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Torrie Wilson's Bachlorette Party
by Wonder Mike

Torrie hadn't been dating Billy Kidman for long, but he was cute and all the
girls loved him, she knew the only way to keep him was marriage, he like most
men couldn't turn down a playboy cover girl.

Torrie invited all the w w e divas to her bachlorette party, she was going to
have it at the world famous male strip club Loverboys.

Stacy Keibler, Lita, Trish, Dawn Marie, Lilian Garcia and Ivory all agreed to
join her. Both Brands where in Canada, so it was a good time to get together,
She tried to get Stephanie Macmahon to come but Steph was busy planning her
own party. Molly Holly also refused.

Lita: What's wrong with you Molly? You have been her as long as anyone and
you are refusing?

Ivory: PRUDE.

Molly: I am not a prude, I just don't think a strip club is the proper place
for me.

Lita: So you think you are better than the rest of us?

Lilian: Please come Molly, we really want you there.

Molly: I have different morals.

Stacy: Well fuck yu then, that's why you'll never amount to anything. EVER.

Lilian: There is no need for that.

Molly: I am the best diva wrestler around, and I will get to be champ

Trish: No you won't, no one likes you because you are an outcast, join us and
become one of the girls.

Molly: A strip club is not the place for me, what about Gail, and Nidia and
Miss Jackie.

Torrie: I don't really know them, and I would really like to get to
know you better.

Molly: I just don't think it's appropriate.

Lita: Fuck this.

Lita grabbed Molly from behind, Dawn yanked the tag team rope from the ring
and they tied Molly's hands behind her back, Ivory and Lita carried her from
the arena.

Lilian: Yeah, get that stuck up bitch.

Molly kicked and screamed, but it was no use, she was the strongest of the
divas, but she was outnumbered.

Torrie: Stop kicking, I promise you will have the time of your life.

The eight girls reached Loverboys, Torrie had the club shut down for the
night, it would just be them and the strippers.

They quickly hit the bar, they started with wine coolers for everyone, they
gave Molly an ice tea.

Molly: This tea taste funny.

Ivory: That is how they make them in Long island, don't you know anything

Molly: Okay.

Molly down the entire glass, and wanted more. It just made her more thirsty.

The first stripper Jeff came out dressed as a cowboy, he hada lasso and a
feathered whip. He went over to Ivory and they rubbed noses together, Ivory
grabbed him by his ass.

Dawn: Hey, he looks like Tom Cruise, only like Tom if he was a real man.

Jeff spun toward Lita, he lasso'd her and pulled her towards him, she ripped
off his vest, she than ran her fingers along his smooth chest.

Stacy began dancing with Jeff, they each grabbed a handfull of ass, then
Stacy spun around, Jeff began dry humping her from behind whacking her with
his feathered whip.

Stacy: Spank me baby, I've been a bad girl

Jeff spun to Trish, she ripped off his chaps, he was now wearing nothing but
a g-string and boots, Trish ran her fingers through his hair and down his

Dawn: Get your ass over her.

Jeff danced in front of Dawn, he grabbed a can of whipped cream and sprayed
his chest with it, Dawn licked it clean, just leaving his nips covered.

Jeff went over to Lilian next, she covered her eyes with her hands, Jeff
grabbed her by the wrist and shoved her hands into his g-string, he then
yanked them away ripping the g-string off. Lilian quicky covered her eyes.

Molly: Good God, look at that thing, it mst be ten inches she came over for
a closer look.

Torrie: Your drunk.

Molly: I dunk am not.

Jeff grabbed Molly by both hands and wrapped the around his cock, he jerked
them up and down until it was rock hard,

Torrie came over for a closer look. She had a devilish gleam in her eyes.

Jeff: So this is the party girl huh?

Torrie: That's right this is all for me.

Jeff grabbed Torrie and forced her down to her knees, he began bouncing the
cock off the top of her head, he then slapped her gently across the face with

Jeff then spun around to Lita, he dropped her flat on her back and spread her
legs, he bounced on her and began humping, Lita wrapped her legs around him.

He jumped up and grabbed Lilian, he lifted her into the air and began
bouncing her up and down, he cock riding against her legs, she wrapped her
arms around his neck and held on for the ride.

Trish laid on the floor and spread her legs, Jeff lowered Lilian and ran over
to her. He buried his face in between her legs.

Trish wrapped her legs around his neck and held her, Jeff reached up and
unzipped Trish's jeans, he stuck his tongue through the hole.

Trish let out a moan as Jeff's tongue hit the spot, she spread her legs wider
for him, Jeff reached up and buried a finger into her cunt.

The other girls watched in drunken amazement, as Trish rolled from side to
side Jeff worked his finger deeper into her box.

