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Torrie Welcomes Me To The Suburbs Part 1
by Jake Jeckel

It has been a year now since I was welcomed to the tiny suburb of Romulus,
which is just outside of Atlanta. Now, only the richest bitches live out
here. In fact, I bought my house from Reese Witherspoon, who gave me a hassle
when I did finally buy it. Fuck her though, this story isn't about her.

Now, you may be wondering where I got the money from. Well, I was hit by
a van when I was 16 and fell into a coma. Then, my mom sued the asshole and
I got about $2,000,000 because he was drunk and on probation and other shit
that added up. So, as soon as I turned 18, I got my money and bought a house
out here. Paid for the $650,000 in straight cash. It was that spring when I
came to meet one of my new neighbors.

I moved in during the spring of 2001 and did so without much notice from
the current residents. I tried to get to know them by throwing parties which
I invited my friends to. It didn't work, in fact, some asshole called the
cops almost every time. It was one night, however, that I first met my future

It was early April when I threw one of my last parties. After the last six
were all broken up by the police, I figured I should give them a rest until I
was more welcome in the area. Most of my friends were already passed out in
my rooms and in the tub. Nothing unusual. As I stepped over one of my friends
to take a piss, I looked out of my window and saw something that caught my
attention. It was a woman with blonde hair and gorgeous eyes. I just stared
at her and she gave me the same look for about a minute. Then, as if nothing
ever happened, she turned the light off. It sort of broke the trance and
pissed like I had intended to do. Then, I went to bed still seeing that vison
of her eyes staring at me as if they were looking for something.

After my friends woke up and finally left, I cleaned up the house. Then, I
got to work on my next project which was painting the inside.

I was off to the hardware store to pick up a couple of gallons of paint,
and when I went out to my truck to leave, I saw that same woman I did earlier
in the morning. This time she was out in her yard watering her plants. She
turned around to give me a quick smile and said "Hi." I said Hi as well, and
then jumped into my truck. Something just seemed weird about the whole way
she went about things. I couldn't place my finger on it yet, but I soon

I returned home about an hour later to see her still standing outside,
only now she was doing some yoga or something like that. I decided that this
was a good time as any that I would get to introduce myself. I walked across
her cobblestone path which led to her front steps where she was exercising.
She never even saw me until I was about five feet from her. She gave that
same smile and continued to stretch.

"Hey, I'm Jake. I just moved in next door," was all I could simply put
out. She finally stopped and laughed.

"I know, we have had some encounters recently huh? I'm Torrie, nice to
meet you," she said. "What are you up to today?"

"Oh, well I have to paint the inside of my house. It is the ugliest shade
of green I've ever seen before."

She did some light stretches while talking and said, "You're pretty cute.
How old are you?"

I told her, "I'm only 18."

"Oh, wow. What are you doing out here by yourself?"

I told her about my story and she seemed interested by it. She actually
stopped exercising to listen.

"Hey, do you need help with the painting?" she asked.

I said, "Sure, that would be great. I mean, if it's not a problem or

She smiled and said, "No, it's nothing at all. I'm gonna take a quick
shower and then I'll be over, all right?"

My penis stiffened up right away thinking of the things that could
possibly come out of her coming over to my house. Would it turn into more
than painting? Something told me it would. I let her go inside and get
cleaned up. I ran over to my house and prepared for what could happen. I
opened all of the windows because it still smelled like beer and vomit,
good thing there was a strong breeze coming through.

It was about 2:30 when she came over. She was wearing a pair of cut off
jean shorts that barely covered her ass and a orange tank top. I could
clearly see that she was not wearing a bra underneath. I let her in and told
her to take a look around the house if she'd like. I asked her if she would
like something to drink and she said "Anything diet would be good." Good
thing my girlfriends had come over, otherwise I wouldn't have had any diet
soda. I returned with sodas in hand to see her sitting at my dining room

"Thanks. You've got a really nice house. I never came over when Reese
lived here. I couldn't stand her."

