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This story is written by Peacealien and shouldn't be written by anyone else
as I said in my other story this is only a fantasy and Torrie Wilson, Stacy
Keibler & Amy Dumas have never had or have possesed a dick. I say again this
only a fantasy. ENJOY!

Torrie, Stacy & Lita Set Their Sights On The WWE Divas Part 1: Stephanie
by Peacealien

After their amazing shemale sex at Lita's house, Lita, Torrie & Stacy
head to the airport and get ready to go to Buffalo for the Tuesday Smackdown
tapings. Lita is happy cause she is allowed backstage at WWE events now.
Anyways after Torrie, Stacy & Lita arrive at the arena Lita says she will
meet them in their locker room. She just wants to say "Hi" to people first.

Torrie & Stacy say "Ok" and head towards their dressing room. When they
enter their dressing room they put their bags down and lay down on the couch
and talk.

Torrie: God that was a long walk.

Stacy: Yeah it was.

Torrie: You want to have a quickie?

Stacy: Nah that's ok. We should wait for Amy to do that.

Torrie: OK.

After a few minutes of talking Lita walks in the dressing room ands says,
"I've got an idea."

Torrie and Stacy: What idea is that?

Lita: How about we fuck every single WWE Diva on the roster besides Jazz
and including the new girl Nidia?

Torrie: Great idea but when do we start this?


Stacy: That's cool who did you have in mind as the first victim?

Lita: Stephanie Mcmahon!

Torrie: Oh Goody I always wondered what it would be like to fuck her Billion
Dollar Pussy.

Stacy: Me too!

Lita: After tonight's show we kidnap Stephanie in here and fuck the shit out
of here. Agreed?

Torrie and Stacy: AGREED!

After that Stacy gets ready for Smackdown and she does her usual thing
with Vince and such. After the show ends Stacy meets Torrie and Lita in the
locker room.

Lita: Ok now that the show is over who wants to kidnap Steph?

Stacy: I guess I'll do it.

Lita and Torrie: OK! We will be here waiting here for you here.

Stacy: OK!

After that Stacy leaves the locker room and goes the arena entrance where
Steph is at and ask her to come with her cause she wants to talk to her.
Steph says "ok" and follows. After they reach the dressing room Stacy grabs
Steph by the hair and throw's her into the locker room where Lita and Torrie
are on the couch talking. Then Stacy comes in and locks the door and tells
Steph to be quiet or she will pay.

Lita: Hello, Steph, you're probably wondering why we locked you in here.
Well, I'll tell you. It's because we want to fuck your Billion Dollar Pussy
and body.

Steph: How are you suppose to fuck me with strap-on's?

Lita: No with this.

Lita pulls her pants and thong down and reveals her huge erect throbbing

Steph: Oh Oh Oh My God you got a... a.. a.. DICK!

Torrie & Stacy: So do we.

Torrie and Stacy pulls down their pants and thongs and also reveal their
huge erect throbbing cocks.

Steph: EWWWWWWWWWW! You guys are He-she's!

Lita: You can say that, but at least we are not the ones who are gonna get
the shit fucked out of them.

After Saying that Stacy and Torrie hold Steph and take off her cloths
leaving her naked on the floor. Then Lita tells Steph to lie on the floor or
she will kick the shit of her. Of course, Steph does what she is told being
afraid of Lita.

Lita thens takes the initative and puts her dick in Steph's pussy and
rocks back and forth fucking Stephanie until she is literally crying. Then
Stacy gets down on the floor and starts to suck on Steph's right nipple. This
makes Steph moan. Then Lita stops and tells Steph to get on her knees and
suck Torrie's cock. Steph obeys again.

Now Steph is on her knees. She slowing puts her mouth around Torrie's cock
and begans to suck her she-cock. Torrie moans as Steph bobs her head up and
down on Torrie's man meat. After a few minutes of this, Torrie blows her man
juice all over Steph's face.

Now that Torrie is wasted Stacy tells Steph to turn around and stick her
ass straight up in the air. Of course, Steph obey's again. Now Stacy puts the
head of her man meat into Steph's big plump but sexy ass. Then put's it in
deeper and deeper till the whole thing is in her ass. Then fucks Steph as
hard and as fast as she could, fucking her ass till it was red. After bout
10 minutes of this Steph was actually moaning and asking for more. Then a
minute later Stacy came in her ass.

Now that Torrie and Stacy are wasted it's down to Lita. Now without asking
Steph tells Lita to fuck her big fake tits. Lita smiles and sits on top of
stephanie, then sticks her dick in between Steph's humongous breasts and
rocks back forth across her enormous chest. Steph is moaning and asking Lita
to go faster and Lita does and as fast as she could she fucked Steph's tits.
After about 5 minutes of this Lita blew her man spunk all over Steph's face
and tits.

Afterwards Lita, Torrie and Stacy all get dressed. As they get dressed
Stephanie said she won't tell anyone about them and if they ever want to do
it again just call her. They all smile as Steph leaves the locker room.
After that Lita, Stacy,Torrie embrace once more.

The End

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