Trish loosened her grip on the neck of Jeff, he worked his way up her body,
unbuttoning her shirt, exposing her bra. He then began humping at her face.

He sat on her face poking his cock at her mouth, Trish quickly opened wide
and he stuffed his cock into her mouth.

Jeff laid across Trish doing push-ups pumping his cock in and out of her

Lilian: This is better than the time the Dudley's triple teamed Trish in the
locker room.

Dawn Marie was on all fours wiggling her ass from side to side, Jeff popped
off of Trish and went over to her.

Jeff called Ivory over, he laid her underneath Dawn, so they were in the 69,
he slipped his cock into Ivory's mouth, she leaned up so she could take it

Jeff pulled his cock from Ivory, then began slapping it against Dawn's ass,
he stuffed it back into Ivory mouth, Ivory leaned up again until all 10
inches vanished.

Lita ran over to Dawn, she pulled her pants down, Jeff reached over and
pulled Lita's low riding pants all the way down, she fell over to the ground.

Jeff then took aim at Dawn, he slammed his cock into her tight cunt.

Dawn: Fuck me, he's fucking me.

Molly: Yeah, fuck that bitch.

Stacy: Fuck her good.

Jeff Grabbed Dawn by the hair and began slamming her pussy, Dawn rocked back
onto his cock. Jeff pulled his cock out and stuffed it back down Ivory's

Jeff rolled over, Dawn was on top of him now, she quickly began bouncing up
and down on his cock, Jeff reached up and opened up her shirt and began
massaging her tits.

Ivory jumped up and the sat on Jeff's face, he stuffed his tongue deep into
her cunt as Dawn rode him.

Stacy came over and pulled his cock out of Dawn, she shoved it all the way
down her throat, she stroked it with both hands until he started to shake.

Torrie ran ovr with mouth open just in time to take a shot in the mouth. She
gulped it all down.

Ivory: Next

Lilian: Bring out fresh meat.

Joel the fireman came out next, he was a dead ringer for David Hasselhoff,
the girls went crazy, he took of his coat and bent over, Ivory ran over and
yanked off his chaps, Lita grabbed his helmet and put it on.

Joel had a cock cozy on, Stacy yanked it off exposing the 10 inch member,
Joel strayed the cock with whipped cream, Stacy licked it all up and stuffed
it down her throat.

Lita came over to join her she grabbed the cock with both hands and jammed
it all the way down her throat.

The two divas took turns deep throating the cock each trying to go deeper
with each turn.

Joel slapped his balls off of Stacy's chin, then did the same to Lita. He
grabbed Lita by the hair and began fucking her face.

Stacy grabbed the cock away from Lita, Joel fucked her face hard and deep,
Stacy taking it all the way to the balls with each stroke.

Lilian pulled off her skirt and spread her legs, Joel ran over to her, he
shoved his tongue deep into her pussy, right through her panties.

Lilian tried to remove her panties, but she was frozen by the magic tongue,
Joel pushed them to one side, he then stuffed a finger into her pussy.

Joel, slammed a second, than a third finger into Lilian's pussy, she grabbed
him by the hair as he continued to relentlessly finger fuck her.

Torrie came over and began to suck his cock, she shoved it deep down her
throat, Joel ran his hand through her hair as he continued to finger Lilian.

Torrie took his cock and than guided to Lilian's pussy, Joel lowered himself
onto her, Lilian wrapped her legs around him as he began to pump.

Molly: Fuck that bitch good.

Ivory: Why don't you announce what's going on now Lilian?

Torrie put both hands on Joel's ass and shoved, forcing his cock all the way
into Lilian.

Lilian began humping up, matching the furious pace of Joel, he slammed her

Ivory came over and rolled the duo over, Lilian was on top of Joel, but as
soon as she began to go for the ride of her life, Ivory pulled her off, it
was her turn.

Ivory spat on Joel as she slammed her pussy down onto Joel, he let out a moan
as she jumped up and down on him. Lilian climbed onto his face and grabbed
him by the hair forcing him to eat her out.

Ivory began spanking him as she rode him, Lilian guided his tongue to her ass
hole. She then stuffed three fingers into her pussy.

Joel rammed his tongue deep into Lilian's ass as Ivory wildly rode him.
Lilian squirted her pussy juice all over his face as she had the best orgasm
of her life.

Torrie ran over and yanked the cock out of Ivory, Joel shot a huge creamy
thick load into Torrie's blonde hair. Stacy and Dawn licked it clean, sucking
the strands of Torrie's hair.

Lita: We need Fresh meat.

Justin came out next, he was named for his striking resembless to Timberlake.

Ivory: Send him back, he's just a kid.

Justin: I kid huh.

