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Torrie Wilson & Nidia: The Food Of Love
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Nidia was walking backstage, her work done for the day on Smackdown. Though
she loved the show, there was something nice and relaxing about being in the
opening segment and being done for the night that gave her an air of relief.
She had the next few days free, and the night was young. She was still in
costume, clad in daisy dukes and flannel button up, tied at her navel. She
was walking to the front to let them know she'd be leaving for the night when
she heard a moan. It was definitely a woman's. Apparently whomever it was
realized the noise they were making and quieted down a bit, but still audible
to Nidia.*

Nidia followed the sound of the low moans to a locker room she looked up on
the door to read the sign hung there it read "Torrie Wilson".

Nidia looked to her left and right before she cracked the door open a little
and peered inside the light was off but there was light in the room and Nidia
saw what was lighting the room it was the tv and then Nidia looked on in
amazment as she saw the blonde bombshell Torrie thong and bottoms down around
her ankles sitting on a chair close to the tv pleasuring herself.

"You want to attack me Sable huh you want to attack me!" Came Stephanie's
voice from the screen Nidia instantly recogised it and also instantly clicked
as to what Torrie was watching it was the "food fight" between Sable and
Stephanie almost three to two weeks ago before Vengence. But now Nidia was
puzzled who was Torrie masturbating over Sable? Stephanie? or both? *

Torrie kept talking to the television as she continued to finger herself.
Nidia noticed her own hand cluctching one of her breasts, slowly massaging
herself. She couldn't believe she was being turned on by Torrie's erotic

"Oh, yeah! Put that food in my face, God it gets me so hot!"

That's when it hit Nidia: Torrie didn't just love the women, she loved the
food fight, she loved the mess, and she was willing to bet the slow cleaning
process that came after.*

Nidia then smiled the evil wicked smile that was so loved by the fans of
Smackdown and the one they where so used to seeing and the reason she was
smiling was because Nidia had finally found a way to get the blonde bombshell
in a sexual way and that was by blackmailing her. Nidia then closed the door
being sure so as not to be heard or seen she then went out and waited out the
front for Torrie each peice of the plan falling into place as each momment
ticked by before Nidia finally spotted Torrie leaving. *

Nidia powerwalked to catch up with her.

"Hey sexy," she whispered, startling Torrie.

"Oh, hi there Nidia."

Torrie had been uncomfortable with how close Nidia had been in recent weeks,
and it was only getting worse. Nidia decided to drop a hint to see if Torrie

"Hey, I'm kinda hungry, would you like to go get some food?" she emphasized
the last word, causing Torrie to stop.

"Actually yeah, I am kinda hungry, I was going to go for Italian, care to

Nidia smiled, but inside frowned at the fact that Torrie didn't follow her.
They drove off to the Italian resturant, and had dinner before Nidia decided
to let it all out.*

"Ya know Torrie I know something about you." Nidia said.

"What do you mean you know something about me?"

"Well actually I know a few things about you." Nidia said.

"What things?"

"Well, I know your nothing like your character on the show all sweet and


"I know that men don't only float your boat."

Torrie then became very worried and very silent.

"And I also know your No. 1 major turn on." Nidia said picking up a fork
full of spaghetti as a sign or signal of what Torrie's major turn on was.

Nidia eyed the spaghetti, then eyed Torrie, who looked at her with growing
tension. Nidia ate the noodle slowly, sucking it into her mouth and turning
Torrie on without her even having to ask. Torrie swallowed hard.

"So...I like food and sex. Does that make me weird? No, it's just who I am."

Nidia smiled. "Problem is that it isn't very professional to be masturbating
to the boss' daughter."

Torrie's jaw dropped at this revalation, and she grew immediately quiet.
Nidia started again.

"This could really put your career in jeopardy you know? If they were to find
out from any reliable source, you could be finished." She paused. "But they
don't have to find out Torrie."

"What do you want?" Torrie asked in a totally submissive tone.

