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Tough Enough Love
by Diva Mad Sex Squad

Love is a many splendid thing. The folks from the trilogy of WWE Tough
enough can testify for that-especially two of the winners - the beautiful
spanish/trailer park beauty, Nidia and the vivacious recent valet for WWE
superstar, Rico, Jackie Gayda. These two women have overcome incredible
odds to get to the state they are today, the training, the suffering, going
to Ohio Valley Wrestling, and constant competition with the other lovely
and atletic ladies of the WWE. But for all that, there was one thing they
valued the most - Their undying love for each other. This love had truly
blossomed in only a years time as both divas were so desirable and had so
many common interests it was simply meant to be. The one year anniversary
of this undying love would be today as the dawn crept up in Jackie's hotel
room in Phoinex, Arizona on vacation from the WWE. She rose out of the bed
thinking of one thing-how special would be tonight for herself and her
golden goddess. She contemplated this fine reality as she showered letting
the warm water and steam take her to heaven.

Jackie was just getting out of the shower when the telephone rang. Jackie
got a towel and wrapped it around herself she then got another and began to
dry her hair with it as she saunted over to the ringing telephone and
answered it "Hello?"

"Hey Angel." Came Nidia's sexy sweet voice on the other end of the line
"Any idea what today is?" Nidia asked partly joking because they had both
been talking and planning today for weeks.

"Yeah..."Jackie willfully played along. "Wednsday."

"Girl, I know you better rethink that. I just got finished from a long night
of Smackdown, and I'm hot!" she laughed.

"You know I'm just joking, baby. This is the day that we celebrate one whole
year together." Jackie said with a big smile. "I can't wait to see you, Nidy.
I haven't seen you in like a week."

"I know," Nidia sighed.

"Ol' stupid ass Jamie Noble almost fucked up our segment in rehearsal. Twice!
God, why the hell do they stick me with that hillbilly?"

"Because they need beauty to go with the beast." Jackie said.

"You always know how say the right things don't you Jackie."

"It's my job." Jackie said.

"Right, well are you showered and ready for a day and night you'll never
forget." Nidia asked smiling all the time she was chatting to the women she

"Nidia I'm always ready for that when I'm with you because that is one thing
I can be garanteed when ever I'm with you," Jackie said also smiing the whole
time while she was chatting to the woman she loved more than life itself.

"Alright babe. I'll be there in about a half an hour, and ya better be sexy!"
Nidia giggled.

"Oh, sweetie you should know by now that I got NO problem with that." Jackie
softly said in her sexiest voice.

"Oooooh then I'd better hurry up, then. Well, I'll see ya at the hotel lobby,
OK? I love you Jackie." a yearning Nidia said softly.

Jackie immediately ended the conversation with a soft, "I love you too,

And with that Jackie and Nidia hung up on each other. Nidia who had just
gotten out of the bath dried herself off and then pikced out a beautiful
boob tube pink top with tight leather bottoms and short highish heels she
then combed her hair and left it loose and curley and applied a little
make up not too much just enough she then left her hotel room and headed
down to the lobby.

As Jackie squeezed ino her tight hip-hugging jeans, high heels and blue
tubetop with no bra, she happily skipped over to the dresser as she grabbed
her purse thinking about all of the things she would say and do to her lady
love that night. She quickly put her hair up in an lovely bun and headed out
the door for a loving day with Nidia.

Much to her suprise she was already in the lobby soon as she got off the
elevator to greet her with a passionate kiss luring stares from everyone in
the lobby. They payed no mind however for love was all they needed, not
people's approval.

"God it's so good to see you again baby I almost forgot what you looked like
it's been so long." Nidia said giving her lover a big bear-hug cuddle.

"Well I guess I'll just have to remind you today and tonight won't I."

Nidia then linked arms with Jackie and they headed outside. "Yes and I'll
have to remind you won't I." Nidia said with a giggle they then got into
the waiting limo.

"Where too?" asked driver.

"So my darling dove where shall we go first?" Nidia asked looking at Jackie
with love desire and passion in her eyes.

"Well, you remember that little cafe we went to the morning after the first
night we made love?"

"Oh, yeah, the one by Stroop Blvd..." Nidia reminiced. "They had wonderful
food there. Remember we spent almost three hours ther just talking about

"Yeah, I remember, that was one of the best mornings I'd ever had. That's why
it's so special to me," Jackie said softly. "Hey driver..."

"No need to tell me. I already know what your talking about, Ms. Gayda." the
driver said. "I've had breakfast there before. They got the best pancakes!
Oh, and happy anniversary."

"Awww...thank you," both divas said in unison, causing all three to laugh.

