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This story is done by Peacealien and is only a fantasy. Torrie Wilson, Stacy
Keibler and Lita (aka Amy Dumas) have never had or have possesed a dick and
this story takes place after Lita has her neck brace is taked off, so this
story will make sense.

Torrie, Stacy & Lita Reveal Their Secrets At Lita's Home
by Peacealien

After WWE Raw Torrie and Stacy get dressed and to the airport to go to
Sanford, North Carolina to see Lita at her home after she had her neck brace
taken off after having her surgery on her neck 6 months ago. After Torrie and
Stacy get their tickets they get on the plane and sleep till they get to

After they get there, they go rent a car and drive all the way to Lita's
house. Once they get there they find out it is alot bigger then what they
thought it was. They called her before they left the airport. She is all by
herself so they don't have to worry about those fags Matt or Jeff bothering

They walk up the door and knock. Lita opens the door and to Torrie and
Stacy surprise she is wearing only a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra. She
says, "Hey guys come on in."

Torrie and Stacy make their way into the house. When they get inside they
are surprised on how big Lita's house is. Lita's tells them to sit down and
she will get changed. So Torrie and Stacy go to the living room and sit on
Lita's couch. Lita comes back wearing a black leather pants and a baby tee
that says #1 Female.

After a while of watching TV they began to talk.

Torrie: So how are you Amy?

Lita: I'm fine I'm so happy that the neck brace is off. It was bugging the
hell outta me.

Stacy: That's good to hear.

Torrie: Anyways, since me and Stacy are here what do you want to do.

Lita: I want to tell each other our secrets.

Stacy and Torrie: SURE!

Lita: Who wants to go first?

Torrie: I guess I will.

Lita: Ok

Torrie: I'm actually bisexual.

Stacy: Cool me too.

Lita: Well I guess I'll tell my secret then. I'll have to show it to you.
Want to see?

Torrie & Stacy: Sure!

Lita stands up and pulls down her pants revealing her black thong, then pulls
down her thong and to Torrie and Stacy surprise they see an erect throbbing
humongous cock.

Torrie: That's nothing.

Stacy: Yeah it's nothing.

Lita: What?

Torrie and Stacy: We got one of those too, see.

Torrie and Stacy pull their pants and thongs down to reveal their huge erect
throbbing cocks.

Lita: Wow you guys are shemales, too. I thought I was the only one in the

Torrie: Well, I guess you're not. Well you guys want to have a shemale

Stacy: Sure!

Lita: Sure!

After Stacy and Lita say that, Torrie gets up close to Lita and kisses her
long and deep. Then Stacy kisses both Torrie and Lita. Then they all go to
Lita's bedroom and start to make out with each other. Then Torrie asks Lita
to fuck her in the ass with her she-cock. ita takes the initative and puts
the tip of her she-cock in Torrie's ass, then pushs it deeper and deeper till
it's all the way up Torrie's beautiful ass and rocks back and fourth fucking
Torrie ass with her she-cock.

As Lita is fucking Torrie with her she-cock Stacy is stroking her cock up
and down watching Lita fuck Torrie with her she-cock. Then Stacy goes up to
Lita's tits and starts to suck on her left nipple, then Lita stops and lets
Stacy do her work on her left nipple. Then Stacy stops and Torrie get's
behind Stacy and starts to fuck Stacy's big round ass with her she-cock. Then
Lita gets underneath Stacy and starts to suck Stacy's she-cock.

After about ten minutes Torrie stops and asks Lita to lie on top of her.
Lita does what she is told and now they are in a 69. As they are doing this
Stacy positions herself behind Lita's mig tound tan ass, then starts to fuck
Lita's ass with her she-cock as Torrie and Lita are still in their 69. After
bout 10 minutes of this Stacy with one final hump cums in Lita's ass. Then
Lita and Torrie cum on each other's faces. Then they all grab each other and
embrace in one final kiss then go to bed holding each other as they go to

The End

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