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Torrie Wilson Gets Caught By The Cops!
by Torrie's Panties

Torrie Wilson was at a smackdown taping on tuesday. After the show ended,
she was told that she had a room waiting for her at an arena for Raw. It was
an hour away, so she called a rental car.

When the car arrived, the man left keys and left. Torrie Wilson got her
bags and walked out of the arena. She was wearing the sexiest short black
skirt ever.

Her sexy tan delicious legs were fully exposed. She walked like a lady and
her huge juicy ass shaking every step.

Torrie walked to her car and bent over showing her HUGE ass as she got in.
Her skirt had hiked up and her sexy legs were exposed.

Part of her white panties showing, but she didn't realize it.

She prepared the car and drove off the parking lot to the arena. She
looked so hot showing off her sexy legs.

She headed for the highway and soon was going 50 mph. She turned on the
radio and listened to her favorite songs.

Not paying attention to the road, she was heading the wrong way at 65 mph.
A cop noticed the hot blonde girl speeding and soon chased her down.

She got worried and decided to pull over. No cars were seen. The cop got
out of his car. He was tired and walked up to Torrie's window.

He froze the second he saw her sexy tan legs. He looked how smooth and tan
they were.

She smiled and said, "Yes, officer?"

He broke out of his trance and said,"ID please?"

Torrie reached out and the man looked at the card. She had a sexy face and
her breasts were popping out of her shirt. He still looked at her legs.

He went back to his car to think. 'Should I arrest her or free her?' he
thought, 'who would leave a hot girl like that?' he thought about her legs
and huge boobs.

He went back and told Torrie to step out of the car. He checked the car
and took out some drugs from HIS pocket. He said, "What's this?"

Torrie froze in shock, "um..I don't know?"

The cop said, "Its weed."

Torrie begged it was a rental car.

The cop wasted no time. He said, "Put your hands on the car."

Torrie obeyed and pleaded it wasnt hers.

The man checked her for any weapons. He felt her arms and back, then he
checked her chest nd rubbed her huge breasts and froze. Then down her skirt
and layed a hand on her private. Then down to her sexy tanned legs.

He got hard fast and handcuffed her arms. Torrie began to cry and the cop
bent her huge sexy ass into the back of the cop car.

He then drove off. Torrie looked so scared and sad.

The man drove down the highway and turned off in a dirt road. He drove all
the way down to a small cabin.

It was a cop station. No one knew about it except him. He helped Torrie
out of the car and led her into the small cabin.

He went inside, locked the door and uncuffed her. She rubbed her red
wrists and looked worried.

The man wrote something down and asked, no TOLD Torrie to remove her shirt
and skirt for inspection for more drugs.

Torrie grew angry and yelled, "I don't have any! It was placed there!"

The man said, "Hey, don't do this and you'll regret it!"

Torrie was led to a small corner. It had a small curtain covering from her
chest to her knees.

She slowly threw her skirt off exposing her huge tan breasts in a black
bra. Then pulled down her skirt exposing her white panties and fully exposing
her sexy tan juicy legs.

The man went in and got hard at the sight. He made her twist around
checking out her legs and huge ass. Then spotting her huge boobs.

He could feel pussy in the room and stared at her panties.

He led her to a white wall and took pics of her. Not her face, but her
legs and titties and ass and legs. She was to frightened to realize it.

The man led her to a cell and pushed her in. He locked the bars and went
to the phone. Torrie sat on the small bed thinking about losing her job!

She was still in her panties and bra. Lots of her skin exposed and the man
grew hard lookng at her in bra and panties.

He told torrie, "Looks like you'll be spending the night here."

Torrie begged for one last chance. He added he wanted to keep his job.

He left Torrie and went down to a gas station. He was going to buy some
drinks but really bought a box of condoms.

Torrie just stared and rubbed her stomach thinking about this. She got
under the covers and fell asleep in panties and bra.

She was to scared to realize she was being taped as she stuck her hand
down her panties and rubbed it.

Then she was alsleep. The man arrived and saw torrie sleeping.

He thought, 'Should I or shouldnt I?' He held the box of condoms in his
hand. He said, "No one knows I'm here," or that Torrie is arrested or that
he won't report her till the morning.

He then grabbed his keys. Went in the cell. He was pre-hard. He unzipped
his pants, slid a condom on and uncovered Torrie's body.

It was so hot and tan. He said, "1..2..3...4" and slid down her panties.

He froze as he exposed her tight pink warm pussy. He rubbed her hair and
licked her sexy legs. Then he slid his dick in when Torrie woke up.

She grew scared and moaned as the cop began fucking her. He moaned every
time his dick rammed her tight pussy. Rubbin it and feeling up on her legs.
She moaned and yelled as the speed went faster and making Torrie's body
bounce fast.

He yelled as his tip of his dick rammed her tight pussy and fucked the
shit out of her. She held her breasts to keep from popping out.

He grew hard watching half of her nipple exploding out. He fucked her
pussy so fast moaning at the tightness it was.

He soon felt pussy juice leak out on his condom. Torrie yelled and gasped
as the man grabbed her fine ass legs and used it for speed.

Then he yelled and cummed all over the condom. He froze then continued to
pump her pussy. She felt his dick enlarge and yelled as it sqeezed up her
tight pussy hole. More juice leaked as he went faster, faster, faster.......

Then the condom snapped and cum flew on her pubic hair. He slid out fast
and threw out the remaining part. Torrie layed on the bed tired and shocked
at the punishment.

She tried to escape, but what's the use? She would be in deeper trouble.
The man slid on a new oneand twisted her over. He grabbed her sexy legs and
stuck it up her HUGE ass.

He began pumping her ass which was tighter and began slapping her juicy

He sqeezed and rubbed her ass and spanked it watching it jiggle as he
fucked her ass.

Finally Torrie yelled and begged for hlp. She moaned and began saying, "OH
and AAHH!"

The man reached and undid her bra strap. He fucked her huge ass fast and
spanked it. The he flipped her over.

Threw off the bra and grew hard at their size. He began suckig on her
tits. Licking all over and sqeezing the firmness. He yelled and sucked.
Leaving spit on her chest.

They were so tan and perfect. He moaned as he reached on her legs. He then
began to kiss her lips. She didn't respond.

He jumped on her and began breast fucking her. Sticking his dick between
her huge boobs and fucking fast. He went back and forth moaning as her chest
was huge.

He moaned and she moaned. Finally he got up and rubbed her legs. He got
under the covers with her and made his dick feel up on her tan ass.

He rubbed her boobs, pussy, ass, and especially legs making her fall
asleep as he fell asleep smelling the air and knowing that Torrie's pussy
smell filled the air.

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