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Torrie Wilson Plays A Game
by Torrie's Short Shorts

Vince McMahon entered the arena for Raw on sunday. As he walked in, 2 men
dressed poorly started to curse at Vince.

Vince stopped and said "what the hell do you want?" Vince added "i know
you fellows want something."

The 2 men said "we want your ass bitch" They laughed.

Aoon a hot young girl in a small skirt and black WWF shirt walked up
behind the guys.

They said "hey jamie,look its Mr. Ass McMahon."

Vince got mad and ordered "Look I can out beat you in money, outbeat you
in fighting and outbeat you in everything!"

The men added "Except card games." The men said "how about you find a
chick and me and Jamie play a little game." Vince laughed and said "you got
yourself a deal." He looked around the parking lot looking for a hot girl.

He stopped......until he found Torrie Wilson. She just arrived. She was
wearing some black tight pants and white tanktop.

Vince ran and said "Torrie!"

Torrie said "Hi, Mr. McMahon."

Vince said "Torrie if you want your job, come help me."

She said "help you what?"

Vince said "Torrie, some poor men challenged me to strip poker."

Torrie worried said "Mr. McMahon, I don't want to lose, I mean I don't
want them to see my body."

Vince said "Please? I'm an expert, trust me Torrie. You'll barely take
your shirt off."

Torrie wasnt still convinced. Vince pulled out $500.00 and handed them to
her. Torrie smiled. Vince said, :If you finish the game, I'll triple that!"

Torrie fell in the plan. Vince grinned and led her to his tour bus. He
went in, let the others in and closed the door and blinds. They went to the
end of the bus and closed the curtain.

The men froze when they saw Torrie Wilson. The men's names were (Tim and
Tom). Tim said "Ready to show us your breasts torrie?" Tom laughed and Torrie
shook her head like no way.

The men divided the cards. Vince grinned at his hand and Tim/Tom smiled

The 2 girls sat on and small sofa while the men played on a round table.

Tim stuck out 3 cards. Vince did the same.

Vince: 5


Vince smiled and Torrie relieved as Tim grew angry. Tim got up while Vince
enjoyed the show.

He picked up Jamie's cute body, made her stand up and he helped her take
off her shirt.

Vince froze as 2 huge breasts laced in a black bra were exposed. Vince
drooled at their amazing size.

Tom was angry and made Tim a lecture.

Torrie was also shocked at the girls boob size, at her age. Jamie didn't
mind her chest being nearly exposed. Cards went down again.

card 1



Tim cursed worse as Jamie then pulled down her tight skirt exposing red
panties. Vince drooled. Panties smell filled the room and Torrie covered her
nose. Tom started to smoke as cards went down.



Tim knodded and Torrie followed directions. Vince watched as the men
grabbed their cocks waiting when Torrie released her shirt and her huge tan
breasts exposed in a white bra.

Torrie sat down embarrassed. Vince grew serious.



This was it. Finally a girls privates exposed. Tom and Tim got up. Tim
picked up Jamie. Tom grabbed Vince from behind and knocked him out. Torrie
got so scared as Jamie and Tim held her.

Vince was thrown in a closet. Jamie went over and Tom told her to make him
say your name! Jamie walked in a closed the door.

Tim grabbed Torrie's arms. Tom slapped her. Tim said, "I got her now, you
drive, then we switch."

Tom didn't want to leave but tied Torrie up the Vince's bed and started
to drive away in the huge tour bus.

Tim closed the curtains and starred at Torrie.

He huge breasts popping out. Torrie yelled and kicked for help.

Tim jumped on her, grabbed her bra straps and pulled till they snapped.
Her huge tan breasts finally exposed.

He began to suck on her boobs making her moan as he sucked and licked and

Jamie slid away her panties and jumped on Vince's dick fucking him so he
would feel her tight pussy.

Tim slipped off Torrie's pants and panties feeling on her huge booty
sticking a finger in and making circles making her "ah" a little.

He rubbed the shit out of her pussy hair, feeling her softness and
smelling Torrie's sweet tan pussy.

He fingered her belly button teasing her s he slid 3 fingers up her ass.
Sqeezing, feeling, rubbing.

He kissed her and sucked her breasts. He yelled to Tom that her titties
are so firm, tan, nippley.

Torrie moaned as he rubbed her sexy tan legs giving her goose bumps. He
moaned in delight as her legs were so tan, smooth, fresh and were so hot.

They weren't muscle type, or greasy but a soft tan hot type. He licked
them leaving spit behind and then licking up to the prize............... her
pussy. He began to eat her soft tight pussy out licking each hair, then
dipping to the best part for and few times drinking her pussy juice.

