at each other and soon turned serious... all shut
their mouths and ate their plates.

Torrie walked so sexy up to Steph. Steph was heading to the parking lot.

"Um... hi Steph!" Torrie said.

"Hey, Torrie," Steph replied in a sexy tone.

Torrie said, "Steph, I know this is rude and all but..."

Stephanie inturupted and said, "You have a dare to sleep with me and you
don't want to back down because they will think your a loser but your not
sure what I will say right?"

Torrie's eyes grew and said, " yes."

Stephanie stared into Torrie's face. She scanned Torrie noticing her whole

Steph said, "Well, lets go to my place and get it over with!!"

Torrie was amazed at Steph and ran to catch up with her.

It was perfect, Steph wasn't on TV and Torrie was on the Smackdown brand,
which was tommorow!!

Torrie and Stephanie soon walked outside where the sun hit their face.

It was then that Torrie noticed Steph's huge sexy ass and smooth sexy
tan legs. Her face so perfect and cute... her hair amazing and her huge
breasts... not to mention her sweet smell.

Torrie soon realized why she was called "The Billon Dollar Princess with
the Billion Dollar Body!"

Steph and Torrie soon got in to a car and drove to a hotel.

Steph and Torrie got out and went into her room. Stephanie locked the door
and closed the windows. She then slipped off her shoes and sat in a chair.
Torrie sat next to her. They didn't talk but suddenly.

"Well, I guess we should start...unless" Torrie looked as Steph continued.
Steph stood up and laid on her back on the bed. She took a deep breath and
said "I'm ready."

Torrie stood up in her tight blue jean pants and white tanktop. Torrie got
on the bed and laid on Steph. Torrie then slowly removed her shirt exposing
her huge boobs in a blue bra. Steph then pulled at the bra and pushed
Torrie's breast up. The bra was still on but Torrie's huge tits blasted out.
She had huge round nippled that were hard as Steph began to feel on Torrie's

Torrie tried and finally pulled down the top part of Steph's outfit down.
Steph's gigantic set was in a black bra. Torrie grabbed both and began sqeeze
and rub all over. The two moaned and the touch of each other was suprising.
Steph began to suck on Torrie as Torrie bit Steph's breasts. Steph's breasts
were much bigger than Torrie's however Torrie's were 2nd biggest in the WWE.

Torrie leaned up and pulled the dress completely off Steph's body. Steph's
panties were saging and Torrie quickly removed them. Steph's sweet shaved
pussy was exposed and her sexy legs were to much for Torrie. Torrie yelled
and Steph was shocked.

She yelled, "What happened?"

Torrie took deep breaths and Steph soon realized Torrie jeans were
completely wet! Worrie was overexcited and came unexpectedly. Torrie rubbed
her stomach and soon fell next to Steph. Steph rose up holding her breasts.
She grabbed Torrie's shoulders and positioned Torrie up.

Torrie said, "Sorry Steph..I cant, I need time...I"

Steph calmed her down. Something happened. Steph had came before but
wasn't in the shape Torrie was. Steph picked up Torrie and sat behind Torrie.
She then placed Torrie's hot ass next to her vagina. Steph used her hands to
hold Torrie. Steph had the urge to explode but held it in just barely.

Torrie unzipped her zipper and loosened her tight jeans. Immediately the
smell of a girl's juices filled the room. Steph stood up and laid Torrie
down. She helped undress Torrie's jeans exposing her sexy tan legs. Torrie's
legs were so hot. Her tan so perfect and her legs were not to fat or
skinny... just perfect. Steph put a cover over the two of them and laid down.

Torrie said she needs a rest but said, "Steph....its not over, I just need
to breathe... I have never exploded that much at once....

Steph understood, she was doing this for Torrie, but Steph then realized
that she loved men (HHH) but started to love doing this with Torrie. Steph
thought some more as torrie regained her energy.

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