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Tough Enough & The 9th Wonder Of The World
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It was a Tuesday night in a hotel room. Two muscular men and two buxom women
lay in bed, snuggling with their respective partners. It looks as though
it's the end of a long, erotic night. The first word spoken is not by them
however. That word is "CUT!" Jamie Noble, Nidia, Torrie Wilson, and Billy
Gunn all roll out of a bed in a hotel room, laughing at the awkward scene
they had just filmed for that week's Smackdown.

"I hope the fans liked that." Torrie said.

"Hey girl with you involved how could they not." Jamie said smiling at

"Dam straight Torrie I'd have to say you are the most loved diva on
Smackdown." Torrie just smiled her innocent and sweet smile at the two men.

"So what happens now?" Nidia asked the camerman and rest of the crew who
where packing up they're stuff.

"Well you guys did your part for Smackdown so you can have the rest of the
night off." The Camera man said.

"Great." Nidia then turned to see Torrie Jamie and Billy huddled together in
a trianglular corner however it was obvious from they're body language Nidia
wasn't wellcome. Nidia swallowed hard and left the room she went down in the
lift to the ground floor of the hotel went to the bar sat down alone at a
table and ordered herself a drink.

An hour and several shots of tequila later, Nidia had attempted to drown her
sorrows but still the tears flowed. She had a great body, did it matter her
face wasn't perfect? Everyone has their blemishes, but it seems nobody in the
WWE, and even alot of fans could see that.

It was then that someone's shadow overtook her own. A tall amazonian figure
loomed overhead, uncomfortably close. The figure spoke a single word,
startling the tearful diva:


Nidia looked up to see a conserned look on the face of possibly the most
famous WWE diva since "the reign of Sable" back in 1997 former WWE diva and
Playboy cover girl Chyna aka Joanie Laurer.

"It is Nidia isn't it?" Joanie asked politely

"Y..yeah...Chyna." stuttered Nidia. The combination of alchohol, admiration,
and sadness caused her to slur her speech. Joanie smiled sweetly.

"Please, call me Joanie. What brings you here? Shouldn't you be at

"No I finished my participation in Smackdown for this week." Nidia looked at
her watch hard to believe she'd been there an hour.

"I finished work for the night an hour ago up in hotel room 323 with Jamie,
Torrie and Billy."

"Oh yeah of course this week's epsiode Torrie's got to sleep with Knoble
hasn't she."

"Yeah and she's probably doing that right now for real with Billy either
also particpating or watching." Nidia said angrily

"Why do you say that?" Joanie asked sitting herself down with her drink in
her hand.

"Well the way those two guys where looking at her and the way she was looking
at them I'm suprised they didn't rip each other's clothes off as soon as we'd
finished filiming." Nidia said partly joking and partly serious.

"What, and a good looking girl like you wasn't right in the mix," joked

"Very funny," replied Nidia "I could have been stripping while jumping on
the bed and they wouldn't have noticed me. I don't know, what do they see in
Torrie over me? She's a living barbie doll! My body's just as good. My face
may not be all that, but it shouldn't matter that much."

Joanie regrouped. "Sweetie I didn't mean it that way. I meant you should be
in there. Like you said, you have an incredible body, why wouldn't they want

"It's not just them though it's everbody at least half the male and two other
divas seem to have a problem with the way i look not to mention the fans
don't seem to like me too much either." Nidia said feeling the tears building
up again.

"Hey hey hey, calm down hon, have another drink. Listen, anybody who says you
aren't pretty is just missing out. The WWE is the #1 wrestling organization
in the world. They don't hire subpar girls. Trust me, from where I'm sitting,
they made a great choice in picking you."

"Your sweet to say that." Nidia said blushing not belive a woman could make
her blush but then again this was Joanie Laurer proberbly the one woman who
had the biggest impact and made Nidia want to become a WWE superstar more
than anything and also somebody Nidia could link to due to Joanie going
through the same problems Nidia was going through.

"I don't know why I'm crying anyway Joanie. I mean I didn't get into the WWE
to say "Hey I'm beautiful worship me" I got into the WWE to become a top
class female wrestler like you did." Nidia said smiling at Joanie showing the
9th Wonder of the world her admiration and respect.

"Exactly," replied Laurer; that second W stands for Wrestling, something I'm
not sure your friend Torrie realizes."

