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Special notes: Hello all! This is my first Fanfiction and I would very much
like some feed back.

Please keep in mind that this is just a fictional fantasy. That means the
events that take place are NOT REAL. This is just for fun.

Last but not least, please enjoy!

This story contains Lesbian Rape,Gang-bangs,Torture and more of that stuff!
If you do not like this kind of stuff, then by all means please dont read

Torrie's Violation Part 1
by spacemonkeyz69 (

Torrie Wilson sighed with relief as she got out of her hot shower. It was a
good night because she just won another bikini contest, as she usually does.
This time around it was her against Dawn Marie, Trish Stratus and Stacy
Kiebler. The only other diva that almost won the contest was Trish but even
she couldn't expect Torrie to have worn perhaps the smallest micro bikini in
the world. Torrie smiles at herself in the mirror as she gets ready for

"God I'm good" she said to herself.

Torrie was glad to have won the contest because Stephanie had told the divas
that whoever had won the contest, would get a special hotel penthouse room to
sleep in for the night. Torrie was tired of sleeping in a normal hotel room
night after night as she traveled to different states with the WWE.

"Finally I can get the rest I deserve," Torrie thought as she drifted to
sleep in a matter of seconds.

All was quiet in the penthouse room. About three hours had past as Torrie
rested peacefully in the big fluffy bed. There was no noise as the door
opened in her room. Torrie did not hear a thing as many people entered her
bedroom. Torrie didn't even feel a thing as her arms and legs were grabbed.
She was in a deep sleep as her intruders began to cuff her wrists and ankles
to each corner of the bed. As a few of the intruders began to lock all the
doors and lower all the window shades, the few that were on top of her bed
began to remove Torrie's night gown. Torrie didn't even feel her blouse or
sweat pants being cut off of her.

As Torrie now laid there with only her bra and panties, the intruders now
surrounded her bed.

"Wake her up," one of them said...

"I'll do it," another one says as they slowly get on top of Torrie's body.

Torrie's mouth opens up as one of the intruders begin to tongue kiss her.


Torrie tries to yell as she feels the intruders tongue deep in her throat.
Her eyes widen as she she's many faces in her room. The intruder than
releases Torrie from their kiss.

"Wow you taste great."

Torrie realizes it was Trish who kissed her. As Torrie looks around she sees
even more of the divas surrounding her. More suprisingly, she sees them all
fully naked! Torrie now scared tries to get out of bed but soon realizes that
she's been tied down. Her struggles are useless. Torrie now tries to call for

All the divas around her begin to laugh... Trish Stratus, Sable, Victoria,
Jazz, Stacy Keibler, Molly, Lita, Dawn Marie, Terri, Shaniqua, Gail, Jackie,
Nidia, Ivory and Jacqueline.

All 15 divas just laughed at Torrie as she screamed an struggled on the bed.

"If you taste so good when I kiss good do you taste when I suck
you?" said Trish as she looked at Torrie's crotch area.

"MMM yea, I wanna taste her too," Shaniqua said as she licked her lips...

Torrie began to panic.... "W..w...why are you doing this?!?"

"Why!" yells Sable "because you think your better than us, that's why!"

"Wha...?" replies Torrie.

"You always win the beauty contests," says Dawn.

"You always act like your better than us," said Stacy.

"I am better than you...I'm better than all of you!" yells Torrie.

"Well that's why," says Trish. "We're gonna give you what you deserve!"

"What's that?" Torrie replies

All of the divas look at each other smiling.

"We're going to give you a good hard fucking!" Victoria says.

Just then Torrie began to struggle again... trying to kick and shove all the
divas that began to go on top of her.

"Get off of me!...get off!" Torrie yells as she realizes that she can't
escape their grasps and gropes.... "Please...please stop!" she yells.

Tears ran down Torrie's face as all the other divas begin to cut Torrie's
bra and panties off of her... Torrie's beautiful tanned body was now fully
exposed. The divas started to message and grope all over Torrie's large
breasts... Stacy began to suck on Torrie's right nipple as Victoria did the
same to her left...

"No stop!" yelled Torrie but no one listened to her cries as they all began
to kiss and suck all over her body.