She couldn't hold it and her pussy began to tighten, it shoke then
realeased out the biggest load of hot cum he ever saw.

He licked it all fast like it was going to dissappear.

Torrie gasped for air from the pain of the fast exploding cum barely
giving her time to prepare for the load.

She made fist and tried to break free from the tight tape on her arms.

He licked off the white cream and sucked on her tight tan stomach. Sucking
so hard, a pre developed hicky soon appeared.

Torrie moaned as pussy juice leaked all over. Tom yelled, save me some
pussy tim,i only have jamie's fat pussy after all.

Tim didn't respond and began to sqeeze her tight tan ass, rubbing the
sweat off and feeling her ass's mass. Feeling every inch, tan and fingering
her ass.

Jamie fucked the out cold Vince making her cum 5 times and yelling like a
bitch making every inch jam in.

Tim slid down his pants, revealed HIS prize and tickled Torrie's sexy leg
with the tip of it.

He slowly jammed it up her juicy pussy and fucked her fast. The bed
boucing as he rode her pussy making sure he got all the way in.

Torrie yelled and begged and yelled and begged and sqirmed and moaned as
his dick fucked her warm pink pussy.

Leaking juice all over she yelled pre-cumming again as he moved in and
out. Tim moaned to as his dick felt the tightest pussy ever.

So tan, juicy, tasty, so.....perfect. He rubbed her huge breasts as he
rode her. He yelled and cummed all over shooting the blast in her pussy, it
leaked out with a mix of hers making the most greastest smell ever.

His nuts hitting her leg every now and then made him moan as the tanness
of her hot body was so overwelming.

Fucking STILL, he went in out, stopped in and out and in, in, in, out,
out, in and then making her sqirm to the speed.

She gasped for air as he sqeezed her tits when he had the urge to release.

He fucked her hard and loud, their skin rubbing and making a slapping
sound. He slid his dick out and rubbed it on her leg leaving her own pussy
scent on her tan leg.

He yelled and grabbed her hips making her pussy hair rub the tip of his

Torrie managed a word. "I want you babe" tim moaned as he got her ass.

He grabbed her bag, put a skirt on her, no panties and a shirt, no bra.
He untied her and went to the bathroom.

They sqeezed in and started to kiss. Torrie stuffed her breasts in her
shirt. Fixing the shirt trying to hide her hard, sucked nipples.

Tim fixed his huge dick and the waited....when Tom was at a stop sign,
they went out the back door, jumped off the bus, closed the door and ran and
leaped in a ditch.

The bus drove on. Tom didn't realize he alone. The moans of Jamie to him
was Torrie.

Tim grabbed Torrie and carried her into the neary by woods. They went to
a point where no one could see them.

Torrie released a button on her shirt. Showing a good shot of 3/4 of her
huge chest.

They hugged and kissed. What no one knew was, they were good friends and
Vince didnt know.

Tim fucked Torrie's warm, wet, tan pussy one more time in the woods before
walking to Tim's house.

Torrie layed on the couch and spread her legs. Tim got and huge shot of
pussy. She grinned as tim leaped and made his head fallin her skirt.

He tickled her with his tongue and rubbed her vagina. Torrie moaned as he
fingered her pussy. She turned on the t.v. and froze.

She yelled "LOOK!"

It was the news live showing cops chasing the tour bus.

At the bottom of the screen, it said "Vince McMahon and Torrie Wilson are
hostages of 2 men and a young blonde female."

Tim said "Fuck it." Torrie decided to spend the night there.

Torrie had her legs around his head as it was 6:00 pm.

She said she wanted to do something. Something different.

Tim said "Torrie do you want to know a secret?"

Torrie asked and begged for the answer?

He said close your eyes. He went to the bathroon and returned.

He gave her some tight short short red lingere.

She promised to wear it tonight.

Torrie had this wierd idea of fucking in a pool. Tim said "lets get your
nipple pierced and ill get my dick?"

Torrie begged it would hurt.

But tim already phoned for a man to come.

Torrie was alittle shooken up. The man arrived with a suitcase full of
piercing supplies.

He asked "Who's first?" Tim said "Torrie." They paid the man. He got a
needle out. Tim told her to relax and don't worry.

She was still shocked. The man told her to take out her breast. She
slipped out one boob and he man grabbed and dabbed it with oil. She closed
her eyes and felt a pinch. She got one.she was so happy.

Tim got his and the man got a tip 5 seconds of Torrie's pussy.

Later Torrie put on the lingere and asked if he would finish the game?

They fucked all night......and her legs so hot.

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