They laughed together, and for another 30 minutes, continued to talk about
the pressures of life as a diva, finding they had a great deal in common.
As Nidia and Joanie where talking they both noticed that they where both
flirting with one and other weather it was due to the drink or not was
another matter but neither of them seemed to mind as they continued to crack
jokes about divas Joanie used to work with and Nidia did work with most of
them where about Stephanie or Sable and they talked about they guys but
mainly they're focus was on how the other felt about things that where
happening and had happened in Joanie's case. Then the Bartender walked up to
them and said, "Excuse me ladies but I'm afraid it's closing time."

"Oh damn," said Joanie, "Do you have a phone I could use?"

The bartender denied her access, as there was no phone except the pay phones
in the lobby. Unfortunately, both Nidia and Joanie used all the money they
had on them that night for drinks.

"Not a problem," said Nidia "You can use the one up in my hotel room."

Joanie thanked her and the two walked up to Nidia's room. Nidia picked up the
receiver, but she hesitated in handing it over.

"Joanie, before I let you go, there's something I have to ask, otherwise I
may never get the chance. ...Were...umm....Were you...hitting...on me down in
the bar?"

Nidia hesitated and then blurted the rest out. She immediately regretted it.
As the air was suddenly filled with awkward silence.

"Let me answer that." Joanie then answered with a sly smile "with two of my
own questions 1.) Do you think I was hitting on you? and 2.) Did you like
it?" Joanie asked.

Nidia suddenly felt both uncomfortable and intrigued.

"Yes actually I did and..." She answered the first question strongly but
faded when moving to the second. "Yes..." she whispered, and bowed her head.

Joanie then took the phone out of Nidia's hand and put it back down on the
rest of the phone and then raised Nida to look at her with a single gentle
finger under the chin and said, "Yes I was hitting on you."

With that, Joanie planted the smallest kiss on Nidia's lips, and backed away.
It wasn't that she was hesitant, she was merely playing the young diva. It
seemed to work, as she took it in, then reached up to get a bigger kiss.

The two where locked in a passionate and intense french kiss as Joanie picked
her new lover for the night up and carried her over the bed and then layed
her down and got on top of her and then they continued to kiss each other
with the same passion and intensity as before.

Joanie forcefully pinned Nidia's arms above her, cutting her off from any

"Have you ever been with a woman Nidia?"

Nidia shook her head. Joanie slyly smiled.

"Fine then. I'll show you how it's done, then we'll see how you learn."

With that, she resumed kissing Nidia, moving down to her neck and upper
chest, causing Nidia to heavily sigh.

Joanie began to kiss and lick nidia's neck and Nidia giggled like a little
girl as Joanie's tounge tickled her Joanie then took Nidia's top up not total
off of her just high enough for Joanie to get at them breasts and Joanie was
suprised to see Nidia wasn't wearing a bra Joanie just smiled and instantly
took a nipple and breast into her mouth and began to suck lick and gently
nibble and bite on it while playing with and massaging the other breast and

"Mmmm....feels so good." moaned Nidia.

She was in heaven right now. The woman she admired and oft fantasized about
was now eagerly pleasing her tanned breasts. Nidia reached down and pulled
her own shirt off, then reached back down to fondle Joanie's midnight hair.

Joanie just smiled as she moved over to the other breast and began to lick
the nipple and suck it and gently bite it while she had her hands tend to the
breast she'd just pleasured with her mouth.

The mix of pleasure and pain was something Nidia had never experienced
before, and just kept begging for.


Joanie was happy to oblige. But after a couple more minutes, she stopped.
It was time to move on, and did so by gently kissing down Nidia's stomach,
inching further and further down her olive skinned bodyJoanie then reached
Nidia's belly button and decided to have some fun and then licked around
and inside Nida's belly button which made Nidia wriggle and giggle with
pleasure Joanie then moved down to Nidia's jogging bottoms and took them
off as quick as she could and then found Nidia's soaking wet panties which
joined Nidia's jogging bottom on the floor at the bottom of the bed in no
time. Joanie then licked a finger and began to finger fuck Nidia as best
she could pretty soon a second finger entered and Joanie's thrusts became
deeper and faster.

"Oh God...God....yeah...yeah...uuuuuuuuugh!" Nidia repeatedly moaned as her
pussy was pounded by the 9th Wonder of the World. She began to grasp her own
nipples both out of necessity and increase her own pleasure. It wasn't long
til the lesbian amateur could feel a rush of pleasure coming over her, and
started whispering "It's's time..."