An so the driver headed to the cafe both Nidia and Jackie had been speaking
about. Meanwhile Nidia and Jackie where huddled together hugging and kissing
as well as on the lips they gave each other little pecks on the cheek and
nose and chin nothing too serious just fun and just to show each othere how
they felt. The serious and the seriously fun stuff would come later.

"Where here ladies." the driver said.

"Care to join us?" Nidia asked the driver laughed and smiled at the same

"No, this is your day. I'll take you wherever you want to go just so long as
ya both enjoy yourself."

"Ok," Jackie said and with that Nidia and Jackie climbed out and the driver
went around and parked the limo up and just waited.

Meanwhile Nidia and Jackie had entered the cafe and as luck would have it
the very same place that they had sat a year before was free and they
insantly took it. The waiter soon came up, "What will it be ladies?"

"Umm..I'll...HEY! I didn't know you worked here, baby! How are you?" Jackie
said to her old friend giving him a tight embrace.

"I'm doing alright, babe. How bout yourself?" the waiter said in a happy

"Hey Jac, aren't ya gonna introduce me to this handsome gentleman?" Nidia
said with a slight smile.

"You're Nidia from Tough enough aren't you? I've seen you on Smackdown. I
gotta say you look WAY finer in person." the waiter said in a soft tone.

With Nidia blushing she giggled a thank you as Jackie gave him a playful
slap in the arm. "Boy, put your toungue back in your mouth. This is my boo
boo." she said hugging her lover.

"Oh, man. Sorry bout that Jackie, but I can't help it..." he said with a

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just keep your eyes to yourself mister." Jackie said
pointing at him.

"Alright, but I ain't making no promises." he laughed as she playfully rolled
her eyes. "So what ya having?"

"I'll have pancakes with honey in them please." Jackie said smiling at her

"Ok and for the lovely but unvalable Nidia?" The man asked.

"I'll have the full english breakfast please." Nidia said.

"Your meals are on they're way." The young man said as he walked of leaving
the two to chat.

The 2 love birds talked about their live and future together all the while
never taking their eyes off each other. The food had arrived some 1O minutes
later and eaten in what seemed forever as the ladies enjoyed each other's
company to the fullest. This was one of the things both of them loved each
other for the most. Their was not ony physical attraction, but endless
communication between the 2 that gave them a reason to live. As they finally
finished their food, the young waiter gave them their check.

"Here ya go, Jacs," he said.

"Hey, you know it's our one year anniversary." the Tough Enough 1 winner
informed him.

"Oh, congradulations, girls!"

"Thanks." both divas said in unison again.

"Well, we gotta go. Got a full day planned. Take care of yourself," Jackie
said with another embrace.

"You too, sweetie." he said.

Nidia followed her lover by giving him a friendly hug. As he turned around
to go to the kitchen in the back, Jackie pointed at him whispering in the
trailer park diva's ear and quickly obliged her by playfully slapping his
backside surprising him. He then let out a laugh as Nidia waved to him
blowing a kiss saying "Bye Carlos." as he gazed at the visions of loveliness.

Nidia and Jackie then left the cafe and climbed back into the limo.

"Where to now ladies?"

Jackie was about to ask Nidia but Nidia instantly said, "Odeon Cinema

Jackie looked at Nidia shocked Nidia then looked at Jackie and smiled, "Well,
I haven't been to the cinema in a while and I figure if the moves turns out
to be crap we can always find something else to occupy our time." Nidia says
as she begins to massage Jackie's thigh. "Just like we did on our first
Official date."

"Ooooh, I like! I like!" Jackie said seductively with a smile on her face.
"I don't remember much of the movie, but I remember the climax!"

"I know," Nidia laughed. "We almost got kicked out!, remember?"

"How could I not?" Jackie said reminicing. "We had to sneak out of the
theater right into the pouring rain!"

As both divas giggled at the precious memory, they gazed into each other's
eyes thinking of how incredibly lucky they were to have each other to love
the other. Jackie's finger made it's way to the button to close the
seperation wall of the limo and Nidia smiled, "Fancy a little pre-feature
entertainment huh?" She said with a mishivious smile on her face as the
two divas wrapped they're arms around the others body and began to kiss

As the two diva's hot bodies pressed against each other, the sexual tension
could be cut with a knife. They slowly leaned on the seat only to have Nidia
make her way to Jackie's tube top pulling it down to reveal her lovely, large
breast already with rock hard nipples. As her lips made their way down her
neck, to her shoulders, and finally her chest, she handled the fragile flesh
with loving care as the blonde beauty let out a silent moan trying not to be
loud for they knew the driver was still on the other side.

Nidia then moved her lips from the actual breast to the nipple she toyed
with a little with her fingers before she placed it between her lips and
licked it with her tounge and sucked gently on it. While keeping her hands
busy with the other breast normally Nidia was as kinky as hell but when it
came to Jackie she prefered to be slow and gentle besides there was a huge
opportunity for her to be kinky with Jackie later that night. So Nidia
decided "Slow and Gentle" now "Kinky and wild" later.

