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Total Cum Slut
by Punisher924

Eve sat, eyes tightly shut, in the centre of a circle of RAW Superstars. The
sounds she could hear excited her. Hands furiously sliding up and down lubed
shafts. Moans and groans of pleasure. Deep breathing.

Jack Swagger stepped forwards and grabbed hold of her hair with his left
hand, using his firm grip on it to pull her head towards him. With his right,
he continued to jack off. He was getting closer and closer. His face was
contorted in ecstasy, his eyes closed to maintain the fantasy scenario
playing out in his head. Eventually he was there. Eve felt a splash of warm
liquid hit her cheek as Jack cried out, followed by a second, third and
fourth to the same area. She kept her eyes closed, loving how it accentuated
the sounds. She heard Swagger's deep breathing and an almost inaudible moan
of "fuck yeah", shortly followed by the sound of footsteps. Probably Jack
heading off to the showers, she thought. As the warm cum dripped down her
chin and ran down her neck, Eve crossed Jack off the list in her head. Five

Next up to the plate, she could tell, was R-Truth. His moans were the
deepest, and were getting louder and louder, echoing in the sultry locker
room. She turned around to face the source of the moaning, just in time to
feel a forceful blast of cum hit the same cheek Swagger had blown his load
on. She smiled, and surprised R-Truth by thanking him by name. Everyone
wondered how she knew it was him, including Truth. It turned him on that Eve,
the woman he'd crushed on for so long, knew him from his moaning. He stepped
closer to her, rubbed the head of his monster dick in the cum on her cheek,
then traced it softly over her bottom lip.

Eve took the hint and wrapped her plump red lips around the engorged head.
Sliding roughly halfway up the shaft, she sucked the cum from R-Truth's dick,
then sucked hard, making Truth shudder. The stimulation of his super
sensitive cock was too much to handle. He pulled her off by her hair, and
told her he'd call her later for round 2.

She heard R-Truth following Jack to the showers, and wondered who was next.
Almost immediately, her question was answered.

John Morrison had been so turned on by Eve's cum-craving that he had stepped
up the pace and jacked off at full speed. He called out between labored
breaths for Eve to turn to him.

She moved round to his position just in time to feel a spray of cum rain down
over her chin and neck, after which a second blast coated her juicy tits with
the sticky liquid. John moaned loudly as he came, a noise which echoed
through the locker room. His load had undoubtedly been the biggest, and set
the standard for the three remaining men.

Zack Ryder was next. This was the first time he'd been in the locker room for
a few months, and this was his first bukkake session. He was determined to
hold his own, and earn his place in the group.

He ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair as his toned, sweat-drenched
body shuddered with pleasure. He could feel the familiar tightening of his
balls, the pulsating at the base of his cock. He was about to cum. His
girlfriend had left him a month ago, and since then, he hadn't had sex. A
massive load had built up in his balls, and it was about to come out.

Eve felt his hand on the back of her head, and obediently moved in the
direction it was pulling. She screwed her eyes shut, and felt her heart
beating faster. The adrenaline coursed through her veins as the anticipation
built and built.

Finally, he came. A powerful spurt of cum hit her nose. A second hit her left
cheek, quickly followed by a third to the same area. A fourth, fifth, sixth,
seventh...Eve lost count of the number of spurts of hot sticky cum that fired
at her cheek, each accompanied by a wavering moan that escaped Zack's lips.
Eventually, he was completely spent. Eve's face, neck and tits were now
glistening with a thick coating of cum. She stuck her tongue out to lick some
from her cheeks. The taste only got her hornier. Eve was a cum slut, and she
desperately craved the two remaining loads.

CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler were the only two left standing. Both had been
going slowly, letting the others blow their loads first, so they could put
their plan into action. Some months ago, when they both were still performing
on Raw, the two men had discovered the other was bisexual, and now they
seized every possible opportunity to tag team a willing woman.

Dolph took a few sideways steps to be next to Punk, so close their thighs
were touching. Punk moved Eve in front of them with a forceful grip of her

Dolph ordered Eve to open her mouth wide. She obeyed, jumping at the
opportunity to take a load in her mouth. What she didn't realise was that she
was getting more than she had hoped for - a double load from two of
Smackdown's hottest physical specimens.

Eve soon found out, though, as two long, thick dicks slid into her mouth,
leaving twin trails of salty precum across her tongue. At first she was
shocked, but then remembered the stories she had overheard in the Divas
locker room. She remembered Melina saying how Punk and Ziggler had double
teamed her, and also remembered her being very complimentary about their
dicks. Now that their long, thick cocks were filling her mouth, she could
definitely see why.

Eve began to suck eagerly at the two cocks as the two men thrusted their hips
in unison, sliding their cocks into and out of her willing mouth. Their cocks
were grinding against one another and sliding over her tongue, mixing with
precum, saliva, and the traces of cum from Eve's cheeks and lips that were
running into her mouth.

The rhythm got faster and more erratic. The cocks were driven further into
her mouth. She could feel them sliding over one another like snakes in a pit,
and was massively turned on by the thoughts of Punk and Ziggler that filled
her mind. The moaning of the two men echoed throughout the small, hot room,
Punk's groans deeper and gruffer, Ziggler's smoother and slightly higher

Eve was so turned on - her pussy was soaking wet, and she longed desperately
to be fucked. Trying to focus, and trying desperately to avoid fingering
herself, she placed a hand on the inner thigh of both men and began to stroke
gently up and down with her slender fingers. She heard the moaning get

She stopped at the end of an upward stroke, and cupped the men's balls in her
hands. She started squeezing, toying with the skin, massaging the balls,
fondling the two men expertly in an effort to get them to blow their hot
loads in her mouth.

Both men were getting close, she could tell. She heard their breathing
getting faster and shallower. Dolph was first to cry out, screaming "fuck"
repeatedly, and indicating he was about to cum. Punk obviously took the hint
and started thrusting harder into Eve's mouth, trying to speed up.

Both men came simultaneously, flooding Eve's mouth with their hot creamy
loads. Their sticky cum mixed with their precum and her saliva, and flowed
over Eve's tongue to the back of her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, not
wanting a drop to escape her lips, craving every last drop of both men's
delicious loads.

Eventually, Punk and Ziggler finished blowing their massive loads, and pulled
their soft dicks from her mouth. Eve swallowed one more time, drinking down
all the cum that was still filling her mouth. When she finally opened her
eyes, she was shocked to see Punk and Ziggler kissing passionately. She found
herself even more turned on than when they were face fucking her.

"That's so fucking hot," she called out. "The only way to make it hotter -
put me in the middle of it, one cock in my pussy, one in my ass. Room 325.
See you back at the hotel."

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