Joanie immediatly removed her fingers and replaced them with her tounge and
as Nidia quickly found out Joanie's tounge was far better than two fingers.

The wet muscule writhed around inside Nidia's womanhood, causing wetness to
meet wetness. Nidia's moans turned into screams as the orgasm overtook her.
Her body jerked as she flushed all her orgasmic fluids into Joanie's awaiting
mouth. Not one to disappoint, she happily swallowed every last drop.

Joanie then made sure Nidia was totally clean of a her fluids and then she
sat back and watched Nidia who tried to re-gain her breath.

"Did you like that Nidia?" Joanie asked already knowing the answer as she
smiled at the Tough Enough 1 winner.

All Nidia could do was smile as she stared directly at the woman who just ate
her out. But without losing a beat, she leapt at Joanie, kissing her full on
swirling her tongue in her lover's mouth. She pulled back to undo the buttons
on Joanie's outfit, revealing a silky crimson bra. Nidia smiled wickedly.

"You should see the thong," said Joanie, smiling.

Nidia shrugged and quickly undid her jeans, yanking them off. It was a lie
though, Joanie had decided to go without panties tonight.

"Expecting something to happen?" Nidia asked jokingly.

"I was expecting now i know something's gonna happen." Joanie said.

As the two women laughed Nidia then decided to copy what Joanie had done to
show she could pleasure a woman maybe not exacterly like Joanie but as close
as she could get to perfectly.

Nidia made a path of kisses down Joanie's chin down her neck to her breasts
and imidiatly started her work on both the same way Joanie had taking one
into her mouth sucking licking and biting the nipple and massaging and
playing with the other in her hand.

Joanie, a bit more experienced, only moaned lightly at this. That is until
Nidia both nibbled then tugged gently with her teeth. While men and women
Joanie had loved before used to nibble, none ever dared to pull. A rush of
pain, but the thrill of an entirely new sensation rocked her body, causing
her to yelp suddenly then moan loudly. After several more minutes, Nidia
again patterned herself after Joanie, moving down to her navel and running
circles around it with her tongue. She stopped just short of Joanie's pussy.

"You call yourself the 9th wonder of the world, huh? Well see if you can
handle this."

With that she picked Joanie by the hand and had her stand up straight. She
then kneeled down and began to lick up and down Joanie's slit. This was a
true test, with nothing to rest on, the pleasure would take a toll even on
her body.

At first Joanie's body could handle it but as time wore on Joanie's moaning
became louder and her breath became shorter and her concentration on standing
up straight got less and less untill finally Joanie fell back onto the bed
and for a split second she was safe from Nidia's probing tounge but Nidia
watched Joanie fall back onto the bed under the stress and then imidiatly
dived back inbetween Joanie's legs and continued her work on Joanie's pussy
loving the taste so much she couldn't wait till Joanie came.

Joanie thought to herself how smart Nidia was. To make up for her lack of
experience she instead diverted her attention to concentrating on keeping
herself erect to make the pleasure seem deeper. Now she was being worked
over, and it was too much, even for her. Slowly she arched her back. With
each inch she arched, her moans grew louder, and louder.

Nidia then figured since Joanie was so expereinced she didn't need both
fingers and tounge she'd understand that a less experienced woman would need
or want to use both. An with that she drove two fingers into Joanie's nice
wet pussy and continued her tounge's assult as well intent on making Joanie
feel good despite her lack of experience.

Her moans turned into savage grunts now with the edition of the harsh
fingering she was receiving. It only sped up her orgasm. She rocked her own
body, trying to get both her fingers and tongue in deeper. Pretty soon her
bucking and Nidia's fucking were rhthymical and after just one minute of
this, Joanie knew it was time.

"Here it comes Nidia baby you earned this."

And with an extra loud cry/scream/moan Joanie ecploded all over Nidia's face
and in Nidia's mouth and Nidia like a starved dog eat as much as she could
and loved the feel or her idol's fluids on her.

She slowly crawled up to Joanie and French kissed her, sharing her own juices
with her. As Joanie held her tightly, Nidia whispered to her. "You know, you
always were my favorite diva."

Chyna looked down at her, smiled, and replied "I know. I know."

An with that the two fell into a deep peaceful dreamfilled sleep.

The End

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