Nidia's warm touch was quickly getting to Jackie as she was now moist as a
sponge and as much as she loved her spanish lover's touch, she alwasys found
it to be more erotic pleasing her. So with that she freed herself of her
grasp and pulled her tube top up an immediately got started on her juicy tits
suckling them. Both ladies were in heaven as the limo got slower much to
their chagrin.

They quickly gained their composure and made themsevles up to be presentable
again as the vehicle now came to a complete stop, but not before they got one
more heated liplock in to satisfy their carnal appetite for the time being.

There was then a tapping on the window on Nidia's side of the limo Nidia
lowered the window to see the driver stood there. "Just wanted to make sure
you two ladies where approriately dressed before I opened the door." The
Driver said with a smile as he opened the door.

"Very considerate of you." Said Nidia.

"Indeed worthy of a reward." Jackie said and with that the two divas gave
the man a peck on either cheek.

"We should be no longer than 2 hours." Nidia said as she and Jackie walked
off and entered the cinema complex.

The driver blushed at this as he watched both ladies go into the theater.
"Damn, those women are fine. I wonder if they have threesomes." he chuckled
to himself as he watched the TV in the back of the limo.

Meanwhile back in the theater, the 2 ladies were making a decision as to what
to watch (or not to watch). Out of the many choices on the theater wall, they
made their way to the ticketbox. "Can we have two for Charlie's Angels: Full
Throttle." Nidia asked the man behind the booth.

"$11.50, please, alright and here you go ladies. Enjoy the show." the
friendly theater employee said to them.

They quickly made their way to the consusion stand to choose from a variety
of snack and goodies.

Nidia chose a hot dog a cold drink and a big bag of Doritos meanwhile Jackie
always concerned about her weight despite Nidia saying she looked perfect got
a diet cold drink and a low fat chocolate bar along with an ice-cream they
then headed to they're seats and lucky enough from them they where seated at
the very back at the very far end away from the prying eyes of the ushers.

"I've been dying to see this movie." Nidia said with a sweet grin. "Cameron
Diaz is SO hot!"

"Oh?" Jackie said with a raised eyebrow. "I don't think she's so great. I
mean look at her. She's skinny as hell, she has NO breasts, and she way to

"Awww....don't be jealous," Nidia playfully said with her arms wrapped around
her waist. "She can't come close to being compared to you."

"Mmm hmm." Jackie smugly replied with her arms crossed.

"Oh, come on, sweetie. Don't be like that. It's our special day. C'mon." a
convincing Nidia said to her blonde lover.

"I hate it when you give me that sad puppy dog look." Jackie said with a
sigh and a huff. "Wins me over every god dam time." Said Jackie as she
wrapped her arm around Nidia and the two settled down to watch the move
together. "Besides, I really wouldn't mind us having a threesome. We'd be
Jackie's Angels." she giggled making Nidia do the same.

About an hour into the movie, the 2 ladies were totally into the three lovely
main characters on screen, and instantly had flashbacks of the heat in the
limo before they arrived.

Jackie gave a slight look around before she slipped her hand which was around
Nidia's shoulders down Nidia's tube-top and began to play with one of Nidia's
nippes and breast while keeping her eyes on the screen and a huge smile was
on her face.

With a sweet giggle, she gazed over at her with a licking of the lips
signaling her approval for Jackie's teasing. Nidia then made her hand down
her tight jeans and in between her thighs slightly rubbing them making Jackie
struggle to concentrate on the movie and her teasing at the same time.

Jackie finally lost totall interest in the movie and total interest in Nidia
she turned side ways and again looking around unclipped Nidia's tube-top and
lowered it down so she could get better access to Nidia's breasts she then
went to work on them with determination and pleasure as her mind went back to
the last time they had been in the Cinema and done this.

"At a girl." Nidia said softly enjoying every minute of Jackie's pleasuring.
Her lips parted as a quiet coo left her mouth drowning in ecstacy as her
lover continued to work on her lucious boobs now with her hand in her pants
down Jackie's pants.

Jackie knew if Nidia started to attack her there she sure as hell wouldn't
be able to control her moans of pleasure so Jackie removed Nidia's hand and
whispered "You now. Me later." and then winked as Jackie moved one hand
from Nidia's breasts down into Nidia's pants and began to give her all the
pleasure she could handle.

The Smackdown beauty didn't need to be asked twice as she bit her lip as
Jackie's fingers made their way in her panties fondling her sweet, wet
folds. She carefully restrained from moaning for it was like heaven on
earth. Jackie's tongue doubled it's efforts sucking both breasts. As Nidia
was about to bite the big one, her eye opened slightly to see one of the
male employees enjoying the view.