She kept looking at me and I couldn't help but feel a little
uncomfortable. Finally she asked me another question. "Do you know who I am?"
Puzzled, I just said, "No, should I?" She seemed a little upset and then she
told me, "I used to be on TV. In the wrestling industry. I worked for the
WCW, but they were bought out and now I'm not working."

Embarrassed, I put my hand on her shoulder and told her I was sorry to
hear that. She glanced at me with that same loving smile and said, "Well,
let's get started huh?" We worked on the dining room first and actually
finished it in a short time. Next, we went to the living room and got to
work. By now, both of us had worked up a pretty good sweat and it showed.
Torrie's tank top was soaked with her own hard work. It stuck to her large
breasts and made her nipples poke out just a little bit. Seeing this made
my dick pop up quick again, and also brought those feelings back into my
mind. It was about 6:30 when Torrie said, "I'm hungry, how about you?"

I put my roller down and asked her, "What are you hungry for?" "I could
go for some chicken," she said. That not being a problem, I told her to stop
working and come outside to take a break. She ran up to me and took my hand
in hers. It was almost like we were dating or something. She had a lot of
trust in me, maybe because I didn't know who she was because of her

We went out to my deck and I started the grill. I decided to make chicken
and some corn on the cob. She sat on the wicker chair and untied her wet
blonde hair. The wind had picked up a little more and made her hair blow
around. Even over the scent of the gas grill and food cooking, I could still
smell her hair...a strawberry aroma mixed with her sweat. She looked so
beautiful and innocent... I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but I
wouldn't dare ask her if I could. As I finished up the cooking, she opened
up to me and told me stories about herself and interesting things she had
done. Then it happened, she asked a simple question, "Jake, are you a
virgin?" I whipped my head around to look at her and she was dead serious.
My expression of a joke turned into a straight face as well. So, I told her
the truth.

"Well, I've never had sex before. But, I've had a blow job and I've als
given oral sex to my girlfriend when I was 16. That's all I've done though."

That loving smile I had seen so much that day turned into a more seductive
smile as if she had something else in store for the evening. Not thinking
anything of that conversation she returned to telling the stories and I fixed
her a plate. The two of us sat at my wooden table and ate. What had been an
awkward meeting of new neighbors earlier, had now turned into almost a close

It was 8:00 and dark when we finished our meal. We returned to the
painting almost immediately. But, that is when things got good for me.

I was standing on a chair getting the ceiling when Torrie came by me. She
brushed the brush up against my leg. I looked at her to see her writing her
name on my leg. Normally, I would be like, "What the hell are you doing?" But
with her, she could paint my whole body for all I care. Feeling as if this
was my one and only shot to have sex with a woman as beautiful as her, I got
down from the chair. She had inscribed her name onto my right calf and it had
little hearts all around it. We both put our brushes down and kissed as if
something pushed us together. I grabbed her by the back of her head and ran
my fingers through her wet, blonde hair. Our tongues flickered back and forth
with a great amount of speed. Then, in an instant she pulled away.

"Wait, are we sure we want to do this?" I told her I was and she winked
at me and grabbed my shirt. She pulled me to one of my chairs in my dining
room and sat me down on it. She moved into things pretty quick I thought. She
pulled my shorts down and looked at the bulge which had time to grow to its
full state. She took a drink of a nearby soda to get some saliva going in
her mouth. When she got to that point, she grabbed my boxers and pulled them
down. My cock sprang free and almost hit her in the face she was that close
to it. She stared at it for a second and then looked at me for approval. I
grabbed a handful of hair and massaged her head. This was all she needed to
get started. Torrie took a quick dive down my shaft getting it as wet as it
could have possibly been. Then, she put both of her tiny hands around the
base of my cock and started to jerk me off. She moved her hands as quick as
I have ever seen before. Only a couple of seconds into the whole thing and
I was almost ready to shoot my load.

She must have sensed this and stopped. She climbed up and kissed me some
more. The material of her jean shorts brushed up against my dick while she
rammed her tongue down my throat. She giggled and then got back down on her

Then, she put my cock back in her mouth. She didn't deep throat it, but
it didn't matter at this point. I was so close to cumming and her moans got
me there quicker. As she bobbed up and down on my cock all I heard out of her
was, "MMMM....MMMM..."

