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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Tough Enough III: Ivory Takes 3
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On August 7, 2002 at the Trax West training center, WWE Diva and Tough Enough Trainer Ivory, is watching John Hennigan, Matt Cappotelli and Jonah Adelman as they are working out in the facility's gym. All three of Tough Enough contestants are wearing knee-length workout shots. John is doing press-ups, Jonah is lifting weights and Matt is running on a treadmill, and all three men have sweat dripping down their muscular bodies.

Ivory presses her lips together and places her hands onto her toned hips "Alright boys....its time to get to work!" Ivory calls out, dressed in a pair of black workout pants and a gray tank top.

"You heard the lady..." John says as he gets to his feet. Jonah sets the weights he's lifting on a rack while Matt slows down on the treadmill before stepping off of it.

"Where are we heading?" Jonah asks as he and others approach the former Women's Champion.

Ivory nods her head in the direction of the ring "In there..." Ivory replies.

"Sweet... ring work..." Matt grins as he, John and Jonah head to the ring. After a few steps, it turns into a race to see who can get in first with John just beating Matt and Jonah.

Ivory raises an eyebrow and looks at the three men before she shakes her head. Ivory proceeds to climb into the ring to join Jonah, Matt and John. "So how does it feel to be last of the men..."

"Pretty good... I think I got this competition won though..." John says with a grin.

"As if... I'll be the one winning..." Jonah says.

"Hey there will be two winners... and I'm sure I'll be one of them... and it's great to know that it's down to us three..." Matt adds.

Ivory nods her head "Confidence is good...because if you have confidence it proves that you believe in yourself..." Ivory says.

The trio of young hopeful wrestlers nod their heads before John asks, "So what will be doing today?"

"I'm going to be honest with ya...things are about to get intense, because three will be getting physical unlike you have before."

"What do you mean?" Jonah asks.

Ivory turns her head and looks over at Jonah. "I'm going to see which of you three really has what it takes to make it in the WWE..."

"Ok, I will admit I'm confused, isn't that what Tough Enough is for?" Matt asks as he scratches his head.

"It is...and you've all looked great in several of the tests that Al and Bill have put you through...but now it's time to face my test..."

"All right... so what's your test?" John asks with a cocky grin.

"I want to see who can last the longest in this ring with me..." Ivory replies with a smirk.

"You want us to wrestle you?" Jonah asks with some surprise in his voice.

"Kinda weird..." Matt adds.

Ivory laughs a bit and crosses her arms. "No...although I know that I could easily out wrestle the three of you...but no, that's not what I was thinking..."

"Sooooo what are you thinking?" John asks.

"Well...I sure hope you boys don't mind getting closer, cause we're all going to get to know each other a bit better..."

"Closer?" Jonah raises an eyebrow and looks at John and Matt who both shrug their shoulders while Ivory seems almost delighted with how she's confusing the three young men.

Ivory smirks "You guys still have no clue?"

"You could say that..." Matt says while nodding his head.

Ivory sighs and shakes her head. "I tell ya...guys can be real clueless..." Ivory says with a laugh "Alright's the deal, you're to see who has the best endurance and how we're finding out is the three of you are gonna fuck me in this ring...any questions?"

"Wait... you want us.... to fuck you... in this very ring... just to see which one of us has the best endurance? Shit I got this won..." John says with a very confident tone.

"Man this is nuts..." Jonah adds.

"Yeah... but you shouldn't be so cocky John..." Matt says.

"Sure...whatever..." John rolls his eyes before he starts to lower his shorts, freeing his cock. Jonah and Matt also lower their shorts from their waists, exposing their cocks to Ivory, which allows her to see that while they are very well equipped, John's shaft is longer and thicker.

Ivory smirks "Glad to see you boys take direction well..." Ivory says before she lowers herself down onto her knees. "May the best man win..." Ivory says as she places her left hand around Jonah's cock and her right hand around John's cock, while Matt's cock is directly in the middle. Ivory lowers her head and starts to drag her tongue against the head of Matt Cappotelli's cock, which responds almost instantly.

"Mmmm fuck..." Matt groans as his cock rises to attention rather quickly as Ivory laps her tongue against the head. John and Jonah's dicks harden within Ivory's grasp as she strokes them at the same time.

Ivory flicks her tongue against the head of Matt's cock before she starts to slide her wet tongue down his long shaft, while moving her hands back and forth against the shafts of John and Jonah.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Matt moans as Ivory's tongue moves against his stiff shaft. John and Jonah both smirk as Ivory skillfully jerks them off as she teases Matt's dick with her tongue.