"Jackie," Nidia whispered Jackie couldn't hear her lost in her own type of
pleasure and that was the pleasure of giving Nidia pleasure. "Jackie!" Nidia
said in a more important show.

"What!?" Jackie whispered back.

"We have a solo male audiance member." Nidia said in kind of like code talk
telling Jackie they where being watched.

"What shall we do?" Jackie asked.

The usher saw the concern in the two ladies faces, but quickly convinced them
no to worry by gestering to continue. Both ladies giggled at the him as they
both gave him a sexy wink confirming their understanding him.

"Let's give our one man audiance a show he'll never ever forget." Nidia
whispered to Jackie.

"You've got it hot and sexy." Jackie whispered back and so with that Jackie
went into over drive her mouth worked on both of Nidia's breasts her hands
worked on Nidia's pussy not only where they doing it for they're audiance
they where doing it for themselves and for each other.

Nidia's swollen clit then got the best Jackie could offer as a warm wave
over came her body as she gritted her teeth trying to hold her feelings in.
Finally, she could hold on no longer handle her lover's cosistant pleasing
resulting for her twat to clamp Jackies fingers releasing her sweet juices
soaking her panties.

Jackie smiled and took her fingers from Nidia's panties and pants and licked
and sucked them clean. "I hope there's more where that came from later." She
whispered to her panting out of breath lover.

"Trust me baby, there will be," the sexy siren said lovingly. The usher stood
by and watched the 2 lovely ladies give each other a soft kiss making him
smile from ear to ear. The lights finally came on as all of the people rose
from their seats to make way for the ones watching the next showing. Jackie
and Nidia however stayed behind making sure they were the last ones to leave.

As they approched the limo the driver said "So did you two ladies enjoy the
movie or enjoy making a movie?" He said a joke.

"Both," Jackie said climbing in with Nidia following after her.

The driver just smiled and shook his head as he shut the door behind them and
then got into the car and began to drive again.

"God, that wa..." Nidia stopped in mid sentence as she wanted her
conversation to be private. So once again the seperation wall was raised
waving bye to the driver much to his chagrin. "Baby, that was so good,"
Nidia finally got out.

"Well, if you'd like to pay me back we can go back to your place." Jackie
said oh so hoping she would say yes. Not even answering her, she lowered the
wall saying, "Hey Taylor..."

"I know." he said laughing. "I could really use a break."

All the of them laughed as they made their way to Nidia's summer home.

However half way there Nidia said, "Driver take us to our hotels."

"Why?" The driver asked.

"Because it's getting close to evening and me and Jackie need to get ready
for our evening out." Nidia said determind to make Jackie wait. "Besides I
don't want us to ruin tonight." Nidia added.

"Nidy, c'mon. We have more than enough time for a quickie. Besides, I gave
YOU a taste. Cmon, baby."

"Yeah, come on baby." the driver said jokingly. "You got that lovely back
there. Treat her good. I also need my break," he laughed.

"I'll make you a deal." Nidia said with a smile. "We go back to the hotel
BUT before we go and get ready you." Nidia then looked at the driver "And by
you I mean Jackie."

The drive pouted jokingly.

"Come to my hotel room and I'll return the favor then go to our seperate
hotel rooms and get ready for the evening deal?" Nidia asked.

With a tender sigh, she let OK as they then made their way to Nidia's hotel
instead. They got to the vast facility and hopped out as the driver opened
the door. "Don't be too rough on her now," he said to Nidia with a smile.

"Oh, Taylor, don't be mad cause it ain't you."

"Too late for that"

"Oh, hush." she giggled slapping his arm playfully.

And so Nidia and Jackie entered the hotel hand in hand they went to the
reception desk and both checked in got they're hotel room keys and then went
up to Nidia's floor in the lift. Nidia unlocked the door and allowed Jackie
to go first and then followed close behind her and then as she closed the
door she saw Jackie sat on the bed smiling at her.

"Well, what are you waiting for, lover? Come repay me." the beautiful blonde
said seductively.

Nidia wasted no time as she shimmied her way to her awaiting lover. She
immediately unzipped her pants and threw them on the floor. Her panties were
next as she slid them off and tossed them aside. She then way to the inside
of Jackies juicy thighs teasing her making Jackie moan in anticipation. Nidia
started by licking Jackie's outer pussy lips and ocassionally brushing her
tounge across her inner lips she then began to finger fuck Jackie slow at
first contining the teasing and Jackie's pleasure but slowly picking up

"C'mon baby...aww..shit" Jackie moaned as Nidia's sodomy took her pleasure to
new heights. Nidia loved hearing her girlfriend moan for it was music to her
ears. She doubled her efforts by putting an extra finger in her lovebox as
Jackie;'s legs began to quiver. Nidia knew right then and their that it
wouldn't be long before her lover would explode on her.