It was then that I yelled out loud, "I'm gonna cum!" As if she never heard
me, she just kept sucking away as I shot my load into her hot mouth. She went
up my cock one more time to get as much cum as she could and then said, "Your
cum tastes sooo good. Some of the best I've ever tasted. Not too salty, not
too sweet. Now, what can you do for me?"

I took her hand and pulled her up. Then, I picked her up off the floor
and carried her to my corner couch. Throwing her onto the soft cushion, she
laughed and told me, "I like a man who plays a little rough." I kneeled down
on the floor with her legs hanging off of the edge. Kissing her feet all the
way up to her inner thigh, I started to unbutton her shorts. I pulled them
off to reveal a pair of orange panties. A nice.... I kissed her
crotch with the panties still on. This made her pretty wet as I hadn't even
touched her yet. Next, I grabbed the thong by the waist band and slipped it
down and off of her legs. I sniffed them to get a sample of what I would be
diving into shortly. Her pussy juices smelled so sweet, almost like
butterscotch. Her pussy hair was shaved into a wide, but thin V shape. I
licked her muff all the way around. Finally, I dove in.

I licked her pussy lips on the outside tasting her juices as they came
into my mouth. Then, I heard her moaning as I found her clit and flicked it
with my tongue. "OOOHHHHHH YEEEAAAHHH.... Get right in there Jake." Her lips
opened up for me as if they were the holy gates of heaven. I spit on her clit
and fingered it to get her ready for my entry. She bucked her hips and let
out some more moans. "AAAHHHH! Ooooohh.... yeah go..." I rolled my tongue up
as tight as I could and fucked her pussy with it. My nose rubbed up against
her clit every time I pushed my face into her. I knew it wouldn't be long
until she came. She reached down and pushed my head into her cunt. She kept
it there until she came. I licked around the insides of her pussy and heard
her scream out, "Here I cum. OOOOOOOO....UH UH UH" With that, I tasted her
juices as they poured into my mouth. Man, when she cums, she fucking cums.

My cock was now back to life and I was ready to move to the next session.
I grabbed her soaking wet body and picked her up again. I peeled off my shirt
and sat her on my lap facing me. I watched her as she grabbed her tank top
from the bottom and pulled it off exposing those perfect tits of hers. Her
nipples were the perfect size for he tits, not too small or big. Nice and
dark too. I put my face in between them and she rubbed my head. I took her
right tit in my mouth and sucked on her nipple until it became hard. Then, I
did the same with her left one. After doing that she positioned herself onto
my throbbing shaft. My 8 inch cock disappeared inside of her as she let out
a scream of pain and pleasure. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her up
and down as I stared at her tits bouncing with every thrust. I reached around
to grab a handful of her phat ass. It was again perfect, not too muscular and
not a single spot of cellulite.

We worked it out for what had to have been 10 minutes and neither of us
was ready to cum just yet. Her hair was dripping sweat down onto her chest
which was heaving in and out from her heavy breathing. I stopped pumping away
and pulled her off of my cock. She stood up and I stood behind her. Next, she
bent down touching her toes. I got a view of her pussy, which was red from
the pounding that I had given it. I slipped it in from behind and hit it
doggy style. This seemed to have worked for both of us as we were both
moaning and sweating like crazy. I kept my right hand on her ass and reached
my left around to rub her clit. This was the launching pad as she told me
she was going to come again.

The slurping sound of her juices being pushed in and out by my dick only
made me pump faster to cum quick. She stood up a little bit so she could get
it at a new angle. This also tightened her pussy up a little which was what
I needed. I grabbed her tits and pounded away at her box.

"I'm gonna cummmm!," I yelled out. "So am I," Torrie yelled back. "Let me
feel your cum in my pussy Jake."

I gave it one last thrust and I felt my balls tighten up and I shot my
load inside of her. We both fell onto the couch where we eventually fell

I woke up to see Torrie walking away and up my stairs.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"To take a shower. Wanna come with me?" she replied.

I got up and said, "You know I do!"

Little did I know, this was only the first gift she had for me....


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