"I want us to explore this fetish of yours together I want to make your
fantesy to become a reality and above all else I want to be sexually
pleasured by this experience so long as that last thing happens you can
finger fuck yourself to Stephanie and Sable fighting in food all you want
after tonight. BUT if I don't get what I want you can consider your career
as far as the WWE goes either history or soon to be under the eye of Vince
McMahon." Nidia said meaning every word of her demands and every word of
her threat about telling Vince about Torrie's fetish and what she get's off
on watching.

Torrie lowered her head and whispered a defeated, "Whatever you want Nidia."

Nidia smiled, sat back and sipped her wine. "Good, now, I have two copies of
my room key. You take this one, go to room 538. But before you do, change
into the sexiest underwear you have. Wait there for me, I'll have some
shopping to do."

Torrie nodded, and left to attend to her business. Nidia lightly sipped the
last of her wine, before paying the check and heading out to the local
Mini-Mart. She picked up a bag of ice, chocolate syrup, cherries, whipped
cream, and a just about any other food she could think of. It seems every
aisle she walked down she found a new idea popped into her head. She finally
reached the check out and the woman behind the check out was surprised.

"How do you keep your figure?" she asked as she got half way through the
mountain of food.

Nidia smiled. "Oh belive I always battle with food."

Finally the check out girl reached the end of the shopping and Nidia paid
for it she then got back into her car and drove to the hotel she immediatly
went up to the room 538 and walked in carrying as many bags in either hand
and also a few clenched between her teeth.

"hip me ou ere, sorry." Nidia said using her foot to close the door behind
herself as she entered the room Torrie, still polite, helped Nidia by taking
a few of the groceries into the kitchen, and sat them down on the countertop.
Nidia's arms were strained, and as didn't even have time to think about what
was happening she was so tired from carrying the bags. She grabbed a bottle
of water and quickly drank half of it before her breathing slowed. It was
then she first noticed Torrie, still concerned, wearing a tiny t-shirt, going
just below her breasts, and low rise jeans. Nidia smiled again, remembering
what she was doing here.

"Are you ok? Do you need to lie down?" Inquired Torrie, still a good person.

Nidia panted a bit before making her reply. "No...I'm ok now."

"Let's get started with un packing the gorceries."

Nidia said and so they did together Torrie couldn't help but smile with each
item she took out of a bag Bannana's carrots chocolate syrup etc Nidia looked
over at Torrie and said, "I can see your going to like this." Torrie looked
at Nidia and blushed Nidia just smiled pretty soon all the food was out of
it's bag and if it was tinned or whatever it was open and ready to be used
the question is in what way was it going to be used?

Nidia then took one of the straps down and off of Torrie's shoulder and arm
and then placed a small amount of syrup on the place where the strap had been
and then took tiny licks of the syrup making that spot sensative to the touch
and in the end making Torrie shiver as Nidia licked up the last little bit of
syrup. Nidia then layed Torrie down on the bed with the food on the floor
serounding the bed Nidia then got an ice cube and layed next to Torrie and
began to slowly go around Torrie's face kind of like as if she was drawing
the outline of Torrie's face with the edge of the ice cube.

Torrie's teeth began to chatter lightly as her whole body was affected by the
tiny cube of ice. Nidia guided it down lower, to her neck, and even on the
areas in which the chocolate syrup was licked up. The sensation was both
numbing and pleasurable at the same time. Goosebumps came all over Torrie's
skin, and Nidia leaned down to kiss her for the first time that night.

Torrie couldn't resist but to kiss back she knew it would signal her
enjoyment of what Nidia was doing which Torrie had been mentally telling
herself she wasn't going to do but just as Nidia had wanted Torrie Torrie
had wanted Nidia and if this was the only way the two could get each other
then so be it. After the kiss Nidia smiled as she outlined Torrie's lips
with the ice cube and then gave Torrie her first instruction.

"Take the ice cube in your thumb and first finger." Torrie did this. "Now
seductivly lick it so that it will turn me on and seduce me." Nidia said
taking full advantage of the power she had over Torrie.