Nidia intensifed by putting a third and fourth finger into her lover's box
and as if that wern't enough her tounge went wild inside Jackie as well Nidia
was determined to pay Jackie back and get her in the mood for tonight after
dinner and dancing there was going to be alot more of what Nidia was
currently doing.

Nidia started by licking Jackie's outer pussy lips and ocassionally brushing
her tounge across her inner lips she then began to finger fuck Jackie slow
at first contining the teasing and Jackie's pleasure but slowly picking up

The end had finally came when Jackie let out her last scream of lust as her
body let out the sweet juices within. Nidia had no problem sopping it all up
licking her twat clean. As Jackie's panting went from chaotic to calm, Nidia
stood up licking her fingers as she gazed at her reveling at what she had
done. Jackie slowly but surely stood up and reclothed.

All the while smooching her girlfriend. When she finally gained her composure
and was decent she gave her one final kis before heading out the door. "See
you tonight for the main event." she said lustfully as Nidia gave her a sexy

So Nidia got a nice hot bath and began to plan for the main event after the
pre-match warm up (dinner and dancing) Nidia had decided that tonight was
definatly going to be a night filled with sex and kinkyness Nidia then got
out and got dry and decided that she was gonna start as she ment to carry on
and so she wore a black dress she then did her hair making sure it was as
curly as ever and then did her make up and then she decided to go and pick
her "date" up from her hotel room.

Jackie, in only a red bra and thong, brushed her long, blond hair as she dug
in her closet deciding what to wear. She wanted to be her absolute sexiest
for Nidia as she knew tonight would be a night neither of them would ever
forget. After careful deliberation, she finally chose what she thought was
the perfect dress for her date. Fully dressed and ready to go she then heard
a knock at the door and excitedly ran to the door afterward making sure she
was perfect. She slowly opened the door with a giant smile on her face due
to Nidia's lovely attire. Nidia was nearly blown away when she saw her date
dressed in...

A beautiful white dress witha drapped bottom showing off her long lovely
blonde legs "Oh my god." Nidia said.

"I could say the same about you." Jackie said with a giggle.

"Shall we go to dinner?" Nidia asked offering Jackie her arm.

"Let's," jackie said accepting Nidia's arm and the two walked the lift got in
and then headed down to the front of the hotel where the full stretch limo
was waiting the driver opened the door and they both got in to find two
presents one labled "To Nidia from Jackie" and the other labled "To Jackie
from Nidia" along with a bottle of champagne on ice.

"Awww..." they both said in unison of the sight of their presents as they
then laughed. They both decided however not to open their presents until
after dinner. The driver took off into the night as the 2 divas were ready
for a incredible night of basking in each other's love.

They arrived at the resturant and went into the resturant where Nidia had
reserved a table they where shown to they're seats and sat opersite each
other. The waiter then arrived with the menu's. Nidia decided now would be
a good time to start the naughtness she had been waiting for all day. She
then whispered to Jackie "Do you have any panties on underneath that dress?"

"'ll just have to find out, won't you?" she whispered back. That
was Nidia's cue to get the party started, so sh started by making her way
under her dress with her foot.

Nidia had high heels on and so she very gently and slowly aimed the heel of
the shoe towards Jackie's pussy if Jackie was wearing panties she'd feel know
it. But if she waasn't she'd know it too because Jackie would hopefully moan
softly in pleasure unfortunatly Jackie wasn't wearing panties but she was
wearing a thong which made Nidia unable to do what she had been planning on
doing "Spoil Sport." Nidia said.

"Baby, that's for later, come on let's go ahead and order," Jackie giggled

"Alright", a disappointed Nidia replied.

The waiter made his way to the table and asked both ladies what they wanted.
They both got lobster and shrimp with a chilled bottle of expensive white
wine dated 1969. As the waiter made his way back to the kitchen, the 2 divas
decided that this should be a special moment to just enjoy each other's
company and talk.

"Babe, you remember that weekend that we went to my summer home?" Nidia

"Yeah I remember," Jackie said with a smile. "I remember how we both took a
bath together and justed talked just like we are now about everything under
the sun. Then we made sweet love."

"Yeah, then we held each other tight and talked some more. All night as a
matter of fact."

"What has been your favoirite time we spent together?" Jackie then asked

"The Car trouble incident."

"Oh no." Jackie said with a whole hearted laugh.

"Remember that night everything that could have gone wrong did. First we ran
out of petrol then the battery went deid and then the heating system went out
on us."

"We ended up in in the back seat cuddling each other under a quilt just to
keep warm." Jackie added.

"What about yours?" Nidia asked smiling a gentle relaxed at peace sort of

Jackie gazed into the eyes of her lover. "Sweetie any time I spend with you
is my favorite time." Jackie said ever so softly.

