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Total Divas After Party
by Arcanine878

As the first episode of Total Divas: Season 3 ended, the party was just beginning. We were all at Nikki Bellas' house, er- I mean John Cenas', but Cena wasn't there this evening. All of the Divas friends were at the party, having a blast. Luckily, I knew Summer Rae for awhile now, and she kindly gave me an invitation to the party. It wasn't a huge party, but there was a good amount of people drinking and taking pictures with one another. I sat on the couch, next to Brie Bella and Eva Marie.

"Wow..I didn't expect Season 3 to get as many views as it did tonight!" Brie happily said, as she took another sip from her cup.

"Seriously! I don't know if it's because we got Rosa Mendes on the show..." Eva said as she saw Rosa pass by the couch, "...Or because we have a lot more drama."

Summer came up from behind the couch after finishing her drink. "Oh please know it's mostly a bunch of guys hoping they can see less clothes on our bodies."

"She has a point girls." I said, as I clicked cups with Summer and took a gulp.

"Oh shut up!" Brie said, as she couldn't help but laugh and admit it was some what true. Brie stumbled a little on the couch, attempting to get her balance back.

"Looks like someones about to be in Brie Mode." Eva said with a smirk.

"Did someone say Brie Mode?!" Cameron yelled, as everyone in the room replied "Brie Mode!" and all simultaneously took a sip from their drinks.

"Ugh..Nikki I hate you for telling everybody about my drunk self." Brie quietly said.

Everyone continued talking and going on about the party. I looked in my cup, and realized I ran out of booze.

"Excuse me ladies, I gotta get a refill." I said as I got up from my seat.

"Ooh! Refill my cup while you're at it!" Brie said. I took her cup from her hands and headed to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, looking for a Bud Light Lime Strawberita in the fridge. I moved everything around inside the fridge, and saw no more of the Bud Lights I wanted.

"Umm...anyone know where to find more booze?" I yelled. No one heard me, as the music was playing too loudly. Eva Marie came up to me as she took a bite out of some cheese and crackers.

"Follow me. I know where Nikki hides more booze." Eva said. I closed the fridge and followed her, as she led me upstairs.

We got upstairs, and Nikki's second level was just as good as her first. Eva went up to two huge doors and looked at me. "Alright, you can't tell anyone else she stores her booze up here. Don't even tell Nikki that we've been up here. Promise?" Eva said.

"Promise." I replied.

She opened up the two huge doors, leading into what seems like the master bed room. There was a huge king sized bed in front of a 60-inch Plasma HD TV. There was a walk in closet, which seemed to have more of Nikki's clothes than Cenas' clothes, and a huge bathroom, which again had more of Nikkis beauty supplies than anything Cena would have in there.

"Wow, Cena goes all out." I said.

"Yup." Eva said. "He's got the money to flaunt it around."

Eva walked over to one of the dressers, and pulled out the bottom right drawer. She carefully took out the folded clothes and set them on the ground before revealing a huge pack of Bud Lights. Eva looked back and smiled, as she knew just exactly what I was looking for. I walked over to her and helped her open the package. We both took one out and sat on the soft bed. We cracked the cans open together. "Cheers!" I said.

"Cheers!" Eva replied with a smile. We both quickly poured it down and let out a sigh as we placed the cans on the floor. Eva Marie let off a huge burp that echoed within the room.

"Aha, excuse you!" I said.

"Oh God, I'm sorry about that. I've drank a little bit and it's coming right back up, haha." Eva said with a laugh. I took out two more cans from the case and handed one to Eva, as we continued drinking.

"Wow. I never realized how comfortable it is in this room. It feels nice." Eva said.

"You're right. It's nice to get away from the party for just a bit and relax."

"Oh, excuse me while I use the bathroom." Eva said, as she casually walked over into the bathroom. I stared at her as she walked over, and her dress seemed extremely tight, cutting off at the bottom of her ass.

I finished my second can, just as Eva came back out of the bathroom. I looked up at her, as she was wearing nothing but the lingerie that was under her dress.

" look incredible."

"Shh.." She said with a finger to her mouth. She went over to the door and locked it, then came back to the bed. She sat on my thighs and placed her arms around my neck. We both leaned in slowly and started kissing each other. Her sweet lips felt nice against mine as I held her tight against my body. We swapped tongues and began making out more and more. I couldn't believe I was about to have sex with Eva Marie, but thankfully the music is too loud for anyone to hear us, and just in case, the door is locked. I fell against the bed as Eva was on top of me, still making out. I slid my hands down her panties and squeezed her ass as she leaned forward on me.

Eva crawled herself backwards and grabbed my pants with both hands. She pulled my pants down, revealing my hard cock. She smiled, as she grabbed it with one hand. She slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft, admiring the work shes doing. I moaned in pleasure as she twisted her hand around my cock. She went all the way up and quickly back down feeling every bump on my cock. Her mouth began watering, and she couldn't resist herself as she placed her soft lips around my cock and began sucking it. She slowly sucked it, and boy did she suck it good. Her tongue felt amazing pressing up against my cock in her warm mouth. She plopped my dick out of her mouth and began licking my cock from the base. She loved the taste of my cock, as she continued to go back and suck my cock. She looked up at me as she sucked, and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Her nice round eyes, staring right up at me as she was managing to get my cock all the way down her mouth.