Torrie did as she was told, and tongued the ice cube, both slowly and deeply
and with quick lashes. Nidia sat above her and watched, hands running up and
down her own body. The ice cube was starting to melt, as Nidia couldn't
resist Torrie's tongue anymore. She reach down and interlocked tongues.
Torrie fought back, and the chill from the ice was shared between the two of
them. Nidia reached down and lifted Torrie's tank top easily off her body,
reavealing a lacy blue bra, revealing everything that was under it. Nidia sat
back up and grabbed another ice cube, this time going down a little lower.
She thrust it right onto the peak of Torrie's nipple.

"mmmmmmm so cold and yet so nice." Torrie moaned with pleasure Nidia just
smiled as she rolled the ice cube around the nipple and then around the base
of the nipple the breast and as the ice cube began to melt Nidia made trails
from the top of the breast down untill she had created a kind of cross going
from top to bottom left to right Nidia then started at the bottom of the
breast and licked all the way to the top and then down the otherside she then
licked from the left of the breast to the top and then down the other side.

Torrie couldn't help but arch her back, begging Nidia to continue further and
further with her exploitation. And with a bra as lacy as hers, nothing was
hidden, and the ice had little trouble penetrating it, as did Nidia's tongue.
Still that was not enough for her, as she pulled the bra off, and letting
Torrie's massive breasts lie free. Again she took the ice cube, this time
running it up from Torrie's belly all the way to her right nipple, circling
it before moving to the left to do the same thing.

"Uuuunnngh..." moaned Torrie slowly as Nidia then bobbed her head down to
lick the trail of water the ice cube had left. Torrie's body tasted so good
to Nidia, the only thing to improve it would be an aphrodesiac. She reached
for the chocolate syrup and poured enough to fill Torrie's belly button,
before licking it all up herself.

"mmmmmmm I'll bet my a belly button never tasted so good huh?" Torrie said
with a giggle.

"You got that right but belive it or not your belly button is gonna not gonna
compare to how good your pussy is gonna taste when i get through with it."
Nidia responded.

"I can't wait." Torrie said.

Nidia then took down Torrie's matching blue thong and tried to decide what to
use next. She didn't want to delve right into fucking her, so she decided a
little oral play was in mind. She took the can of cherries she had purchased.
She took it into her mouth, and swished it around for a few moments. She
pulled it back out, the stem successfully tied in a knot. Just seeing it made
Torrie gasp and let it out a moan.

"Guess where this is going?" Nidia asked rhetorically. She lowered her head
and her fingers. With two fingers, she held the cherry and inserted into
Torrie's wet pussy. Torrie cried out in pleasure as Nidia dropped the cherry
and slowly withdrew her fingers.

"Whoops," she said sarcastically, "I dropped it, guess I'll just have to go
down and get it."

Torrie tried to prepear herself but when Nidia's tounge made contract with
Torrie's pussy Torrie couldn't help but coo Nidia decided to play with both
the cherry and Torrie's pussy at the same time and so she took the cherry
in her mouth but she didn't eat it she simply made it even wetter with her
tounge and then let it roll out of her mouth back into Torrie's pussy and
then with the tip of her tounge and fingers rolled it around the inside of
Torrie's pussy.

"Aaaahh...Ooohh!" moaned Torrie as the small red ball continued to stimulate
her inner walls deeply. Nidia's tongue also lashed about finding plenty of
contact with Torrie's sweet juices. She didn't want Torrie hitting her climax
just yet though, so she picked up the cherry in her tongue and slowly removed
herself. Torrie sighed long and light as Nidia lifted her head up. She went
to kiss Torrie, who accepted it. Nidia dropped the cherry into her mouth, and
let Torrie feast upon herself.

Torrie first licked the cherry clean and made sure Nidia could see before she
finally ate it again making sure Nidia could see.

"Ok then Torrie now since you've been a good little girl up to now." Nidia
said playing off of Torrie's onscreen character "sweet and inocent". "You get
to pick the next peice of food i use and where you want me to use it." Nidia

Torrie suddenly pushed Nidia down, and sat atop her body. "Fair enough, but
you won't be the one using them."