Ivory lifts her head away from Matt's cock and removes her left hand from Jonah's cock, which she places onto the lightly saliva coated cock of Matt. Ivory turns her head over to Jonah's cock and begins to work her tongue with precise skill on the nicely meaty head of his cock.

"Ahhhh damn.." Jonah moans as Ivory circles her tongue around the head of his cock. Matt licks his lips as Ivory uses the palm of her left hand to rub her saliva over the top of his cock.

Ivory spits saliva down onto the head of Jonah's cock before she starts to work her tongue against the head of his cock, spreading the saliva around, as she steadily moves her experienced hands on the shafts of John and Matt.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Jonah moans as Ivory slaps her tongue every so often against his cock as she coats the head of his tool with so much saliva that it's dripping down the length of his shaft.

Ivory lifts her head away from Jonah's cock and turns her head to the eagerly awaiting cock of John Hennigan, which she teases much like she did to his fellow competitors by working her tongue against the head of his shaft.

"Yeah.... fuck..." John moans as he places his hands on his waist as Ivory flicks her tongue all over the head of his long, thick shaft.

Ivory lifts her eyes and looks up at the confident Tough Enough contestant as she moves her tongue around the swollen head of his cock, while removing her right hand from his cock and her left hand from Matt's cock.

"Ohhh that..." John moans as Ivory continues to tease his cock with her tongue while Matt and Jonah push Ivory's black work out pants down from her hips.

Ivory places her hands onto John Hennigan's gorgeously tanned and nicely muscular waist as she moves her tongue back and forth across the head of his cock.

As Ivory laps her tongue from side to side against the head of John's cock, Matt kneels directly behind Ivory and guides his own shaft into her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...." Ivory moans as she feels Matt's cock entering her nicely wet pussy from behind and parts her lips to take John's cock into her mouth to bob her head smoothly.

"Mmmmm shit..." Matt groans as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Ivory's twat from behind.

"Ohhh yeah suck that dick..." John moans as Ivory bobs her head on his shaft while she starts to push back against Matt.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Ivory moans as her lips firmly press around John's cock as she works her head back and forth, taking him deeper into her mouth with each passing moment, while she rocks on her knees and is able to easily push back against Matt's cock.

"Ahhhhh awww..." Matt grunts as he thrusts his cock harder and deeper into Ivory's pussy as she pushes back against him. John licks his lips as Ivory sucks and slurps on his shaft.

Ivory continually rocks back on her knees to push her toned ass back against Matt's toned and tanned waist as she takes his cock deeper into her pussy. Ivory impressively takes John's cock into her mouth, letting the head of his shaft tease the back of her mouth.

"Mmmmm shit..." John moans as he feels the back of Ivory's mouth brushing against the head of his large dick. Matt pulls out of Ivory's pussy and is quickly replaced by Jonah once he moves aside.

"Ahhh fuck..." Jonah groans as he begins to pump his dick into Ivory's twat.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Ivory moans as she starts to swiftly rock forward on her knees with Jonah's cock deeply pumping into her wet snatch, causing her to rapidly move her head on John's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... ahhhh..." Jonah grunts as he drives his cock eagerly into Ivory's cunt. John smirks as Ivory's moans vibrate on his dick while she swiftly bobs her head on it.

Ivory's nicely toned and rounded ass smacking against Jonah's waist as he pumps steadily into her, while pulling her back.

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Jonah grunts as he drives his cock repeatedly into Ivory's pussy. John licks his lips as he begins to slowly pull his cock out of Ivory's mouth, causing her to bob her head faster on it until the head of his dick escapes between her lips.

Ivory nods her head and glances up at John Hennigan with approval before she removes her hands from his waist and places her hands onto the wrestling mat in order to brace herself in pushing back against Jonah's cock.

"Ohhh fuck... mmmmm damn..." Jonah moans as he keeps an brisk pace for several moments before he pulls out. John goes behind Ivory to replace Jonah and he proceeds to ram every inch of his huge cock into Ivory's snatch, and the size difference between himself, Jonah and Matt becomes pleasantly clear to Ivory.

"Ohhhhhhh shit...." Ivory groans and grits her teeth as she feels John's cock starting to thrust into her, causing her to move forward on her knees. Ivory sits up on her knees and proceeds to lift her gray tank top to expose her nicely rounded tits.

"Mmmmmm..." John moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Ivory's cunt and he also takes advantage of her sitting up on her knees by reaching around her to grab her tits.

