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Torrie Struts Her Stuff
by PorkLoin5Star (

The SmackDown! show had just finished, and Torrie had just defeated Dawn
Marie in yet another Bikini Contest. I had just been pulled from OVW, and
was getting ready for my SmackDown! debut. I had just been given word that
I was going to be involved in an angle with Torrie Wilson, with her as my

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. After years of watching Torrie Wilson
and imagining what it would be like to just meet her, I was now going to be
involved in a romance angle with her. I new right then that I would atleast
be able to kiss her once for the show. I was hoping I could turn it into more
but I doubt the writers would allow it.

I was hanging out in the hallway and I saw Torrie making her way back from
the ring after the contest. She was in a sexy blue bikini and had her robe
on, so she looked super hot. When I saw her my pants immediately got smaller,
but I decided to go introduce myself.

Me: Hey Torrie. My name is Brady, I'm a new talent here on SmackDown!

Torrie gave that really sexy smile that she does and then shook my hand.

Torrie: Hi Brady, nice to meet you. Welcome to SmackDown!

Me: Yeah, thanx. I just wanted to let you know first, me and you are going to
be made an onscreen couple.

Torrie: Oh good another chance for me to kiss a superstar and walk them
down to the ring. I'm just joking, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun working

Me: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

Torrie: Well what I found that helps in these angles, is if the we meet up
and rehearse together. It helps prepare us so the chemistry is better.

Me: Ok so when would you like to meet?

Torrie: How bout right now just let me change, unless you want me to practice
in this.

She said this jokingly and undoing the robe to show her beautiful body in
that bikini.

Me: Actually I wouldn't mind at all.

She started to sexily walk away before turning her head and saying

Torrie: Well, you never know.

She gave me that sexy smile again and went into her dressing room.

I was so psyched. I wanted her so bad. So she finished changing and then
invited me into her dressing room.

We began talking about the kind of stuff we would be doing.

Torrie: Well there are many different ways we can make our characters be for
this type of angle.

Me: What do you mean?

Torrie: Well there is the standard couple, the constant interference couple,
and then there is the very sexual couple. You know, like what Nidia and Jamie
Noble did.

Me: Well that last one seems kind of fun.

She smiled again and then came up real close.

Torrie: Well you know that would mean we would have to kiss and be real
comfortable together.

Me: Well I'm comfortable, but if your not...

Torrie: Well, I think we might have to get a little more comfortable.

After saying this she she grabbed my head and kissed me.

Torrie: Well I think I'm comfortable now.

She then started giggling with that smile. I loved that smile, just seeing
her smile made me hard.

Me: Are sure your comfortable enough.

Torrie: Well maybe your right.

We shared a laugh and then we started passionately kissing again. As we were
kissing we both sat down on her leather couch. I could not believe what was
happening, plus she looked so hot. She had on a great pink tanktop on with
those nice white tights. As we were kissing, my hands made her way up her
shirt as I started feeling her tits under her shirt.

She then stopped and took her shirt off revealing a great pink bra which her
tits were exploding out of. She then start licking my neck. It felt so good
having her tongue rub my neck. As she did this I undid her bra revealing her
beautiful tits which I immediately buried my face into. I began licking her
perfect nipples until she got off the couch. Before I knew what had happened
she was inf front of me on her knees.

She took her hand and rubbed my chest and made her way down to my cock
rubbing it in my jeans.

Torrie: Wow its so big!!!

While still in the jeans she placed it in her mouth before unzipping them and
pulling my 7" cock out. She started licking it up and down before putting it
in her mouth and bobbing up and down on my dick. I couldn't believe what was
happening as she was working my dick so well with her tongue.

I put my hand on her head guiding it up and down as she swirled her tongue
around my shaft. She was so good cuz she would look at me with those
seductively cute eyes while giving me the perfect blow job. I played with
her tits while taking it all in. But then after about 5 minutes I realized
I was being selfish.

I took her head off and told her it was her turn. We both stood up and we
kissed some more as I grabbed those beautiful jugs of hers. I then worked
my hands onto that awesome bubble butt of hers, squeezing and carressing
it while we made out. She then broke the kiss, and turned around. She then
moved back so we were touching each other. We were so close her ass could
definitely feel my hard dick. She then took her pants off revealing a nice
thong, and bending over and rubbing my cock with her fantastic ass. When
she stood straight, I grabbed her boobs and kissed her neck. I could tell
she was loving it, and I was about to make her love it a whole lot more. I
made her lay down on the couch and i positioned myself right between her

I pulled off her thong and buried my face into her beautifully shaven pussy.
I was grabbing her ass with my hands, and going to work on her clit with my
tongue. She was letting out loud moans and aggressively rubbing her hands
through my hair. It felt real good while I was eating her out. I continued
to pleasure her with my tongue motions. She orgasmed twice before I was even
finished down there. When I finished she was looking at me almost in awe.
She was smiling with her eyes wide open. She couldn't believe how good I had
made her feel. We both stood up and she ran to me and started passionately
kissing me. It was time for my reward for a job well done. She instantley
jumped up to me, and inserted my cock right into her pussy. While I was
standing we kissed while I held her by her ass pumping her up and down on my
cock. We stopped kissing so she could lick my neck some more while letting
out moans of pleasure. I then carried her on my cock to the couch wear I sat
down again and had her ride me, and man did she know what she was doing.

She was working my cock so well. I toar at her titties with my mouth as she
went back and forth on my penis. She then started hopping up and down and I
helped her out by grabbing that sweet ass of hers. I felt I was getting close
to busting but I stopped her. I was ready for it to end yet.

I made her get on all fours on the couch and I placed it in from behind.
I began pumping her from behind and then she picked her back up so it was
leaning against my chest. As we were fucking I grabbed her tits from behind
her and squeezed them. I then busted inside her as she let out some big
moans and I could tell we both went at the same time. I then laid back on
the couch and I took my cock out of her but she was still naked and laid on

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