Shaniqua started at Torrie's right foot... sucking all around each of her
toes, as Terri did the same to the other foot. Jazz worked on Torrie's left
arm...licking and sucking all over it. Molly did the same with the right arm
as Lita sucked all over Torrie's stomach. Gail was licking and sucking all
over Torrie's right leg and Jacqueline did the same to her left leg.

" I'll taste you," said Trish as she dived right in Torrie's
fully shaven pussy. "mmmMMMmm" Trish says as she realizes how wet Torrie's
cunt was.

"Oh no please!" yells Torrie. She feels nothing but hands groping at her
body, as well as tongues licking and sucking all over her. "Please it's too
much," she mutters.

All the divas ignore her as they continue to devour her body. Jackie and
Ivory each take a thigh and start to lick and suck all around it. Sable grabs
at Torrie's hair and begins to kiss and suck all over her neck. Dawn somehow
fits her way underneath Torrie's legs and the underneath the rest of the
girls. "I wanna taste too!' says Dawn to Trish as she position her face
against Torrie's ass.

"*slurp*...Please do," replies Trish as she continues to devour Torrie's

When she said that, Dawn tug her tongue inside of Torrie's ass and began to
lick and suck all over.

"Stop it...stop it...stop it!" Torrie said as she felt Trish and Dawn's
tongue bury deep inside of her pussy and ass.

Trish would suck on Torrie's clit and lick all over her pussy. It's as if she
and all the other divas were pro's at doing this. They seemed to know all the
right spots to suck on, to bite on, to grope on, to tug on, and they wouldn't
stop. Not even for a second.

"Oh God ohhh....mmmph!" Torrie moaned as she felt all of them suck on her

Sable muffled her moans by occasionally tongue kissing her. Torrie never felt
anything like this before. Her body was being pleasured all over. She felt
everyone's tongue all at the same time. Hands were groping all over her body
while her pussy and ass were being eaten out. Torrie couldn't take it any
longer. She tried to hold back but it was pointless. She could no longer tell
her body what to do.


Torrie's body quaked as she felt an intense orgasm. All of the other divas
laughed as they knew she had finally came.

"This is just getting started bitch!" yelled Nidia as she took Stacy's
place sucking Torrie's right breast....Stacy now kneeled her pussy on top of
Torrie's face.

"Your going to suck my pussy and suck it good!" yelled Stacy as pointed a
knife to Torrie's face. Torrie now even more scared than ever, began to lick
and suck all over Stacy's pussy... "Oh yeah.." Moaned Stacy as she grinded
her pussy up and down Torrie's face.

Torrie cried some more, now that she was not only being forced to cum but
also make Stacy cum aswell.

"MMmmph...ungh..." Torrie moans as she has yet another orgasm.

"Well...well, you tasted great....but now its someone else's turn" Trish says
out loud.

Torrie's eyes widen as she feels Trish trade places with another girl....

"Mmm..noooph!..." Torrie mutters as Victoria starts to suck on her pussy...

The cycle kept going as it did, with each diva trading places. Until they all
had a taste of Torrie's wonderful pussy. They didnt stop until each diva made
her cum at least twice as they sucked her pussy. Torrie was forced to suck
each diva as well... they would stay on her until she made them cum at least
twice also...

Needless to say it was quite a long night for Torrie as she was forced to cum
countless of times. By the time they finished, Torrie's body just slumped in
the bed.... drenched with sweat and love juices. Torrie's hair was pasted to
her face as she layed there, exhausted from her ordeal. All of the divas left
her cuffed to the bed as they all stepped away from her.

"please...p..please stop..." Torrie muttered. She couldn't see where they
went. It was a bout ten minutes before Torrie heard a voice again...

"You want us to stop?" said Lita.

"y..yes....please" Torrie muttered.

"We cant stop!... we're never going to s top!" yelled Lita as all of the
divas surrounded Torrie again. This time they were all wearing huge strap-on

"We've all got 12 inches for you Torrie!" yelled Shaniqua.

Torrie eyes widened as she saw all of them get on the bed. She began to
struggle with little energy she had left. "NO! Please..." she cried as they
all began to suck and lick all over her body again.