"Awww..." Nidia felt her heart take flight at Jackie's sweet words as they
held hands and gave each other a soft kiss.

The waiter had brought the ladies' food as they kiss went on for a little
while longer not minding one bit at seeing them show their love for one
another. "'s your order ladies," he said with a smile.

Nidia looked at the plates of food and then the waiter, "Thanks now sod off."
And then went back to kissing Jackie wouldn't couldn't help but smile at her
lover's forwardness. The waiter cleared his throat after being insulted and
walked off leaving the ladies alone again.

"Oh, he'll be alright" the smug diva told her with a slight smirk.

"If you say so, babe," Jackie giggled. She then looked at the food and both
divas dug in. about a half an hour later they were finished with dinner as
they called for the same waiter.

"Yes madam?" The waiter said with a slight tone in his voice.

"Take these plates away and bring us the desert menus." Nidia said with an
equally unhappy tone in her voice.

"At once madam." The waiter said and with that he picked up the plates and
took them away then returned with the desert menus.

Nidia then looked at him with a rather smug look as she snatch the menu from
the waiter. Jackie was sort of disenchanted with her girlfriend as she order
them both a dish of vanilla ice cream. He then took Jackie's menu as she gave
him a friendly smile feeling sorry for the gentleman. He almost snatch the
menu from his other customer's hands but decided not to taking it slowly.

"I didn't think so," she coldly said rolling her eyes.

"I'll be right back," the waiter said trying his hardest not to call Nidia
out of her name.

Nidia then went to kiss Jackie but Jackie pulled back. "What's wrong."

"We where having a great night until you started acting like a bitch."

Nidia was stunned "H.....How have I acted like a bitch?"

"Treating that poor wait like crap for one. Acting all high and mighty for

"I was just having fun Jackie." Nidia said defensively.

"Yeah, well funs over. When that man comes back I want you to opologise to
him or you'll be here eating ice-cream alone." Jackie threatened the tone in
her voice showed she was serious.

With a long sigh, she finally reluctantly agreed. The waiter was truly in no
hurry as he slowly got back to the ladies table with both dishes. "Here's
your dessert, ma'am," he said happily at Jackie as he sat her ice cream in
front of her. He then gave a disappointed sigh as he layed Nidia's dish down.
"Here.." he said with a smirk. As he walked away, Jackie quickly called him
back to their table.

"Yes madam what can I do for you?" He asked.

"She has something to say to you." Jackie told the waiter the waiter looked
at Nidia. Who looked at Jackie and with her eyes begged her not to make her
say it Jackie gave Nidia a sharp dig.

"Ow! Ok," Nidia snapped she hung her head and then looked up at the waiter
and said "I'm sorry."

Jackie smiled and looked at the waiter who also smiled and nodded with a
slight bow of the head "Opology accepted. Enjoy your meal madam." The waiter
said with a wink and then walked off.

"Now was that so hard and painful?" Jackie asked.

"Girl, whatever," she said with a slight attitude.

"Nidy, you know you were wrong. Just admit it." she said with concern.

The spanish beauty looked at Jackie and saw the disappointment on her face.
"Babe, look. It was just a joke, really. I'm sorry, honey. It's our
anniversary. Let's not spoil it cause of my high horse." she softly pleaded.

"Alright, but don't let it happen again. I don't like when you do that."
Jackie said accepting her apology.

"I know."

The waiter came back to bus their table while even though Nidia had
apologized to him, he knew it wasn't sincere making him still cautious. That
cautiousness soon faded however when Nidia spoke to the waiter one more time.

"It's our anniversary tonight."

"Congratulations to the both of you."

"Thanks listen erm you've been really nice so before we go we just wanted to
say thank you well I wanted to say thank you." And with that Nidia stood up
and gave him a peck on either cheek.

The waiter gazed at Nidia strangely for a moment for he was so used to her
abuse but soon couldn't help but to smile at the beautiful diva. "Look,"
Nidia continued. "I guess being a celebrity gets to my head sometimes and
forgot how it was when I was just just a regular person doing a 9 to 5 like
you. Matter of fact, here." She had given him a fin. "That's for doing a
good job." She then gave him a tender hug and slipped a 10 in his shirt
pocket. "That's for putting up with my unnecessary shit."

The waiter just smiled and then kissed her on the cheek before walking off.
Nidia then sat back down and Jackie shook her head in amazement.

"What!?" Nidia said.

"I can't believe you. One minute your biting people's heads off and spitting
them out. The next your falling over hot coals for peoples."

Nidia gave a shrug. "What can I say I'm a weird fish."

Jackie smiled, "Yes, Nidia you are." She then pulled Nidia closer to her and
wrapped her arms around her "But I still love you." Jackie said as she kissed

After their lips parted, they left their table and headed out the door and
back into the limo.