He ripped off his sequin jacket, and matching pants, he was wearing a cock
cozy that was shaped like a moose head.

Stacy came dancing over to him, she turned her back, bent over reached
between her legs and pulled the cock cozy off, she began to grind her ass
against his exposed member.

Justin pulled down Stacy's shorts, leaving her in her thong, her ass swayed
back and forth.

Molly: Fuck, I needs me some of that.

Molly staggered over to Justin and climbed between Stacy's legs, she grabbed
Justin's cock with both hands, it was rock hard, he began to fuck her hands.

Stacy pulled her panties down, reached between her legs and grabbed the cock,
Justin thrust, slamming it into her from behind.

Stacy: Damn that feels good. Fuck it.

Stacy began to rock back against him, Just but his hands behind his neck and

Justin: Fuck it bitch.

Stacy rocked back harder onto the cock Justin began to slap her ass, her ass
swayed back and forth.

Justin pulled the cock out of Stacy, he shoved it into Molly mouth, she
began to lick up and down the shaft. Justin shoved it dwn her throat.

Stacy: Give me that cock.

Justin yanked it from Molly's mouth and slammed it back into Stacy, she
pushed back hard against him.

Stacy: That's it.

Justin grabbed her by the hips and began to slam her back onto his cock she
shook her ass from side to side.

Stacy: Fuck me good baby. Put the cozy back on.

Justin slipped the cock cozy back on, almost doubling the width of his cock,
he slammed it back into Stacy.

Justin was like a piston, slamming his cock into Stacy from behind, she had
a wide grin on her face as she took it deep.

Molly: I needs me some of that right now.

Molly yanked off her pants and spread her legs invitingly for Justin.

Stacy: He can't fuck you, your a virgin, you don't want to give it up to a
stripper. Now fuck me hard.

Justin continued to ram stacy with his oversized cock, he wanted to split
her in two.

Justin gave two more mighty thrusts into Stacy, then pulled his cock out.

Justin: I have an idea.

Justin rolled Molly on to her stomach and laid on top of her, he took aim and
pulled off the moosehead cozy, he than stuffed his cock into her ass.

Molly: Fuck.

Justin stuffed his cock inch by inch into Molly's tight virgin ass until all
9 inches vanished.

Molly managed to raise up to her hands and knees, Justin began slamming her
ass harder and harder with each stroke.

Molly began rocking back onto the cock, Justin began to slap her ass.

Molly: Spank me daddy, I've been a bad girl.

Justin slapped her ass harder, Stacy than joined him in giving her the

Molly: I'm a bad, bad girl. Fuck, I think I'm going to cum. Spank me hard.

Stacy reach between Molly's legs and shoved four fingers into her box, Molly


Justin pulled his cock out of Molly's ass and shoved it down Stacy's throat,
Stacy quickly burped up a mouthful of cum.

Stacy: Tasty.

The cum began to drip down Stacy's chin, Torrie ran over and licked it clean.

Torrie: I hope that's not all they've got.

Wesley came out, he was a dead ringer for Wesley Snipes. He was quickly
followed by Ving, an almost seven foot tall look a like for Vingh Rames.

The where dressed as African tribesmen wearing a Leafy wrap, Torrie danced
over to the guys and peeked under their skirts.

Torrie: That's what I'm talking about.

Ving and Wesley surrounded Torrie, Ving was facing her grinding into her,
Wesley was behind her grinding into her ass, Torrie grabbd a handfull of
Ving's ass, the two men lifted her into the air.

They bean to bounce her up and down between them, Torrie threw her hands into
the air.

Lilian: Ride em cowgirl.

Torrie: Wheeeeeee.

Ving and Wesley dropped Torrie to the flour, they spun over to Lita, Wesley
gave her a hug, Ving hugged her from behind, once again the two men lifted
the Diva into the air.

Lita reached down and ripped the wrap from around Wesley, he wasn't wearing
anything underneath, a footlong cock as thick as her arm, hung loose and

Lita than yanked the wrap off of Ving, he had a cock even bigger and thicker
than Wesley, she didn't even notice she was rubbing her clit.

She reached between her legs and grabbed Wesley's cock, she jumped up into
his arms, than lowered herself onto his cock.

Lita: Damn, it's just feels right.

Wesley began raising and lowering her onto his cock, Ving rubbed his cock up
and down on her ass cheeks. Lita wrapped her arms around Wesley's neck and
began riding his cock.

Lita: Fuck me good.

Ving began slamming her up and down on his cock. Lita jammed her tongue down
his throat.

Wesley slipped a finger into her tight ass, Lita began wiggling from side to
side as she rode him, Wesley slipped a second finger into her ass.

Lita: Fuck: I love it up the ass.