Torrie leaned down and savagely kissed Nidia, swapping their tongues in an
almost violent fashion. Nidia realized Torrie couldn't contain her animal
lust any longer. Torrie unbuttoned Nidia's top, and nearly ripped her bra
off. She reached above Nidia, and came back with a can of whip cream. She
shook it and sprayed it all over Nidia's tanned body. Torrie took her time,
sexilly licking up every last bit across her torso.

"mmmmmmmmm...oooooooooohhhhhhhhh torrie...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...
uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!" Nidia moaned defenceless against Torrie's tounge

Torrie then moved lower, unzipping Nidia's Daisy Dukes and revealing her
floral print pink thong. She rubbed her pussy with her palm, lightly
stimulating Nidia's sopping wet cunt. She continued to pleasure her a bit
longer as she craned her head down to glance at her options of food
products. Nidia's moans grew rather loud, as Torrie's attentions were
diverted. She had to restrain, she didn't want to end the fun quite yet.

Torrie then secretly while still playing with Nidia's pussy unwrapped the
chosen food and then she slowly removed her hand and replaced it with the
end of the chosen food which was in point of fact a banana. The nub
continued rubbing up against Nidia's thong. But with her new object, Torrie
had no need for the underwear, and removed them. She started to peal the
bananna inch by inch in plain view of Nidia, teasing her.

"Pleaaaase hurry. Just fuck me now!"

Torrie finally removed the peel from about 8 inches of the bananna and
obliged Nidia's wishes.

Torrie then got the bannan and slowly started to fuck Nidia with it slow at
first but as Nidia got wetter and wetter hornier and hornier the further
Torrie managed to get the banana and continued to fuck Nidia with it going
deeper and deeper and faster and faster.

Nidia grabbed her ample breasts and squeezed for all she was worth as she
helped drive the fruit straight into her cunt. "Ooh...oooh...OOOH!!" she
could feel the orgasm building deep within her body, as could Torrie, who
sped her thrusting further.

Then Nidia screamed as she came all over the banana and once it was covered
Torrie cleaned Nidia's cunt before she then sat next to Nidia and ate the cum
covered banana as Nidia watched.

Nidia just twirled her hair and caught her breath as she watched the blonde
slowly eat the bananna covered in her sweet nectar. The image made Nidia
horny just minutes after her amazing orgasm. She couldn't believe how hot
Torrie was, nor how hot Torrie had made her. Torrie finished the bananna but
had little time to rest, as Nidia quickly crawled atop her body and began to
kiss her.

Torrie laid prone under Nidia's sweating body. She thrust her pussy hard into
Torrie's, causing her to wince and moan, teasing her.

"Enough with these food games," she stated, "I just want to fuck your brains

She slid off Torrie's body, and lowered her headd to her pussy. She licked up
the juices that were leaking before, re-entering Torrie's body, causing her
to shudder.

"Uuuuggh..." she moaned as she ran her hands up and down her body. Nidia's
tongue ran through her pussy, making Torrie's whole body convulse. Nidia
suprised her further by pointing two of her fingers at her cunt, and pushing
them in along with her tongue.


Torrie screamed as Nidia pleased her both orally and with with her digits.
She pushed them deep without much preperation, knuckle deep, and rapidly
pumped them in and out.

"Uuughh...Uuughh...Oh God yes!!" Torrie called out as she felt her body
began to pump adrenaline through her. Nidia found the clit, and began to
lick furiously at it while continuing to fingerfuck her lover. Torrie. She
then took it into her lips and sucked upon the clit itself, driving Torrie
over the edge. The pleasure Nidia was forcing upon her was just too much;
she hit a huge orgasm, which Nidia licked right from Torrie's pussy. The
pleasure was so good, Torrie couldn't help but hit a second orgasm right
after, causing her body to tremble and her voice to quiver as she shot out
more juices, which Nidia again lapped up. Torrie sighed a breath of relief,
while Nidia crawled up and met Torrie in an embrace. They were both
exhausted and their eyelids were closing fast. Before they did, Torrie
whispered, "You'll keep your end of the bargain right?"

Nidia whispered back, "For now; we'll see how much more fun we can have

The End

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