"So, how was dinner ladies?" the driver asked.

" was...interesting," Jackie said as she looked at her lover with a
raised eyebrow.

"Ok." Nidia said. "Present opening time and as for you driver take us to our
hotel on the double." Nidia said getting excited.

"Sure thing," he said with a smile knowing this would be his last official
duty of the night.

The 2 divas excitingly opened their respective boxes and marveled at what
they seen. Since they both were official superstars, they never had to worry
about spoiling each other.

Nidia looked over at Jackie' who starred in astonishment at the present Nidia
had bought her. "Do you like it?" Nidia asked.

"Oh my God," Jackie said quietly almost tearing up. "This is the necklace
I've been wanting for years."

"I know. I special ordered it from overseas." Nidia felt the extreme
happiness and love in her aura and smiled pleasently. Although it was very
expensive, the look on her girlfriends face made it all worth it.

"I'm gonna wear this all them time you and me are together." Jackie said
looking at Nidia "Including right now." Jackie said. "Would you do the
honours of putting it on me?" She asked turing her back to Nidia to allow
her to put it on.

She put her hair up as Nidia buckled the extravegant jewlery on her lover's
neck. Jackie then turned around and gazed at Nidia's lovely eyes as she
sobbed the words, "I love you."

"Baby, I love you too." she returned as they both gently hugged each other
and softly kissed.

"Do you like your present," Jackie asked.

Nidia laughed, "Considering I haven't openned it yet I don't know."

"Well what are you waiting for?" Jackie asked Nidia smiled as she took off
the wrapping paper to reveal a small black box with a silver border around
it. "Open it." Jackie said sounding both nervous and insistant Nidia took a
deep breath and then slowly lifted the lid to reveal a gold banded engagement
ring with with small dimonds all diffrent colours collected together in the
shape of a dimond. Nidia looked at it stunned speecheless unable to move
think or do anything except breath and stare at Jackie's gift to her.

"Nidia, I have something to ask you," she said with a nervous tone.

Nidia's eyes swelled up almost ready to break as Jackie took her hand.
Jackie's world would rest on Nidia's shoulders as she was fully aware that
what Nidia said after she finished would become the difference between
eternal happiness or a devastating heartbreak.

Jackie didn't have much room but she took the box with the engagement ring in
it and got down on one knee on the floor of the back seat. "Nidia would you
make me the happiest woman inthe world and become my life long partner?"
Jackie asked holding the engagement ring between the ring between her thumb
and first finger.

Nidia broke in to tears but then looked at Jackie with tears running down her
face and smile on her face as well as she said "If you'll have me." meaning
in her own way yes.

"I love you so much..." Jackie whispered to her new fiance with tears in
her eyes. The loving, tight embrace afterward was one that seemed to last
forever, just like what both divas hoped and prayed how long they'd be
together, forever.

With a soft whisper of her own Nidia mouth the three words that would never
go away as she said "I love you too."

The car came to a slow stop and the driver slowly opened the door and smiled,
"We've arrived at our final destination for the evening I hope you enjoyed
your ride and will travel with us again soon." The driver said sounding like
an airline pilot.

The driver smiled as both divas wiped their eyes and both giggled. All three
hopped out as the night air filled with romance. Jackie quickly gave him a
hug and said "Thanks for helping me with this Taylor. I owe you big time."

"No need. I'm always happy to help someone in love." he politely said back.

"So you knew about this from the beginning?" Nidia said with a giggle. "Being
all sneaky"

"Yeah, I am, aren't I," he said laughing.

Nidia smiled at him and quickly said "Come here sweetie." she said happily as
she wrapped her arms around him appericiating his nonstop kindness.

"Congradulations, ladies. I hope you both have a happy life. And now it's
time for me to get out of here. I might be able to catch the second half of
that Pittsburgh game at the bar. Well, goodnight ladies."

"Night, Tay," they said in unison as he got in the limo and drove off into
the night.

"Right my love time for us to go bed and have some real fun together." Jackie
said as she and Nidia locked hands and arms and walked into the hotel both
with big smiles on they're faces.

They checked into Nidia's hotel room and then went up in the lift they
approched Nidia's room they both entered closed the door and the fun began as
soon as the door was shut. The 2 ladies sat down on the couch and reveled in
their now escalating love. Neither of the 2 divas never thought in a million
years that they'd be as incredibly happy as they were at that moment. They
were both wealthy celebrities, and have found love at the same time. A
deafening silence overcame them as their soft lips touched resulting in one
of many kisses that would take place that night and Nidia then while kissing
Jackie reached behind her and began to unbutton and then unzip the back of
Jackie's dress slowly not taking her lips from Jackie's lips she also
sedutivly and slowly lowered the dress down Jackie's slender shoulders and
down to her waist waiting for Jackie to aid her in undressing her.