Wesley slipped a third finger into her ass, Ving than shoved his monsterous
cock into her bung hole.


Torrie: Oh my God, they are dping her.

The two men began slamming Lita up and down on their cocks, she took them
both all the way into her holes.

Molly: Ride those cocks bitch.

Lilian: Give it too her good, make her scream.

Ving and Wesley slammed her up and down between them even harder. Lita went

She was like a rag doll flopping from side to side as the two black giants
hammered her.

Lita: I'm cumminnggg.

The Lita juices began to drip down her legs as she came and came, the two
giants continued to ram her.

Dawn: I need me some of that right now.

Dawn grabbed Ving and spun him around, the two men lowered Lita to the
ground, Ving lifted Dawn into the air she wiggled her way down onto his

Ving gave a mighty thrust, buring his cock to the hilt into her, she began
bouncing furiously onto it.

Dawn: Fuck it feels good, give me that cock.

Wesley quickly came up behind her and slammed his cock into her ass.

The foot long cock slid easily into her ass, she was an ass fucking pro she
wiggled her way down until the entire thing vanished.

The two men rammed their cocks into the Diva, Dawn was loving every minute
of it, they rammed her harder and harder.

Dawn: Fuck me harder damn it, make me bleed, I need you to split me open.

She pushed herself forward, the tri fell over, Dawn was now on top of Ving
with Wesley's cock buried into her ass. She began to ride them.

She bounced like a maniac on the two cocks, the men tried to keep pace with
the wildcat, but it was impossible.

Dawn: Fuck, I'm cummming.

The duo began to ram her even harder at hearing this, they slammed their
cocks in unison into her.

Dawn: FUCK, fuck, fuck.

They continued their relentless pounding of her pussy and ass.

Dawn: Fuck, I'm cumming again.

The relentless fucking continued of her pussy.

Dawn: Please, no more.

The plea's only spurred the strippers on, the tried to hammer her even

Dawn: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, please no more, I can't take anymore.

Dawn went limp as they continued to pummel her even harder than before.

Torrie: Well boys I think she's had enough, how about taking on a playboy
cover girl. I know you want me

Ving climbed off of Dawn, he looked down at the gapping hole he had made, he
pulled Dawn's limp body off of Ving, Torrie ran over.

The blonde Bombshell took her place on top of Ving, her dripping wet pussy
took the enourmous cock easily, her juices immediatly began to run down his

She began bouncing up and down on the cock, Ving grabbed her around the waist
so he could slam her.

Torrie: That's it baby, fuck me like a man.

Ving slammed her harder on his cock. Torrie planted her feet so she could
match his thrusts.

Torrie: Is that all you've got, I barely feel it.

Ving began to rub her clit as her fucked her, he than spun her around so she
was facing away from him.

Torrie rose up on her feet so she could rise all the way to the tip of the
cock, than slam her way back down.

Ving slipped a finger into a box while he fucked her, than a second. Torrie
tried to impale herself on the cock and fingers.

Torrie: Fuck it feels good, do it, DO IT.

Ving contimued to slam her down on the cock, Wesley than came over and laid
on top of her.

Wesley began to slowly work his cock into Torrie's blonde already stuffed

Torrie: Fuck, double stuff my pussy.

Wesley continued to slowly work his cock into her formally tight pussy.

Torrie: DO it, get it all the way in.

Wesley; It is fucking tight.

Torrie lifted her legs into the air, then wrapped them around Wesley, he
pulled her down on top of her.

Both cocks where buried to the hilt into her cunt, they began to pump like
a piston.

One cock at a time pumped into her pussy, she kept her legs wrapped tightly
around Wesley.

Torrie: It feels so good.

Lilian: Just think, after your married, you will never have cocks like these

Torrie: Fuck, what do you mean, I'll be here every week, you know that Billie
will be fucking every one of you, so I'm going to have my fun. FUUUCK.

The two men slammed their cocks into her pussy as hard as they could, they
wanted to ruin her for any single guy.

Torrie: I'm cumming.

The two men pulled their cocks out of her pussy at the same time, Torrie fell
to the ground Lilian ran over.

Lilian laid across Torrie's limp bodie and held her mouth open. They began to
shoot their loads.

They covered Lilian's face with their cum, it dripped down her hair, nose,
mouth chin and breast, her hair was matted to her face was their spunk.

Molly: This is just like the two Raw's that you got covered.

Lilian: That was beer, and only one of them was on television, so the second
one didn't count, besides, this tastes so much better than beer.

Lilian licked her lips, then scooped cum of her chin and fed it to Molly.

Trish: This would have gotten much higher ratings too.

Lita: Lets drag Torrie out of here and get her cleaned up for her wedding.


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