She finished sucking my cock and pushed me to go further back on the bed. I did as she wanted, as I watched her strip down into nothing. Her tits hung out, and her pussy looked wet. I grabbed my cock and shifted it into the air, as Eva got on top of me. She grabbed my cock and slid her pussy down around it, and continued going down as she felt my cock in her. She let out a couple moans, as she moved her body up and down my hard cock. Her pussy was nice and wet, and felt smooth as she rode me. I felt her round ass press up against my legs as she came back down. I held her, guiding her body up and down.

"Ooh yes. This feels incredible. Oh fuck yes!" Eva moaned. Each moan she let out, I got harder and harder. I'm surprised I haven't cummed yet.

Eva began going faster and faster. Her moans responded by getting louder. Her ass was basically pounding me against the bed now. I could feel her warm pussy drip down my shaft. As she moaned, I suddenly heard the door knob began to move. I tried getting Eva's attention, but she was in awe as she rode me.

"There's no way anyone's getting in..." I thought. I then heard some keys chingle against one another. I got nervous, but I didn't want to upset Eva and throw her off me. It's pointless at this moment, as I knew they key was in the door knob. The door knob turned all the way around, and the door slowly flung open. Nikki Bella popped through the door, and immediately locked eyes on Eva and I.

"Oh fuck...Nikki I am so sorry!" Eva said, as she stopped riding me but still had my cock in her.

"God dammit Eva, can you wait to have sex with the guests?" Nikki said, as she closed the door behind her.

"Nikki...I'm really sorry. I can clean your room or, um, just do whatever you want. I just want to repay you! I'm sorry!" Eva pleaded.

I was ashamed. I let my cock do the talking once again, even though I loved fucking Eva. Nikki stood there, studying the scene. "Eva, get off his dick." Nikki ordered. Eva did as told, as she covered herself up. I got up, and reached for my clothes, just as Nikki interrupted my actions. "You stay right there."

Nikki took off her dress, revealing her huge boobs and firm ass. "Eva, sit down in that chair. I'm going to show you how to fuck a dick the right way."

I was in shock, as Nikki hopped on top of the bed with me. I sat on my knees, as Nikki bent over in front of me. I placed my dick in her ass, as she took over and did the rest of the work. She moved her nice ass up and down my cock, ramming her ass against my body. I held her ass, feeling her body move against me. She moaned, as each time she came down her tits moved up and down with her. My thighs were clenching, as the lovely Bella twin fucked me good. Eva, still horny started fingering herself as she watched Nikki Bella fuck me in front of her.

"Mmm..yea Eva. You can never fuck a guy as good as me." Nikki said. "Come in front of me, you horny little slut." Nikki command.

Eva moved herself and the chair in front of Nikki, as Nikki leaned further down and began eating out Eva. I slid my dick out of Nikki's ass and fucked her pussy, still getting the same, nice view of her wonderful ass. Nikki swirled her tongue against Eva's clit, getting a nice taste of the red heads' pussy. Each diva moaned in pleasure. As I rammed my balls against Nikki's pussy, she leaned in further and further into Eva's pussy. getting her tongue deeper and deeper down her tight pussy.

I slid my dick out of Nikki's pussy, and Nikki began licking and sucking my cock. Eva hopped back onto the bed, and placed her pussy in my mouth. I began eating her out, getting the rest of the pussy Nikki couldn't get. Her clit was nice and round, and her walls wrapped around my cock tightly as I got my tongue deep in her. Nikki sucked my hard cock nice, getting all the way to my balls and holding it for a long time, then popping it out to catch a breath of air. She played with my balls a little, while sucking my dick and twisting her head around. It felt nice to eat out Eva Marie, and still get my cock sucked by Nikki Bella.

We all got up, and Eva and Nikki moved to the ground. I pumped my cock as hard and as fast as I could. Nikki and Eve looked upon me, eagerly, waiting to taste my cum. I stroked harder and harder, and finally, it all came out of me. I pointed my cock at Eve first, getting a lot of my cum in and around her mouth. She licked it all up, loving the taste, as I then moved onto Nikki Bella, getting a lot down on her tits. She grabbed my cock and rubbed the cum around her tits, then sucked my cock one last time, checking to see if there was any more cum. She luckily got a few extra drops, as she made out with Eva and shared some of the cum. Both divas swallowed the cum, and looked happily.

We all cleaned up and put back on our clothes and headed downstairs, as we realized the party was over and the only ones remaining were the rest of the cast of Total Divas. They all stared at us, as they knew we just had an amazing one night stand. I shrugged it off, as Eva and Nikki smirked as they walked past everybody and led me outside to my car.

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