Their kissing started to be come more passionate as Jackie rubbed Nidia's
back before making her way to her zipper letting it down dropping tp her
waist. Nidia then stood up letting it totally drop to the floor. Straddling
herself on her now, Jackie ran her fingers through her highlighted locks as
their kiss continued.

Jackie then raised her hips a little and Nidia with Jackie's hands on top of
her's took Jackie's dress completly off of Jackie's body. Now both ladies
where practically nude except for them wearing Bra and panties Nidia and
Jackie continued the kissing while they're hands explrored the other's body.

The 2 divas slowly rose from the couch to head to the shower as they both
were hand in hand. Jackie slowly turned the faucet as the hot water heated up
the vast restroom.

The 2 took off the remainder of their clothing and stepped in the stall only
to lock their lips again in a tight embrace. Nidia's hands made it's way from
her back to her sweet ass softly sqeezing it as she let out a small giggle.
Jackie then returned the favor by kissing Nidia's neck, shoulders, then her
large jugs licking her swollen brown nipples. The Trailer park diva let out a
gentle coo as Jackie's hot mouth worked wonders on her body.

Jackie's mouth worked on one breasts while her hand snaked it's way down to
Nidia's already sopping wet pussy and with a finger Jackie began to finger
fuck her fiancee slowly and lovingly and even rather teasingly while she
worked hard on Nidia's nipple licking it sucking it and now and then biting

She let the pleasure and pain get the best of her as Nidia's panting and
heaving got deeper and louder by the second. Jackie motioned her lover to
the marble corner in the stall. Without hesitation, she took the sexy
blonde's hint and sat down spreading her legs waiting impatiently for more
of her loving touch.

Jackie then stopped her breast tourture and pleasuring and decided to give
Nidia's pussy some serious attention. Jackie got between Nidia's legs and
began to lick and caress with her tounge Nidia's outer lips teasing her lover
as her finger continued to go in and out of her pussy.

Nidia's body jumped as she was being pleasured by Jackie. She had started to
loose control of her body as Jackie loved the moans and cries of her fiance
therefore doubling her efforts letting her whole tongue in her vagina.

Jackie licked and licked and was rewarded with moan after moan of enthusiasm
and praise and Nidia begging her woman to carry on which Jackie did so and
pretty soon Jackie could feel the first little driblles of come running out
of Nidia's pussy.

What started out as a small amount suddenly became a tidal wave as Nidia gave
one final silent scream and shooted her sweet cum right in Jackie's mouth.
Her sexual high was ended after a minute and made her struggle to catch her
breath. Nidia licked her lips at Jackie as they both kissed each other again.

Nidia could taste herself on Jackie's lips and she liked the taste but she
decided fair was fair and so after a long deep and meaningful kiss Nidia
lowered herself down to Jackie's breasts and gave her the same treatment that
Jackie had given Nidia.

Jackie moaned as she sucked on her huge tits tonguing her nips the whole
time. The blonde diva backed herself against the wall of the stall as Nidia
then kissed her washboard stomach. She let her tongue stud tease her navel
making Jackie giggle ever so slightly. She then readied herself by hiking
her leg on the marble seat holding her small waist to hold her up. By the
time she was finished with her, there would be no way Jackie would be able
to stand on her own. So with that she made hedr way to her throbbing

Nidia imidiatly sezied Jackie's clit in her mouth and began to suck it
and lick it and even bit it a little while her fingers went in and out of
Jackie's pussy as fast and as deep as they could go.

All that Jackie could see is Nidias wet hair over her private area as she
continued to breath heavier by the second due to Nidia's touch. She could
quickly feel herself getting weak in the knees as she slouched down ever so
slightly grabbing her lovers hair. Nidia's tougue was all theway on her twat
now as her two fingers worked their magic for she knew Jackie wouldn't be
able to take her pleasing her much longer. Jackie couldn't help but bend
down slightly as the licking and sucking was getting too much for her to
fast now with both hands on the diva's head.

Nidia didn't stop she went faster harder and deeper than before she went as
wild as she could on that clit and pussy wanting to give Jackie the ultimate
orgasm of her life.

Jackie's body could take no more as a massive orgasm ripped through her body
making her collapse. Nidia was prepared however as she caught her lover
before she could hit the ground gently embracing her. "Ooooooooohhhhh Nidia
I love you so much." Jackie whispered to her girl.

"I love you more." Nidia whispered back.

"Fancing getting out of this shower and getting into bed and getting some

"Yeah we have alot of planning to do."

"An our whole lives to do it in." Jackie said

As both girls got out of the shower and dried themselves off, they went to
the bedroom snuggled in the soft bed. They buried themselves in opne last
kiss reminicing about their lovely day and even better night. Both ladies
lives truly began tonight. Tonight and forever...

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