"Me first" Lita said as she positioned herself between Torrie's legs.

After having been eaten out so many times earlier, Torrie's ass and pussy
were already drenched from having so many orgasms. Lita didn't need any
lubricant to fit her huge strap-on dildo inside of Torrie's cunt. Lita first
slowly shoved 4 inches inside of Torrie.

" stop it!" Torrie yelled

Lita then quickly shoved the rest of the dildo inside of her. It was an
instant 9 inches inside of Torrie.

"Ahhh!" Torrie screamed as Lita began motioning herself inside and out of
Torrie's pussy.

6 inches out.....8 inches in.....6 inches out.......10 inches in.......6
inches out....12 inches in!


Lita kept at it as all the other divas kept licking and sucking all over
Torrie's body.

Sable now fitted herself underneath Torrie's body. She then grabbed Torrie's
ass and spread it apart. "Dont fight it slut!" yelled Sable as she shoved her
strap-on dildo inside of Torrie's ass.

"Uungh!" Torrie quaked as both her ass and pussy began to get fucked.

"I'll give you something to suck on!" said Stacy as she went in front of
Torrie's face. Stacy then shoved her stap-on dildo inside of Torrie's mouth.
A full 8 inches went down Torrie's throat as Stacy began to fuck Torrie's

"MMmmmph....mmmph!" Torrie's moans and screams were now muffled.

"With a foot long strap-on...anythings possible!" cheered Dawn as she somehow
fitted herself between Lita and Sable. Dawn then positioned her strap-on
dildo underneath Lita's. Tears ran down Torrie's face as Dawn shoved her
dildo inside of Torrie's cunt. Now both Lita and Dawn were double penetrating
Torrie's pussy as Sable fucked her ass. Stacy continued to fuck Torrie's face
as all the other divas licked and suck all over Torrie's breasts and body.
Both Dawn and Lita inserted at the same time as Sable would pull out. Sable
would insert as both Dawn and Lita pulled out. Lita and Sable both shoved in.
Then Lita and Sable would pull out as Dawn would shove in.

"Mmmph...ooph...uuuum....uumph.....!" Torrie moaned as she came numerous

Lita shoved in. Torrie cums.... Sable and Dawn shoved in as Lita pulled out.
Lita shoved in as Sable pulled out. Torrie cums.... Both Dawn and Lita pull
out. Stacy continues to fuck Torrie's face.......making Torrie gag a few
times....Torrie cums.

Stacy, Lita, Sable and Dawn all thrust in at the same time.... and they
continue this motion over and over...

"Mmmmph...unnnngh...mmmm" Torrie cums again and again.

Torrie never felt anything like this before...her body was crammed with huge
dildos.... and she was begining to enjoy her onslaught.

"Fuck her!...Fuck her!" is all she could hear from the divas as she getting

Torrie stopped trying to fight them off and began to move her body with their
motions... she didnt want them to stop anymore

"Ungh...mmmmm" Torrie moans as she cums yet again.

It seemed like forever before Lita, Sable, Dawn and Stacy removed themselves
from Torrie's body ....a trail of drool and love juices can be seen on the

"oh...fuck," muttered Torrie as three more divas took their place.

The cycle began all over again. Torrie's voluptuous body was was defiled over
and over again, as she was a victim of their aggression...but Torrie wasn't a
victim anymore. She was now in pure bliss...and as she orgasmed over and
over. Torrie willingly gave in to her tormentors and let them do as they

Torrie now knew that she belonged to them....

"Ohh.." Torrie moaned as the next four divas took their turn.

The day seemed Torrie came endlessly.

Eventually the all the divas had worn themselves out and in the end they just
laid there on the bed...and inside of Torrie. They all seemed to have fallen
to sleep...but Molly, Terri, Jackie and Gail feel asleep with their dildos
still inside of Torrie's body.

Torrie however wasnt asleep, she tried to shake off the girls that still
penetrated her...but she wound up having another orgasm instead. "I guess
I'll just sleep like this...." Torrie thought to herself. She knew she was
too exhausted from her ordeal and did want to make them wake up yet.

Torrie now feel asleep... and as she slept, another person had entered the

To be continued...

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