" think you have this won, don't you?" Ivory says with a smirk as she glances back and rocks on her knees to firmly push back against his cock.

"Fuck yeah..." John replies with a smirk of his own as he thrusts his cock deeply into Ivory's twat as he plays with her tits. Matt and Jonah step in front of Ivory and they of them smack their cocks against Ivory's face when she looks forward at them.

"Mmmmm...let me see what ya got, boys!" Ivory replies as she opens her mouth and turns her head toward Jonah as he places his hands onto her head and pushes his cock into her mouth.

"Ahhh yeah..." Jonah groans as he begins to fuck Ivory's mouth, thrusting his shaft as deeply as possible while John continues to firmly fuck her from behind.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Ivory moans around Jonah's cock as she keeps her lips loosely pressed to allow him to control the pace of the thrusts in and out of her wet mouth, while John deeply pumps his long shaft into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhh awww..." John moans as he works his shaft in and out of Ivory's snatch while lowering his right hand from her tits and places it on her waist. Jonah grits his teeth as he wildly thrusts his cock into Ivory's wide open mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Ivory moans as her saliva drips down on Jonah's cock, with his shaft readily thrusting between her moist lips.

"Ohhhh... ohhh fuck.." Jonah moans as he suddenly jerks his cock out of Ivory's mouth. Ivory's mouth isn't empty for long as Matt shoves his dick between her lips.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Ivory moans and presses her lips loosely against Matt Cappotelli's cock as she places her hands onto his knees, and like she did with Jonah, the former Women's Champion allows Matt to control the pace of his cock inside of her mouth.

"Shit..." Matt groans as he grabs two handfuls of Ivory's hair as he thrusts his cock briskly in and out of her mouth. John continues to thrust his long and meaty cock into Ivory's cunt before he pulls out and steps aside. Jonah gets behind Ivory once more and he invades her pussy once again with his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Ivory moans around Matt's cock and lightly presses her teeth down, which causes her teeth to momentarily rake against his shaft, while Jonah begins to powerfully thrust his cock into her.

"Ahhhhh!" Matt moans as he feels Ivory's rake against his cock causing him to slow down his pace as he pumps his dick into her mouth.

"Awww... awww yeah..." Jonah grunts as he rams his cock into Ivory's pussy while he places his hands on her hips.

Ivory lifts her teeth from Matt's cock, which allows him to resume thrusting his cock into her awaiting mouth at a steady, swift pace, while Jonah plows his cock into her from behind.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..." Jonah groans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Ivory's snatch.

"Ohhh shit..." Matt moans as he pumps his dick deep into Ivory's mouth, causing his balls to smack against her chin.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmmm...." Ivory groans around Matt's cock before she starts to lift her head off of his cock, while Jonah continues to pound away.

"Ahhhh... ahhhh..." Jonah moans as his cock begins to throb as he continues to deeply thrust it into Ivory's snatch

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmm...ohhhhhh!" Ivory moans as she rocks on her knees and firmly pushes back against his cock.

"Ahhhh awwww... ahhhh!" Jonah groans as he keeps thrusting his cock into Ivory's pussy until the last possible moment where he then pulls out and shoots his cum onto her ass. "You're out Jonah..." John says with a smirk as he moves to lay down on the wrestling mat next to Ivory.

Ivory raises an eyebrow and looks back at Jonah. "Really, Jonah? Out already?"

"Ahhhh...I don't... know what happened..." Jonah says as he takes a deep breath.

Ivory sighs and shakes her head with disappointment. "I really thought you'd hang in there..."

"Still two of us are left..." Matt says as Ivory gradually moves to mount John.

Ivory smirks "You boys better bring it all..." Ivory says as she lowers herself down on John Hennigan's cock.

"I know I will..." John smirks as he grabs Ivory by her hips and rams his cock upward into her snatch.

"Mmmmmmm...fuck..." Ivory groans as she bounces upward on his thrusting cock.

John smirks as he forces Ivory to bounce on his cock each time he rams his shaft up into her. Matt kneels behind Ivory and he proceeds to ease his cock between Ivory's ass cheeks in order to invade her asshole.

"Mmmmmmm....shit...." Ivory groans as she feels Matt's cock entering her tight ass and she responds by rocking on John's cock to push back against Matt.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Matt grunts as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Ivory's ass.

"Mmmmmmm.." John moans as he keeps thrusting his long tool up into her twat.

"Ohhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh...." Ivory moans and grits her teeth as she places her hands down onto John's chest as she swiftly rocks forward on his cock, with Matt pumping firmly into her toned ass.

Two rival Tough Enough contestants thrust their cocks deeply into Ivory's ass and pussy, causing her to rock briskly between them.

"Ohhhhhhh... mmmmm yeah...yeah boys...." Ivory moans as she grinds her athletically toned body between John and Matt.

"Ahhhh... ahhhh..." Matt groans as he rams his cock deeply and repeatedly into Ivory's asshole.

"Mmmmm fuck..." John moans as he thrusts his shaft upward into Ivory's cunt.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Ivory moans as the veteran Diva is able to easily maintain her own speed and force while moving between the thrusting cocks of Matt and John.

"Mmmm ahhh fuck..." Matt moans as his cock begins to throb within Ivory's round ass.

Ivory turns her head and looks back at Matt Cappotelli as she grinds her toned ass back against his shaft.

"Awwww.... fuck..." Matt groans loudly as he starts to cum inside of Ivory's ass while she keeps rocking on John's stiff upward thrusting tool.

Ivory raises an eyebrow and looks back at Matt Cappotelli "Matt? Are you really done?"

"Ahhhh mmmm shit... yeah..." Matt groans as he pulls his cock out of Ivory's ass once he's finished cumming.

"Guess I win..." John says as he suddenly rolls over so that Ivory is laying on the mat with him on top of her, thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

Ivory smirks and looks up at John Hennigan as she wraps her lips around his waist and begins to push against his thrusting cock. "You think pretty highly of yourself..." Ivory says as she places her hands onto his arms as he thrusts into her.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah... cause I'm good..." John smirks as he pumps his cock deeply and quickly into Ivory's twat.

Ivory presses her lips together and presses her legs tightly around his waist as she grinds up against his cock.

The well hung young stud licks his lips as he keeps an impressive combination of speed and force as he pumps his cock repeatedly into Ivory's wet pussy.

Ivory arches her back and grits her teeth as she feels John Hennigan's cock slamming down deeply into her nicely wet pussy.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhh..." John moans as he rams his cock nonstop into Ivory's snatch as she grinds against him.

" think you got it...mmmmm do you?" Ivory says with a moan as she easily grinds her pussy against his cock.

"Mmmmmm ahhh I know I got it..." John moans even as his cock starts to throb as he relentlessly fuck Ivory's cunt.

"Mmmmmm...are you sure...mmmmm are you sure you've got it?" Ivory asks with a moan as sweat drips down her toned body.

"Ohhhh yeah.... ahhhh..." John grits his teeth as his thrusts become erratic as throbbing continues to build.

" me you me you got it, kid..." Ivory moans.

Sweat drips off of John's athletic and toned body as he keeps on pumping his heavily throbbing cock into Ivory's twat while Matt and Jonah watch with a bit of amazement. "God damn... no way he's gonna last much longer..." Jonah says.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh fuck..." Ivory moans and arches her back as she feels his cock continuing to ram into her.

"Mmmmm fuck..." John moans as he jerks his cock out of Ivory's snatch and moves to straddle her sweat coated body. John strokes his throbbing cock and as Ivory lifts her head up slightly, John begins to cum, spraying an impressively sized load onto Ivory's face.

Ivory presses her lips together and closes her eyes as John Hennigan's warm cum splatters her face and drips down

"Ahhh yeah... ahhh..." John groans as he continues to stroke his cock until he's finished cumming.

Ivory opens her eyes and looks up at John, before she raises her left hand wipes the cum off of her face. "Did you really just do that?"

"You bet I did..." John smirks as he rises up off of Ivory.

Ivory narrows her eyes and sits up on from laying back on the wrestling mat. "I want 50 pushups..."

"Awww shit..." John groans as he proceeds to get down on the mat and begins to do push ups while Matt and Jonah laugh.

Ivory crosses her arms and stands up before turning her head to look at Matt and Jonah. "Something funny, boys?"

"Ummm..." Matt pauses as Ivory sternly looks at them.

"Well..." Jonah says as quickly shuts up.

"You two didn't do so hot...I want 100 pushups...start now!"

"God damn it..." Jonah grumbles as he get and Matt both get down to start doing push ups.

Ivory nods her head "And Jonah...since you were the first out, we'll bump you up to 200 pushups."

"Fuck..." Jonah grumbles under his breath while Ivory smirks and stands in the middle of the ring looking down at him , Matt and John as their sweat covered bodies rise and fall as they perform pushups.


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