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This story is written by Peacealien and shouldn't be written by anyone else
as I said in my other story this is only a fantasy and Torrie Wilson, Stacy
Keibler & Amy Dumas have never had or have possesed a dick. I say again this
only a fantasy. ENJOY!

Torrie, Stacy & Lita set their Sights On The WWE Divas Part 2: Trish
by Peacealien.

Two days after their hot sex with Stephanie Torrie, Stacy and Lita went
back to Lita's house where they had their usual sex ever since they all
revealed their secrets. After they got done having sex for like the fifth
time Lita picked up the phone and called Stephanie to ask her a favor.

Stephanie: Hello?

Lita: Hello, Stephanie, it's me Amy.

Stephanie: Hello, Amy, you want me to come over?

Lita: Nah, I was gonna ask you if you could do me a favor.

Stephanie: Sure, what's the favor?

Lita: Could you find Trish and asks her to come over so we can well you know
do the same thing we did to you.

Stephanie: Sure! Let me find Trish and I'll drive her over to your house ok?

Lita: OK! Thanks.

Stephanie: No Problem.

After that Lita hung up and Steph called Trish and asked her if she would
go to Lita's house Trish said "ok" and asked steph if she could give her a
ride Steph said sure and hung up.After that Steph went to pick up Trish at
the hotel she was staying then they drove to Lita's house while rding Steph
and Trish were talking about a few things then they arrived at Lita's big
house. Trish and Steph knocked on Lita's door then Lita awnsered it.

Lita: Hello, Trish! Come in why don't you.

Trish: OK!

With that Trish walked in Lita's house and Lita told her she would meet
her a minute Trish said "ok" and walked into the Living room where she saw
Torrie and Stacy. Lita told Stephanie Thank you and gave her Kiss on the lips
then Steph said she gots to go Lita said "ok" and Steph left but before she
did she gave Lita a wink.

After that Lita closed the door and walked into the living where Trish was
talking to Torrie and Stacy. Then Lita talked out loud and said, "Welcome
Trish. Now the reason I invited you here is well me and Torrie and Stacy have
a secret and we want you to be out next victim."

Trish: What secret is that?

Lita: This secret.

With that Lita pulled her pants and thong down to reveal her huge erect
throbbing She-Cock.

Trish: OH MY GOD! You are a fucking He-She!

Torrie: Well, me and Stacy are too see.

Torrie and Stacy both pulled their pants and thongs down to reveal their
huge erect throbbing cocks.

Trish: EWW! Well what are you guys gonna do with me?

Lita: We are gonna fuck you cause we have a mission to fuck every diva on the
roster besides Jazz.

Trish: So that's why Steph called me and brought me over here. You guys
fucked her.

Lita: That's right now it's your turn.

And with that Torrie and Stacy held Trish down and Lita walked up in front
of Trish and stuck her She-Cock into Trish's cute sexy mouth. Trish had no
reason but to suck it cause she was afraid of what Lita would do to her if
she didn't follow along so Trish with out Stacy and Torrie holding began to
suck Lita's humongous She-Cock.

While Trish was on her knees sucking Lita off Torrie got underneath Trish
and began to eat Trish then Stacy moved her mouth To Trish's left tit and
began to suck on her nipple like a baby Trish no reason but to moan even in
a disgusting act like this Trish couldn't stand have her tits sucked on and
gettin eaten out at the same time.

Then after Sucking on Trish's tits for a minute or two Stacy then moved to
Trish's Big sexy ass and began to eat out Trish's cute ass then Trish stopped
sucking on Lita's dick and stood up making Stacy and Torrie and little then
Trish got on her hands and knees and Said Torrie can you please fuck my pussy
and Stacy could you fuck my asshole and Lita let suck your delicious cock and
with that Torrie, Stacy and Lita all smiled and did what they were told and
Stacy Stuck her Dick in Trish's ass.

Then Torrie went underneath Trish and Stuck her Dick in Trish's pussy then
Trish started to suck on Lita's huge She-cock. As they were doing this Stacy
was fucking Trish's Huge cute ass like crazing humping her as fast as she
could then after a Few mins of this Stacy came in Trish's cute ass then Stacy
went out of Trish and sucked on Lita's tits.Then Torrie got up and started to
fuck Trish's ass then after a few mins of that she also came in Trish's sexy
ass then she went over and started to suck on one of Lita's tits.

Then it was down to Trish sucking off Lita Trish really loved Lita's cock
as she would lick around Lita's cock then she would lick her balls then play
with them and suck Lita whole this drove Lita crazy plus having Torrie and
Stacy suck her tits made her even more crazy then after a minute Lita blew
her man spunk all over's Trish's face then Trish got up and went to Lita's
bedroom then Torrie, Stacy and Lita followed her.

Then they got on her bed and made out till they all came again. Then Trish
got dressed and gave them her phone and told the exact same thing that Steph
said to them then she left. Then Torrie, Stacy and Lita once again embraced
and had some hot she-male sex.

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